I stood with lots of other people looking at the new Ferris wheel in London today and a (youngish) tramp woman walked onto the grass right in front of us, pulled down her red jeans and squatted low. I could just see a small amount of her butt below a long sweater as a series of narrow, softish but formed logs slithered out of her. She waiting a little longer and then stood and lifted the back of her sweater and wiped her butt with tissues before throwing them down on the ground. I walked round to the front of her as she pulled her jeans up and saw for a very brief moment a dark shadow, but no sign of any panties.

Yesterday evening I was on a commuter train and needed a pee so I went over to the lavatory that's at the back of the car. The lock said it was unoccupied so I turned the handle and went in. Much to my surprise, there was someone in there! It was a woman in her fifties with her skirt hiked up and she was standing / half squatting, straddled over the toilet. But get this - there was a massive poo coming out of her bottom; it looked like a tail. The poor woman looked completely shocked as I stared at her pooing. I apologized and left. I assume the lock wasn't working. I waited outside and after 5 minutes, the woman came out blushing. I apologized and she told me that was OK, but unfortunately she couldn't flush the toilet. I went in and there was a fat 12 inch poo curled up in the bowl. Even though I had a lunchtime poo I felt like pooing again so I did a modest 5 incher over the other woman's.

A year ago I had an accident while on a bus trip with my school. Really I was lucky that nobody found out and although afraid of being caught all in all it wasn't such a bad expeience.

The trip was to a museum in the city and was only a ninety minute drive so I should of had no problem and I could have gone to the toilet before we left but I hate using them especially if I have to poop. I usually wait til I get home to do that.

Anyway I needed to go all day and had to suppress a strong urge to go even before getting on the bus. I kept my bum pressed into the seat cause I really had to go so that by the time we arrived it was the only thing stopping me from pooping my panties.

I waited til last then hurried to the washroom but didn't ask anybody where it was because I was already going. When I couldn't find it I hid and did a poop in panties right there in the museum. I've pooped myself before so wasn't grossed out real bad, just afraid someo! ne would find out.
And believe that was one time when I wished that I didn't wear my uniform skirt so short.

My poop was hard and not real big only five or six inches in one piece so when I finally found the washroom I waited til it was empty and dumped it into the toilet. My white panties were hardly even stained and hardly any poop was on the toilet paper when I wiped my bum. I was think I was lucky that time not getting found out.

Dude, I wasnt criticising YOU for the details of the film, it was the idea of pissing together being an acceptable way to reinforce the father-son bond.

As to hitting the person who chatted me up at the urinal. I had verbally warned him quite strongly that his attentions were not wanted and that I wasn't his type, he then laid a hand on my shoulder and tried to embrace me. It was quite obvious what his intentions were from the previous remarks he had made, so I punched him, once only, hard, and left him sprawling on the floor. That's it! In Britain this is called the "Portsmouth defence" that a man is allowed to use "reasonable force" to ward of unwanted homosexual soliciting by another man. Should I have meekly let him touch me up??? I am not a homo hater, and sexually I believe in live and let live as long as it is adult, consensual, and harms none other. There are no doubt many who would disapprove of my interests and those of the majority of this webpage although! these harm no one and are indeed often unknown to the subject. Im not a redneck, anything but. Indeed when I later told a homosexual workmate about the incident his response was "dirty little bastard, he deserved what he got, these types get us decent gays a bad name!". I only related this incident to reinforce the reason why many men DONT like to use urinals. By the way, George and Moira dont have kids, they never wanted any, so didnt have them, and when Theresa and I get married we dont want any either, we are both a bit old to have the hassle of a family.

Peace Dude, but for your own safety, be careful if you use a urinal in a Scottish public toilet, especially in Glasgow, where the male population are a bit "heavy". You are also correct that I doubt the pissing idea etc in the film "Big Daddy" would go down well with a UK audience. Different cultures.

