I noticed that there has been some concern over the content of the posts. I think the people who run this site do a great job of keeping us on the subject. I do not want this to become another one of the million sex site son the internet. I would not post or read here if it was that. So thanks guys/gals or whoever you are! :)

I did another big log yesterday. I was lazing around the house, just had breakfast and felt the poop moving down into position above my anus. Has anyone else ever noticed that? Anyway I decided as I often do to wait and let it grow some more. Late yesterday, it was getting a bit uncomfortable, so I grabbed the funny page and headed for the bathroom. I took my pants and panties off and sat down with my funnys. I read a litle bit while I peed, and then started to see oif the poo would start to move by itself. It started, but was obviously going to need some help. I started pressing gently with my anus, and the poo started out, but was not going to make it without more work on my part. I put the funnys down so I could concentrate, and started straining and grunting. It was starting to move! I felt it slide out of butt past my anus, it was kind of a "sctratchy" log, that was scratching my anus as it slid out. It did not splash my butt, and wiping was pretty minimal, at least for me. I sat and smelled it while I finished the funnies, expecting more poop. But none ever came so I stood up to see it, it was very long, like 2+ feet, all curled around the bowl. It was not as thick as I sometimes do. The one end was thicker and very knobby (no wonder it scratched). I flushed it and it made some cool swirly poop stains on the toilet as it spun down, but most of those disappeared with the rest of the water. I pulled my panties back up, but left my pants off, and just went to bed shortly after that. A very satifying BM.


Jeff A.,

Don't. leave here man.

The board needs good, honest guys like you to keep every thing straight. I will never forget your words of wisdom that put me in my place here. I am glad you did it and I enjoy reading all of the post here. I hope you stay and I hope this board stays. Oh, and most important, I hope all of these terrific ladies stay here in the house as well!

Kevin L.
I was at a large trade show today and after lunch I needed to have a BM. I have been at this hotel before so I knew where the most private bathrooms were. I do not like going #2 in large crowded bathrooms. I found this small out of the way bathroom and I noticed the maid was taking out the trash and changing the toilet paper in the ladies room. The ladies room was before the mens room so I thought she would do the same in the mens room. There is only one stall and two urinals in this bathroom with a wall seperating the entrance and the sinks. After about three minutes I heard a faint knock at the door and the maid calling housekeeping. Since there was a wall seperating the toilet from the entrance I pretended not to hear her.(Yes I do get a buzz from being seen by a women on the toilet or seeing a women on the toilet.) Anyway I could hear her changing the paper towels and I was being quiet, waiting for her to come the stall to change the toilet paper and see my feet. I was h! olding my BM until she could see my feet, which she did about thirty seconds later. I do not think she noticed my feet right away because she came right to the stall door and pushed on it and at that percise moment I let loose my waiting load and it hit the water with a thud and a little gas. She excused herself in broken english and I told her it was ok and she could stay and finish her work but she left anyway. I left about two minutes later after wipeing and washing my hands. She was waiting right outside the door with a roll of toilet paper in her hand. She was suprisingly attractive hispanic about thiry years old with a nice body. She smiled at me and I told her she better wait a few minutes before going in there she laughed and went in anyway.
See ya Kevin L

The Crank
My sister is very open with her bowel movements. Once, I was just combing my hair in front of the mirror amd my sister said she needed the toilet badly. I said I came in first, and she said okay and lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat. She grunted nnnnhhhh very loudly to drive me out. I got very turned on but walked out to try and hide it. She is also always very constipated and grunts alot. I would always make some excuse to talk to her while she's having a difficult one. I just love to hear her straining as she answers! You know, sometimes when it gets too difficult for her, she would just use soap on her anus right in front of me. I remember once listening to her encouraging herself "That's it! I can do it!" Oh boy! I love to hear does!

Andrew P, those stories of yours are great! My own schooldays were seriously dull by comparison. My first primary school had outside loos (and this was the 80s), but it closed down after I'd only been there a year, and I don't remember much about it, except one girl peeing on the floor in the corner because it was snowing outside and freezing cold.

