Yesterday I was walking to the parking lot to get my car and I suddenly needed to poo badly - I hadn't done my lunchtime poo at work. I got to my car and decided to poo on the ground as I'd never make it home. I'd done this 3 or 4 times before and there was a car next to mine so I could go between them. I looked around to see if anyone was coming, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and panty hose and squatted. After a loud fart, I could feel a sizeable poo coming out. It took about 3 minutes for this poo to come out and in this time a few cars and people went by and nobody seemed to notice me. The first poo that fell to the ground was about 8 inches long. Just as the second poo was coming out I peed a torrent which trickled into the paths of the cars going by. I had the second poo half way out of my bottom and thought I'd gotten away without being seen when a woman appeared from nowhere. Just my luck - the next to mine was hers. At first she looked shocked and said "ar! e you OK?" I replied I was but couldn't wait. Then she said "poor thing - I won't move my car until you've finished." I thanked her. Then she started a conversation and watched me continue my poo. I felt odd squatting and pooing while this woman watched me. Then she said incredibly "you know I'd planned to take a dump here too, but I think I'll wait until I get home!" These were smelly poos and I kept farting a lot so I don't think she liked the idea of squatting next to me. After the second poo came out I told her that I had one more to do and she was fine about it. Then I wiped with a kleenex, adjusted my clothing and we both got in our cars.

Hi everyone! Someone made reference to my husband Gary's story about my having to do a major #2 after one of our dates. For the record, we stopped by his place, not mine. And no, I did not lose my virginity that night, either.

There was one time when I was in the mall with my friends Carrie and Sara. We were having lunch in the food court when Sara mentioned she had taken a laxative for the first time the night before. I asked her why she took one, and she said she had been constipated the last two days. It that time of the semester for mid-term exams, so there was a stress factor. Sara was hoping that the laxative would loosen things up so her stomach wouldn't ache as much.

After lunch we were shopping in Macy's when Sara said she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and needed to rush to the ladies room. We all decided to go and Carrie and I took opposite sides along Sara and quickly escorted her to the ladies room. She ran in the nearest open! stall and slammed the door shut. Carrie and I also went into stalls, with me going into the one next to Sara. I only needed to pee at the time. Once Sara sat down, I heard a double stream, as if she were peeing and pooping liquid shit at the same time. Then I began to hear her moaning and grunting as she began to push out more poop, this time a bit chunkier but still a semi-liquid poop. Carrie and I finished but Sara was still in her stall. She flushed the toilet but the poop kept coming in wave after wave. We sat in the lounge and waited for Sara. After a few minutes, I went to Sara and asked if she was all right. She said she was OK but can't seem to stop the flow. This went on for another ten minutes or so, during which she must have flushed about five or six times. Finally she stopped and wiped several times and emerged from the stall, a little weary but feeling better for the moment.

About an hour later we were making our way out of the mall when Sara! said she had to go again. This time we were near Nordstroms, so we went there and escorted Sara to the ladies room again. Carrie said she would wait in the lounge. I was due to poop, so I went in the stall next to Sara. My dump was relatively normal - three mid-size and three short turds. Sara pushed out more waves of poop, though it was more mushy than runny, and she was straining a bit more. As I began to wipe, she flushed, and by the time I finished wiping and flushed, she flushed again. I waited with Carrie in the lounge. This time it took only five more minutes, though the waves were more of a very soft mushy type. Finally poor Sara was done, we headed back to my place to do some studying. Sara said she felt much better but would never ever take a laxative again.

One night, after a long night of drinking and eating, I retired to bed with my wife. Truthfully, it was just plain passing out. The time was at least 2:30 am. At around 4:30 am I woke up, freezing in my underware, just a few feet from my bedroom door in the hallway. Coming to, I relized that something was not quite right. My underware was wet, and the spot on the floor was huge. As I tried to get up there was a heavy feeling in the back of my shorts. Reaching behind, I felt the biggest load of crap sticking out in my BVD's. It was a massive load, larger than a grapefruit! The wildest part was that I had no idea how and when exactly I did this.

Fortunetly, my underware was very tight and did not let anything out. I carefully got up and went to the downstairs shower. I grapped a clean pair of shorts form the laundry room, emptied the load in the toilet, cleaned everthing up in the shower stall. I then went back to bed without anyone knowing the differen! ce.

Skid Marks
I love it when people leave skid marks on the inside of the bowl. I love to aim my stream at the poo and piss it all off. Any other guys do this? (or girls, might be a bit harder for you to do this though!!)