Before I got married, I rarely did a BM in a guy's presence. There was one time several years ago when I was about 14 that I had a poop session in front of a boy. I was at my friend Carrie's house. We were listening to records when I suddenly had an urge to poop. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. However, Carrie's brother Ben, who was a couple years younger, was in there washing his hands. I told him I had to go badly and asked him how much longer he would be. He said not much longer but said it's OK for me to go. If Ben and I weren't such good friends (almost like brother and sister, since I only had two sisters), I would have waited, but I rushed in.

I pulled down my white shorts and white panties, sat on the toilet, and immediately let out a booming fart. After a few seconds, I pushed out a long soft turd, followed by a soft, mushy load that lasted about 20 seconds. Ben was drying his hands when the poop smell began to fill the room. I said, "Sorry! , Ben." He said he'd be out as soon as he can, but I said for him to take his time. I flushed the toilet so as to not clog the toilet.

I then asked Ben what was up with him, and we started talking about different things. In the meantime, I continued to push out soft turds and an occasional mushy load. I flushed once more, but Ben and I continued to talk. I kept pushing out poop, then I pushed out a huge soft mushy load. By this time I think Ben had had it with the smell and said he'll let me finish my business. I flushed again, but still had enough for another good mushy load. Finally I wiped several times, and flushed the toilet twice to get rid of the whole load. When I got out of the bathroom, Carrie said, "What took you so long?"

Ben and I never discussed that incident again. For some reason, I enjoyed doing it in front of him. I do it in front of my husband now with no problem but never let him in the bathroom before, when we were still going ! out.

Hey guys, I can't understand all of these hangups on the subject of men looking at other men peeing, fathers and sons peeing together, etc. I mean what's the big deal? In countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, they have a much more relaxed attitude about pissing and shitting. In the Netherlands, in a fine department store no less, I've seen for sale art-quality photographs (suitable for framing) of boys and teens peeing and of a man sitting on the toilet grunting for all he's worth! Same attitudes in Germany and elsewhere. So let's lighten up and get in step with countries who enjoy these functions and where one can look at a penis without the sky falling down! Virtually all men (gay and straight)discreetly check each other out at the urinal. Let's accept that fact and not freak out. Next time a guy checks you out and you don't like it, do what they do in France and just shrug your shoulders! 'Bye all, Daniel

I've been reading about buddy poops. My wife end I haven't done this but we do engage in buddy pees. I pee through her legs as she sits on the toilet, trying to mix our streams. She grumbles when I have a split stream as it splashes her legs.

Someone asked if any women pee through their bathing suits. My wife always does on the edge of the blanket or lounge chair.


Nicola: Thanks for your wisdom on the relative sizes of turds. I have read before that exercise may be a factor. My own situation is that I dont take a lot of exercise and nor do I eat much, as I tend to put on weight easily. I imagine from your descriptions that your rectum is much, much wider than mine, and that is not a problem for me if I can be assured that I am not unusual.
I love your description of dumping in your bosses toilet - you can come and block mine up any time you like!

I've just discovered this amazing site - I just can't believe how many experiences people have got to relate! I've been flicking through the 'old' pages and one in particular caught my eye - a correspondent asked about how people cope when they have jobs which prevent them from using a toilet when needed. It relates to the only 'wetting' accident I've ever seen an adult male have.
My girlfriend and I were in London when Andrew and 'Fergie' got married and we went to join the crowds to watch the event. We found a place on the Mall, having arrived early, and we were almost pinned to the crash barriers by the throngs of people. After several hours there must have been many bursting bladders amongst the crowd (ours included!)and it wasn't possible to get out even if you'd really had to. Although I didn't witness anything, no doubt a few ingenious methods for relief were discovered.

However, we seem to forget that 'officials' also have natural frailties and it was my g! irlfriend who first noticed that the young policeman standing just in front of us appeared to be in considerable discomfort. He was shifting from foot to foot and kept rubbing his shoe up and down the back of his thigh. Once or twice he pressed his legs tightly together and was looking all around him, presumably for some means of relief. This went on for about half an hour and the poor bloke must have been in agony.
Eventually the royal carriages started passing us and whilst the crowds were going crazy, this particular policeman was also going frantic with anguish, trying to hide his predicament but not making a very good job of it - to me anyway, as I had witnessed the build-up!

