School outings are sometimes memorable. Many years ago I went on a school outing to York and there were no toilet stops either coming or going. We were all about 13 or 14 at the time. York was about 80-90 miles from the school. We all 'lasted' on the outward journey but it was more down to luck than judgement!

At first nothing exceptional happened and I didn't expect it to either. However, when we visited the railway museum late in the afternoon a number of girls from our party were seen waiting outside the ladies loos. A girl called Anne, putting her hand on her skirt, called to me and informed me that she and her mates were going for a 'wee wee'. Big deal!

On the return journey, however, much consternation was aroused when Anne, who obviously needed a poo, farted. Quite why she'd not done one earlier, I didn't understand. Maybe she'd not felt like it or didn't want to embarrass the other girls. Maybe it was due to the beans and chips I'd seen her ea! ting in the shambles at teatime. Anyhow, Anne lasted until we got home, but I've often wondered what it would have been like if she'd not been so lucky and pooed herself. I'm sure other people have had similar experiences on school trips.

An Interested Reader
Have any men and women (married or unmarried couples ever been forced to poop themselves in each other's presence, and later help each other clean themselves? Let's hear from you.

Hello all and have a nice "trick or treat" on October 31.

Nonny, this is yet another manifestation of "Political Correctness" and such attitiudes are coming in over here in the UK to a lesser extent than in the USA. Now I totally support protecting children from any type of abuse or exploitation, physical or otherwise. However, this example just shows how obsessed and over protective society is becoming. When I was a kid, in the 1950s and 1960s a sibling helping a younger child to do the toilet outside and avoid a wet or messing accident would have been looked on as perfectly natural and perhaps slightly amusing by anyone observing the scenario. I feel it is time we got our common sense back.

Jacob G, I assume your restroom has those horrible doorless stalls that you Americans have, otherwise you could have simply waited till he closed the door then entered an adjoining stall and sat there and listened to his performance then waited till he had finished and g! one away. I have done this often at school and in public toilets but of course in the UK virtually all toilet stalls or cubicles have lockable doors. By the way, you dont describe any "plops!" I assume there were some as the bloke had his dump. I also read of a bar which has opened in England with a unisex toilet.(shades of Ally Mac Beal). As it is a chain I hope they open one in Glasgow. I assume all cubicles with lockable doors no dirty smelly urinals. HOORRAY! Three cheers!!!!!! Moira says that in her office although by law there are separate ladies and gents toilets, none of the staff are too bothered that they use each others facilities. Is this a "lawyer" thing?

Cindy and Buzzy, if I am needing a motion and the phone rings or the door bell goes, TOUGH! they just have to wait. Likewise if anyone is talking to me I politely break off the conversation and tell them I have to go to the toilet. The answerphone deals with calls and anyone I am expecting would wait on ! if they knew I was in. I wont take the risk of an accident in my panties just to answer the phone. If it was anything important they would call on the mobile and I would and have answered people while sitting on the pan.

On the standing up and hovering over the toilet pan issue. My Aunt Helen did this sometimes at home if she was doing a really big jobbie as she said it made it come out easier. She had a good aim and didnt miss the toilet pan and the "KUR-SPULL-LOONK!" sound effect was fantastic! Does anyone else adopt this position?

Lettuce type foods generally do not bother my bowel movements but on occassion when I eat too much salad, I do get looser liquid bowels.

Tonight, I was on a pay phone in a shopping center after most of the stores had closed. Noone was present and I really had to pee. As I was talking, I just whipped it out and peed while I continued to talk. I'm voyeuristic but on this occasion too was out of necessity.

I have never observed a male or female pooing outdoors. I have caught females on more than one occasion peeing.

This has nothing to do with the subject but I never meet any horny women. Where are they and what type of signs do I need to look for?

Mark B
Re what Jacob G said, yes there are times when I see a guy going into the cubicle and I really want to stay around to hear them doing their stuff. I like it if their is a gap below the door and you can see their pants around their ankles. But it usually happens just as I am finishing washing my hands or combing my hair or something, and there is no reason to hang around. Esp if its at work, it would just be too obvious!
Of course its only certain guys who give me this turn-on. It's definitely partly a sex thing, but we all know that. But then eating can be partly a sex thing as well. So can loads of activities. Just look at contact ads: people seem to be into a vast range of things.


