Good for you, Heather!

I have a question: when you're alone in the house, having a pee or a poop, and the phone or the doorbell rings, what do you do? Do you hurry it up, or ignore the distraction? Do you wipe, and wash your hands?

I was sort of caught in that situation this morning. I'd just started on my morning pee, when the phone rang. I couldn't stop and I knew there was much more to come, so I pushed really hard, making a louder, thicker stream than usual and hoping the phone would keep on ringing 'til I was done. After about 30 seconds I finished, grabbed tissue and wiped with one hand, then pulled up my panties and dashed out to answer the phone with my other hand. While taking the call I realised I also had to poop, so I just squeezed my butt muscles until the call was over, then rushed back into the bathroom to finish the job - a little more pee dribbled out, followed by a fart and a thick foot-long poop, then a much thinner long one. It didn't smel! l too badly, but I have a cold today, so hey, what do I know about smells...

Teenaged Girl
To: Very Interested; You wanted girls to tell about peeing on the floor. One night a few weeks ago some girlfriends and I were having a slumber party. We were in those very crazy teenger moods and decided to play truth or dare. As a group dare, we each had to pee on the patio by the pool and see which one of us could make the biggest puddle. So we each drank a ton of water and like an hour later we were bursting to pee. So we went out onto the patio by the pool and picked our spots, pulled down our panties and peed like there was no tomorrow! I peed a river! I had to go SOOO bad! I thought for sure I won by the size of my puddle but I was done and so were the other 5 and we noticed that our friend Amy who had started the same time we did was still peeing! She must have went for like a minute straight and sure enough when she was done Amy took 1st place. I did get 2nd place!By the time the 7 of us were done, the patio looked like it had been hosed down in pee! That was quite an! advnture!
I had an interesting experience yesterday. My boyfriend and I went hiking in a nature park. After like an hour, I had to pee but didn't want to say anything. I don't know why though. I am usually not bashful about peeing outdoors and he's seen me naked before. We've been together 3 years and I was embarassed about peeing in front of him. But I just held it. I was so happy when he said he had to pee! That's when I said I had to go too. So we picked a well hidden off trail spot and decided to go together. It was a great bonding experience and it has opened alot more doors for us. We just peed in each others company. I thought it was great! Nice to bond with the one you love! Peace everyone!

HEATHER: Well done, sweetie! You had a lovely pee at a urinal, even though the room was busy? Oh, I'm so pleased and proud to hear it! Standing women unite! Unabashed woman celebrate! Brave women rejoyce! I know that feeling when you relax and release despite the fact you're not alone, it's like a revelation or something, and you crave to do it again! Congratulations! You really should search the net for a certain golden site with a forum, dedicated to going Number One, I know you'd be very welcome there, and your ongoing pee victories would be received with gusto! All my very best, PV

Mark, I agree. A new masthead would be nice. It would be great to see them change on a regular basis. Poor Carlos, e has such a hard time with those suppositories. My grandmother used to give me enemas when I was a small child. It was horrible. I could never hold them and sprayed the bathroom with shit-water time and time again. Poor Nanna would clean it up and say "Child, you are stopped up and your mama won't do anything about it, you need to be cleaned out!" Anyone else have a mother or grandmother who believed in "cleaning out"?

To Mark B.; Thanks for the thought. I'm having lunch with Nathaniel Thursday at my place. He always takes a shit when he's here, so who knows what will hapen?
Carlos, you are one constipated dude! Isn't your arsehole in shreds after you have a session lke you've just described. Mine would be swollen and tingly and probably bleeding. If you're getting fed up with being constipated, just eat more roughage and stop using laxatives as they only make the problem worse 'cause they shut your colon down completely!
Yes, yes, yes, please change the masthead to a guy!
Why does it necessarily have to be a lady pooping?
Cheers, Daniel

Hey Laydiez! Whats Everyone Up too? School is just so fun, yesterday I was walking past the ladies restroom, and as I passed, 2 girls came out and 1 of them threw up on the ground, they were both gasping for air, I felt sorry for them, but whoever was in there, Stunk! Great Post CINDY, you sound Kewl, Keep em coming, Id love to hear jusy how big yours are and some stories! Ill try to post after school or something, I have to leave now! (Hopefully another exiting Day!)

Zak(aka Cancer child's cousin),
I understood your problem. May I offer some advice for the future. I too have been at the touching cloth stage and what I do is stand over the toilet ( don't squat!) as you pull down the briefs then begin to squat The turds will fall into the toilet and the ones that follow will drop as you lower yourself onto the bowl. As you are lowering yourself your ass will be going away from your shorts. Works for me.

