Boy, these posts build up fast!

ERIC: A couple of days ago you asked whether a guy standing a foot back from the urinal was "weird". Absolutely not! I've seen college guys stand back three feet and shoot "golden arches" into a urinal...and they weren't even drunk! Just having a bit of fun. It's a guy thing. Probably depends on how proud you are of your equipment...and whether you actually enjoy being appreciated as a virtuoso pisser! Actually, in the olden days (pre-1960s), the urinal was often just one continuous slab wall, and you could stand as far back or as close up as you liked. Up to three feet is still a pretty common "user distance" in those few surviving facilities that I've used...with two feet being "about average". At my home-base university in the Northeast (US), about half the guys "make love to the urinals" (half-wall jobs), snuggling their bodies tightly into them in a coital embrace; while the other half stand back about six inches, although among this "non-coital" cohort, a foot is not at all uncommon; and even two feet is not regarded by others as "inappropriate" (like pissing on the floor or in the sink would be!). Most guys who start by pissing "far out" will also draw up a bit closer to catch the final dribbles, though. The variations in guys' peeing styles are fun to observe! What made you think that a foot's distance was weird? I frankly think most younger guys these days are WAY TOO UPTIGHT about their fixins'. It ain't emotionally healthy to be so nervous and paranoid about using what God and Nature gave you. Relax and enjoy!

AND A NOTE ON FORESKINS! Everyone should just be aware that 8-year-old boys may or may not have "separated" foreskins. If the foreskin is still adhered to the glans, a boy shouldn't be forced to "retract" prematurely, as this can cause major discomfort, or even bleeding. Believe me, it'll retract fully by puberty...when he begins practicing...ahem..."five-finger aerobics"!

Hullo good people. I had "Super Pooper Tuesday" a couple of days ago. I had been eating quite a lot but being period time hadn't done anything, on Tuesday morning before going to work I went to the toilet at home. My husband was shaving but stopped to rub my ???? and with a lot of "UH! AH! and NN!" sounds I passed a long fat firm log of about 12 inches long. It was one of those jobbies that comes out slowly then suddenly tapers off for the last few inches so it shot out of my back passage into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPLOOMP!" My husband patted my ???? and, having a good look at it as he usually does, said "that's a clever girl Nicky". I said that I still felt that there was more up there but it wouldnt come down, but he said, "well just save it for the ladies at work and have a Number Two number two!".

I drove to work and after the morning break I went for a wee wee in one of the Ladies Toilets at the sports centre. I sat on the pan with my tracksuit bottom! s and blue panties pulled down to my knees and peed but then farted long and loud and felt a movement within my ????. As I sat there what I can only describe as a great brown snake slowly oozed out of my bum. It just came out and out, easy and smooth, unlike the knobbly jobbie I did at home but formed and solid and entered the pan with no sound at all. I looked down when I was finished and saw that about 5 inches of it stuck up steaming out of the water. It must have been 15 inches long and the usual 2 inches or so thick, and boy did it smell! I did feel empty but a lot better after that lot which of course stuck in the pan. As I was washing my hands, Eileen, one of the other coaches, came in and saw it. "Bloody hell Nicky, youv'e been laying pipes again!" she said. I had a real good glowing feeling as I always do, to answer Redneck, as I had also felt doing the harder big carrot shaped jobbie in front of my husband earlier. I dont want to overstep the rules of this webpage, ! so let's just say I get turned on in the way women do.