Sweet Audrina
To Heather: I have the same problem as you. Whenever I try to pee in public restrooms (if there is hardly any noise, usually. ) I just can't. The pee won't come out. My sister doesn't beleive me and always thinks I am pooping when I am really trying to pee.

Do any of you find that after a big jobbie that feels so good to get rid of, you wipe and wash and walk out of the loo, not more than two minutes later you realize that you have to pee like mad? Why couldn't you do that immediately after your jobbie or before? Certainly all that poo is pressing on your bladder so why didn't you have to pee like mad when you sat down to have your BM?

Responding to "Very interested," You wanted to know If anyone peed in a bathing suit, here's my story.

I was about eleven years old and at my cousins' house, and we had just gotten out of their pool. Anna (age ten), Rob (age 14) and I were playing badminton in the yard and we were drying off pretty fast from the sun.
I had to pee really bad. But I was winning, and our policy is, if you stop the game for any reason, the other person automatically wins. So I hit the badminton thing very far and they went to find it, and while they were doing that, I peed in the grass.
They didn't suspect a thing.

To Daniel (UK): I don't really eat alot but I do eat more than a human being should. I'm not fat. And that's for sure. Well about my dumping times. I used to be able to hold my poop for 2 or 3 weeks and always made turds as large as an apple or tomato. My mom and dad always got mad at me because during these times I would have urges to go but would continuely hold and would have heavy skid marks. Sometimes I would even have poop in them. Then when they forced me to go I finally went. It took me a long time. One time I waited so long that I had to poop in different sessions. One time they bought me these pills. I guess they were laxatives or something. But I never went after I took one because I just didn't want to go. As years past on I matured more and now can't even hold it past 4 days. I guess my muscles weakened and can't handle as much as it used to. I'm in 8th grade. Did you and Paul ever poop in from of each other after that one time. If so please tell me the story. And! be really detailed. It doesn't bother me one bit.

For anyone: For some reason in the past 4 or 5 months many of my bowel movements come out as little turds. Sometimes I'll sit on the toilet and push really hard and a bunch of little turds will come out and make little splashing noises. The doesn't happen all the time but does happen more than half the time. Is there something in my diet that makes this happen. I know it's not medication because I'm not taking any.

Teenaged Girl, why didn't you girls measure how much you peed? Measuring time is not accurate because you each pee at different rates (fat streams or thin streams). Measuring size of puddle is not accurate because some of you may have had your pee soak into a crack or something. Only careful measurement will tell which of you can pee the most. So go try it again and then tell us the results!
I hope you win this time!
Thanks for the story. It was really neat.

Moira (scotland), NO, I truly meant a ten FOOT long continuous turd. It was of almost consistant thickness, though it varied a bit. The implication (to my mind) was that this "man" (human) was going through life accomplishing nothing more than producing his endless jobbie.
This is the Whitney Museum in New York City:

Mahatma Ghandi
There once was a woman named alice,
Who used a dynamite stick for a phallus
they found her vagina in north carolina
and half of her asshole in dallas.

In the days of old when knights were bold,
and toilets weren't invented,
they dumped their load in the middle of the road,
and walked away contented.

Ok, seriously, I have a friend who at an entire tub of red vines in a single sitting. The next time he took a shit, it was dyed that fake-looking lipstick red. Amazing. The toilet water was just swimming with these little mucousy, bright red "streamers" dangling from his poop. It left streaks on the toilet for days.

Hi everyone, this place is really cool! I just moved in with my girlfriend Tracy about a month ago, and we've been going together for almost a year now. I've only seen her on the toilet once, and that was for a pee. She's gorgeous, with a real healthy athletic body. I just found out how exciting this sort of thing can be, and I've never had a feeling equal to this in my life!!! I should start off relating this experience. It was last Sunday morning I came in with a cup of coffee for her. She wasn't in bed, so I looked in our bathroom off the bedroom and she was in there siting on the pot. I didn't think anytghing of it, and waked in with her coffee. I said "Here honey, her'es your coffee." and she just grinned and said "thanks." I thouglht she was only peeing, but after I got in there, I could smell it!! Wow! could I ever smell it. It was awful. She figured out that I was feeling awkward, and she said "I'm doing my morning poopie." I wasn’t sure what to do, so I le! ft her in peace. The door wasn't closed, so I didn't close it ehwn I left. I layed down on th ebed and sort of watched from an angle.
She took about 15 minutes in there, grunting and farting. I could hear lots of splashes one after another. There was a long silence, and I heard her sipping the coffee, and then she grunted hard and many huge plops were hitgting the water. Then she said "I'm takin' a big one sweetie, how about another cup?" and I poured her more coffee. When I brought it in, the room was reeking, adn the smell was drifting into th ebedroom. But she looked great! beautiful white legs flattened out on the toilet seat, with blue satin panties pulled up high on her thighs, and a huge oversized Hilfiger T shirt on. She looked up at me and grinned and said "Thank you sweetheart" and she set the cup on the floor, and began pulling off toilet patper. I watched her as she wiped her cute butt about nine times. I was so excited and she could tell too, so we t! alked about it later. Yesterday, she was doing laundry, and took a "poopie' break with the door open while reading the TV guide. I watched from the door and she let me. It wasn't nearly as stinky though. Tomorrow I want her to catch me and see what happens. Think I should?