To the person (unnamed) who wrote to Beach Mike. If raw veg and salads give you diarrhea then stop eating them. Some people have an allergy to the juice of lettuce. Stick to those cooked vegetables you CAN eat without problems and drink fruit drinks or take vitamin suppliments to make up for those you cant eat. Unfortunately not everyone can eat everything without digestive problems though I must say Im quite lucky having a cast iron digestion.

Cindy, like you I have always done big jobbies since I was a kid. Its just a natural thing with me and my mum and brother , so it must be hereditary. Even as a kid at primary school (grade school) I often did turds as big as those passed by the average adult, and which would stick in the smaller pans in the girls toilets to the amusement of my schoolmates. At home they would usually flush away then but when I got to about 11 I was doing jobbies as big as my mum's that's 12 inches long and fat, and these big logs stuck, taking! 3 or 4 flushes or even needing bucket of water to be thrown down the pan to move them. At school it didnt matter and I often did my jobbies in the girls toilets, to the amusement and possibly "excitement" of other girls. If I had to do a motion when visiting relatives etc who might be funny about such things I simply pushed it over the bend with my hand if necessary, but most people didnt seem to worry about it. Unlike you Cindy, I dont have to hold it in to do a big log, I usually have a big solid but easy motion each day but do sometimes get a bit constipated at the time of my period. Then it will consist of some big hard lumpy balls which are a bit difficult to pass and make tremendous "Kursploonk!" sounds as they drop into the pan, followed by a big easy sausage shaped log. My usual daily motions are normally a big fat firm slightly knobbly carrot shaped jobbie but there are sometimes a few smaller lumps as well.

Thomas, I hope your wife, Michelle, will come ro! und and let you accompany her to the toilet when she has a motion. I have never had a problem letting my brother come in with me when I was a kid and other boy cousins and mates, and I buddy dumped with other girls. Many women do this with another woman but unlike me wouldn't do it with blokes. I imagine its a bit like the fact that many men will pee together at a urinal but wouldn't want a woman to watch them, so women and girls will do a wee wee or a motion togther but wouldn't want a man present. Can I suggest a way to get Michelle to let you watch? You should have an idea when she usually does a motion each day, if she is regular. If you are both at home, say at a weekend, go and have a bath and be in there when she needs to go. Dont get out of the bath but tell her she is welcome to come in and use the toilet. If she has let you see her peeing then you are half way there. Alternatively you wait till she is in the bathroom say washing her hair or having a bath then go in a! nd do a motion yourself (if you need one). Even ask her to rub your ???? if you are having difficulty passing it, (offer to rub hers if she is constipated). She may soon get the message that you are into such things and also that there is nothing to be self conscious or embarrassed about as we all defecate, rich, poor, old, young, powerful and ordinary, ugly and pretty. When I was at school there was a girl called Dorothy who was plain and fat but who did big panbusters like me. Luckily for her she met a bloke who was into such things and they have a lovely relationship. I agree that its strange that a couple can be totally intimate with each other in very personal ways but still have a mental block about sharing this natural function.

Moira, I loved your description about "riding down" a big jobbie by standing up slightly over the pan. I have done this when I have had to do a big one in a small sized pan, such as in a school toilet when playing hockey or netball at ! a school playing field etc, or if the seat has been broken and I didnt want to risk cutting my buttocks. This morning after reading your post but before typing this, (I am on late shift this week), I tried this position at home. The big jobbie came out of me no different than if I had sat fully on the pan but the "KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!" sound was a lot louder and water splashed up onto my bum. My husband enjoyed this and asked me to adopt this position in future as the sound effects are better. There is always the risk of wetting the seat as you do your wee wee, and of course a soft poo might make a mess over the seat, even a firm solid jobbie could miss the pan and land on the seat or the floor. I remember when I was a kid the light had gone in the toilet and my mum went for a motion one morning when it was still dark. She sometimes adopted this semi standing position when doing a motion. She must have thought it had gone down the pan but been too big to make a sound. When my brot! her went to the toilet later that morning he burst out laughing. Mum's big jobbie had missed the pan and landed on the floor at the back of the toilet bowl. We all had a look and a laugh even mum found it funny before she picked it up and dropped it down the pan.

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

For the unfortunate people on duty - I don't know what they are doing on the earth (officiers and others), but I know how pilots and astronauts solved it.

The male pilots are using either relief pipe (ending outside the plane), or bags (filled with simmilar material as diapers). The females have to use adult diapers. Search the web for "To pee or not to pee" and "soaring" for more details.

