OPTIONAL You have my sympathy! I've experienced the same thing myself with an open stall, and used to at school, my whole life through... Uncontrolable closure of the urethra, your flow just turns itself off and there is n-o-t-h-i-n-g you can do about it. It's awful, and it takes a lot of beating. I've had some success, but I'm not there yet. Tricy is 100% correct, BTW, it's an anxiety condition, and relaxation and mental atitude are everything. So try desensitization, lay in some new brain wiring, and beat this demon at its own game!<P>

Someone was talking about seeing or doing a 30 incher( MIKE)?I'm not sure i've ever seen or done one quite that long although i do believe that it's possible-maybe with a person who is large(in heightor just a big person!)I myself at times have done 2 feet of a poop,but after about 10-12 inches it breaks off as another one follows it out and it isn't thick(maybe in inch).I do long ones a lot,but at times i sit down and i feel my rectum go into a spasm and that's when you can get the real long ones coming out! I've looked in the bowl and sometine see 3-4 long turds floating along with some mushy stuff.I'm 5'10" and 170 so i'm sure there are people out there that can really go!I had a nurse friend who used to go a ton and she was 5'5" so who knows!How much do you guys do when you sit down to poop?some feedback please!BYE

I have always been fascinated with women peeing. I love watersports with females, but have found it very hard to
find a women who gets excited by peeing. I am not sure why
a woman peeing excites me so much, does anyone here really have a answer to that question? I love reading all your great post here...

Take a look at the shower scene in the new version of Psycho, and you will see that Anne Heche's anus is clearly shown (if it really is Heche, it could be s atand-in). I don't know of any other mainstream movie where a woman's anus is shown. Anybody?

Hi Mike. I did my motion in the sand dunes above the beach between Berrow and Brean, in the bushes just at the side of the golf course so you probably know where I was. Looked as if this was a popular site as apart from the freshly laid big turds I mentioned there was the evidence of earlier motions in dried up turds etc lying there. We then walked up by a bridleway to the main road back to Burnham on Sea. The toilet I mentioned was in a car park in that town. I visit that area about twice a year so perhaps our paths may cross. If you see a well built ginger haired girl in her twenties it may be me, though I dont think it would be a good idea to accost any red-headed woman you see on the possibility that she is Nicola as you might get arrested!

As for the 30 inch stool you saw coming out of the woman using the latrine, I would say she did the same quantity as me but it was extruded as a thinner turd. I am happier that I do shorter but fatter jobbies. Tell me, was her ! motion a soft one and did it come out straight or curl round?

Anyway, good luck Mike.

Hi sorry I've been busy with school and other related stuff. Sean, what if I didn't HAVE to go to the bathroom? Even somebody like me who normally likes to rip out a good s**t would find it convenient at times. I have never gone to the bathroom outdoors or in a doorless public stall.
Fred_LimpBizkit, I wondered what happened to you. I'd like to read more about what you and your friends "did" over the summer. Yes, I'm back in school also :-(, but I have posted a couple of notes about what I've done so far in high school. Well, Ive gotta get ready for school, I'll write you back l8ter. Love, Torie

Hello all. Curious Lurker. George, Buzzy and Rick sum up well the reasons why many who write to this web page are turned on by defecation, both on their own part and by hearing others doing so and seeing the motions they have passed.

I think Rick is closest to my own experiences. Like him I am a hetrosexual male and as a kid was well turned on my hearing my mum doing her BMs and often seeing her big jobbies afterwards. I never got to actually accompany her into the toilet and see her doing a motion, (in the 1950s and 60s that would have been a bit too progressive) but as I have related in old posts Im now sure she was into such matters herself and tacitly played along with my interest in defecation and its sights and sounds. I also agree with George about the sounds and sights when somebody else does a motion being associated with the pleasure of one's own number twos and causing the same feelings of pleasure. Even as a kid of about 7 or so I can remember the buzz fro! m hearing the "Plops! and Ker-sploonk!" sounds when my mum did a good solid motion and then sometimes going into the toilet and seeing the long fat jobbies still lying in the pan as I imagined what it was like to pass turds that big. Likewise when visiting aunts, girl cousins, female friends of the family used our toilet for number twos and I listened outside the toilet and sometimes saw their jobbies afterwards. Im lucky that my girlfriend Theresa is happy to let me accompany her to the toilet and is totally at ease with this, even letting me wipe her bum for her.

