Hi Fred_LimpBizkit. A 2 1/2 thick poop, wow I don't think I've ever let out one that thick.
I'll give you a "picture" of a s**t I just took. I just got home from school. I would have gone at school but I really didn't have to go until I started walking home.
I went into the bathroom and pulled down my faded blue jeans. I also pulled down my beige panties [duh!]. I peed for about 15 seconds and then stopped. I started to push out and let out one long poopie about 5 inches long and 1 inch thick. I had to go a little more and let out another one that was 3 inches long and maybe 1/2 inch thick. I didn't have to go anymore but I sat there for about 5 minutes anyway. I wiped around my c**t and rubbed my a** three times. There wasn't much of a smell, at least for me anyway. I flushed and then washed my hands. I hope you liked "watching" me go :-). Love, Torie

To the person who mention flushing 8 times during a poop session....:-)

I personally also find that it is a turn on for me to see someone flush while he/she is still seated. I don't generally do it, but I love to see others do it. I don't quite understand why, but that's just how it is.

Anyone else have any comments on this? I'd love to hear them.

Does anyone else have any good stories about how they learned the difference in the way boy and girls pee, And/or when you were little doing bathroom things with a friend of the opposite sex? I love these stories keep up the good work. Thanks

Mid-West Matthew: The men's room in Washington Square Park is in the heart of Greenwich Village. There must have been trouble with drug dealers at one time; that's probably why all the walls and doors have been removed around the five toilets. The toilet paper is on a dispenser on the wall. It's not all that easy to reach from all the toilets, so some of the guys have to get up to get it. There are regular toilet seats on all the toilets. If it's not too crowded, most guys will try to avoid having to sit right next to someone. But if it's a full house or one of the toilets is broken, they do. It's worth checking out on your trip to New York

To Sandra:
I always fart a couple of times before I poop,even if I just farted before I sat on the toilet. I guess it's just the natural build up of gas ahead of the poop.
I especially enjoy hearing a woman fart on the toilet, knowing what she is about to do....

Have a great day!

Well, I'm glad you liked it, it was defintely something worth writing about <g>!

Sandra: I sometimes fart befort I poop, but not always in the toilet - sometimes the farts will be the first sign of my having to go very soon, and other times it's just gas. After farting out all the air between my anus and the tip of the poop, the next one sure isn't going to be a fart...

Pooped three times already today - not diarrhea, just two very large, soft loads within two hours, followed by another one a couple hours later. I think it was the bran muffins I ate yesterday - I was hungry so I ate about four, which is a lot of fiber. I didn't poop much yesterday either; I wanted to and sat there grunting and straining but only went a bit (a couple of wet farts, and a bit of soft poop), then about 2 minutes later (I was at the pool), before I could get in the water, I got a terrible urge to poop and ran back to the bathroom, where I half-squatted over the seat (this se! at was really dirty, and I didn't have time to clean it) pulled aside my swimming costume and dropped ONE smooth, short log. I strained a bit more, but that seemed to be all. It seemed like a lot of trouble for just that, but since I felt better, I thought, "Oh, okay, that was it.". I guess it's all coming out today. I'm expecting my period soon, which sometimes makes my normally well-behaved stomach do funny things - sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes both.

Joey - I once was on the toilet when my older cousin had to
go. The toilet was behind the bathroom door, and she walked
past me without looking and got in the shower. She pulled
down her panties and peed in the shower (which unfortunately
had a wall blocking it from the toilet) and ran the water
to get rid of the pee afterwards. It's the only time I
remember getting to be in the same room with a girl peeing.

Also, when we were younger, I was like 6 years old and her
little sister let me come in and see her using a little
plastic training potty. I didn't get a good chance to see
the production because my older cousin was prompt about
flushing it down the real toilet.