The astronauts were using catethers in the early days. When the females began to fly, they were wearing the adult diapers - and later it was decided that if female can go into the diaper, the male could also (BTW the catether could cause you an infection). See NASA web pages for more details.

I have read that the flaggers on the road and a lot of other people working are using one of this methods. In the London the taxi drivers were the only people allowed to urinate on the street - I don't know whether it is still true.

I was on my way to a meeting in another companys offices yesterday, and as I came out of the lift I was greeted by the distinct smell of a good healthy shit. It was definitely coming from the ladies toilet, which was almost opposite the lift door. I found it hard to concentrate through the meeting as I was wondering which of the numerous attractive ladies there had produced it. I could imagine a big thick one laying in the pan while she pushed out another, just as my lift arrived......
I am quite looking forward to my next visit there!

Hi guys and gals. I am new here since I just found this site. My dad teases me all the time about my "big logs" as he calls them. A few days ago we were talking about the internet being a place where you could find anything, and he said I could even find other people that do big logs like I do. I searched the internet and found this place. Pretty cool. I never would have thought that there would be people talking about their poops.

I am a 15 year old girl, and have always done big poops. Ever since I was a little girl and can first remember pooping in the toilet, they have been very big. I can easily do a two footer that is very thick. I almost always plug the toilet. I guess it is because I tend to wait a couple of days to poop. I hardly ever poop two days in a row. I have to grunt and strain pretty hard to get them out, but eventually they make it. I have several embarrasing stories about waiting too long, but it feels good to do the big logs I do, so! I keep trying to wait as long as possible. Is that too weird? I am not fat or anything, in fact I am pretty slim, like 110 lbs and 5-5 tall. But these poops are huge! Oh well, maybe I can write some more later. This is pretty cool, hope my dad doe snot find out waht I wrote, that would be so embarrasing! He would never stop teasing me!


My wife Michelle and i were looking at some of the old posts
and read a few of the ones concerning females who buddy dump,so i asked my wife if she ever does that and she said yea quite a few times at work (she's works at a gym)and since she never does a poop in front of me,i've seen her pee
but when she does the other the door gets closed and when she's done sprays the bathroom,i know she's quite shy about pooping and even rarely farts in front of me and when she does her face gets red and she acts all flusterd.So i was quite surprised when she told me she poops with her female friends at work and thinks its quite a natural thing to do,but when i tried to get her to tell me more about it she started to get very embarresed and said no she couldn't because it was girl stuff and a private thing between females.We have been married six months and i guess she will become more relaxed as time goes by,but maybe so of the females who read this post could help me to understand! what the big difference is,why would it not bother you to be seen on the toilet pooping by someone who is for the most part a stranger or casual friend just because they are of the same sex,and be afraid to do it with the person who share everything else with you and has seen you naked hundreds of times,i'm just curious. Thanks

Hi everyone!

This is my first post to this page. My older sister told me about it. I'm 10 and she's 16. We do a lot of the things dscribed on this page togehter. We've buddy duped before - i like to dump right on top of hers so it makes a rel big pile. once it was very funny, I lost my balance and sat in the pile and I was still pooing so it got very messy. We cleaned me up in a stream nearby. once i was all pooy I decided I may as well peepee too so it was dirty fun. We also sometimes go to the toilet together. She sits on the seat to peepee and i sit on her and pee between her legs. I only peepeed on her once before, but she didn't mind.

I wanted tot ell about what happenned today at the pool. I go swimming with two other friends, May and Melissa, who are the same age as me. We go in the sauna after and get dried and dressed in there. Today I had to peepee after swimming but didn't want to leave cus it was warm. So i didn't say anything. Then! May said she had to peepee. She was wearing just a towel and she leaned back against the door so noone would come in and pulled her towel up and peed on the floor. I could see it coming out which i'd never seen with my sister Jill before. I laughed and said let me try, so se was still peepeeing and i peepeed over her peepee. She watched it come out of me too,it wa neat. It was making a big peepee puddle but it didn't look or smell like anyhting but water unless you got real close. then Melissa said she had to poo. she stuck her bum between the top and bottom seats and pushed, but couldn't go. i siad I'd go too so she'd feel better, so I wnet beside her and didn't have trouble pooing. a big one came out and fell to the ground thunk! Melissa started pushing harder and because she hadn't peepeed she did it all over the seat and her feet and mine. I didn't mind cus it was warm. Then she farted loud and stinky and all of a sudden lots of little poos started coming out.! i let out another big one and she finished up too. May peepeed again watching us. Then we finished dressing and left withoug even wiping ourselves. It felt very naughty doing this in front of my friends.

On the way backi'd fogotten my underwear and so I peepeed a little bit in my pants on May's mum's car seat. it's still a bit wet and it feels good. I did a little more a few times to keep it warm.

