I remember takeing a bath with my sister when i was little and she would fart and i would see the bubbles and i would try to do the same, i thought it was great the we could make bubbles like that.
Also when i was a little older around 8 i had a sitter
named Joanne who was in High School so i guess she was around 16 or 17 and one of her duties was to give us our baths before bed and by now my sister who is 2 years older then me had stopped bathing together and one time after she made sure i was in the tub and starting to wash up she said oh oh i think i have to go poo poo and undid her dungerees and slid down her panties and sat on the bowl which was next to the tub and i remember feeling a little embaresed and i guess she picked up on it and said it's ok to look honey and i rember seeing a thick patch of red pubic hair that was even more red then what was on her head and hearing her do some farts and her sighing sort of ahh when she finished and how she stood to wipe ! and turned her butt away from me,and i couldn't help but stare at that big red bush of hers (i'd never seen one before)and when she saw me she said enough hair right! you'll have one soon enough,and she pulled up her undies and pants flushed,closed the lid and sat on it while i finished my bath.

Sarah B.
I had been out for a few drinks after work with some girl friends, We had all had a bit to drink, not staggering but giggly, and went down to the underground to go home. The others got off at their stops leaving me alone for a ten mile journey to the end of the line from where I would get a taxi to my aunt's house.
Anyway as soon as we got on the train, things started going wrong, my head started spinning and got worse when I closed my eyes. I was sweating but cold and had that strange feeling at the back of your stomach and throat when you are about to be sick. I was really glad when the last of my workmates got off the train (I didn't know her very well), because I didn't want the embaressment of being sick in front of her. I thought of getting off at the next station, but there are no toilets there and I would probaly be sick in front of everyone on the platform. Instead I took some things out of a carrier bag that I was carrying and whilst still sitting on the train s! lumped over it. I thought that nothing would happens then all of a sudden up came my drinks and my lunch neatly and cleanly.

I was really feeling unwell and couldnt see straight. It wasn't just the drink, I must have eaten something bad. After being sick I put the bag down and closed my eyes shivering. I have this horrible feeling in my stomach like I was going to puke again, but somehow different. I suddenly realized that I was going to need the toilet very soon. I staggered towards the sliding door of the moving train and clung onto the handrails my head spinning. I just wanted the train to stop so that I could squat down anywhere and explode. When the train stopped at the station there were a gang of boys on the platform. I thought of running along one of the passages and squatting behind a bin, but i thought the boys would follow me and anything might happen.

I stayed on the train and as soon as it started I tried to hide between on of the little partions! near the door and whilst still standing up tried to hold my carrier bag over my bottom. I don't think the people at the other end of the carriage knew what was happening but I didn't really care. It worked alright to start with with poo going into the bag, but soon I was in real pain and I squatted and let out gallons of wattery mess, I was being sick and pooing at the same time with this mess getting all over my clothes and running along the floor into the bit of the carriages were the other passengers were sitting.
I was still sitting in this mess on the floor with my panties down when the train got to the end of the line and all the passengers walked past me to get out. But I was feeling so ill I didn't really care.

Reading in the archives, I see a lot of letters about children having accidents and then were punished and humiliated by parents, teachers or coaches. How about we take the opposite tact and post about being treated kindly in such situations.
In high school, I absolutely would refuse to do a BM in the girls' rooms, because there were no doors on the stalls.
I didn't mind peeing so much, (well, I minded it, but I was able to do it when I really had to), but I would not do the other thing there. I would just hold it in until I got home.
Well, one day inevitably, I had an accident in my panties. I was really lucky that none of the other kids noticed it. I made it to the nurse's office and was crying my eyes out as I told her what happened. She was so really nice to me and didn't say anything negative about a girl my age having an accident like this. Instead, she just let me clean myself up in the private bathroom in her office. She gave me a plastic bag to put my soiled panties in and then put it inside a dark paper bag so no one would know what was in there. She also signed me out of class (putting down that I had a stomach ache) and let me stay in her office until the day was over. That way I didn't have to go back to class without underwear on, especially since I had gym that afternoon.
She didn't put it on any of my school records that I had had an accident (she just wrote "stomach ache") and did not even tell my parents. She also seemed to know that it happened because I didn't want to use the regular girls' room without the privacy. She said that anytime I needed to, I could just come in and use the bathroom in her office.
I used that nice, private, clean little bathroom many, many
times throughout the rest of high school and never again had to worry about my bowel movements in schools or suffer the discomfort of holding it in.
When I think of what could have happened after my accident that day if the other kids or even my parents found out or if it went on my school record, I cringe. But that wonderful nurse saved me from all that and even took it one step further to save from it ever happening again.
I'm sure others out there have been similarly helped in a time of toilet trouble.