Hiker Uk. I was broght up to regard the human body, its functions, nudity as perfectly natural. I had the benefit of a non religious but very ethical upbringing, so no hang ups. I had no problem if any of my friends saw me having a motion as a kid but was brought up to respect the customs and reservations of others. Nevertheless, I certainly would not have behaved as Juliet did with you. I did let various boys I played with come into the toilet with me when I did a motion. The only slightly unpleasent incident I can recall was when I was about 16 or so and was visiting relatives. Now Andrew,the 13 year old boy there was at that awkward stage in a boy's development, and like a lot of lads at that age didnt yet look at an older girl as a desirable object, which I could have understood but took a delight in trying to embarras me, taking delight in pointing out some spots I had on my face as many teenagers do. Later! after lunch I went to the toilet for a motion, doing a nice big fat turd as usual. When I looked for the toilet paper there was none although there had been a full roll when I had gone for a wee wee earlier. As he had been coming out of the toilet before I went in I assume he had deliberately hidden it.Luckily I had done a firm motion so although I had to pull up my white cotton knickers with my bum unwiped there were only slight light brown skid marks in the seat when I took them off on going to bed. Again to try to embarras me having seen my big jobbie stuck in the pan he said loudly , "Nicola did a big jobbie and it wont flush away!" This however fell flat as his parents, very friendly and easy going types just said, "Well, this happens sometimes anyway she didnt shit herself then flush a pair of shitty underpants down the toilet and block the pipes like you did!" He went bright red as it transpired that he had shit his pants on being taken short on the way home from sc! hool and had disposed of them down the toilet. They had gone away but stuck a few feet down the pipe and a couple of days later the sewage had backed up and his parents had to get a plumber. A soiled pair of boys underpants were found and the game was up. I have to say that later when Andrew had matured a bit he and I got on a lot better and indeed we had a relationship for a while before he went off to university and he apologised for the beastly way he had behaved as a kid. Have any other girls or women had brothers or boy cousins play nasty toilet tricks like this on them?

Thursday, October 07, 1999

Mike & Tim: I was in Washington Square Park mens restroom a few weeks back, there were 2 joggers using the toilets. They both looked pretty comfortable sitting there, it was a nice Saturday afternoon. I sat between them, and started a conversation, and then one of their cell phone rang, he answered the phone, and the other fellow and myself continued to chat. Then i ripped a loud fart, and we all laughed hard, as the jogger on the phone explained to his wife, or whoever he was alking to, the entire scene. It really was funny, as we all tried to wipe our asses, and were offered toilet paper by several grizzly homeless men (amd one homeless woman dropped in to visit us, LOL) for a nominal charge, we reached into our pockets and each gave $1.00 to the toilet paper messenger ! It was a cool experince. Also, I have used the McDonalds john many times. One time I had to ask for toilet paper, and the attendant, had to unlock the holder, locked with a padlock, and ! replace the roll of tissue, while I was shitting ! He felt a bit akward doing this while i was shitting, but I told him I needed tissue, so we chatted, and he laughed, when he saw my Taco Bell boxers waistband, and said I was in the wrong restaurant, Ahhh mens restooms are so much fun sometimes.

When my sister was 13 and I was 15, we had a peeing contest. She found out that if she spread her labia and lifted it up, she could pee forwards.
I thought I would win the peeing contest. After all, I thought, since I have a penis, I would pee farther. But I was wrong. It was very amazing; She won. She peed 13 feet and I peed 8 feet.

I was wondering if other people wipe their butts when they pee? Or i the only odd-ball here? I feel cleaner doing this for some reason whether i need it or not.

To SANDRA-Yes,most of the time when i poop,i pass a fair amount of gas-it all depends on what i eat and how bad i gotta go.Sometimes if i gotta go bad,there is hardly any gas at all in the beginning and the gas comes out with the turds,but most of the time,i do a nice long fart followed right away with a soft long poo.Funny thing is i don't like farting in public and i don't like to hear other people do it in public either.It really turns me off in a way,but it's a different story when they sit on the bowl and fart,then it's a turn on for me-especially when women do it!TO INTERESTED READER-I used to buddy dump with this nurse friend some years ago-We used to go in the woods and squat 3-4 feet facing each other and poo at the same time-boy,that was a turn on!!She would almost always out-poo me,boy could she poo.We tried it once on the bowl having her sit on my lap,but it was a bit uncomfortable and we couln't see anything.I have the story of the nurse and i pooing in the woods-! check the old posts section(i don't know what page it is)OOOH-i feel some cramps now and my rectum is filling up.Reading this forum almost always makes me gotta poo.Great stories everyone-Torie and jane -cool stories-Too bad about the peeping tom in jane's bathroom-sounds like it was ruining a great poo!Speaking of great poo-i gotta go poo now---BYE

Public Toilet Hater
I had a Diarrhea Disaster. Last weekend, my family and I ate some food that turned out to be bad, and I got food poisoning.