My sister jill is watching me type this and she just said that if i felt this was naughty now and if we all didn't mind it it'd getmore fun later if we were still friends.

I have to go to bed now. Jill is going to come with me to peepee. i think i might have to poo too, I haven't yet since i got back done either in the toilet.

i hope you likd this, i'll post if we do anyhitng next week and jill sasy she might post too.

happy peepee!

The Witness
I saw something very interesting the other day near my home. It was a beautiful day, and a father and his son were walking their dog down the street. They got into a wooded area, where the dog went to a tree and started to poop. Suddenly the little boy, who was about four or five years old, went next to the dog, dropped his shorts, squatted and was trying to poop with the dog. His dad, half-laughing, yelled at him to pull up his shorts and get away from the dog. I thought I had seen everything until I saw that little kid try to buddy dump with a dog!

Very interested
Females, please post stories of times you've urinated on a floor! Thank you. (I've been a long time lurker, and posted a few.)

To Line. I think you're wrong.. with the exception of one other.. there hasn't been a huge demand for me. Maybe you have me mistaken for someone else.

Kevin L
I work in a busy doctors office twice a month working on some of the medical equipment. There are probably 15 women working in the office. There is an lunch room in the basement with an employee bathroom just outside. That poor toilet gets more use per person than any I have ever seen.

The office is closed for lunch form 12:oo until 1:OO. During that time the bathroom is in constant use. By the time I come for lunch at 1:15 the bathroom is really foul smelling.

Last week while I was eating lunch about 1:45 the best looking girl in the office came down to use the bathroom, she is about 22 years, 5'5" and slim with a nice round butt She was startled to see me sitting at the lunch table because nobody is usually there at that time except me twice per month. She thought that she was going to have a nice private dump and nobody would know I am the only guy that works there except for the doctors. She said hello to me and proceeded on her mission. The bathroom is ! right in front of the lunch room door with old and very thin doors
and a malfunctiong fan, so no buffer noise.

I heard her pull down her pants and panties and sit down. She peed right away than sat for about 30 seconds then I heard a small splash followed by 2 kerplunks. She quickly wiped 3 times than washed her hands and was out of there in 2 minutes. When she left she didn't look at my direction and went back to work. I really got a buzz from that episode and I am glad I have someone to share it with.

When I dump there I make sure there is always someone
around to hear the splashdown and come out like nothing happened. I often wondered if any of those girls got a buzz like I do
Kevin L

To BeachMike: Do you get a case of loose bowels with an urgent aching to explode often? I do and have damn near shit all over myself before I could find a restroom. I find many foods such as salads and raw vegetables trigger my system. Do you have any trouble with certain foods? I am 30 years old and have always had this problem.

I was at school and i knew i had to go really bad.. I thought i would make it home so i could go there , Because i hate going in the bathrooms at school. I was walking with my freind Nikki after school and i felt so bad in my stomach.. i knew i wasnt going to make it. I stopped. and looked up in desperation, and then i lost control and pooped my pants and i couldn't stop!!!.. so. i looked at her and she said " Lori are you okay?" and i started crying. and she smelled it . i was so humiliated

CancerChild's Cousin
Hey Linda's cousin how old are ya? i'm 21. Not too many people know much about me here? Well hmm i have blond hair, blue eyes, short hair (hair hangs over my eyes and ears), i am 6" tall, I'm Julian's cousin. I don't attend and never did attend college. skipped it i guess. My name is Zac but i go by Zac. Anyways i'll share a story about when Julian was 5 years old (i was 16). I was driving up to visit Julian at cancer camp. She was coming home in a month but i promised i would visit so i drove up to the camp. as soon as i got there i went to her cabin she was in the Rattlesnake cabin. I knocked and the door and she screams "Zac!" so i opened the door and i see her friend Hazel naked from the waist down, standing over a bucket this monster poop coming out of her. Julian screamed "Hazel quit pooping!". It was funny. It was a nightmare to see Julian though, tubes coming out of her wrist, tubes putting medicine in her she was a mess of tubes and all puffed up from a surgery she ! had had like a month ago. Oh i know another one. This one was 2-3 months ago. This was before i knew Luke. I had been constipated long time. So i took a book in with me and sat on the toliet. i grunted and strained for countless hours. finally got this huge poo out of me. Toliet paper was gone and i must have been red in the face. But i went and took i nap in my room after that. well i don't really know any others oh wait yeah i do but i have to cut most of the story off or this whole thing won't be posted. Well when my little brother was younger like 5 he took some scissors and cut just a little part of her penis off. Why i will never know. well i gotta go meet up with my band and make my daily visit to Julians grave.

