Has anyone else ever gone to a public toilet and found them
a mess? I went to the bathroom at McDonalds this afternoon
and the only free stall was a wreck. The toilet had a big
crap sitting in it and there was a soiled diaper that said
Pampers Rash Guard on the front full of poop, just sitting
on the butt gasket on the seat, whoever left it there wasnt
even considerate enough to tape it up. I pulled the flush
to get rid of the jobbie but the flush pulled on the gasket
tab and the gasket pulled the diaper into the bowl. The
diaper swooshed around for a few seconds before it flushed
away, thankfully without clogging the toilet. But then I saw
why there was a gasket down. The toilet seat was filthy! I
took some TP and wiped it very clean and then put down another
gasket. I had two relieving 4" BM's and flushed, after dealing
with that nasty toilet. April. (The person not the month.)

Hi everyone, I've been enjoying all the posts but since I didn't have much to say I havent posted in a while.

Yesterday, I was at an out of town meeting for some clients.
The meeting was at a hotel, where we were all staying. We met in a small meeting room which was actually a regular hotel room with the beds removed and tables put in.

Late in the afternoon, the meeting was down to just the client's attorney, an atractive shapely brunette in her early thirties, and myself. At one point in our discussion, she remarked "you will have to excuse me for a moment, I need to use the restroom" My heart raced, thinking of what she was about to do, but I simply noddded.

She went in the bathroom, and pulled the door shut, but it didn't latch, and sprung back slightly. From my seat, I could see inside via a mirror across the from the door.

She hiked up her skirt, and pulled her pantyhose and panties down below her knees and sat down. I could see ! a brief flash of dark pubic hair as she sat down.

I sat motionless, my heard pounding, as I hers her rrelease a hissing torent into the bowl. Then, silence, I thought maybe she was done, but then a soft fart, followed by the tell tale crackling. I took a quick look and saw her staring straight ahead, concentrating on pushing. After several Ker Splunks! she turned, and pulled off several sheets of TP and lifted her right cheek to wipe. She checked the paper several times, then stood up puling her panties and hose back up and smoothing her skirt.

When she returned to the room a few moments later, she said: " Ahh much better!" I find it hard to believe that she didnt know I could hear everything, and she had to know the door was unlatched...

It sure made my day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I am 15 years old and in High school. Last week I had drunk a lot of water in the morning because I was kind of sick, but went to school anyway.
Beginning after the first bell rang, I had to go to the bathroom. There was not enough time to go to the bathroom between periods; we only get three minutes. And none of my teachers let you go to the bathroom during their classes, so I had to hold it in all day. I kept having to go more and more, until I got home.
I finally sat down on the toilet so fast I forgot to close the door, and I started to go, taking my skirt off (I like to go to the bathroom naked, I don't know why). My 10 year old brother came in. I did not want to pee in front of people, so I held it in and stood up. But then he said, "What's that?" and pointed to my vagina. I told him to ask Mom, but he insisted that I tell him. I still said no and I was still holding it in, naked in front of my brother.
Then he started to chase me around ! the house. I was naked, holding in pee, and running around. It was not fun. He chased me for so long that we ended up in the backyard. I lost him somewhere, so I squatted and peed behind a bush.

Hi. Fred_LimpBizkit, I liked your story about the girl who went in the garbage can at the concert. Yes, it is possible to take a 2 minute c**p. I'm sure the girl you were with at the concert didn't spend a long time bending over the garbage can [you can tell me if I'm wrong :-)]. Your cousin's friend probably didn't want to spend a lot of time in the bathroom or she had to go wicked bad.
If I really have to go and I'm in a rush I can poop and wipe in 1-2 minutes but I normally like to spend 10-15 minutes on the toilet reading a book or magazine. As for "crappy lysol," my s**t usually stinks so bad that if I were to spray Lysol or stuff like that the bathroom would still smell of poop.
One more thing, I'm sure Tony meant no harm by his comments. Love ya! Torie

for Fred_LimpBizkit: No I don't get constipated in response to your question. There are times when I take a shit everyday and other times, every other day depending on what I eat.

