I agree that going outside, during a camping trip or some other type of hike is very interesting. Once much to my enjoyment, my girlfriend and her sister who is about her same age, roughly 16/17 at the time both had to poop when we were hiking. We were in a secluded area and we had just picknicked there so the coast was clear, they both pulled down thieir pants infront of me and turned away (butts facing me, either way I could see everything, there is no privite way for a woman to face when she has to poop.) Anyways, my girlfriend riped a stern fart and her little buthole started to open a litte as she forced it. Her sister passes a big hiss of a fart and started pushing. My girlfriend was passing a big one and she worked it out slowly with alot of heaving and crackling. There ended up being two big loaves. Her sister asked me to look at her butthole to see if there was any poop comming. It looked like there might be a tip comming, she strained for a while and heaved o! ut a long hard brown "tail" It finaly broke off and she stopped pooping. Both of their butts were pretty soiled, but there were no dry leaves or paper handy so they just pulled up their panties and we continued hiking. It was a long and somewhat greulilng hike back down and my girlfriend had some killer skids in her panties when we got home. I am sure her sister did too!

We had lunch in a Chinese restaurant the other day. Before we left, my Dad and I went to the men's room. There was a strong smell of mostly piss. I went into the urinal and flushed before starting to pee, preferring a fresh bowl. My Dad went into a stall and flushed the toilet before he started to pee. I finished and washed my hands, noticing that the sink had a little plumbing problem. My Dad tried to flush but couldn't. I saw the toilet bowl from just outside the stall and saw some piss and TP. I couldn't tell what was clogging the toilet, and I certainly wasn't interested in finding out. My Dad and I left, and he told the manager about the problem in the men's room. Hopefully they fixed the problem before someone has a real need to do a #2, which is not far-fetched considering the quality of the food in that restaurant.

I recall another pooping experience at my Mom's office the summer I worked there. This time I observed someone else having a major session. I was having a routine pee (and managed to pass a fart and a couple of medium turds). As I was coming out of a stall, a woman in a light green skirt suit went quickly into another stall. As I was washing my hands, I heard her quickly lift up her skirt, pull down her pantyhose, and sit, and I heard a huge fart and a stream of pee, followed by an explosive wave of poop. I heard her grunt and let go an even louder wave of poop that also lasted a little longer. I was drying my hands and fixing my hair when I heard a flush. As I was heading out the door, I heard another explosive wave of poop and the smell had filled the room by then.

Medical Student
I think the actual risk of catching HIV from a toilet seat is so small as to be negligible. The HIV virus is extremely unstable outside the body (unlike, say, a cold virus), and would only survive on a toilet seat that was covered in fresh blood from an infected individual. I have never seen blood on a toilet seat at all, and given that the actual proportion of people infected with HIV is actually very small in the west, there are far more probable ways to become infected. In any case, you'd have to sit on the fresh blood (or possibly a large quantity of fresh faeces)with an open wound on the hips to become infected, and I doubt anyone would either (a) actually sit in a large mound of crap or pool of blood or (b) want to sit on anything with an open wound. The hepatitis B and C viruses probably represent a marginally greater risk (certainly if blood was found on a seat), as 2% of the US population is infected with Hep C (contrast maybe 0.3-0.8% in the UK). However, again, it i! s extremely hard to catch any blood-borne disease from a toilet seat, and anyone claiming to have was either 1 case in maybe 250 million, or else is lying to cover how they actually caught it. The main /actual/ risk posed by toilet seats is that of becoming infected with a gastroenteritis, diarrhoea [sorry - UK spelling :)] or food poisoning-causing bacterial or viral strain. This is the main reason to avoid a genuinely filthy toilet seat, but in any case you would still need to let your own personal hygiene (e.g. hand washing) lapse, and then eat, prepare food or suck your fingers, to actually catch the infection. Many doctors (and especially nurses) work with virulently infected faeces as a matter of course and never become ill through practising good hygiene. The whole idea of catching STDs etc. off toilet seats seems to be left over from 19th century paranoia over such matters. IMHO the best thing to do is just use ones common sense...

Public Toilet Hater
To the medical student from the UK -- Thank you for your well-written explanation. That does make sense.

Anyway, suppose an HIV-positive person had hemorrhoids, and bled on the seat? Suppose the next person had a cut on the butt, or a pimple, or perhaps hemorrhoids too? It seems like such contact would at least be undesirable.