Had an interesting / unpleasant experience recently: getting ready to go for a bath and well aware that I needed a dump. Having taken off all my clothes except my red bikini briefs (so that I was still 'decent' as I walked from the bedroom to the bathroom) I started to the toilet. I was really desperate and could feel the poo beginning to come out of my bum. As I passed the bathroom door I realised that the bath was nearly full and that I should turn off the taps, so I went to do so. By now my poo was touching cloth and I carefully made my way to the loo with it still inching it's way out. Once in the toilet I started to pull down my briefs, and realised as I did so that the poo was only being hed in by the fabric of the pants: if I pulled my pants off the shit was going to fall on the floor before I had chance to sit on the loo; and if I triend to squat over the loo before pulling my pants off I'd shit in them. Looked like there was no choice, so I let it go in my pants. W! hat a whopping load! Fortunately it was very solid and there was not the slightest mark on the inside of my pants when I had emptied them out.

MR. HAPPEE: Howdy! Great to see a familiar handle in this neck of the woods! Glad you liked the post, it was a super-concise version of the big one "back home," but it got the gist across I think. You're right, I can't be a virgin at this for ever! I'm eternally hopeful that I'll make a clean sweep of this paruresis demon and be able to exercise my own conscious decision-making, not have a pre-loaded behavioural routine decide when and where I'll be able to relieve my bladder. I may chose privacy, I may lock the door, I may sit rather than stand, but you know what? It'll be MY choice, not a Pavlovian response wired into me by some vicious children almost my whole life ago. Sorry if that came over strong! And thanks for posting! CLEARWATER: See my posting a page or two back describing the standard Human Endurance Range Extender gadget, a urine collector device worn under clothes. If there are women on duty for this length of time then they've probably designed a female adaptor,! probably originally for spacesuits. You can pee something like two full bladder loads before the unit is at capacity, and that's enough to get you through several hours without taking on further fluids. Best, PV

I see there is another George writing here. Its a common enough name after all. I dont see my husband George putting up with such bad toilet facilities as the American one. Anyway, he will continue to put Scotland after his name to mark the difference.

Sandra I gad a similar experience to the woman doing the big jobbie in the train toilet. I was coming back to Glasgow from a few days in our Edinburgh office and as the train passed throgh Falkirk I went for a motion. Nowadays in UK trains there are 3 types of WC pan. One has a flap at the bottom which releases when flushed dropping the contents onto the rails, another is like a big stainless steel funnel where the contents are sucked out of the narrow hole. The older type is like an ordinary toilet pan only smaller, a bit like the pans in the toilets in primary (grade) school, a scaled down version of the type in a house toilet. This was the pan in the train toilet this time. I went in and started to do my motion. It ! being the usual (for me) big fat turd I had to get up slightly off the pan to get it out comfortably. At that moment the door opened and a lad in his early teens came in just as my jobbie dropped into the pan with a "Floomp!" This didnt bother me as he apologised and went out. I wiped my bum and had a look, as I always do, at my big jobbie. Half of it was sticking up out of the water. I pulled the very weak flush, (they usually dont have much pressure in train toilets) but of course it stuck. As I left the toilet the lad went in farting so I reckoned he also needed a number two. I did hear him exclaim, "Wow! what a big jobbie" as I walked away. Out of curiosity I had a look in that toilet as I left the train when it had stopped at Glasgow. Sure enough, as well as my own big 12 inch log there was a smaller, thinner jobbie of about 7 inches long so he must have buddy dumped his motion on top of mine as you Sandra did on top of the poo did by the woman you mentioned. By the way a! friend of mine at school when I was 16, Janet, did big fat turds like me and she used to start off sitting normally on the pan to do her wee wee then she would stand up slightly to do her jobbie saying it was easier to pass that way, (although the pans were full sized in the Girls toilet at Secondary School), and she liked to "ride it down" as she put it. I tried this but prefered to sit normally on a full sized pan. Does anyone else adopt this semi standing method?