Hi guys!

Sorry, I know I haven't posted in a while, everything (in my life) has been so busy and hectic.

Jeff A. and Toledo, please check out my latest posting in *Race Relations* when you have a chance.

I'll write about some recent bathroom experiences but first a few answers to some recent posts. Although I don't read and post as often as I'd like to, I did make it a point to read all of the posts since last time.

Nonny, my father is Swiss (I was born and raised in America) and helped toilet train me. He hasn't seen me naked since I was toilet trained about 18-19 years ago, I'm now 21. Attitudes in Europe are supposedly more "liberated" than in the states. I've seen fathers take their young daughters into the mens' room in places such as Geneva Airport. I know this *can* happen in the US or Canada, but it's not as common.

Cindy, this is a nice, friendly group. I'm happy to read that you were able to poop in the toilet just i! n time.

Line, I love going to the bathroom and "buddy dumping," but I think vandalizing bathrooms with shit-stained toilet paper is gross. You were better off not asking...

Teenaged Girl, you seem to have a great relationship with your boyfriend. Peeing together can very well bring both of you closer together. Also, bravo to your boyfriend for not getting angry with you for accidentially peeing while you were in "the act."

Linda, great to hear from you again. I hope you able to plop those poops in silence and privacy, just the way you like to. Hugs and kisses, I love you bunches!!!

Cancer Child's Cousin, my condolences on the deaths of Julian and your brother. There's been a lot of tragedy in your family and I wish you all the best, you deserve it.

Lee, I think most people would not deliberately go to the bathroom (on each other) during sex, though I can see how a nice "buddy dump" or "buddy pee" would make good foreplay. (Mo! derators, sorry if that is out-of-line).

OK, on to my story. One of my roommates, Michelle (who, like me, is also a vegetarian), and I are going out for Thai food this evening. She from Morocco and has promised, at a future date, to cook me some Couscous dish- she said it's very spicy, similar to Thai food. As some of you may know, I love eating spicy foods, but they don't love me. A great "natural laxative," if you know what I mean :).

I did take a notable dump about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It was a little softer and smellier than usual, although I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. There were four logs by the time I was done, the largest being about 7 inches long. The following is not an exaggeration: after wiping my vagina (I also peed, as I usually do when shitting), I wiped my bum at least 10 times, and there was still a considerable amount of poop on the paper the last time I wiped. I did flush the toilet after the fifth wipe. My butt was stil! l dirty and I had little stains on my panties afterwards. I vigourously scrubbed my butt when I showered later that evening. Doesn't it drive you crazy when you can't get "clean" even after wiping so many times?

Peace and love to everyone, Steph

Dee, twice the past week or two a female friend of mine has called just as I got to the loo and relaxed and began jetting a most comfortable releiving stream. The first time I waited a while since there was no way I could cut it off soon; when I did cut it off it was not too uncomfortable. Just this evening it happened again; I had just started and should have let the answering machine do its thing. Instead I clamped down way before I had let most of it out and it stung really badly. I probably should do that more often to strengthen my muscle so it can cut off quickly without pain.

