My girlfriend Tracy took a huge dump yesterday. We'd been out dshopping and when we got home she went trotting off the the bathroom. She didn't close the door all the way, but I knew what she was going to do because she farted a nasty one in th e car on the way home. so I went over and peeked aroudn the corner. She was in there leaning forward and then I heard her grunt really hard. She was wearing a red plaid mini skirt and dark colored pantyhose. she had the skirt hiked up around her waist, and evrythng else was stretched across her thighs. I think her poop must have hurt or something, because her face was clenched up like it did. All I could hear was wet crackling sounds, nothing splashed right aqway, but it was hard and long! She grunted hard again, and I entered the bathroom. she exhaled really hard and said " This is a big one honey." and then I came in and asked if she was alright. She just nodded and about 4or 5 plops hit the water and she grunted them along.! She grunted hard again going "errrrruunnnhhhohhhhhhh.!" abd more pooping was going on. I could smell her "poopie" smell by then. she sat there with her arms across her ???? as if it hurt kind of rockng back and forth. Then, she grunted hard again and she asked me to get her some pepto bismol, so I did. When I came back with the bottle, she was leanibng really far forward, and she was gritting her teeth. It looked like she was giving birth or something. I gave her the bottle and a spoon, but she just tipped the bottle up and took a couple of big swallows and gave the abottle back to me. She said, "unngghh…this is a hard one." There was more painful grunting, and a barrage wet sounding crap splashing into the water. She heaved a big sigh, and she seemed to be finished. The smell in the bathroom was pretty strong. She got up and looked down into the toilet and said "Oh my god, that's never going to flush" Before I could see anyghing, she asked me to leave, underpant! s down and all, saying "I don't want you to see it, it's embarassing." She shut the door behind me. I heard strange sounds, and figured that she was using the plunger to break it up enough to try and flush. I heard three flush attempts before she came out. She also lit some matches in there.

I was caught short like Jane on the way to work. I did not know whether to put my head or ass on the rim of the bowl. I got my first real job. My first day I took the express bus to work. It had a bathroom. This same bus was used for charters on weekends. Anyway, I was the first and only black girl in the firm, I was nervous. When I woke up, my stomach started running. I thought it was usual morning evacuation of several dark brown chunks. Then, a lot of loose material came out. After, I wiped I took a bath and got dressed. I ate breakfast and went to the corner and boarded the midtown express. Then the cramps and imminent opening of my rectum occurred. After, the bus filled up I slipped off my topcoat and slipped into the lavatory. It was 3 square feet. I released the garter tabs on my stockings, lifted my dress, slip and dropped my pink cotton panties to my upper thighs. Brown water evacuated like a city water main. When I thought relief, more water and loose brown mud. The ! bus was hurtling along an interstate and then city streets in stop and go traffic. I knew soon my stop was near. The cramps kept coming as I rocked back and forth in pain. I counted the limited stops. I had to get off soon. With one good abdo push, more liquid doo-doo came with a long fart. I had to wipe myself good and clean. Thank God there was paper and wet wipes. I did not want to stain my clothing. The toilet was an open pit with no flush. After 5 stops, I got off, relieved. I thought. When I got to work. It started again. I dashed for the ladies room. This time, I was able to take off my dress it was button down and made myself comfortable. This episode started with a watery explosion and waves of thick brown mud. I even saw my Cheerios in the toilet. I sat there and just let the stuff run out. After I cleaned up. I started work and another episode attacked me at 11 AM. I confided to a colleague what was happening. She told me it was first day jitters. She gave me Pepto-! Bismol. In the afternoon, I felt a normal bowel movement. The pieces came out black. I was scared until I read the label. That is the medicinal binding agent.

Dan (US)
Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of extra time to write about my buddy dumping experiences lately like I promised, but here's the first time I ever saw another person take a dump.

