Accident Prone (It seems)
Hello! This is my first post. I came upon it from my friend. My name is Samantha, and I'm 13. I just started the 8th grade and everything, but it's kinda hard. I have a weak bladder and I often have accidents. My friend (The same, also with a weak bladder...Go figure) has shared some of those accidents with me. Anyways, last week school, my friend and I went to get some 16 oz. sodas. Not too smart though, seeing as I already needed to pee a little. We were walking down the street, and I got a pain right at my bladder, and felt a need to pee REALLY bad. After telling this to my friend, she too told me that she needed to pee, and poo! She got a Dr. Pepper and that seems to have the tiniest laxative effect on her, but this time it seemed to really bite her. There was a gas station up ahead, and we started for it. About 2 blocks away, after turning a corner, we could see the big sign thing. We passed a hedge, and at the end of it, I spurted into my knicks. I could've screamed, but! I was so used to having accidents I just froze and crossed my legs. After a few seconds, the urge past, but it seemed that every 5 steps I would dribble a bit into my knickers. Then about a block away, I stopped dead cold, and a VERY big gushed of pee got into my panties. It showed a fairly medium sized wet aptch around my crotch. My friend, seeing this, comepletely lost her bladder, and she drenched her jeans. It puddled even to my shoes. It kinda triggered a domino thing and I started to pee too. I just could not stop it! It was so powerful, that there was a tiny stream that came out of my crotch! When I was finished, I was worse off than her, and even my butt was wet! She didn't seem to need to poo until we got to my place. As we walked across the lawn, she stops and squeezed her butt. She said that if she took another step, she'd poo. I told her to just poop on the grass, and she said yeah. Anyways, after getting her jeans down, she squealed a bit and a lump appeared on ! her rear. It stopped for about 2 seconds, then grew like a mountain! Her knickers sagged down so far I could see her vagina (Can I say that in here? If not, sorry)! She held her panties up so they wouldn't fall. After getting onto the driveway, she stopped and squatted again, added even more poo to the pile! At this point, she jump took her jeans and knicks off and carried them in. Right when she got inside though, she squatted AGAIN (Constipation or something) and pooed a little on the floor. It was kinda soft and it reeked! While there, she peed a bit too. We cleaned up (Icky poo =) ) and I mopped up the pee while she cleaned the poo. I hope you likedmy story! Strangely enough, I kinda like peeing my pants and sometimes do it just for fun. Any questions or comments?

To Ryan, I saw a post in the 200 page where you asked if kids pooped their pants on purpose in school. I have many times. I am in 7th grade. I hate the bathrooms in school. I wont use them for #2. I live about 2 miles from school and walk home when the weather is good. Last week I needed to poop badly after sixth period. I waited until school was over. As I walked to my locker, I pooped in my pants. I pooped a lot and there was a big buldge in my pants. I went into a empty room and sat on a chair to flatten the bludge in my pants. I carefully walked outside making sure no one saw the back of my pants up close. Then I walked home. My parents both work, so there is no one home until about an hour after I get home. When I got home, I sat on the toilet and wet my pants. I took a shower with my cloths on and washed my underware. Then I put the clothes in the dryer for a little while and took them out before my mother got home.

To BeachMike: Do you poop standing in the shower? How does it fit down the drain?

To Steph. Thanks for caring..I wish the same for you. Okay next Cindy. trust me I feel your pain. I like to have privacy so i can strain , grunt, and make as many faces as i need to to poop. I wait too long too and well have come close to having aciddents. yes well at least that time you made it to the toilet. i didn't I held it too long and ended up having to poop in the trashcan. Thank goodness no one was home. But still I'm just glad I didn't go in my pampies.

Our local newspaper reported that a defendant age 47 who was due to face 7 charges of indecently assaulting teenage senior school girls was taken ill in the dock while waiting for the judge to enter the court. My mate works in the court administration offices and his girlfriend was the duty Clerk of the Court that morning. Apparently the bloke had been inclined to put his hand up the mini skirts of the schoolgirls’ uniform. A custodial sentence was to be expected and earlier while the chap was in the court waiting room he had seen the prison collection van, a huge white thing, arrive in the car park. This must have put the wind up him as what the papers were unable to say while he was standing in the dock waiting for the judge to enter, he shit himself. As the female Clerk put it more politely, he had dirtied his trousers and messed himself. The case was adjourned for a later date.