For Brent, thanks for the info on your H.S. Locker room experience. Also on the subject of that, my H.S. at the time had a shitter and it had no door. You were required to take Phys Ed only your freshman year and I thought of taking a dump a couple of times but I was still pretty shy. Towards my Senior year, I loosened up especially in college. I am still particular who I will invite to watch me take a shit. I won't crap in front of those who are older than me and especially who have authority over me like my boss at work. I prefer to crap around people younger than me preferably college & H.S. kids.

I like to hear more stories about H.S. locker room experiences and also experiences at summer camp and in school. I enjoy those stories the most :)

I forget right off hand who asked about the athletes in their highschool ever taking a dump while in gym class. When I was in 10th grade in the spring of '78, at the end of the school year, the public swimming pool was opened for the gym classes to use during school hours. I do remember seeing two of the jocks that were in my gym class taking a dump in the two toilets that were side by side and had no doors on them, so they were in view of everyone in the changing room. It so happened that one of the toilets had run out of toilet paper, so the guy there had to get up and borrow some from the other stall, as there were solid walls between the two toilets, so there wasn't any passing of toilet paper between the two. While he was up getting some toilet paper, I happened to look over and see what he had produced. It was a big log, about a foot long, dark brown and knobby on the bottom end whereas the top end was smooth, and it was about two inches in diameter. I thought it w! as rather remarkable at the time, as the guy that produced it, was only about 5' 3" in height, and was on the school wrestling team as a lightweight (about 110 pounds in weight)...I never saw the other guy's waste, as he flushed the toilet while still setting on it before getting up when he finished...

Some Guy
Hello Again! FRED (LimpBizkit), your post are great. I'd rather hear about your cute girlfriend taking a dump in a trash can than about Tony's mom.
Speaking of mom's, CURIOUS LURKER, I would like to stray from the strange pack of guys who enjoyed watching their mothers taking dumps, and say I don't know why I just like watching women taking dumps. There something dirty about it - women are so secretive and often play it off like they don't fart or take sh*ts or anything "nasty" like that. Not to mention the ladies have to be naked to poop.
Although I have walked in accidentally on my mom while she was on the toilet (always peeing, I think), she never did it in front of me. I am rather happy about that as my mom is not attractive at all to me, and, since I find pooping and peeing sexy, the idea of watching your mom take a big dump seems kind of incestual to me. But maybe that's just me. Did any of the women here see their dads poop and enjoy it?

Fred Limp Bizkit, If you look back at my actual post I did couch it in far more moderate terms than your reply would indicate. One would think I called you a dork and told you to f*** off by the tenor of your reply! I DONT run this Forum, its NOT for me to tell anyone not to post here and I wouldn't dare! In essence I merely queried that your posts, today's excepted, don't have a lot of content to do with toilet matters and defecation but seem to be involved with rock concerts and the various performers thereof. Now I am interested in many things apart from defecation etc but I would consider it irrelevant to post an account of a soccer match here with details of the goals scored, the players sent off etc, but no relevance or involvement with toilet topics. So that was my only question. It's still a relatively free world, at least on the internet, so anyone can post and its up to the Moderator to censor anything they consider out of order, or irrelevant to the matter being di! scussed. In a nutshell, I was asking "What are you doing here, what's the connection with the topic" but I most certainly was NOT questioning your RIGHT to post here subject to the Moderator's rules. I don't want a flame war so I trust that this above may explain where I was coming from in querying the content of most of your posts. Like you and others I dont find all the posts here to my liking, I dont like stores about diarrhea for example, but have to agree that this aspect is relevant to the main topic, and I accept that some readers may dislike what I post from time to time. Fair enough, as Lincoln said "you cant please all of the people all of the time".

Mike, I have found, both in my own case and those done by others that I have seen over about 40 years since childhood, that the softer, smoother, but still solid properly formed turds curve while the firmer, more knobbly ones are straighter. There are no doubt exceptions and I too would like to know if there is! a reason for this. I can only assume that a firm lumpy turd is in effect like a casting of the inside of the rectum, like plaster when the water evaporates,it takes up the shape of the mould, while a soft turd is like paste, extrusion moulded by the anal sphincter as it comes out of the back passage. Any materials engineer who reads this web page may care to comment on the foregoing and on the reason why extruded material will bend. Is it perhaps the effect of gravity?