Teenaged Girl:

I am a 16 year old guy and LOVED the story about you and the girls peeing on the patio. The person that mentioned you should have measured your pee was right, it would be interesting to see which one of you had the biggest bladder. Only problem is you'd have to find a pretty big container to pee in and figure out a way to pee into that container. Let me know when you figure it out, k? Later.

TV Fan
Does anyone know of a case where a person on TV (especially a woman) had a sudden poop "emergency"? With so many live news shows and special events and so forth, you would think it would happen sooner or later. I read once where it may have happened to Deborah Norville, but I've never seen it mentioned in any of the articles about her. Also, has anyone ever heard a woman fart on TV? Certain men have done it (like Howard Stern), but I don't remember ever hearing a woman fart on TV or in the movies. Anyone?

Jeff A., my submission to the "Race Relations" forum has been posted.
Jay (Jay & Paige), I'm sure the following will bring a :) to your face. After several days of relatively easy dumps, Ihad to get into *position* to go. I sat down and peed, and then tried to push. Nothing happened, but I definitely needed to move my bowels. So, I spreaded my knees apart and put my hands under my lower thighs and my head almost between my legs and PUSH, a large but solid log slowly but determinately came out of my butt. I then passed a much softer [and smellier :( ] turd, this time without much effort. The larger one was about 7-8" long and the smaller one was 3" long. I had to wipe three times.
One more note. When I do wash my butt in the shower, I rinse the washcloth out with shampoo afterwards. Alex told me that is a good idea. No more news. Love, Steph

DEE: Yes, that has happened to me before. In my house, however, I have a Caller ID which lets me see the last 20 or so people who called me on a certain day and their phone numbers. So, If the phone rings and I'm on the john, I just let it ring and continue to do my stuff; then I look up the most recent call. If it's REALLY important, they usually end up calling back anyway; And if it's just some telemarketer or something, then It's no great loss since I wouldn't want to listen to them in the first place.

PV: GROSS! Who would do #2 in a urinal? A lot of people smoke at my school, so I often see ciggarettes in the toilets, sinks, etc. You'd think that at least they could be curtious enough to flush it down!
I'm just curious: What's the weirdest thing anybody has found in a toilet, urinal, etc.? Once, I looked into a toilet and saw at least 50 cents worth of change. How it got there is anybody's guess...
Back to you, PV. Actually, the room wasn't too busy a! t all when I went in that time, but I was so tired and had to go so bad that I don't think I would've cared either way. I never really used to pee standing that much until that incident I mentioned in my earlier posting. Now, it seems kind of natural to me. Is it some sort of behavior pattern that makes many women tend to pee sitting? I wonder how this "boys-stand-and-girls-sit" thing originated, as I'm pretty sure our ancient ancestoral women didn't squat down every time they had to go. To me, it's much easier to stand and it's more sanitary.

I am a 12 year old male. I was walking home from school a few days ago and had to do a #2 bad. I goto school in a small town. It takes about half and hour to get out of town and then about another half hour to walk to my house. There are no stores with bathrooms on this edge of town so I kept walking toward home. My insides were grumbling and then I felt something warm in the back of my pants. I had pooped my pants a little. I did not think I would make it the rest of the way home without pooping the rest. I kept walking until I was away from town and no one could see me clearly. I knew nobody would be home when I got there so I decided to finish the job and I pooped my pants completely. That was a mistake. It was reel runny and started to run down the leg of my pants. I knew that the back of my pants were wet know and could be seen if someone was close. I was now walking on a path through the woods until I got close to home. I was afraid that someone that lived in! the two houses near mine would see me and figure out that I had pooped my pants. I was whereing orange colored pants. I sat down in a mud puddle and slide around a little to make it look like a fell in it. Then I went home. No one saw me.