I have seen large mounds of crap on toilet seats. I went into a fast-food joint the other day, and went in to wash my hands before eating. There were several turds on the toilet seat, and the commode was soaked in urine. There wasn't any soap in the bathroom either -- the container was empty. Needless to say, I walked right out of that restaurant.

Once I worked at a place where an employee was suffering from AIDS. The gentleman suffered from dementia, and when he went to the bathroom, he would defecate and urinate all over the commode. He made a habit of visiting every bathroom in the building. This made the othe! r employees very very paranoid. They would refuse to sit on the commode, and instead would hover over it, and typically miss the hole. Thus, piles of excrement formed in the stalls. The employees would not even stand near a urinal, and instead would pee at it from a distance of 6 feet or son. The restrooms were filthy by the afternoon of each day, with mounds of turds and urine everywhere. The company ultimately retired the poor guy based on a medical disability (dementia). Let me emphasize that his behavior was determined to be caused by diminished mental acuity -- I am not making a statement about the character of HIV positive people.

So, I am glad to hear that catching a dangerous disease is not very likely, but I will still play it safe and avoid public toilets as often as possible. Given a choice between sitting in someone else's manure, or dumping my pants, I will choose dumping in my pants.

It seems like a better solution would to be to al! ways provide butt gaskets, and to treat the butt gaskets with a disinfectant. Hey, we could start a business manufacturing butt gaskets with Lysol embedded in them!

To George (Scotland): I don't especially care for psychologists either. All I want out of going to the bathroom is a nice clean toilet like I have at home. I travel a lot on business, and I have found that some places tend to have fairly clean toilets, and others have awful toilets. The western US tends to be much cleaner, whereas the southern states tend to have filthy public facilities. I have seen piles of crap all over the commodes. I know a number of men who absolutely refuse to use a public toilet, and I am one of them, except in an emergency.

Hello Everyone great stories. Brent C. and Carlos I wish I could be in Texas for a buddy dump with the two of you. That would be quite an experience. Carlos tell us about your experiences with suppositories. My constipation is about the same. Some days I can manage a movement but can go for days without one. I still rely on gylcerine suppositories and sometimes an enema.
Daniel U.K. Enjoy your posts. My suggestion to you is to take the lead. After lunch go into the bathroom before Nat has a chance. Leave the door partially open. If he doesn't follow you make a comment about the picture he noticed in there earlier. Anything to make conversation. Tell him you don't mind him being there. After you have finished ask him if he needs a turn--that you have even warmed up the seat. If that does not seem comfortable to you then I think George's idea about no toilet paper in the bathroom is a good one. I agree with George, I think he is interested but just does not k! now how to take it to the next step. Good luck. Drew, wish you could make some progress with Nick. The next time he is over leave the door open when you go into to take a dump. See what happens. I enjoy everyone's stories. Wish I had something to report. Take Care Thom

Dee, what is it with people being afraid to use anything other than the common everyday indoor plumbing? Isn't the whole idea of nature to be AWAY from human influence (i.e. indoor plumbing)? I once read in this book "how to shit in the woods" that the author even liked to do it outside because she was so used to (and bored with) the standard toilet. Her big thing was peeing on rocks though, since she claimed it would evaporate better, but I think peeing right on the ground is better because it soaks into the ground.

The last time we camped, we set up camp and picked out a spot a bit away from our tents, to use as our outdoor toilet. We dug a hole and used old tree branches lashed together as a seat. This was used for pooping only, and throwing away toilet paper. The pee area was a few feet away, and let me tell you, by the time we left camp 3 days later, the ground had been peed on so many times that it was completely soaked.