Alex, there is a special something about watching one's girlfriend actually doing a nice big solid motion. I was out walking in the countryside with Theresa (we are now engaged) my fiancee, and she needed a motion. Going into some bushes off to the side of the path, with her full approval I watched. She took her jeans and her black cotton panties down and hanging onto a bush for support as I watched from her back I saw the gush of pee from her pussy then as she grunted softly "NNN! NN! UH!" I hea! rd the familiar crackling and saw her pink ring start to dome and turn brown and I was looking at the fat jobbie as it slowly emerged from her back passage. It was a nice solid fat turd about two inches thick, knobbly and carrot shaped and about 10 inches long. (Mike this was a straight turd) I wiped her arse (ass) afterwards. Like you Mike, I have always found the anatomy of the human female fascinating. I will end with a quote, (alas I cant remember the author) concerning a woman's organs "Why did nature put the playground between two sewers"?

I was just read LEE's question (p. 244) about how people clean themselves after a motion. I've often wanted to ask the same thing here.

As for me, I use 3 ply of toilet paper. (We all know the "wadders" vs. "folders" debate - Well, I'm a "folder.") First, if it's been a soft one, I start by getting rid of any poo left on the outside with as many wipes as needed, trying not to spread it. I use a sort of gathering motion toward the anus. Soft or not, I then insert fresh paper past the sphincter to about an inch inside the rectum. I repeat this until there's very little poo left on the paper. Yes, this means I look at each piece of used paper to check my progress. I guess some people just wipe on the outside (seems like this would be more the case with "wadders"?), but I don't think I'd feel clean unless I'd wiped the inside, too. I use only unprinted, unscented paper.

I usually don't use a bare finger, as Lee does, unless I've eaten something with ti! ny seeds and the undigested ones have lodged in my behind.

This reminds me of a humorous cartoon sometimes seen in offices: a guy is sitting on the john, pulling a long stretch of t.p. off the roll. The caption reads, "The job's not finished until the paperwork's done!"

Would like to hear from someone who were given gllycerin suppositories as a child.


Friday, October 01, 1999

Someone asked for another enema story, so here goes. I've helped my friend several times, but this story stands out in my mind the most, since it was the first time I have ever helped someone and been in the bathroom with them at the same time. It happened about two or three years ago. Then, my friend (roommate at the time) was 19 or 20 years old, was in college, and was under a lot of stress. He was taking some sort of medicine for anxiety (I don't recall what it was), but it made him very constipated. One afternoon, he came in from the back patio where he had been studying and mentioned that he had not had a BM in about a week and was going to try to go. I remember he went into the bathroom with his math homework in his hand. The bathroom has two doors - one that enters from the hallway and one from my bedroom. I was in my bedroom folding laundry and he shut that door only partially. I could hear little grunts coming from the bathroom. After a while, he called me ! into the bathroom. Sitting there with his math book in his lap, and looking rather pathetic, he asked me to go to the Eckerd's store around the corner and get an enema for him. I told him I would be too embarrassed to do that (I am somewhat shy). Irritated, he got up, went to the drug store, and came back with an enema. To my surprise and shock, he asked me to help him administer it! At the time, I did not even know what an enema looked like, much less had experience administering one to another person. I read the instructions while he took off all his clothes and got on the bathroom floor. I remember being scared to insert it. First of all, he had not gone in a week. Second, he is a very small guy - about 5'9" and 120 pounds. I was afraid the enema (and other stuff) might explode back out him, so I sat off to the side as far as I could while I inserted it. After I emptied the entire content, he walked around the house for a while. Then he asked me to hold his feet! while he stood on his head. He thought it might rush through him faster. It was kind of funny. I don't know if that does any good, but I did as asked. A few minutes later, he sat on the toilet and started straining. I was still standing in the bathroom and he did not ask me to leave, so I didn't. All the liquid came out, but nothing else. He put both hands on the middle of the toilet seat between his legs, bent forward a little, closed his eyes, and started pushing. His face and neck turned bright red. I saw the veins in his neck swell. It was quite a sight, but at the same time I felt concerned about him. Nothing was coming out. Frustrated, he begged me to go get another enema, but I just couldn't get the courage to do so. Irritated again, he got up, got dressed, went to the store, and we repeated everything. Nothing. He got up again, got dressed, went to the store, got another enema, came back, and repeated everything again! Nothing. Then he went back to ! the store once more. At this point, I was very concerned, but also trying to keep from laughing out loud, because I kept thinking about what the drug store cashier was thinking. This time, he came home with a two-pack enema. I didn't even know they came as a two-pack. The very second I begin inserting the liquid, he pulled it out and ran to the toilet to expel it - he could no longer hold in the liquid, even for a few seconds. He kept saying he could feel that his BM was right there, but it just would not come out. Poor guy strained a lot more. At one point, I put my hand on his belly and the other on his lower back and pushed a little at the same time he was pushing. He said it was like leverage and it helped. A little came out, but not the huge piece he was trying to get out. After a while, I told him he better quit, and should try later. That many enemas in a row could be dangerous. Besides, he was exhausted. The next day when I came home from work, he mentione! d he finally went a lot, and it was a huge relief. He never took the anxiety medicine again.