my most memorable shit happened in a dept store in the detroit area where i was for business... i need to take a shit,and went in and saw the stalls were doorless...That did not bother me..There was another gent who came in and used a urinal,nd when he was finished he started washing his hands and started talking to me....It was election day and he started asking me about who i voted for.Well,all of a sudden i started dumping my huge soft shit in piles,splashing and making lots of noise... i started talking to him and he kept talking to me while i was shitting.Finally,i was done and had to wipe my ass..Needless to say he stayed there and tlked to me while i wiped my ass at least 5 times ..As i started to pull up my pants he finsihed talking and said "have a nice day"..It ws a great feeling to shit in front of someone while having a conversation.Also does anybody know of unisex public toilets in the midwest area.That to me would be the ultimate..taking a shit next to a couple o! f women and listening to them go..Do you think there were any episodes of Ally McBeal with someone shitting or were they just peeing?

To Interested Reader who asked a few days ago about men and woman pooping on themselves in each others presence and helping the other clean up. That has happened to both my wife and myself.

My wife has been bothered by chronic diaherra ever since she had her gall bladder removed in 1983. As a result, a couple times she messed herself. While she would be upset and crying, to me it was no big deal. I'd just take her into the bathroom, undress her and clean her up with toilet paper. Then I'd have her hop in the tub and give he a nice bubble bath.

It happened to me once. On January 1, 1992. I took a 15 minute walk to the drug store to pick up a couple items. I was feeling fine when I left the house. In fact I had a nice BM before leaving. While waiting in the checkout line, all of a sudden I felt like I had to take the worst crap in my life. I was feeling waarm and started to sweat. And there was no way I could hold it in. It just came out. No way I could contro! l it.

I couldn't wait to get out of that store. When I got home a couple of my daughters friends were on the pourch. I know they had to smell it. So I went into the bathroom and pulled my pants down. I never saw such a mess in my life. So I called my wife into the bathroom. She started to clean me off with toilet paper. But it was so bad she had to get some paper towels and wipe the stool off me with that. Then she got a was wash cloth, and finished cleaning my butt, gentiles, and legs with soap and water.

JacobG, the last doorless toilet I saw was in Florida, Fort De Soto park in St. Petersburg. The large restroom on the north beach had about 10 doorless stalls. Only the handicaped stall had a door. Unfortunately the only thing I got to see was an Englishman taking a shower and a teenager taking a piss. I was really hoping one of them would take a dump but I could not have justified walking past them for a quick look anyway.

Perhaps the next time you are the the area you could check it out.

Hi Drew, how's it going?

Hi Everybody!
I don't come here that often, but thought I'd post!
SANDRA - Really liked hearing the poo by poo! It was great!

SHIVERSILK - Good for you! I'm glad more women are learning to pee standing up! Any woman I mention this too just dismisses it like it doesn't exist. How shallow they are...

As for my own contribution: I'm 19 and go to college. A lot of the bathrooms on campus are relatively clean, but the 3rd floor library is the best! Not only are there not too many guys come in to bother me, but there's only one cubicle, so I can poo without anyone else around. Last but not least, the walls are really thin, so I can hear the ladies in the other room peeing. I go there every morning I have early morning classes, sit, listen, and relax.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Public Toilet Hater
Several years ago, I started a new job with a major computer company. On your first day of work, they issued you an employee ID badge. We had to wear our badges while at work. They had a little clip on top that allowed you to clip them to a shirt pocket, your belt, or whatever.

Shortly after receiving our badges, a coworker and I visited the men's room. We used the urinals, which were none too clean. The other guy's badge fell into the urinal.

He refused to fish it out. Instead, he went back to the Human Resources department and had them make him a new badge.

His original badge just floated in the urinal until the next day. I suppose a janitor must have taken it out.

Public toilets are too nasty. I hate public restrooms.

Hi! Jay (Jay & Paige), you think of me every time you get into "position?" How sweet :) One of my friends or I always carry handi-wipes whenever we go hiking. That way we can wipe ourselves and/or "wash" our hands after going. Most of the toilets we've used while out have toilet paper, but soap is another story.
I was at my home-away-from-home, the off-campus apartment, when that 10+ wipe dump took place. Thanks for the suggestion about Purell, I'll have to try it sometime.