Kelly, I agree with you, the anticipation of needing a motion is part of the pleasure. Holding it in then going to the toilet and savouring the feeling as the good solid stool slowly emerges from the rectum, hoping it will be nice and big, the satisfaction as it grows in length before tapering off and dropping into the pan with a loud "Kur-sploonk!" Then looking down into the pan and seeing the jobbie . To ! me there is an extra buzz if someone else then sees and admires it.

Fred Limp Bizzkit????!!!!!!! No offence, but I wonder why you post to this page. Your messages dont seem to have much to do with the main theme of defecation etc but appear to be about Rock Concerts etc. Nothing wrong with those, but I cant see the relevance to this web page as far as it goes. Maybe you could make your postings a bit more "on message" as it were. For example, seeing someone at the concert doing a really good motion, finding a huge turd in the latrines etc. I like Football (soccer) but dont post about the game I saw on Saturday as this rarely has any connection with toilet matters although I have sometimes seen some whoppers in the toilet pans in the mens toilets at the stadium.

Incredible post. The baseball size turds must have given you quite a sensation as they exited. Was there a huge splash when the first one hit the toilet? Did the navel technique give you any colonic stimulous or leave you with little relief? I have found it to work well when I am in the situation you were in where your packed colon is ready for a discharge, but needing a boost to give it the urge. I used to think it was crazy, but I knew it worked for me. Then I saw a section in an accupressure book which suggested applying pressure just below the navel. I don't get the same effect in the area just below. I need to be jabbed right in the navel, with steady applied pressure. Please tell me about your experience. Are you an innie or outie?

I am passing through Houston on the way to Galveston for a long weekend. I wonder if there are any good public RR's where you might get to hear another man strain out his dump.

Next time I will tell you ! about my experience with suppositories.


Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Mid-West Matthew
Mike From New York City::: Tell me more about the Mens Restroom at Washingtown Squire Park? If there are no walls, where are the toilet tissue holders??? Also, What type of toilet seats do the toilet bowls have? combined into the toilet? or a traditional toilet seat? More details on what you see in there, Thanks, maybe in will drive in from Chicago. :-)


To Optional: Good story i liked it about your younger brother. I have also peed in a 12oz(or bigger) coke bottle.
Any other posters do that??? Cool story. Why did you pee in the bottle?

To Jasmine: The person who i was talking to did not tell me they were using the toilet...Me too...I can't seem to use the toilet if im talking to someone one the phone.

I've seen lots of toilet seceens latly on tv. Today i was watching ZDTV(internet/computer channel) and during a commercial break they were talking about toilets and stuff. The one toilet was in new york city. It was one bathroom w/ one were timed and if you weren't done when the time was up the door would open and you would be seen on the toilet. Any one see this? It was a commercial for ZDTV Or something.
Then on MTV I watched Blink 182's new video called "All the small things" and towards the end of the video one of the singers is seen sitting on a fake toilet wit! h his pants down(pretending like he is shitting) and you she a roll of toilet paper haning. It is only seen for 30 seconds, not even that. This video is sooooo cooool!!!!!!!!! It can be seen on MTV every day on TRL(Total Request Live)at 3:30pm est/2:30 C . Any teens on this post see this video before? What do you think about it? I gotta run now.

No Fat Beaver: I always had a thing for peeing from heights, it just felt good and it made me feel like I had power, as a little kid. I used to climb trees and pee from the top. This was in seclusion, however. I was too shy to even pee with my buddies. (there are more stories about that though)

Funny story: I was watching my little brother in a New York City park. He was about 5. Out of the blue, he climbed to the top of a playgym, pulled down his pants, and let 'er rip! A crowd of little girls and boys were mesmerized. I was absolutely scandalized.