To Buzzy: The amazing thing about the turd that this girl produced was that it was so long and quite straight. It must have taken 10 seconds to grow to that length, and I suppose it was fairly firm or it would have broken up earlier. My own measly productions are much more snake-like (or worm-like). Usually about half an inch thick and perhaps five or six inches long. It just shows how different we all are. I am not convinced that there is a relationship between the size of a person and the amount of shit they produce.
To Nicola: Yes I think you have described the place fairly well. I shall take a good look around next time I am over that way, and do let us know when you are travelling this way again. As for the description of the long turd I saw, see above. You have often described length, and sometimes thickness of your whoppers (and they sound magnificent) - but what about appearance? Are they usually knobbly or smooth? Light or dark? Straight or curved? Anyway, what i! s it that causes a turd to curve? I am sure someone here will have an answer to that one.

I was watching the Craiggers Kilby Late Late Show on CBS tonight, they had Holly Marie Combs on and she was talking about her costar in "Charmed", Alissa Milano, going to the toilet on a bus and ignoring a sign saying not to put "solids" or paper (the audience laughed at the word "solids") in the toilet. Apparently she ignored the latter and the toilet overflowed and spilled into the bus floor.

Hey Carlos. Glad you enjoyed my post. Would love to buddy dump with you. The sensation of the turd leaving my body was incredible. I was so stretched. It did hurt. Made we wish I had used an enema instead of a suppository. I couldn't breath for a while. The first turd did make a huge splash. It was a baseball-sized cannonball and must have weighed a ton. I'm not sure how much effect the navel tchnique had. I was hurting a lot. The turd just didn't want to come out. The laxative from the suppository was causing rythmic, intense contractions of my lower colon, but I felt I needed the extra help and remembered your technique. I pushed hard right into my belly button (an innie) for about a minute. That seemed to help some in causing the turd to exit, along with a lot of straining and grunting and bending my chest to touch my knees. Next time I'm that constipated, I think I will have an enema. It makes the dump easier, don't you agree. I don't abuse enemas -- I have only resorted t! o one twice. It's great that you are coming thru Houston. What day will you be here? If you tell me when, I could probably recommend a public restroom where you could buddy dump with some other guys. Meanwhile, please tell me about your suppository experiences. I've been waiting anxiously for those.

No really great stories lately. BrentC, I know what you mean about those hard shits. I would like to know what the "Magic Bullets" are that caused such a violent experience. BeachMike, I live in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach. Are you anywhere near?

