All those posts about school experiences look interesting but they have so far been by pupils about pupils or, on rare occasions, about teachers. Well, hears one from a teacher!

I teach in the junior department of a primary school and most of my charges are either six or seven - much harder work than most of you would care to imagine,but very rewarding.

Anyhow, one day last week morning lessons were drawing to a close and I started to feel a bit as though I ought to go to the staff toilet. No problem as there'd be plenty of opportunity at lunchtime - or so I thought. Doing a split lunchtime supervision shift in the dining hall with one of my colleagues meant that I had to have lunch first though. Perhaps with hindsight the sausage pie and sweetcorn weren't such a good idea but I had to eat and the alternative was cheese flan!

No sooner had I finished my lunch and was getting ready to hand over to my colleague, than I heard a scream from the playg! round. One of the boys had fallen and cut himself badly. As a trained first aider I had no alternative but to take him indoors and administer the necessary first aid. By the time I'd sorted him out and dried his tears it was time for afternoon registration and lessons. I still hadn't been to the toilet and my bowels were feeling really full.

I took the register and started afternoon class. Unable to control the urge, I started farting. I wasn't meant to leave the class until lessons were over so it was rather awakward but I had to try and hang on. There were the inevitable giggles and one boy asked if I wanted to poo. Knowing from experience that one can't lie to children and get away with it, I said yes but that I'd be alright till hometime. At least that's what I hoped!

Half past three eventually arrived and I dismissed the class. Not wasting any more time I hurried to the staff toilet. Unfortunately another staff member was already in there and s! he was going to be some time. Utterly desperate I did what had to be done and left the school premises as quickly as I could. Outside the school gates I finally lost control and pooped myself. Luckily I was wearing jeans and it helpedto contain the situation. Living in the same village as the school I wasn't reliant on a car and hurried home quickly to get cleaned up and showered. I was in rather a mess. Didn't tell hubby what had happened when he came home but I think he guessed.

I often have accidents at home but that was the first and, I hope, the last time I've been taken short at work. Hubby says I don't go to the loo as often as I should and maybe he's right. He says I should go to poop in the mornings but I don't always feel like it. I'll have to try though. Can't afford any more desperation at work.

Electra (Jill)
I don't often have to strain when doing a number two, so I am not aware that I fidget about on the toilet seat like some people described. What I have noticed is that sometimes when I need the loo (particularly number two) I tend to move my legs about a lot. It might be that I am just moving my thighs to and fro when sitting, or if I am standing up, waiting for a train or in a queue I will cross and uncross my legs. It's a subconscious thing and I stop as soon as I realise I am doing it. I don't want to make it obvious to the whole world that I need a poo!
To P.Loggy Logg: Do you really mean to say that you couldn't be bothered to clear up your mess, and left it for your wife? Now I admit that I do block the loo on occasions, and I cannot bring myself to put my hand down the loo and I would never touch poo, neither my own nor anyone else's - but I do make an attempt to clear up any skidmarks I have made. We keep a brush next to both our loos at home. The loos at work howev! er, don't heve brushes and the pans get very dirty from time to time. I work in different offices, but in the main one where I am based the loos are the worst I have seen. I hope the cleaners are well paid!

The paper I referred to in my last post had another phone in yesterday with a gorgeous girl taking calls who's done it before. I tried to get through again but without success. I'd love to know if she was allowed to go to the toilet during the long hours she was taking calls.

Despite the lack of telephone chatlines in the UK devoted to toilet stuff I've found that ordinary general chatlines are just as good - especially the 'cheap'ones. I rang one of them this morning and got a girl in Manchester who wanted to pee and was quite happy to talk about it. She said that if I'd been with her I could have watched. Although she didn't actually pee herself whilst I was talking to her she said she was going straight to the toilet in a minute when I'd rung off. I'm sure she did. Sometimes I'm really lucky and get a girl who not only wants to pee or poo but actually does it whilst I'm listening. Real pee sounds too so no tall stories - unless they've got special sound eff! ects available which I doubt.

I normally only ring once or twice in the week but often its worth it. Even if a girl doesn't need to go she'll often discuss her habits quite readily and in detail.

Anyone else had experience of this kind of thing?

