I have always had a facination for ladies in the ladies, I don't know why. Perhaps us guys are just intrigued by what "secrets" are hidden behind the door marked ladies or under their skirts. I have had a few obervations of women going and I thought it was only me who found this arousing until I read this site. One recent observation might interest you all. I was at a conference in an old building which had mixed toilet facilities, i.e. only stalls for either sex to use. After a communal lunch (there were about 20 or so of us) I went to pass water in a stall. Whilst there, I heard the tap tap tap of feminine footsteps, seemingly fairly urgent into an ajoining stall. There followed a tinkling sound of water into water, though nothing on a large scale. This was followed by a long pause. I thought all the action was over, but no. Quite suddenly in the silence there was the shattering sound of an almight splash of what must have been a really big BM. A little while later a further less dramatic delivery was made. No other sounds (farts or grunts) were heard. There followed a rapid wiping and flush with a quick wash of the hands and a trip trip out. An odour of feminine excrement filled the room. I left the room but didn't see the performer of such an arousing delivery. I guess like all the gals visiting this site, and who don't contribute, there was a severe element of embarrassment possible. Perhaps that's the arousing interest for us guys. We know women are embarrased by BM etc., and to catch them at it is quite a turn on.

Had an odd rest Stop experience while travelling this weekend. I was on I-95 at about 1:00 a.m. Thursday night to Friday morning, when I stopped at a rest stop. I was the only one there, but as I headed to the rest room, I noticed a mini-van pulling in. While I was standing at the urinal emptying my bladder of 3 sodas, two kids presumably from the mini-van entered. Here is where it gets odd. The only thing that the boys, who looked to be 13 to 15 years old, were wearing, were flip flops. Neither one of them had a stitch of clothes on. Nor did they seem the least bit embarrassed by my presence as they approached the urinals to relieve themselves. I finished up washed my hands and left.
I then headed to the soda machine to get a pepsi, when I was joined by one of the boys and his father (who was clothed) as they were making their purchases, I asked the father if he always let his kids travel that way. He said that they were nudists, and that if his kids wanted to be naked they could. But he did state that usually he makes them wear shorts when they get out of the car, but sinced this rest stop seemed empty he did not see the harm in allowing them to use the facillities naked.
Go figure.

A guy I knew in college used to work summers at a camp for teenaged 'retards' (as we called 'em in those pre-PC days). And some of these guys... er... had problems with bowel control. His favorite story involved little Joey... One day it was obvious from the sound and smell that Joey had loaded up his pants. My friend said to him, "Joey, did you have an accident?" Joey just smiled and shook his head no. My friend pressed the matter a bit... "Joey, are you *sure* you didn't have an accident?" Joey shook his head even more vigorously and smiled angelically. The timing was perfect, as at that precise moment, a large turd slid out of Joey's shorts and slimed its way down his leg, leaving a brown trail as it went...

A couple of years ago, I went on holiday to Spain with three friends. We went out one night to a small bar which served small portions of olives etc. with your drinks (not cheap, I might add). I took a liking to some things called 'guindillas' which are pickled chilli peppers. Very hot, but I love spicy food. I must have eaten half a jar of these things, even though my friends, who couldn't eat them, were telling me I would make myself ill. We got back to our hotel and turned in at about 1:30 am. I woke at about 5 am with a terrible burning pain in my guts. I lay there sweating, hoping the feeling would pass, when my guts cramped and I felt a hot wetness in the seat of my panties. As I realised what was happening, my stomach ramped again and I did another gush. In a total panic, I scrambled out of bed. Another cramp, and a trickle down my legs. My roommate woke up, I was making so much noise, and the stink in the room soon told her what the problem was! I staggered to the toilet, being,sat on the toilet, and crapped away, my arse feeling like it was on fire. I didn't bother to take my pants down, it was far too late for that. My friend was watching me at the door, with an intrigued look on her face. Got to go. To be continued ...