I could really embarass him if I reminded him of this story. He's sixteen now..

I've peed in some funny places when nobody else was watching though. When I was a kid I used to use a 12-oz. coke bottle as a bedpan- which felt really neat as the warm liquid came streaming down into the bottle in my hands. I also used to try and wet my pants- but just a tiny bit so it would stay caught inside my fo! reskin until I got to a toilet (quickly, so I didn't start peeing altogether). Once or twice, I purposely stayed outside in the rain- and flooded my pants once I was already soaked. It felt so good to be standing in the warm rain and letting go completely until the warmer water filled the front of my pants.

I've wished I was less pee-shy before. I don't know if this is a funny or sad story. Recently I went to the bathroom at a mall. There was absolutely nobody in it, so I thought I'd use the urinal, which I can't usually do because I'm pee-shy. But I got less than half way done when somebody came in. They came to the other urinal, next to mine. Argh. I closed my eyes and tried to completely ignore them. No luck. I really had to pee but couldn't at all. The other person was busilly peeing away. Then I opened my eyes, to see this kid staring at me! Oops, that's my cue to exit. Without finishing my pee.

Nicola: Well 30 inches is my best estimate of the turd I saw. I wasnt close enough to measure it, and it was thin by your standards, probably not much more than an inch.
Do you mean to tell me you have been in Somerset again, without warning me? Those sand dunes are not far from where I live. Perhaps I should go and look for the evidence. Please let me know in advance next time, I know you like people to admire your creations.

To Curious Lurker.

Firstly, I think its fair to say that for many who post here there probably IS a sexual aspect, (definitely with Moira and myself), but the rules applied very strictly by the Site Moderator prohibit all but very indirect reference to such matters. Like them or not, these are the rules and it keeps the site clear of some of the trash that spoils other websites of an "adult" or "personal" nature.

Anyway, what is the turn on from defecation, and its associated sites, sounds, feelings etc? I can only speak for myself and Moira but will try to explain.

Firstly, passing a good, healthy well formed motion, (bowel movement) is quite a physically pleasurable sensation. There is the feeling as the turd, if solid and normal, comes into the back passage pressing against the prostate gland in men and stimulating the nerve supply in the rectum in both genders. As it is passed, unless very hard and constipated when pain can occur, it is a good ! feeling . Thus one associates both the action with pleasure and the "ker-sploonk!" sound effects. When one looks down into the toilet pan and sees the jobbie this reinforces this sensation. The feeling that "I did that!" and a feeling of pride especially if its a really big one. Now when one hears someone else doing what sounds like a large motion, the "OO! and AH! and NNN!" sounds, the "Kur-sploonk!" sounds of the turds falling into the toilet pan this kindles these feelings by association within the listener. Actually seeing the big jobbie they have done is also a turn on as again one can associate the sight with the pleasurable sensation. Again there is the "forbidden fruit" effect. Seeing someone else's turds is seeing something very private. Most adult people pull the flush and hope that their motion has gone away, thus seeing it is a special "privilege" as it where, particularly if it has stuck and they dont know you have been privy to this personal matter. For example! the boy who sees one of his mother's big turds stuck in the toilet pan when she thought it had safely flushed away.

Actually being allowed to accompany a friend into the toilet and watch while they are doing a motion is a very great privilege denied even by married and other partners to each other in many cases although these same people may happily indulge in other very intimate physical sexual practices outside the scope of this web site. There is something that, to my mind, strengthens the bonding to accompany ones wife or girlfriend, (or husband or boyfriend if female) into the toilet when she needs a motion, hold her hand, rub her ????, then see what she has done, admiring the big solid jobbies, and for her to do the same for you.

Lurker, you have found that this is mostly a defecation oriented page. Urination is sometimes mentioned but to most posters here I would say it is an incidental to the real action, doing a number two, and really does very l! ittle of itself for me or Moira. Doing a wee wee only holds no fascination for either of us I have to say, and is only a precursor, the tinkling sounds before the "Ker-sploonks!" etc of the jobbies. Hope my explanation although not by any means total, is of some use to you.

