I just found this sight, I think it is pretty cool, I never expected to find this many people interested in going to the bathroom, I thought I would tell you what I did when I found this site a few minutes ago, I realized that I hadn't pooped in a day or two, which is usual for me, so I thought I would go try, and then come back and give you the report much as many of you do, and here it is: I went into the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and my panties and sat on the pot, I let a little fart fly and then my room mate came in and she started brushing her teeth. The bathroom is really small, so the sink is pressed up right next to the toilet, I sat there for a little while and then a little turdlet plunked out of my butt, then I did a bigger fart that went SWOOSH and my but felt like the poop slid into the end, ready to come out, so I pushed a little more and then a big one started comming out, it fell on the front of the bowl with a splash, and another big one was heading out, the tip of it was out when my room mate looked over to me and wrinkled up her nose and started fanning it. Phew girl, she said, I just laughed, pretty soon the other big one fell, I wiped, there was a good bit of brown that hung on my butt, but I wiped all I could off, I wash my butt good in the bathtub too. . . that was all for me. Now my roomate is in the bathroom, she just farted pretty loud in the toilet and told me to write that on this site, haha I think she is going to poop too. . . . . she had some more gas and then she grunted, a big one is on the way out of her, it fell and she farted again, I looked in the toilet, it was not as big as my two poops but pretty big. I will write on here again, this is fun.