On the day after eating the tainted food, before I got sick, I went to a huge mall in Florida. While I was in the mall, I started to feel bad. At first, I felt dizzy and flushed. I started to sweat. Thinking it was just the heat, I continued to shop. Suddenly, my stomach began to cramp. I thought it would pass, so I went on. Then, my stomach REALLY cramped, and it hurt. I thought I was going to vomit, so I looked for a bathroom. I couldn't find one, so I started to hurry. My gut was hurting very badly at this point, so I asked a clerk to point me at the nearest bathroom.

I found the bathroom, and went in. It was filthy. The toilet seats were all covered with urine and feces. I hate public toilets, and seldom use them unless it is an emergency.

My bowels were really cramping at this point, and I knew I could n! ot hold it any longer. I dropped my pants, and hovered my butt over the commode. I hung on to the stall with my arms, so that my butt would not fall onto the filthy toilet seat. Suddenly, my bowels cramped violently, and I could not control myself. Liquid, horrible diarrhea gushed out of my anus, uncontrollably. It splattered everywhere -- all over the commode, the wall, the floor and everywhere else. I could not aim. It was all I could do to not fall in the commmode. My stomach hurt really badly. Wave after wave of pain went through my gut, and with each wave, gallons of diarrhea went everywhere. Then I began to urinate. I could not control it, nor could I aim, since I was clinging to the stalls for dear life. I urinated all over the stall door, my shoes, the floor, and everywhere else. I even peed underneath the stall door, out into the floor. It went all the way to the opposite wall.

The stench of the diarrhea was incredible. Everyone else ran out of! the bathroom choking. I sweated like a pig. I felt like I was going to die. I blasted diarrhea and urine all over that place. I had diarrhea and urine on my shoes, my pants, my underwear, the floor, the stall, and the commode.

After about 25 minutes of misery, my bowels were empty. I spent another 20 minutes cleaning myself up. I smelled like a sewer, and my shirt was soaked in sweat. I was as pale as a sheet. As I left the bathroom, I heard a guy complain about someone messing up the men's room. I have never felt so sick in all my life, and I was terribly embarrassed. I left the mall, but since I smelled like poop, I got a fair amount of attention as I walked out. I hated to wear my nasty pants, but what else could I do? Nudity was not an option.

The next day, I found out that every family member who ate the food that day had experienced a horrible diarrhea. I threw my nasty clothes away.

Does anyone else hate to use public toile! ts where there is urine and poop on the seat? (This place did not have butt gaskets.) Is anyone else afraid of AIDS? Personally, I would prefer to poop my pants than to use a public toilet, because men's rooms are always so nasty. Usually, if I can, I find some bushes and pee behind them. Just about anything beats using a public toilet. Men's rooms are almost always too filthy to use.

Interested reader. On a few occasions Moira and I have had a buddy dump sitting next to each other on a two holer privy. We used to visit an old cottage in the Scottish Highlands where there was no flush toilet but a dry privy at the back. This was a varnished wooden plank with two holes side by side and a hopper beneath which was to be emptied into a pit at the bottom of the garden, then covered with earth, eventually being used when well rotted down as fertiliser. Obviously Moira and I greatly enjoyed using it both sitting side by side with our panties at our knees doing our big jobbies. Of course there were no "ker-sploonk!" sounds but one was able to see the big logs in the bucket beneath. Unfortunately, this cottage was sold by its owner and I believe modernised with a modern water closet flushing into a septic tank. Also at night or if it was raining we would use a bucket and empty this into the soak away pit. It was quite an experience to watch the big fat turd come out! of Moira's fat bum (butt) into the bucket.