My friend Rick and I were about 13 or 14. I remember because we had just started puberty and were getting interested in exploring our bodies as they were changing. Rick was a little behind me and had just started getting a little hair here and there. We were at his house and alone one day and Rick said he needed to poop. I acted like I was joking, but I was totally serious when I asked him if I could watch. After a little persuading, he said I could. He wanted to use the toilet but I convinced him that I had never seen poop come out of anyone before and I wanted to see the whole deal. I finally got him to agree to do it over newspaper in the garage. We were both kind of nervous about being caught though. He squatted over the paper and started pushing out, and I got real close. I! even pulled his cheeks apart more so I could get a good look. It was just amazing to me when his hole started opening up and I could see up inside before anything appeared. It really stunk and we both laughed about that. It all kind of happened really quick after it started coming out. His hole closed up a couple times and then would open back up to let more out. It was all real firm like little balls all packed together. I got some napkins from the kitchen and he wiped. When you're young you're not too interested in how clean it gets and I remember he didn't do a very good job that time either. We took the paper and dumped it in the toilet and put the paper in the trash. From that point on we'd always prowdly show each other our dingleberrys on our butt hairs and get a real charge out of it. We were best friends forever and even to this day, and I've got more stories with him that I'll share later on. Rick even asked me if he could watch while I pooped. He knows ! it was a real interst to me but I'm sure he doesn't really understand what a turn-on it was for me.

Anybody else have any stories about the first time the ever saw poop come out of another person?

I just discovered this site and I am glad to know I am NOT the only person with this fascination ! I do have a question to the men to those who have DELIBERATELY had a #2 some where else but a toliet where did it happen

Mark B
Today (2/11/99) The Guardian (a British daily newspaper) ran an article about British toilet habits. I didn't find it very interesting (lots of stuff about self-repression, straining, haemorrhoids,) but it mentioned 'the poor sitting position' saying that we are really designed to squat, not sit. The 'expert' being quoted said she has a friend who squats with feet on the toilet seat, 'alternatively you could put your feet on a pile of Guardians about 10-12 inches off the ground'.(Presumably while sitting on the toilet seat).
Anyone ever done that?
Yes, I have tried squatting on a normal toilet. My poo then has a long drop and makes a satisfying splash, a bit like doing it standing over the toilet really. That's fun as well.
I posted in June about those crouching toilets they use a lot in Southern Europe and some other parts of the world, so I don't want to repeat what I said. It's there in the old posts. I think they're fun, although a lot of people hate them. I ! recently happened across a website illustrated with a cartoon showing how to use a Japanese toilet.
I'd like to tell a story about when I was in the Alps earlier this year. I was with a group of hikers who were mostly retired and quite slow, and I had gone on well ahead among large rocks and gullies. Partly because I like doing poos outside on mountains! It was in a high pass beside a winter ski run, although at this time of year the snow had melted. I found a place beside a big rock, pulled my trousers down and squatted. Not that far away was a cable car line, close enough for the people in the cars to see I was there, but they were hundreds of feet higher up. I deliberately turned so that my bum was in the direction of the cable car so anyone going up could see in the distance what I was doing. I wondered if anyone did see, and if it turned them on!
I did two big turds, peed, and then wiped my bum with dry grass. That's a very effective and satisfying thing to wipe w! ith by the way, if you need to go outdoors and don't have any other wiping material.

Tuesday, November 02, 1999

One day last week I had a series of major episodes involving bowel movements, the first time it happened to me in quite some time. I would have major poop sessions more frequently in high school and college, but that was because I wasn't as careful then in what I was eating. In the last few years, the vast majority of my BMs were nothing to write about. However, I really let loose this time. I decided to try one of those special herbal teas that supposedly helped burn calories. I did read the warning about possible side effects, including larger and more frequent bowel movements. I was not quite prepared for what was going to happen.

I had a cup of that herbal tea before going to work. On the way in, I started to feel it in the abdomen. I got to work, dropped off my things at my desk, and quickly went into the ladies room. Two of my co-workers were having a conversation at the sink. I said hi to them then went into the stall, lifted my skirt, pulled down my ! panty hose and panties, and sat. Immediately I let go a massive wave of semi-liquid poop, followed by a tremendous fart and a second wave of runny poop. Both of them gasped at the sound, and they asked if I was all right. I said I was OK and flushed the toilet. Both of my co-workers left right after. I pushed out another wave of poop, just as runny as the previous ones. Then I was done at that point. I breathed a sigh of relief as I wiped myself clean, flushed, washed my hands, and left. Little did I know this was only the beginning.

A couple hours later my stomach began to ache, and I had a sudden urge to poop again. I ran into the ladies room, went into a stall, and proceeded to push out several more waves of runny poop, though this was slightly more mushy. I ended up flushing three times, and it took a bit longer to wipe my butt. I felt better at that point and hoped I didn't have to go again. I thought I just needed to get used to the herbal tea, so I ! decided to have another cup before lunch.

