Sorry I haven't written in so long, but I've been pretty busy getting the semester under way, and to tell you the truth, the news about Jullian kind of depressed me. If anyone from her family is reading this, please accept my sincere sympathy.
The story I want to tell you about is when I first did a bowel movement at school. Throughout grade school, I hung out with this group of four other girls, and for some weird reason, we had this pact that we would never do a number 2 at school. I always suspected that a couple of them had left class to do it a few times in private, but suffice it to say that we never did it in the presence of each other. I was the first one to change all that. It was late in our seventh grade year, and during lunch, I began to feel a pretty strong urge. By the end of lunch, I knew I was probably going to have to do it before the school day was over, but I just figured I would go during class when I was relatively sure that no one ! else would be in the bathroom. As it happened, when we all went into the bathroom after lunch, the pressure got so severe that I knew I was running the risk of having an accident in my panties.
I finally gave up, went into a stall, locked the door, raised the skirt of my plaid uniform, pulled my panties down just far enough to get the job done, sat down on the seat, and prayed that my friends wouldn't realize what I was doing. As it happened, I drew their attention when I let out a loud, gassy fart. Immediately, I could hear giggles, but I had to go so bad that I just started going. When the other girls noticed that it was taking me considerably longer in the stall than a normal pee would take, one of them yelled out sarcastically "Hey Jan, are you having a bowel movement?" Giggles followed. Another one of my friends said "Are you doing a BM?" More giggles followed. I was so humiliated that I just sat there and didn't say anything. Pretty soon the gi! rls left the bathroom to go back to the commons area, and I was left alone to finish my job. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look any of them in the eye for the rest of the day.
Now here's the strange thing. That night, when I thought about the whole situation, I found it oddly exciting that I had pooped in a public bathroom, and I decided that from then on, I was just going to go whenever I needed to. I guess it sort of broke the taboo among my friends as well, because I know that at least my friend Kerri started pooping at school, and none of the girls ever made any snide comments whenever we went.
Well, that's my account for this time. Am planning on writing more soon. Keep those great submissions coming. Take care, y'all.

"Banana" Really, I dont usually have a go at other posters to this webpage but your idea of throwing water (or anything else), over the toilet door at someone sitting there doing a number two, or a pee for that matter, just aint funny to me. If anyone did that when I was sitting there and I caught them, Id knock their teeth down their throats so they would find them embedded in their next turd! People should be allowed to use the toilet for whatever function , whether alone or with a partner, in peace and comfort. If you want to listen fair enough,and if you see their motion afterwards even better, but I consider it very nasty to play such a prank on someone in such a vulnerable position. As Ive said before, Im quite happy about anyone listening to the sound effects when I do a big jobbie, or seeing it in the pan afterwards, and dont mind friends of either gender watching me doing it, but I like to be able to do my jobbies or wee wees in comfort.

I went down to Somer! set, (in the West of England for you in the USA), for a few days and again did a big whopper in the sand dunes. I did observe that someone else had done so before me as there was a strip of used toilet paper and a couple of quite fresh fat turds lying on the sand. The larger was 9 inches or so long the smaller 6 inches and both were about 2 inches thick and lumpy. As there was also a discarded used panty liner with the toilet paper I imagine another woman had done it. I did my 12 inch fat carrot shaped jobbie next to them. I also observed that the public toilets in the area have two unisex wcs and a male only urinal. This would possibly resolve the great urinal versus toilet pan debate for the likes of George and others. My husband went into the urinal which was a single person at a time unit where the door was to be closed . It also must have flushed regularly as there was no nasty pissy smell and the floor was reasonably dry and clean. So George and others who dont like to ! pee in the presence of other men would have privacy and security. Mind you, if they prefer to sit to pee there were the two toilet pans in their own cubicles, one having disabled access, the other being of ordinary size, both being unisex, so those blokes who enjoy using a toilet after a woman has done a motion would be in luck. I also did a nice big one yesterday before we came home in one of these toilet pans which stuck so the bloke who we saw going in as we drove away had a treat in store. I hope he liked seeing my big fat sausage sticking up out of the water as I gather from this web site that many men are secretly turned on by seeing a woman's motion.

Jacob G, Im surprised that your friend didnt let you stay to watch after letting you perform such an intimate action as inserting an enema syringe into his back passage. Perhaps you accidentally made some remark which embarrased him on one of the occasions he did let you watch. I havent either received nor given an! enema and the idea doesnt appeal. Also while I like to watch when a friend passes a good solid motion, and often have, I wouldn't like to be there when they were expelling the liquid of the enema as this would be too much like diarrhea for my liking.

