Jeff A.
Juliet: Very interesting story. First I would like to say that I am not gay myself, but have had the same excited feelings listening to others just as you did, both male and female. There is a certain animality that lives within all of us, and co-exists with a sort of innocence and is both a confusing and wonderful feeling. The heavy woman sounds great. I'm very envious of your listening experience as I find heavy women to be absolutely gorgeous!!! To answer your question though, I have had many girlfriends with whom I've been able to share "potty" experiences. . Once I'd met a girl in a bar, and this is just from one night! We'd had highly intelligent conversations over about 3 pitchers of beer, and around 11:00 pm, we got onto the subject of sex. It was quite obvious that we both wanted it, and were exploring each other's personal terrain. She came right out with the fact that she loved watching guys sitting on the toilet taking dumps. She even described many experiences which told me that she knew what she was talking about. She said that she wanted to sneak into the mens room with me. She even made the offer of going home with her so she could watch the next morning. Now this girl was a real knockout, and it surprised me, because she had the kind of "girl next door" look to her.

Anyway, back to your question, my approach has always been one of absolute honesty. I just come right out and ask. It's very difficult, and I always waited until the relationship had solid ground to it, but generally it only took about a week or two before I asked. But, because I asked, I was allowed many, many bathroom experiences with many different ladies. There were some that I didn't ask, and just sort of came into the bathroom because I knew it wouldn't bother them. These experiences weren't as exciting.
This is not advice, only my experience. This is how I usually asked: "Can I come in with you" "Why?" she'd ask, and then I'd usually reply with the honest answer. "Because I just want to.", or "I've always wanted to." I usually let nature take its course from there. The worst they can do is say no, or walk out on the relationship, but I figure if they do that, over something as innocent as going to the bathroom, then you ain't missin' a thing! 9 times out of 10 they'd let me in. Of course, there were also times when I'd listen outside the door, or sometimes they'd leave the door ajar, and I'd stand there and watch. It's only human nature. It's also very generous and helpful to divulge very personal things about yourself first to help relax the subject. If you really want another experience badly, maybe you should try public restrooms. If the heavy woman is someone with whom you'd like to base a friendship with, then I'd say that since she is pretty much a stranger to you, then take it very slow and easy. (Sometimes the wanting is more fun than the getting.) I hope this helps, and I hope that something comes of it for you. Let us know when it does!

Another memory about Aunt Anne. A few years after the kitchen incident I was at a family wedding and looked round to see who was in pew behind. It was Aunt Anne, but the smell of her was more memorable than her looks. Despite wearing a lot of perfume she smelt distinctly 'iffy' and I wondered why. Uncle and Aunt (and cousins) came to that wedding in a mobile home, parked on a site which I'm sure had loos. Two possible explanations offered themselves as to the strong smell emanating from Aunt Anne: either she'd had an accident earlier that day or the campsite loos had been short of paper and she'd not been able to wipe properly. To this day I don't know for sure which explanation is correct. I think the latter is the most likely but I'm not totally sure. I can't help wondering if she did have an accident amidst all the excitement of the occasion.

Mark B. Iused to be shy about peeing, but if you have to go real bad,theneed takes over and you go no matter who is present.Poo on the other hand was never discussed in my house.Actually pee was not discussed or was sex.So anything another male experienced was a wonder to me.I guess wew were suppossed to know what to do.Duh,in my house you learned on your own, so what others felt or did in the toilet was news to me. I too listened to others to know what to feel or do.
Red neck, your stories are great hope to meet you when I cum to Austrailia in December.
Penworm, you dirty dog you.I'll bet you would love to hear me fart or plop a turd.

Is there anyone who is from the state of PA?

Hell yes, we must confess, some of our shits are not the best.

Just joking around! Smile.


Traveller: Thanks for reminding me about the "open pit" latrines. I remember one where the male & female facilities were back to back, and if you looked under the seat, you could see the arse of the person on the opposite side. I have a vivid memory of watching a womans arse as she produced the longest turd I have ever seen. It came out quite slowly and must have got to over 30 inches before it dropped into the pit! I guess either she had been putting it off for a while, or she was a real big eater.
Juliet: I am surprised that you still have a job if you spend 45 minutes of company time on the toilet. Nice story though!

I was minding my own business doing the washing-up this morning when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the six-or-seven-year-old boy next door come outside. I thought at a first glance that he looked like he needed to pee, and it seems I was right, because he went straight over to a drain under his kitchen window, tugged down his trousers and peed right into it. He was going for ages, he must have been bursting. I assume someone else was using his bathroom at the time and he couldn't wait, but that really isn't the kind of thing you expect to see in a quiet, middle-class English town like mine! (not that I'm complaining...)