Ive been away on business so havent written for a while. Kevin L I can only suggest that the person who had the accident (you dont give the gender) was probably a man wearing boxer shorts (I cant stand these myself) rather than briefs as these would have kept all the squashed up poo inside unless it was very loose, partcularly if they were of the modern type of men's briefs which have elastic through the leg openings just like womens's, the type I wear myself and which are now the norm with most British and European males. Apart from being uncomfortable and giving no support where it is needed, Boxer Shorts are useless if the wearer has an accident as it will all come out down their legs as you so graphically describe. Anndrew UK I liked your "novel" about watching your cousin doing a motion.(with all respect it was a little bit heavy on the lead in). It did remind me of a similar incident in my own youth. Diane wasn't really a cousin as our families weren't related but her parents were long term friends of mine and I called them aunt and uncle and thought of her as a cousin. I was 13 at the time and she was 16. My parents had gone out with her's amd we were alone in the house. After a short while Diane said she had to go to the toilet. Now I was going to do my usual listening outside but she had obviously noticed this as she said "I need to do a motion, you can come in with me if you want, I think you would like to? After I got over the surprise I certainly agreed and we went to the toilet. Diane, who was a small ???? blonde, hitched up her grey skirt revealing her panties which I recall were white with a blue floral pattern. She pushed these down to her knees and sat on the pan. I was quivering with excitement as she farted then started to do her wee wee which hissed and tinkled into the pan, which unlike Andrew's was of the old style with a long drop into the water. As her wee wee dribbled to an end Diane took a deep breath and went "UH! NN! PLOP! PLONK!" two hard balls came out. I asked her "are you a bit constipated?" She replied, "I havent done a jobbie for a couple of days so it will be a bit hard to begin with" I offered to rub her ???? which she politely declined at first then accepted. After I had gently rubbed and pressed her ???? abdomen for a few minutes she said "Oh I can feel something big coming down" and took a deep breath going "NN! UH! AH!" I heard the crackling and I could see the fat brown turd as I looked between her legs. Continuing to gently press her ???? I encouraged her to "try hard and do a nice big one" As she pushed I could see it continue to grow in length and the start of it was in the water while it was still coming out of Diane so when it ended it slid into the pan with a "Floomp!". She gave a sigh and said, "Oh that's better" before standing up letting us both have good look at the big fat 12 inch log lying at the bottom of the pan. It was knobbly and a mid brown colour as I remember with a rounded end. She wiped her bum then pulled up her panties. Of course when she pulled the flush her jobbie stayed behind. Later that afternoon I needed one myself and we reversed the roles as she accompanied me. I undid my trousers and pulled down the white Y-Front briefs I wore in those days and sat on the pan with Diane's big jobbie still lying beneath me and did my own jobbie as a buddy dump on top of hers. Mine was as big but a bit easier and smoother and I passed a long fat curved 12 inch sausage on top of Diane's log with her rubbing my ????. I then did a pee with some difficulty. I wont say what we did afterwards as it is outside the guidelines of this website but thereafter we had of course to clear the toilet before our respective parents came back and it took several flushes and throwing a couple of buckets of water down the pan to get the load to shift. Dianne and I buddy dumped, (and did "other" things) a few times after that but she emigrated to New Zealand with her parents a year later and we lost touch. She would be nearly 50 by now and perhaps a grandmother but if she ever reads this on the internet please reply. Finbar, girls can be as graphic about defecation as boys when they are talking amongst themselves. I can rememember an incident when I was about 15. I was waiting for the bus home and there were two girls from my year at school waiting as well. One a big ???? redhead called Eileen said to her friend Frances a smaller brunette, "Fran, Im needing a poo, if the bus comes you take it and I'll get the later one" then she walked to the nearby Ladies Public Toilets. I of course was fascinated and wished I could have accompanied her. The bus was late and about 10 mintes later Eileen came out and I could see she was a bit red in the face. Frances asked "Did you do a poo then?" Eileen laughed, "I did a really huge shite, it all came out as one big fat long jobbie and it stuck in the pan and wouldn't flush away! If that lot had come out in my knickers I would have been in a right mess!" They both giggled then the bus came. I decided to miss the bus and as the Public Toilets didnt have attendants I waited till there was nobody around and sneaked into the Ladies Toilet. I quickly looked in the 5 cubicles and in the forth there it was, a fat long turd of about 14 inches long and 2 and 1/2 inches fat at its thickest point and shaped like a big lumpy carrot. I had a good look then had to leave as I didnt want to be caught in the Ladies Toilet if some women or girl came in, and luckily I left unseen. Since then I have often heard women have very graphic and basic conversations about defecation and other natural functions especially if they are unaware that a man is listening. On the question of toilet terminology when I was a kid my mum used to talk of "doing a motion" or "needing a jobbie" and the latter was the common expression amongst Scots kids. The words poo, jobbie and turd and the expression "number two" being quite common. I also used the term to "bomb" or "drop a brick". One of my posh girl cousins used to say "do her business". We Scots also used the expression a "keigh" for a bowel movement and called the toilet the Cludge, and the expression "costive" for constipated is still used in Scotland. Thus "my mum was costive and did a big keigh which got stuck in the cludge and wouldn't flush away" Finally, JW, when I was about 10 I was constipated and tried to pass a very hard fat jobbie which stuck in my bum. My mum heard me straining and came into the toilet. On seeing the problem she simply inserted some vaseline into my back passage round the lump and told me to hold it back as long as I could to let the vaseline melt as she gently pushed my ????. After a few minutes the fat turd slowly slid out of my bum and droppped into the pan with a tremendous "KER-SPLOONK!". Mum's only comment was, "I sometimes have to do big hard jobbies like that myself but the vaseline always helps it to come out". Having often heard her doing them and sometimes seeing what she had passed I knew this was the case.

