'Tour de France' Part 2

On our last night in France, we stayed at a youth hostel (now closed) that was an old school. It still had the original French 'hole in the floor' type toilets (known as 'le WC a la Turque'). The youth hostel had two mixed washrooms with toilets. In the downstairs washroom, there was a 6 inch step up into the stalls and there were 4 inch gaps under the doors! I thought this might be interesting but the 3 English girls I was with wouldn't go near them and always used the toilets upstairs where there were no gaps under the doors.

I was in the downstairs washroom washing my feet in the wash basin when an attractive French girl in her early 20s went into one of the stalls. I heard her peeing then it went quiet. As I bent down to dry my feet, I couldn't help noticing the most amazing view under the door! She had removed her panties completely and was crouching down with her legs wide apart, dropping a succession of tiny 'rabbit pellet' poops silently down the hole in the floor!

The next morning, I saw a not very attractive French woman of about 30 go into one of the stalls. I heard her undressing and at this point, a 10 Franc coin slipped out of a hole in my pocket and onto the floor. As I bent down to pick it up, I couldn't help noticing the view under the door! There was a continuous 'ploooooooop' sound and I could see a stream of soft poop coming out of her butt!

I have visited France a few times since then. There are still a few 'WC a la Turque' around, mainly in public toilets but most don't have gaps under the doors!

SteveinSTL and Thom: Nick has twice mentioned taking a dump in the past week. A few days back he said that he was so busy that he didn't even have time to take a dump. I was wondering if he needed to go when he said this and would have asked him if his girlfriend was not with us. Then this morning he was telling me about Creatine which he has just started taking to increase his weight while he works out. He said that apparently you crap more for the first five days or so until your body adjusts. Even though he took two doses of it in the few hours he was over, he didn't go to the bathroom for anything more than a piss. Ryan: Nick is just like your friend; very open about needing to go and what he's done etc. but I don't think he'll put a show on for anyone. Pete(US): I like universities and in particular their libraries because they are so busy and who better to listen to taking a dump in the next stall than a young healthy male.
I don't think I've gone a day without dumpi! ng for almost two weeks and it's been great. Yesterday, I was in a sports store and got the urge and went to their bathrooms. I dropped an 18 inch whopper about two inches thick. It came out so silently that I knew it had to be a big one, but even I was surprised at its magnitude. It's been quite a while since I unloaded one like that!

Jeff A.
Thanks everyone for all of your support! I sure didn't mean to upset anybody by the suggestion of leaving, my apologies one and all! I just felt like I'd said about all I have to say, and the recent topics provided a good time for an exit. That's all. Nothing to do with this forum, --it's great and so are all of you! I just thought that I was getting a little bit boring, and I sure wouldn't want to bore anybody. Again, I thank the people who’ve asked me to stay. I guess I can always tell the stories of a girlfriend I had named Patty who actually made me realize that it was ok to watch someone go poo-poo without feeling like a total pervert. She loved to watch me and loved me watching her in return. And man could she drop big logs! She was also on the heavy side which I love.

By posting here, I've been exposed to a better class of people than those I meet in my everyday life, and sharing what we all share here proves that to us all. We all know how special we are! here.
I would get a tremendous thrill and pleasure from being able to see and talk to you all. Maybe the future holds the promise of many new (affordable) toys for an internet world. RICK: Thanks for your encouraging words; you're a king! ELIZABETH: I don't think anybody really thought your post was offensive at all. I've read others just like it actually. I felt sorry for you, and had it been me, I know I would have loved you all the more for being so human. One time about four years ago, I woke up to find that I peed a river right in the bed! My wife was disturbed about it, but didn't pursue it. She simply washed the sheets and forgot about it. Another time I was lifting some really heavy weight at the gym and shit my pants by accident on the lift. I broke out in cold sweats from sheer terror and was able to sneak out almost undetected, until some people caught the smell. You might say that that was a bad day. PV: As far as I'm concerned, you and I are spe! cial buddies. We had a great discussion on female urination once, and I would be proud as hell to stand up and pee with you anyday! You're welcome in my restroom anytime. I would love to have another conversation about it with you. I'm curious as to your progress with it. CINDY: I have to admit, that I'm loving those stories of yours like crazy, and your large jobbies sound absolutely wonderful! You also sound so sweet, that it makes for easy reading as well. As for the coming holiday, I am thankful to live in the same world as you all. It's nice to know that you are all here.
Thanks everyone for all of your support! I sure didn't mean to upset anybody by the suggestion of leaving, I just felt like I'd said about all I have to say, and the recent topics provided a good time for an exit. That's all. Nothing to do with this forum, --it's great and so are all of you! I just thought that I was getting a little bit boring, that's all. Again, I thank the peop! le who’ve asked me to stay, and thanks to you, I will. It's good to see the new posters here. It's great to have new blood in the family.
By posting here, I've been exposed to a better class of people than those I meet in my everyday life, and sharing what we all share here proves that to us all.
I would get a tremendous thrill and pleasure from being able to see and talk to you all. Maybe the future holds the promise of many new (affordable) toys for an internet world. RICK: Thanks for your encouraging words; you're a king! ELIZABETH: I don't think anybody really thought your post was offensive at all. I've read others just like it actually. I felt sorry for you, and had it been me, I know I would have loved you all the more for being so human. One time about four years ago, I completely flooded the sack. There was no explanation to it, but I did it just the same. I woke up to find that I peed a river right in the bed! My wife was disturbed about it, bu! t didn't pursue it. She simply washed the sheets and forgot about it. Another time I was lifting some really heavy weight at the gym and shit my pants by accident on the lift. I broke out in cold sweats from sheer terror and was able to sneak out almost undetected, until some people caught the smell. You might say that that was a bad day. PV: As far as I'm concerned, you and I are special buddies. We had a great discussion on female urination once, and I would be proud as hell to stand up and pee with you anyday! You're welcome in my restroom anytime. I would love to have another conversation about it with you. I'm curious as to your progress with it. As I'm sure you know, I'm all for female urinals. CINDY: I have to admit, that I'm loving those stories of yours like crazy, and your large jobbies sound absolutely wonderful! You also sound so sweet, that it makes for easy reading as well. NICOLA: I also love your stories as well, especially that last one about the 14! incher you left in the pan! all I can say is, your husband is a lucky guy! TONY (SCOTLAND): To be honest, I've never heard the term "Coprophiliac" but I would have to say that it describes me all over the place. Also, is there a wedding date yet?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to open a specialty store for fellow coprophiliacs, with novelty gifts like printed toilet paper. Maybe with sayings like "In the fullness of your bowels", or "May your love never turd sour." or even "Shit down and stay awhile" There could also be a little bar next door called "The royal flush" with restrooms marked "pointers" and "setters." just a thought.