Nicola, I must look out for these single urinals with a lockable door when I next visit the West Country on business. Although I personally prefer to sit and pee like a woman, apart from the comfort I feel that the bladder gets emptied more fully when peeing from this position. I would say that if I did have to use a urinal and pee from a standing position, which I am perfectly capable of doing if I have to, then this arrangement- one personal only at a time urinal in a cubicle with a lockable door- would satisfy most of my objections to these and I feel those of other men who dont like to use open urinals and perhaps be a help to those considered to be "suffering" from "paruresis". My only commen! t is that, if they are going to be putting a urinal in a cubicle like this then why not go the whole hog and replace it with a toilet pan which allows BOTH types of excretory function, urination and defecation, for both genders, especially if these toilets are unisex.

Banana, I too detest toilet fans and other noises which interfere with one listening to the natural "music of the motions". In particular I abhor Musak (piped music) in public toilets. Alex, I consider such tactics as running the taps, pulling the flush before doing the motion etc as dammed unsporting and Im glad none of my friends do this. (I doubt if I would be friends with anyone prudish like that anyway). I also would be surprised if many who post here adopt these practices as most enjoy toilet sights and sounds etc.

Bryian, Moira has phoned me using her mobile when she has been in the toilet somewhere doing a motion. I was walking home when my mobile rang. I answered it and Moira said "Lis! ten!" I then heard her wee wee tinkling followed by a "NNN! NNN! AH!" and two resounding "Ker-sploosh! Kur-sploonk!" sounds. I must say this gave me a buzz to hear my wife doing her motion from a Ladies Toilet in a car park in Edinburgh while I walking in Glasgow.

TO CURIOUS LURKER-Listen,this is just my outlook about this forum.In most cases the posts about "potty stuff" DO have a sexual tone to it.Most of the folks that post ARE sexually turned on by either peeing or pooping or watching someone else pee or poop.WHY?-Hey,why are you into "watersports"I"ll bet when you really think about it,you really don't know,do you?Well, it's the same thing here.I don't know why i personally like to watch pretty women poo and yes, i really enjoyed it since i was a teenager and i thought for years i was alone in this until i found some women that would love to do this for me-WHY-maybe it's a little quirk that god installs in all of us to give him a few laughs once in a while-and we ALL have certain things about ourselves that are different then other people-that's what makes us who wew are.Hey,most people on this forum just want to feel they are not alone in their enjoyment of "potty stuff".Some people post here for social reasons and cofee klatch wi! th others and some just like to tell their unique stories in detail(.which i enjoy the most) Hey LURKER, tell us some of your stories.I hope i made things a bit clearer to you,about one again, this is just my opinion-Whatever floats your boat!BYE

Hey people! Whats Up? Im now back at my Computer for the first time in like 2 months! Yeah!!! Anyways heres heres whats been up, at the end of the summer I was gone to Woodstock, and that really kicked @$$, and like everyone there was squatting where they stood and throwing shit at each other, and flashing each other, and all that Odd Crap, not to mention the bands, they were great! Luckilly we got out before the whole damn place burnt down! I went with 2 guy friends and 2 girl friends, at the time we were all single, and had a great story, there were so many storys to put into one post, but Ill try to break it up into a few posts soon, when i got back my keyboard was busted, and i just now had enough money to get a new Cordless keyboard, like i had before, Im back in school now sadly :( And I will be going to another concert called Family Values on Sept 6, So anyways I gottago, just letting you know I was back, Is Torie Still here? If yes Kewl! Keep it real, l8er!

Nice to see all the posts about doorless stalls. I love doorless stal and consider it a grweat find when I locate one. Speaking od which, I found one last week while in St. Petersburg at Fort DeSoto park. Unfortunately no one was uising them and I didn't see a thing.

Drew, nice to see a post from you! I haven't been here for awhile but always look for your posts. I too love to talk while having a good dump. The doorless stall always seem to make that situation even better. I guess it's something about seeing the guy in the next stall. May as well chat! So how's it going with Nick or is that a dead issue?