As the carriages passed, everyone was screaming and yet I could scarcely keep my eyes off this policeman as he was almost bent forwards trying not to have an 'accident' in his uniform. All of a sudden I noticed a very small puddle forming next to his shoe and he immediately walked about! a yard away leaving a wet footmark. I yanked my girlfriend's arm and pointed to the evidence and we watched as the young officer abandoned his post and just pushed through the crowds until he was standing on the grass just behind us. He just stood still, almost gasping, looking at the floor and he must have completely wet his pants. We couldn't see anything emerging from his trousers but no doubt he did it down his legs and soaked the grass.

He gave himself away to us though, a few minutes later by squeezing the fronts of his trouser-legs, bit by bit, from thighs to ankles and then we saw him taking his shoes off and rubbing them dry down the sides of his trousers. The crowds were moving by this time and we soon lost sight of him, no doubt heading away from the scene of his humiliation. I would imagine that his dark uniform trousers gave little away but I'd love to have followed him to see if his doutbless dripping socks and trouser-leg cuffs gave the game away. I w! onder if he kept it a secret from everyone else?

Anyone else know of officials wetting themselves 'on duty'?

A few days ago I was walking home from my high school with my friend and she seemed a little distant. I thought she was mad at me so I asked her and she just shook her head. My house is kind of far away,and it was just so weird that she wasn't talking. We were about five blocks from my house when she started acting incredibly strange. All of a sudden I heard her fart quite audibly, but it sounded wet. Then I saw the brown stain on the back of her jeans and the diarrhea was running down her leg. I asked her if she was ok and she just started crying. i've seen her cry before but this was different. She said she needed to get to a bathrooom because now she felt nauseous. I told her to hang on that we were almost there. By now, the smell of her shit was so strong I almost puked myself. When we got to my house, I she cleaned her pants and gave her new underwear. As i was giving it to her, she doubled over and projectile vomited into the sink. It was so gross. Then ! she told me to leave because she had to go again. When it was all over, her mom took her home

I guess the virus she had was contagious because the next day I was at school when my ???? started rumbling. I urgently asked the teacher for a pass and dashed to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and blasts of diarrhea came out of me in giant farts. The smell filled the room and the other girl there quickly left. Then I felt nauseous and leaned over and puked on the floor. I went back to class and then went home where I continued to puke and have the runs for the rest of the day. that's my story.

Hi Hiker UK!

That was a first-class story about your neighbour Juliet. Really enjoyed hearing it.

I have a question. You both used the toilet together, but she kept her private parts hidden from you. Did you keep yourself similarly secret from her, or did she get a good look at you doing the business?



i have been gone for a while and I noticed that everyone is talking about Linda but she is not here. What happened to her?


CancerChild's Cousin
What's up everyone? I am sorry that i have not been on lately. My cousin as you all know passed away. My younger brother commited suicide and my Father left my Mother. I practically killed myself but i know Julian wouldn't want it that way. How is Linda doing? I know this was hard for everyone. I myself have been depressed since her death. I have been constipated for quite a while i shall tell you the story. Well i decided to drive to my friends house. His name is Luke. I brought an enema. Luke is very good with helping constipated people. I saw him cleaning his car. He knew i was coming and led me to his room. He told me to take off my clothes so i proceeded to take off a Backstreet Boys shirt, Cargo Shorts, underwear, and a cup (used for sports i came from Basketball to his house). He told me to lay down on his bed. He took his hand and stuck a few fingers in my butthole. He massaged it. He said strain and i did. He took me to the bath room. I peed and sat down. I strained a! nd grunted. I tried all different techniques. First standing, then squating, then sitting on the floor. Nothing. I had been constipated 2 and a half weeks i was worried. So he massaged my stomach. He took his hand and pulled out an inch chunk. Next a couple pebbles. He told me to try again. He gave me enema. It never worked. So he gave me a laxative. It work but barely. We went in his room and watched a movie while i sat on a bucket and strained and strained until my head practically popped. The movie was over before i even got a pebble out. So he coached me. He would say strain then say hold it and strain more. it went on for a half hour. most of the small junk came out next would be the huge stuff. I got a huge poop halfway out when here came the blood. My butthole was open so wide i started to cry. He tole me to push it but was it stuck? So he took his finger and pulled it out. 4 inces long 3 inches wide. Ouch. I wiped up my butthole. He told me to strain again and here c! ame another wide one. I cryed again. It was once again halfway through and i started bleeding. Finally it came out and his dad came in to help. His dad and him coached me helping me. I was totally embarrassed. I tryed not to cry but how can you not cry when your poop is 5 inches wide?? I finally gave up one after another they came and i didn't wanna be embarrassed so much. So i told him i would go home and do it. I got in the car and suddenly i had to piss. I grabbed my crotch and hoped i wouldn't pee my pants. I got home and went to the forest to go take a decent dump. Well i did took me 3 more hours, but i guess i was through. I went to my girlfriend's house that night and had good love. See ya!