Public Toilet Hater. Okey, if you arent into toilet sounds, that's fine by me. Some of us are, the reasons for which have been explained in great detail often on this website. I personally couldn't give a shit what psychologists think, they are a profession for which I have a low regard . However Im curious as to what aspect of toilet matters you DO like? Your "handle" suggests that you dont like public toilets, so do you enjoy doing a number two in a nice clean toilet at home or whatever? Please let us know. I dont like dirty toilets either, and as I have often said I detest smelly urinals and just do not use them. I cant say I like Dude's idea of father and child peeing together as a means of better bonding. Like my mate Tony, I can think of far nicer ways of bonding than this, but I dont wish to start a flame war on this. Maybe things are different in the USA, its a more male dominated society than the UK. I think any man in Britain who said he peed with his son to improv! e father son bonding might attract the attentions of the child welfare authorities and be looked on with suspicion. When the last "thread" about this was going I discussed this with Tony and with Moira's brother and both said that their father only got involved when they were being toilet trained as young kids then if he needed a pee at home he used the toilet and bolted the door as he did when he needed a number two. If they were out at a football match or whatever and did a pee at a urinal in the gents toilet no big deal was made about this, they just stood there,did it and came away when finished, without it being a matter of comment or discussion. Although my aunt was a widow she had a permanent boyfriend who visted and stayed over from time to time and who I suppose filled a role between big brother and father subsititute to me. He didnt make any big scene about pissing and respected my preference to use a cubicle if we went out togther and had to use the gents. I just ca! nnot recall him ever commenting about such things when he visited my Aunt Helen, (he didn't live with her and the girls). Unlike my Aunt and cousins, he was also private about doing a BM and we respected his wish for privacy.

Vector, I loved your description of your g/f and her sister doing big jobbies. I used to see my cousins and my aunt doing their motions when we went camping or on a cross country walk or cycling in the countryside and of course they would also see me. We always took some toilet paper with us to avoid skid marks in our knickers or having to use leaves or whatever.

To the anon contributer. If you have had diarrhea and haven't lost it in your panties you are very lucky. I know many people this has happened to, at the very least a slight leakage or a wet fart at worst a full wave of liquid shit pouring into their underpants and usually leaking out soiling their other clothing and causing great embarrasment. Its Murphy's law that the day you! are desparate and taken short the train doesnt have toilets or the public toilet you hurry to is either closed or all the stalls are occupied and there are no convenient bushes or walls etc to go behind.

Joshua, my Aunt, my two girl cousins, my wife Moira and myself all wipe and dry our urinary outlets as it were after peeing. I have done this since childhood as I dont like the feel of a wet cock against my knickers and it prevents stains and smells. Again its a personal hygiene thing to me , just like changing one's underpants every day and wiping the bum properly after a motion.

Dee, I must look for the Underwater Theme in W98 and perhaps edit it etc. I assume its a .wav file.

All the best, George.

Dan (US)
Been reading up on this site for sometime, but this is my first post. I've been especially interested in Daniel (UK) and more recently Ryans postings. I am 26, live in the midwest 'bible belt' and I thought I was a freak because I've always been interested in watching other guys dump. My first one was with a friend when we were both about 13 or 14, through college and still do today when I get the rare chance. Don't know if anyone's interested, but I'll write about some of them soon when I have a bit more time.

LD asked something like this.

Are there any (legitimate, NOT porno)movies in which you see a woman pee?

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

To Annonymous: I do agree that it would be apleasure to wipe the butt of those five guys you mentioned. I would also love to wipe Dennis Quaid's butt. To see the product of such a stud would be delightful. I would love to buddy dump over their loads! Other's please share their ideas!

Banana Up My Butt>> To answer your question from a couple days ago, about who's butt you'd like to wipe after they had just taken a dump, 5 guys come to mind for me...Tom Cruise, Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), Harrison Ford, John Schneider and Tom Wopat (these last two from "Dukes Of Hazzard"), as well as being able to see their "product"

Linda's Cousin - She wanted you. I've been with a girl who claimed to not have a feminine bone in her body, she was of course kidding about that. Most girls won't just go with a boy in front of them unless they really wanted to. My only regret is that you didnt stay there for the end - I take it she really wanted to show you what she made (Odds are it must have been big, she probably wanted to impress you, maybe she planned to show you how big she could make a BM and thats why she was holding it.) I take it she flushed it all away before you could get a good look, huh. Did it stay that way through all the times you got to see her or did you never get to see her productions?

I'd love to hear more about you getting to be with her using the bathroom - Please, keep it up. It's great.

BTW: I'm in college, and even I get turned on seeing a girl's bra strap, and I'd certainly be turned on if a girl let me stay with her while she did a BM.