Mike, that was some motion that woman passed, a single 30 inch long turd. I have never done a single jobbie that long 18 inches being the lobgest turd I have ever passed, after missing a couple of days. I have passed a total of 30 inches in 3 jobbies, two 12 inchers, the first a hard and knobbly cylinder, the second a smooth easy curved sausage , then a 6 inch smooth easy one like a brown banana. This load stuck solid in the pan and took a few buckets of water being thrown down to shift it.

Juliet, it would be quite difficult to broach this subject with a total stranger. At school it was easier as many kids are into such matters and have not yet acquired the inhibitions of adults so for a classmate to watch me! or let me watch her doing a motion was not that unusual. Likewise with cousins and other friends of either gender or with my then boyfriend, now my husband, as we were already intimate. With a stranger and workmate it would take a lot of careful thought as not only could the other woman be offended but she could complain against you causing problems with your employers and other staff. By the way, did you have look in the toilet pan she had used to see if her jobbies had been big enough to get stuck? If so how big were they? Perhaps you can go and sit on the toilet, even if you dont need a motion, at the same time as before and hope she comes in and you maybe be able to knock up a friendship with her. But caution, many adults in the UK and USA are very inhibited about others being present when they defecate and you even say that you dont like anyone else present when you are doing a motion yourself, so you will have to ease up a bit in your own attitudes if you want someone e! lse to let you accompany them when they do a motion. Good luck and keep us all posted.

I am in my early fourties and I have filled my panties four times, out of which three were an accident, since my early-teens.

The three accidents I had were each cases of suddenly having to poop a huge load of soft poop, trying to hold it to make it to a restroom and it suddenly exploding into my panties with a load "plop".
One time this happened to me on the way home after having been shopping with a friend. Because I was so embarrassed she confided to me it already happened to her too and she told me about a colleague who, at a symposium, while waiting for a stall to become available pooped herself to the extend that poop fell from under her skirt on the floor.

I have never had a diarrhea accident. One day however, my husband had a bad case of diarrhea. Since we were in heavy traffic he had been holding it already for almost an hour (he had to hand over the wheel to me because he couldn't hold it and drive at the same time) when we finally m! ade it home. Before he made it inside to the toilet he lost it all and soaked his underware and trousers with liquid poop.

So, it does happen to other people too.

There was a habit of my high school girlfriend's that I would like a comment on. From either men or women. When I would visit and she would go into the bathroom, she would turn on the sink water as soon as she closed the door. The water was running the whole time she was in there and while it was running I would hear the toilet flush. She would wash her hands and then turn off the water.

I know that what she was doing was to cover the sound of her peeing or pooing with the sound of the water. What I would like to know is how many of you did that as well? Was it something most of you did or very few of you? I expect that no men did this and it is more of a girl thing.


Has any one here had any expericences when they are on the phone talking to some one and the person on the other end flushes the toilet? I have had this happen i think it's so funny, i could laugh. I try not to laugh cause the other person would ask"What are you laughing about"? I'd feel embarssed telling them what was so funny.
A online friend told me about a big crap they took

Yes I am from PA. 14 (soon to be 15)y/o female. Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Busy w/ school and everything else. Nothing really interesting anyway. Hope to get back to posting regularly soon! Kara

I was walking past the restrooms at school the other day when I heard loud giggling coming from the girls room. Sounded like misbehavior. I had to go in and see what was going on. Inside, standing on toilets were two girls looking over the stalls at two other girls sitting on toilets, who were having a tinkle. I said: "Oh, give them their privacy!" and the girls looked at me and giggled, got down off the toilets and walked out. Before they left, I pointed out that they had gotten the toilet seats dirty by standing on them. I took some toilet paper and wiped off the seats and said: "You should keep the toilet seats clean for your fellow classmates! No one likes to sit on a dirty seat with their bare bottom!" They agreed and I don't think they will be doing that again anytime soon.