Rick, Psycho 3 is not a great example of a peeing scene in a movie. Its ok, but I can think of some much better ones. "Tie me up tie me down" has two great peeing scenes, including one with actual wiping. "Love Crimes" shows a woman peeing behind a couch and you can see the actual urine stream. There have also been some good pooping scenes, like the ones in Homage, Car Wash, Patch of Blue and Senseless. None show actual poop, though. The question I'm still wondering about is do any movies actually show a woman's butt hole? There are many movies where you can see a female butt, and sometimes the cheeks spread open a little and you can almost see the hole, but I cant remember ever seeing an actual female anus in a non-porno movie. Has anyone?

To Daniel (UK): I've read that story a number of times and love it each time I read it. What an experience it must have been. I wish your were my age and you lived in the same city as me. I would invite you anytime to watch me dump. About dumping in doorless stalls. Where I live that would not be smart. You would be the hor of the month or even year if anyone ever saw you. That's why I never would use them. But I think there is doors on the stalls in the new building (which isn't that new but it was added on) because when I was in 1st hour class a kid raised his hand and asked to use the bathroom. The teacher asked if he was feeling well. He said no and he left. About 10 to 15 minutes later he returned to class. So either it was an emergency and he didn't care if it was doorless or not or there were doors. But I haven't been in that bathroom yet because I'm only in that building for one hour. One time my friend came over to visit and he had to take a dump. No one but me and hi! m were there so I could stand by the door and listen. I heard a long fart then a crackle, next I heard a couple of plops. Then I asked him if he would save it. He said with a grunt I'm not done yet. Then I said "When you done can I see it". And he says no like it's a big secret. He's not open at all about his bodily functions. But we joke about it alot and he lets me know when he has to go. The past 2 times he spent the night he has had to take a dump. So the next time he spends the night I will hide all the TP and he will go and say there's no TP and I'll be able to bring it to him. That is if he doesn't notice there's none before he starts. He's very unpredictable. And chances are if he doesn't he'll tell me to leave it at the door or he'll open it a little and be behind the door. Hopefuly he won't do that. Well cya

Have any of you ladies ever done a #1 or #2 while having sex? I did last night and just wondering if it's normal. Thanks.

when i was younger my turds where solid and large and something that i have to put in effort to produce but now i only do soft turds what i want to know is what sort of diet i would have to have to get some decent turds back somthing that i have to grunt and groan and really put some effort into it

waiting to hear from someone

Saturday, October 16, 1999

Sean B
There's another Sean posting, so I'm adding my
middle initial to differentiate between us.

When are you going to get rid of that ugly picture
that bears no resemblance to a person on the toilet?
She's a good-looking person, the way she's sitting is
totally weird. Her predecessor was much better.