Hey everyone, 2 words and it isnt "Hey Laydies", ok, maybe 3 words, "GET IT TOGETHER!", I havent even read all of todays posts, only the first 2, And It is just sick how some of you are obviously pushing the fact that this isnt just another restricted sex site, Jeff A. had some great posts for a guy(Thats a compliment, believe me) and I wish he would reconsider staying here, everything has been thrown into hell here because some people just cant understand the difference between a pleasure like watching someone else take a dump and perversion, if you arent happy with not being able to post sexually oriented material, Leave! There are plenty of sex forums out there( none with this nice of service and layout) but still... Okay, I think Ive said all that needs to be addressed for now, I guess this post is just a big "Go to hell" to all the newcomers that are mad because their posts are making it because they are sexually oriented, Thank You, Unlike all the great people you are dr! iving away from here, Im staying, So As Jeff A. put it......... to all the perverts here, "Have a nice life..." Very Unique, I just gave a speech, Peace everyone, L8er

Sorry, I forgot 2 items, 3 actually, wheres Torie? If u are reading this gimme a little "hey whats up," okay, 2nd Great post Sunny, Keep posting, 3rd I think the picture is gonna drive me insane, She looks like the incarnation of the Blair Witch.BTW, Dont see that movie, It is stupid, Some girl behind me got so scared at one part that she farted and left though.... :)

Interesting stuff regarding the content of what does and doesn't get posted.I for one totally agree with Jeff A.Jeff, i couldn't have said it better myself!I'd like to suggest to the powers that be that if some folks want to go over the line to let these people post the locations of alternitive places to go on the net.i for one am NOT interested in the stuff that was on the taboo list with the possible exeeption of the voyerurism thing.I'm only saying that because i've gone back and read some old posts about this and it seems to me that the powers that be were a bit more relaxed about what got on than they are these days.Again i'm speaking for myself but let's face it guys,sexual undercurrent is all over the vibes of most of these posts and i understand you don't want to let this get too crazy and offensive,but if people want to go further,let them post alternitive locatios for them to surf to.I'm not saying to advertise all these other forums but on the long run,you won't get! the content of posts you've been getting.They will simply go the other spots for this and you guys are off the hook!It would be a good public service and you wouldn't spend so much time editing for this forum-If you cannot do this,explain why.No i don't want people's private e-mail adresses,i can understand not posting that,but alternitive places to go similar to this forum would be a cool thing for you to do!Thanks!BUZ

I see where someone below used my name in connection with a complaint. Once again - I did not mean to offend when I discussed my accident during physical relations. But it really was an accident. I really liked the guy and surely would not have dumped intentionally.

That was a good point you made PV. My sphincter was indeed paralyzed, and I simply could not close it off in time to stop the turd from sliding out. That has never happened since then, in anyway. Also a good point about the lack of room in there for a turd and any other activity. I would think that the space was pretty constricted, but some of the people here really make big poos. Much bigger than I can do.


Jeremy "Love"
Hi everyone! email me at ! I love you Linda. I had this one time where i was having stomach cramps and i was eating breakfast before school one morning. So I went to the bathroom and told my female cousin to come in. I pulled down my pants and let out a couple squirts and wet farts. Then I had a huge poo which was like 13 inches long and like 3 inches wide! I was grunting like ahahaha and ooooohooooooh. It felt so good to realease my poo though. After this I released another couple of 3 inchers which were like really thin. My cousin was watching me (and probably feeling really erotic too) and she decided she needed to take a poo. So we traded places and I watched her poo (as I have as major fetish for poo) and she let out a couple LARGE farts and then let out a HUGE helping of diahrrea. I was like, "Holy s**t this smells like a cow just took a big dookie." So my cousin was like "sorry" and I was no like "no I love when people do that!" And she mad! e a couple more farty-poops and thats all I have to say about that.

The Toilet Man
To Joe K:

Love your story, had it been me, I would certainly have been turned on (I'm sure you were too). I wish it would happen to me, I would go in a stall and sit, and just "listen" to the women do their business.

a point of thought: what would happen if a MAN were to go to a WOMENS restroom? Women would freak out and call the police, but it seems that a WOMAN in a MANS restroom is no cause for alarm..............very unfair!!!!!!!