On the matter of policemen, guardsmen etc needing the toilet when on parade etc, there used to be a means of discrete relief at least for men. A piece of apparatus called a "guardsmen's friend" was available. This consisted of a rubberised pouch worn like a pair of underpants with a sheath for the penis, leading to a long rubber tube with a reservoir and valve at the bottom. This fitted down the trouser leg. The man would just pee when he needed then find a drain or gutter and reach down, release the val! ve and let the urine drain away without anyone seeing what was happening. Obviously for number twos such a contrivance wasnt possible. Most people in the forces or police going on a parade are told to try to relieve themselves both ways before going on duty. When I was in the Girl's Brigade as a teenager we had to be on parade when one of the Royal Family came to Glasgow in the late 1960s. We were told to go before the event but also advised to wear one of the thick sanitary pads they had in those days, (no slimline Vespre mini towels in those days but thick pads covered in a sort of netting which were tied with tapes inside the gusset of your knickers). If we needed a wee wee the pad was there to absorb the dribbles. For number twos of course there was no alternative but to do it in your knickers. Again we wore thick cotton interlock navy blue briefs with elastic in the legs which would contain any accident and used to bring a spare pair of knickers in case of accidents. Als! o wearing pleated knee length skirts these would not be soiled unnless the motion was diarrhea or very loose. I never did a motion in my knickers on such a parade though I did do a wee wee which the pad absorbed. One of my friends Mandy did do a poo in her knickers on parade. She was next to me when I smelt what I took to be a fart then I heard a sort of squelching sound and guessed what she had done. Nobody said a thing and luckily it was a solid motion and her knickers held it all in. When we got to the toilet afterwards she got cleaned up and changed into clean underpants. Of course for a man things would not be so easy if he peed(without a Guardsmen's Friend as described), or if he had to do a number two in his
pants he would soil his clothing badly. I assume this would put him on a charge.

I have done a number tow during sexual intercourse. I will have to be careful not to break the Moderator's strict rules. I was needing a motion but the feeling went away a! s sometimes happens. George and I went to bed together. As it was warm we lay on top and I took the upper position, as I often do. At the "psychological moment" I felt something starting to happen down below and a big fat solid turd started to emerge from my back passage. George asked what was happening and I exclaimed, "Im doing a jobbie!" He thought I was joking at first then saw the fat log drop onto the bedcover. Carefully I got off the bed and with a paper towel removed the big solid turd and dropped it down the toilet pan, washing my hands and removing the cover, which had only a slight brown mark, to be washed. Since then if either of us need a motion we go beforehand, accompanying each other to the toilet.

Finally, the life sized wax sculpture in the Whitney Museum, I assume it had a ten INCH turd coming out of it, which would be quite realistic, NOT 10 FOOT???

BrentC, Thom, and other constipated buddies:
Finally, my suppository experience. This summer I was in the Northeast on a trip. I usually have trouble with regularity and traveling makes the problem much worse. I had not shit in four days except for a few hard pebbles. I was staying at a female friend's house and I am not open with women about my body functions, but while in her bathroom I noticed some Fleet suppositories in the open medicine cabinet. While she was out, I took one and went to my bathroom and inserted it as far into my colon as possible, as BrentC has always suggested. At first I did not feel much effect. Then after twenty minutes I started to feel a slight burning sensation. This was followed by a mild cramping episode and I felt like I needed to shit badly. It felt like I was about to have diarrhea. I hit the can and farted up a storm and then I passed some clear slimy mucous - and that was all for a while. I wiped, got up, and flushed, and went! about doing other things. I was hoping that there would be more to come, because I was really plugged badly. I started feeling the cramps again and went back to the bathroom. I sat on the commode, feeling like I was going to have a powerful case of the runs. Instead, I had to strain and rock even though I had a real strong urge. I finally started passing the hardest, dryest rocks you have ever seen. The bowl was deep, so the little marbles made noisy plops as they water splashed my constipated, flexing asshole. It was really weird feeling like you were having diarrhea, but having a totally constipated bowel movement. My eyes were watering and I was hugging my knees so that my hairy pecks were touching my knees, BrentC style. I kept squeezing out hard balls, slowly getting relief, farting like crazy. I had one more sitting about half an hour later, and felt better after it was all over, but I never did get to the point that the shit was even the least bit soft. Howeve! r, the melted suppository helped things to slide out. Does this sound similar to your experiences?

More later,

Went to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum near Chichester the other day. (It consists of historic buildings which have been dismantled and moved there from other places). One mediaeval farmhouse has an authentic mediaeval toilet, in a room upstairs. It consists of a small door in the side wall which opens to reveal a tiny alcove containing a wooden bench with a hole in it, just projecting out over thin air. In the middle ages I suppose they just sat on the seat and pooed, and it fell onto the ground outside. Everyone in the room would have been able to see what you were doing. People walking by outside more so, because if they looked up they would have seen the poo coming out of your bum. I wondered if in those days some people who got turned on by this sort of thing would deliberately work in that part of the garden so that they would be able to see someone they knew doing a poo, and even watch it leaving their bum. A delightful thought!