Jane, I have often read here of American people getting the runs after eating at Burger King, Mac Donalds etc. This does't seem to happen with the same fast food chains in the UK. Is there something different about the US recipies which has a fast laxative effect? I wonder if it is because such fast food places are deliberately designed with the type of seating, lighting, decor etc to make users eat up quickly not linger as more bums on seats makes for more profit. If you eat your food too quickly it can cause the gastro-colic reflex to kick in too strongly and what is called a peristaltic shunt takes place with the bowel contents being hurried along the large intestine before the water content has been properly absorbed, thus the urgent need to pass a loose stool. Usually if Moira or I do buy a burger from such places we eat it slowly in the car or elsewhere and have not suffered this nasty effect. By the way, I read in Al! ex' post that the woman who used the men's toilet took her panties down to her ankles. Now most British people of either gender whom I have seen doing a motion either pull their panties down only to the top of their thighs or only down as far as their knees.This preserves modesty especially if the panties are at the top of the thighs but avoid any chance of them getting soiled by a wet floor etc, and you are less likely to trip if you have to get up off the throne and get out of the toilet in an emergency. Is this another difference in toilet customs between American and British people, rather like the doorless stalls (cubicles), fairly common and even liked by some in the USA, virtually unknown in the UK and would be highly unpopular with Brits.

Nathan, what you describe would be "Toilet HELL" for me, hating dirty smelly public open urinals as I do.

Redneck, to answer your questions,

1 Moira says that after passing a nice big solid well formed jobb! ie she feels both the physical relief, a pleasent warm throbbing sensation in the rectum and a feeling of satisfaction and even pride and has had this type of experience since she was a young girl. In a few words, it gives her a buzz! I have also had the same type of experiences since childhood myself.

2 As to doing a motion with others watching, I have never had a problem with this when the others have been friends. As a kid, to echo your later observations, I used to often use the bathroom to get washed etc when my two girl cousins, or my aunt Helen would think nothing of sitting on the toilet and either doing a wee wee or a motion with me present and I did likewise. Like Samuel my family didnt consider the body's natural functions to be "bad" or "evil" in any way, (Aunt Helen is a free thinker as I and Moira are). At school I didnt mind mates watching and did the same in the boys toilet, or when having an outdoors dumping session as described in an earlier post by ! Tony. The essence however is to be in control. With a toilet stall or cubicle having a lockable door I am in charge. I can let someone I chose accompany me or I can exclude them by locking the door and then pee or shit in privacy. With a communal urinal or doorless stall I lose this capability. I am quite happy to let male or female friends watch and I also have watched them, apart from my wife Moira, my mate Tony who posts here and his fiancee Theresa, and our two lesbian friends Donna and Lauren.

Having read and posted to this marvellous website for about 2 years now, it is interesting to compare toilet attitudes, terminology,practices between the British and American contributers. Certainly you Yanks seem to tolerate the doorless toilet which would be anathema to most Brits, but in contrast American parents seem to be a lot less forgiving about panty soiling accidents by their kids than UK mums. Americans seem to be more worried about their turds getting stuck in ! the toilet pan than Brits who will just leave it there especially in a public toilet. Except in very posh hotels and resturants, "ass gaskets" are unheard of in the UK. I have seldom heard anyone in Britain flushing the toilet during a motion, we usually wait till we have completely finished , wiped our bums and pulled up our panties etc but this practice seems quite common Stateside according to postings.

All the best to all. Finally, where is Jill with her huge jobbies in the train toilets,theatrical dressing room loos etc, and what ever DID happen to "Preggy" who posted here for a while earlier in the year. I hope she had her baby okey and wish her and it all the best.

The Toilet Man
I, the Toilet Man, am back.
To Alex: boy, I wish I could have been there. You really must have been turned on by seeing (and hearing) a woman pee and shit. I wish I were there!!

I think someone here mentioned that flushing a toilet while sitting on it turns them on.
I agree. For some reason, flushing a toilet while I am sitting on it does turn me on, the "muffling" sound of the water going down does sound very different.
Any opinions?

Tonight i was at a hotel for to meet with a college....I went to use the restroom to pee and some man came in to use the urinal. He was talking on his cell phone or was getting ready to call someone. What is your opion about this??

Geez. We need unisex restrooms. That's pretty ridiculous,
that you have to chase guys peeping in the ladies', or have
a line build up there. I mean, hasn't segregated restrooms
caused enough trouble in history to justify getting rid of
large poorly-walled restrooms and replace them with one
restroom with good walls on each stall? Shizz.

Maybe for line troubles, we should have those "take a number"
things in the toilet rooms too.

Alex - Did you get to peek at the BM after she left or had
she already flushed it?