Dump Buddy (US)
To Chris (UK): Awesome story about Sean,your Irish lodger. I've been there, lots of times. Except, I started paying attention to other guys unloading their bladders and bowels when I was older, in my teens. Before that, well, it was just something we all did, sometimes together, sometimes in competition, sometimes solo. Give me a day or two and I'll have the time to post one of many of my own intense encounters I want to pass on to you, along with any other interested men and women here.

Your story did'nt happen to mention anything about smell. One of the most vivid parts of the experience for me, both in the flesh and remembered, is the smell, as it relates to who I'm watching and what I'm hearing. From the way you described his massive dump, I'll bet Sean left your bathroom stinking like a barracks latrine at six in the morning. You did a great job of expressing the urgency, pressure, forcefulness, and huge volume of the bowel movement of a healthy young male.! Thanks.

Anyone notice how a guys feet can be an active participant in the act of taking a dump ? Check it out where guys are barefoot when they're on the bowl, like college dorms, in locker rooms, at the beach and swimming pools. Toes clenched and gripping the cold wet tile in the total-body
exertion to pass what feels like a concrete torpedo. Yeah, you've seen it. You've done it. And white-knuckled toes are a dead give away for extreme desperation. Its a guy thing to conceal being desperate; to reveal that overwhelming sensation, the urgent, almost-about-to-slip-over-the-edge panic, would be admitting to not commanding total mastery of a well-disciplined body (losing control like a girl?). That studmuffin waiting in line for a vacated bowl or shoving his way in for a space at the urinal may be manfully containing his agony above the ankles (except maybe for the sweaty sheen on his forehead), but the calesthetics of his smelly size thirteens undeniabl! y expose his gut-agony. Know what I mean ? Later.

Tuesday, November 09, 1999

Alright, I am going to say this and drop this whole thing because it is taking up space. No one here read the utterly thick stack of posts we got last and this week. Take our word for it when we say that this is not a sexual forum- The 5000 or so posts below are a convent compared to the stuff we didn't print. The stuff we didn't print... That folks, is sex.

Here's some of what we see:
Maybe we are just jaded or have read too many of the above, but a fence pole here and a wax job there, full frontal nudity even and a pair of panties in the corner isn't very much more than health class. Many of you have mentioned what you saw on other sites. Just for comparison even the most far out posts there have nothing on some of the posts we didn't print. When you get 19 posts from 18 different people describing about 16 of the above in a little over two days there isn't much else to call it. That's almost 2-3 months of dumped posts in two days! There is freedom of the bedroom. To each, his own while consent is and can be given, is still sex no matter how far out.

Jeff A.

In all fairness, this should probably be my last posting here. In the defense of the moderators, this is their house, we are guests, and they do a good job keeping it clean. However, when putting a forum up like "The Toilet", what kind of traffic would you think is going to stop by?
Posting stories about pooping and peeing, functions that happen from private parts, in private places, where pants and panties are pulled down, is going to tickle someone's fancy eventually.

As for myself, I get a tremendous sexual satisfaction from the act of pooping. Especially by females. I hate to visit here under false pretenses. In fact, it stimulates me more than anything else does, I like it, am proud of that fact, and it's great to meet others in here who I think feel the same way.

I don't believe for a minute that accompanying someone to the toilet for a dump is fun beyond the realm of sexual pleasure. I can't see anything exciting about having your nose bl! own away if it's not going to be a turn on. I've shared a bathroom with some ladies who, when dropping their bombs smelled like nasal armageddon! Though there are a few people here that I do believe just enjoy it for what it is. People like friends and roomates, husbands and wives who will buddy dump just for the hell of it. But for the most part, I believe it to be sexual in its origins. Especially the women who post here declaring their love for watching guys pooping, I know, I've read many of those here. One woman even spoke of a peephole for that very purpose. If it's not a sexual turn on, then what's up with the peephole?
And by the way, it's just as rotten for a woman to spy on a man through a peephole as it is the other way. The bulk of the stories seem to reflect men loving to watch women having a BM, and there's a lot of stories about guys loving to watch other guys, and searching the country for doorless toilet stalls. To me, they're all exciting. Each! and every one of them.