Monday, October 04, 1999

I remember the time when I found out girls pee in a different way than boys do.
I was 8 years old and I needed desperately to go to the bathroom. But my sister (13 years old) was taking a shower. So I knocked on the door and she said to come in. We have a clear shower curtain, and that is why I saw her naked. I asked her where she went to the bathroom from, and she told me that it came from a hole between her legs. Then she asked me if I'd like to see. I said yes. she opened the shower curtain and peed on the floor of the shower. I was amazed, then I went to the bathroom.

I've asked this questions before but got few responses and I'm still curious. I'd like to know how many of you fart before the first poo comes out. I would say that I do almost every time. Please respond! Anyway, on Friday I was in the ladies room at work putting on my lipstick at the mirrors and a woman who I hadn't seen before came in and headed straight into a stall. Without closing the door (which several of us do, but it's usually when we're chatting) she lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. I could see her in the mirror. I heard 2 poos fall into the water, then the woman got up, pulled up her panties and adjusted her skirt. Then she flushed. Something missing? Yes, 2 things. I didn't see her wipe and she left without washing her hands! I've never witnessed a woman so unhygenic her bathroom habits!

I had a memorable experience when I was in high school (I went to a private school). I didn't feel very well in the stomach all day, and it really began to ache sometime after lunch. I thought about going to the bathroom but decided to hold it in for the time being. I don't remember what I ate for breakfast or lunch that day. After school I had a dental appointment, and my stomach really hurt while I was in the dentist's office. I wanted to wait until I got home but this time had no choice. Right after I left the dentist's office I headed for the ladies room. When I got to the door I had to pause to hold it in.

I went in and walked quickly past a woman and her little daughter right into a stall. I quickly hiked up my uniform skirt, pulled down my panties and sat. I quickly pushed out a long soft turd, followed by a couple of torrents of semi-liquid poop. I noticed a couple of little feet at the door of my stall, as if the little girl was trying to peer through the cracks. I heard her mother tell her to get away from the stall. I was about to reach back and flush but I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach and pushed out a huge mushy load that must have lasted for 10 seconds, and the smell of the poop began to fill the room. I quickly flushed the toilet while still seated (The muffled sound of someone flushing the toilet while seated sort of turns me on). The woman and child left right after.

The poop kept coming in mushy waves lasting about a quick five seconds apiece and one right after another. It was not quite diarrhea-like runny, but more of a soft mushy kind similar to a melted chocolate bar. I flushed after every third wave so as to keep the smell to a minimum and to avoid clogging the toilet. No one came in for another ten minutes, then two women came in. One took a quick pee while the other washed her hands. As both were leaving I had a real nasty explosive wave that lasted a good 10 seconds. I flushed right after that, but I think both doors were open, so anyone who was waiting at the elevator heard that flush.

After that, I only had a couple more waves to push out. After flushing, I began to wipe and used up half a roll of TP. Overall, it took eight flushes for the poop and two more for the TP. When I flushed for the last time, I noticed skidmarks at the bottom of the bowl. I certainly felt much better after that. I never had another BM quite as bad since then.

"To CK Fan. If the instruction says not to put "solids" or paper in the
"toilet", then surely it must be a urinal not a toilet?"

You've obviously not been to Greece!! They traditionally have small bore plumbing, which cannot cope with paper or large "expulsions".

My son is 8 years old and still leaves the door open when he pees. It is interesting to note that when he pees, he pulls his foreskin back. I'm not sure why he does that. "

Surely he has his back to you? How can you tell? Anyway the answer is easy. That's what an uncircumcised boy SHOULD do. It makes for a less messy and more precise stream / aim. It also makes for less mess to clear up. Ususally a quick shake is all that's required, but if the stream has gone through the foreskin, then there can be major dribbles.

Maria, probably your son retracts his foreksing because it covers his pee hole.

Speaking of the foreskin, I have a story.