Hi All - As I haven't posted much here since finding this wonderful site last year and with the current thread of first experiences, I thought it was time to tell you about my first experience. I was eight years old, living in the North of England in the fifties. My mother had taken in a couple of Irish lodgers, Sean and Tim, who were working on the roads laying new sewer pipes. Now I always knew I was gay(although the term "gay" hadn't been coined then)and I absolutely idolised Sean. He was tall and handsome about twenty five and very friendly.I should say at this point that at no time did Sean ever lay a finger on me. I looked upon him as an uncle. On Sunday mornings when he didn't have to go to work, I used to take him a cup of tea in bed. I remember that he used to sit up in bed exposing his beautiful and manly hairy chest.My bedtime was about 7.30pm and Sean would always come in to my room and say goodnight.
One night he came in as usual and as he said goodnight in hi! s lovely southern Irish accent, he farted rather loudly. We both giggled and he said impishly "oops I'd better go to the bathroom" and out he went. I really don't know what made me do it, but I got out of bed and stood outside the bathroom door to listen. I heard the seat go down with a dull thud, then I heard him undo his belt and the rustle of his pants as he pulled them down. There was silence for about thirty seconds then I heard him fart a couple of times which echoed in the toilet. Then I heard him grunting followd by what sounded like an avalanche dropping into the toilet PLOPPLOPPLOPLOPLOPLOPPLOP. Then another longer straining grunt followd by more PLOPPING. This was followed by a big sigh. My little heart was racing mostly from the excitement of listening to something very private and personal and also partly from the fear of being discovered. As I was standing there trembling, I felt a most wonderful tingle go right through my insides which both frightened and excite! d me at the same time. I managed to creep back to my bedroom before being discovered.I realised several years later that I had had a dry orgasm. A few minutes later I heard the flush go and a minute or so later, I heard Sean going downstairs. Funny thing was that the experience was never repeated. I think I had been frightened by that tingling sensation.
Sean stayed with us for about three months before moving on. Although I don't go in for deep analysing, I am sure that it was this experience that set me on the road to poop appreciation.
I hope for those of you who have read this far, I haven't bored you too much. I enjoy reading all your experiences, especially the men's. No offence girls - yours are interesting too - but I'm gay remember!
I have another experience to relate another time.

I found this site booked marked on my son's computer, I can't imagine people getting off on accidents. I made a mess in girdle last year and I don't think anybody would want to be near me. I had brown runners going down my nylons

Cindy and Elizabeth:

I have been in that situation. I did not know what to say. I was really sorry that she was extremely embarrassed about it when it happen. But I was really aroused when I saw it sliding out of her anus. I felt like I should pretend not to notice or try to look the other way, but I just could not pass up the rare opportunity. So I stared at it like looking at some unfortunate accident. That was exciting. I hope you don't feel so bad.

stinky sally
One fine day after a hell night before of beer-drinking I was accompanying my good friend to the Transit Centre to get a bus to Sydney and whilst sitting there munching on a hot-chip-hangover-cure i felt a fart welling up, oh well i thought, let it rip. Only it didnt rip it just made a soft wet 'phaaarp' and i was dashing to the loos quick smart only to find a lovely patch of mustard coloured lumpy bits on my lovely floral panties. I promptly ripped them off and left them graciously sitting atop the tampon disposal unit, a monument to my glorious surprise turd.

Andrew P
Hello people ! Just got back from my weekend away, and found that the toilet door gangs didn't get posted after the error message I got, so I'm hoping it will work now.

I went to a small village school, just two classrooms. One was for infants (5-7ish) and the other for Juniors (7ish-11). It was an old Victorian building, and as such, the toilets were located in a separate building at the bottom of the playground. It consisted of a central roofed part containing toilets for both sexes, which was entirely surrounded by a wall around 6ft 6in high. However, on the inside it was nearer 7ft 6in tall, as you actually entered the building down some steps at the appropriate end depending on if you were a boy or a girl.

On the girls side, the wall was simply to keep the prying eyes of the boys off them ( and yes I did sneek a peek ! ). However, the wall in the boys section, the part opposite the normal toilets, was a pee wall, covered in a thick black substance which tapered away around five foot high, while above it was the simple brick construction of the wall. At the top of the wall was an overhang, pointing inwards towards the toilets.

At break times, the lads would all rush to be amongst the first ten or so boys to be lined up against the pee wall ready for... yes, you've guessed it, the "who can pee up the wall the highest" competition ! I was always one of the better competitors, being able to reach six inches above the black bit on a good day. However, for that to result in victory for me, two of the lads mustn't have made it into the compo.

