I am a senior in high school. Yippee! Gone next year. I was in the library toilet 2 months ago. Some rich family gave us a new library complete with a 3 stall toilet. I was sitting in the middle stall urinating when another girl took the next stall. I heard her lifting her uniform skirt and lowering her panty hose and underwear. I sat quietly after my piss. I heard a 30 sec. piss, a long crackle and a plop. It sounded like a rock thrown in a lake. Then I heard paper pulled off the roller. A voice said, "Oh, no shit." The voice sounded familiar. I asked, "Shakira, is that you?" She said, "Yes, Reya." We were happy. She asked me for more toilet paper. She said she wiped her vagina, but had none for her behind. I gave her a wad under the stall. I got up and flushed. I went around to her stall and she popped open the door. I could see between her legs a light brown foot long curved sausage as she leaned over to wipe her anus. She got up and pulled up her panty hose and mint green ! panties in one motion. She forgot to flush. We washed our hands and hugged each other.

LINE> Why do you flush marshmallows down the toilet?
I have seen a number of baseball games and when looking at the catcher croucing I have alway wondered while in his postion what happens when he has to relive himself I would think it would be hard to keep it held in

I need help. me doughter pees her pants. not all the time but just some times. today day she was at the babysiters, sitting at the table eatting lunch she decited to go pee, no she didn't hold back and run to the bath room she just let it go all over the chair and floor. I was not happy to find out she did this again.
another time only a few weeks ago, she peed on her floor in her bed room not only did she pee but she pulled down her pantys and skwoted to do it I was not happy that I had to scrub the carpet. please help me with my four and a half year old.


To Dan (US): That was a great story about you and your friend Rick. What a great thing to share between friends.
The first time I ever saw shit come out of anyone was when I was about 8 or 9 and a boy named John (who I didn't know that well) and I were in a play. John was older, about 10 or 11. We had just changed for a rehearsal and we both needed to poop. We only found one toilet, so John just said "let's both go in" with a wicked grin on his face. "I'll just be a second", John said as he pulled down his costume and sat down. To this day I don't know why, but I impulsively bent down to have a closer look. John just spread his legs like he knew what I wanted! He gave an almighty grunt, then a small fart, then his firm log started to crackle its way out. It was just one big one which made a huge splash. We giggled alot, I guess because we thought we were being so naughty. John said "I'm done" and vacated the seat, then I sat down and buddy-dumped my load right on top of Jo! hn's. I noticed mine was lighter brown and John's log was reddish-dark brown. That experience with John was the first time I ever watched someone shit. After that, I was frequently trying to manipulate my friends into situations where I could watch them shit, usually without success until I became friends with Paul, who you can read about in some of my old posts. Paul and I also did some wicked shits at school, sitting next to each other and telling each other how big our turds were. Great times. 'Bye for now. Daniel

Absence makes the fart go Honda, or something like that! Anyway, I'm back at my PC in London after yet another tour of the world's toilets (I last posted here maybe 9 months ago). Anyone here then may remember that I've been quite involved with the design of female urinals. Now there's a new one on the market, called the 'Lady P' by Sphinx Gustavsberg. Basically a small wall hung hopper with a compact sloping seat, the user is supposed to stand with her back to the wall and bend forward, resting her bottom against it if desired. Seems to have a few conceptual flaws, if you ask me. Here's a question for everyone: Who has actually seen or used a female urinal? What was it like? What features would you like to see instead? I'll tell about my recent travels next post.

Cheers, Crimson.

P. Loggy Logg
I'd like to relate a story I read in one of those sexual advice columns that run in alternative papers.

A guy writes in that he went on a date (I think it was a fifth or sixth date) with a very attractive woman whom he was highly interested in. Things went well; so well in fact that he ended up spending the night in her bed. In the morning, she woke up before him and went into the bathroom to shower, etc. He woke up while she was in the shower and while sitting naked in the bed, felt a slight urge to fart. He farted, but it turned out to be oh so much more than gas! He apparently shit all over the bed, a liquidy runny poop that he could not clean up despite his best efforts. Embarrassed and not knowing what to do, he threw his clothes on and left for home without leaving any kind of explanation. He didn't hear from his date for several days after, and he asked the advice columnist how he could approach her about what he did. The story was so remarkable, I don'! t remember what the columnist's advice was!