Last month I was out walking in the country near Sheffield with my friend Jake, who is 15. While we were crossing a field he asked me if we would reaching a village soon, as he needed to go to the toilet. I asked him if he wanted to pee, although I was secretly hoping he meant something else.
No, he said he needed to take a dump.
We were crossing a big field at the time. Then he said he would have to go as soon as we reached the hedge at the side of the field, as he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer. He said that he had meant to go before we set out, but was in a hurry. He said that he hadn’t been to the toilet for days.
We were still quite a way from the hedge when he told me again that he could’nt wait, and was really trying to hold it in. He was walking in front of me. Suddenly he stopped, and let out a long groan. I realised he was doing a poo in his pants.
‘I’ve been dirty in my pants’, he said, obviously shocked. ‘I need to do more’, he went on. I’! m trying hard to hold it in’.
I told him to just do it, and that was better than trying to hold it in.
I saw a bulge appear in the back of his jeans. This made me excited, but I didn’t let him realise I felt like this.
When we reached the hedge, he went and pulled his jeans down. I pretended not to watch, but had a good look when he thought I wasn’t watching. His white briefs were bulging out at the back, and a long poo was pushing down below the edge of his briefs.
He took his trainers off, and pulled his briefs down. Some poo was still squeezing out of his bum. His briefs were full of poo. He took them off and left them.
He wiped his shitty arse with a hanky and pulled his jeans up. We went home.
Next day I couldn’t resist going back there on my own. His dirty underpants were still there. I did my own poo next to them. I felt really excited by this.

Buzzy, I'm assuming that means your phone is within reach of your toilet?

Mr. Happee
I enjoy hearing about women peeing in pools, lakes,
and showers...if anyone would care to admit or
share their experiances..i would sure appreciate it.
I always pee in the shower or pool. I guess i feel everyone does it so why not enjoy the warm sensation and naughtiness
associated with it..

My two friends and I are all uncircumcised. So we had a contest. We all peed and held the tip of our foreskins tight, and saw which of us could hold the most in there before having to let go. I won. My foreskin is very loose and long, so I was able to pee at a steady rate for about twenty seconds and my foreskin bubbled out about two and a half inches. But the strange thing is, both of their penises are bigger than mine, and I was able to hold twice as much as they could.

Saturday, October 23, 1999

I was looking at a recent copy of Maxim the other day and it has pictures of the very lovely Rachel Hunter. On the cover and inside, there is a picture of Rachel squatting, and it looks so much like she is about to shit. Or is it just my wicked imagination?
Nicola, I love your descriptions of your no.2s. I would love to know more about what you wear at work (I assume this is where you usually do them) and what it smells like.

MR. HAPPEE: Hey, dude, no problem, I wasn't coming at you, really! I just re-read my post, I think I got a bit carried away with my rant at the demon -- not at you, promise! Your ex could whiz four feet? One powerful lady, I'm so sorry you broke up. And thanks for the praise, it mans a lot, promise! All my best, PV

Public Toilet Hater
Here's another incident where a nasty public toilet caused a great deal of trouble.

When I was a teenager, during the summer, I swam every day at a public swimming pool. Once, while I was doing my laps, my stomach started cramping. The night before, I had eaten a large dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I had a sudden urge to poop. I went to the men's room, and checked out the stalls. Every commode was covered by poop. There were turds smeared all over the lids, and the stalls stank of pee and feces. Puddles of urine stood on the floor. Those commodes had not been cleaned in weeks. I went back outside, to go to the nearest exit. I was going to try to hold my bowels until I could get home. I had to walk by a pretty lifeguard, and as I walked past, I farted loudly. She looked at me and snickered. It was uncontrollable. I farted every time I took a step. There wasn't any way out except to go past her. She started laughing. My farts were louder and louder. Su! ddenly, it wasn't just farts. I could not control my bowels. I pooped quite loudly in my swim trunks, right in front of her. She gasped, got terribly embarrassed, and turned away as I walked out the gate. I farted and pooped like crazy as I scurried to my car in the parking lot. Several children were laughing at me as I loudly pooped all over myself. Brown stains were showing on my backside as everyone in the pool roared in laughter, enjoying the spectacle of a teenager shitting all over himself. I got in the car, and pooped my pants again on the way home.

At the time I was living with my parents. When I got home, a very vindictive and self-righteous church lady was visiting my mother. I tried to sneak in the back door, but the spiteful church lady heard me and approached me to browbeat me over something or the other. While she gave me a tonguelashing, I crapped my swim trunks again. I had liquid brown diarrhea running down my legs, and I smelled like a se! wer. I pushed her aside, and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. My swimming trunks, which had been blue, were now brown. I had to take a major shower.