Booty Allen was a nice kid, who could reach six inches higher than me. He was called "Booty" because he always wore the same pair of boots whether it was winter or summer. He had terribly smelly feet, and this was his prime weapon against any victimisation from the kids. He was heard one day to threaten a teacher with "if you don't leave me alone, I'll take me boots off !". A fate worse than death ! As was being the next into one of the toilets after he'd been for a shit !

The all time champion, at least in my day was David. No one else ever won when he made it as one of the first ten boys. He was capable of reaching the overhang, with the devestating effect that his wee would circle round, and decend like a rainstorm around two foot away from the wall ! As a result, he was sent to the end of the line, and the two nearest boys to him would never do any good at all, because they would be watching him instead of concentrating on their efforts, in order to avoid "the soaking" that probably happened about once every ten competitions !

If David wasn't already a legend in his own right, he soon became one shortly before the summer holidays one year. We'd all rushed down at morning playtime, and formed the usual line against the wall. David was moved to the end as normal. The routine was also just as normal. Everyone checked up and down the line to ensure that all participating willies were out and ready for action. This was then followed by "1,2,3 go" ! There were the usual efforts ranging from "couldn't hit the wall at all before it splashed into the gutter", through to respectably managing to pee up to six inches below the black bit, through to me above the black bit, through to Booty above me on the wall, through to David ! Well today, he excelled himself. His piss shot heavenwards, quite literally. The two lads stood next to him fearing the yellow rain stepped back immediately. However, they needn't have worried, because for the only time in history ( well when I was at school anyway ) he actually managed! to wee right over the wall. Unfortunately for him, the teacher was stood just on the other side, and his wee actually managed to land in her cup of coffee !


Needing to go for a poo was an enormous event for any boy at this school. No one liked to do it. And, if it ever became urgently necessary, then each one had his own "loo door gang". This consisted of usually four boys, whose sole job was to hold the unlockable door shut, while the lad took his poo. It was necessary because for some strange reason, eight or more boys would try to get in if you didn't employ your own security ! I have to say that I didn't have a gang, because I never needed to go at school, being regular as clockwork, straight after breakfast. As a result, I wasn't in anybody elses gang, because kids tended to choose people for their gang who had already chosen them for theirs. A kind of closed shop really !

There are three vivid memories that I have of toileting incidents at this school. The first was when a lad nicknamed Basher decided that he needed to go. Unfortunately for him, one of his gang was away ill. However, not wanting to take any chance of being unvoluntarily viewed on the job, he despatched his mate Colin to ask if I would like to fill the vacancy, on a short-term contract of course ! Naturally, I accepted without hesitation. That sorted out, the toilets now had to be entered by stealth, so as not to attract the "toilet hunters" to the fact that there would soon be some "prey" for them to victimise ! Anyway, the plan decided upon was very simple. It was "All rush into the toilets, get into one of the stalls, and shut the door quick" ! Once in, the "lookout" made his announcement "Quick everyone, someone's having a bob", and within seconds a rabble numbering 12 or more had decended, trying to get in and see !

Not having been asked into a gang before, I wasn't really sure what the etiquette was. Did we all face the door and push, leaving Basher to do the necessary unseen, or did we push with our backs against the door, so that we could watch him in all his glory sat on the bog ! It actually turned out to be the latter, much to my surprise, and what a show it was. Basher began humming the tune "The Stripper" and waggled his hips around in time to the music whilst pulling down his trousers and underpants in a stripper like fashion. This was observed with howls of laughter from the gang, and of course, as you probably know, when you start laughing, you lose all strength in your body ! Consequently, the inevitable happened, and the loo door began to open. Basher furiously grabbed up his pants and trousers and demanded that we did the job properly. So we finished up turning round, facing the door, and after defences had once again been secured, we heard the rustling of trousers and pants! being pulled down his legs again, and then the clunk as Basher settled himself on the bog. After a few seconds, I heard him start to strain. Errhhhh...Errhhhh...Errhhhh , followed by Ahhhhhhh. I assumed the Ahhhhhh meant that the poo was on its way out, and I wondered how many plops I would hear ( very thrilling to me ) and whether it would smell or not ( not quite so thrilling ). However, I was suddenly surprised to hear the rustle of his pants being pulled back up, and his trousers as well. "Sorry lads", he said. "False Alarm" !