Over the weekend, my wife cleaned the bathroom and had the toilet gleaming. Unfortunately, about 2 hours after she finished, I had an explosive shit that partly stuck to the bowl. Even after many flushes, there was still some left, like a dried out mud-pie. There was brown poop-splash on the underside of the seat, too. That seems to happen to me often -- anyone else have this problem? Had to apologize to my wife for messing up her cleaning job.

To Pete(US): I can fart while pedaling a bike. I can fart while I tie my shoes. I can fart while preparing fettucine al carbonara with saffron. Come to think of it, there's no place I can't fart, as long as I have gas.

I went to Florida (Disney World) with my best friend Carolyn this summer. Since we shared a hotel room, I got to know her bathroom habits fairly well. She usually only took a few minutes, and never left a really bad smell.
Except for this one night! We were on the shuttle bus back to our hotel, and she seemed in a hurry. I was thirsty and dying to get back to the room to have some water, and I asked if that was why she was in a hurry. She said "No, but I have to go to the bathroom really bad!". Once we got back to the room, she asked me if I wanted to go first. I said she could go, but she said she was going to be there a while and that I could go first. So I quickly peed. She was in there about 15-20 minutes, very unusual for her. When she opened the door to come out, the smell was so strong it filled the whole hotel room! She's my best friend so I didn't really mind, but it was absolutely sickening! When I went near the bathroom to use the sink,! about 20 minutes later, I could still smell it, and saw a lot of skid marks in the toilet. She must have had a HUGE bm.
About an hour or so later, she was back in the bathroom for about 10 minutes or so. The smell wasn't as horrible as the first time, but it was still pretty bad. She must have really been "cleaning out" that night. Even though I'm straight and have a boyfriend, the incident was sort of arousing.

Cindy: Thanks for answering my question. Its interesting that you say you rock back and forth when straining to get
a stuck turd moving. I had a girlfriend once that told me
the same thing. It never seemed to help me much, I wonder if its due to the difference in anatomy between a girl and a guy? Please tell us all the details of the itme you couldn't get your turds to drop. I'm sure everyone will be
interested.-- JW

hey everyone. here to mention a few things me and Linda saw on TV. Well one on the animated show Downtown on MTV they had one of the female characters have to pee and they were stranded out in the woods. She finally goes over to a rock.. you see her pull down her pants and see her underpants but the rock covers her up as she pulls then down and pees but you do hear it. Second someone asked if anyone had seen anyhting with a girl having a poop emergency. Well closest i've seen is a comercial from Argentina. [They show it in mexico which i live nearby] Anyway it's about a laxative. Is shows a woman getting on an elevator. [It's about laxatives not being dependable and kicking in at anytime] Anyway the elevator goes down and her ???? gurgles and gets quite a look on her afce as she bends over and grabs her ????. She then rides the elevator back up to her apartment. She opens her door and scurries inside with her hand on her bottom jumping leaping and trying to get by tons of ob! sticles in her home down the hall to the bathroom where we see her pull her undies down(Don't see a thing as she does it under her dress) and sits. (Her skirt is lifted but unless your a fly on the toilet tank you don't see anything)And well you don't hear anything but she lets out a huge sigh of relief. 9 By the look on her face she eaither had to go for real or a VERY good actress)Then it shows this laxative that is dependable and well you know. The scene goes back to the same girl entering the elevator again and her ???? gurgles again but this time.. there's a power out and the elevator gets stuck and her face looks painfull. Sigh.. yeah i know US can't have ads like that.. if they did it's be a guy. For some reason it's okay to have guys do things like that. Too Prudish if you ask me.