SteveInSLT - Thanks for the tip on the location of a restroom with doorless stalls. Actually, I'll be Tampa week after next, but I don't know if I'll be able to get to St. Pete. Personally, I could never use one. I don't necessarily seek them. However, a lot people have posted about them on this site and I was just wondering about them. Like you, I would not mind seeing someone sitting on a toilet in a doorless stall, but I could not bring myself to walk past that person. Let me tell you about something that happened at work last Monday (Oct 25). I walked into our restroom at work (a large downtown office building) to pee and noticed that someone was in the first stall, (closest to the door) with the stall door open. I could clearly see his knees and a book in his lap, but could not see the person's face. I walked to the first urinal, which is to the left of stalls, but before them. While I was peeing, I was staring at the guy's shoes trying to figure out who it coul! d be and why he had the door open. I knew that in about 15 seconds, I would be done and would need to wash my hands. The sinks, with mirrors above them, are directly in front of the stalls. Then I would be able to see the person. But I started wondering about "etiquette" in such a situation. For example, should I say hello? Should I make eye contact? What if I know the person? Will I be able to keep from laughing? What if the person talks to me first? I decided to pretend like I didn't see him - just wash my hands quickly and leave - or, maybe I should just leave without washing my hands??? As it turned out, I didn't need to worry about such things. As I was zipping my pants, I heard a little grunt, a "kerplop," then the sound of tearing toilet paper and the stall door shutting at the same time. I was kind of relieved, but also kind of disappointed, because I wanted to know who would sit on a toilet, at work, with the stall door open. I washed my hands and left, ! while he was wiping. Later that day, I saw the "shoes." They belong to a guy who works in the office directly across the hall from my office. I don't know him, but he always speaks and seems friendly. I just don't understand why he had the door open. I'll never be able to look at him again without thinking about that.

Hey Eveyone Whats Up? I have a few stories to share today, first of all I learned in some book We had to read for school that they stick a cork in your ass before you get the death sentace so you dont shit your self with the feelings of extreme pain. Second, I was in Keyboarding yesterday, and I heard a noise that sounded like "Blubbbbbber" I decided it was my imagination but then the girl behind me got up to go to the bathroom, so It must have been pretty wet, The girl behind me was nasty, so I left it at that, and kept typing! And Today my Biology teacher said she was sick and may have to leave a couple of times, so we kept working and the first time she left we all started talking, and this really hot girl named Ashley Cameron said "I wonder If its her face on the seat, or her ass?" we all left and someone said "Only Cameron would say that!" So I said "Shut Up, Id say it!" then everone shut up and went back to work, she left like 5 times that class, so we had no teacher bas! ically, Im thinking about asking Ashley to go out w/ me, that'd be kewl! Also, I was watching an interview with Fred Durst(Thus My name) yesterday and he was asked what was the most outrageous thing he'd ever seen a fan do, he responded " Well, fans are kewl, but not Crazy, we have freaks come to our shows also, and I wished that could be helped, but seariously, one time a freak 'pooped' in his hand and tryed to throw it at one of our equipment guyz, that was disturbing..."
Seeya everyone, Fred

i shit on a rollercoaster- my pants where a mess!

I have only just recently got onto the internet, and have been astonished to find the number of sites dealing with toilets and bodily functions. However, I have to say that this site must be the best by far for me. An opportunity to tell the world about something I have always kept secret, namely that I have a real thing about people going to the toilet, especially girls. Me and my mate Steve joke that the best things in a man's life begin with the letter 'S'. In our case, its a shit, a shower, and a shave, and not necessarily in that order ! The first remembrance I have about a toileting experience was when my cousin Lynne and I were playing hide and seek with my brother. We were taking it in turns to hide, where the two hiding hid in the same place from the other one doing the hunting. Lynne would only be three then, and I was six. We decided to hide in the bathroom. We had not been in there long when she suddenly lifted her dress, pulled down her yellow knickers and sat on! the toilet to do a wee. I remember feeling shocked at first, and then becoming intensely fascinated by the way she perched herself on the toilet seat, hands on the toilet seat either side of her legs keeping her balance, feet dangling downwards, her knickers half way between her ankles and her knees. I'd never seen a girl go to the toilet, and from that day onwards I have been truely and utterly hooked ever since ! I've never seen her on the loo since that day, but I did manage to pursuade a couple of other girl cousins to let me go with them to the toilet. They are sisters, and all three of us went in the bathroom together. Emma, the oldest was nine and Sarah was seven. I would have been 10 or eleven. I remember that Emma went first, wearing a dress. she pulled her knickers down to almost her knees, and began peeing almost immediately. She was a chubby child, and sat covering the whole seat, her toes supporting her on the floor. After the peeing stopped, there was probably a! bout five seconds before her sister Sarah said "wait for it !". A couple of seconds later, Sarah said "plop", followed only a fraction of a second later by Emma's real plop ! Sarah was more reserved about going in front of her male cousin, but was eventually convinced by her sister to do it. Unlike Emma, she was wearing trousers. After undoing the button and the zipper, she sort of folded the trousers downwards only about six inches or so, and then pulled her knickers down to the same position, before hitching herself up onto the edge of the toilet seat, her feet still flat to the floor. Emma had watched me watching her the whole time. Sarah never once looked at me, probably embarressed about the situation, although she didn't go red. Being perched so close to the edge of the toilet seat, she had her legs slightly apart to keep her balance. Emma sitting firmly on the seat had her legs tightly closed together. Again, being so close to the edge of the seat, when Sarah started to! wee it seemed to whisper and whistle as it rolled down the inside of the toilet bowl, with the tiniest of tinkles in the water as the stream came to an end. Emma's wee had tinkled loudly into the water below. The last thing I remember was that Sarah didn't poo. She didn't need one she said. I later learned from Emma that Sarah had straight away gone for a big poo as soon as I had left the house only five minutes later, apparantly having four or five plops according to Emma's description ! No wonder the poor girl didn't want to do that in front of her cousin Andrew ! You may well wonder how it can be that I have such vivid memories of these events. Well, being a boy of around 11, and having developed almost an obsession about toilets by this age, and not having seen a girl at the loo since Lynne, I jumped at the opportunity to make the most of this chance, and watched and listened as hard as I could so as never to forget this wonderful experience. If this, my first posting, d! oes make it onto this site, then I look forward in a few days to relating some of my school experiences. Particularly the loo door gangs ! More anon, will write again soon, and look forward to reading other postings now I've discovered you all ! Love Andrew.