Wednesday, October 06, 1999

TO TIM: Toilet seats have been installed in the Washington Square Park men's room for at least a few months. May explain why there are more and more guys there taking dumps. Also, with school back in session, a lot of the guys from New York University seem to use the place when they get caught short between classes. Toilet tissue is still on a chain. I've taken a shit there several times, but I haven't tried the McDonald's you mentioned. Will have to give it a try. When are you in the Village?

Torie, I LOVED watching you go, I'd let you watch me here in a minute if I wouldnt be late, I have to leave the house in like 4 min! Great Posts, I'll probably crap at school sometime today, maybe during SRT, Cya Torie, Bye! -Fred-

I go to concerts at one of those new venues where they remodel an old movie theater and open it up to bands that can only play small crowds. Usually though the budget seems to stop at carpeting in the lobby and fixtures in the bathrooms. The men's room had two stalls and two urinals, but no doors on the stalls. The two sinks were opposite of the stalls, and if you were standing at the sink and looking in the mirror, you could see the person sitting on the toilet. Men will use the stall toilets to pee when there is a line and only when men have to poop will they sit down. So mostly the times I have been in there all I have seen is the back of men and the sound of trickling.

This one time the concert seemed to appeal to women more and the number of men was less and the line to the ladies room was across the lobby. The bold women used the men's room even though there were no doors. I was peeing in the one stall and I saw the shoes of a girl walk in and turn to sit! . Then I saw the panties come down to her ankles as she sat down. By then I was done and I stood at the sink and looked up. She was kind of half sitting by leaning up on one cheek and looking between her legs. I could easily see the stream of pee and then I heard the telltale sound of a bowel movement.

She didn't grunt and there wasn't any major crackling sound, but she did breath a little pronounced as she strained a bit to push out the turd. She let out a sigh and I glanced in the mirror again and I saw the dark shadow of her movement dropping from her into the bowl. Her head started to lift and I quickly looked at the sink. She mumbled something about taking a shit in private and I left. I wonder how many of the other men there knew that a girl was shitting in their bathroom rather than just peeing.

an intersted reader
Have any couples ever sat on the toilet together (e.g., two-holer outhouses or a camp toilet added into a regular bathroom)? That would be the ULTIMATE buddy dump. Let's have some male-female viewpoints, please.

One summer I had a part-time job in my Mom's office. One time I had lunch at Burger King and as I headed back to the office, I started to have a need to do a #2. Normally I am a little apprehensive about having a #2 in a public restroom, preferring the comforts of home. However, the office was on a fairly quiet floor with little customer traffic. I got back to the office and made a trip to the ladies room a short time later.

As I got to the door of the ladies room, I let out a fart. There were a couple of people waiting for the elevator, but I don't know if they heard it. I hurried into a stall, pulled down my black pants and white panties, and took a seat. I proceeded to push out a series of long soft turds about 4 inches apiece. It came out one after another every second, though the plop sounds were not very loud. The initial wave consisted of nine pieces total. I peed and let loose a loud fart, then another series of long soft turds. These turds were a little longer and thicker. There were a total of nine of turds in this wave. By this time it smelled bad and had filled up the room. I still had a way to go, so I flushed the toilet.

Right after that, I had an uneasy feeling, as if there was someone else in the room. I stood still and held it in for a moment. I didn't hear anything, but that odd feeling remained. Suddenly I heard the door open, someone yell "Hey", and someone rushing out. I would have started to clean up immediately but had some poop to push out, so I continued to drop several more soft long turds. A moment later someone came in and asked, "Are you all right?" I said, "Yes. What's going on?" She said, "I caught a guy trying to peep in here. He ran away, but I couldn't catch him." I said, "I didn't know." She said, "I'll call security. Sorry to bother you." She left after that.

I felt somewhat nervous after that and immediately started wiping. I was about finished for the time being, anyway. I dressed up and flushed, washed my hand, and left. Normally that unpleasant experience would have caused me never to come back to a public ladies room. Unfortunately the nerves did not relax and I came back a couple of hours later. I had no choice. I got into the stall, unzipped, sat, and let go a huge wave of mushy soft poop. I paused for a moment, then let go another massive wave. There were a total of four waves of poop. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, washed my hands and left. I had another poop session after I got home (not too exciting). I never went into that ladies room again. If I had to go, I went to another floor and used the ladies room there.