David W.
Well, yesterday I went into the mens room at work to get rid of some coffee. Inside there was a woman with a clipboard inspecting all of the shitters. I presume she was trying to make sure the janitor service was up to snuff.
The scary thing was that when I saw her it just didn't register. I continued my path to the urinal when she spoke up and said "I'll be out of here in a minute! If she hadn't spoken up I think I would've gone ahead and peed. It sometimes takes me a little while to completely wake up in the morning.

Hey how is everyone? Well I'm trying once again so I did my good deed for the day on friday. i helped one of my friends poop at school. With like an hour to lunch I noticed my friend Jenny was quirming in her seat. i asked her what's wrong and she said I have to poop. The teacher looked at us and we stopped talking. i wrote her a note and asked her what was up. She wrote: Oh Linda I have to poop so badly. After breakfast i had to go but could not because my mom was in there and I couldn't wait cause I would have missed the bus and I've been dying all day. I told her to go and then she wrote back I can't I don't feel comfy there. I told her that she could go during lunch she still said she couldn't then she said somehting that freaked me out. She asked if I could come with her. I said yeah. (Okay all thinsg aside guys I'm kinda coming around to seeing others go like many of you guys here. besides Jenny was my best friend so how can i say no and not help her and see did look lik! e she was suffering)So I said okay. I told her to press her tushie down hard onto the seat and that would help her hold it in(Thanks for the ideas girls it does work) Anyway we went to lunch and eat as fast as we could, well i did but poor Jenny didn't look comfy. Well then we asked to go to the bathroom. (Lucky for us they LOVE the buddy system) So we walked there.. and stopped like twice cause poor jenny had to keep pushing the poop back into her tushie. We made it to the bathroom at the other side of the school and at lunch it was empty you could actaully here our foot steps and poor Jenny whimpering Oh please stay inside don't come out. I'm almost there and i'll pull down my panties and you can come out for hours if you wnat. We got to the door and then she rushed to the potty pulled her skirt up and pulled her pampies(panties) down and mooned me but I didn't tell her. Then she sat down and didn't close the door. She peed like crazy then looked at me blushing and said It'! s poking out. I walked into the stall with her and closed the door. I held her hand and strted to rub her ???? and told her to let it come. She kinda turned red then gave in and started grunting. I could here her breathing hard and the crackling and popping. It kinda sounded like rice crispies. Anyway it went on for a while then she moaned and then KAPLOP!!! She then slumped into my arms. She then looked at me blushing and said here comes some more and well 5 plops later (She really did have to go bad huh?)she then got some paper and cleaned herself but I left so well geez do you wnat someone watching you? Anyway she now wants to help me poop at school. And well so far no luck.. it's too hard and well poops ben kind to me and hasn't wanted to come out till I'm out already. hee hee thnak goodness. Anyway now me and jenny are closer together.. is it cause we shared um that?

hey i remember one time while at boyscout camp,
this one kid tried to not poop the whole week. We
got down to camp that day and it was monday. The week
went along pretty good for him atleast that what i think
but on friday after brekfast he came charging up to the camp
at sat right down on the toilet. And it wasnt the runs though it was 20 minutes of just regular poop, pretty wierd
isn't it.

well where do i start??? I was about 13 or 14 growing up in city that you stayed up late and took your whipping in the morning when you got home.. well on one of these forays ito the darkened evening a group of us would sneak into the local city owned swimming pool... skinny dipping was the choice of many... well there i found myself naked to the world one night and swimming around like i had no worry in the world except for when i was caught sneaking out late with my friends... all of a sudden i felt this bubble the size of a basketball come floatng up to the surface... this told me one of 2 things either my ass was drowning or it was time to take a crap.... but i didnt find it polite to take a crap in the pool for my friends were swimming there... the pool area was an open place with about 4 trees in its square confined area... so being the second coming of einstein i decided to climp one of the trees and with its concealment of the night i would get my duty done...up i clim! bed over branches till i was out of sight... i found a branch where i could balance myself steadily and proceded to dump clorfied turds to the ground....once done i started to climb down the tree and was about down to the last branch when i slipped on to it... i felt a soft squishing on my backside and realized that i had landed in the very turds that i rained from that tree... needless to say i was the "BUTT" end of all the jokes that night with my friends..