Jeff A., I don't think the Race Relations forum is updated as often as the Toilet forum. I don't think I typed anything that was inappropriate. I'll just have to keep checking...

Peace and love, Steph

I woke up this morning with a hardon. Carried some papers downstairs then came back up and got online. I could feel the urge to sit on the toilet. I thought I was going to wait but realized it was coming out so walked in briskly and sat down and it felt oh so good. I really love sitting on the toilet and pooing a nice firm bm. Pooped first then peed a little bit. It would be nice to have a female partner who enjoyed watching and participating. Need to go back in and finish now that the rest of the poo is ready. Generally, I just take my shower and get relaxed and poop and it washes down the drain. That's what I will do this morning too.

To SANDRA-That was cool-check one of my old posts( in the 160's or 170's) I did the exact same thing!It's kinda fun,you just have to watch out the laptop doesn't fall off when you start to get into it-Nice story!

Thanks for the response!

ELLY, Your son has flushed some interesting things that I could never even imagine!

VECTOR, You have flushed old socks down the toilet? That is a new one on me! :-) And the pizza is too! And you have never had trouble getting these objects to go down?

LINE, Honestly, in the past, I have flushed gum, dead spiders and crickets, and hair down the toilet. I always assumed that anything else would totally clog the drain.

Hi all! I've been lurking on here for a while, but I haven't posted before. My sister, Andrea, did, though. My name's Jill, and I'm 16; I saw other Jills on here so I'm using my net name.

I'm very proud of myself - today I learned how to pee standing up! I'm not very good yet because I drip at the end, but I'm getting better at aiming!

I thought I'd also tell you about an easy way I've discovered to piss while outside to avoid your pants when squatting. You pull pants and panties down to your ankles, then you kneel with your legs as far to the sides as you can, point your stream forward, and go. It works really well.

Smeone was asking about pissing in the shower - I always do that. Before I get wet, I let the piss go down my legs. Sometimes I'll work on my aiming too. When I'm swimming, I always wait for showering after to go, but about two weeks ago I did somthing really different. I'd gone in the shower a little, then my friends and I w! ent into the steam room (gee, my family seems to have experiences in the steam room!). We usually sit undressed but covered with towels, and I had to pee more. So I spread my legs a little under the towel and pushed a little and wet the towel I was sitting on. I let little spurts go about ten times and my friends never suspected.

I'm one of those people who enjoy pissing their panties - it feels really warm. I've never got to the point of doing it in public on purpose, but because I have a really weak bladder I've done it a lot by accident. I've never pood myself tho. I can post about some of the accidents I've had if you're interested.

I also have one friend who's a wetter like me. We have wet together in private a lot and she told me one story about when we were at a movie together. She had to go so bad that she finally just went on the movie seat and I never even suspected.

I'll post more another time.

Well, I left work today with strong pressure against my anal walls. Went to one of the local colleges and went to the building which is equivalent to a student union. Several people went into the bathroom and one guy went to a stall to do his duty. I was not too far behind to do mine. Tonite, I did not have any farts but I put out 2 good logs with a lot of crackling noise. The guy next to me had a kind of quiet shit but a loud piss. I always enjoy hearing some good farting resonating from the toilet bowl. It was enjoyable tonite. A side note, I see some good looking girls and I think how much they enjoy a decent shit especialy the good looking ones.

Monday, October 25, 1999

To DEE-The phone is wireless and a lot of times i'm expecting phone calls in the a.m. so a lot of times when i know i'm going to be on the bowl awhile,i bring the phone in with me and sometimes i enjoy talking to friends while i'm pooing.I'd love to talk to some of the people on this forum while i'm in there too!! Now that would be nice BYE

Public Toilet Hater
This past weekend I ate at an Olive Garden. After eating, I went to the bathroom. The toilets at the Olive Garden were clean. I did not have to poop, but I would not have minded pooping at the Olive Garden. They did not have turds on the commode seats.

Why can't every public toilet be like this?

The Olive Garden isn't just a great place to eat. It's a great place to poop.

George (Scotland) Thanks for the suggestion about going into the next stall to listen. The only problem was that as the guy walked in, I was walking away from a flushing urinal, so it would have looked suspicious if I went into a stall. Regarding stalls without doors in the U.S., I have not encountered one in years. I live in Florida and travel quite a bit throughout Florida and the southeast, but have never seen one. I know a lot of people on this site talk about them. I guess I just don't have the knack for running across one.