Anyway, as for the coming holiday, I am thankful to live in the same world as you all. It's nice to know that you are all here, and I love you all very, very much.

the poop guy
I have the most embarrassing experience while on the toilet once. After a long day of work, I rushed into the bathroom, drop my drawers and took a load off. It was all good until my mother in law walked in. If that sounds bad, picture my mother in law being a feeble 70 year old that can barely go the the bathroom herself! Hohoho. Anyhow, my mother walks in, barely noticing me there, and turns on the shower, walks in with her clothes, and she's making a mess.
She still didn't notice me, so i was like "Hey, Mom, i'm, um, using the bathroom." She looked at me and screamed "Intruder! Somebody call the cops!" She was yelling at the top of her wrinkled ol' throat. I ran out the bathroom being chased by my mom with a wooden cain drenched from the shower WITH MY PANTS DOWN, AND POOP HANGING OUT. Unfortunatly the cops were hanging out in the neighborhood catching speeders, and well, they were a bit suspicious. I told them the whole story about how i was just taking a crap and how! my Mother in law is missing half of her cerebral cortex and they understood. I invited them in for some postatios. They passed on the nuts, but i still think they regret not taking my offer. They always stare at me while i drive out for work. Well, that's my story.
Oh did i mention i'm a phicopheliac?

I havent had a Barium Enema but did have a Barium Meal some years ago when I had a small stomach ulcer, now long since healed. When I got to the hospital, after having to starve for a day, I was told to strip down to my panties and stand in front of the equipment and drink this white gruel while they took the x rays. Afterwards the nurse told me that my stools might be white or light coloured for a couple of days and that it might make me a little bit constipated. This didnt bother me, it never does. I didnt have a motion the next day but went the following day. Luckily it was at home and George was there to come into the toilet and assist. I sat on the pan with my panties down at my knees, did a long tinkling, hissing wee wee then passed two normal dark brown coloured egg shaped lumps "KU-PLOONK! KA-PLOMP!" These must have been left over from my previous motion, quite a common
event as I have posted before. I waited a moment with George rubbing and gently pushing my ????! my and saying words of encouragement, "Try hard Moira, do me a nice big jobbie". I felt this big load start to move in my back passage and as my sphincter dilated I bore down and felt it start to emerge. George was looking down between my legs and gasped, "Moira, its WHITE!" Slowly but surely a fat, slightly rough textured white turd was coming out of me. I maintained a steady pressure going "NNN! NNN! OH! UH!" with George applying gentle but firm pressure to my ????. It still oozed out and I had to stand up slightly as the start touched the bottom of the pan. Eventually it tapered to an end and slid sliently into the pan. I hadnt finished yet and another fat smooth jobbie of about 8 inches long followed it out. This turd was a mid brown colour and made a resounding "KUR-SPLOOMP!". Exhausted after all the effort, I put my head between my legs as I sat on the pan, (getting a face full of my own knicker gusset for those into such things), while George gently wiped my bum with! a moist tissue. Getting up I pulled up my panties and we both had a good look at my motion. The big white jobbie lay in the bottom of the pan while the other turds, the two hard "eggs" and the easy brown sausage floated above it. We could see bits of undigested vegetables such as peas embedded in the big white log and towards its tapered end it changed colour to a khaki light brown as it mixed in my bowels with normal stool like the one which followed it out. We pulled the flush but even after 4 flushes when the other turds had gone the big white load remained in the bottom of the pan. Eventually when we had both seen enough of it we poured a few buckets of boiling water into the pan to dissolve it and after a few more flushes the toilet cleared. A colleague of mine did have a barium enema, a very unpleasent experience , as it entails having to take a powerful purgative causing severe diarrhea to clear the bowel the day before. Afterwards she too did a large difficult pan blo! cking white jobbie after being constipated for a day or two.

Cindy, your "baseball bat" was some effort. I have done jobbies which were 12 inches long and very fat to begin with then taper off for the final 4 inches or so like a bottle. The sound effects "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" as it shoots into thre pan under a lot of force is quite something even if the splash wets my bum.

Crimson, I have used a urinal in a gents toilet, (see old posts- I even did a motion in it as it came out as I peed) I cant say I liked it and would not want to use one as a matter of course. I will stick to toilet pans as my husband George does as these cater for both functions and afford privacy. I just dont see female urinals catching on this side of the pond, its hard enough getting people to accept unisex toilets with cubicles with doors and no urinals for males.

Augustus, what is it with you Yanks and the Millennium? The rest of the world has decided that 1st Jan 2000 is the sta! rt of the 3rd millennium of the Common Era, you folks want 2001???? A series of numbers in math begins with 0 (zero). Time is a constantly variable quantum like say water so the dial starts at 0 and clocks up as the water flows, it doesnt start at one gallon. Again a baby as was Christ when he was born is seconds old not one year old at his birth. Its a pity that the ancients didnt use zero and when they retrospectively fixed the birth of Christ to separate BCE from CE (BC from AD if you prefer) they WRONGLY fixed it as year one. We are now correcting this error and starting our new millennium at 1st January 2000. So get real and celebrate with us British and most of the rest of the world, or have a boring little private party a year later when the rest of us will ignore it as just another New Year of no significance.