JacobG, The tv guide seems like a small target. Was hids load small? Did it all land on the target? Next time make him use something less useful.


Hi Everyone....Seems like latly that none of my posts are being accpeted. I have 2 points of intrests. Number one: I fell a sleep with the tv on last night(it was on MTV) I woke up at 4am an there was a commercial for student jobs or something like that. It showed a college age guy sitting on the toilet(craping) and he had no toilet paper and had to ask another guy for some. Any one see this? This isn't in detail cause i was half a sleep when i saw it. Then today i was driving along the highway and saw a bilboard with 2 pictures of toilets on them. Don't know what that is for. I woke up at 11am today and i had to shit. I went and it was soild and then 3 hours later i had to go again and it was kinda loose and runny. Had fast food for lunch today, guess thats what did it. Bye


Pete (US) - I've been interested in listening to guys drop their loads since I was about six years old. I have never been able to understand why I enjoy this and I often feel guilty about it. I've never discussed this with anyone, not even my closest friends. I always thought I was the only one in the world with such an interest. Then I discovered this site several months ago. It has been a relief to know I am not alone. Anyway, I too have noticed that guys are a lot quieter these days. I figured it because they are more modest and more inhabited than in the past, for some reason unknown to me. About 95% of the guys that work in my building make absolutely no noise at all. You make a good point with your diet and exercise theory. We are really health conscience here in Florida too. But I have also noticed that sometimes the loudest guys also appear to be the most fit and healthy guys. About a year ago, I was jogging at the park and saw this really physically fit gu! y, who also regularly jogs, go into the restroom. He was way ahead of me. By the time I got within 25 yards from the restroom, I could hear loud grunting, and I mean loud, coming from the restroom. I went in to pee and he was the only one in there. The entire time I was peeing, he was really grunting and carrying on. I heard few kerplops, followed by more grunting and deep breathing. This guy was an exception. You are right about most guys being quieter these days. I was in Home Depot a few weeks ago and went into the restroom to wash my hands when this guy, who works for Home Depot, came in. He said hello to me, then said, "now I've really got to do my best work." He looked like the kind of guy that would not be inhibited and would grunt loudly. That is what I was anticipating. However, he sat down, and then there was total silence. The entire time I was washing my hands and combing my hear, he was as quiet as a mouse. Boring.

Saturday, November 06, 1999

Hi all. Mike,I wasn't in the slightest hurt or annoyed at you asking about "how I smelt". I assumed you meant my personal bodily odors. I am a very physical person and fully understand the attraction of female pheromones to many men, my husband being one. Hence the appeal of "knicker (panty) sniffing" to many. Anyway, my shit smells fairly ordinary I suppose, that typical smell of a good solid formed turd, distinctive but not unpleasent. If I have been eating strongly flavoured food or drink then my poo smells stronger. If I pass an easier soft but formed motion this will have a stronger smell than a harder lumpy one. I have big boobs and a big firm rounded bum (butt)which I have been told looks great in tight bum hugging jeans and even tracksuit bottoms and yes it does pass big fat logs as I have often mentioned.

Before browsing this webpage this morning I had a really good motion. (I have a day's leave today). Hubby has gone to work. I had a long sleep and work up ! at 9.00am GMT. As usual I needed a wee wee when I got up. I went to the toilet hitched up my nighty and pulled down my panties (white Sloggi maxi Control Briefs, UK size 22) and sat on the pan. I farted very loudly then peed, a long hissing tinkling pee, then I felt IT start to fill my back passage. I held back for a moment to let my ring expand as I knew it was going to be a really big one, then when I felt it start to push its way out I took a deep breath and went "NNN! UH!". My sphincter dilated and I felt a hard lumpy ball come out and drop into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" followed by another "KA-SPLONK!". I looked between my legs and saw two brown balls the size of goose eggs. I then felt the rest of my motion coming down a long firm but easy turd which slid slowly out of my back passage. It just seemed to keep coming out of me, making the crackling sound, and I could see it, fat light brown and smooth as it grew in size before tapering off and slipping into ! the water beneath my fat bum with a "Floomp!". I stood up and had a good look. A long fat curved sausage of about 16 inches long lay in the pan. I then had my shower and changed into clean bra and panties, (black sports bra, 42 DD cup and matching black full briefs), which is what I am wearing as I type this as I often sit about the house in my undies. I have left my motion in the toilet for my other half to see when he comes in later.( I doubt if it will flush away first time anyway its too big!) Hope this interests you Mike. I may be down in Somerset again in the New Year , but we are going away for Xmas and the Milennium celebrations, probably to Southern France or Spain.