All of this embarrassment would have been avoided if the commodes at the pool had been somewhat clean. Because I could not find a clean commode to sit on, I was humiliated in front of a beautiful lifeguard, small children, other pool patrons, and a pompous church hag.

Even so, I would rather poop my pants in front of thousands of people than to sit on a seat covered by shit and urine.

I hate public toilets. There ought to be a law about keeping them clean.


What do you all flush down the toilet, besides pee and poop?

I know people who will flush long as it will go down.

Folks, this is hard to believe, but I just read the Denver Post on-line clipping for myself, after being hipped to it on Usenet. An eleven-year-old boy in Colorado, a Swiss citizen, was arrested after a woman described as a "nosey neighbor" saw him helping his five-year-old sister to pee outdoors in the garden. He had reportedly helped her pull down her pants so she could squat and pee outdoors. He was arrested and charged with "attempted incest". His parents fled back to Switzerland with their other children, fearing that the police would also seize the remaining kids. It has caused an absolute uproar in the European press. They think we Americans are completely nuts in our puritanical attitude about kids doing perfectly normal human things like this. Obviously they're right. We ARE nuts. What does it take to put an end to invasive and abusive police behavior such as this?

I did something impulsive at work today I've never done before. I had just urinated and was washing my hands when this guy, who works on the floor below mine, came into the restroom. I've always wanted to be in the restroom when he takes a dump to see what kind of noises he makes, but never had been because we work on different floors. I don't really know him, beyond the usual hello and good morning, but he seems to be really friendly, outgoing, and uninhibited. Well anyway, he walked in and started small talk about which stall was the cleanest. He went into the middle stall and continued to talk as he pulled down his pants. Almost immediately, he grunted really loudly, then continued to inhale and exhale rather loudly. By this point I had washed my hands and combed my hair enough, so I decided I better leave. I opened the first door and entered the small room between the bathroom and hallway. That's when I suddenly and unexpectedly made an impulsive decision. I open! ed the hallway door, then let it shut, but I stayed in the small room so I could continue to listen through the vents in the door. He kept grunting and straining. The whole time, my heart was pounding because I could not believe I was doing this, especially at work, and I was afraid someone might walk in and see me there. After about a minute, I heard him tearing off toilet paper, so I figured I better sneak out of there. I quietly opened the hall door, but I could not let it gently shut, because a bunch a people were coming down the hall and looking directly at me. I had to let it shut with its usual bang. I don't know if the guy figured out what I was doing. Maybe he thought it was another nearby door. Later, I passed him in the hallway and said hello like he always does.

Hi folks. My wife Jane posted a couple of times and mentioned she would never let me in the bathroom while she did a #2 while we were dating. She told me about this site, and I couldn't believe people would actually write stories about this stuff. I don't quite share her fascination with using the toilet, but I recalled about one incident that happened while we were still dating.

We had dinner at a fairly expensive restaurant, and I was about to take Jane home. We were going to pass my place before getting to hers. As we were nearing my place, Jane suddenly said, "Gary, I have to use the bathroom right away. Can we stop somewhere?" I said we were nearing my place, and she said to go there so she could use my bathroom.

We got to my place, I opened the door, and Jane, who was right behind, ran inside and bolted for the bathroom. She was in such a hurry that she didn't close the door. I was about to follow her in but decided to just wait outside. She s! at down and immediately let loose a massive cascade of semi-liquid shit. She paused for a few seconds, then grunted and out came a loud fart that echoed throughout the bathroom, then another huge load, this time a soft mushy load. The smell started to come out of the bathroom. She flushed the toilet, but I could still hear farts and plops as the water refilled. Once the water stopped, she flushed again. I went to check messages on the answering machine, then went back to check on Jane.

The bathroom door was still open, and Jane continued to push out loads of poop. I was just outside the door, and I asked her if she was all right. She said yes, that she was almost done. I went to get her a glass of water. A couple of minutes later Jane emerged from the bathroom. She said it might have been something she ate but was sorry she made a mess in my bathroom. I said don't worry about it and gave her a hug. We cuddled on the sofa for a while then I took her home.
It wasn't until Jane told me about this site that I recalled the incident. At first she didn't remember but then recalled the time we went to that place and what happened afterward. She was surprised that I remembered, and even more surprised that I remembered all the details of what she did in the bathroom. Nowadays she doesn't mind if I walk in while she's in the bathroom, but I try not to. I still somewhat value my privacy when it comes to using the toilet, but I won't mind when she comes in. I don't know if we'll start doing the buddy dump, though. You may hear from Jane a few more times.