One day I had bolammer the size of Texas in my anus. I was embarrassed to go in public, so I held it until I got home. On my way home, I got in a car wreck and crapped my pants. Moral of the story, always go in public.

this is a true story of a four pound dump 6 days held 13.75 inches by three wide the whole length dark brown firm 1 9 1/2 log and a 4 1/4 chunk. this is true i am 5 7 140 pounds

I do not visit fast food establishments, and we have a very healthy diet at home, so I do not often have gut upsets. But I went to a barbecue last Sunday and at 11-30 pm began to feel awful, shivery and sick. Went the bathroom and sat on the pot. There was a huge escape of liquishit which felt just as if I had turned a tap (=faucet) on. Went to bed and half an hour later got out to puke. By the next morning I had puked twice and shat 5 lots of liquishit. I felt awful and stayed in bed the whole day without eating anything, just drinking. The visits to the shitter continued, and by now what came out was like thick urine in color, except that it was coming out at the back instead of the front. Two or three more trips to the shitter in the night. Felt somewhat better and had to go to work for a meeting late in the afternoon, and I had now begun to eat. Had to drive 80 miles in the evening for a lecture in the town of H., and managed the return journey with only one visit to the toilet. By Wednesday I was rather better, though I still had the runs, shits or clappers, so took some suitable pills, which by yesterday cured it. I was relieved not to have had any accidents. The interesting thing was that during all this time when I had sloppy gut-contents, I never felt the slightest need to fart (which is just as well, as it would have been a disaster). It was a sign that I was better on Wednesday evening, when on emerging from the shower there was mighty thundercrack from my arse-hole, followed by a healthy, if disagreeable, smell of the onions I had had at lunch. I must have made at least 20 visits to the shitter during the 56 hours I was affected. Fortunately the stuff was so soft that it only needed two bits of TP to wipe with, and I had no anal soreness problems.

Well still nothing interesting to talk about yet regarding personal toilet experiences. So I offer another opinion instead.

I've noticed postings about guys watching females "go", and vice-versa. I do admit I have often wondered about females' bowel habits compared to males, but when it comes to doing your constitutional, I strictly practice the "do unto others" part of the scripture. I make sure I have absolute privacy before taking a dump. I don't ever remember taking dumps in the high school restrooms, because the boys' rooms had open stalls, and anyone could see you doing your business when they come in (I wonder why schools don't put doors on the stalls). In other public restrooms, I make sure the stall door is secured so I won't get walked in on, and I try to avoid the small one-toilet men's rooms that are in a high- traffic hallway. I'm usually noisy when I go, and I don't want to risk any ladies hearing me.

Likewise, I respect all others' privacy, especially when they have to do a #2. And if I ever do have to crap outside, I'll make sure no one sees me. I'm not criticizing the posters who do spy at times, I'm staying neutral on that. But I don't want to be watched, and I will certainly return that courtesy, by giving others their space.

sometimes when I poop
I can't
no matter how I grunt
or pant
the poop gets stuck
and won't come out
I get so mad I want to shout
I sit and strain and pee
a piddle
but my poopballs are still little
so I drank something to make it slicker
then I pooped a chair of whicker
eventually we all poop big
cuz thats the way the bodies rigged

Hey Samuel, a shit is a shit,no matter who is doing it. I kinda of like listening to other guys doing it. I guess I am just weird.

story: I hate it when there are no new posts! Anyway... I got 2 days bm stores to tell. Tuesday: I was at the bank when the urge came. It was about 1045am and I had eaten breakfast a few hours ago. I was going to the beach ltter so decided to not hold it because I didn't want to shit in a beach bathroom and risk the chance of getting raped! Anyway... I went across the street to circuit city and by the time I got there i had to rellly go. I sat down in the handicap stall and exploded! It was very noisey with lots of farts and tiny bits of shit flying out. After the first wave a poor man with one leg entered to take a shit... I felt so bad because he was struggling without railings! Ah well... I was busy. I let out a few stinker farts and wipe dup and left. Not that impressive! I ate soooo much yesterday I knew today's dump would be a great one! Right after lunch the urge started building. I was at this factory outlet mall because I wanted to buy some Vans shoes.! I had to unload first! I went in and there were two other people shitting. I had an audiance! =) I sat down and let out a lot of silent farts and then the poop started to flow naturally! Just the way I like it. I loved the crackling and farting noises it made as the logs escapded me. I stood up and looked at my masterpiecce and saw 2 pretty good sized logs floating at the top paraless to each other and the hole of the toilet. Then in the hole part there were a couple little logs and some chunks. I then sat down and proceeded to let a few more farts out and squeeze a few more bits out. By this time I was alone.. at least they heard the best part! I wiped alot (I think that when I stood up it squished the shit into my ass hair and stuff. It took about 6 wipings and I flushed. Damnit! A shit of that size ought to leave a good marking all over the bowl. I guess the large aamount of tp going down after the shit wiped it up for me. Too bad. That was at about 1245pm ! Wednesday. At about 4pm or so I found myself in Borders reading about Japan (I'm going to Tokyo later this month for an eating day trip) and feeling some pains in my t??y. I realized those were gas pains and normally I would relieve those pins by farting wherever I am but there were too many people reading travel guides, namely a gorgeous brunette reading about Hng kOng on the next shelf! I went into the toilets and put an ass gasket down and let a large silet fart out. Then I pushed a log about a foot long out!! It was awesome! Totally unexpected. I rarely have double dumping days. But as I said before, I ate a lot yesterday and I ate some food that cleans you out relly good so I guess my large loads today were a cleansing. I stared at that long and 1 inch thick peanut butter colored log and smiled to myself as I created a masterpiece!! I felt so light and refreshed asfter loosing what felt like 10 pounds after my double dumping afternoon! We'll see what happens tomorrow. Hope to see some new posts too!!! Keith