Good luck and all the best to other posters. Nice to see you back Crimson, but I dont see the point of female urinals when a Wc toilet pan caters for both functions. Rose its my turds themselves that stick in the toilet pan owing to their being long and fat. I dont advise flushing sanitary pads ! down the toilet. Unless it has wide 6 inch soil pipes and a powerful flush it may well clog, especially further down the pipes. Better to burn these is you have a fire or bin them.

Andrew P
Hello People ! I just wrote about the loo door gangs. I don't know if it has been received properly though because something went wrong when I pressed the submit button, getting some stupid error message or other.

I have to go away this weekend. I'll check posts when I get back and see if it actually has been posted up. If not, I'll re-write it next week ('cos it now seems to have disappeared).

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Love Andrew P.

Chris D
Last night I managed to have an accident although I was in
the shower at the time so it wasn't too bad. Fortunately
for me I never have the kind of accident involving
sudden unexpected diarrhea that lots of posts describe.
However what sometimes happens is that what I think is
going to be a fart turns out to be more solid although
never in enough quantity to soil my underwear etc.
Anyway last night I went to take a shower but just before
going in I had a slight urge : one of those 'urges' that
may or may not lead to an actual BM. This time there was plenty to dump although passing it was so soft it was difficult to quantify without actually looking in the bowl. When I was good and finished ( as I thought ) I went into the shower and washed away. I was just cleaning my cockhead and becoming aroused by that when I felt a fart coming on. Except it was more than that. It took a bit of effort to prevent the turd actually falling onto the showe! r floor. What surprised me more than the BM itself was the fact that I had done it STANDING UP : if you'd asked me yesterday I'd have said that was impossible for me. I had to end my shower there and then and apply the toilet paper. I did not dare start the shower again in case the same thing happened again. ( It didn't. ) But the other thing that strikes me was that the turd was too solid to be classed as diarrhea though soft enough.

CRIMSON: I've not actually encountered a female urinal, but I proudly belong to the sorority of women who stand to pee, and use male urinals without any mechanical difficulty whatesoever. This fact prompts me to reiterate my stand (pun intended) that the entire concept of the famle urinal, that requires a woman to lower her pants or entirely raise her skirt and adopt an almost submissive, sexually-receptive bare butt-high posture is yet another load of culturally blnkered horseshit. It is IRRELEVANT to at least 7 out of 10 women, who are physically entirely capable of using a conventional urinal with the sole proviso that if it is an individual design it simply be mounted low enough for ladies to pee into. To design and manufacture a gender-specific urinal is sexist in itself, and continues to promote the chavanistic stupidity that is our preconception that only males urinate whilst standing upright. They do not! As a very great many women are finding out, and rejoicing for! S! orry if I came on a bit hot-under-the-collar there, it's an issue I feel very strongly about, as I guess you can tell! All my best, PV

To DAN-The first time i saw someone else poop i guess i was about 11-12 and i was with my friend paul and we were playing army in the woods and as we are playing,i feel the urge to poopbut i just put it off to play.a while later paul says"i gotta do #2 bad and we are too far from home"I said " i think i gatta go too'He said" cool,let's do it here in the woods together,can i watch you go?"I was a bit taken back,but he was my best friend so i said OK and with that i pulled my pants down and squatted down to go and he went around to watch.I really didn't have to go that bad and i had to really push a bit to get it out and as i'm trying to push one out he says"I gatta go now! i can't wait for you" and he pulled down his pants and squatted to the side of me and let out a small fart and i saw his anus open up and this real-long turd smake out his butt.i was amazed to see this and i was fasinated(sp) by it.By this point i had a small poo coming out my butt and he seemed to be equally! focused on my open anus.Then when we were done,we compared our poos.His was huge.One 10" turd and some balls.I just had a small 4" poop and that was it,but we laughed and thought it was cool.We did it again a few times after that and then we never did it again,I think at that point we were getting interested in girls and i started to think about seeing a girl poo and that was something exciting for me and that's when i thought i was a bit nutty or weird,but i had to wait another10 years for that one!BYE