When I was 14 years old, I was in high school, and I was on the newspaper staff. I had to go to the bathroom, but I was on a roll with the story I was writing and didnít want to stop. I was there for several hours after school. And I was also wearing tight jeans that were not only slim fit, but also the waist was a 31 when I was a 34. It was pushing on my bladder. So I finished my story eventually, and I used the bathroom in school. But no sooner than I started peeing, my foreskin was in the way. And the pee was spraying all over the place.

Hi everyone, Whats Up?? Torie, GREAT to hear from you, you sound so kewl, I'd love to go into the bathroom after you've taken a s**t, or better yet see you in action, that would rule! I like the part about Lysol not covering up your smell, Thats pretty kewl too!

Tony, Hopefully this will be my last section directed at you and anyone I've offended for A while, After Reading my post on Thursday I realized that I may have been just a smidge harsh, but, No Harm intended, my weak spot truly shown on that post, ya see, I say EXACTLY what I think, somewhat like a drunk would(Okay, not the best example But...) Ive done It since I can remember not all the time, but Always when someone Questions me or anything of that area. Most of my post I meant to say, but I was already a little steamed Wednesday anyways, so Im sorry About a thing or 2 That I typed, I doubt We'll every see eye-to-eye, but other than that no harm intended. Thanx for listening.

I just crapped like 10! min. ago, It didnt smell much, but It was like 2 1/2 inches Thick! Only like 6 inches long but thats probably the thickest Ive had in a while!

Great Posts EVERYONE, Jessica, Stacey, and Especially Torie, keep em coming Im reading them all! Cya, -Fred-

Hi all! Been a while since my last post, but now once again, I wanted to share an experience! Yesterday my wife and I were driving back to STL from visiting my father. We had just enjoyed a big meal, steak, potatoes, corn and fried onions. After we helped clean up we started our 3 hr drive home. It was really raining hard so we deceided not to stop and just drive right through. Anyway, a little over 45 minutes into the drive I felt some bad cramping begin. Then about 15 minutes later I knew I really needed to stop, but again we had agreed to drive right through. Finally I knew I just had to do a little fart to relieve some of the pressure! Well, the first fart turned into a gaint one that shock the windows and smelled to high heaven. We both laughed and continued our drive. Then I had to let off some more pressure so I let out some more gas. Well, this fart turned wild and I ened up filling my underware and shorts, with a full load of shit! God I was hot, wet and ! smelled too! I looked at my wife and she knew what had happened. I put on my blinker to take the next exit, but she told me if I was so stupid to shit my pants, I could just ride the rest of the way home in them! So I did. Well, the warmth wore off and the smell got worse! It took about another hour and three quarters to get home and all the time I could feel my load moving around as I worked the gas and brake. When we got home, I ran into the bathroom and went straight into the shower stripping off my shitty clothes. After I finished getting all the mess washed off of myself I put on clean clothes and came back into the living room where my wife was. She told me before I could set down I had to clean up the rest of the mess! As I walked back into the kitchen, I could see where I had dripped shit all the way from the car, through the garage, through the kitchen, down the hallway through the bedroom and into the bathroom! It took me another hour to clean up the rest of! the mess! Oh well, live and learn!

The Jolly Roger
Interesting news item in yesterday's Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 2, 1999.

I quote"
Teacher stops charging 25 cents for bathroom

DAPHNE, Ala. - A high school teacher who charged students to go to the bathroom ended the practice after a student who didn't have the moneysoiled himself. Sheila Floyd said her 14-year-old son could not go to the restroom during Robert McKillion's computer class because he didn't have a quarter. The boy waited until the end of class but could not make it to the restroom in time. Daphne High School Principal Barry Pennington said Friday that students in McKillion's classes approved the charges, intending to use the money for an end-of-semester pizza party. He also said students didn't have to pay.

What do you make of this? Does it ring true? I have seen and heard and experienced stranger stories than this, some of which led to Christopher Durand's play, " Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All to You," produce! d off-Broadway and in littlre theaters all over. A delightful comedy spoofing some of the customs in Catholic schools.