Hey Everyone whats Up? Torie! Glad to see you are still here! Okay everyone for your pleasure and Tonys deep feelings that I should leave the forum I'll post a few Woodstock events that happened while I was gone! Okay Like I said I went there with 2 guy friends and 2 girlfriends, well 1 of the 2 girls was really Hot and the whole way there I thought to myself "Wow, If I could see her Take a Dump...this is a 3 day thing sooner or later She'll have to go..." Well, First day went by, No Crap, 2nd day went by No Crap, 3rd day at about 7p.m. we were watching some of the last acts before they set the place on fire(Stupid Kids) and I had her in my arms and she had a few drinks earlier, but seemed fine and she told me she had to go, but didnt wanna miss anything and was getting eally desperate... I thought and Thought until i saw a little garbage can some had thrown around and left on the ground, I grabbed it she sat and crapped in it, got up(Didnt wipe) and told me to get rid of the can, I took it, looked in(It had no shape, there was a lot and had the consistancy of pudding) and told some guy to pass it Back! Also today at school it was kinda wierd, I wasnt trying to look, but the girl in front of me bent down to get a book and I saw down the back of her jeans, she had nothing on under her jeans, wonder what happened to them? And After school just a few minutes ago, My cousin and her friend came over, after about 15 min. her friend went to the bathroom, was back out in like 2 min. I went in after her to blow my nose, and It smelt like crappy Lysol in there! I wondered how she took a 2 min crap anyways?
Okay, time for a general note, Sometimes i get on to post and then Someone needs the phone so I have to cut it short, Okay? Sorry not my fault. Tony, I dont like every post you and many others who post here post, 90% of all of them are great, but Not All posts are perfect, If you post a boring post do I tell You about it? No, I dont. I guess what Im trying to get across this is "I'm not perfect", I post because I want to contribute here, So what If 1 or 2 of every 5 posts I send in Suck? I've read a few posts you have sent in that werent my taste Tony, Did I say "No Offense but that last post from Tony Sucks and He should leave Immediately" No, I didnt even think that, I just went on, Whatever you think of me is fine, I dont care, I just think you probably have better things to do than tell me what kind of posts you want to hear, Okay? If everyone here had your opinion I'd be gone, But Ill be here for a while if you want me to or not... Sorry to everyone else that I had to come out and say it like this, This isnt directed towards the rest of you at all unless you share Tonys
-=~+Opinions+~=- . Otherwise Peace Out and have a Great Day!

Redneck, do you ever get constipated? If so, what do you do for relief?

Redneck: I played football, baseball and tennis in highschool and our fieldhouse (where the lockerooms are) had two toilets kind of out in the open. They looked like they were put there as an afterthought. Anyway, they were where everyone that was changing could see you real easy. At the start of each season, nobody ever used these toilets, but as people got used to being around each other, more people used them. I guess after you shower with a guy it doesn't matter if you take a crap while he watches. There were always the remarks by others in the room, but all in fun. Over the years, I took a dump several times there with people changing in the room. Guess it something you get used to .

Alex, for your camping latrine, did you dig a hole under the log seat, or just locate the log seat so everything would fall on the ground and not into a hole? I know that in some state parks, they make a big deal about digging a hole, so everything gets covered up. Yet, I have seen some makeshift latrines at campsites where there was a pretty good sized pile of turds and toilet paper just laying on the ground, but fortunately it was far, far away from the actual campsite so there was no issue with smell. I think some people just go out and squat in the woods at random spots to avoid leaving everything in one place. My girlfriend likes to do it this way when she pees, but she has trouble just squatting anywhere when she has to poop, so she leans against a tree.

JacobG: More enema stories, please. Tell us about helping your friend.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Usually, I am shy about taking a dump in a public/school bathroom. (I am male) I will often wait to go at home or go during a free class period at school when there are not very many other people around. The bathrooms at my school are fully equipped with partitions between the urinals and doors on the stalls. If somebody comes in while I am taking a dump, I'll wait until they leave, just in case it's somebody I know. I don't know about everybody else, but it's a lot easier for me to take a dump with somebody I know in the room if they've knowingly taken a dump when I was in the room. It builds trust in my mind. After that, I have no problem going at the same time as them or, with closer friends, while they are standing outside talking to me. I know that nobody who stops in just to take a piss really cares about the person in the stall taking a dump, but it's still something that I'm shy about. Anybody else feel the same way about this?