To Roger-I'm really not sure what page my nurse story is on I think it's in the 160's or 170's.I hope that helps you out.Hope you enjoy the story if you find it!To Brian,mike and tim-That washington park toilet sounds like a cool place.Tell me where it is in the park.I live not far from NYC and i'm in there from time to time.I don't know if i could go in a place like that myself,but it would be interesting to check out--To NICOLA- that 2nd bm you described sounded great.To me there is nothing like seeing a woman do a real long one after a big,long fart.sounded like it felt great! This a.m i did a nice long one myself.I had some o.j. and had to go,so i sat down and and farted for about 10 -15 seconds and waited for my anus to open up and this real long kielbasa oozed out my ass.It was halfway in the bowl and still coming out!! Then if fell in the bowl without a sound and then i was done.Usually i have to go more after that ,but after this monster,i was done.Hardly had to wipe a! t all!I looked in the bowl and it was curled around the entire bowl,it must have been12-14 "long and smooth with the last 2-3" being sort of soft and it was breaking up in the bowl.Those BM's can make your day!BYE


What a great phrase, “five finger aerobics!” I agree with you entirely, there are too many who seem ashamed of their equipment. All this “pee-shyness”. When I’m out with a mate, we’ll say when we need a piss and usually just go in and stand side by side at the urinal. We carry on the conversation without any pause. Doubt if either of us thinks particularly what we are doing, just get on with it. Love your story of the “golden arches”. Been there! Done that! I like to stand fairly well back, especially if using the trough type of urinal, just to avoid “splashback” – especially if I happen to be fairly desperate at the time.


Wow! 6 foot?! It’s been a while since I tried. Used to get good distance, never really went for height. Must get out in the country somewhere and give it a try. What sort of place was this party held that you all just “wandered outside”? Can remember student parties in private houses with only one bathroom and lots of leg crossing. Can even remember a guy telling me he’d just spurted in his pants, he was so desperate. I persuaded him to go out into the garden and water a bush.


I don’t usually do this, unless I’ve reached the limit of my endurance, but I’ve seen it done and even seen a guy clenching his equipment and a thin trail of pee dribbling from it as he tried to walk to the urinal. Once he got there, he let out a groan and a massive gusher!

Good to see some #1 stories for a change!

A question for US viewers of this site: Did anyone see Public Broadcating System's miniseries "An American Love Story"? (for those who didn't see it, it was a very well done documentary of an interracial family) If so, comments/opinions?

I used a unusual restroom yesterday. I was visiting another office building where I had a morning meeting. After the meeting I wanted to poo so I went to the ladies room. As soon as I opened the door I noticed something odd. The doors of the stalls were so high I could easily see the toilet seats through the 2 feet gap under the doors. At this time, the stalls were unoccupied. I went into the far end stall, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panty hose and sat down. I decided that this was going to be a long, relaxing poo so I went into my bag for my Vanity Fair and settled down. I let out a long, booming fart and let the first poo slide out slowly without any straining.If I read when I poo, I lean forward with my elbows on my knees. This is how I was when I noticed something else. The gap under the partition was also a couple of feet and I could easily see the toilet seat in the stall next to me. After ten minutes of pooing and reading, a woman came into the stall next to mine. As soon as she sat down I could see everthing and I'm sure she saw me too! She leaned forward and I saw a poo coming from her bottom. It was a skinnier poo than the sort I do. I finished my pooing, wiped and adjusted myself. I went to wash my hands and looked in the mirror. Yes, the gaps under the stall doors were so high, when I looked in the mirror, I could see this woman sitting on the seat from the waist down. I even saw her black pubic hair. These were not toilets for the shy and I wondered why the gaps were so huge that you could see women from the waist down doing their pees and poos.

I had an interesting travel experience. I was at a campground and they had those foot pedal squat toilets. 7 or 8 of them in a row with no dividers. Long line and was going to not go, but had to bad and everyone else seemed totally unaware that people were watching their bathroom functions. Different cultures I guess.