Ryan, hello there, it's good to hear from you again. Good luck in Junior High. I'm 24, so out of your preferred age group, but when I was a kid I had a friend Paul, and I saw him take a dump a number of times, starting when we were both 13. Check out old post page 183 on this site where I described the first time I watched him (it was outside). I remember that experience very fondly! Nothing makes two guys bond more than being able to shit in front of each other. Looking forward to your Junior High dumping stories. Looks like you'll have to get used to those doorless toilets if you want to dump in school. By the way, Ryan, they won't let anyone post their email address here.
George, thanks for the advice about my friend Nathaniel. The thing is, he locks the door while he's shitting and only invites me in after he's flushed and opened the door. The only evidence is Nat buckling his belt and the smell, although the first time he left a few brown flecks on the back of the pan! which I had to clean up later. And I don't actually think he'd start shitting until he was sure there was paper available. I'm going to keep trying! Nat's a pretty open guy and maybe one day I'll be in there with him.
'Bye for now. Daniel

Hey...Sorry it's been ages since I've posted but a lot has happened.

My Husband and I have discovered buddy dumping this past month...we have been married almost 2 years and were never quite comfortable with seeing one another use the bathroom.

I decided to be the first to initiate our "open door" bathroom policy. Since that glorious day...Sept 12 to be exact....we both leave the door open when using the bathroom and he will now even wipe my butt for me.

Gordon...that's wonderful you and your wife still enjoy using the toilet together...I think it really brings a marriage closer. You are never too old to enjoy special bathroom moments.

I must also add....we are expecting our first child in April. That means plenty of trips to the bathroom to pee in the months ahead but I look forward to it ....Love Doreen

That's true, Nicola, sometimes it's just sitting on the toilet to pee that makes me aware I need to poop as well. However, when I pee standing (in the shower, as I've explained), I never get the same unexpected need-to-poop-now feeling as I do when I sit - I've often pooped while peeing in the toilet, but never while standing in the shower.

Les, they were a lot more free and easy about peeing - most of us either did it downstream, or under cover of the bushes. The spade wasn't needed, I guess, because it all seeped into the ground (good for the plants, too) within a few minutes, so there was no point digging a hole or covering it up - for much the same reason (i.e. no potentially unhygenic residue - I know poop biodegrades, but you have to admit, it takes some time), we didn't have to use the hole-in-the-ground thing to pee. I guess that's the problem with a lot of people, isn't it? They only appreciate nature if it's bug-free and it's got proper plumbing...

Thanks, Bryian! And the Aria kid, well, could have been drinking just about anything - but I guess he drank a LOT of whatever it was...personally, I like water or juice best. Sodas and caffeinated drinks sometimes don't really quench thirst, and I find it hard to drink them in large quantities.

Dude, that was hilarious! I mean, of course musicians and singers pee like everyone else, but the idea of a mass pee in the bushes - in formal wear - now that's something else!

On toilet sounds - check out the Underwater theme in Win98, if you have it - the sound it makes when a menu opens, which I'm guessing is supposed to be a pebble being thrown into water, sounds pretty much like a really solid poop falling into the pan...I'm thinking you could put it together with a couple of fart noises and a flush (which I've actually heard online), along with a pee noise and some grunting (which I haven't heard online), and you'd have a pretty good fake performance...

I visited a new shopping mall on business today and the toilets had 5 wall mounted urinals with partitions. (sorry Dude most men DO want some privacy, at least in the UK).These flushed automatically on an individual basis I think some form of proximity detector or sensor and I found if I stood in front of one then moved away it flushed and there were no nasty pissy smells. The interesting part was that one of the urinals was set at a lower level probably to accomodate kids or short men. No disrespect Dude but I found your comments about peeing together, male bonding etc a little bit disturbing. Okey, I dont have the total hatred of urinals and peeing in the sight of other men that my long time buddy George has but neither have I ever found any attraction in that excretory function,whether done by men or women, my turn on is number twos, (BMs) and associated sights and sounds. To me I do a pee either at a urinal or in a cubicle down the toilet pan depending where I am at the ti! me. I dont welcome the attentions of blokes I dont know looking at me or my sexual organ when peeing and to be frank I once punched a bloke and sent him flying in a gents toilet when his attentions got a bit too familiar. I can think of better ways for fathers and sons to "bond", such as going to and taking part in sports together, building models, repairing the car, do it yourself work in the house, etc, rather than pissing with each other like a couple of male dogs, but that's my opinion and as I have said before, different strokes for different folks. It's strange but in some aspects we Brits are more open than you Yanks but in others such as doorless stalls in toilets and this "urinal culture" we have a stricter outlook and jealously guard our privacy.