Ok. This one deals with my cousin. I'll call her "Anne". Anyway, one time, she had to spend the night over at my house about two years ago (I forget the reason). I was already in bed when she decided to turn in. So when I heard the bathroom door shut, I looked through my spy-hole which gives me a view up to about 3 inches above toilet seat level.

She was sitting on the toilet, with her jeans pulled down to her knees. I heard alot of straining, but no farts or splashes. Then, she did something unexpected: She reached down and pulled her socks off. After that, she pulled her jeans off. Then, with a huge strain, I heard several splashes. After a couple minutes, she wiped, then flushed. Just one of many women 4 to 40 I have watched in the bathroom with my spyhole.

Samuel... If you would care to share some of your voyeur experiences watching ladies shit through your "spy hole", I myself and I'm sure others would be most appreciative. You are right...there are TOO MANY stories and postings of guys shitting, and who cares?

Make sure you don't embellish too much, as the truth and actual observations are more important! Were you ever caught doing your watching, and what happened?


This is off the subject, but how come no girls post here anymore? Man, I am grossed out by stories of other guys shitting, so I want to hear some stories from the girls and women on this site. I've watched many girls shitting (my room adjoins the bathroom and I have a secret spy-hole) so if anybody wants to hear any stories about girls I've watched going poop, I'll be happy to post them on this site.

Well, I feel pretty stupid, because my stories can't match those I read here, but since I enjoy reading others' posts, I figured it's only fair to share the limited accidents I've had. This doesn't even hardly qualify, but about two years ago I was attending a bachelor party. We soon took it on the road to a strip club, but when we arrived, they were just closing. Well, I had been waiting to get there so I could pee, but since we weren't going in, I figured the parking lot would have to do. I began wetting the tire of the van when my friend warned me a police car was pulling into the lot. I quickly tucked myself in and climbed into the van, but I realized I hadn't completely stopped peeing yet. I ended up letting go about a cup of warm urine into my tan Dockers. I was mortified thinking that I would have to go into the next establishment with a noticeable stain on my crotch, and I still had to go! My friends found an isolated street where I ran between some trees and finished. The good news was, by the time we made the drive to the next bar (which stayed open till 2, not midnight), my pants had all but dried. I do have a roadside shit story I will have to share next time! Keep the great posts coming, I really enjoy checking here daily!

I had a need to go recently while on a trip. I felt the urge to poop, but forgot when I was at the gas station. So I went on down the road, supressing the urge, It kept coming back. At one point, I just had passed an exit, and the next exit was not for another 15 miles. I was hit with the urge to poop. My feet clenched, and sphincter working powerfully, I sped up. About 5 miles from the next exit, it was getting just unbearable, I was not going to make it. I started looking for a good place to pull over, and tried to think of a way to wipe the mess that was to be. I saw a spot, and pulled to the side. There was a hill with steep drop beside the road, I probably would not be seen. I got out and as cars passed checked the trunk for any TP or tissues, etc. I found some tissues and jumped the guard rail, hurrying down the hill side. I turned with my butt to the bottom of the hill, so the poop would not run down on me, and pulled shorts and underwear down. I pushed powerfully and poop spewed from my butthole. It was very liquid like, and shot out a good two feet from my butt, leaving a long line of poop about two feet long. Oh, it stunk! I wiped with about four tissues, and checked my socks - no poop on them. The poop was light brown, a lot of liquid, and some chunks of B.M. I went back to the car, and sped away.


story: Well I'm here again. Well what should I talk about today? I read about "Supergirl's" misfortune, and it reminds me that while their are times I'd like to go back to my kid days of more than 20 years ago, I remember that there have been many times when being a kid sucked!