Super shy first time and had to go #2. Just felt weird.

But no one much seemed to care. So lost fear.

Tony, I see what you mean about the "pockets" in pictures of the colon. Is everyone made that way? My own shit is fairly soft and usually about half an inch thick. Is that unusual for a guy? I take your point about women producing thicker turds, as I have seen some produced by my wife and previous girlfriends. I put it down to the fact that a lot of women I know seem to be constantly snacking, whereas I consider myself to be a disciplined eater. Comments?
Nicola, you are just amazing. Two huge shits in the space of one morning! I guess you must have a tremendous appetite. I am rapidly becoming an admirer.

Ian>> A "butt-gasket", also known as an "ass gasket" is the ring of paper that is sometimes found in public restrooms hanging in a holder on the stall wall, that is used as a toilet seat liner. I have been in public restrooms where they have run out of them, so to make do, I would pull off several feet of toilet paper and use that to improvise one so that I could sit down...

TO IAN - Maybe that construction worker was a regular PANTIES POOPER. There really are people out there who poop their pants on purpose. Not me of course. If the facilities are not up to snuff, I go behind the bushes or something.


I totally can not relate to flushing underwear down the toilet. I care a little too much about all of my underwear. :-P

The other day I was at the dentist and just as I was done with my appointment I had to diarrhea. I got teh key to the bathroom and opened it and pooped away. ON teh drive home I asked my sister (who drove me there) to hurry I had to poo more. when we got home i had pooped in my pants it was gross

i have read with some anazement about buddy dumpoing incidents....would love to hear more...also i would be inerested to do with only ladies...are there any ladies out there that engage in that with guys?

Steve in Stl: Good to hear from you again. Nothing new on the Nick front since my posting in June, although I did take a huge dump while he was over a couple of weeks ago and I'm sure he must have heard everything. Neither of us made any comment about it when I came out of the bathroom. You would have enjoyed an experience I had two nights ago. I went into a stall in the university library at the same time as another guy was entering the adjacent stall. When he sat down, it sounded at first as if he was pissing very loudly. I then realized that he had the liquid shits as he started to fart and then pass very loose pieces of shit. I did a fairly loose dump acompanied by a fair amount of farting. I decided to say something, so I went "It sounds like we both really needed to go!" He said "Yeah" and carried on shitting. As I was washing my hands, he came out of his stall and I said to him "That feels better" and he replied "It does. I think they should put an out of order sign on ! this bathroom!" The two of us had created quite a stink, but luckily no one had come in while we were in there. All in all a neat experience. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian readers.

Paranoia or not? My wife and I went camping with another couple and the decision was reached by consensus (mostly at the insistence of the other woman) that we would be camping in a site that had plumbing nearby. This isn't the first time I've experienced people having this huge paranoia over the fear of having to go to the bathroom and not having an actual bathroom to do it in. I guess people have their own reasons, but it seems strange to me that when the focus is on having a nice camping trip in the great outdoors, this gets in the way.

Public Toilet Hater
I'm glad to hear that it is unlikely to contract HIV from a public toilet. That may be the scientific truth, but I still can't help worrying.

I STILL hate public toilets. Men always seem to poop or pee all over the seats. I don't want to sit in someone else's excrement. It is disgusting. I have seen bathrooms where there are turds laying all around the commode. I have seen guys who were afraid to sit on a nasty seat. They just crap in the floor. I've seen guys stand about 5 feet back from the commode, and just pee all over everything. They are afraid to step or sit in something, and to avoid it, they make a worse mess.

What am I supposed to do? Carry Lysol around? When I lived in the western part of the country, there were lots of wide open spaces. Instead of using a public toilet, I would just go out into the desert someplace, and poop behind the sagebrush. It is a lot cleaner than using a public toilet. In a real pinch, I just poop my pants!

Saturday, October 09, 1999

To Roger and George: I am flattered that you are missing my posts. Yes I am here and I try to read all that is written, but I am very busy at the moment. My last few postings were under my alternative name of "Electra" mainly to avoid confusion with another person called Jill. I am working closer to home at present and I don't get so many opportunities to use the train loo (which is perhaps a blessing at the present time). My bowels are still very regular, and I should like to recommend natural (bio) yogurt as an aid to the production of good regular movements. Thanks for your concern, Jill (Electra).