Hey, some great stories folks!As to regarding to people being a bit uneasy going in public toilets,you have to look at it this way,you are in most cases,never going to run into that person( unless at work and there you try to be a bit diplomatic i guess--but even there!) but if you are in a mall or a big public place,just let it go!I know years ago when i was a teen,i used to really get upset about pooing in a public toilet until one day,i guess i was about 17 and i was sitting down to poo and i was trying to be quiet and a guy came in and rushed into the next stall and said"Oh boy i gotta bad and i hope you don't mind but this may be a bit noisy" and he laughed .I just said "IT's OK and nervously laughed back and with that he sat down and let out this 20 second fart followed right away by lots of loose poo splahing in the bowl.As i'm sitting there listening to this i decided to let go of my own inhabitions and let out a fart of my own and starting pooing like crazy too.In a w! asy it was cool and that guy got me over my inhabitions in the men's room.So now when i gotta go poo in the men's room,i go in and let it rip! and sure enough if there is someone else in there getting ready to poo and you are farting and pooping like crazy,usually they let go too and it's pretty cool.Sometime i go in and if no one is in there i sit there and hold it and wait for someone to come in to the next stall before i poop.I wait for them to close the door and start to clean of the seat and get ready to poop.At this point when i know they are preparing to poop(somtimes they just pee but when they start to clean the seat and undo their belt or they have the newspaper with them)i start to fart and poo just before they sit down.Them when they go to sit on the bowl,i'm farting and pooing and this almost always gets them going too.Then they start farting and pooping too and it sometimes gets interesting with all that pooing going on!I enjoy listening to other people farting a! nd pooing as a relax my asshole and push out my excrement,I wish toilets were uni-sex,Now that would be really cool pushing out a couple of long ones while a woman was farting and pooing like crazy in the next stall,now that would be the best!Any more public bathroom stories--Keep them comingBYE

Banana up my butt

How many people on this site agree with me, that toilet fans should become a lot more quiet, if not outrightly-banned. Reason being, as you have probably guessed, because they interfere with people like me/us, who enjoy listening to people crapping. I especially like listening to my girlfriend, while she is enjoying-herself on the throne, and I haven't gotten caught by her, yet. I just wish that she would quit using that damned-fan. Aren't matches good enough, to mask the odor afterwards? Besides, I find her smell to be a turn-on, in an animal kind of way!


Banana up my butt

Had an interesting experience at the university recently. It was fairly late at night and I had just taken a dump. A guy came into the bathroom and began to piss at the urinal. While pissing, he shouted out "How ya doin'in there buddy", obviously directed at me as no-one else was around. Surprised, I replied "I'm having a good one." To which he responded "Just let her rippppp!" I told him that I already had. He then washed his hands, wished me good luck and left. I've often got into conversations with guys in the next stall, but this was the first time I'd spoken to someone who was not also taking a shit. I thought it was a pretty cool experience. Anyone have anything similar happen to them?

Hello, everyone. PV, thanks for your concern. Thankfully I do not suffer from hemmoroids or anything. and I am not ALWAYS constipated. I have a movement everyday, sometimes twice. They are just difficult to eject. I am in my late 40s and as I get older, I've noticed pooping gets harder for me. I also tend to be a "lazy pusher" on the toilet, meaning that I will stop and rest and just sit a while. I don't grunt and strain for an entire hour! Then I would REALLY need help. All of these habits have developed since I hit my 40s. I don't know if this has to do with approaching menopause and I would be embarrassed asking a doctor these things, especially when I have no real physical problems. It's not true that I don't get pleasure from pooping. I enjoy the anticipation of knowing I need to visit the toilet, the physical urge. And even though it is often a bit painful, bearing down with lots of healthy grunting is always pleasurable for me. And of course the light feeling afterward! s is always nice.
Today at the office I saw my heavy coworker heading to the toilet after lunch. Unfortunately I was in the middle of discussing something with my boss so I couldn't leave. However I did notice that she seems to go at about the same time everyday.
So tell me what you all think of this plan. The next time I see her heading down the hallway to the toilet, I will wait a few moments until I am sure she has sat down. Then I will go to the restroom and take the adjacent stall. I will try to have a bowel movement, grunting and straining audibly. Maybe before I'll say something like "Excuse me, I need a bowel moment and I'm afraid I need to strain and make some noise." Maybe this will loosen her up and encourage her to to strain with me. Or maybe it will totally gross her out and alienate her although she seems really down to earth and based on what I heard from her last time she will probably understand. So what does everyone say? Should I try it? Or should ! I be more conventional and invite her to lunch and make friends that way? I was just thinking if we became friends in the bathroom first, it wouldn't be so awkward later on. Thanks in advance for the advice! Take care.

To Marina
I think you better see a physician. But until she tells you what is wrong, why not to wear a diaper? I had to several times, and it is quite comfortable. If you have to go, you don't have to excuse yourself. And if you dress yourself properly, nobody can tell.

Hi Linda! I am so happy to see that you're posting on here again. Sorry, I meant to say "hi" on my last posting. Hugs and kisses. Love, Steph

There's been some discussion recently of open toilets, with no doors, no walls, nothing. Check out the men's room in Washington Square Park in New York City -- there are five toilets in a row, wide open. Quite a sight when there's a full house!!!