To James and everyone else - I've also messed my pants semi-on purpose at school. I had my first genuine accident when I was about 6, because I didn't dare ask the teacher to leave the classroom (too shy) - I thought I could hold on to playtime, but my bottom just opened up and it all came out into my y-fronts. It felt very warm and soft, so I didn't mind once I was over the shock (I think stuff like that doesn't really bother most people at that age). The next year, a few of us got together to make a club for people who'd had accidents, and we dared each other to go in our pants in class. Eventually, after a few other people had already tried this, I needed to go in the last teaching session of the day, so I pushed it out. Unfortunately, instead of being soft and mushy, it was quite firm and uncomfortable, so I ended up fidgeting until the teacher saw me and told me to go to the toilet, where I emptied the log into the toilet. Despite this, the memory of the time when I was s! ix stayed very vivid, and I often wished I could pooh my pants 'nicely' again, but at the same time I didn't want to actually do it on purpose. As a result, from then 'til now I've had a tendency to have accidents 'too easily' - especially if I have to hold on for ages in class and then walk home for twenty minutes - I'd much rather let it out and be comfortable than hold it and practically be in pain all the way home. Last week we had a long test on our spelling and maths, and I needed to pooh because I was nervous, but it came out before the test finished - I didn't want that to happen, but it was OK because noone found out. It was another not very smelly accident, so I treated it like having a cushion for my chair. Later on I went to the toilet to see how bad it was, and saw pooh smeared in a band from the 'y' bit to the label on the back, so I didn't try and clean up - but when I needed to go again later, I did it on purpose straight away because I figured there was no poi! nt holding it if I was already messy. I've never wet myself in class. One of my friends still messes his pants by accident a few times a month - he has since we started school, and he's 11 now. He says he just can't hold on long, so it takes him by suprise, although secretly I'm not sure he tries any more, because everyone is so used to his accidents now. I've seen his pants in the wash at his house, and he gets really bad skidmarks even when he doesn't make a mess of them, as well as the stains left from old messes. His mum just lets him put the messy ones in a pail in the bathroom to get cleaned. I think someone posted a while back to say that anyone who has an accident has a 'warning fart' first - I've had accidents without farting at all, and my friend has had both sorts whilst I've been there - but I think he mostly just has the accident. Only a few times have I heard wet farts before or as it comes out - usually he either just looks embarrassed or you smell it. Does anyo! ne else have accidents at school, or not try to hold it once their away from the building? Or did anyone when they used to be at school? I don't know how many people on here are around my age.