Bill A
I caught part of a movie on Comedy Central called Fatal Instincts. The main character, Lola Cain, is in a tub scene with her lover. The camera is towards the back and side of her. You then hear bubbles from the bottom of the tub. He looks at her in a coy way. She does not say anything, but reaches back, grabs a lighter, and flicks it over the water in front of her. There is a brief flash as the methane ignites. She smiles. Wonder if she had taken a Dulcolax suppository prior to her entering he tub .... :)

After reading all these posts about seeing poop come out of someone, I have to relate what I have seen. I have only see poop come out of someone indirectly. About two years ago, I worked in a new office building with very shiny Italian marble on the bathroom walls, and bright recessed lighting above the stalls. This combination gave the walls mirror-type qualities. In fact, the walls might have well been mirrors - it was that shiny. Well anyway, a large gap existed between the stalls and marble walls. At the urinals, or inside any of the stalls, I could very easily see in great detail the reflection of a person sitting on the toilet. I could make out individual hairs and freckles on people. If the person was bending over far enough, you could see their butt puckering and poop coming out, while at the same time, hearing grunts, crackling sounds, and kerplops. I once saw a person squatting over the toilet. The first day I started working in this building and discovered! this, I was blown away. I used to go pee a lot. I know the women's bathroom was the same way, because once I had to go in there to help move a couch. If anyone else noticed this, they never mentioned it. I think some people noticed it because guys would sometimes pull their shirts down to cover their butt cheeks. But usually, guys would pull their shirts way up high, or even remove them. It was an interesting way to be entertained while peeing. I remember this one guy who used to bend way over and bounce his butt up and down on the seat while grunting. Another guy would spread his cheeks with his hand while pooping. Unfortunately, my office moved out of that building. Quickly, another story. This past summer, my roommate and I were playing Truth or Dare. I dared him to poop on a newspaper. To my surprise, he removed his pants, grabbed a newspaper, and strained to go. I saw his butt puckering, but he could not get it to come out. Then, about two days later, I w! as in the kitchen when I heard him laughing hysterically in my bathroom. I went back there to see what was so funny and found him squatting above a large turd on top of my new TV Guide. I told him that did not count, since I didn't get to see him do it. Then I made him go buy me a new TV Guide.

JW, I too rock back and forth sometimes to get a stuck turd to drop.

Hi Chris(UK):
Thanks for your message. I have been reading the old posts and have enjoyed yours. We seem to have a many things in common. I look forward to more of your posts. While Dan (US) and I are not over in the UK, we are all on the Net. We could have lived next door to each other and never been able to share this interest, if neither of us had ever taken the risk to talk about it. With the Internet, we have been able to get in contact and feel safe and free to post our stories! It’s quite amazing!

Hi Daniel (UK):
I really enjoyed your buddy-dumping story with John when you were 8 or 9. I will look for your old posts about Paul. What pages are they on?

For those of you who have many years of experience watching and listening to guys grunting and farting and dropping their loads (like Chris (UK) and me):
Have you noticed that guys these days are quieter on the can than they were in past years? I have experienced this here in the ! US. It’s disappointing! Many guys now sit down, do their thing quietly, wipe, and leave. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that more guys eat healthier diets and exercise more (especially here in California) and as a result they do not have as much constipation or diarrhea as guys did in former years. I really get turned on listening to a guy dealing with constipation or diarrhea in the next stall as compared to a “regular” quiet Joe.

Does anyone get more or less turned on by the “type” of guy they think is in the next stall, as evidenced by his shoes and pants that can usually be seen under the partition? I do. I really enjoy the ones that wear jeans or old pants and sneakers, sandals, or are barefoot. An extra added bonus of the barefooted guys is that I can watch how their toes curl or press down on the floor as they strain! I am rather turned off when the guy in the next stall is wearing business attire, with fancy pressed trousers and well-s! hined shoes, or if it appears to be a really young kid or worse, a father and a really young kid.