Monday, September 27, 1999

To Jim: Like you I enjoy watching a woman having
a foul-smelling bowel movement on the toilet.
I love the shape of her thighs, the smoothness
and curvature of her bottom emitting a strong
stink. i think that women are thought of as being
dainty, smelling good and being modestly covered.
An attractive, shitting female is uncovered in
the right places, smells bad and exudes raw sexual
power! The bottom is more than just something to
sit on or release waste. Happy pooping to all the

Several interesting posts yesterday. Here is a related story that took place a couple of weeks ago. I was washing my car when a good friend of mine drove up, and got out of his car with a bag in his hand. He said he had injured himself at the gym the week before and was on pain medication that had made him very constipated. He said he had been trying all day, but without success. Now, he needed me to help him administer an enema, which he had in the bag. I've done this in the past (I'll save those stories for another post). Anyway, we went inside, he took off all his clothes, then assumed the position with his butt up in the air and his head on the floor. Like it says to do in the instructions, he pushed as if having a movement and while he was doing so, I inserted the enema. It goes in a lot easier this way. I squeezed out all the liquid, then we started talking while he waited for it to work. In the past, when I've helped him, he has actually asked me stay in the bathroom with him while he tries to go after the enema. But not this time. He said he was really embarrassed and asked me to leave the room and go back outside and finish washing my car. This was a disappointment to me, because I love to listen to the sound effects. I left the bathroom, walked to the front door , opened it, then shut it, but I did not leave the house. I started to tip-toe back toward the bathroom so I could listen. I heard a loud grunt, then heard a small amount of liquid squirt into the toilet. Then, I started feeling guilty about what I was doing and I thought about how awkward it would be if he caught me doing this. Then the central air conditioning turned on, (it has a noisy, powerful air-handler), so I couldn't hear anything anyway. Disappointed, I went back outside and resumed washing my car. He came out about 15 minutes later and said he went, but had to push really hard. I reminded him we were good friends and that he did not have to be embarrassed about such things. Next time, I'll post about the times I've helped him when he didn't throw me out of the bathroom.

I'm a 48 year old female. For some time now, I experience considerable difficulty in urination. I've always had a weak bladder which caused me to urinate quite often, usually every two or three hours. But since two months I feel a strong need to urinate almost every hour. Whenever this is the case I have to go right away, otherwise I risk to pee in my panties. This causes a lot of trouble in my job as a secretary, as recently I have to get up in the middle of meetings to excuse myself to the toilet, as I can't bear the strong pressure on my bladder any longer. My co-workers look strangely at me when I go to the toilet every hour. It also happens sometimes that I have to go to the toilet every 15 to 20 minutes. I'm unable to visit a concert, opera performance or movie without having to leave to urinate in the middle of the performance. Sometimes I can void a strong stream of bright urine, but in most of the cases only a few drops of urine come out because I have already been to! the toilet so often. Only a frew minutes after urination my bladder feels as if it were full again. I feel no burning, however. Sometimes I lose some urine when loughing. Since two or three months I have to get up at least once a night to urinate. In the night my urine stream is always strong. Of course I went to see a physician after two weeks of regular visits to the toilet at night, as I thought I had a urinary tract infection, but he was unable to find anything, informing me that I had a "nervous" bladder and in my age it's normal for a woman to have to urinate more often than earlier. But I don't understand why all of a sudden I have to urinate so often. What can I do? Anybody else in a same condition who can give me some advice?

Hi guys! Bill and Rick, yes, I am getting back into the "swing of things." Allison (my roommate) is my closest friend at school, and we have a history of *toilet moments* [please see "toiletpostq", "toiletpostaj", and "toiletpostbo" for more information. Michelle is also mentioned on the last posting]. However, Allison does not know that I am *that* interested in this stuff, such as contributing to this site.
Rick, yes, I have given thought as to what would happen if, heaven forbid, the four of us were suddenly infected with some parasite. At least last year, when three of us (sans Michelle) shared a suite in the dorms, one person could use the suite bathroom while one or two other(s) could go down the hall. Worst case scenario is that if one person was dumping her brains out in the toilet, the others would have to shit in the sink or bathtub :(- not a pleasant thought.
Bill, no, none of us have yet buddy dumped and, AFAIK, nobody had to use the bathroom that ba! dly while one of us was in the shower.
No stories of note at my end (no pun intended, LOL). I just got over a very messy period, but I think elaborating on that would violate the site's guidelines- so long for now.
Peace and love, Steph

Hey im a new poster. I would love to talk to girls that like to watch guys poop and dont mind if they fart in front of them either. Please share stories

Juliet could you tell us about your poopinf if I may ask and not sound to forward? Ito can not poop with people around.. so i never poop at school.. so i ahve to say that you are a braver girl than me to poop in a public bathroom. Did you have to go bad? I won't even go if I have to go REALLY bad. I've only gone a few times and well you can probably read about them in the old posts. Yeah I do know what you mean I too get a kick out of hear girls poop in the bathroom. i try not to laugh as I hear then strain and grunt then all i here is a tiny plop. Anyway thanks again and JW how are you?