Ryan, your post really touched me. I know it must be really frustrating to want so badly to see one of your friends dump, but be patient. I think many boys in your age group become terribly modest about their toilet habits and then become more relaxed as they enter their later teens. In the meantime, try going into the school toilet when you have a free period and sit on the toilet awhile. (I used to do this when I was at school) I'll bet before long several other boys will come in to take a shit and you'll at least be able to hear them if not see them. I know it's not the same as buddy-dumping with a friend, but it's not bad.When I did that at school, I remember several boys grunting out their logs while I listened. Here's another idea: go on a camping trip with a friend or two. Camping makes everybody sort of lose their toilet inhibitions and I'll bet your friends would soon be talking about needing to shit or piss as if they were talking about the weather! Good luck, hang i! n there, and a big cyber-hug from me to you. Keep me posted.
Bear, what a fantastic story about your college open toilets! To see four college dudes lined up and grunting out their big logs would be a great experience. Hey, if you ever build that house with the four-holer or two holer, I'd like to be the first to buddy-dump with you.
'Bye for now. Daniel

Yes, 3 cheers to the Moderator!! I second Redneck, The Crank, Tony (Scotland UK), Mark B, Nicola (England UK), and SuperGirl.

I only discovered this site about a week or two ago and I already feel like part of the "family". I am getting to know you guys from new and old posts. I find that I often look forward for most of the day to 9:30p.m. PST, when the latest posts are available here.

I don’t want anything to happen to disrupt this site. It must be a real pain for the Moderator to wade through all the non-appropriate stuff to get to the appropriate postings. After only a few days, I became very obvious to me what was appropriate to post and what was not.

I'm still blown away by what I read on this site, but I am here for that type of stuff and not overt sex or pornography. Where else could we find each other, bond, exchange our stories that some of us have never shared with anyone - in my case for over 40 years - and discover that we are! not "the only one". Incredible!!

Keep those posts coming, and coming, and coming...


Saturday, November 13, 1999

Reya, PV and anyone who has used or thought about female urinals (urinettes), here's a bit of background. There are four main reasons for having them; 1:To pack more facilities into less restroom space, by using small stalls and pans (popular with architects and planners). 2:To prevent all cubicles being taken up by women attending to other things for long sessions, denying other users the chance of a quick wee. 3:To provide a sanitary appliance which is not readily soiled by careless use or accident, and which gives the user confidence that she need not come into contact with "contaminated" objects, and 4:To enable comfortable and convenient use with a minimum of undressing.

Since 1894 when the first urinettes appeared in London, wildly different designs have been tried, none of which have really achieved ALL the above, and some of which were really useless! Some require standing, others squatting; some facing the wall, some facing away, and, incidentally, some desig! ned by men and some by women (although you wouldn't know by using them which were which!) Even the US military spent $300K discovering that the best female urinal for field use is a funnel on the end of a hose.

The best known types in the US were the Sanistand, a pan with a long lip at the front (stand or squat) which had the advantage that you could poo in it if desperate (designed by men), and the She-inal, a stand-up funnel-on-a-hose variety with lots of extra paraphernalia for automatically fitting disposable liners in the funnel (designed by a woman).

As for the idea of women using ordinary pans and mens' urinals standing, I quite agree that for many women it is easy and comfortable, but there are some drawbacks. Not all women can do it, and the goal is to make things suitable for everyone, including for example young girls not tall enough to stand and aim at an ordinary pan. Also, the most hygienic, splash-free male urinal (not really in production yet! , it's a bit radical) is almost impossible for a woman to use at all.

So I soldier on (with a bit of female help) experimenting with funnels, bowls and buckets hoping that one day we can please all the people all the time..... Keep up the good work, everyone, I still learn lots from reading your posts.

Hi All and many thanks to those of you who have said how much they enjoyed reading about my first"experience"
To Ian and Dump Buddy (US). I enjoy the smell only if I see and like the guy who made it. In that case it is a real turn on. Dump Buddy (US), I can't wait to read more of your stories. And to Tony (Scotland UK), thanks for your navvy story. That really did turn me on. The thought of watching and/or listening to a masculine man on the toilet sends me into another world. I guess I can blame Sean for that!!
Happy pooping everyone.

Strange thing happened tonight. I was at Barnes and Nobles browsing in the "Mountaineer" section of the Sports aisle when I noticed a lot of books about mountain climbing. I've always wondered how people climbing icy, snow covered mountains take a dump. Maybe it's because I'm a native Floridian, but I just can't imagine pulling down my pants outside in the ice and snow. Plus, they are always wearing such restrictive looking clothing. At random, I picked up a book called "To the Top of Denali," and immediately, the book opened to page 290. There it was - a picture of a man sitting on a primitive looking latrine taking a dump in the middle of the snow and ice. The man was leaning forward, giving the "thumbs up" sign. You really can't see anything. I just though it was unusual to be thinking about that, pick up a book, and right away see something like that.

Hi Daniel. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it if he mentions that he has to take a dump. But most of the time when he says he has to it is usually when somebody is awake and that would run a higher chance of getting caught. If he doesn't have to take a dump when everybody's asleep then I will announce that I do and I will ask if he would like to keep me company. But I can tell you this, I am 99.9% sure that he will say "no thanks" or "no way". He may let me know when he has to go and he may joke about it but he is not open for a show with anyone. I can't even get real detailed with him without him saying "ok Ryan, I think you've made your point." I have this other friend, well he isn't really a friend anymore, and he is even hesitant about this stuff now. It takes me 30 minutes to convince him to let me see if something comes out of his but. I ask him every time he comes over even when he doesn't go. It makes me so sad that I don't live around boys that are open like you a! nd Paul. I am so sad.


You guys gotta hear about this. When I was 12, or 13, I was severely constipated. I had not pooped in 11 days. Of course, I ate high fiber cereal each of them 11 days. Then, after about five days, I was eating 2 bowls.