Much to my shock and guilt, I found myself trying to satisfy my fascination by joining the rabble outside the toilet one day. I quickly pushed my way to the front, being quite a big lad, and had no trouble forcing open the door, enabling myself to enter, before it slammed shut behind me. Inside was Stephen, who had very unwisely chosen only one mate to man the door, and he stood no chance ! Once inside, it became painfully obvious that he had already pooed from the smell, and I got a thump from him ( and quite rightly so ) for invading his privacy. However, I told him that I'd only done this to provide extra help to keep the door shut and that I was on his side really. He decided to accept this explanation, apologised for having thumped me, and thanked me for my concern. Now I felt terribly ashamed and guilty, because I'd only told half the truth. Yes I had done this to help, but the real reason was because I wanted to see what he looked like on the toilet, and to listen to hi! m plopping ! It served me right that having entered, I immediately had to turn around and push with all my might to help keep the door shut. The quick view I had was not very vivid. I remember trousers around the knees, and a rather thick woolley jumper stretched about half way down his legs. There were also no more plops before he was pulling his trousers up, having finished before I got in !

My final memory, which is the most vivid, involved my best mate at the time, Mark. We were both 9, and I remember it was a wet lunchtime, so everyone was inside the school. Now if you had to go, these were the perfect days for it, because no one bothered you, and you could get away with just one person in your gang. Mark came and whispered in my ear "I need to go for a bob". I jumped, because Mark was like me, never needed to go. I said, "do you want me to come with you" and he said "why ? do you need a poo as well ?". It was now obvious to me that his original statement was not an invite to form his gang. So I found myself continuing the conversation to see what happened by saying "yes", even though I didn't need to. Mark then said, "good, we can guard the door for each other". Now this usually meant standing outside the toilet, so I went on to say. "Thats no good, because the one outside will get wet in the rain". Mark said "Do you mean we should go in the toilet together ?"! . I ran the calculated risk ! "yes", I said. He seemed to contemplate this for a moment, and then looked at me and said "Do you promise not to tell anyone ?". Again I said yes. So he then said "right, o.k, lets go then".

We chased across the playground and ran into the first of the toilets and shut the door. Because of the rain, it was quite dark inside the room, and chilly. Once inside, my eyes began adjusting to the dimness very quickly. We both looked at one another, and he said "you first". It was now that I wished that I hadn't lied and said that I needed to poo, but afraid that he would find out, I decided to at least try and do one. I pulled my trousers and my underpants down to my ankles, and sat down. I most certainly needed a good wee, and with my strenuous efforts to try and poo as well, the wee gushed out in a powerful stream that hissed and splattered against the inside of the toilet bowl. As my wee began to tail off, and it became apparent to me that I wouldn't be able to poo at all, I bagan to wonder what I could say. What about "false alarm" like Basher ?! Anyway, as I contemplated this, my wee just finishing now, I did the usual. That is give the old wee muscle a squeeze to pu! sh out the last dribbles. However, on this occasion, it came out in a bigger quantity than normal, and "plopped" into the water below. I heard Mark say "one". What does he mean "one", I thought. I then squeezed the muscle again. Another "plop" of wee, but a bit smaller this time. "Two" he said. I then realised that he was mistaking my wee as poo plops. Brilliant ! I tried again. This time it made the tinyest "drip" noise with one paltry drop of pee ! I looked at Mark in horror, thinking that he would now discover my ruse ! But he simply said, "have you finished now ?". I said yes, and grabbed loads of toilet paper in mock wiping of my very clean bottom ! The mounds of paper I hoped would block the sight of nothing in the toilet ! It worked.