I had my usual light lunch that day (salad and soup) and was fine once I got back. An hour later, while I was on the phone with a client, I felt a sharp pain in the stomach as if someone suddenly gave me a punch. I wrapped up my phone call quickly, made a beeline to the ladies room, and reached the stall just as I could feel the poop coming out. There was someone in another stall, and someone else washing her hands when I unleashed my torrents of soft mushy poop. For the next ten minutes, I conducted a symphony of plops, farts, grunts, moans, flushes, topped by a strong aroma of poop. I cleaned myself up, but I did not have a satisfying finish as usual.

Sure enough, a couple of hours later it hit me again. This time it hit me so hard that I almost had an accident at my desk. I walked quickly to the ladies room, squeezing my butt cheeks together so I wouldn't have an accident. I had to pause right at the door t! o prevent the poop from coming out then. Once I got to the stall and sat down, my butt exploded with one of the biggest waves of poop I had ever unleashed. It was a very soft mushy type that seemed to flow out easily. There were three successive waves lasting ten seconds each before I could manage to flush the toilet. The poop kept pouring out in wave after wave, lasting about five seconds each, and always soft and mushy. I lost couunt of how many times I flushed the toilet, but I remember being in there for a good 20 minutes before things appeared to settle down. I started wiping a couple of times before I felt another sharp pain in the stomach, then started to push out more soft mushy waves of poop for another five minutes. Finally, I was finished and almost ran out of TP cleaning up. I washed my hands, and a co-worker, who happened to be washing her hands, asked me if I was all right. I said after today I should be OK.

You know, it did not feel good having! an upset stomach. But, in a sense, pushing out all that poop actually felt good. No more herbal tea for me for a long time.

Andrew - That was a great account you gave of Sarah's pooing in front of you. I think the fact that you wet your pants made the two of you even closer.

JW - I did not realize that I was the only one here who mentioned not liking my pants and panties on when I know I have to do a big poo. I just like the freedom that I can have at all moments while I am straining to get my log out. I would not want to be interrupted by having to stop with a poo part of the way out to remove my panties, when the poo-poo starts out I want it to keep coming. I have had some occassions when it got stuck, but never had to have anyone's help to pull it out. I have always been able to rock back and forth while straining and grunting to eventually get it to move. There was one occasion when I could not get it to drop, but I will have to explain that in another post.

Elizabeth - Thanks for your post about the poop coming out when your boyfriend was pulling out of you. That would! be embarrassing! What did he say? Did it seem to turn him on? Or was he disappointed in you? I am going to remember that in case I ever get in the same situation.

Pee Man
Hey, first post! I think this site is awesome. I have been reading post for about 6 months now. I find many request answered, so I thought I may add a few. Can you please tell me of any stories concerning a child in your family being toilet trained? I would love any stories about accidents in the process, like peeing on the floor and if you can, PLEASE tell about pooping on the floor! Please try to make them stories of accidents, not on purpose. Also, can you tell me some stories of peeing somewhere in the house besides the bathroom by kids? Thanks Everyone!

At work yesterday i had just finished doing a pee and was wahing my hands when this woman who i say "hi" to when we pass in the halls walks in,she's short,about 4'11" or may be 5'and i guess is about a size 3 or 4 and very cute,she rushed passed me and as she was entering the stall she let out a real loud fart that went like brpppp sort of like a horn noise,with one hand she was pushing the stall door closed and with the other pulling down her jeans and undies i guess, and a few seconds later i heard a lot of farting and liquid poop sounds and she said quite loud "oh thank god" and then to my surprise she said sorry about all the gas,i didn't think i was gonna make it for a minute,to which i replyed,nothing to be embaresed about,i just finished a big one my self(even though i just peed)and at this point the room was kind of smelly,so to save her any more embaresment i said bye and left her to finish.

To Kevin,

In response to the large dump someone made outside of your office: Was it real early in the morning when you discovered it? Was it on a weekend? The reason I ask is because almost all bathroom in office buildings here Stateside are locked especially women's bathrooms. Maybe a lady got into the office early that morning or at some point when no one was around and she ran to the bathroom only to realize she misplaced her keys. or could not locate a key to the bathroom. Maybe she was running around in desparation until she just could not hold it any more. That reminds me of my earlier post a while back where some woman has shitted a wopping lose load in the stairwell of the office building where I work. The only difference that in my case, I was able to identify the lady who dropped that huge load. Man, those pretty ladies can do some loads!