Year ago pay toilets were common in the US, but Congress struck down the legality of pay toilets, when it realized that such chrages were discrimanatory. Men could use urinals for free, but women always had to pay whichever type of elimination was needed. Thus, the Nickel-Lock Co. went out of business. Progress? But not in Alabama. I'm glad it didn't get in the paper in MY town. What an embarrassment!

Any comments? This is my first time posting here, so I hope that I will do it right, technically speaking. JR

Back in my college days, I remember the main men's room in the undergraduate library didn't have doors in the stalls for several years. I didn't see too many guys taking shits in the stalls whenever I went in, and I would never take a shit in a stall that didn't have a door. Anyway, there were a couple of guys that I would see from time to time taking a shit, apparently not minding that they are in full view of everyone walking in. One time, they finally did install doors in the stalls. I went into the men's room and saw the stalls with the newly-installed doors. Then I saw an open stall, and there was one of the guys who regularly took a shit when the stalls didn't have doors. Even though there was a door, he left it open and still took a shit in full open view of everyone! Talk about being an exhibitionist. That was the only time I saw him do that, though.

Nicola: Thanks for the very detailed description of your turds - wow! You described it as a "typical girls motion" but if that is typical there must be blocked toilets all over the world! Your typical turd is about the size of my arm - oh crikey! You must have a very healthy appetite. Do other women here dump as much?

Tony: I saw a diagram somewhere, that showed the rectum as curved, rather like an s-bend. It is supposed to straighten when having a dump, so perhaps it doesnt always. Just a thought. Thanks for your ideas, I hadnt considered that the inside of the bowel is lumpy. I dont tend to produce ones like that but I know other do from the descriptions here.

Bill: I am jealous. What a wonderful thing to have happened to you - and it shows that some lawyers are human after all!

Dee Walters: May I compliment you on your description of how you only just made it. Brilliant!

Daniel (UK). You story rings a bell as I too used to watch and buddy dump with my mate George who also writes to this Forum. George and I met up at school and soon realised that we had the interest in defecation etc in common. Through visiting his house I was not only able to watch him, but also his two girl cousins were quite cooperative . Although I didnt see his aunt doing a number two, that would have been asking a bit much in the 1960s, I did listen to her doing her motions and saw the big fat jobbies she passed.

As well as watching George doing a jobbie on the toilet at his home, and he of course watched me, we also shared a cubicle and buddy dumped in the Boys Toilet at school. This however was a risky business as the school rules banned two pupils using the same toilet, no doubt to prevent any early homosexual activity. (The same rule applied to girls in their toilet at school). Accordingly we used to go into the woods near our school and have a buddy dumping! session there. I would watch as George undid his snake belt (these elasticated belts with a snake shaped clasp were very popular in Britain from the 1940s to 1970s to hold up schoolboys' trousers though they now seem to have gone out of fashion), and pulled down his grey trousers then his white or navy blue cotton knickers (briefs) to his knees and squatted, then with a grunt and an "OO! UH! NN!" the long fat brown jobbie slowly emerged from between his ???? buttocks to land on the ground. If I also needed I would do my own jobbie next to his with him watching. I would add that both of us are hetrosexual and there was no "gay" agenda or activity in this. Now although I found this a turn on, unlike you Daniel, I get a lot more of a buzz from listening to or watching a female doing a motion, or seeing her jobbies than a man, but we all have our own likes in this department, so good luck with yours.

Rick, you more or less sum up were I am coming from regarding being turned on my my mother doing a motion. There was certainly NEVER any direct sexual connection to my mind, and I dont have an Oedipus complex! As others have explained, many people, especially boys and men, are turned on by defecation as a physical action and associate the sights and sounds with the pleasurable sensations. Now as an only child I had no sisters so the one adult person present for most of the time when I was a kid was my mum, who as I have said, did some really big solid jobbies and I both heard her doing them and often saw the large fat turds she produced stuck in the pan afterwards. I was also turned on when other women and girls,my two grandmothers,female neighbours, cousins, aunts, women family friends did a motion in our toilet and I listened and sometimes saw what they had done.