The person who had the enema was unlucky. A workmate of mine had to have a barium enema to investigate his bowel problems which thankfully turned out to be IBS, bad enough but nothing worse. He was given a very powe! rful purgative (Picosulph- Sodium Picosulfate) to take the day before at home and it really cleared him out!!!(I prefered NOT to hear all the details) When he went to the hospital the nurses and radiographers were very courteous and mindful of his personal comfort and treated him with as much dignity as they could given the nature of the examination. The sequel was that having been cleared out and the effect of the barium was that he didnt do a motion for the next two days then passed firstly a big white turd, then a couple of normal brown ones. The ordinary jobbies went away but the big fat lumpy white one sunk to the bottom of the pan in the gents toilet at work and took several flushes to shift. has anyone else had this experience or seen such a big white jobbie after they or someone else has had a barium meal or barium enema?

Public Toilet hater. While we do have some dirty public toilets in the UK of course, most arent usually as bad as those you describe. I have! only seen feces on the seat where some person has had a bad attack of the runs and it exploded out of their bum just as they sat on the pan. YEUCH! but thankfully this is not a sight I have seen too often. Ive never seen solid stool on the seat In UK public toilets, unlike the one I described above, the problem, at least in the gents, is smelly urinals and wet floors around them but thankfully the newer or refurbished toilets seem to have cured that unpleasent problem. What I often see is when some previous user has done a motion and not flushed it or it has been a nice big one and has stuck and of course I enjoy this and buddy dump my own on top of theirs. My girlfriend Theresa says that she has sometimes seen blood on the seat in a ladies toilet where a woman has changed her sanitary towel or tampon and not cleaned up afterwards. I am not a medical man so I dont know what the risk of catching bugs from a public toilet seat is. Why not take some tissues with a disinfectant w! ith you to wipe over the seat prior to use and you can flush these away with the toilet paper. This must be better than shitting your underpants. Perhaps some medical type can put us right on the risks of being infected by sitting on a public toilet, which diseases? is AIDS a risk? what disinfectant to use. I have used toilets at school, at work, and public toilets and have not as yet caught any bugs from doing so, of course I too would NOT sit in someone else's shit or piss.

I agree with PV and Monica. The few times I had an underpant filling accident as a kid my mum was very kind and decent about it and I didnt in any way mock her when she did a jobbie in her knickers a couple of times when she couldn't get to the toilet in time. Its stange but if someone vomits because of an upset stomach people are generally a lot more sympathetic, yet in the end its a very similar event. Unless its their own silly fault such as taking laxatives (not under medical instruction whi! ch is different) or having the opportunity to go to the toilet but puting it off till its too late, then I feel sorry for someone taken short, especially if its in public. I feel we should have a more understand attitude to our fellow humans, young or old, male or female, and accept that such accidents can happen to us all and most probably have for most of us.

Joshua, most women do wipe their pee holes as you put it after a piss and some men wipe their penis. I had a teenaged girl cousin , Sandra, who or some reason didnt dry her vaginal lips after peeing but let it soak into the gusst of her panties which as a result had orange-yellow stains even after being washed.

This question was asked before but I don't remember seeing the answer. Are there any movies out where a female's butt hole (anus) is visible? Thanks.

I don't know how people can have diarrhea accidents in their pants, even if ou have to wait long before you get to the bathroom. There have been lots of times that I have dashed from a classroom to succumb to blasts of liquid poop. There was this one time when I was seeing a play of Grease at a theater when before the show I had cramps and I knew what was coming. I went to the bathroom only to find a huge line of people waiting. I let out a couple of stinky farts and one person in front of me said "boy, someone's got to go bad" I got to the bathroom and had diarrhea everywhere, it just shoots out.

Another time, I was on a bus with my music group when I realized that liquid shits was going to hit. I waited a while and then went to the back of the bus to the bathroom where I sat and exploded from both ends, vomit and all. No one ever figured out who did it. But I have never lost it in my pants in diarrhea. I always find some way to handle it.

Has anyone ever shot out from both ends, that is throwing up and diarrhea? I have and am wondering if anyone has some interesting stories about them. It's really disgusting.

Public Toilet Hater
Tape recordings of bathroom noises? I suspect that most psychologists would not be impressed with the maturity level of folks who like that kind of thing. I also suspect that folks are doing that just for fun and are entirely harmless. But to me, it is goofy.

please if any girls have very interesting stories please post them.