Well, tremendous pressure was filling up my bowels, and on the 11th day, I tried to have a bm. I grunted and grunted and a painful hard ball slipped out slowly, making my ass bleed.

Nothing for a couple more days, while I still ate the cereal. Then, one afternoon, this huge cramp shot across my stomach. I raced to the bathroom. I could feel the enormous turd pressing on my anus. I sat down and it had to be pushed out. After about 5 or six pushes, it slid out, painfully, and then the rest of it came out. My ass was bleeding again. I looked in the toilet and my stool was about a foot and a half long and 2 and a half inches wide. Lucky I didn't clog up the toilet.

For the next week, I had huge bm's 2 or 3 times a day.

No bathroom stories tonite but to the moderator of this site. I really enjoy reading and posting to this site. Sometimes, I get a good laugh at some of the postings in the language of "laughing with" and not "laughing at".

I say hats off to the moderator in putting this site "on the air" and maintaining it especially keeping the very sexual/pornographic stuff off.

I like many others here do appreciate and greatly enjoy this site.

Seeing some of the postings from the kids helps me "keep in touch" with my lost youth. As you get older, life can get to be more of a grind.

Someone here asked me if I have ever had one of my big logs get stuck as I was was trying to strain it out. That has happened to me before. Here is an amusing story about that happening. It was early this year, like early springtime, and I had waited a bit longer than usual. You all know I like to wait and let my poo build up to a size that will be very difficult to get out. I like the feeling of emptying myself. Usually that means every two days, but we had a freshman retreat at a campground a couple of hours from home. I should have pooped just before I left, because it was a two day outing and I did not know what the toilets would be like. So when we left, I had almost two days worth of poo in me already.

When we got there, I was concerned, my poo was starting to knock on the door a little bit, and the toilets were not going to do what I needed them to. The cabins we were in had 20 beds in them in one big room. So we had twenty girls. There were two t! oilets in a room that was built right in the middle of the big room. And the big room had a very high ceiling, so there was no ceiling over the toilet room. At least the toilets were in stalls. But you could actually throw things into the bath room by throwing them over the walls. And of course you could hear everything. As you all know, I really have to strain and grunt to poo, and I was going to be extremely embarassed if someone heard me when I was working on my log.

The first day went ok, we got there about 9:00 in the morning after a two hour bus ride. If I had thought about it I would have gone on the bus, and hoped that it would go down without plugging the toilet. That night though I was very uncomfortable, I could not fall asleep, and 20 girls in the same room did not help. Finally they were all asleep, and my ???? was really aching to poo. So I slipped quietly to the bathroom, and got on the pot. I peed as quietly as I could, letting only a little! out at a time. Then I started to relax my anus to see if the poo was going to be easy. It was not even moving. I tried silently straining and pressing, but the poo was still not doing much. "Oh No" I thought, "this is awful!" I was sure I was going to have to really grunt, so I started grunting as quietly as I could. The poo started to move a bit, and I was really grunting hard. Then I heard a girl say out loud, "Did you hear that?", and another asked "is there an animal under the cabin?". I stopped grunting and the poo kind of moved back up into me (it had just started to peak out of my anus). "Shit!" I mumbled to myself. I dejectedly wiped my lips of pee, and pulled my panties up. I flushed and came out, a few girls were still talking about what they heard, and I said I heard it too. I was glad there was very little light, my face was probably red. After awhile, since we did not hear the "animal" any more, they went back to sleep, and I laid there rubbing my m! y poo filled abdomen.

The next day was pretty uncomfortable. I had to beg off one of the activities, a team relay thing, and said my ???? hurt. The chaperone (a guy) was really nice about it. The bus ride home was ok, except for some bounces on the road, I was finally home at about 7:30. It had been two days since my last poo. I threw my stuff in my room and told my parents I needed a shower, which was true, but I really needed a poo. I got some fresh clothes and headed for the bathroom. I took off all my clothes and sat down, facing the mirror on the opposite side of the toilet. After peeing, I started grunting for all I was worth, the poo was moving so slow, I actually pulled my feet up on the toilet seat so my poop passage was in a perfect straight line, I strained so hard more pee shot out on the floor (since my vagina was not pointing down). I hovered there squatting over the toilet, and the poo started out, "Oh yes " I thought it may be too late. Af! ter a few moments the worst case happened - it would not budge any more! I strained and grunted like crazy, but it would not go in any direction. I looked down and could not see it, but knew it was there. After a few minutes, I stood up, keeping my legs spread, and kind of duck walked to the vanity, to get a hand mirror. I held it between my legs, and was amazed to see about 3 inches of the thickest looking poo log ever sticking out of my butthole. It was really hurting too. I did not know what to do, I thought of calling my mom, but that was just too embarrassing. What would she do? I thought she might try to pull it out, so that is what I would do. I waddled back over to the toilet, grimacing because of the pain in my poop hole. I stood, squatting over the toilet, and tried everything to get it out (rocking, changing angles, etc.). It was really hurting now, I thouught I was going to cry, so I took some TP, and covering my fingers, I used the mirror to see the poo ! as I grabbed the end of it. It was like a rock. So hard it did not even give under my fingers hold. I pulled on it but it was not moving, but I could feel it pulling deep inside me. I started grunting again, ass aimed at the toilet, as I pulled. The pushing and the pulling worked! The big log started sliding out and I sat down after a few inches came out (it was wild watching it in the mirror!). The rest of the log went pretty easy and made a huge splash when it hit the water. I sat there for awhile so relieved, there was no more poo, I was so tired now. Finally I stood up and saw the monster. It had a huge, thick end, like almost as big as the thick end of a baseball bat. That was like that for about 5 inches, then it tapered to a normal log. It was not that long, only about a foot or a little less. I could not wipe, my butt hole was so sore, I just washed gently in the shower. Then I got out and used the plunger to break it up before flushing. No way my dad wa! s going to see that plugging the toilet! I tell you one thing, I will NEVER wait that long again!