No pooping stories but I have some observations. I live in Colorado Springs and we have 2 different colleges in town. One of them is a state university called U. of Colorado in Colorado Springs (UCCS) and a small liberal arts college called Colorado College (CC). I have been to the dorms at both schools. The dorms at UCCS are pretty new (built in 1997) and the dorms at CC were built in the 1950's/1960's.

The dorms at UCCS have no such thing as community bathroom/showers. Each room has its own shower/toilet. Very little opportunity to share a dump with other people. At CC, the dorms being older still have community bathrooms. Many state universities like IU/Purdue in Indiana, CU in Boulder and others had major construction in the 1960's and some dorms have the communal big room showers and others use the private stalls.

It seems like new dorms are getting away from community things like bathrooms/showers, lounges. Visiting the dorm at UCCS felt like being in a! "hospital" with the lack of community bathrooms, lounges/TV rooms. The dorm at CC I felt much more comfortable in since with lounges, community bathrooms and a lounge at the entry door made people there much more at home. That is why when I travel by myself, I prefer to stay in a Youth Hostel versus a hotel.

The fraternity I belong to in College had shitters with doors but we had a communal shower. The fraternity house next door had private stall showers but had doorless shitters. I have been to other fraternity houses at other college campuses and a lot of them had doorless shitters. In some ways, this country (USA) is getting more privacy conscious like the bathroom but yet we allow outside entities such as gov't and large corporations to snoop into our private affairs especially our financial health.

Hi everyone. I have yet another story to tell. Well let's see here, the last time a took a dump was Friday and today (while I'm typing) is Wednesday. Today was a total drag. I had to really go all day. All I could think about was feeling the wonderful relief of pooping. Finally the time had come. It was actually the perfect day to really have to go becuase my sister was going to Pizza Hut with her class after school so I would be home alone. As soon as I stepped in the door I closed the door, dropped all my stuff and ran to the toilet. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles very quickly. Usually the first thing I do is take of my shoes when I get home but this time I didn't care. Anyway a little fart came out. I got really into already. It was coming out now. I moved my feet to the side of the toilet and pushed really hard. It came and came. I really enjoyed the whole deal. It felt great to get that out of me. I sat there some more and waited until I was ready to pu! ll my pants up. I didn't even wipe becuase it wasn't messy at all. I turned around at the toilet and looked at it. Man there was tons of crap in the toilet. 1 big log, a turd that was 3 medium balls stuck together, 4 miniture sized logs, and 5 little turds. Now you can see why I had to go so much. It felt rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyy good. AHHHHHHH how wonderful these dumps are.

Dan(US) Great story about you and your friend. Please please please tell me some more about you and your friend taking a crap together. I don't care if it was at school, at home, in a garage, or anywhere but please tell me more.

Andrew P
Hello People ! Spent last night steadly working my way back through old posts on this site, a kind of "getting to know you all" exercise. I've made two posts already as Andrew (England). However, I find that another young chap has already laid claim to that title a month or two back, so seeing as he was first, I thought I'd better change to Andrew P ( there's no pun intended, its just the initial of my other name !). Although I have an Aunt Margaret, I've certainly never been in a position where she has spanked my bare bottom with a slipper until a poo dropped out onto the floor ! ( and all he was doing was spying on his slightly older girl cousin in the bath ! I ask you !). I can not lay claim to that story, and certainly couldn't steal the ode boy's thunder over a great tale like that one ! So, the first Andrew (England), you get to keep the title, and deservedly so.

Have to go to a meeting in a little while, so this post will be much shorter than my past monstrosit! ies. I've also learned to make a paragraph out of things, break it up a bit, easier to read then !