We swapped places, and he began to undo the clip and button and the zipper on his shorts. The length of the shorts was just a couple of inches above his knees. I remember thinking it was very strange that he should be wearing shorts on a cold wet Autumnal day. He then pulled these and his underpants down both together, and sat on the toilet. His eyes were smiley looking, and were the most wonderful blue colour, a really piercing blue. I looked down as his wee began to gush out, not as strongly as mine had. I remember being fascinated because the bottom of his shorts were still two inches above his knees when I would have expected them to ride over the top of his knees as he pulled them down. In fact, if you couldn't actually see that the top of the shorts were pulled down below his bottom, you could well have mistakenly thought that he had sat down and pissed inside them. With that amusing thought in my head, I looked up at him again, his wee having finished.

The look he was now giving me gripped me completely. Those piercing blue eyes had turned icy cold with concentration. There was no breathing, no noise at all in this room, except for the gentle pattering of rain on the toilet roof. I was mesmerized, concentrating just as hard myself on listening for the plop when it should happen. And happen it did. A very gentle flop sound, very reminiscent of the sound of cousin Sarah's poo, no doubt caused by his poo falling onto all that paper I had dropped into the water. Still concentration was etched on Mark's face. Another poo to come then I thought. This one dropped several seconds later, and made a kind of muffled splosh noise as it dropped into the small watery area left behind by the first poo pushing the paper below the water surface. His eyes suddenly lit up, returning from their winter ice to a summer glow, as he reached for the toilet paper.

Much to my embarressment, he used such a tiny amount of paper compared with the mounds used by me, only three sheets. But then if I'd used three sheets, it would never have hidden the empty void I desperately wanted to hide ! His underpants and shorts were quickly lifted into position, and he flushed before I had any chance to inspect his deposits.

As we got back to the classroom, he turned to me and said "you promised. Don't forget !" I certainly was not about to forget this. My first ever buddy dump, even if I had cheated a little !

In response to Jacob G's post about indirectly seeing a poop come out of a person:

Jacob had mentioned seeing it through a reflection in the marble in the bathroom? Well That reminds me of the dorm I stayed in my freshman year in college. This was an old men's dorm with a few holes in the walls. Accidentally, there happened to be a 5 inch hole in the wall in the hallway with a clear view into one of the stalls. If someone was occupying that particular stall(sitting on the toilet), you had a clear view of their but cheeks from the rear of the toilet. Well, during homecoming week and other big event weekends, a lot of girls would visit the school and consequently end up staying in that doorm overnight or using that bathroom. Alot of times, the girls were so drunk and loaded, they just used the bathroom with out ever noticing the hole in the wall. Now, I need say no more on what happened and what I saw them doing. You know, I enjoyed my first year in that dorm so much t! hat I ended up staying in it all 4 years I was in school. P.S. they made it an upper class dorm my second year. Til' next time, chow.

Kevin L
Sandra, The bathrooms in the hallway at work do not have locks. It was the strangest thing it is a busy hallway and there were three piles the first was the largest the next two were right in front of the unisex bathroom. Whoever it was made a mess in the bathroom.
Has anyone ever had colon hydrotherapy? If so did you like it? There is a new natural health facility near where I live and one of it's services is colon hydrotherapy. It sounds interesting and healthy.
See you,
Kevin L

Public Toilet Hater
A few years ago, when I was in college, a virus swept our campus. This was an intestinal virus, and it caused a horrible diarrhea in its victims. Occasionally, the diarrhea was uncontrollable, meaning that the victim suddenly would be overcome by a sudden need to poop. The person would be feeling fairly normal, and then within a few minutes, would suddenly become nauseous and poop diarrhea uncontrollably.