Whoa Whoa Whoa Supergirl, I left out a few words accidently in my post, One of my "Are's" was supposed to be an "Aren't" and of course that, I had the right thought going, but my fingers didnt take notes I guess, I cant remember exactly what I said, But I absolutely did not mean to give the impression that newcomers suck, I meant to say that obviously that problems have started with 1 or 2 people, probably newcomers who are wrecking this place, thats all I meant, Im good at pissing other guys off, but I lose big when I piss girls off, Sorry, my bad, Now that thats better, MT, that was good, very clever! Bye everyone

The Crank
To Tony:
Glad you would like to hear more stories from me. You see, I'm still a student and since my vacation just started, I have more time to post to you guys.

One more thing. The Moderator have a hard time sorting out posts. Please give he/she a better time by following the rules.

Hi guys, I would love to hear some fatherand son shit stories. My father was very open with me,saw him shit lots of time. I also saw my older cousins shit too when I was around 6yo,they were in high school. Lets hear some other experiences dudes.

Thanks both to the Moderator and Nicola (England) for spelling it out. Indirect reference to sexual side effects and overtones to defecation will usually be permitted as long as neither excessive, graphic or out of proportion to the rest of the content, nor grossly pornographic. So please, Jeff A stay with us! I also like your posts and like me you can surely work within the guidelines.

As for Fred Limp Bizzkit, I have already given him the benefit of my opinion and I stick by what I said before. I honestly wonder what he is doing here from those of his posts that can be read and understood.Some prudish and censorious people would consider any interest or enjoyment from defecation to be "perverted". This is not a word I use. The techincal term "coprophilia" comes from the Greek "copros" dung and "philia" the love of, and I would say that most who post here are coprophiliacs whether the admit to a sexual aspect or not.

One correspondent, Chris UK I think, spok! e of experiencing a "dry orgasm" I often have had this when listening to someone else doing a good solid motion or seeing what they have passed and can even recall as early as the age of 7 getting an erection and the trembling and tingling sensation and fluttering in my chest as I listened to my mum doing a motion and heard her grunting and straining and the loud "Kur-sploonk!- Ker-sploosh!" sounds as her big jobbies plunged into the toilet pan. Also for Chris I remember when they were building the new gyms and dining/assembly hall for our school. I was about 10 I suppose. One lunchtime a big Irish building worker "navvy" came into the boys toilet and went into one of the cubicles. I heard him as he went "UH! AH! NNN! OH!" the a couple of loud "KUPLONKS!" before he again started to go "OO! OH! UH! NN!" and I heard the crackling sound and knew he was doing a really big jobbie. I heard him give a sigh but there was no "ker-sploonk!" sound and from listening to my mum doing rea! lly big ones when no such sound was made I knew he had done a whopper. He did pull the flush and go out. I went into the toilet and sure enough a big fat long turd of about 14 inches long was jammed in the botom of the pan with about half of it sticking up out of the water. Do the Irish do bigger turds than other British people? Is it their diet?

The mention of toilet gangs also hit a chord. When at school we did have doors on the cubicles (stalls) but these didnt have locks so to save unwanted bullies etc coming in when you were sitting on the toilet doing a poo, a trusted friend would stand by the door. Of course he heard all the sound effects. When I met George we guarded the door for each other and enjoyed doing so as we are both coprophiliacs.

Nicola, you sure do some whoppers. It seems your husband, (lucky man!) may have had similar experiences in his youth to me, perhaps you can get him to post. Cindy, that was some jobbie you passed, 24 inches long! ! Was thus an exception for you or do you usually do big panbusters?

Some of you may remember me talking about a woman who came into the ladies room at work, pooed with the stall door open then got up and left without wiping her bottom or washing her hands. Well I saw her again in the same situation but this time I talked to her. It was yesterday and I was going into the ladies room just to wash my hands. As I was going in, another woman came in with me. I remembered her as the woman who pooed without wiping so I started a conversation and we both talked about which offices we worked in, etc. I went to the sink and the woman went into the stall - we continued chatting. As we talked I looked in the mirror and sure enough, the woman had gone into the stall and was sitting on the toilet with the door open, talking to me. I could see her pubic hair and labia. And once again I heard the telltale "kerplunk"..."plop"..."sploosh" of her pooing. She got up (again without wiping her bottom), adjusted her clothing, flushed and walked out, again without wa! shing her hands. She said goodbye as she walked out. I was just as shocked as before. I presume her poos are extremely solid and don't leave much of a mess in her panties. My poos are fairly solid as well but I always see poo on the toilet paper. I even make sure I wipe (with anything handy) if I poo outdoors. I suppose her theory is that if she hasn't wiped, then she doesn't need to wash her hands. Do any of you out there poo without wiping?

I blundered onto this site just now and I must say I'm glad I did! Enjoy Redneck's posts especially. Buddy-dumping, intentionally or by chance, has always given me great pleasure. I ran track competitively in high school and have continued with some kind of workout for the past 20 years. I've been in a lot of locker rooms and taken a lot of dumps with a lot of guys. In college the gym the students and faculty used was a huge old brick building with a pool at one end and weight rooms and courts at the other. In between were the lockers, showers and lavatories. There was no privacy whatsoever; four completely open toilets sat across from four urinals in a little area just off the showers. If you had to do your business before or after a workout you had to sit down in plain view of the next guy. Every grunt, plop, splash and fart was magnified by the endless white tile. The swimming and diving teams also used this facility. All ages, shapes, races, sizes: guys just sitting togeth! er...naked, still in suits or jeans with their britches down to the floor, or their Speedos and gym shorts. The gamut of styles of shitting and wiping, as well as each man's individual reaction, was amazing. One professor I sometimes ran with woud strip dowm and walk in there with a newspaper and take his time. We'd be grunting side by side and reading the paper. One real bowlegged guy used to stand up after shitting, put one foot up on the seat and wipe his butt, checking the paper afterwards as if no one else was there. Most of us had gotten over our shyness but he was something else again! At the other end of the spectrum was a visiting swim team. Evidently they were unused to this type of facility. Before the swim meet I could hear complaints and curses coming from the toilet area. I couldn't resist peeking around the corner. Four big strapping college boys (who, I'm sure, considered themselves to be mature adults) with their team trunks around their ankles were sitting th! ere in a row. Ducking their heads and blushing from head to toe they bitched about the lack of privacy nd flinched at the sounds their own bodies made. Needing to piss, I walked in on them right when one of them was wiping his ass. Talk about a deer in the headlights! Another one had just grunted out a big log and turned forty shades of red when I nodded to them and turned my back to take a piss. Finishing, I asked one of them to pas me some tissue to blow my nose; he could barely look at me! I imagine they got to their competition in a timely manner but I went on my midday run before I could find out. After all, shitting is the great leveler and buddy-dumping is a great pastime and I hope thoe guys got over their inhibitions enough to realize it. If I ever get to build my dream house from the ground up you can be sure it will have a two- or four-holer latrine type john to foster that good old companionship...Thanks for the opportunity to speak...will be back