Uh-oh. I just farted in the office. At least I thought it was. Unfortunately it was a wet poo and I'm stinking the place out. It's all squashy in my panties. Better go to the ladies room...

Andrew(UK), I enjoyed your story about you and your cousin Sarah. You said it so well. It reminded me when I was a kid that I enjoyed seeng both male and especially female on the toilet and there was nothing sexual about it.

For Hiker (UK), also enjoyed your story as well. Unfortunately, my wife and I don't have such intimacy in our relationship. Our marriage is about over since she has been very closed on a lot of things. The bathroom is one of them but other issues as well. I haven't had a shower with her since our honeymoon 3 years ago and I have yet to see her take a dump. I have to peek into the bathroom to get a look. I am looking to file for divorce real soon. Enough if this garbage.

I went to the local liberal arts college tonite for a while and watched different college kids come and go. With working 50 hour weeks, there is very little time to do spontanous things like when I was in college and my wife definitely does not do spontanous things, life ! is very boring. The internet is the most interesting thing right now. I had to take a dump while there and I ended up talking to this kid about football and the death of Walter Payton. He has the looks that girls would go for :)

After our divorce, I want to get involved in doing outdoor activities that is great here in Colorado and that especially includes "shitting in the woods" :) and camping. I want to cut back on my work hours and get involved with college groups on outdoor activities.

Hi guys! I had another great dump. I can't remember how long I had been holding it but it really needed to go. It was Friday so I stayed up late. Actually as I type this it is Friday. I thought I would do something alittle different this time. I would pull my pants down to my ankles and squat on the toilet. I did so. As I squated there looking at the wall the turd began to emerge. It came out very normal. There was tons of crackling and it just broke off and made a loud plop. I said really quiet "Ahhhh much better". Then I pushed some more, another chunk ploped into the toilet. Pushed alittle more and some more little chunks came out. Then I said in a whisper "Oh man this feels good". I pushed some more and a little turd came out and dropped into the toilet. I sighed with relief and squated pushing my anus out just to make sure it was empty. I was ready to wipe now. I had to wipe alot because it was really messy. I got so interested in the structure that I put my hand in the t! oilet and felt my turds. There were about 6 or 7 miniture sized logs. I squeezed each one and they were all soft but dark colors and smelly. Then I dumped the dirty TP into the toilet and flushed. I washed my hands and left the bathroom. It was really good. It wasn't hard to pass but alot to pass. If only I let this go in a Public bathroom. I would love to show it off.

Harry. Thanks for the great story. Please tell me more. And all the other young guys pitch in a tell some great school bathroom stories.

I just found this site a few days ago and have been reading many of the old posts. I can really relate to a lot of what I read. I am 50 and have been turned on to listening to other men in the next stall since I was about 10 years old. I, too thought I was weird, the only one, felt ashamed, and tried numerous time to stop this behavior, but to no avail. It was quite an experience to read posts from so many others who have the same interest!

I would like to jump right in (no pun intended) and relate an embarrassing “accident” that I had back in 1976. I was in between jobs and spent several months traveling around Europe. I spent about a week in Munich and stayed with a business associate of my brother. He was very hospitable, put me up in his house, took me out to restaurants, and invited me to his annual office party, which was an evening at the famous Octoberfest. I am not much of a drinker, but got caught up in the Octoberfest spirit and wound up consuming ! about 4 of those huge German beers! For those of you who have never been to Germany, each one is the same size as a US PITCHER of beer. When I got back to my host’s home, I had no trouble taking off all my clothes and falling asleep. In my drunken state I must have slept extremely soundly and must have been extremely relaxed, because when I woke up the next morning, I discovered, much to my horror, that I had crapped in the bed! This is something I had never done before or since. Now I was not about to let on to what seemed like the world’s best host that I had soiled his sheets. It was quite a task, but somehow, with my hangover, I managed to remove the sheets and clean them by hand-washing them in the small bathroom sink, all the while not letting anyone in the household know what I was doing. I dried the wet areas as best I could with the bath towel and put them back on the bed and made it, hoping they would dry before anyone caught on. As far as I know, it was just! my own secret, but I will never really know.

I am looking forward to reading more about other men’s experiences in public men’s rooms, listening to their stall neighbors. This has always struck me as a very interesting irony, where I can hear and smell what I assume most people consider a very private activity, occurring in a public place. The stall walls only block MOST of the sights, but not the sounds and smells.