I will be posting more of my public toilet experiences. After reading many old posts and the current ones, I feel like I have joined a great family with a lot of common experiences to share!


Ryan, I sure wish I was your age and went to your school. We could have been good friends and done as many buddy-dumps as you wanted! I know how frustrating it must be for you to read about others doing this stuff and not doing it yourself. Just be patient and maybe soon one of your friends will let you watch him. Yesterday I took a shit with my bathroom door open on the pretext that I wanted to talk to my friend Nathaniel. He was sitting only a few feet from the door so he must have heard me straining as I talked to him.I told him I'd wormed up the seat for him, since I knew he always shits when he comes over for lunch. He then said he had to go. He went into the toilet and left the door ajar and I thought he would leave it that way and proceed to dump. But at the first lull in our conversation, he closed the door! Disappointment! At least I got to listen to him. He did a big piss, then I heard him take a deep breath, then four or five big splashes one after the other. He's 1! 7, blond and only about 5'5" tall but he can really shit. And his personality is the best, very open and friendly and genuine. Maybe he'll leave the door open soon.
So Ryan, just try that with your friends, leaving the door open while you dump. Or at school, invite a friend to the toilet with you next time you have to crap. Most guys want to talk to their friends and don't care if they happen to be dumping at the same time. My friend Paul and I did lots of dumps together at school that way.
I'll write about some of these soon, though most of those experiences were the same each time.
'Bye for now. Daniel

Friday, November 05, 1999

Dan (US) asks about others first experiences of watching others having a dump. Like a lot of people here I have always been turned on by hearing other people doing a number two and seeing what they have done and of course the ultimate is to actually watch when they do one.

When I was about 8 and in the Cub Scouts (or Wolf Cubs as they were called in Britain in those days) there was a lad called Steve the same age as myself who was a good mate. We had gone on a weekend camp and had an exercise in fieldcraft when we had to go into the surrounding woodland and collect various flowers, leaves, insects etc. Steve turned to me and said, "I need a jobbie, keep a lookout while I go behind those bushes over there" I had an urge to watch him and said, "Do you mind if I watch you doing it?" To my surprise he didnt object but said, "Okey, watch if you like" I saw him undo his knee length grey trousers and pull these and his white Y Front briefs down to his knees and squat. He ! peed then farted and took a deep breath going "NNN! NNN! UGH! " I saw his ring dome then go brown and I was actually watching a fat solid turd starting to come out of his bum with the crackling sound others refer to. Although Steve was a thin kid he hadn't been for a couple of days and did quite a big fat log for a kid of 8 , a knobbly lump of about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick shaped like a carrot. Finished he had a look , commenting "That was a nice big one! That's what I call a good jobbie!". I could see that this had turned him on as it had me. He wiped his bum, pulled up his underpants and trousers and after we had a further look at it we went on with our fieldcraft. I saw Steve do a motion quite a few times after this.

A year or so after this I first saw a girl doing a motion outdoors. I was on holiday and had gone on a day trip with the people next door who had a daughter of 14 who was a bit of a tomboy. We were playing on the beach and had gone off to exp! lore some sand dunes when Paula said, "I need to do the toilet" I said she could go and pee behind some bushes but she said she needed a number two. There was nobody about and she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her pink knickers (panties) and squatted in full view of me. I saw her pee gush on to the sand making a dark patch then she went "UH! AH! NNN!" and slowly but surely a fat solid jobbie started to come out between her ???? buttocks. It was a smooth turd and curved as it came out gently dropping onto the sand. It was like a fat brown sausage about 12 inches log and 2 inches fat. Finished she wiped her bum and pulled up her knickers and let her skirt drop down. We both looked at her jobbie and I could see bits of sweetcorn embedded in it. "Oh we had corn with our dinner a couple of days ago" she commented.

Since then I have observed various friends male and female defecate both out of doors and in the toilet and my girlfriend Carole is happy to let me watch! her and buddy dump.


Do you all clog your toilets more often with your poops....or....your loads of TP?

My poops alone never clog the toilet after flushing them, but it seems that when I load up on paper, that's what does it sometimes.

Also, I have often thought of flushing my sanitary pads down the toilet after using them. Does anyone know if this is wise for the drainwork?

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