Eddie, nice story. Wish I could have caught you, I would have joined in and we could have had a good talk. I also love doorless stalls and wall-less stalls sound even better!

Mike, I've been to that restroom in Washington Square park. Unfortunately no one was making use of the facilities. Dang! It would be great to see five guys sitting! in a row.

Nice site everybody, I have always been interested in stuff like this. I just have a question. I have always wondered why when I do a poop that it varrys so much in size, smell, and consistancy from day to day. Here is an example, On Monday I pooped out three or four little balls, maybe enough to fill up a drinking glass, and I hardly even had to wipe at all. Then maybe on like Wednesday I did a soft poop about a glass full, and had to wipe about nine or ten times, and it smelled too. Usually my poops don't smell. Also a few hours later when I had to pee, my panties had skids on them, I had to wipe again too. Then maybe a few days later I poop out a gigantic two loaves worth of poop in two big poops. Why so much poop? Why so little on some days, what I eat dosen't vary that much. I also like the fact that everybody shares events on this site. I have a embarassing event to share about pooping. One day last week I had a really big poop, and it broke off and fell down! in the toilet and a little bit was stuck on my butt, well, when I wiped it made a really big mess and I never could get it very clean even after like 15 wipes! Then my boyfriend came over, and we "did things" (can I say that here?) Well, needless to say, I was embarassed that he would notice my butt, but he didn't. I don't think that he would care much about that anyway, he is good like that. One time after I pooped at his house, he went into the bathroom after me to pee, he came out and said "whoa, I didn't know that girls poop stunk," I told him that was silly, "But your so pretty!" I think that is just goofy. Just because your cute dosen't mean that your poop dosent stink, or that your farts don't smell. Some guys are just silly like that.

TO Curious Lurker

I am a heteroxexual male living in the EASTERN USA also. It is sometimes hard to explain my interest in other peoples bathroom habbits especially ladies. It is not so much the extra stuff they do in the bathroom, washing hands, hair, its the act of sitting on the pot and doing their stuff that turns a lot of us on. This is the reason I believe a lot of boys and men are turned on by women craping. Almost all men watched their mothers going to the bathroom all through their early childhood lives as I did. They remember these times vividly, and they remember their mothers as young and pretty. Well as us guys grew to old to watch mom do her stuff and we moved out of the house, we longed to see a pretty girl, like our mom shit. We were very attracted to mom and the view of mom shitting is the first sexual image we men have of a pretty woman. That first sexual experience is what most men carry with them all of their lives. Shittin' and cookin', we all dre! am of a lady who can do it just like mom did. Anyhow, to move on, we perverted guys finally snuck into college through the back door and it was party central man! We would go to those wild frat parties and meet some equally wild women, some of whom were not afraid to let it out, if you know what I mean. Then we graduated as I did, and moved into the cruel world of full adulthood and responsability, always lusting for that pretty woman, just like mom. That special lady who would let us sit on the edge of the bathtub just like mom did, and watch while she grunted and let out a wooping shit.

HEATHER: Oh, I'm sorry, I could have said that better. I didn't mean in public, dear! No, unusual places where you'll still have an assurance of privacy, such as on occasions when you have the house to yourself, you could leave your bathroom door open, to "change the environment," or you could whiz the garden after dark, or whiz in a container in your bedroom... All sorts of places and times where you'll be alone, but divorce the experience from the toilet so as to help gradually change the suite of circumstances that contribute to paruresis. But the important thing here is that you should tackle the problem in ways that allow you the greatest comfort and security: with that, a gentle reorientation is very possible. Chin up! You're having success! Sweet pees!

JULIET: I'm so glad to hear you're not in difficulty for a whole hour every time! I confess I tend to relax between sessions when I'm constipated too(!), but I'm still concerned that you traditionally experience ! difficulty with emmission, even, you say, when not technically constipated. That you don't suffer from haemoroids may be genetic negative-disposition, or just luck! But that's not to say you won't develop them yet, and it's a condition to be guarded against with dedication! Perhaps a little petroleum jelly eased inside before you begin would "smooth the way?" Another idea would be a harmless glycerin suppository (they don't irritate or sting, I promise!) popped in perhaps once each week would help keep your rectum clearer? Plus lots of fluids -- I'm a great believer! All of these together would still offer excellent motions, but would perhaps entail less "heavy exercise" and give your poor bottom less work to do?!