Guess what? I'm pooing as I type this. I borrowed my husband's laptop (he's away on business) and found an extra-long phone cable. The laptop is balanced on my lap - I just let out a booming fart and right now there is what feels like a fat, solid poo coming out of my bottom. It's sliding out slowly, making a crackiling noise and I just made a gassy fart. There it goes. It just slid into the water without making any noise. I just did another little fart. Now here comes another poo and it's coming out faster than the other one. It just fell into the water and made a splash (not a big "ker-sploosh" I'm afraid). I think that's it. I'm straining a bit to see if there's any more poo. No, I'm done. Not much of a smell either. I need to wipe so I'm putting this down for a sec. OK, I wiped my bottom now I'm going to look in the bowl. Yes, th fat one was a big one - 10 inches I reckon and the one that made the splash was smaller and thinner - 5 inches maybe. There you have my play-by-! play, or should I say, poo-by-poo!

Dear all, with regard to the anonymous post concerning skid marks in a urinal, I have a story that is somewhat ammusing, though it wasn't at the time. It also bears on the discussion some time back about which was cleaner, men's rooms or women's. As many of you know, certainly on my "home" forum, I use men's rooms to pee in the urinals from the standing position, and that I do so whenever I can to rewire myself around Paruresis. All well and good, and the vaster majority of my experiences have been enjoyable. But once, not long ago, I used a restroom with only a single urinal, and, despite feeling a serious urge to go and the fun of doing it in the "wrong one," I was in for a shock. When I got in there, the biggest, most horrible, smelliest turd I'd ever seen was lying in the urinal. It must have been as big as my forearm, it was black and just ... leaning there in the porceleine. I felt sick to my stomach. I said aloud: "Oh...! God...!" And I just about ran out of there.I th! ink a properly clean urinal is lots of fun to use, but when it's disgusting, I'm with our friend George. I went next door and used the other one, and while nothing spectacular, it was usable. Another expeerience for the portfolio! PV

Mike, I work as a couch / trainer at a Sport Centre so depending on what sport or activity I am leading I wear the appropriate clothing needed. For example in the colder weather we now have I would be wearing a green track suit,an athletic bra, (I have large breasts so need the support), trainers, cotton socks and a pair of cotton knickers (panties) underneath the tracksuit bottoms, for outdoor activities. I normally wear Sloggi Maxi Briefs white, black or pastle coloured as my usual underpants. If however I am playing hockey or net ball I will wear an cellular (aertex) cotton shirt and a short games skirt and either navy blue or bottle green Montfort cotton interlock school knickers (briefs) beneath. If playing tennis in summer then its the usual white tennis skirt and white Sloggi Maxi Briefs again, and a white bra. Sometimes for athletic type activities, and track events if its warm or I dont want restrictions I will simply wear a blouse, with of course my bra under it, a! nd navy blue Montfort Knickers, quite decent and decorous attire. Now as to your second question "what does it smell like" I am a hygenic person and in the course of my work I often take showers and change my clothes so I hope I DONT smell badly, at least nobody has ever complained and my employers have strict rules about personal hygiene. I can only say that my used clothing would have the normal healthy body smells of a clean woman. I do understand that many men are aroused by female pheromones, (my husband certainly is),so if that is your interest I hope the foregoing answers your query. As for my non working clothes I suppose I wear what any girl in her mid twenties wears these days depending on the weather, occasion etc. If you mean what does my POO smell like, then that depends on what I have been eating but I can only say that it normally has the smell of a healthy normal solid formed bowel movement, a typical girls poo as my husband says.

I can only assume th! at the brown skid marks in the urinal may have been caused by somebody doing a jobbie in the urinal if all the WC cubicles were in use and they couldn't wait. I read here of a woman having to use a gents toilet once when the ladies was closed and the gents only had urinals no WCs and she hitched up her skirt pulled her knickers down to her knees and did a big jobbie into the wall mounted urinal. The only problem would be flushing it away as urinals have a grid in the drain to stop cigarette ends etc clogging the pipes. I also notice from this website that US urinals have an individual flush that the user can then pull while most UK ones are flushed too infrequently in my experience by a central cistern. This accounts for the nasty smell that blokes like George complains so vociferously about. Perhaps mens urinals in the UK should be converted to individual flushing.