Thursday, October 28, 1999

SteveinSTL: I have a couple of experiences from last week that I think will be of interest to you and others. I went in to one of the university washrooms where the stalls are immediately to your right as you enter. There are two stalls; the first was occupied and the second I couldn't tell as it was the handicap one and the door is always closed. I opened the door and to my surprise a guy was sitting there taking a shit. He leaned forward to grab the door, I apologized, closed it and he said "no problem". I heard him tearing off toilet paper so decided to wait for his stall. He came out, smiled at me and said the lock is broken. I went in and again said sorry to him, which he again just laughed off with a "no problem".
The next day I went in to my usual library washroom and noticed that one stall had no paper. This is very unusual as there are two huge toilet rolls covered by a transparent plastic cover. However, it is difficult to tell if a roll is actually empty or just! nearly empty when you take a quick look. I went in to the next stall and waited to see what would happen. A guy came in, went in the stall and took a pretty good sounding dump. Luckily, he was not a guy who puts toilet paper on the seat first. I heard him grab the toilet roll holder and then a couple of seconds of silence. "Excuse me, could I get some toilet paper off you. There isn't any on this side." I replied "sure, it's happened to me before" and tore off a fairly long strip and passed it under. He thanked me and I said that it was something you needed when taking a dump. He said it was lucky that I was there and I told him that I had always been in luck when in the same predicament. We met at the washbasins and he thanked me again saying this was the first time it had ever happened to him at school, although it had happened at home. I told him it wasn't quite as bad at home. A little later in the evening, a second guy was caught out and asked me for paper. As I was pass! ing him some, he remarked it was like a bad joke when he discovered there wasn't any there.
A couple of days later, I took a huge dump in one of the two stalls and left it unflushed to see what the reaction would be as I waited in the other stall. A guy entered the stall and immediately left, obviously in disgust. I knew he was headed for the bathrooms on the next floor, but I also knew that one stall there was out of paper and the other one had a seat totally soaked in piss. I went up to the next floor and sure enough, he was in the toilet without the paper. I went in the other one and as I did so, heard him say "shit" as he discovered there was no paper. He left, as did I after muttering something similar about the condition of my stall. We both went up to the bathrooms on the next floor, entering at the same time. I said to him "it's hard to find a decent toilet this evening." He replied "I know what you mean" and we both entered the two stalls. He took a pretty silent! shit and I pretended I was doing the same. We left at the same time and at the washbasins I said to him "that was third time lucky!" He replied that they needed more washrooms in the place. I agreed with him and said imagine the number of people who use these bathrooms. Our little chat finished, he said "see you later" and left. It was quite a week for chatting in the bathroom. As the old saying goes, "it never rains, but it pours."

Public Toilet Hater
I have seen several posts where people say they hate to use the toilets in school. I don't blame them. When I was in high school, the commodes were really nasty in the boy's rooms. Boys would poop all over the lids because they were afraid to sit on the commode.

There were some kids that refused to ever poop in the school bathrooms. There were several times where high-school boys pooped their pants because they refused to sit on a dirty commode. Most of the time, it happened on the school bus on the way home. Those guys held it all day, and could not quite make it home. I can also remember a few times where girls pooped their panties too.

If anyone else dislikes public restrooms, let us know.

Nicola. I don't know what Anne was wearing underwear wise(it was the mid 1970's). The point is she was sitting in a coach surrounded by other boisterous teenagers. I's rather have liked it if she'd had the accident she deserved.

very interested

Please post those stories!

I ought to get myself a cordless phone!

Had a good pee and two good poops today; I was running late in the morning, but still had my morning large glass of water - in fact, I was very thirsty so I had two glasses. Although I peed before I left, it was a long trip and I had to meet someone, so I really had to go by the time I was done. I went to the bathroom as soon as I could, but the seat was dirty and there wasn't any paper. Although I've been a lot more desperate, I did need to go quite badly, so instead of looking for a cleaner bathroom I pulled my pants down around my thighs, half-crouched above the toilet and let it all out. It was fun looking down and watching myself pee, and as always I enjoyed the feeling of great relief.

Since I wasn't sitting or squatting, I didn't feel an urge to have my morning poop, even though I had a big dinner with some friends last night. I went around all day feeling a little full, but not so uncomfortable that I'd need a ! toilet. I had a light lunch, but a big dinner with loads of v????s and fruit. About an hour after dinner (remember, I hadn't pooped since dinner last night) I felt a good solid movement coming down, and headed for the toilet. I peed a little, then pushed, and there was a crackling sound, followed by the feeling of a thick, lumpy poop slowly coming out. Then I farted, pushed some more and was rewarded by a short, solid 4-inch poop. Since I felt better I thought that was probably all for the night, and the rest would come out tomorrow morning, but about two hours after that I needed to go again. I peed a lot this time, and passed a long, thick sausage followed by a thin one, both poops laying side by side in the pan, for a night's total of well over two feet! It felt really good, and I'm wondering a little if I'll still need to go tomorrow morning or if all the fruits and ve????s have already made their exit. Anyway, I need to pee again, so that's it for now. Happy toilet-going! , everyone!

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