Just a thought! Oh, and with your hefty friend, both approaches might work, both might fail. That's the wonderful uncertainty of desire, isn't it? Do your best, dear, and don't worry!

MARINA: I second Heather's motion (no pun intended!) that you sh! ould monitor your situation closley. If you're not in pain then an infection is fairly remote, though if present it's definitely low-level. But LL infections can hang around a long time. DP suggested a diaper, and that's possible, sure. There's another device that may be appropriate, if they've developed a female fitting. It's a variant on the astronaut urinal collector, it was used long, long ago for trolly car conductors who would be on their feet for hours at a time. Basically it's a sealed package containing a synthetic sponge able to absorb many times its volume of fluid, connected with plastic tubing to a safe, comfortable interface. The bag is strapped to your leg, the interface is attached to your outlet region (not the most comfortable situation, but a life-saver for many in the past... Ask an astronaut six hours into a seven-hour spacewalk!) and basically you can have a pee whenever you need to, regardless of circumstances. The device is very unobtrusive, worn under ! slacks or a full skirt no one would be any the wiser. If strapped high on your leg (which is perfectly practical, I believe) you could wear an above-the-knee skirt, so long as there are a few pleats to allow a nice drape as you move. You can probably obtain such a device on prescription through a medical supplier or pharmacy, and your doctor should be able to arrange it. Maybe it's not what you'd opt for, but it's cleaner and drier than a diaper, no sound or smell is involved, and you could relieve yourself during lengthy meetings in total anonymity. Or in traffic, or at the cinema, or on the train, or absolutely anywhere else the urge overtakes you...

I hope this helps!

Bye, all!


When I was about 14, my sister had a friend over for several nights, and this girl was shy about making tinkle noises in the toilet. That is, until she heard me tinkle a few times. After that, she went to the bathroom quite frequently. Our bathroom was right next to our bedrooms and you could hear people using the toilet very clearly. I think that if some one is shy about making noises, they get over it by hearing others make noise.

Hi All

I've been traveling a lot the past two weeks so I havent had time to post a note. I was just thinking this morning (while I was watching my girlfriend do her morning poop), have any of you guys ever noticed the similarities between an orgasm and pooping? I mean think about it, the sensation of having to poop slowly comes on, and the pressure begins to build. And finally you reach a point where you really have to go, but at the same time, you want to make it last because it feels so good. And then you cant wait any starts coming out, and the pleasure is so intense! Then, after a few more seconds, its all over, you sigh and enjoy the pleasure of the afterglow! When my girlfriend pooped this morning, it was so big, and it felt so good, that she had chills and goose bumps while she was going!


Yes, I have been on the phone with someone and that person flushed the toilet. Actually, I have had this happen with both my friends, my boyfriend, and my sister. It is kinda funny and I suppose that they think nothing of it, but I just can't seem to do that while I'm on the phone. First of all, I've never even used the bathroom while on the phone. Did the person you spoke to tell you that he/she was using the toilet? When my sis has done that, I always knew she was pooping or whatever, cause I would hear more than one flush. But in the case of my boyfriend and friend, they were just flushing something else. My friend was flushing TP that she had used to blow her nose and my boyfriend, believe it or not, was flushing his hair down the toilet. Go figure! :-P So it pays to ask WHAT is being flushed...cause it's hard to sit there and act like you didn't hear the toilet.