I have noticed many similar postings in this forum regarding accidents that would not have happened if the adult-in-charge were only more sensative to the young man's or lady's urgant need for the comfort station's services. Although I haven't personally witnessed too many accidents after grade school, I do remember the agony of more than one fellow student having to hold it because the teacher wouldn't give him or her a pass to the toilet. This seemed to be a problem in Middle School, especially. Everyone here, see if you can remember these classic insensative replies by middle school teachers to a student's urgant protest "I HAVE TO GO REAL BAD!!!/IT'S AN EMERGANCY!!!" : "Well, your going to have to hold it until class is over"[a minimum 45-minute wait]: "Well, you're going to have to wait" : "You're just gonna have to suffer!": "Well that's just too bad!" : "TOUGH!!!" : And my personal favorite - "I don't care!!!"

And as has been posted many times, the unlucky student, usually female, finally can't hold it any longer, and then all hell breaks loose. That gives the teacher an excuse to take out her stress involved with her job on the unfortunate student. She will scold, ridicule, and punish the poor kid, and the teacher knows damn well it was her inconsiderate refusal to let the student go take care of business right then that caused the accident. But she's had a bad day, and she just feels that need to make someone sorry!

You can bet these same adults that force kids to wait until the breaking point will take care of their business themselves immediately, and if necessary will excuse themselves to go do it. If I ever do get married and have kids, I swear I will never do that to them! You have my word on that!

Good day everyone! Mike.

Hey supergirl as you rehearsed..what happened? It got cit off

Keith10 minutes
Hello all, todays crap was a decent one I'd say. I am marveling at the fact that I have been so regular! YIPPEE!! I didn't have a pressing urge to shit so I wet in and sat down to fart or seomthing. But I pushed and I dropeed about 3 logs about 5 inches each. I saw there was corn left over from last nights dinner! I love corn shits. It was a qucik, but stink shit. Nothin spectacular and I was outtie in about 10 minites, as I did not feel like reading.

To answer your question Desmon: I usually never gget skid marks, because I wipe until there isn't anything on the paper. If I dig my ass because I didn't wipe well, or a hair it bothering me, I might get skid marks, but I seldom dig my ass, it is kinda crude. My dumps are pretty big as well, so the only skid marks I have are in the toilet after I flush! I love that!! Well, I am off tomorrow and Wednesday... we'll see ho my body treats me to a dumping tomorrow...

Ciao, Keith

Hey, Desmond! I appreciate the welcome to this site. You probably saw the two postings under my previous nome de plum "Gray Poopon". I think they are now toward the bottom of this page. Glad to see this site picking up big now. To further expand on my liquishit situation, this happens off and on, and has for about a decade since my early 20s'. I rarely drink alcohol, and I am on medication for asthma. I quit cigarettes just before turning 20. I do drink a lot of diet sodas, and other people who have posted here have indicated the aspartame sweetener as possibly having laxative qualities. Regarding "skid marks", I think they are possibly due to left-over fecal matter trapped by men's anal hairs. A friend of mine at work who runs the mailroom brought up this point. And I agree. Because of those annoying hairs, it does get difficult to wipe all the matter out. I've used a good deal of TP myself when I've had big solid dumps. You know, I thought only the squirts and loose, soft poop came in "waves", but yesterday I had to make 3 or four trips to the can, and with each one I pushed out some pretty decent, though not the most impressive, logs. This morning at work, I gave a heave, and spat out a few more fairly good size stools. I guess the orange beef I had at a favorite Chinese Restaurant Friday finally decided to exit. Well, I guess I better get off the PC now, and try to get a little more sleep before going back to work. Got a long day ahead of me. Peace everyone!


This is the story of my 12 year old brother Randy flooded himself at the mall. His accident was the result of a joke two of my friends and I played on him because he was being a tag along pain in the butt that day, and would not leave us alone. My two friends and I had decided to go rollerblading, and Randy of course wanted to come along. So he did. After blading for a bit, my Mom called us in for lunch. While we were eating, Mike, Tim and I decided to blade over to the mall after lunch, to see who was hanging out. Randy, piped in that he wanted to go too. We all said no, but he was insistent, and then Mom said that we should take him as well. So Mike told him that he could come if he was willing take a bet. Eager to be accepted by his older brother and friends, Randy readily agreed before he knew, what the bet was. Mike quickly pulled Tim and I out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, to tell us what his idea was. Mike said that the person who could go the longest without peeing would get ten dollars from the person who went to the bathroom first. I asked how this was going to keep Randy from being a pain in the rear all day. He said easy, we would all go now, not let Randy go, drink as little as possible and fill him with fluids, that way he would have to pay one of us 10 bucks for the day. After quickly releiving ourselves, we went back to the kitchen to tell Randy the terms of the bet. He quickly took the bait. After cleaning up from lunch, the 4 of us pulled on our blades and headed to the mall.