Well, I found something interesting on the way home tonite. I stopped by the local high school just to see the facilities and it was interesting. There is a locker room that connects to the pool and there is only one shitter with a door. I also went to the the gym and there is a men's & a women's locker room. I went into the mens locker room and found 2 shitters WITHOUT doors. I thought of trying to take a dump there but they were out of TP. They looked inviting :) I might go there tomorrow :) since I usually shit every few days. I wonder how often thoe toilets are used for taking a dump.

A question for High School guys who are athletes. How open are you to shitting in front of other guys including strangers and friends ? Are yor preferences is to shit private instead ? I am curious with the changes that American Society is going through such as heading into the more repressed direction.

George(Scotland) put it so well about taking a dump as being a pleasure ! and explaining it very well.

Lastly, On the Tue posts, I don't know who it was but that person gave kudos to the moderator of this forum to keeping it from getting "trashy". I also give thumbs to the moderator as well on that.

Banana up my butt

How many people on this site, believe that there should be some kind of awards show, for bathroom-scenes in movies? We all know that never, or at least no time in the forseeable-future, will Hollywood do this, so why doesn't some individual get this ball-rolling? It would be great, and it could only serve to further our cause, of getting the subject of crapping, in particular, as wide out in the open, as sex so obviously-is. Besides, none of us, or at least most of us, cannot deny the link between shi**ing and sex. So what's stopping us? I believe that they could find someway to associate crapping with advertising, and not just for bathroom-products. I believe that this subject could be used to sell clothes, cars, etc. The same way that sex is being used to do this. Does anyone on this site, second this "motion", ha, ha! But seriously, I think that I might have hit on something here. Can I get a witness?


Banana up my butt

Hey George (Scotland)

You seem to have said it all for most of us in answering the 'curious lurker'. It is that good feeling of letting out a good, well formed, bowel emptying turd. What else gives us that daily feeling of accomplishment and well being? And to reason with the sexual feelings question from the lurker, it does seem for me at least that the proximity of the rectal and genital areas is one big reason. When else except for sex, might a woman pull her pants off in front of her man. I am always aroused at the sight and sound of my gf on the toilet. Sometimes I listen and other times I sort of slip in to the bathroom just after she has sat down.

I have been witness to her pissing and shitting so many times now that she must think I am immune. Even though I will go in there with her just to get some arousal, she is oblivious and never is interested in my elimination habits. What I think is that there is more fascination with men about women's bodies, and maybe themselves, than women are fascinated about men's bodies. Let me explain that. I am still amazed at the anatomical layout of the woman's outer genitalia. It took my first long term dating relationship for me to find out close up and first hand where the clitoris was and where the pee came out of her pussy. Since then I have asked every girlfriend that I have had to open their labia and pee for me in exsquisite detail. They all have obliged me and some even offered to do it for me often.

Now that I have found this forum I am developing a more balanced look at the elimination of pee and poop. It can be just as sexual as pee coming out from between her pussy lips. Only once did I ever see the turd coming out of any girl's anus. My current gf and I were camping and after we set up camp she said we should agree on where the latrine needed to be, and that we should set it up too. As we built the makeshift log seat for our use, she seemed to be a! nxious for me to go start the fire for the meal. I walked away slowly and I heard her unzip her shorts. Then I stopped and walk carefully back. She had sat over the log with her back to me and was peeing a stream into the dirt. Then I heard her away and she leaned more forward. What I witnessed was the formation of a beautiful brown perfectly shaped and perfectly textured turd. It started slowly out and picked up speed. Then out it shot and flopped onto the forest floor. I quickly spun around and pranced away. She didn't know that I had a wonderful view of her ass and pussy giving me the ultimate in private viewing.

Hey "Lurker" I hope that answers your questions.

Another memory involving Aunt Anne. About a year after the wedding incident Aunt Anne and uncle were staying at granny's. I went up with granny one morning to take them early morning tea. Uncle accepted but Aunt Anne declined. A very strong smell came from her side of the bed. Either she'd done some very strong farts or been really naughty and pooed the bed. She didn't much like granny - it was a typical in-law dislike - and I didn't put it past her to have a deliberate 'accident'. Later on, granny made the beds and discovered, much to her relief, that they were clean. Obviously Aunt Anne had contented herself with a few good farts and been 'naughty' in that way.

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