Dee Walters, that must have been some dump you did on the plane, you sure took one hell of a risk by holding on as long as you did before doing it on the plane, that lot wou! ld have made a tremdous bulge in the seat of your panties! Would the airline have charged you for "excess personal baggage"? A pity the jobbies didnt stay behind as Im sure from the way you describe it that the man who used the toilet after you was hoping to see what you had done. By the way, as you are no doubt aware, hygiene and cleanliness rules are very strict in Singapore, so Im not surprised that there are urine detectors in lifts. (I wish we had them here to stop louts pissing in the lifts). I did read of a person being fined for leaving a jobbie unflushed in a public toilet in Singapore, if they hadn't been a foreigner but a native they could have been jailed, so any of us who drop big panbusters which get stuck had better be careful if using a public toilet if we go to Singapore, so maybe it was as well that you waited till you got "Airside" and on the plane before you dropped your "torpedo" as it would probably have stuck in an ordinary toilet pan.

Gary, yes, that is the most likely reason as the turd nearest the anus and at the end of the bowel will have been there the longest and had more water absorbed while any behind it will be softer having a higher water content.(Dee Walter's post of the motion she did on the plane after being constipated for a couple of days is a graphic illustration of this.) This is why sometimes if a person has been constipated for a quiet a few days and leaves their body to sort things out for itself the first jobbies passed when they do go will be hard and lumpy, sometimes hard balls, the next firm to easy, the next if any soft but formed but sometimes, if there is a really large backlog they will finally pass a load of loose mushy even watery stool at the end and falsely think they have diarrhea. What has actually happened is that there has been some fecal matter where the water has not been fully absorbed higher up in a fully loaded bowel and this has come down after the firmer jobbies have come out. Sometimes indeed this looser stool leaks past the solid turds which dont come out and the person thinks they have an attack of diarrhea and may even take medicine such as Imodium or Kaloin and Morphine to stop the runs and actually exascerbate the situation. This "spurious diarrhea" as it is called is common in elderly bedridden people and sometimes kids and can leak out causing soiling of the underpants.

To Daniel (UK): I also want to hear more abour guy taking dumps. I wish more guys would share their shit experiences. I want to hear about buddy dumping and constipation. I also want to know about attempts to relieve constipation. Keep the good stories coming.

Sunday, October 03, 1999

To CK Fan. If the instruction says not to put "solids" or paper in the
"toilet", then surely it must be a urinal not a toilet?

Mike, you asked what my jobbies are like? Usually quite firm, shaped like big fat carrots or long cylinders, about 12 inches long on average though sometimes I do longer ones. They are about 2 inches to 2 and a half inches thick, and depending on what I have been eating the colour varies, but normally my motions are a toffee brown colour. They are a bit knobbly at the start but become smoother towards the end. (What I have been told is a "typical girl's motion"). If I pass two jobbies, the first one will be harder and knobbly, the second softer and smoother and may curve like a fat banana. While I usually do my motions after lunch or in the early evening, if I do one in the morning before going to work this will be a solid and formed but softer stool and will come out as one or two big long fat curved sausages. Unless I have been eating strongly flavoured food or drink, my stools dont usually have a nasty smell, at least my husband says the smell isnt unpleasent, as he puts ! it "Just the normal healthy smell of human poo" I hope this satisfies your curiosity. All the best to you in Somerset.