Mark B
Hi everyone,
I was just thinking about the recent messages from the Moderator(s), especially about recently getting large amounts of posts which are against the rules of the site. It must be a huge task to read them all (or start reading them). All the more credit to the Moderator(s) that they do this and keep the site going as it is. I'd really miss it if it closed. But 1000's more people hook on to the internet every day, apparently. Eventually being the Moderator could be a full-time job. Perhaps some of the more sleazy scat sites have been mentioning this site as a link, which has enouraged newcomers to send in more sex-oriented things. Like many posters here, most, probably all of the activities on the recently spelled out banned list don't turn me on at all and I couldn't be bothered to read about them. Of course some of the stories I read here do (occasionally) make me hard and want to masturbate etc. That's implicit, but I also like some of the not remotely sexual ! discussion threads such as toilet designs and results of different diets, and films, and cultural attitudes, etc etc. You don't get that on porno sites.


AUGUSTUS: What a delightful story. You love your wife so much it shines in your words, and her sharing of her defaecation with you is a joy. You're right, it's a pleasure so many miss out on, or couldn't appreciate if they were given the chance, which is sad. TRAVELER: Sorry, friend, can't have been me (wish it had been!), I've never seen one of those funny keyhole thingies (and unless she was tall it must have been a bit difficult to shoot accurately -- urinals seem notoriously tall, 'cause I'm not notoriously short!) Still, clearly a woman after my own heart, one of the bold new breed who will remake the world in this brave new century THAT BEGINS ON JANUARY 1ST 2001! NOT 2000! Sorry, the media tripe has been driving me insane, you'd think nobody in the world can freaking count as high as ten anymore... Cough, cough, off topic. Nope, she's one of those who will take the emancipation movement to its fulfilment, which, ironically, in terms of equality and the rights and lib! erties of the genders, is likely right back where it was ten thousand years ago, before some very strange and very pervasive ideas were somehow born in the human mind... Like that women "have" to squat, it's "how nature made them." Don't make me laugh any harder, I'll rupture something! PV

Ladies have you ever been given a barium eneme and then become very constipated? Did you then take enemas every day trring to have a bowel movement? Did you strain?

Friday, November 12, 1999

To Dump Buddy (US): I’m looking forward to reading your intense encounters that you want to pass on to us! As for how a guy’s feet can be an active participant in the act of taking a dump – I assume you saw my recent post on page 261, where I mentioned “An extra added bonus of the barefooted guys is that I can watch how their toes curl or press down on the floor as they strain! “ However, your elaboration of this visual delight was so eloquently described, it was like being there in person! You have quite a way with words!

To Chris (UK): I, too, really enjoyed your story about Sean, your Irish lodger.

To Redneck: I agree that new dorms are getting away from community bathrooms/showers. It’s not only new dorms, but also other new facilities. Here in California, new and remodeled state park bathrooms are designed with small individual rooms with toilets, sinks, and sometimes showers, instead of the more traditional (and wonderful) large communal bathrooms! . I have also noticed this in YMCAs. I also prefer to stay in youth hostel versus hotels. Many of the smaller, hostels have private toilets, since those buildings were originally homes. However, some of the larger ones have wonderful communal bathrooms/toilets. Since the users are travelers, they are likely to provide the unmistakable and delightful sounds that accompany constipation or diarrhea! Unfortunately, if the showers are nearby, it is hard to hear what’s happening on the next crapper, since travelers at hostels are usually in need of showers and they get heavily used.

Question for Redneck, Dump Buddy (US), Drew, and other guys: You and others in some old posts talk about going to colleges, universities, and libraries to take a dump in the company of other guys. I have done the same thing for many years. Why do you like those particular toilets? For me, I enjoy listening to, as Dump Buddy (US) so eloquently put it listening to “the bowel movement of! a healthy young male!”

Here’s to the old, large, communal bathrooms! May they be preserved.


I've still been too busy to visit regularly, but I've just spent some time catching up. ANDREW, I read every last word of your detailed post about your cousin's letting you accompany her for a motion. The experience certainly made a lasting impression on your young mind. I never had such an experience at that age, much to my regret, so thanks for letting me share in yours, at least vicariously. ELIZABETH, I, too, was sorry to hear about your accident. If I had been your boyfriend, I'm sure I would have wouldn't have minded at all. But then, those of us who visit and post here might have different attitudes about these things than many. Jeff A - if you're still reading here - you've been one of the honest voices here, often saying what I'm thinking. It would be a loss to this board if you stop contributing. But I do respect your stance. Someone asked about women using men's rooms. It's never happened while I was in one, but I was about to enter one a few years back w! hen a woman came striding out. I was surprised to see her emerge just as I was about to open the door. She looked equally surprised to see me there, but not embarrassed. I guessed that she had used the "bassinette" type urinal in there. It's an older, free-standing model, about three feet (1m) tall and shaped like a sloping key hole at the top. I don't think they're made any more. Thinking fast, I said to her, "No problem. I like a woman who stands up for what she believes in." She beamed as she walked away. Was it you perchance, PV?