MARK.B(UK): Interesting experiences with your paruresis, and I'm glad you're on top of the problem... When I "broke the dam" and managed a glorious pee in a cinema men's room, despite having several ladies present, I found I was able to relax by concentrating like mad on the wall in front of me and ignoring the rest of the world/universe until I was well under way, so creating a tiny bubble or privacy. I gues this is the same sort of thing at work as closing your eyes, a final mental alignment to the necessity.<P>
REDNECK: On military bathrooms, boot camp is definitely no partitions, just a line of "Class-A" (super-cleaned) toilets. There's a season 1 epoisode of "Jag" in which Meg Austin goes under cover as a Marine recruit, and the women's barracks communal bathroom is featured in a couple of scenes (no poops, just a lot of scrubbing as punishment detail.) I guess there's a touch more privacy in regular duty stations, but the military must be ready and able to poop! wherever they can in the field, so it's a problem if they get too comfy in peacetime...<P>
LEE: There are lots of different techniques for cleaning up, I've read of people who are very inventive! As you ask in all curiosity, I'll say I wipe forward, hand between my thighs from the front, being careful not to move fecal matter into my genitals (it's the skill of a lifetime, and something I don't think about). I always moisten the paper and clean inside myself, at least to the first knuckle. This leaves me comfortable and very clean. I always wash my anus thoroughly in the shower, a warm wash cloth feels wonderful, and let the water spray between my cheeks. If sore (rare, though it was a bane when I was a kid), I'll work ointment as deep inside myself as possible. It's just good management, I think!<P>
JULIET: Your story was interesting but the real point here, I feel, is your casual references to your own regularity... O, my poor dear, you shouldn't be str! aining like that! If it takes you the better part of an hour to complete a defecation, you're in a very undesireable state, and your health is going to suffer (it probably already has!). You're probably storing up all kinds of trouble, in terms of both eventual hernia of your abdominal wall, and haemorroids due to the sheer punishment your anal walls are taking. Your anus is your best friend, a friend for life in fact, so you don't want to make her sore! Have you spoken to a doctor? I know, it's very personal, and it can be difficult talking to a doctor who you know is shortly going to have you lie face down and slip her fingers inside to examine you. But it's professionally meant, and a good doctor will be gentle and understanding. Surely there are remedies that will ease your situation, even so little as introducing vaseline or KY jelly into your rectum to help your stools emit more easily. I know there are neat little enema kits with which you can "inject" a small amount of! softening liquid for yourself... And you can also drink water, lots and lots and lots of water, which serves to rehydrate your colon, and flush your kidneys of toxins that constipated folks inevitably acrue -- and you thus get to have lots of terrific pees as well! You don't sound like you take much pleasure in having a poo, which is a shame as it's one of life's free pleasures. I hope you can find a good, easy form of assistance to allow you to do the five-minute variety!<P>
All the best,<P>

pee girl
hi this is my first post this happend about a week ago

i was on te subway and i was in desperate need to pee but my ride was anly 15 minutes so i knew i could hold it. i was sitting and every few secons i would clench my legs together. after about 20 minutes i was wondering what was wrong then there was an announcement saying due to something that was wrong [i'm not really sue what it was] the train will be delayed 20 MINUTES!!! i was very upset and on the verge of looosing control! i was pretty despret as i got on as well!

after 10 minutes i was squeezing and moving around the train was filled with people and i knew this would be a big embarrassment if i wet myself!

i put my hand near my crotch and squeezed i had about a 10 second squrt and that showed i bit but not to noticible!

after 15 minutes i was loosing control and there were 10 sec 20 sec 30 sec squrits that were really showing! then the train came to a lurch and then i had a big 40! sec squrit and it was pretty noticable.

after about a minute there was a big bump followed by a huge 30 sec squirt and then i just lost control and my jeans were totally soked and and so was the floor undernieth me.

there were some teenages [and everyone else] who stared at me in disgust and the teenagers just laughed!!


~anyway hope u liked~

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