Upon our arrival at the mall, we ran into a couple of girls we know from school. Mike quickly let them in on our little bet, and they promptly decided to offer to buy Randy a soda. Randy, excited about the attention he was receiving from 2 14 year old girls. However, shortly after entering the mall, security hassled us about having blades on. Since, Tim Mike, Randy and I did not have our sneakers, we ended up walking around in our socks and avoiding security. This meant that the girls had to go get the soda and bring back to Randy which they did. Randy was extremenely thankful for his soda, and the attention that the girls were giving him that he quickly forgot the bet. I think puberty was starting to get to him, because he was just drooling over them. Anyway, after coming out of the Sports Authority, Randy announced that he had to go to the john. At which point Mike asked him for 10 bucks. Randy quickly remembered the bet. Trying to impress the girls he, quickly changed his mind. However, after about 15 minutes he was clearly getting squirmy, and starting to walk with his hand in the pocket of his jean shorts, I guess in an attempt to hold himself without the girls noticing. Unfortunately, at that point a security guard saw us just walking around in our socks and told to get shoes on or get out. So we headed towards the exit. As soon as we got out of the doors, Tim notice Randy's rather desparate position, having to pee bad, but not wanting to lose the bet and be subject to abuse by his older brother. So Tim seized the moment, and grabbed Randy's blades just as we sat down to put them on, and ran down the sidewalk with them. Randy jumped up to give but, time was managing to keep away from him, until Mike and I got our blades on, and skated over to asist in this game of keep away. Mike quickly skated up to Randy and grabbed him around his waist. Randy started to struggle to break free, when this look of absolute horror came across his face. He then stopped struggling, looked down, as did I, and the first thing I saw was this major wet spot growing in the crotch of his jean shorts, and piss starting to come out the leg openings in a steady stream, needless to say making a puddle underneath him that was quickly increasing in size. The girls started to laugh, Mike jumped back to avoid getting wet, Tim was trying to suppress a laugh, and Randy looked devastated. He then stepped backwards to keep from soaking his socks in the puddle, and finished leaking. Then turning bright red, he started to run up the street.

Mike, Tim and I chased him and quickly caught up with him. After tackling him, we calmed him down. He was really upset because we had a 15 minute skate home, and he was sure everybody was going to see that he wet himself. So I offered him my T shirt because it big enough to hang down and cover most of my shorts, I figured since I was taller than him, it would cover his shorts nicely, so no one would see. He accepted it put it on, and saw that it came to his knees, which successfully hid his wet shorts. And we took off for home.

As a side note, I got yelled by my Mom for making the bet, because I should know better. But for the rest of the summer, Randy did not tag along as much with us, and got the nickname of Peeboy from some of our friends. But that soon died down, but it comes up at school every so often The bet seems a little cruel now, but I never thought he would wait to the point of wetting his pants in attempt to prove himself worthy of hanging out with us. So while I feel a little bad, I also can't help laughing hysterically over the whole incident. I think the same goes for the girls.