Hugh G.
None of my bathroom experiences have been interesting lately, but this happened to me tonight (October 13) while I was filling my gas tank... The tank on my Ranger holds about 17 gallons (US), so it takes a while to fill. As I started, a little car pulls into the gas station parking lot. It reminded me of the Volkswagen that clowns drive around at the circus, when 20 or so clowns somehow manage to climb out. Anyway, two girls, perhaps 18 years old, get out of the car, look at each other and giggle briefly, then run around to the backside of the building, which is adjacent to an unpaved, empty lot. However, there is a house about 20 yards away. I immediately knew what they were doing, since I have done the same thing whiile buying gas. I'd jam the gas cap under the lever of the nozzle, go to the side of the building, pretend to make a call on the public phone, then duck behind and take a leak. These girls, however, made no purchases of gas or sundries at the store. The driver finished first, then returned to the car. I smiled at her and whistled a wolf whistle, but she was too ashamed to make eye contact with me. Too bad; she wasn't bad looking herself. My tank was full now, so I capped the tank, replaced the nozzle, and went inside to pay. That took me about thirty seconds. As I was leaving, her passenger was just returning to the car, and blurted out something like, "That was HORRIBLE!," and they left. I stood and waved. I might have gone back there to see the log the passenger left behind, but it was dark, and the lights in the lot would have been no help. I wonder if the tall, rain-soaked blades of grass tickled. Rection.

Um actaully I knew she had a thing for me.. but I never took it any further. Sorry but I'm a big chicken what can i say. But I did see her poop a many times and pee millions of times. And yes I did finally stay for the end. And yes i believe her. If she did have a feminine bone in her body it must have been a tiny one. i mean geez how many girls sit on the toilet wide legged 9As wide as her jeans and panties let her i'm not talking about splitsville here but her shirt always kept her covered but I did see her bottom many times sigh . eh heh if my font turns red at anytime you know why)Anyway geez I'm not an extremist and well had great respect. So I only went as far as I could without feeling.. um guilty. Anyway linda was cool with her and heh we someitmes all shared a bathroom.. it was interesting. Elena walked in on me millions of times and I doubt any of them were by accident.. I just learned to grin and bear it. I do rmeber one time Linda came from scholl and was running t! o my bathroom and hoisted her skirt up and was about to pull her pantyhose and undies down when she saw Elena in my room then put them back down.. and when i said Elena was cool she hoisetd them back up and undressed and sat down.Anyway. If I had a chance i doubt things would have been different but I do mis her like crazy. Last i heard she was married.(If someone didn't do it I sure would have.)Well that's all for me.

David W.
Kara, your story about being in a marching band brought back long forgotten memories from my days. Whenever you are marching in a parade, you have to watch your step if there are horses in front of you. We had white shoes and it was obvious who did and did not step in it. Our flag corp was another story. They would keep a sharp eye out for the piles of horseshit and if their flags were "down" at the same time they encountered a pile, they would try to flick it up in the air. As a group in general, they were horrible.

The "pissing contest" continues! (Oh, come on, please lighten up, guys!)

TONY (AND GEORGE IN PASSING): Let's be fair here. Somebody asked for a detailed description of the "pee scenes" in the movie "Big Daddy". Since I had just seen it twice (for was run as a weekend attraction here at the University), I was in a position to supply the requested information. Which I was happy to do. That's all. I can also assure both of you that Julian and his adopted dad DID in fact bond in many of the other ways you suggest...doing lots of traditional father/son things together. The "pee shtick" was clearly intended as a running sight gag; and (even among a college-age non-parental audience) it provoked tremendous audience laughter! It was a "button-pusher"...which is clearly what the writers intended. I don't know how it plays in Britain; but I can tell you that American movie audiences always seem to have a "soft spot" for cute kids doing such "funny/naughty" things as r! unning around buck-naked or peeing non-chalantly on "inappropriate" objects! Parents definitely "get it". They seem knowingly amused rather than morally offended when little boys do this in the movies. Do you have a son, by the way? Having raised a spirited boy might also contribute to your "getting it". But again, I certainly can't speak for the cultural differences between audiences in the UK and the States. I only supplied the requested information for the questioner.