Hi gang. This place is so freindly, that is nice. I had a near accident yesterday. I usually like to poop after school, it is when there is the most privacy, so no one will walk in on me and see my face all red or contorted while I try to pass my log. Yesterday I could feel the urge to poo growing in 7th and 8th periods (my school has 8 periods). Walking between classes was a bit difficult, especially when I passed the girls room and could hear a toilet flush, but I hate using public bathrooms for number 2. But that sound made me more in need of relief from my log. After school I rode the bus and pressed my butt into the sit, that felt better, but then I had to walk to my house after I was dropped off. That was diffcult. I walked slowly inside, trying to act like nothing was wrong, but my little anus was really straining now. My mom started talking some nonsense and I tried to act interested but I was thinking "Oh Please shut up! I need to poo!". Then the phone rang! and while she answered it I headed for the bathroom. My anus was trembling now, I had to stop on the stairs and squeeze for a few seconds, I was not sure I could make it. Sometimes I just wait too long, and this looked like one of those times. I could see the open bathroom door at the top of the stairs, and was dying to make it there. Then I felt the pressure subside for a moment, and made a run for it. I got in the bathroom, closed the door quickly, and practically jumped to a spot in front of the toilet. Then it hit me again. I had to make a quick decision to pull down my panties, or try and stand over the toilet and squeeze again to keep the poop inside until I could have more control over the process. I did not think my anus could hold it again so I pulled down my panties and at the same time the poop started coming as I was lowering my butt. The log was in the bowl before I could even get my butt on the seat (I could see it as I bent to pull my panties down). O! h man that was close! I could not believe I had made it. I started farting my butt off as soon as the log had cleared my anus. I also peed quite a bit. It was so relieving to know I did not poop my panties. Plus this was an easy gliding log, so I did not have to strain at all! I wiped a few times, and then looked at the results. The poop had obviously hit the back of the bowl, there was a streak right down the back into the water, probably because of the angle I had to use when pulling down my panties while sitting down. Afterwards I heard my mom calling me, so she could finish her silly story.

Nicola - Thanks for the response. I bet those big sausage shaped logs are very relieving! I cannot imaging pooing a big one every day!


To DEE-I've had it happen when the phone rings or someone is at the door and you are peeing or pooing.I can usually stop peeing to answer the phone or get the door unless i've just started and i have to pee bad,then i just ignore the door and phone.If i'm pooing and the phone rings i answer it.Usually it's someone i know and i just continue to empty my rectum.I have this one friend who calls and sometimes we are both pooing at the same time so then i just let it all out with pooing and farting,but if it's someone i don't know i try to be cool about it and try to get them off the phone.But sometimes i get pesky solicitors calling and they won't take no for an answer,so i just poo while they are trying to sell me somthing(check one of my old posts about this)If the doorbell rings and i'm pooing,i just ignore it because i wasn't expecting anyone so it's their tough luck-they should have called me.If i'm expectng a friend and i suddenly have to poo i leave the door open and yell ! to them to come in!Just wing it Dee,by the way sounded like a nice pee and poo you did! To Nicola(uk)-I've done the standing up poo a number of times,because of dirty bathrooms and toilets and by them i have to really go bad so all i have to do is pull down my pants to my feet and lean foreward and squat a bit and out it comes!Once or twice i've looked between my legs just to make sure i'm going in the bowl and the poos come out in these long,soft pieces.If i got to go bad,these poos are really long!One could miss the bowl in this position and you have to be careful.I've also done that position outdoors just for a change.Sometimes i stand straight up and just spread my buttocks slightly and poo and that's pretty cool to do too!Some yaers ago,i went out with this girl with a really nice butt and i used to watch her pee and poop.Her butt had a separation between her cheeks and you could see her anus very clearly even when she was standing up straight.Sometimes she would stand st! raight up and poop.You could see her anus open up and out came these big,long poos.It was wild!She was a vegitatian and boy she did some big ones,a bit one the soft side,but big!We used to go out in the woods to poo,it was fun!As far as to the question as to pooing while having sex-NO not while actually in the act,but foreplay,yes-and that's all i'll say about that!Don't want to upset the powers that be on this forum!Just think about it!BYE

very interested
Cool story. Thanks for responding Teenage Girl. Have you ever gone through a bathing suit or panties (While not in water?)