About this "paruresis" problem. Until now, I never really knew so many people were affected by it. And I do sympathize with those who are trying to overcome. But you know what? I strongly believe that the problem comes from the mind. If your mind is fearful, nervous and tense, your body will react in the same way. As a result, your body functions stop working, until you feel completely relaxed. Relaxation is the key when dealing with anything you consider difficult. A large portion of the population are much too concerned about what others think of them. You can't be that way. You just can't. Have confidence in yourself to know that you're above this problem. There is nothing wrong with being loud in a restroom, whether it's crowded or not. However, some people may get offended by the loud noise, but don't worry about it. It is not your concern. Your main focus should be to stay healthy. So stop resisting the call of nature, it is very unhealthy. A little something about me, w! hen I was a little girl, I learned how to be calm, confident and stress-free when using the restroom, and about everything else. It is a great feeling when relaxation is a part of my daily life.
To anyone with this problem: Learn to relax. It works for me.

Take care everyone,

Marina: I've heard of this situation, but I forget the name of it. Anyway, a urinary tract infection may very well be causing a lot of your problem. I've heard that the infection causes one to go often even if he or she doesn't need to. The urine can become discolored and may be painful. My guess is that your infection is minor though, since you don't have pain or discoloration. I say, treat the infection and keep going for regular checkups to see if anything develops. If you happen to search for phrases like "bladder problems" on the internet, you'll no doubt find a web site with useful information.
BTW, things are going okay. I've found a partial solution. What I do is I go into a stall and close my eyes. Then I imagine that I'm in a place I feel comfortable in, like my bedroom. I try to almost meditate, concentrating on relaxing. This tends to work most of the time for my peeing, but it takes time to do this, and I still can't go if I'm in a hurry. Sometimes it doesn'! t help anyway, but at least I'm not having accidents anymore. I can go now if I'm really desperate, and I guess that's some progress.
PV, you and some others suggested I try going in unusual places. Having the possibility of someone seeing me go is even more disturbing, to me, than being in a bathroom full of people. I wouldn't want to be seen in public with even my underwear showing, much less with my pants down & taking a whizz! At least in the bathroom, people can't actually SEE me, and I think that helps a little. I just don't think this going in unusaul places thing is for me.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Marina - I am not quite your age - only 37 but I can relate to your experience at meetings. I am also a Secretary but also am responsible for taking the minutes of the meetings so it is really inconvenient for me to leave. I use constant leg crossing or leg wriggling to help me hold on. It can be awful if I have to go really badly though, and am desperate for a break. Only once did I have to excuse myself - the pressure was so bad that if I had waited another minute I would have wet myself. I had even held between my legs trying to put it off - but I just couldn't hang on. Unlike you though I peed a torrent after I ran to the toilet. I have wet myself once or twice while coughing or sneezing and I am always concious of an urgent need to go during a move or concert. I once wet myself while lining up for the restroom at the intermission during a concert. It was so humilating. Have you really tried concentrating to hold on - like leg crossing or wriggling as I do. Sorry I can't ! be more help.

Hello, this is my first post here, so I think I'll introduce myself first. I am a 20 year old heterosexual male from US....I have a slight sexual interest in "watersports" By slight I mean that I like to read around it on the internet, but not curious enough to try anything like that in real life. Well anyways, the thing that usually turns me on the most is "female desperation" stories, and I basically came across this board by accident, doing a search for such stories. I found a few of them, however the majority of posts in here are of a totally different nature. Most people who post in here seem to have a non-sexual interest in this "potty stuff". So here is my question to everyone: what exactly is your fascination with other people's toilet habits? I am not trying to put anyone down here, this is a serious question, I been lurking on this board for a long time, and still haven't figured it out...... :)

No Fat Beaver
This is for the person wanting childhood pee stories.

This was when I was about 7, I think. Our house was relatively new, it had been built for us, there was a large pile of left over bricks in the back yard, the stack of them must have been about 7 feet high. Up on there you were there for the whole street to notice you I guess, if they were looking, there were no large trees, like I said the house was new. Anyway, I talked my younger brother into going up there and pissing with me. Our scary grumpy conversative neighbour was working in his garden next door and this didn't matter to me in the slightest, when I took a piss on top of the big pile of bricks, I was facing in his direction! He said "That's disgusting." I don't know what compelled me to do it.

It is so funny if you contrast it to now, that I'm older, I can't even piss in front of any person I know, I could only use a urinal if there are only complete strangers around, and could never even think o! f going in a public place that isn't actually a toilet block.

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