I would like to add my vote to change the opening picture on this site and would enjoy seeing a realistic-looking male picture.

I will close with a question that I have always wondered about – When riding a bicycle, why can’t a person fart while they are peddling? Has anyone else ever noticed or wondered about this? I have to stop peddling to fart. Is there anyone out there that can fart while peddling a bicycle?

Andrew - That was a great account you gave of Sarah's pooing in front of you. I think the fact that you wet your pants made the two of you even closer.

JW - I did not realize that I was the only one here who mentioned not liking my pants and panties on when I know I have to do a big poo. I just like the freedom that I can have at all moments while I am straining to get my log out. I would not want to be interrupted by having to stop with a poo part of the way out to remove my panties, when the poo-poo starts out I want it to keep coming. I have had some occassions when it got stuck, but never had to have anyone's help to pull it out. I have always been able to rock back and forth while straining and grunting to eventually get it to move. There was one occasion when I could not get it to drop, but I will have to explain that in another post.

Elizabeth - Thanks for your post about the poop coming out when your boyfriend was pulling out of you. That would! be embarrassing! What did he say? Did it seem to turn him on? Or was he disappointed in you? I am going to remember that in case I ever get in the same situation.

big d
i flew on the Concorde on Air France last month. My first trip on it. I ate so much of the delicious food that I got a stomachache halfway between Paris and New York. I thought it would be cool to take a dump at 1350 mph/55000 ft. The toilet compartments on the Concorde are quite small, and I am 6ft3in tall/210 lbs. Well, I sat down and launched a small ICBM (inter-continental bowel movement), but due to the confined space I couldn't get into a proper position to wipe. I ended up making quite a mess...poop on the fingers...and partially clogged the toilet with all the paper i used. I used lots of their classy French soap to clean up, then I went back to my seat to eat some more and drink their champagne. All in all it was great fun.

Monday, November 01, 1999

These should be all the posts from Friday up to about 9:45 PM -5:00 Sunday evening and a small part of Saturday. We should get the posts we don't yet have from Saturday sometime late Monday.

Kevin L
I was taking the trash out at work Friday and discover someones horrible poop accident. I open the door from our office to the hall and I was almost overcome by a rotten shit smell. There is a public toilet in the hallway. After I I took the trash out I went down to the restroom and there was a large pile of fresh poop with two smaller piles heading into the restroom. The whole hall smelled foul. I thought I might vomit when I saw that big pile sitting on the carpet. How did the shit get on the floor? I would think it would stay in someones pants or underwear. Anyway the person made a mess of the restroom also. Like the old saying Shit- Happens, and that was living proof.

Does anyone have any Halloween stories that involve pooping?

CancerChild's cousin

Cindy: I enjoyed your story of your huge poop very much. You're the
first person on here to mention wanting yoyr jeans and panties off when
struggling to do a large turd. I understand completely, its something I
do all the time. I hate being encoumbered when straining. Tell us more
please, what position do you find most helpful when you have to struggle
and grunt? I find it helps to grab hold of my ankles and pull as hard
as I can when I bear down. Have you ever done a turd that actually got
stuck on the way out? I did one once when I was a kid and my Mom had
to dig it out with her fingers. Boy was that a relief when she pulled
that out of me! Did your mother or father worry over your bowel movements
when oyur were younger? My parents sure made a fuss over mine when I
was little, I remember getting several enemas because I held it in so
long. Have you ever had an enema?
Linda: Hi, how are you doing kid?

Here in the UK there is a slightly wide of the mark tabloid paper which publishes six days a week and which shall, for good reasons, remain nameless. Once a week there is normally a 'phone in' when a glamourous girl agrees to go to their HQ and take calls from readers (on any subject within reason - proved it's clean) all day or at least for a 7 hour period. It can be very difficult to get through and I've not managed it so far!

One of the things about the phone in that keeps bugging me is this: Are the girls allowed comfort stops to go to the loo during that long shift of taking incoming calls or do they have to 'hold it all in' until their stint's over? What if they're 'taken short' whilst talking to callers? I'd love to actually ring through one day and ask. If they're not allowed breaks to go to the loo they must obviously be allowed to pee or poo on the floor or wherever. My guess is that they're probably allowed to take breaks and go to the loo if absolu! tely necessary, but it must be easier said than done when the calls are coming in thick and fast. I'd love to know for sure though.

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