Tony, on the issue of your "punching a bloke and sending him flying" because of his "attentions", I'm a lot more concerned. We had a young man named Matthew Shepard killed in this country last year, for the "crime" of having made some sort of friendly remark to a couple of low-life types, which they interpreted (rightly or wrongly) as a sexual come-on. What happened to him became an international scandal, which cast great shame and disgrace on our own violently homophobic national culture. Let me put ! it this way: If somebody reaches for your "privates" without being invited, you certainly have a right to defend your personal integrity with whatever force may be required. But if you're the sort of guy who acts out violently just because some guy "looks at you", I'd simply remind you that there is NO legal expectation of genital privacy at public urinals. You're in a "public place"...albeit a (generally) sex-segregated one. Those who are squeamish about "being seen" are of course free to use the stalls. Many do. That's fine. But homophobic violence, unless you are yourself physically attacked, is just about the LEAST appropriate response I can imagine. I really do urge you to deal with your internalized homophobia. I'll probably be "nuked" for saying this. But I hope not. You made a disturbing statement, and I felt I had to respond to it. End of lecture. Let the merriment resume!

Hello to Dan from the US... it's nice to have another Daniel here, and to hear from someone as like-minded as me.
yes please, tell more about your buddy-dumping experiences starting with the one when you were 13. Did it make you closer friends? We need more male stories about males here, not to mention ladies describing their boyfriends' shits. Are any of you ladies curious about your boyfriends' dumps?
Have they let you watch them?
C ya, Daniel Thom, I forgot to thank you for the advice on Nathaniel. I'm going to leave the door open warm the seat up for him next time he's here (next Thursday lunch!). The other problem is there's a fan attached to the light switch makes hearing the dumps a bit of a challenge. But I think I'd faint if I actually saw Nat on the toilet, I'd be so amazed and distracted, if that is the right word. I should add that he's an absolutely brilliant young actor with a very bright future. Wouldn't it be cool to have this memory of him when he's famous?!

To Dee: I really enjoyed your posts about peeing in the shower, which I do myself every morning. Besides saving time, it just feels so good to let go. I found your post about peeing through your bathing suit at the pool shower very interesting. I wonder how many other women have doen this as well, it would be pretty much unnoticible.
I have heard of women wading into the water at the beach to pee, and also of some who will place a towel over their lap and pee in the sand. I'd be interested in hearing from any other women who have done it at the beach or pool.

George: I agree, the sounds of someone on the toilet are great, especially the UH! MMPH!, the crackling and the final KER SPLUNK!

Have a great day everyone!

The girls at school have decorated the boys bathrooms with pumpkins for haloween, it is so cute, they put pumpkins on top of all the urinals
Yesterday I had closed the girls toilets after i cleaned them, and 2 girls had to use the bathroom, so they came into the boys bathroom while i was cleaning it, i had poured chemicals into the toilet bowls, so i told them they could use the urinals, but one of them needed a boost, so i helped her, by putting a box for her to stand on, she squated and made a poo, in the urinal. Fortunatly one of the men teachers was there to bring her some tissue, as i was busy cleaning the sinks. I like to keep our bathrooms nice and clean !!!