I believe that the point the moderators are trying to make is that when it becomes disgusting or abhorrent to most, then that's crossing the line. Articles like using feces to play with, or eating, or other things like on the scat sites that are out there. (But guys, you did bring one off the spool about somebody masturbating over a toilet act.) Tch-tch-tch. I myself have enjoyed a good wank over some of the stories here. I've had great sex with women after watching them using the toilet, and have read many stories of the same. I can't begin to tell you just how many posts I've read, where the guys have gotten rock hard erections during the witnessing of a toilet act. What does that tell us?

Once again, I'm speaking only for myself here. I derive sexual pleasure from this subject. No denials. No pretenses. I've earned my "passage," and have never broken into restrooms, or commited sexual crimes to enjoy this pleasure, but h! ave earned it by being honest with a partner. I cannot stand dis respect to a woman, for women have had to battle so hard to enjoy the stances they can take now. Therefore I tend to be a little too overprotective when I really shouldn't be. I've been with women who've found a tremendous sexual satisfaction with pooping in front of me, or vice-versa. I'm not saying that everyone here is sexually turned on by this sort of thing, but I am, and I truly believe that many others here are too. It shows in the text, wording and love for description.

In short, it's been one hell of a ride here. Fun and exciting. It's great therapy, and everyone out there who is posting here, man I'd love to meet you all, sit down over a beer and talk the shit. Someday we should all meet and set on the porch for awhile.

Have a good life, I love you all. –J.

P.S.-that picture up there still gives me the creeps.

To Chris(UK): Your story about your friend pooping was one of the best I've ever heard. I find that a strong, virile man relieving himself is a major turn on as well. My partner will not let me hear him and certainly will not all me to see him. I do love to smell the bathroom after he has been in there awhile. Knowing what his "products" smell like makes me feel as if I really know him. I'd love to hear your thoughts, Chris.

Crimson: I tried a female urinal in a public park after I learned what they were. I took a long awaited piss one afternoon. I had to ask how. And young woman in her 40's showed me. So I lowered my beige cut-off jeans and black cotton panties to my ankles and pissed away for 45 seconds. That porcelain was cold. I prefer a toilet with a seat.

Cindy: For the last 20 years, I always stripped for the most part when making #2. I did not want to wrinkle or mess my clothes.

Public Toilet Hater: We once had an epidemic in college. Kids were running out of the classroom with diarrhea. It was a city wide flu epidemic. I was one of them during evening session. Nothing but dark brown water evacuated from me. Two trips for me and I barely crawled home. Once in high school, I had to fight with a security guard to get a sick pass. I felt like shit. I had just finished a green shit. It was loose and chunky. Finally, a policeman on school duty offered me a ride home in the squad car. I declined and walked thinking the air would do me good. When I turned to my block, I flew up the street to me house. Dropped my books, I went for the toilet. I lifted my navy skirt, white slip and dropped my panty hose and white briefs to my knees and the waterfall was on. For an entire afternoon, I expelled the muddiest brown water ever. I ! thought I was going to throw up. I did not. I stayed away from school for 5 days. That afternoon, I got my clothes off and into my pj's. I laid in bed waiting for the next wave of brown water. The cramps, gas and explosions scared me. I was just 14. My buddies would stop from school to see me.

Well, tonite I had one hell of a BM. I could feel it from back at 12 Noon. I left work at 4 and headed for one of the colleges in my town. Many of you have felt and enjoyed this. The part right before you release the BM is enjoyable. Dialating my asshole before taking a shit feels good. When I did let go, it shot out pretty good with a lot of gas and then some very minor pieces of shit with additional farting.

It sure felt good but unfortunately, there was no one around to enjoy it with me. I went to a dormitory to dump the load.