There was some mention o! f slab-wall urinals recently. As it happens, that museum has (new) slab-wall urinals in the gent's toilets, so they are still being made. They mainly seem to be installed in pubs. If you have drunk a lot of liquid and have to do loads of pee at high pressure you can squirt it all over these slab walls, without being too worried about direction.

There have been more complaints about the masthead recently. I agree it should be changed. Why can't we have a picture of a male? I think that everyone who would like a change in the masthead should say so in their posts. A kind of opinion poll.

To Daniel, best of luck with your friend.

Best wishes to all,

Hi...Any one see the new show on WB Network called "Safe Harbor" Monday night? It airs on Monday at 9pm est. I didn't watch the whole thing because i fell a sleep half way through and i came in to it at 9:15 or so. So any way Its a show for teens . There are kids on there, different ages. These friends on there who are black boy and a white boy, they are best friends...they go to visit this neighbor i think(not sure who this lady was). The neighbor offers the boys lemon aid. They said "yes" to lemon aid. This lady goes and gets it. The boys talk while she is getting it. They say "What if she puts a laxitive in the lemon aid?" It seems good so far(only watched 2 episodes). Besides these boys there are other boys(a group) on there who are 15 and 16 yrs old. and another teen who is name Haden who is between 17 and 22. Any teens on here see/watch this show? Well got to go(Kinda getting off topic).

The Colonel
In response to the posting by 'Clearwater' regarding Guardsmen fainting on parade, as an excuse for being carried off to relieve themselves. Please take it from me, that if you wish to incur the greatest wrath from your Company Sergeant Major then just try fainting on parade and see what happens when you recover. You'll have wished you died instead of fainting! You'll most certainly shit yourself when you find out the penalty for fainting. The secret is to have a good hearty breakfast first thing before parade, never to have a hangover and be certain to visit the toilet before going on parade. I suppose theres always the chance some joker might just put laxative in your morning cup of tea. You would then need to brace and tighten those sphincter muscles very tight indeed! Now fall out the officers, remainder stand fast.

How's everybody doing? I haven't posted in awhile. Today was a special day for me. It was just after first period and I had just pulled an all nighter studying for my Math exam. Anyway, I felt the urge to pee so I went into the urinals, and guess what! I went without a problem! I didn't even have to think about relaxing myself or anything, like I normally do. It was crowded too, but it didn't bother me this time. Maybe it was because I was half-asleep, I don't know. But whatever it is, I hope I'll be able to go that freely again sometime.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

One of my mother's friends lives on a golf course. She is a prim and proper older lady. She complains incessantly about the number of men who relieve themselves in the bushes by the golf course that separate the greens from the back yards of the people who live along the course. Just the other day, she had her handyman install a large dinner bell by her patio outside the back of her house. Now, everytime she sees a golfer taking a whizz or a shit she goes outside and rings it loudly tp let the neighbors know what is happening. I can't believe the golfers don't realize they can be seen through the bushes!

Tonight I was out in a thrift store without bathrooms when my bowels nearly let loose. Thank God the clerk was busy and I was standing near some clothes racks. I dropped my pants, squatted and out come the mess on the floor then I pushed the clothes back. I was waiting to check out when someone working there noticed the smell and very discretly went to the back. They were perplexed what to do. There had been a bunch of teenage girls in that area earlier and they figured one of them just couldn't hold on. I felt guilty but I had no alternative.

Donnie, are your school restrooms, a community room? I mean little girls pooing in urinals, decorating urinals with pumpkins, male teachers offering girls tissue after they poo in the urinal. why are the girls in the boys room? sounds very free-spirtied to me. Opinions, folks?

I started working at a bar/restaurant in NYC, as a busboy, go-for, general hired hand, hopefully working my way up to bartender/server/cook. The owner is a greek guy about 45 y/o who is totally into his business, and making money. The mens restroom is small, and appears to be renovated recently, 2 urinals, and one doorless toilet stall. The toilet is very busy, because it is the only toilet for all the bar patrons, restaurant patrons, and employees. My immediate supervisor told me when I started that if anything important EVER happens, Mr. ------- wants to be kept informed, as my supervisor puts it, he had interupted Mr. ------- while he was sitting on the toilet, while a turd was half-way betweeen his rectum and the toilet bowl water. He doesnt care if you stand there while he is splashing, or wiping, if you have a question about his bar. Well, he doesnt seem to mind standing in front of us while we are pooping either, i get very tense, find it hard to fart, or p! oop,with the owner standing there. my supervisor says he got used to it.He also told me that before the renovations, the stall did have a door on it, but to make it handicapped accesable the door wouldnt fit anymore. Whew !! I think i will go to the Port Authority next time i need to shit . Also if I have to mop the floor while any of the employees are on the bowl, they know to lift their feet, so I can mop, because the clenliness of the place is important. P.S. The renovated womens restroom has 2 lockable stalls, because the owners wife also works there.