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

MONICA: You're right! I've been rather saddened by the number of people who say they have been reproached, humiliated, even punished, by parents after having accidents. That's just not on, it's so wrong it makes me see red. I recall a post about some girls going home from a club and being scared by a man startling them at a dark alley mouth, and one of the girls was so frightened that the shock, combined with her state of "alcohol augmentation," we'll call it?, made her lose control and fill her panties. Her mother scolded her wickedly, if I remember, despite the fact it could not be considered her fault in any sense, and I regretted finding that people could be so insensitive. Likewise, way back on Page 1 of this forum, there's a post about a kid who has an accident and is actually physically punished for it -- assuming that was true, and not a story from a humiliation freak.<br>
So I was delighted to read your post about the nurse saving you and making sure you wer! e never subjected to the degradation, and the likely ridicule of your clasmates, ever again. It's nice to know there are those who both care and are prepared to act.<br>
I'd love to read some more stories from people who have avoided the accident rather than suffered it, or whose accidents have been treated sympathetically and with compassion by others.<br>
Anyone got any examples???<br>

Last week I was at a High school football game beacuse I am in the band. It was on of our away games so it was at night. Well since it was evening and the air was chilly plus the added breeze the bathrooms were pretty busy. After our half-time show two of my friends and I headed over to the bathrooms. We had to wait in line for a couple minutes when we got in the door i could see there were five stalls. One of them didn't have a door and was just completely not being considered for use by anyone. I was joking to my friend that she should go in there she replied that she wasn't that desperate. We each went into our own stall and had our pee. I must say trying to use a toilet with a band uniform on is hard very hard. If i had been wearing regular clothes and other people were going in the doorless stall i might have as well. I don't know that I've ever seen a doorless stall in a place like that before. Well I guess there's a first time for everything! Kara

Hi Rick! :-)
To the person who asked about cassette recording a poop and vomit session, No, I have never done that. But I did hear a sound sample on a record once of someone vomiting, which I found to be quite hilarious. Still waiting for a poop sound sample, though.


To Dee: Funny story about peeing in front of every one at the pool. I liked your whole post, it was a good one.

To Cousin: I liked your story too.

The medical profession appears to be devoid of any respect for privacy. In preparation for a "test" I had to be cleaned out -- enemas till clean. I suggested that I do it at home. They insisted on doing it at the lab. They had a room for that purpose -- a table with a toilet nearby. You were asked to get on your knees with your chest on the table -- an enema was admistered. It took 20 min to expell it only to be adminstered again. A very humilitating experience.

Dee, you are so right when you say "when you gotta go, you gotta go, facilities or none". The thing I can't figure out is that some people just think they can keep holding it until they find a toilet, which was the case with the folks we went camping with. It must be some kind of societal conditioning, or just fear of the unknown, that they are afraid to go into/onto anything except a genuine toilet. It doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe it's just that the urbanization of this world is taking the fun out of being in the great outdoors, along with all the compromises one has to endure when exploring the outdoors.

Your story about the hole in the ground toilet contraption is certainly interesting, and I can relate. Did they make you use the toilet contraption or the spade for peeing also, or was it just for #2? I guess I am lucky in that these kinds of things have never bothered either me or my wife. Actually, she is an expert at going just about anywhere, when! the need hits, so I think she is part outdoorswoman or something like that.

This morning at work, I walked into the restroom to pee. A man was at the urinal peeing, but he had his slacks pulled down to his feet and his underwear halfway down. It was shock to see this at work. I didn't think I could go stand next to him and pee. One stall was occupied by a man who really spreads his legs when he sits on the toilet - so much so that one foot was intruding into the next stall. I pretended to comb my hair quickly, then I left and went to another floor to pee.

Hey guys. It's been a while. I've been really busy with some stuff over the summer. Well I'm at the Junior High now. Does anyone go to Jackson Junior High School. If so let me know. Out of the two bathrooms in the 1st building I've only been in one and all four stalls were doorless. I haven't been in the other one because I have no reason do go in yet. But I hope it has doors. But like I said I really need to know if anybody lives in Jackson, MO that has gone to school there or is. Nothing special with my dumps yet. Just that I do poop every two or three days. Um let's see... Any guys in the ages between 9-20 please send me stories about your dumps in the boys bathroom or about you and your friend dumping together. Please send them to the email address above. It would really be appreciated. I heard that someone died recently. Was it Kyle (female) or was it somebody else. Well see you all in the next few days.

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