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time but I've been pretty busy at work and all...I have been reading the posts and they are great!!!! Keep them Coming!!! I do have an experience to share:

My Brother and I used to take baths together as small children and one of our favorite games was a gas bubble contest. We would both fart in the tub to see who could do the most bubbles. He usually won but I did some pretty cool bubbles myself at times.

Did anyone ever do this type of thing as a child or still enjoys it as an adult?


Matt, I wipe after pissing, too. Someone please tell me what a butt gasket is on a toilet.


Today at school i had to change for a class i have, the whole class has to go in to the bathroom to change. When i went in there to change there was an old man sitting on the toilet. The stall door was open ajar. Then i heard in the hallway a boy asked another boy if he had taken a shit today. they both said no.

To Toilet Man,

About flushing toilets, while still seated....I did mention that it turns me on, but someone else here actually mentioned it first. Can you imagine what the turn on is? Cause I truly feel the same way. And I thought that I was totally alone in this. Is it just when the water goes down that turns you on or is it the entire flush? For me, it is the entire thing. I actually don't get THAT much excitement from my own toilet because it is one of the newer models that flush pretty quietly. So it just sort of sounds like someone has their hand in a sink full of water, swishing it around. It doesn't have the traditional flushing sound. But it does have a nice gurgle at the end. Tell me more about yours....

Also, it is a turn on for me to see people flush the toilet with their feet. Again, I don't know why, but it is. My best friend has done that and it literally drives me nuts.:-)

How does anyone else feel about thi! s?

After a few ales at a party a few mates and myself wandered outside to urinate. We were chatting away when I noticed one of my mates could make his stream of piss arc up and out higher than his head. Over 6 foot high. I was flabbergasted. I couldn't get enough pressure to achieve anywhere near close. So there we all were trying to match my mates supreme height. After I'd spread the word at the party I had everyone trying it. He came out later and repeated the performance. He said he can do it anytime and thought everyone could. I said I used to when I was a kid but around puberty that all stopped. He's 25. I was wondering if anyone else can do this, or if we're all meant to be able to do this????????

Please respond to this because it has plagued me.

MATHEW: Your 13-year-old sister peed 13 feet? Oh, Goddess, that's almost too much to credit. I guess it's the narrow diameter of her young urethra and the sheer force her bladder muscles could generate. 7 feet is about the record (to the best of my knowledge) for a grown woman, and even that is stunning, having to be done from a backward-leaning crouch so the arc travels up as well as forward. The upward-drawing method is very effective, but ... I'm speechless!<br>

There is a young woman 22 years old living in our
house. I have become aware of her toilet habits through
observation and conversation. For a while she would arrive home from her part-time job in the middle of the afternoon.
She would almost immediately say that she really had to use the bathroom and would be gone for about ten minutes. Obviously she had to poop at these times. Since it almost always seemed pretty urgent, I assumed that she may have had to go for some time, probably at least since lunch. Now, however,she has another job and arrives home much later in the afternoon. She come in and goes to the bathroom and usually stays much longer than before. My question for the forum is this: Are young girls able to hold their poo like this for hours and not be miserable? Also, is holding in a BM like this something that gets harder to do as you get older?
I would like the ladies to please comment on this, OK?

Andrew (formerly 'optional')
Bryian, glad you liked my peeing story. I peed in bottles and other containers a number of times as a kid. It
felt good to hold the bottle, either in my hands or resting on my legs, as it filled up. I don't really know why it felt so good. I guess it felt naughty, and that was a real buzz.

I definitely wouldn't take my cell-phone into a public bathroom. For one thing, I think there's a high chance it would fall into the water, either at the urinal, in a toilet, or at the sink. Mostly what you're doing requires both hands.. and I've fumbled my phone many times when I was holding it against my ear with my shoulder.

In fourth grade, at school, my best friend accidentally dropped my brand new calculator-watch into the toilet while it was flushing. I wouldn't have believed it possible.

I remember laughing with a school friend of mine over a bottle you could order through the mail for 'emergencies'- like when you were in the car and couldn't sto! p. The funny part to us was that you could order a 'female adapter' as well.