Redneck, you're obviously a veteran on this site. Thanks for your comments about my story with cousin Sarah. Looking at some of your old posts, I reckon you'll enjoy one or two more of my future posts I have planned, especially about the last girl cousin that I have, Jayne. Keep your bowels open, my friend !

Cindy, I see you're a baby on this site, just like me, only discovering it a few days ago. I particularly wanted to thank you for your wonderfully perceptive comments about Sarah and me. Although I hardly ever see her now, when we do meet, it's like we've never been apart, and we are very close. We were before the incident I described, but we are all the more so now, and it probably is because I wet my pants. I've loved your posts too, you describe things so well that its like I'm right there with you. Please, I hope that doesn't offend, its just a figure of! speech really. I have the kind of mind that immediately builds up a picture from what I'm reading, or being told, and the more detail there is, the more "photographic" it becomes. Those images are quite simply the best someone can imagine, and besides, isn't that the whole idea of painting the picture in words in the first place ? Happy "logging" my dear, love Andrew P.

Loo door gangs coming next post, I promise !

Final word,
Having gone back through about four months of post, it has become abundantly clear that I have missed out on another experience of a life-time by discovering this site too late. To Julian's family, and friends (both physical and cyber), I can not send this post without adding my most sincere condolences. She was obviously a very special young lady, and I am so sorry that you have all had to suffer such abominable grief. May the pain that you must all still feel become the less with time, leaving you with only the happiest of memorie! s for the short life of a little girl that has blessed us all. Love Andrew P.


It was very embarrasing to have pooped at such an intimate moment. What do you say at such a point? "Sorry I dropped a turd like that" is not going to cut it. I honestly thought of trying to catch it with my hand before it hit the floor, but was clenching my fist trying to sqeeeze my sphincter closed, to keep it in. And if turd was not enough, I farted like crazy as soon as it had left me.

I have allowed others to do that since then, bit I always make a trip to the bathroom first!

Dan (US)>> To answer your question about seeing the poop coming out of another person, yes, I have on two occasions. The first was my dad when I was only about 4 years old. We were out camping and he had a roll of toilet paper with him at the time while just him and I were out walking around in the woods. He handed me the toilet paper and told me to hold it for him. He then unzipped his jeans, pulled them down and then squatted. I was standing behind him and seen the enormous turd come out of his anus. I don't know how long it was, but it touched the ground before he had finished passing it, so it must have been at least 10 inches in length, as once it touched the ground, he repositioned himself a little bit higher to let it drop to the ground.

Several years later, when I was in junior high, I am now 37, another guy and myself were walking down a hallway, when he said he needed to take a crap. I followed him into the restroom to continue to talk to him! and he asked me if I had ever seen crap come out of another person. I said "No", having forgotten about the above incident that I just mentioned. He proceeded to pull down his jeans, and then bends over, with his butt facing away from the toilet stall outwards so that I could see it. He then grabs his buttocks and spreads them so I could see his anal opening. A couple of seconds later, his anus dialates and then I see the start of a large turd's emergence. He let it go about 4 inches before turning around and sat down on the toilet to finish up the process of eliminating it...