Hi everyone... been kinda dead lately! I hate that! Anyhow, here are the last three days shit stories, aas I have been very regular lately! Anyhow... Fridays dumping was a very disapointing one. After lunch, I felt the urge building. I went into the gate 9 toilets and into my favorite stall, ass gasket went down. I g dropped my shorts and boxers to my ankles and sat down releasing a long fart once I sat down. This shit wasn't cming out naturaly so I pushed. It felt like I was giving birth! Not that I have ever done that before or anything but... you know what I mean! I hurt like hello!! I thought it was as wide as it was long. When that rock hard piece of shit dropped into the toilet with a big splash I had to look. It was about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. I then crapped out another small chunk and was done. Wiping was easy and I left. Saturdays dump was a very good one! After lunch I didn't feel the urge building... but I had the farts. As I was watching some planes and reading the urge was very small, nothing that would take me to the shitters. Then finally, I had to go. BUT! Our flight was coing in 10 minutes and I hate rushing on the toilet... I don't feel like I eliminated adequately. So I heeld it in. After work on my way home the urge came back. I was all hot and stink and sweaty from working I couldn't wait to shower when I got home... but first! A big dump. I wanted to check the mail to see if I had any possible reading material... nope. Anyhow, I stripped down to my hairy, sweaty naked self and sat ont he toilet. There, staring back at me was this 19 year old guy who is pretty cute I'd say needing a shave and a good shower, not to mention a good shit dropping a huge load. I farted. Then the first log started to droop... I didn't even hear it drop in because it was about 8 inches long!! Soon following that log two more just like it came out with out pushing. Some farts escaped as the logs were dropping. I pushed out a small piece and felt totally relieved. I think I lost about 10 poinds! I wiped, and that was hard. Because I am rather hiary in all areas, and the fact that I was very sweaty the toilet paper (the awesome charmin ultra soft toilet paper!)stuck to my ass and made it hard to wipe! I think I wiped 6 or 7 times and was done. I had to flush 3 times because it all wouldn't go down! Ahhh... a nice relaxing shower followd that nice relaxing dump. Todays shit! was another good one. After lunch, like clockwork my body told me it was time to shit. As I was wattching our 130pm to Seattle getting ready to leave I felt the urges to fart, but I didn't because there was a cute girl sitting near me! Instead I went into the gate 9 bathroom and went into my stall. Put an ass gasket down and I sat down. I immediately farted and the shit stated to drop out of me as I was peeing. Thatis kinda unusual too! Anyhow, I think I dropped 6 or 7 logs about 4 inches each very fast and naturally without pushing! As I was unloading I was letting out a lot of farts... this was a noisey shit. I was all alone in the bathroom thuogh... no one to share it with! I looked at my masterpiece and saw some carrots. I had a big salad yesterday and then practically a whole bundle of grapes last night so my poop was full of roughage making for a good dump today! Ahhh... another great one and it smelt alot too! I loved every minute of it!! I wiped and was outtie in about 30 minutes, including some reading.

The past three days were great ones. I think I have traind my body to go after lunch now! When I get back to school I am sure my boday will get all messed up gain. Maybe I can train myself to drop a big load every morning before my shower so that I feel light and refreshed for the day!!

Thanks for reading... until tomorrow!


I woke up went to the toilet pushed some marbles out and got on the internet. As I was looking at some neat pictures of females urinating I suddenly got this urge in my arse spinchter. I thought it was a small poop but it turned out to be huge. I stood up waddled to the toilet removed my briefs slowly. It had balled up to like the size of a medium to large potatoe. It was so relieving sitting here as I pushed it out. I didn't want to get it all squished up cause that would be a mess. Hope everyone starts there week off with a fine as poop as mine. Happy 4th of July!

Okay, we will let this one slide... but be careful not to go too far.

HI KEITH! hello to Copro and all the other guys also!! Welcom to Mike! Mike, dont worry,there is no such thing as a boring shit! We like all stories and kinds of BM's. As for the liquishit situation you described, you may want to get a check-up. If your shits are ALWAYS watery and loose, you are losing too much water and could be getting dehidrated; it is also can result in mal-nutiriton because your body is not absorbing any nutrients. Is it always watery? Do you use drugs or drink a lot?

KEITH--I know what you mean!! I often sit ont he toilet until my legs get numb. It is such a comfortable place to relax. Sometimes I will get a book and go to a public RR and sit down for hours, listening to others poop and feeling very comfortable. After about an hour, I usually shit also.

I wonder how everyone feels about skid marks? I personally get them pretty often. I don't see anything wrong with them, I think its just a normal result of a big shit. Some times, even if I dont shit all day, but I fart a lot, I wil see skid mark when I get home. How is that? Does this happen to anyone else?

My shits are usually real hard a BIG. I am a toilet stopper and have a plunger nearby at home, which gets heavy use. I get real strong stomach cramps b4 I have to go. When I am hungover, its the opposite. Real watery and loose and gas

Andrew (Lurk)
Just a quick question:
I'm noticing a lot of reposts lately (the homemade wine story, the college roommate, and more). Are you guys just reposting the stories from elsewhere, or are you the original contributors?

No way of knowing. Those were just submitted here not added by us.

story: Has anyone ever had an accident while wearing a costume? I did last week. I'm in the 7th grade, and I'm in the drama club at my school. I'm currently in a play about a female superhero, and I play the lead role. My costume consists of a shirt, a cape, a short skirt, and boots. Unfortunetly, the costume doesn't contain any tights, shorts, or anything else to wear under the skirt. None of the other girls wanted to play the leading role. They didn't want to wear the costume, because they were afraid they'd expose their panties during the play. But the drama instructor talked me into playing the lead role. She said that even though I'd have to wear a short, loose-fitting skirt (while starring in an action-orientated play), none of my parts would involve risking panty exposure. She was wrong though, so I just made sure that I wore clean, ordinary white panties on days that we rehearsed.