Joe K
One of the most weird experiences Iīve had in a public toilet happened to me last week. I went to a restaurant(informal), and after having my breakfast (which includes cofee and is a laxative for me)I decided to visit the menīs room. I was in a stall, finishing my business, when I heard some femenine voices outside in the hallway. Then, I noticed that the voices were inside the menīs room. I was the only guy in there, so I thought for a second if I had mistakenly entered the ladies room, but no, I was 100% sure I was in the menīs room, so I was totally confused. I had finished my business by that time but, I decided to pretend to be shitting just to see what the ladies reaction would be when they came to the stall area (which is behind the entrance). Then I heard the ladies walk just outside of my stall, and one lady took the stall inmediately to my right, and the other, the stall to my left. I was totally shocked! They didnīt seem to care to be in the menīs room. They didnīt mention a word about me or about noticing urinals. They were having a casual conversation, and I realized it was an old lady (about 70) which was the mother, and her daughter. The old lady was wearing boots and pants so you couldnīt tell inmediately it was a woman, and the younger lady was wearing tropical sandals (you could see her toes). Then, the old lady made a fast wet fart (the pffft type)and the younger lady started pissing. They both were desperate to go. At this point, a guy came in and went to take a piss at the urinal. I decided to leave, and while washing my hands, was joined by the guy, who made me a comment about the ladies. We both were turned on by it and laughed. As we were leaving, 3 men came in. They laughed slightly when they noticed the women. However they didnīt care and two of them took their stalls and the other man a urinal. I wonder what would have been the womenīs reaction after leaving their stalls, and being with all those guys in there. However,! I think those women did it on purpose. What do you think? Has someone had a similar experience?

hey whats up everyone, i remember another time at boyscout camp there was this one kid I think his name was peter and he was pissing everyone off, so i remember one of the camp counselors gave him a exlax which looked like chocolate, well to make a long story short the counselor got thrown out of camp and peter had the runs the rest of the week, and while at that camp another kid pooped all over his sleeping bag!

Since I started Jr. High and since the bathroom stalls don;t have doors and the bathrooms are a mess that I won't use them for #2. I have started pooping my pants regularly right after school. I normally do it right in school or on the walk home. I do it now about twice a week. I've found that it is fun! It is daring and risky, and its fun to break the "normal" rules. My friend Terry has the same 7th period class as me and feels the same about using the bathrooms. We walk home together alot because we live only about 10 houses apart. Terry has now joined me in pooping pants twice, but I think its going to be a regular thing from now on. Were going to have some fun and try something. Today neither of use are going to go #2 at all. Tomarrow we are going to each take a laxitive from home and take them at the beginning of 3rd period. Then were going to see if we can wait until the end of school before we have to go. Our lockers are right next to eachother and after ea! ch period we will meet and see how we are holding up. If one of us can't wait, we will tell the teacher we are not feeling well and leave class. We will then go to the bathroom and poop in our pants. The first person then has to meet the second at the lockers at the end of the next period. If one of us has pooped our pants, then we will both leave and walk home. I'll post again after we do this and tell you what happened.

Tony (Scotland). T think you've answered your own question! I didn't use the Girls Toilet quite simply because I'd have blocked it and the caretaker's such a star I wouldn't have wanted to cause him unnecessary work. Because they're suitable for 7 year olds it doesn't mean they're right for adults. If I'd simply needed to pee it would have been a different matter altogether. I can cheerfully block an adult toilet by the way but I don't like to do that unless I'm at home - or visiting the mother-in-law!

HOld onto your hats, this is a first -- my very first Poo Report! I did an unusual one this morning, certainly unusual for me. I've got 'flu but I've no idea if that's instrumental. Before going out I did my usual first motion, not much a soft five-incher, then continued my preparations. I usually poo twice in fairly quick succession each morning, and I was wondering when the second was due. It came on rather fast and when I plonked down on the loo I knew it was going to be softish. I relaxed, my anus dilated easily and ... I didn't need to push, really, and I felt a remarkable rushing sensation that lasted only a few seconds. When I looked in the bowl I was stunned! A soft, smooth, golden-brown snake, not quite an inch thick, but which I visually meausred, twice to be sure, as something like a foot long! It was coiled around in the water to fit... I dropped a last bit on top of it, wiped four times and I was very pleased with myself! Now, if only I did solid ones as big as Ni! cola's! PV

Oh Nicola, that must be an awesome arse you have! I am no expert on ladies sizes so I checked on my wifes knickers and they are marked as size 10-12. So if yours are size 22 does that mean your bum is twice the size of my wifes? Surely not!
I loved your description of your big morning shit. You said you could feel it was going to be a big one, but to my mind, all your shits are huge. Do you mean that you can feel when it is going to be extra large? I am looking forward to when you are down this way in the new year. I expect I shall take a walk along the dunes, but you probably prefer to go indoors during the winter.
One other question: You described your turd as about sixteen inches long. That means the end of it must have been in contact with the bottom of the pan before the "back end" had left your arse. Do you actually feel that? - or do you lift your bum up to let the rest of the turd out?