The problem of doing a big jobbie then having to go for a pee afterwards is usally more common in men a! s the pressure of the big turd in the rectum against the prostate gland can cause a partial or even full erection and thus prevent urination. My brother and my husband often experience this and remain seated after their big jobbie has come out and do their pee then. I dont think women have this problem but sometimes if I am constipated I will do a wee wee when I first sit on the pan, pass some hard lumps then do another smaller wee wee, then perhaps some more turds. My advice is to remain seated after passing the jobbie and wait for the wee wee to come.

Both my husband and myself have had the occasional accident in our panties and we simply assisted the other to get cleaned and got them clean underpants etc. No big fuss, plenty of love and sympathy. Shit happens as they say and any decent couple will not be judgemental about it. I must say that when I was workimg out once at home and while doing a squatting exercise I accidentally passed a small fat lump in my pantie! s he did find it funny but did get me a clean pair of knickers. I found it amusing too that I had laid an egg in my panties and since it was only about 4 inches long and hard (a lump left inside after I had done a far larger jobbie earlier that day)it didnt squash up or make a mess just a bulge in the seat of my knickers.

Line, perhaps if you didnt strain to pass your motion but let it come out under its own steam as it were it wouldnt break off leaving a load up your back passage. The fluid you refer to is proably the mucus which lubricates the rectum.

Arthur (UK) I suppose if Anne had been wearing the type of school knickers common in those days with elastic through the leg bands and had stood up and remained standing then she would not have come off too badly as long as the motion was a solid one and not loose or diarrhea. This happened to one of my schoolfriends Susan when I was a teenager. We had been to another school for a hockey match and Susan and I! had gone to the girls toilet afterwards. I had done a nice big jobbie but Susan had only passed a couple of hard balls but felt there was more up there to come down. As we had to catch a train home she said she would wait and go on the train if she needed. Now unfortunately there was no toilet on this train it being a short journey suburban service. Susan started to fart and whispered to me that she needed a poo and couldnt wait. I told her to get up and walk to the door and I would join her. On British train carriages there is usually a sort of hallway as it were with the doors. As Susan was wearing white school knickers, briefs with elasticated legs she did it in her pants but as it was solid nothing leaked out. The smell was strong but I suppose people just thought that one of us had farted. When we got off at the station Susan and I went into the nearby ladies toilet and she lifted her pleated skirt and I could see the big bulge in the seat of her knicks. The jobbie had ! hardly squashed at all. She carefully stepped out of her panties and emptied the poo into the toilet pan, then put on the navy blue pair she had worn for hockey instead.

I like this site, especially the school aged children who write, I am 14 and I am still at school. I have some things that I think I can add to this site.
I don't really like using the toilets at school, i find it kind of embarrising, so I try and hold everything in as long as i can. My mum and dad get mad at me sometimes when they find my pants becuase i get them dirty from holding my poo in.
I can normally hold it ok until I get home from school but most fridays i have football practice after school and sometimes i do get my pants dirty. Last friday i was running about in football practice and poo was sliding into my pants, luckily after football practice we can go home in our sports kit so nobody finds out. Most of the time I get skidmarks in my pants anyway but so does my older brother so i don't get into trouble for that.
Does anybody else my age have similar goings on. I'll wait for replys and them write more.


Hi Just got back in town, i was out of town for the weekend. I pooped the first 2 nights(thurs& fri). When i got in tonight i took a major shit. It was huge and i had to push alot!! ahh ahh it felt so good to get rid of it.

To Engaged: Cool story, it was good. You should do it so she catches you!!

To the un named poster(the one that has a friend jake(15): Good story. it was cool and i liked it.


Many Europeans seem to have the impression that all stalls in the U.S. are doorless -- the overwealming majority are similar to those found in Western Europe. I've seen more strange arrangments in Eastern Europe -- countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Traditional comodes -- that you sit on -- are seldom seen in public places. Instead they have holes in the floor with two footprints to tell users where to put their feet. In France and Italy they have similar toilets at public pools, in parks, campgrounds and on the highway. However they normally have doors unless vandals have destroyed them. Porta potties simarilly have a place to stand rather than sit. However you have to step up to the seat level to squat -- the holding tank is below.