Banana up my butt

Yesterday, on the radio, I heard this guy describe the time that he was pi**ing drunk, and ended up going to his girlfriend's house, and spending the night. During the middle of the night, he needed to go to the bathroom, to take a crap. He says that he walked into the room, and closed the door, without turning on the light; he did not want to disturb anyone. Well, while he was in the act of crapping, the light came on, and he sees his girlfriend barge in, and exclaim: "What the hell are you doing in here?" "If you don't mind, I am trying to take a crap!" he said. "Don't look now, but you are not sitting on a toilet, you're sitting on our dryer!" He said that, after that little-incident, he was trying to break up with this girl for a long time, and recently-succeeded. What a loser, huh?

Banana up my butt

A female friend of mine, mid-30s, has a bathroom that sounds a bit like the one in Bill's story, except that this is in her apartment. The door never quite shuts, and there's a mirror along the entire wall behind the bath, which means you can see the person sitting on the toilet from the hallway outside. I've become more and more daring about watching my friend from the hallway every time she goes to the toilet - especially since I worked out (by going in and sitting on it myself) that the person on the toilet can't know for sure that they are being watched, because the hallway is always dark.

Today in school i heard this girl say " I need to drink water" some of the kids are asking "Why". She said she has to pee in a cup after school. I had a smile on my face and was happy she said it(it was funny).

To Jessica: Funny story about your brother coming in and seeing you naked on the toilet.

LILA: Yes, I recommended glycerin suppositories in a previous post from personal experience. I was about 11 years old or so, and got very constipated, it was a long process to get cleared out, it seemed like months before I was functioning properly again, and a stomach ache was my natural state of affairs. There were two sorts of suppositories prescribed, the first type irritated and hurt rather, but the glycerin type was entirely friendly.<BR>
Is there anything you need to know, apropos perhaps of a condition you would like to treat with them, or are you just curious? If you'd like more info, please ask.<br>
Glad to be able to help,<br>

Harry, that's a great story. I'm not in the least interested in ladies' pooping, so I've patiently been waiting for more stories about guys shitting. Ladies, any of you ever see your boyfriend take a shit? Anyhow, when I was 13, my best friend Paul and I dumped together a number of times, starting when he dumped outside and let me watch (see old post page 183). Once that had happened, he was comfortable with me seeing him dump, so when we were in school and had a free half-period at lunch, we'd eat lunch and then head for the school bog. We'd pull our black trousers down (in England we all wear uniforms) and sit and grunt and push and our logs would splash loudly, making the other boys laugh. A couple of times when we were alone, I got up the nerve to stand on the toilet and look over. Since we were best mates, he didn't mind being looked at (though I suspect he thought it at least a bit strange).
Watching Paul grunt and seeing his face and neck muscles tighten, then the ! relief on his face as his logs crackled out, is one of my best memories. We're both 24 now and the last time we did this we were both 18; sitting on his toilet at home, he actually lifted his penis and balls out of the way so I could see his log coming slowly out. Man, he could produce the most fat, firm, dark brown ones you could imagine. Those were great times. Perhaps I can persuade him to buddy-dump with me again. All for now, Daniel

Dee Walters
Like all my other posts, this one is true. I went to visit my friend in Singapore, where they have urine detectors in public lifts - I didn't try anything funny, but still, the idea was amusing!

Anyway, I'm not sure why, but I didn't poop the whole two days before I was due to come back, though I'd eaten a lot of noodles, rice and stuff like that - the food was good, and my friend kept me well-fed. I was dressed in overalls and packing my bags when I felt a slight urge to poop, but because I knew it would be troublesome to take down my overalls and because I was rushing to pack my bags, I ignored it, since I was sure I could hold it until I finished packing. I know it's important not to get dehydrated on plane flights, and I was thirsty from some of the food, so I had been drinking a lot of water.