Pete (US): I posted this information a few days ago but for some reason it never got onto the forum. I'll try again: My old posts about me and my friend Paul are on pages 183 and 256.
See ya later. Daniel

Monday, November 08, 1999

In response to Eric (below), What we are referring to as "being part of a sexual act" is the intentional use of bodily wastes as aids to preforming a sexual act. In your case your post is still sitting here waiting to be posted. The last post was Jacob G at 6:01 PM You posted at 11:23 PM and we assembled the posts for the day somewhere in between.

Eric: "The following need to be called out specifically because they are the majority of what was not posted. Posts about relieving oneself as a sexual
act, or as part of a sexual act, posts about playing with/in one's bodily produce."

If that is the case, why did you post Elizabeth' post?
That was a part of a sexual act. I described the story because the same thing had happened to me before. Be objective.

In response to Tony (Scotland) below: Last weekend we did experience a failure in a third party system that should have either delivered the post to us or returned an error. It aparently decided to do neither of the above. Next time, please ask as mechanical things do break from time to time. I checked a backup from last weekend and found a number of posts from 10-30, 10-31 and one from 11-1 that went out and vaporized. Everything has been in working order since early on 11-1 but no one checked the backup. Anyway the remaining posts from those three days is below.

[We will add this to the FAQ]. We are defining sexually related as: 1.)Non-helath related, non-medical, non-technical reference descriptions in explicit detail, or more than what should leave the bedroom, descriptions of any sexual act.
2.)Posts about the subject of the forum being the main event, punch line or the intentional major part of the sexual act.

3.)Touching someone else's genitalia. 4.)posts about commiting the following two [illegal] activities, voyeurism by a.)breaking and entering or b.)entering facilities of the opposite sex for that purpose. This is not actually using the facilities, it applies almost solely to men entering the women's room to look, listen and much worse. This does not apply to gaping holes in the walls, open windows and doors, and stuff leaking through the walls ceilings and floors.

Anne, Im only surprised that you didnt use the Girls toilet at school when you needed a motion rather than doing it in your knickers when you found that the staff toilet was occupied. When I was a kid I remember one of my Primary (Grade) School teachers, Mrs O' Sullivan used the Girls Toilet in such circumstances. One of the girls in my class told me that she had done a jobbie and it was too big to flush away in the scaled down pans in the kids toilets.

Moderator, I notice my last post didnt get through, was it lost last weekend, or did it stray across the line? I did try to ensure that no overtly sexual aspects were described. I have to say however that this is very difficult. Let's face it, many of us who post here, such as myself, DO get a sexual buzz from defecation and its associated sights and sounds, so its hard to keep this out of postings. You set the rules, we have to obey them, fair enough. Its a bit like having a web page about eating out in resturants but! not being allowed to describe the flavour and taste of the food and how it felt to eat it, just its texture and quantity and colour, the type of cutlery, the decor of the diner, the way the waiters were dressed. Still, as I have said, its YOUR website, Mr Moderator Sir, and I accept that if you did make it an Adults Only Site, (a good idea in my opinion), it would have the drawback of letting in some really nasty hard core stuff which most reasonable people myself included dislike on other websites. I would be interested in your response to this , preferably via this page not the "courtesy phone". Anyway, I have to say this is a well run website on such a topic and I would not want to see it become sordid and sleazy, nor requiring all that rubbish about "Adult Check IDs" etc.

Jill (Electra). Unlike you I dont have a great problem touching solid turds as long as either its one I had done myself or it was done by someone I know who doesn't carry harmful bugs. I always! make sure that I wash my hands well afterwards. Let's face it, we often get our own feces on our hands when we wipe our bum after a motion, especially a soft one, or if we are parents and have to change a baby, or nurses etc in hospitals or old folks homes. Reading this page over the last couple of years I notice that some writers, especially Americans, have almost a fear of human waste products, even their own. Obviously one must observe proper hygiene if one's hands get contaminated by feces, particularly if handling food or touching open wounds etc. So if I do a big fat jobbie which gets stuck in the pan at home or in a friends toilet I will push it over the bend if I have too with my hand. In a public or works toilet etc I just leave it there for anyone else to see and admire. I wouldn't put my hand down a pan in a public toilet of any type as firstly I am not bothered if my jobbie gets stuck there and secondly, I dont know what germs previous users may have secreted in t! he urine or stools such as Typhoid and its associated bacteria, cholera, dystentery or Hepatitis or AIDS.