Had the best lunch break today........After I ate..I decided to treat myself to a nice, leisurly pee. (being pregnant makes me pee quite often). I went to the ladies room down the hall and no one was in there so I had my choice of stalls. I chose the one closest to the sinks....hung up my purse, pulled down my panyhose and panties to my knees and let loose. I must have peed for at least a minute!!! Afterwards I leaned back and decided to take a 5-10 minute nap while sitting there. I've done this before and it's so refreshing. After about 2 minutes a cleaning lady walks in with her mop and bucket. She starts cleaning the floor and emptying the trash cans. I wasn't going to let that ruin my nap. Turns out I had to do a number 2 as well. I was hoping she would leave and sure enough she did!!!! I was able to hold it until she was finished cleaning up. I leaned forward gave a good push and my jobbie slid right out. I remained in this position for another minute in case more h! ad to come out. I just farted a few times and leaned this time I had to pee again. I sat there another 3 minutes before wiping and getting out. I went back to the office feeling refreshed...boy was that the best lunch break!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Cindy. You're not alone. ifeel your pain. Share your stories and I'll tell you some of my own. Don't be afraid. Also Nikki how was it to pop in your pampies (panties) I could NEVER do that.. not on purpose anyway. I've fought it till the bitter end. Please tell me what it was like.

Public Toilet Hater
To Line -

Boy's rooms in schools are usually very nasty. Men and boys seem to always wreck a public toilet. That's why men's rooms need some kind of way to ensure that the toilets are disinfected often.

When the first male pees all over the lid, no one else will touch it. They see the urine, and they also pee all over it. Then when a man poops, he doesn't want to sit in the urine, so he hovers over the commode and poops all over the place. The result is a nasty stall filled with turds and urine.

The other day on the bus (yes, I have to ride the dreaded bus with 50 people on it to school) on the way to school some guy in front of me was talking about hwo no one ever wants to take a shit in the boy's bathroom cuz there's dirty toilet paper everywhere. then he said that once while drying his hands under one of those heater things in the bathroom he had found that there was a peice of toilet paper covered in shit hanging out of it. I wanted to ask how someone could get shit on a peice of toilet paper if no one pooped in the boy's bathroom, but I didn't want to be a buttinsky, since I don;t even know him. Just my dumb yammering for the day.


Mr. Happee
PV, I am not sure i understood what you said in regard
to my post, but i hope your not upset with me. I meant
nothing bad by my post. I love to watch women pee standing
up. My ex used to pee outdoors and in the shower standing
and tilting her pelvis upward and spreading her lips. She
could pee as far as 3 or 4 feet sometimes. This world needs
more women like PV, who are open minded and willing to explore. I just wish i could be lucky enough to meet some
one of them again. Happy peeing everyone.

Public Toilet Hater
To BeachMike:

Your story was funny, but I bet it was not funny to you when it happened.

Once I stopped in a KFC restaurant near Savannah, Georgia. I was making my way to the urinal when a large gentleman muscled his way in front of me. He pushed me aside, and unzipped, and urinated. Then he flushed the urinal. Instead of flushing, the thing blasted all the water out on the guy! All that pee blew onto his face and shirt! He had pee in his eyes, nose, and mouth. The guy roared in rage. I ran out of the bathroom, out to my car, and drove off. I later urinated beside the road. I also like to keep a large cup in the car, in case I need to pee.

When I lived out west, I had a friend who peed beside the road all the time. He also hated public toilets, and refused to use them. Smart guy. It is a lot safer to pee and poop outside than to use a filthy public toilet.

Target stores (a US chain of department stores) almost always have clean restrooms. Barnes & Noble bookstores are good about keeping their bathrooms clean too. Fast-food restaurants are among the worst, along with gas stations, and rest areas.

So, if I cannot avoid a public toilet, I look for either a Target store or a Barnes & Noble. Otherwise, I look for a bush, or I just load my pants. I seldom have to load my pants. Usually I can find somewhere to go.

Sweet Audrina
I read a book called "Beyond Chico" by Rose Safferne (hadn't heard of her till I read the book, but maybe some of you have) and there was a scene in it where the main character shit her pants. I thought this was odd since most books do not talk about such things.

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