This happened to a girl in my economics class. We were taking a test. Suddenly, she started farting. The test was very long, and I suppose she was afraid to leave for a minute to go to the bathroom. She farted some more, and within a minute, she could not control it. She farted loudly, moaned, and then pooped diarrhea all over herself. It flowed out of her butt like chocolate milk. It ran down her legs and onto the floor just like someone poured out a gallon of chocolate milk, only it smelled horrible. The girl wrote on her test for a few more minutes, and ! then ran out of the room crying. Her clothes were soaked in diarrhea and she smelled like a toilet. She even had diarrhea in her shoes.

A few days later, there was an article in the campus newspaper about the virus, and how it made people do this. There were several reports of girls pooping all over themselves uncontrollably.

I attended a redneck high school in Kentucky. The students would sometimes hold farting contests. During class, they would grunt and strain and suddenly fart loudly. The rest of the students would applaud the fart. The person who farted the loudest would be declared the winner. These contests were carried on in the presence of teachers.

One teacher got fired, because during a contest, he announced "I can do it louder than all of you," hiked his leg, and farted loudly.

During many of the contests, people strained so hard that they pooped their pants. One girl pooped her white pants once. There was a guy that usually won the contests, and he pooped his pants often.

If you pooped your pants, you were declared the winner.

Hi all! Have'nt posted for a very long time because of work commitments, but couln't let Nicola's latest post go by without comment. Nicola, you must be one big beautiul woman and from your description of yourself I'm not surprised at the size of your jobbies! Having said that, my mother is of similar size(she used to be a hockey player too, a full back capable of stopping anything!), but she always had terrible problems with her bowels brought about through laxative abuse. I'm still looking for a girlfriend with similar attributes to yourself, as I miss my ex who was ito pooping terribly.

call me Shawn
At first i thought i was the only one until i met this site. It sure is a good one. I am not here to say what happend the last time i took a crap but i am here to say that i am so easily aroused at a girl farting in my presence. Just as long as they look good. I will even sniff the aroma. And if thats not bad enough, If a fine girls needs to poop i will almost follow her in the bathroo to smell it and to here the crackling sounds. I really hope i have no problem and somone respond well bye for now

I had an amazing experience about 16 years ago when I was a student in England. I lived in a bedsit, which is like a rooming house in America. I had one room at the top of the stairs and shared the bathroom which was hallway from my room. One day I was feeling unwell at college so I decided to go home in the early afternoon. While I was in my room I heard the front door slam and the sound of someone coming up the stairs. I knew my neighbor was at work so I looked through the spyhole in my door to see who this person could be. It was my landlady. I wondered who she could be visiting as she knew nobody should be in any of either of the 2 rooms on my floor. I was still looking through the spyhole and was just about to open my door when I saw my landlady go into the bathroom. Without closing the door she hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. I could see everything - I guess she figured nobody was in either room and could leave the door open. She sat on the toilet and pee! d loudly. Then she farted and I heard several poops splashing into the water. She opened her legs wide so she could look into the bowl and just as she did that I easily saw a turd slide out of her bottom before it made a "sploosh" noise in the bowl. Then she wiped herself, adjusted her clothing and flushed. She washed her hands, left the bathroom, went down the stairs and straight out the door. I was dumbstruck and couldn't believe what I'd seen. It was weird when I ran into her a few days later, knowing that I'd seen her pooping!

To the person who wanted to know why I flush marmallowes down the toilet: because i dropped it on teh floor and i figured if you can flush poop, you can flush a marshmallow. In other news, my family's toilet was all stopped up and we found out that there was a tree's roots from outside growing in the pipes!!!! We had to use weed killer to get rid of it.


if a person came up and ask the GUYS who vist here if they would be willing to let me watch them making a 2 how many of you would say YES ?

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