Jacob, I think that people are not all that quieter in the toilet but its the modern toilet design. As an example there was an old public toilet with an attendant near me in Glasgow. It had ten cubicles with good old fashioned pans which gave lovely "KUR-SPLOONK!" sounds and a good acoustic. This was closed and demolished and a new smaller toilet was built. This has modern pans and poor sound effects, just a "flump" sound and the acoustics are lousy.

Here are the remaining posts from the three days last week

Elizabeth: I can understand why you'd be badly embarassed by shitting like that in front of your boyfriend, but if he were any kind of good person, he would've laughed about it with you and let you know it's okay and a perfectly natural thing. I've never had a girl do that with me after anal sex, but if it did, I'd make it so we both could laugh about it. We're all human, and shit (*grin*) does happen.

ELIZABETH:" I'm so sorry to hear about your "accident" during love making, and indeed it seems it might have been instrumental in that relationship not working out??? I'm sorry if that's a forward assumption. I guess it's all about knowledge and planning, and while you were quite right to experiemnt with anal love as a way of avoiding pregnancy ("Greek week" they used to call it) there are techniques for all eventualities. Ensuring that your bowels are empty is the first and foremost, after all,your boyfriend's penis was in contact with your feces, which, unless you're using a condom, can be detrimental to his health by allowing bacteria to migrate through his mucus into his normally totally sterile UG tract. Still, after twenty years, this is a perfect case of closing the stable door, as it were! It also doesn't take into account your own genuine pain and awful embarressment. As I've studied cases, having a poo first is the ticket, a buddy dump is terrific, and sometimes a small enema delivered and expelled together can be an amazing precursor to love. Still, the fact your anal sphincters were essentially paralysed by the experience, allowing you to lose your bowel action that way, was by no means your fault, and par for the course in the wonderful process of learning what's best. It was probably the fact you had a reasonably large turd in your rectum that made intercourse hurt, you couldn't accommodate both his penis and your turd in the same space, so you stretched painfully. Please don't think you've offended anyone, and it's a pleasure to sympathize and understand. My best, PV

Cindy: I loved your post on Saturday morning. I think you are the first to say you take your jeans and panties all the way off when pooping that is exactly what I do! I too need to spread my legs when straining to poop, it just seems to get the job done easier. Have you ever been so stopped up that you had to have help? Once I waited so long my Mom had to dig some of it out with her fingers, NO FUN- JW

Ryan, I loved hearing about your dump. As for my dumping experiences at school, there weren't too many. A lot of my friends would hold their shit until the end of the day, then use one of the public toilets in the city as they walked home or to the bus station. I quite often did the same. We would come into the toilet and chat to each other as we sat in the cubicles dumping loads we'd saved all day. I do remember a few school experiences though. Once when i was about 11, another boy who I only knew slightly, was walking down the corridor ahead of me as I went to the toilet. He went in too and we both went into adjacent stalls. We pulled down our black trousers (we wore uniforms to school, as nearly everyone does here) and were both quiet as we dumped. He was really doing a big one and I heard several grunts and 2 or 3 big splashes, then a big "aahh" as it must have felt good for him! Mine was one big long one which slid easily out and curled around the bowl. Then I did a couple of farts. It was quiet and awkward. Always better to shit with a friend. Ryan, just ask one of your friends to come keep you company in the toilet the next time you need to shit. Most schoolage guys are pretty cool about this stuff, judging from my experiences. I'll tell you more later. I wish when I was your age I'd had a friend like you, Ryan. When I was your age, I was always trying to get my friends into situations where we'd buddy-dump together or watch each other. Nice to know another schoolage guy is interested in this subject! 'Bye for now. Daniel

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