Anthony – great story! (Great for us, maybe not for the poor guy involved.) I remember Princess Anne’s first marriage to Captain Mark Phillips. Like you, I was at the side of the Mall waiting for the procession. A guardsman’s bootlace was untied. The guardsman wasn’t allowed to move and the Sergeant Major certainly wasn’t about to lose his dignity. The sergeant summoned a policeman, who had to crouch down, turn back the guardsman’s trouser leg, in order to get to the top of his boot, retie the lace and fold the trouser leg back into place. This was all closely observed by the crowd, one of whom called out “Perhaps he wants a wee wee too!” The policeman vanished very quickly but, by the sheepish grin on the guardsman’s face, I always wondered if perhaps he did….

I’ve always wondered how they manage at state occasions like that. The guardsmen (and women) are on duty hours before anything happens. I’ve often wondered if “fainting on parade” isn’t an excuse to be c! arried off where relief can be obtained. Anyone know the answer?

Sweet Audrina
This evening i was at a drug store with my sister and our grandmother and felt the urge to shit. I wanted to buy some facial cleanser but had to shit so badly that I just wanted to get out of there. When we got hoem I ran into the bathroom and exploded shit into the toilet. I feel better now though.

Ryan, what grade are you in now? I know you've posted that, but just wanted to know again. Yeah, I wish I lived in your city and we were age-mates too, but I was lucky to be best friends with Paul when we were your age and that we were close enough that he'd let me watch him dump. Hope you have a friend or two like that.
In the meantime, please keep describing what you're up to. You seem to drop some pretty big logs for a young dude. Do you eat a lot of food? Or just wait a long time between dumps?
Tony, I agree the fellow who put his hand on your arm and tried to embrace you was way out of line. In my last post, I was only referring to the casual and discreet looking at penises that goes on in all public urinals. The guy who did that to you was probably drunk and obviously engaging in some very dangerous behaviour. See ya, Daniel

There is an interesting exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art. One "work" in particular. It is a life-sized wax sculpture of a human who is on his hands and knees. Coming out of his anus is a ten foot long turd.

Teenaged Girl
Hi all! Haven't posted in awhile. Sorry about that but you know how working life goes.
Melissa- no accidents to report, (thank goodness!!)
To Lee- You asked if any ladies have ever done a #1 or #2 while having sex. A few months ago, my boyfriend of 3 years and I were getting ready to have our "first time". There were a few nights when I didn't feel ready and became very nervous. One night in particular, I was so nervous, when he was on top of my body kissing me, he put pressure on my bladder and I peed a little bit on the bed. Luckily I was able to control myself and stop. My boyfriend wasn't mad and he understood. I however was completely mortified having just peed on my boyfriend but honestly I don't know who was more embarrased! Everything turned out ok and we ended up trying again a few nights later. I don't know if this answered your question as it didn't take place directly during intercourse, but that's my story! Peace and love everyone!

Mr. Happee
PV, i loved your last post about peeing in the sand and at the beach. I would love to see someone doing this with me.
When i do go to the lake (no beaches in ky) i often wonder
how many women are peeing in the water or in the sand. I have enjoyed following your adventures at other wet sites on the net and think you have come so far....keep up the stories and let us know how your progressing. Virgins cant be that way for

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Hey BRYIAN-Check the post right above your last one.I ate 3 turkey tacos the nite before and i felt full all nite and you can read the results on my last post just above your queation about that very thing.Boy it feels good to get rid of all that stuff,don't it? Remember- big input, usually big output!I hate overeating,but i do look foreward to the next a.m. to get rid of it!

BILL: You ask about women who wee at the beach... Well, last week I visited our local nude beach and had the most fabulous naughty pee fun. I was very discrete, I was careful to offend no one, to be seen by no one, and to leave behind no mess whatever, but I am proud to say that I filled up on bottled water and peed ten times in three hours!This is verging on the sexual thrill, and the moderator may choose not to post this to the list, which will be unfortunate, I guess. I reported it on my "home" list on the day.<br>
I peed standing, I peed walking in the water, I peed sitting in sand, sitting on a rock, off the end of my towel, I even peed while putting my shoes and socks on, and in a men's room urinal (my special naughty thing!) in the one and only bathroom provided for the whole seafront area. It was a remarkable day, and I felt it moved me a step further toward defeating that specific demon paruresis.<br>
There, Bill, I hope that answers your curiosity! just a bit!<br>

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