Maria- kids retract their foreskin when they're peeing, or not, for many reasons. When I was young I didn't retract my foreskin because I liked the feeling on my foreskin, which was really sensitive. I kept doing this until I realized if I retracted my foreskin there was lower chances I would pee on myself! Maybe your son is more advanced about this. :-) Also, it depends on what other boys do. When I peed at a urinal in school I usually retracted my foreskin because I didn't see anybody else with un-retracted foreskins and I didn't want to stand out.

PV, thanks for the sympathies regarding pee-shyness!

BT, Public Toilet Hater, you can NOT get AIDS/HIV from public restrooms (unless you come in contact w/ someone's blood).

Hi guys! I've never used the bathrooms *in* Washington Square Park, but there is a nice bathroom on the lower level of the NYU Student Center, located across from the park's southeast corner. I've used this restroom several times when I was in the area and needed to pee (I've never had the urge to take a dump while I was in that vicinity, but would have no problem doing so if I had to).
Of course, my remarks only apply to the Ladies' room, but I assume the Mens' room would be OK, and almost certainly nicer then the ones right in the park. I think the student center is technically open only to NYU students, but since I look like (and indeed am) a college student, I've gone down there with no problem.
I hope nobody from NYU *flames* me for exposing what is a well-kept secret :). Peace and love to everyone, Steph

I didn't realized I did this until today... I have a routine... I unzip my pants and pull out my dick as soon as I walk into the mensroom in my office building. Today, I was surprised to find all the urinals and stalls taken. I was left standing there with my dick hanging out for everyone to view. I was very embarrassed stadning there. Any other dudes do this?

To Buzzy - I did a thorough search of the old posts and couldn't find the one about you and the nurse, although I see other posts referring to it. Can you repost it?

I witnessed something today. I was in Burger King at lunchtime standing in line waiting to place my order and there were several people ahead of me. Two of them appeared to be construction workers about thirty years old or so. Both were wearing denim shorts, work boots and t-shirts. One of the guys kept saying to his mate that he wished they would hurry up. I figured he must not have alot time for lunch. Only seconds later, I heard what sounded like a nasty series of farts coming from the same guy. The guy in front of me said, "Dear God" and backed up. The guy who had been complaining about his wait in line had not only farted, but had shit himself badly. There was liquid shit running down his leg, on his sock, boot and pooling on the floor. The guy said, "Goddamned diarrhea" and walked to the restroom leaving a trail of shit liquid all the way. The poor guy cleaning the dining room proceeded to clean the pool of shit and trail with deodorizing cat litter, a broom, and dust pa! n. He then mopped the area with bleach. Moments later the guy appeared from the restroom and joined his friend for lunch as if nothing had happened. The clean-up guy went into the restroom and came out mumbling about "shitty underpants and shit everywhere". I couldn't understand why the guy did not go to the restroom sooner. it seemed he knew of the urgency associated with his diarrhea. He must not have too embarassed because he sat down and ate lunch with shit all over his sock and boot. Some people........


Hi, I had to poop twice today. I had to go at school but i held it till i got home. It was solid log, one was 8 inches and the other log was 4 inches. Then I go to this Italian restaurant for dinner, i come home and have to poop again this time it was kinda loose, like diarreha but thicker. Some sank to the bottom and the rest was floting. How many times do the other teenagers on here poop in one day? Teens: do you notice that the cafeteria food has an effect on your bowels? (ex. you get constipated, go often etc.)
I generally poop every 3 days. Sometimes i poop every day. Very rarely do i poop twice in one day.

Bryian: I make a point to turn off my cell phone when I go into a public restroom. I would be embarrassed if someone called me and heard a toilet flushing, or something worse. Last weekend, I was at the mall and went into the restroom. Someone in the stall was taking a dump when his cell phone started ringing. He answered it and carried on a casual conversation while continuing his business. I flushed the urninal, washed my hands and left. As loud as those urinals are, I am sure the person he was talking to heard it.

Can someone tell me good movies with peeing and also pleaseeeee tell me all the peeing scenes in the movie"Big Daddy". Can someone also tell me about toilet training stories? PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!

Toledo (Tree Whizzer)
In response to Nathan's post: Do the rstrooms at Hickory Motor Speedway have the trough? I have attended NASCAR Winston Cup races at Michigan International Speedway (2.0 mille, 3.2 km oval track) and the restrooms have, instead of separate urinals, on long trough for men to urinate in. Personally, i think it's the cause of my "bashful bladder" thing that i have. Comments/questions?

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