My friend phoned a taxi service, which arrived quicker than I'd expected, which meant I didn't have time to go to the bathroom before leaving, so I had to hold it until I got to the airport. Naturally, the taxi got caught in traffic. By this time I was beginning to get an urge to pee as well, and my need to poop was getting stronger and stronger. I could feel the past two days' worth of poop all starting to move down my back passage, and though there wasn't much real pain, there was a lot of fullness, pressure and discomfort. I was slightly tempted to ask the driver to stop and let me out by the roadside, so I could relieve myself in a drain or on the grass, since I'd probably never see him again, and I confess the idea of doing it in a very public area appealed to me a little - but we were on a highway, and besides, I wouldn't have dared - I've always been quite shy about asking to use the bathroom. So I farted silently into the seat cushions several times, crossed my legs an! d thought to myself, I might be able to hold it in just a little longer, and there'd surely be a toilet at the airport.

I reached the airport late, so I thought it would be best if I checked in first. That day of all days, there was a problem with my ticketing, and I stood there pressing my thighs together and clenching my butt as they sorted it out. By the time it was all worked out, I needed to go - bad. My ???? was distended, and hurt terribly, with my already full bladder and bowels filling up some more, but it was late and I had to get to the departure lounge before the gates closed. I didn't want to risk missing my flight, so I figured, if I'd held it this long, I could probably hold it just a little bit longer until I got into the lounge, where they'd surely have a bathroom.

I could feel the hard tip of the poop right at my ring, beginning to stretch it open, and my bladder was completely full and stretched tight as a drum as I checked through the gates. My stomach cramped again and again as I started hunting for a bathroom, but there wasn't one. It was about 10 more minutes to boarding because of a slight delay, and I was in agony. While I usually have very good control over my bodily functions, and 10 minutes isn't very long, it had been more than two hours without a chance to go since I first needed to, and I knew I was closer than I'd ever been in my adult life to having a major accident. Reluctant to clutch at my private area in public, I sat down with my legs apart and rocked slightly, applying pressure to my urethra, but that made me want to poop even worse so I changed position and crossed my legs tight. However, this squeezed my bladder instead, making the pain worse. I knew I'd wet myself if I sat like this too long, so I uncrossed them! and sat with my legs apart again, but that didn't work either. I tried everything. I breathed in and out slowly. I stood up and walked around, but nothing helped for more than a couple of seconds before the urgency would take over again. I wriggled, squirmed and fidgeted for the whole 10 minutes, trying to find a way to take my attention off my body. I was by this time breaking out in a cold sweat and reduced to a desperate bundle of pain and unbearable urges, all centred on my completely full abdominal area. I guess I could have asked the airport staff for a bathroom, but it was very close to boarding (though it felt like forever to me) and I really didn't even think of asking, because I was just concentrating very hard on holding all my openings shut, with huge amounts of pee and poop under severe pressure and threatening to come out any time.

By the time they announced that we could board, I could hardly walk. My bladder was swollen to the point of bursting and a large, firm, poop was squeezing its way out, beginning to make contact with my white cotton panties. If my legs opened too wide, it was certain I'd soak myself and fill my panties as well. My ???? was rock hard, and looked at least a couple of months pregnant. Biting my lower lip, I made my way into the airplane as fast as I could, taking tiny steps with my butt clenched so that I wouldn't have to open my legs too much. Even the little steps I was taking jolted and increased the pressure, and I had to concentrate every ounce of effort into holding everything in and not embarrassing myself. Once I found my seat, I dropped my bag and shoved my way past a steward to get to the nearest bathroom as fast as I could, before anyone else. I don't normally use the toilets while the plane is on the ground, but this time I couldn't wait another second. If I'd waited ! for takeoff, I would certainly have had a big accident in my panties - one way, the other, or both - from the additional wait and pressure.