Hi folks, my first post. 'Request' asked about childhood memories so here goes.

When I was about 8 years old, in the 1960s in North London, I was quite friendly with a neighbour called Juliet who was a year or two older. Once, she took me with her when she went to the toilet in her house. She said that her family were very open about such things. This openness didn't extend to inviting the neighbours in however! Before she even got started, her father heard us talking in there and banged on the door angrily, demanding to be let in. There was no escape and I was absolutely terrified! She unlocked the door, her father escorted me off the premises and never let me come back.

Another time, we were in our favourite hideout, under a large privet hedge in our garden. Juliet wanted to do a #1 so she took down her panties under her skirt. Then said she wasn't sure if she would also do a #2. I asked her not to go at all as I wasn't sure how I would get rid of her #2 wi! thout anyone finding out. One day when I went for #2 in our house, she came into the toilet with me. After that, she told me she would never marry me because I sat on the seat that the ladies sit on! Another time, she did #2 in our house and took me into the toilet with her. Then she told my father what I had done!

When we played in the garden, she used to tuck her skirt into her thick navy blue school uniform panties so that it didn't get in the way when climbing trees and wrestling with me on the ground. She told me not to tickle her 'there' or she would wet her panties and get into trouble. Once, when she was getting the better of me, I tried to tickle her private parts to see what happened. My father saw this and thought that it was all rather risque but of course, it was quite innocent at that age. I never did see what was inside Juliet's panties but she certainly gave me an interest in girls' toilet habits.

Regarding pay toilets in the UK, not all of them went out with decimalisation. Many toilets at railway stations and the like in London have a turnstile outside that you have to pay 20p to get through. Until maybe two or three years ago there was a pay-turnstile in the entrance to the ladies' toilets at an amusement park in Skegness (the Gents was free for both urinals and cubicles). It cost 5p to get in, and when the new 5p coin was introduced it took them about a year to change it, so nobody could get in!!

Reading these posts reminded me about the mens "restroom" at the Hickory Speedway here in North Carolina. Basically, the mens room was a long narrow concrete block building. Directly to the right when you walked into the door was the only sitdown toilet in the whole building. There was no door on the stall. Just past the lone stall were two 30 foot long concrete troughs, built into the floor, where you lined up elbow to elbow to piss. The whole building had the stench of concentrated urine. I remember vividly an old man taking a shit no more than two feet away from me on that lone toilet while I was standing in line awaiting my turn at the trough. On a side note, two years ago during a race, a drunk man stood up and gave a live performance by pissing on the track through the fence in front of 3,000 people. A good time was had by all.

Tonight I experienced a first. I was driving home and needed to poop very bad. When I could wait no longer and there were no cars coming, I got out of my car and pulled my shorts down and arched my ass. I couldn't believe the stream of loose poop that went flying. It must have shoot 3 foot or better. I looked up and seen lights. Got inside and waited till they passed. Got out and emptied my bladder. I was surprised I got only one spot of poop from where I never wiped by butt? Have you ever heard of a poop distance contest?

On the way home from work, I stopped at the nearby HS just to look around. I went to the mens locker room and went and sat on the toilet (doorless) since I had the urge to shit. While I was there, some kid came in to get changed and we exchange looks and said hello. It was a great pleasure to semi-share my dumping. When I left, the kid was in the shower and we chatted a little bit and then I left. The kid seemed pretty cool. While I was on the can, a few other kids came and gone but they didn't even look. As I mentioned before, I am selective who I dump around. Adults are not fun since they take life sometimes too seriously. I have been called a kid quite a few times, so be it :) I don't want to go through life being a stick in the mud.

For all the kids out there who read and write in this forum. Adulthood is not what it is cracked to be. The last couple of years in HS and all of college is the best time of your life. Enjoy them. You have some of the freedoms of adult! hood without the responsibilities of it. With all the responsibilities, there is not much time for fun and the work day takes it out of you and the wekend is a little bit more of a break. Well, I am gettng off track. Back to the toilet.

While I was at the HS tonite, I was behind this girl who had her black nylon sweat pants on so low that if the back part went down anymore, you start to see the crack of her butt. I thought about her going to the bathroom especially taking a dump and how it feels good. I thought if she is the kind of person who would dump in front of her boyfriend/soon to be husband or keep it very private. Just a curiosity.