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
This is a response to Steph and it bears repeating, especially when travelling: Her stated dilemma was
not being completely clean following multiple wipes after
a dump. I can't imagine travelling *anywhere* without having a supply of Cottonelle (by Kleenex/Kimberly-Clark)
flushable wet wipes in a ziploc bag AND a small squeeze bottle of Purell gel alcohol. Call me obsessive but it makes the whole idea of using a public bathroom more
palatable to be able to disinfect the seat and porcelain with Purell--especially if ass gaskets aren't available and I can't say I always use them when they are supplied. Then, there is NO
reason not to have white paper after wiping when you have
those wet wipes available. Cut 'em in half if you're cheap
(see cheap forum for additional entertainment), but I find they are indispensible and least I can return the favor of your having given me "usable-for-life" instructions regarding positioning during a go! od shit.
Sorry, sweetie, but I can't help but think of you every time I'm in that position! Maybe you'll think of me now every time you wipe yourself with wet wipes and smile that
you don't have to rush to the shower for a good butt scrubbing. Just remember, never be tempted to use Purell to wet toilet paper in the absence of wet wipes--it is alcohol and will burn the rectal mucosa fiercely. In the absence of flushable wipes of any brand, obviously you can pre-tear
and pre-wet the paper before going into the stall. And at home, the sink is usually nearby. I must admit I ALWAYS use wet washcloths in hotel rooms to wash my butt thoroughly after the final shit prior to checking out because I'm usually showered by then and return after breakfast for the reflexively-induced dump. I'm sure housekeeping sees plenty of brown-streaked washcloths during their daily routines for this reason.
Best always...Jay

Jeff A.
Steph: Sorry, but I didn't see your latest posting at the race relations forum. I'm wondering if it didn't make it. I would be interested to see it though.

Beach Mike: to answer your last question: They're out there and you don't need to look for signs. They're just like men, only with different equipment. When you run across one, you'll know.

Cancerchild's halfbrother
Hey all. Zac introduced this site to me. Cool. I have a condition called Mega colon and have never enjoyed poop. I strain so much enemas are normal and do not work. I tried to just not do it but it makes me end up in the hospital. Well anyways gotta go.

Beachmike was asking if anyone had ever seen anyone peeing in public - guess im lucky ive seen both!!
one night about midnight we had been out somewhere and coming home. The streets were now quite deserted and i was driving along the road near home. I rounded a bend and couldnt beleive my eyes!!! There was a guy standing in the middle of the road (i mean middle - on the white strip down the middle) facing towards the car with his pants down by his ankles pissing all over the road. I had high beam on so you couldnt miss a thing. I had to slow right down to avoid missing and had to pass within 1 foot of him while he continued to piss. He didnt even flinch!!!
Another time we went for a trip to Queensland - on the way back we went from Gilgandra to Wilcannia. Anyone who knows Australia will appreciate just hoe desolate this trip is - nothing but desert and saltbush. On the way we came across a convoy of Army people - it was truck after truck of army guys. What the hell the! y were doing was a mystery but i was overtaking these trucks by the hundreds. Eventually - we come toward one truck that was parked at the side of the road. I could see all the guys sitting in the back and wondered what was up. As we passes there was a guy on the side of the road in front of the truck - pants down by his ankles -squatting for obvious reasons. Of course this was all very exciting but i was travelling at such a speed that you couldnt really take much in. I would have liked to stop and get a closer look!!!! I wonder how he felt knowing he had to drop a load with all those army guys in the truck and knowing that he could get caught at any moment - he MUST have been desperate!!!!!
Like to hear more stories like these!!!