To VECTOR-That must have been great to see 2 women right next to each other pooing in the woods!I myself never had the pleasure of seeing 2 women pooing at the same time,but i'd love to! Good story!To TONY(UK)-I agree with your feelings about peeing in front of other guys.I wouln't want any guy looking at see in that way,but i do enjoy pooing in mens rooms sometime when i really gotta poop and i can enjoy hearing others poo at the same time,but that is as far as it goes!I don't want to meet new friends in the mens room or be checked out or proposioned by any guy-No thanks,not for me.
Had a nice one this a.m..As soon as i awoke,i had some cramps and had to pee badly ,so i went in and sat on the bowl and started to pee a good strong stream and then did about 2-3 minutes of long farts as i felt the mass of digested waste start to fill my rectum.These farts started long and loud and progressivly got shorter and shorter.I hadn't passed that much gas in a while!Then i felt my! anus open up and i just relaxed and i didn't push at all.I looked between my legs and saw a nice smooth l-o-n-g turd oozing out my asshole.It just kept coming and curling into the bowl as it was still coming out my anus and then it tapered off and fell into the bowl with no sound at all(Stealh poo)It was 12-15 inches long and about an inch and a half thick.I rarely do real thick ones,but boy are some of them long!Needless to say,it felt great coming out.As i was looking at the poo in the bowl,i felt like i had to go some more so i opened up my anus and did a long fart followed by a lot of soft poop with gas coming out at the same time sort of like a tttsssstttttthhhhhhhhhh sound and that was quite a load too.I felt like i pooed enough for 2 people.Then i looked in the bowl and saw this long piece wrapped around the bowl and this big pile of soft mush in the middle.WOW It didn't feel like i was going to go that much.Then i sat there and pushed my anus in and out for a bit and ! then wiped my puckered asshole and enjoyed the moment,Had turkey tacos for dinner,i guess thats what did it.I love a.m. poos,thay feel the best!Anyone else have good a.m. poos? Some feedback pleaseBYE


Hi Everyone....Last night i had this big dinner at this country style restaurant. I had a salad from the salad bar(lettus, cucumbers, bacon bits,crutons, eggs salad dressing), apple butter and cottage cheese. and for dinner i had fried chicken and french fries. I was full after dinner. When i woke up this morning i was still full. I felt that because i was full that i would need to take a huge shit sometime today. Any one ever eat a big meal and go to sleep..wake up and still are full and you have a huge shit that day? Well I finally let it go...this afternoon i was in a chat room and i felt the urge i went...Man It was like a foot long and i wiped very little. I was excited about what i produced!!!! It was huge and solid and stayed all together. I was hoping i was going to have to shit at school. Hope i have another movement like this sometime soon. Any one have experiences like this?

bye Bryian

To Alan - interested in none porno movies of women peeing.

Yes there is one good one out there.

Phsyco III - I will not give it away and ruin your fun but a women is shown sitting on toilet, with sounds!
While this is no porno movies, it definitely has blood and gore.

Maybe someone can add to that, any other movies?

Jeff A.
Vector: It's great to hear from you again. What a great story. I've had few similar incidents, but nothing of such grand proportions. A girlfriend of mine that I'd mentioned a long time back named Kyra, did a number two out in the woods one time that was incredibly massive!! I attribute that to that clean mountain air. She squatted and put her hand up over her eyes to shield the sun, and to see if I was watching her or not. She squeezed out this long turd that curled when it touched the ground, and was fat, solid and long! Just one, but it was a good one. You're story sounds more interesting though. Two women! What a lucky guy!

George (Scotland): I would have to agree that the father and son peeing thing could be viewed alternately. As far as bonding goes, I really don't see anything wrong with it, just so long as it is innoncent. A father and son peeing together is no big deal. Just as long as it dosen't turn into a ritual. A "guy" kind of thing is very inn! ocent. When it takes a step too far, then there's trouble. I would view a "guy thing" as a camping trip, or roadside stop etc. At home, If father and son needed to pee at the same time, still no problem. (providing that their aim is good, and don't get caught in the cross-fire.) Otherwise, I think that trips to the bathroom should be separate when children are involved.
At home, there's no need to show Jr. how to pee. It comes as natural as sunshine.

Finally, I hate to sound like a critic, but That picture on the masthead is very disturbing to me. I call it "The Bare Witch Pee Project."

Bye all!

Dan - write about some recent experiences watching your friend dump. I live in the "Bible Belt" of the southeast (Northern Florida), and I too, thought I was a freak for wanting to watch other guys dump. Then I found this site and discovered other people share the same interest. Now I don't feel quite so strange. I've only watched one guy take a dump. You may have read some of my posts about this. Anyway, I look forward to your posts.
Thom - good to hear from you. Glad you are still around. Everyone else - great posts this week. Keep it up. Thanks.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

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