One day during rehearsal, I had to take a crap. I was trying to hold it in as we rehearsed. But one of the scenes involves me running. And I was running, I took a huge dump in my panties. It was a huge, solid turd, which made a big bulge in my panties. The next scene involved me falling on my butt. When my butt hit the ground, the crap smushed, and squeezed through the elastic bands in my panties. Some of the crap got on my legs, skirt, and cape. When the scene was over, I went to the bathroom, and tried to clean up as much as possible. My panties were so soiled, that I threw them out.

During the last scene, I was pantyless, and I still had some crap stuck on my crotch and butt. And I also had to swing on a rope several times in that scene. After rehearsal, the instructor confronted me in private. She told me to make sure I wear underwear, because she could see my vagina and butt when I was swinging from the rope. Then she noticed the crap on my skirt and cape. I told her it was dirt. She said "it doesn't smell like dirt", and then she took me into the restroom, and asked me to pull up my skirt. She saw all the crap on my crotch and butt, and needless to say, she was "very disappointed in me"!

When we were kids out playing baseball,without failure someone had to poop. We would all go into the woods together to go ourselves or watch. U can imagine about 5 or 6 guys with their shorts down taking a dump. If we did not have to go we would just sit on the ground and talk with the guy or guys who were going. I like to watch others go. Does anyone here know a gpod places or places to go to watch guys take a dump. I know that is strange but I think it is manly.

Hello, again! I'm lonely and need to talk to someone! Well, anyway, lately I've been having this odd bm. I call it the "White Squirts". I've actually had this lots of times. It's mostly clear like water, and I often see tiny white pieces of white chunks in it, and/or a bunch of bubbles. Those are the only two indications that I've passed anything into the toilet. I theorize that this could be what a lot of people refer to as "ghost poop". Has anyone else experienced this?

I know this is a boring post, and Moderator, I don't blame you if you reject it. But I was curious and wanted to ask. The rest of you out there, please be patient! I haven't had any interesting dumps lately, and I'm still new to this site. But when my next interesting toilet experience comes to pass, y'all will be the first to know!
Take care of yourselves! Mike.

Well my most awewsome experience was going to toilet at a motocross track. I had to go badly so I walked mover to this old wooden bathroom,when I got inside I saw 5 wooden holes. I could not wait I was going to explode. While I was there 3 other guys came in dropped their pants and squated over the holes. You could see the turds coming out of their holes. It stunk so bad. We all talke dto eaxch other as we did our business. I have many experiences at pooping outdoors as a kid,those will be later

Mary, I think I would rather risk embarassment of being uncovered than having to go with my clothes on. I was coming home late last night after a busy day and a very hot one, around a 100. My t??y told me to stop soon cause it was rumbling. Seen a bus stop with aa bench and the enclosed cover. Slipped by pants down and went to the bathroom. Took alot longer than expected. I just kept pushing this semi liquid-solid poo out. I just sat there as car passed by with my pants covering me. Thank God for that bench. I went by that same stop tonite and I guess noone cared. If you don't look under the bench you wouldn't see it. I'm not ashamed to go as long as the cops don't see me. I try to keep an eye open for them. I enjoy reading others posts.

Coprologist: Thanks for liking my stories! like yours too, except when you have rhoid problems... that makes my ass hurt. Anyhow, I posted a few notes without my name here about a month or go or so. They were about college shitting, my shits in NYC and Raleigh>Durham and my firiends shit in Toulouse, France. Well, I think this sort of bathroom you are talking about was the same kind he spent more than 15 minutes in and started to open! It was most hilarious.

Let me share what I ate yesterday (Wednesday). For breakfast I had cherry yogurt,, and a big piece of cornbread For lunch I had a mexican pizza and a soft taco drenched in taco bell sauce and for dinner I had A large piece of spinich pizza (leftover) and then some Mahi Mahi, rice, more cornbread and green beans. I'd say that's pretty hefty eating! Well damnit, today's shit didn't agree with that! After lunch I felt the urge for a good shit coming. Got my book and went to my favorite gate 9 stall. Ass gasket went down and so did I. I had a lot of gas escapeing me... those long silent stink ones. Then the shit came. I dropped about 4 loogs about 4 inches each, without pusing. I sat there and read and farted again and then pushed out one more log. that was it. I wiped and left. I read for ahwhile after I was done because it was comfy... until I started to loose circulation in my legs! It is amazing how regular I have been lately! I didn't dump last Friday but then everyday since I have crapped! Im so glad! I hate missing a day. I have observed that my dumps are pretty large, from what I can imagine a normal person shitting (though it sounds like sometimes people shit sooo much! I wish I could do that!) and that the pieces are relatively small. I mean I can remember shitting a log about 18 inches once when I was in high school... I haven't dumped a long log in a long time! I wonder why?