Ryan, yes Paul did poop in front of me a number of times after that. He wasn't interested in watching me, though. There was only the one time when he did it outside, which I described earlier. Through our teen years I watched him dump at both my house and his. As he got closer to 18 years old he became more shy about letting me watch him.
We're still good friends, though. The best was when we were at his place alone and we were both 14 or 15. By now he was OK about me watching. He said he had to shit and did I want to come in with him? I said sure and sat on the edge of the bathtub as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. He sat down and held his penis down and started to pee strongly. "aah" he groaned with relief. We started making conversation and when I asked him something he didn't answer right away. Instead, his face and neck tensed up and he leaned over and strained while attempting to talk to me. Then he said "hang on a minute" an! d pushed as hard as he could. "uuunnngghh" he grunted.
Then he sat straight up on the toilet, looked down between his legs and his mouth opened while he concentrated. Finally I could hear the beginning of his shit starting to come out. "Whoa, it's another big one" he said and we both laughed. "OK, man, let's see" I said. Paul spread his legs and raised his penis and balls up, then he raised up on his toes and I could see a fat, firm brown log hanging out of him! It started to move again and Paul grunted some more "uunngghh, that feels so good". I congratulated him on the size of his turd. "Yeah and it's still coming", he grunted. Finally it fell from his hole and he let out a big "aahh". Paul relaxed for a few seconds then pushed again, but only a fart came. "Man, that's huge", Paul said, obviously proud of what he'd done. He spread his legs wide and let me look into the bowl directly above him. The log was about 9 inches long and very thick; the firm end was well down th! e hole and the softer end was up out of the water at the front of the bowl. Paul took some TP and stuffed it into his crack, looking at the soiled paper each time he wiped. It was a memorable shit and a great experience to be friends with a guy who was this open. I don't know if I should bring subject this up with him now that we're both 24! But having these experiences with Paul did no harm to either of us and I remember them with a smile. All the best to you Ryan, and keep posting! Please describe some of your shits in detail. We need more about guys' shitting experiences here. 'Bye for now, Daniel.

to a: i have two children (6 and 2) and Craig (the elder of them) flushes all sorts of "stuff" down the toilet other than what he's supposed to. he flushed a set of car keys down the toilet, a (small) teddy bear, a batman action figure, a t-shirt (which clogged) and his toothbrush. we're fortunate to have a resiliant toilet to the abuse Craig's put it through (I don't know what I'll do when Marie turns 5...). I put the toilet through a good workout once in a while, sometimes I have a good poop that's pretty big, otherwise some (ahem) personal items and toilet paper. And when I change Marie's pampers, I flush the diaper and some baby wipes... (I used to have Craig flush his dirty pullups when he wore them). Oh, and sometimes I flush paper towels I squish spiders with.

Sunday, October 24, 1999

I saw something very interesting today in the men's room of my office. I went in to pee and used one of the urinals. As I looked down, I swear I saw what looked like skidmarks at the bottom of the basin. I flushed and waited for the water to stop. The skidmarks were still there. A couple of hours later I went back in to pee and used the same urinal. By this time the cleaning guy had made his daily stop just a few minutes earlier, since there was a hint of ammonia scent in the air. The skidmarks were gone. I wonder how the skidmarks got there in the first place.

Have flushed many things down the toilet, pizza, old socks, shorts, bags, chips, tons of vomit, condoms and other things that might be in the way or don't really constitute taking up trash can space. I have an "industrial" type "jet" flush on my toilet, really good for getting rid of most anything, have to say that I have never been able to clog it either, this thing really has alot of force.
(New Subject, sorry, it's a little off) Have any of you ever noticed that as you lose body fat, due to diet and exercise, that your bottom becomes less padded, and therefore a little more sensitive to the toilet seat. I guess I will get use to it, it's not really that drastic a change, but I can tell that it is different, harder.
(regarding masthead) Yes, tis time for a change, but for a woman, sorry peeps, I just don't really think I would enjoy a guy up there. . .call me sexist but it's just my preference. Well, I guess I better keep it short, gotta go, see you soon.

! VEC-

Gary mentioned the time he was dating his wife-to-be and she needed a #2 and he took her to her place.
I lost my virginity at such an occasion.
I took a gorgeous woman I knew at work to the opera. She and I had flirted at work and I offered to take her to the opera (which I love) and she accepted (I was quite surprised - she is married - I never asked about her husband). She wore this amazing strapless mini-skirt black formal (this was about 1970). She was the hottest looking thing in the house. We played handsies all during the opera. On the drive back home (I'm not making this up) I needed number two and told her that I would stop at my place (nearer than hers) to accomplish the deed. We got there and went in. I did what I badly had to do; she went in and probably just peed. Then she came out and, well, it was very nice.

I have a very annoying problem. Sometimes I am pooping and a peice of my poop brakes off and the rest of it will not come out and gets lodged in my butt! I strain to get the poop out and a clearish fluid comes out of my butt but no poop. Anyone else have this problem?

To a: When I am at school I flsuh candy wrappers, papers, candy, gum, and marshmallows down the toilet. At home all the same things. What about you?


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