One time, a friend of mine and I were driving around smoking cigars and we talked about the pleasure of taking a shit. He mentioned that the anal opening was the G-spot for men. A lot of times right after passing a BM, I geel very good.

A few questions for the "audience"

1. For women, after you do a BM, ! do you feel aroused like what I mentioned ?

2. For men/boys in HS and college, how open are you to taking a shit with the door in front of others ? Who do you prefer to witness you taking a shit ? Men only ? Women only ? Don't care ?

As I mentioned before, it is too bad this country (USA) is too puritanical in the wrong sense and repressed. I could not remember who wrote this but at one time, there were many children born in a given family and privacy was out the door. There was limited amount of time in the morning and evening to shower which included going to the bathroom. One kid would be on the throne while another brother/sister is brushing their teeth and then yet another sibling is in the shower and they have to be off to school pretty quick. Most families are usually 2 kids.

Lastly, talking about movies and dumping, there was a movie called "Spring Break" which came out in 1983 and there was a scene where it is morning and all the guys are i! n the bathroom. One guy drops his drawers and sits on the toilet and they chat and joke around the whole time. Good movie beyond the crapping scene. There was some skin as well. Another movie was "Weird Science" where the 2 friends went into the bathroom and the guy on the can was very nervous. It was funny when the walked out and a prtty gril was looking and they pointed to each other of who smelled up the bathroom.

TO MIKE IN NEW YORK CITY: I 've beeen to Washington Square many times, it really is a great place. When did they install toilet seats? Is the roll of bathroom tissue still hung on a chain? I haben't been there in a while. Do you ever shit in there? Have you been to McDonalds™ on Broadway, near Waverly? Basement mens room has one stall without a door. Pretty cool.

We haven't heard from Jill in awhile. If you're out there, how're you doing. I'm sure you must have some good poo stories to share with us.

Tuesday, October 05, 1999

When I was young, my parents and siblings were very open about their bodily functions. We all agreed to a policy of keeping the bathroom door open. and sometimes when we were taking a long car trip, we would take along some kind of a jar, so just in case one of us had to go, we would open our pants in the car, and go in the jar. From this, we got used to the genitals of the opposide sex. We also learned that relieving oneself is not a disgusting thing.

Some Guy
Males are supposed to pee with better aim when their foreskin is pulled back supposedly. As for me, I pee better with the foreskin in place. The opening of the penis is like a slit whereas the foreskin is normally a circle or some type of oval. It seems that everyone would aim better with the 'skin on. Guess not, though. Great stories, everyone!

Joe K
Hi everyone. I am a 20 year old male from Mexico City. This is my first post here. Please forgive my English as I am from Mexico. The following is something you might be interested.
At my college there is a huge multystory (or multilevel) parking lot. At the ground level, there are both men and women´s restrooms. The curious thing is that the restrooms´ doors, particularly the men´s, are always left wide open, and the stalls (with doors) are right infront of the door, so if someone is by chance using a stall, anyone walking near the door has a glimpse of the person´s feet, and cause the stalls are so close to the door, if the person in the stall farts, anyone outside can hear. At first, I thought that no one used those stalls (in the men´s room the urinals are blocked from view and many guys use them), but in the year I´ve been in college, I´ve witnessed (inevitably of course) many men taking a crap. At first, the guys who used those toilets (which are always filthy) were ! the parking lot employees (they are distinguishable because of their shoes), who are guys of very limited means (I mention this because, I don´t know why, but at least in Mexico, people of very limited means seem to be totally open, even exhibitionist, about their toilet habits), but recently I´ve noticed that some of the students (which are upper middle class) also use the toilets to take a crap, particularly at the rush hour which is at 9 AM, when there are lots of people walking just outside the restrooms! Don´t you think they´re exhibitionists? How many of you guys would be willing to use those kinds of toilets? Now, the interesting part is this: Until now, I had only witnessed men shitting, but today, after my classes, I was walking towards my car and incidentally noticed some feet below a stall. I didn´t pay attention but suddenly, I realized that the feet were from a person in the women´s restroom! It was a cleaning lady!! I could not believe it! It was the first time I! saw a woman using those toilets with the door wide open! Inevitably, I was turned on, and from now on I will look more often in the lady´s room. The bad thing is that you only have a glimpse of the toilets and cannot be to obvious, and stay there looking. Ladys, how many of you would use those toilets? Well, I hope you liked it. More posts to come. BY, and see you later.