Had a very nice poop mon a.m.Had to get up early and drop off my car at the shop and i put my bike in the back of the car and took along my backpack to take a good bikeride because up here in the Northeast,the weather on mon was nice and warm.So i dropped off the car and got out the bike and went riding.After about 10-15 mins of riding i felt the beginning cramps of a morning poo,so i rode on and let the urge build up for about another 20 mins or so.then i found a spot in the woods-a nice clearing.So i put my bike down and pulled down my biking shorts and took them off and knelt down and went into my backpack and got out my mirror and put the mirror behind me to see what was going to come out.By now i had cramps inside my rectum and really had to go!So i wasn't going to squat cause i felt like i was going to be there a bit and squattin that long gets really uncomfortable so i knelt down and sat back on my heels and relaxed and looked back at the mirror and saw my puckered anus! open up right away and i wasn't pushing at all and this nice firm turd came out slowly at first and sped up a bit and then slowed down because the end of it was on the ground and it was still coming out!It was about 8-9" long and smooth and it just stopped there and i looked back again and my anus was wide open with this poop hanging out,so i just let ti hang there until the next cramp came along.It was a great feeling just leaving my anus open like that,i guess the ground stopped it from coming all the way out.It felt like there was another 8" inside my rectum of the turd waiting to come out.Then i get another big cramp and the poo started to come out again,so ileaned foreward and pushed slightly and another 6" of this poo came out followed by a small fart and then this mush flew out with a few farts and them a couple of long squgglies that snaked out my wide open asshole.The pile was so high it was touching my butt,so i moved foreward and pushed out some loose stuff and s! ome mucus and watched the whole thing in the mirror.It's amazing to watch all this stuff come out!It was quite a load!Then i sat ther for a bit pushing out my anus and watching it pucker in and out.That was one of the best feeling poos in awhile.I always bring my mirror in my backpack just for these occasions.Then i wiped myself and got dressed and enjoyed the beautiful day biking.Anyone else do the mirror thing outdoors?Also,what do you guys eat to promote big poos.I'd like to know.BYE

Kevin - the poo you found was most likely from someone who found the bathrooms locked. The same thing happened to me 2 years ago. I came into work on a Sunday and needed to poo. I had left my bathroom key at home and of course the bathroom was locked. I couldn't find anyone to let me in. I opened the door to the stairs and made sure nobody was about. I hiked my skirt up and pooed on the stairs. I left behind 2 huge turds for the cleaners!

Hi Dan(US)
Just read your buddy dumping story with your friend Rick. I can imagine how turned on you where. I would have been too. Can't wait for more stories like that.
Also Hi to Pete(US)I'm more or less the same age as you and have been turned on by the thought of watching and listening to guys grunting and farting and dropping their loads since I was about eight years of age.
Now why aren't you guys over here in the UK?

Yesterday lunchtime I hapened to be in a restaurant with some colleagues. I rarely eat at lunchtime myself, but I do love to watch others (particularly the women) eating. There were several businesswomen tucking into platefuls of food, and it is always good to see a woman with a hearty appetite. However the thing that caught my attention the most was one of the waitresses. She was mid to late twenties with reddish blonde hair, a nice smile, and what I would call a very intelligent looking face. When she bent over to speak to customers though I couldnt help noticing what a wonderful arse she had. She was not exectly slim, but she had a proper waist above fairly wide hips, but her bottom was very shapely and firm looking, definitely not saggy. She was obviously a woman who exercises and was not ashamed of her magnificent rear end. In fact when I checked Nicolas description of herself, I begam to get a better idea of how Nicola might appear. I imagine a good shapely bottom like ! that would be much more likely to produce those whoppers than a skinny or saggy one. Am I right?
Nicola, I am sorry if I gave the impression that I thought you might smell. Of course I was asking how your shit smells, and I suppose I am none the wiser after your answer. What is a "healthy" shit smell like? Suely all shit smells bad, doesnt it?

Thursday, November 04, 1999

My ordeal began last Thursday when I drank about 32 ounces of Coke with dinner which I usually do not do and my monthly cramps were firing up so I took 2 Midol before I went to bed. The Midol each contained 60mg of caffeine and the Coke of course has caffeine so I didn't sleep very well. I was also nauseous had diarrhea through the night and into the morning. I managed to make it to work and chewed many Pepto Bismal tablets Friday morning. Caffeine has never messed me up like that and my husband warned me about taking too much Pepto Bismal. Well, now it's Tuesday. I have my period with cramps and I'm constipated. I have tried to pass the huge hard turd but it just won't come out so I will have to use a suppository or two. I am going to be careful with caffeine and Pepto Bismal in the future. Has anyone else ever had a problem with caffeine and/or Pepto Bismal?

School started last month. I am getting out in January. I can't take it anymore. Security guards follow me everywhere, including the bathroom. This place is worse than the joint. I told the school nurse my problem and she told me to use the toilet in her office. So did my gym teacher.

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