For some time now an American talk show has been broadcast on a regular basis in the UK. Often the participants whose circumstances could be described as exceptional, get over excited and really worked up. It amazes me that so far none of them has had a 'mishap' on account of their over excitement or, if they have, it's been edited out. Perhaps an American viewer might be able to shed light on whether I'm right to be amazed or not.

I remeber wathing my farther doing his # 2 in the morning when I was a little boy and now that I am a adult I have always wondered how many of your farthers let your sons watch you do a number 2 or would be willing if asked

In response to the toilet man:

I totally agree that we men are subject to a double standard when it comes to the use of public restrooms. If you are like me and live in a large metropolitan city and go to sporting events or concerts, you know the drill. When there is a long line to use the men's rooms, the ladies just queue up to go into the men's rooms. In the process, they usually end up running the men out of there, and as a result, the men have no where to go. I have no problem with the ladies seeing me go and I would love to have unisex restrooms. Unfortunately because the society here in the U.S. is so violent, we probobly will never see unisex bathrooms in our lifetimes. But who knows where we might be headed with this. Why just last weekend here in my hometown, a female rugby team from a Midwest University did what only guys teams usually do. After winning,they stood on the steps of a national monument and took their shirts off for all the tourist and cameras.! Wow! Like I said, who knows.

Hey all, hows it goin? I just got my bedroom moved down right by the bathroom, and my closet is right behind the toilet, Neat huh? I cant wait til we have guests, my room will smell like shit all the time, (Whether I like it or not depends on whom it came from :) Jeremy "Love" sounds a lot like me, hehe, scary huh? Ill post it right when the first female to crap in the bathroom next to my bedroom besides my mom or sis, K? Cya l8er

What do you look like Ryan?

squeeze guy
To Joe K. About ladies in the mens room:
Has anyone ever had a cleaning lady come into the mens room while you were peeing. This has happened to me at least 3 times. Once she was real cute and just stood there waiting for me to finish with a smile on her face. Can you imagine if a cleaning guy tried that?? He would have been arrested.

To Kevin L: Funny story, I liked about the person from housekeeping coming in. If i were you (In the hotel) I would have waited till she was gone before entering the bathroom or i would have found another bathroom(if there is more than 1 in the lobby).

Im glad that the Moderator has spelt out what is acceptable and what is not. I would not wish this site to become hard core porno and sleaze.

It is however difficult to keep the sexual connection of this subject. The genitals are next to the rectum in both genders and it is well known that the presence of and subsequent passage of a large solid turd often causes erotic stimulation to the nerve endings in that area resulting in erection in males. My husband has experienced this since childhood. By association listening to someone else doing a solid motion or seeing what they have passed has the same effect on many people. Also many parents imprint the idea of defecation and urination being vulgar and naughty and given the need to lift up skirt or drop trousers and pull down underpants or knickers to do the toilet then the connection with sexual matters is made. I get the impression that casual mention of the sexual aspects of defecation as an incidental and not in gr! eat graphic detail is acceptable but a full blown in depth graphic description of masturbation, sexual intercourse either vaginal, anal or oral consequent on defecation would be out of order as would be the more outlandish practices alluded to by the Moderator in italics. In a word, allusion to sex is allowed, PORNOGRAPHY is not!

Jeff A, please, please stay here, working within the rules, as I like your posts. I too have got sexual stimulation from doing a nice big solid jobbie since I was a kid and my husband has likewise. Your last letter proves that the Moderator will allow posts which refer to sexual connections as long as these arent too explicit or graphic.

Mike, I have checked my knickers and they are a pair of White Sloggi Maxi Briefs size GB 22, (EU Size 50, French size 52, Italian size 7). Knicker (panty) sizes are of course different in the USA, and even here in the UK different systems were used in the past. When I was at school as a teenager I w! ore size 18 to 20 in the present sytem but some pairs of my knickers were sized according to age thus 14-16 while others went by height thus 60 to 64 inches. Of course this latter relative size didnt cater for tall thin girls or short ???? ones nor did the age size system allow that a petite 16 year old would wear smaller knickers than a fat 12 year old. As regards the size of my jobbies 12 inches long is common for me. I dont go every day I do 5 motions in a 7 day week on average. If I miss a day then what comes out next day is what I meant by a really big one. Yes the 16 incher I passed required me to stand up as the start was touching the bottom of the pan while the end was still inside my back passage. Im used to this as I have done big jobbies since I was a kid, even at Primary (Grade) School I was passing fat 9 inch long turds which stuck in the smaller pans in the Girls Toilets (as alluded to by Anne the teacher- I personally would have done it in the Girls toilet an! d clogged the pan not shit my knickers but each to their own). Anyway, feeling a turd become more difficult to pass as it touches the bottom of the toilet pan is a common feeling for me and I get up into a semi standing position to pass the rest of it in comfort. This amuses my husband when he is in the toilet watching me doing a motion.

Cindy, that was a lovely big one you did, I bet it felt really good. Although I dont often do one as a single 2 foot long turd, if I pass that amount it would probably come out as a 16 incher and an eight incher, two separate big fat jobbies, I recognise that "scratchy" sensation of the knobbly start of the turd. I have also felt this if I have been eating nuts and these are embedded in the jobbie. You must have a powerful flush in your toilet as when I do really big ones like that it takes several flushes to go away.

Yesterday I visited a new resturant for lunch and needed a motion passing a nice big 14 incher which stuck in! the pan. I left it and was washing my hands when two girls of about 16 went into the cubicle I had used together. I heard one say "Wow! look at the size of that turd!" The other replied, "I think that red-headed woman must have done it, I bet she's got a sore arse!" It didnt hurt, if fact it slid out quite easily, but I couldn't help but smile as I dried my hands. I had to leave to go back to work but wonder if they buddy dumped their own jobbies on top of mine?

Love to you all,


I had a boss that was always putting the blame on me. Passing the buck as they say. Being the number "Two" man in the organization I was getting fed up with the whole situation.