I was almost crying with pain at this point. I really couldn't hold it even a moment longer, and the sight of the toilet made it worse by lulling my body into believing that at last, it was going to be allowed to do what it needed so badly to do. A little squirt of pee leaked into my panties, making me gasp, as I alternately fumbled with my overall buckles and grabbed at my crotch, trying to hold myself shut, at the same time trying to pull my overalls down over my distended stomach while keeping my thighs squeezed together. The first squirt of pee had wet my panties, and instead of relieving the pressure, the feel of my wet panties made me want to pee worse. I started to lose control, and another, larger squirt escaped. A small dark spot appeared in the crotch of my overalls, which I was still struggling to remove, and for a very brief moment I toyed with the idea of how good it would feel to just let it all go right then and there, soaking my overalls and filling my panties,! but I didn't want to mess my clothes, because I had a long ride ahead of me, and besides it seemed like a terrible thing to do when I had gone through so much just getting to the bathroom. After what seemed like forever, I finally got them off, tore down my wet panties and flung myself on the seat, throwing my head back and moaning with relief as the floodgates opened and a strong, pale yellow torrent of pee came gushing out from between my legs. I relaxed my anus at the same time, and a huge, long, thick poop slid out effortlessly. I felt it touch the bottom of the pan before I was done, so I know it was over a foot long, but it fell heavily like a torpedo through the metal trapdoor (it was one of those airplane toilets with no water, but a sort of trapdoor at the bottom) before I could see it, because I still wasn't done peeing. I carried on peeing hard and loudly against the inner surface of the bowl for well over a full minute (even at normal times, I hold a large amount ! before wanting to pee) before it gradually became a trickle and stopped.

When I finally finished peeing, a huge shudder of relief shook my body. I could still feel some poop waiting to come out, so I pushed a little, and another two big, firm, thick poops, though not as long as the first one, came out smoothly and fell noisily through the trapdoor, followed by a short milk-chocolate-colored one which sat on top of the trapdoor (this was the only one I got to see). It felt so good to finally be rid of that huge load. I sighed and sat there a little longer, recovering from the experience, before I wiped and stood up to look in the bowl - the paper was damp with pee, but otherwise almost clean, because it had been a very firm poop - and though my panties were pretty wet, there were no skid marks, and not much smell either. Another passenger was waiting at the door to use the toilet when I got out, though he didn't seem to need to go as badly as I had. He glanced at the dark spot in the crotch of my overalls, then gave me a bit of a funny look and a s! mile, but didn't say anything. I think he might have been watching me in the lounge, and I'm pretty sure he had been listening while I was in the toilet. I bet he was hoping I hadn't flushed, but I had - and everything but the little log and used paper went through the trapdoor before I flushed, so there wasn't anything much to see anyhow. My entire performance hadn't taken too long, and the plane was still on the runway!

To Some Guy-

I emphasize that I was a very little child when I saw mom dump. A 4 year old boy is not at the stage of discovering sex with other girls or fooling around with other girls, so their moms are their idols. It is usually the mother that launches a boys interest in girls to the point where they move on as they get older. Actually, I began to play with this other girl who lived across the street when I was about 8 and we did indeed enjoy watching each other go to the bathroom. The point I am making is that the mother is usually the first person of the oposite sex a boy will see using the bathroom and that will spur his curiosity to seeing other girls and ladies do the same thing as they get older.

Has anyone ever seen this?

Last week I was at the theatre and I was in the restroom. The guy in the urinal next to me was actually standing about a foot away from the urinal. Isn't that weird?

My son is 8 years old and still leaves the door open when he pees. It is interesting to note that when he pees, he pulls his foreskin back. I'm not sure why he does that.

I am 15. I was at the beach last summer and I had to go to the bathroom. But there were none, and I don't like to pee under the boardwalk. So I dug a big hole and built up a mound of sand in fronto of it. This hole was about a foot deep and a foot wide, so I pushed the crotch of my bathing suit to the side, and peed in the hole. Nobody noticed.

Regarding hard-and-knobby versus soft-and-squishy... I think it's almost always true that the first turd to emerge is going to be the hardest one (and the end that comes out first is firmer than the other end)... each subsequent one gets softer and softer (and smellier). At least this is true for me. The reason (I think) is that the longer the "stool" is in the large intestine, the more water gets absorbed and the firmer the product becomes.

Saturday, October 02, 1999

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