Fred Limp Bizkit. Good that no offence taken, none meant, as they used to say "peace man".

Mike, if you have a look at the colon (large intestine or bowel) in an anatomy or medical book you will see that it has convolutions or pockets. If a stool is firm and has a lot of the water content absorbed it will take on the shape of these, hence the knobbly, lumpy appearance of a big hard jobbie. A softer easier one is like a dough like paste and is therefore extrusion moulded as a smooth cylinder as it comes out. One test that can be applied to the firmness of a turd (though people might not like to apply it) is can it be picked up without breaking up? A firm solid turd could be but a softer pasty one would probably break up. If any medical types here have a better explanation lets have it please.

Sandra, most people I know fart before doing a motion, my mother always did and this was one of the signals I used to pick up on when I knew she was soon going to do a mo! tion. I also fart when I feel my back passage fill with a good big jobbie as does my fiancee Theresa, and I know that other friends do. I imagine its common to most people as both stool and gas (flatus)are likely to arrive together. Also the turd will expell any air already in the rectum and impart its smell to the air emitted. Again when most people sit on the pan they will fart before the jobbie comes out. A good few years ago I shared a house where one of the tenants was a rather prim and prudish thin girl. I didnt fancy her but I did hear her doing a motion often and she always emitted a loud squeaky fart before the "KU-PLONK!" as she did her jobbie, (her turds weren't impressive, thin ones of about 7 inches long at most).

On Nicola's saying that she does "a typical girls motion" I would agree from my observations that in many cases women and girls do pass larger turds than men. Some of this is down to women having a greater propensity to constipation at least in! that they have a bowel movement less frequently than males, and have a wider rectum. I once spoke to a local council plumber who said that women's toilets got clogged more often than men's. I asked if this was due to their putting used sanitary towels and tampons down the pan but he said that although this did cause blockages it was the sheer size of the turds that they passed which got stuck.

Jolly Roger. I dont want to re-start the previous long thread about sadistic parents and teachers, but this fining of 25 cents for a pupil wanting to use the toilet during class is barbaric and Im glad to say it would probably be illegal here in the UK. It's embarrasing enough to have to ask out when you are a teenager but to be made to pay money for a facility which the school has to provide free is totally out of order to my thinking and I dont care what the money is to be used for. As to pay toilets in general, when the UK went to decimal currency in 1971, most of these coi! n locks were removed. Unfortunately with the loss of this income local authorities let the maintenance and cleanliness slide and many UK Public Toilets became really bad. Nowadays, some authorities provide a higher standard of toilet for which a charge of 20 pence (that's about 30 cents)is made, but these toilets are very clean, have locks on the doors, warm water to wash the hands, paper towels etc. I agree that it was totally unfair that men (at least those who use urinals to pee-NOT my friend George)could go for nothing while women had to pay whatever function pee or poo they needed owing to the design of their anatomy and in the UK nowadays if there are pay toilets both genders have to pay for admission which is only fair and correct. I first came across this when I was in the final year of Primary (Grade) School at age 12. My year had gone on a school trip to Edinburgh Castle. Before the coach left to go on to the local Zoo, our teacher suggested we use the toilets. One o! f the girls complained that it would cost them a penny (about 3 cents in those days)while the boys got in for free. The teacher blushed and said this was just the way things were, but I must say I found this a bit of turn on made all the more so when one of the girls was away for several minutes and we had to wait for her. On her return someone said, "Youv'e kept us waiting for you Kathleen" She replied, "Sorry but I needed a big jobbie!" This gave me a buzz as I imagined her sitting there doing it.

Bob Watergate,I don't know what else you could have done. It was raining out. You would have gotten soaked. You had nothing to change into and would have to have driven home nude. If your wife could stand the smell,then she deserved to let you sit in it. I assume you were wearing boxers, because briefs would have contained the mess once you got up and started walking.

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