I needed a way to put him in his place and take him down from his "Ivory Tower". We were to remodel the offices and add an intercom to the building.

I thought, "Hey, why not let the people hear from which orafice he really talks through." I hooked up a microphone behind the toilet (that could be removed later) and prepared to let him have his say.

Since he did everything by the clock, it wasn't to hard to predict when the old toothless one would speak to us.

Like clockwork and a flick of the switch the entertainment soon began. It started with the sound of the pants going down and the plunk of the toilet seat.

I wandered out amongst my co-workers and listened to the sweetest music I had heard in a long time.
It was great. A long echo fart followed! by two plops. Three more farts and a case of the dribbling sh*ts that sounded better than the scene in "Dumb & Dumber"

Grunting, ahhhs, and more farts. Everyone was looking at each other like what is going on! Laughter was everywhere. It didn't take long before everyone knew who it was in the bathroom.

Laughing stock was he! I removed the microphone without anyone noticing and even confronted him with "Someone was making a fool out of you."

Dumb-ass still can't figure it out! Anyone else ever get revenge on someone?

The Crank
To The Toilet Man:
I guess it is socially acceptable for a female to enter a male's toilet as it is inborn into us that there is nothing wrong as we, whether male or female were taken care of by a female. This involves many private things like defecating in front of a female. Although it may sound unfair, it is somehow socially acceptable.

You were way out of line! Telling all of the newcomers to go away wasn't right. Some of the old-timers violate the new rules here, too, and a lot of the newcomers don't. Don't make it an over-18 forum, a lot of our posts come from younger people, and the mix is what makes it special. I think we all could work together to clean up our act a bit and keep this place going.

This whole issue is confusing and frustrating for everyone. I think we should obey the moderator, 'cause the rules aren't going to change. Everyone here is valuble and please, don't leave. The rules seem fairly reasonable and fair. There are other places to go to post content forbidden here, let's keep this little corner of the web clean, please!

My most memorable experience in watching a woman shit took place not long ago. My sweet, sexy wife is very open to me about her body, and she is well aware that I have an anal fetish with her. She had to take a dump one morning, (she goes every other day usually) and invited me in to watch her poop exit her body. I crouched in front of the toilet and she positioned her shapely hips in such a manner as to facilitate my viewing of her most private of moments.
She had to bear down at first, which made some pee ooze out of her urethra and dribble down toward her pouting anus. I looked up at her pretty face and she smiled a reassuring smile as if to say that everything was alright, the poop was on its way. Sure enough, my patience was rewarded as a small pointed end of her turd peeked out from her anus..slowly at first, but increasing in speed as she pushed it down and out. I watched in fascination as her little asshole opened up to accomodate the log, which was incr! easing in diameter with every inch. Her smell was intoxicating, and I tried to remember what she had eaten to produce such a lovely scented poop. It was quite a long turd, and after about 30 seconds it tapered off to another point and slipped quickly from her pouting little hole.
As is our intimate custom, I then kissed her little forehead, and proceeded to wipe her little hole of "leftovers", which were few at this movement. When I had her little ass cleaned, she got up and we both looked at what she had made inside her body. I am infatuated with her shit, for I know that it has traveled a good distance inside her beautiful feminine body, being made of the wastes that her cells do not want, but her waste is my pleasure. I wish every guy that loves their woman's ass could have a sexy lady like I do, who is not anal retentive.

Jeff A,
I have been reading your posts also. Why do have to stop? I hope you continue to write your stories here.
Also, I like to hear more stories from The Crank. If you see this, me at

Wasn't this one of the posts from 10-30..11-1? If so, it is currently still on the bottom of this page since Sunday.

TO THE MODERATOR: First of all, I would like to say that I had no intention of offending, or contributing to the kind of awful, disgusting material that finds its way onto the net, with the content of my reply to Elizabeth. She had suffered an accident, a very emmbarressing one, that may, from the context of her message, have perhaps contributed to the loss of a relationship. This was not her fault, nor an inherrent difficulty in the act she was performing, a wonderful, loving, incredibly intimate form of sharing. I was attempting to stress this, and to offer her helpful advide from my own perspective and experience, and thought this transgressed upon the sexual parameter, I felt it was justified as the dicussion topic was not sex, but the nature of her accident, and what she might do about it. I would stress again that I respect and strongly support the position and policy of the site, and would not intentionally give offense to anyone here. I hope this doesn't sound defensiv! e, but I felt the need to quietly explain the nature of my message. That it was posted with the screened batch I guess oes vindicate my intention. Best, PV

REYA: Lotsa laughs! Yes, those female urinals are not a very good invention, are they? And the MEN who design them (I'll bet, for the most part, anyways...) probably do so to reinforce a dichotomy that doesn't actually exist. If they put conventional urinals in ladies' rooms, they would be used by almost three-quarters of women, or so say the stats. And no funny gadjets needed, just a technique, natural and easy as breathing, that takes around fifteen seconds to describe, followed by some happy practice!
JEFF.A: I understand what you mean, Jeff, and I sure hope you don't leave on my acount, I'd feel really bad about that. I did not feel, as I wrote the massage, that I was being in any way gross or offensive, but indeed almost clinical in a sympathetic way, trying to offer sympathy to Elizabeth. Yes, there's a sexual context to it all, of course, I feel it, I'm sure we all do. Given that it's a tacit understanding, I think we can play by those rules. Again, please don't lea! ve!
ELIZABETH: No problemo, dear. I didn't sense any intention on your part to offend, it seemed you were sharing an intimate and terribly upsetting moment with an audience whom you felt would understand. I saw the point of your message being the accident, not the sex during which it happened. It was technically against the regs, perhaps, but ... ah well, what's done is done. Please don't be upset about it. My best, PV

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

I just want to thank the people who monitor this site for doing their job in keeping it "clean". This is meant to be a toilet story site and not sex...there are way to many sites for that as it is. That's my 2 cents for the day.

I had a nice movement this morning before work...seems Raisin Bran does the trick...more later.

Take Care

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