Talk to you all tomorrow!


Mike Bacon (formerly 'Gray Poopon')
I don't know about that "Sanisette". I think a well-maintained Portasans (free of charge for use) would do the trick much better. If they are regularly cleaned, emptied, and recharged with a fresh supply of "the blue stuff", chemical toilets can be a sanitary, convenient, and economical means of serving peoples' need for a "comfort station". You can take all the time you want, which is important for those of us who commonly have a lot to "dump". The only drawback is no running water, and washing your hands after a number 2 is important.

I was going to the bathroom the other day and I looked out my window and I saw my neighbor undressed and going into the shower. Wow was that a trip to the bathroom

Anyone who saw my postings on the Daily Dump knows that I am obsessed with that fascinating French toilet appliance, the Sanisette. It is a novel type of public toilet widely used in Europe and also in San Francisco. It can be situated anywhere in the street, usually in the middle of a broad sidewalk. You put a coin in a slot and the door opens. You go in and the door closes. Inside there is a toilet bowl without a seat (you have to sit on the porcelain). There is a TP dispnser, water and warm air drying. You have exactly 15 minutes to do whatever you need to do, be it a quick pee, a number two or a number three (which I cannot mention by name or it would not pass the moderator, but all males will know what I mean). After 15 min, the lights go out (there are no windows) and after 30 seconds the door opens automatically, so you have to be finished and out in 15 minutes.

I used one this morning on my way to work for my daily dump. It had recently been used so the floor was damp (I will explain this later). I took my coat off, hung it on the hook provided, pulled my pants down, sat on the pot and began to crap. It wasn't cold, because there was warm air circulating. My first lot of turds were soft and fell out easily, as they usually do. Then there was a pause and I began to pee. The second lot of shit took rather longer and I was grunting away. It would have been obvious to any passer-by that I was a grunter, but forunately this particular toilet is in a quiet part of the town, and there was no-one around (It was raining hard also). The TP dispenser was a pain. It dispensed one sheet at a time, so I had to stand up and turn round and pull out about 20 or so sheets, one at a time. The necessary wiping was eventually finished. I never put the shitty TP in the toilet in the Sanisette, I always drop it on the floor (for reason, see later). Finally I got myself clean and pulled up my pants. Then I washed, again a complex operation. You put your hands into a cavity above the toilet bowl. Liquid soap is squirted onthem, then hot water. You rub and rinse and then the water cuts off and the hot air starts to dry your hands.

The fun part of the operation then begins. You do NOT flush it. You collect all your clothes, shopping etc. open the door and step out into the street. Then the magic begins. (You don't see it, because the door has shut again). The whole of the floor and toilet bowl are turned upside down and high powered jets of water wash your turds, paper, pee and anything else that you may have left behind, into the sewer below. The floor then returns to its normal position and the outfit is ready for the next customer.

There were problems when the equipment first came into use when people left handbags, newspapers and even small children behind and they got flushed away! But if you have to crap away from home, it's a clean and comfortable way of doing it. Unfortunately though, you do not get the chance to listen to the farts and grunts of the guy in the next stall, as it is a strictly one person unit. I suppose though you could hang about outside and listen to someone inside doing their business.

Keith! I love your dump stories. Keep 'em coming! Bowel regularity is healthy.

Has anyone ever had a bad experience after taking a laxative?

When are we going to see the results of the survey?

I can't imagine anyone who doesn't like to use the woods for a bathroom; I would rather go behind a bush or other secluded area to have a pee or a poop rather than endure the unsanitary condtions that exist in some public restrooms. I'm refering to the bathrooms in public parks and beaches, not bathrooms in restaurants and malls; for the most part, they are very clean and sanitary. I personally enjoy peeing outside and often go behind a bush when a bathroom is too far from where I am or is unsanitary in my opinion. I've often pulled over to the side of the road for a pee while driving or biking and have had several girls drive by and glance over at me watering the foliage. Not that this bothers me; If I was a girl I would still pull over and pee at the side of the road regardless of what other people might think. So girls, whenever you have to pee, don't be embarrased about using a bush or other cover to pee whether you're in a park or driving the highway.

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