B.M. - I once went into a ladies' toilet by mistake. I was about 13 or 14 years old at the time and I didn't realise what I'd done until I was in the cubicle. This was a busy Saturday in a shopping centre toilet, so there was no way I could get out without someone seeing me. After sitting there a while, I decided I'd just have to make a run for it, so I unlocked the door and walked out, trying not to look too conspicuous. There were two women washing their hands and chatting, but they didn't even look at me! If anything, I was kind of offended!

Coprologist - Do I know you? A close friend of mine just went to a Greek island for two weeks!

Banana up my butt

Has anyone in here thrown a cup of water over a stall partition, and soaked the person who was sitting in it taking a sh**? What is the wildest gag that you people have pulled on a person in such a vulnerable position, while you were on the outside of the stall, and had the "upper hand"?

Banana up my butt

Juliet, please tell us more of the details of your
own difficult bowel movements. I find it very interesting
to hear of the struggles woman have on the toilet. I've
had my own share and wonder what its really like for a woman. What helps you the most when your straining? Is
there any particular position or anything you do with your
hands and feet that helps? I've found that pulling up on my
ankles really helps me.
Hi Linda how ya doing?- JW

Juliet, please tell us more of the details of your
own difficult bowel movements. I find it very interesting
to hear of the struggles woman have on the toilet. I've
had my own share and wonder what its really like for a woman. What helps you the most when your straining? Is
there any particular position or anything you do with your
hands and feet that helps? I've found that pulling up on my
ankles really helps me.
Hi Linda how ya doing?- JW

Sunday, September 26, 1999

I have been lurking here almost a year but never posted because I've never really had an experience that I thought was worth telling. Oh sure, I have great fantasies, but I think you all probably want to hear a true story.

Well, finally something happened yesterday at work that i would like to share. I work in an office building and we have 1 ladies' room on our floor containing 2 stalls. It was after lunch and I felt the need for a bowel movement, so I went into the restroom. Now I personally cannot stand to have someone listen to me when I poo as I tend to have hard, difficult movements resulting in me having to grunt audibly and taking anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to go (luckily my female boss is understanding about such matters as she also takes quite some time to go).
I was in luck because both stalls were empty so i entered one and sat down with a sigh. After getting into my straining position (spreading my legs with my hands on my thighs) I grunted loudly, gripping my thighs. I won't go on and on about all the straining and pooping because my story has to do with someone else's bowel movement. Suffice it to say almost an hour later I flushed the toilet and sat there for a bit, recovering from my exertions.
I was just preparing to get up when I heard the door open and I looked through the crack in the stall to see that it was a co worker from another department. I don't know her name, but we wave to each other often in the hallways, and she seems very nice. She is of medium height and quite fat, I would guess anywhere from 280 to 300 lbs. Now i don't know what got into me but in a split second I silently lifted my legs and sat indian style on the toilet. I did this because I thought if she came for a bowel movement, maybe she is like me in that she likes it when no one is around. Sure enough, I heard her, panting slightly from the walk down the hall. She knocked on my stall,"Is anyone there?" and tried the door. I held my breath. "Must be out of order," she muttered and went into the other stall. "Great, i can be as loud as I want, hope no one comes in!"
I heard her pulling down her skirt and extrasize pantyhose, breathing heavily, and then i heard the toilet seat creak as she sat down with a grunt. First she peed long and hard, letting out an explosive fart at the same time. Then there was silence and I silently prayed that wasn't all she had come for. The silence continued except for her heavy breathing which was gradually getting heavier until without warning she began to grunt softly under her breath. "Ohhhhh.....Ohhhhh...." This continued for about 2 minutes, until suddenly I heard her shift her ass on the toilet and inhale deeply. Obviously she was preparing herself for the real thing now. "UGGHH! UNH!! UGGHHHH..... NNNNN...." Her grunts were painful, like she was really having an ordeal. But despite all her efforts, I had yet to hear any plops. I DID hear the crackling sound that you all refer to, so I assumed that the poo was large and she was having trouble getting it out.
Now, I'm not gay or bisexual or anything, but I was getting super turned on imagining her on the toilet. I wondered if she leaned forward or spread her thighs or maybe she sat up straight on the seat, hands folded. Or maybe she gripped her asscheeks. I also tried to imagine her face undoubtedly red from straining.
The grunting began again in earnest. "NNNNNN.....NNNNNN....NNNNN...UGH! UNH! UGGGGHHHH....UH!" I heard more crackling and a slight plop, not very loud because it was probabaly so big. "Ohhhh!" she exhaled, breathing hard.
She then bore down again, grunting painfully and then I heard her say in a strained voice "OH! Come out of my fat butt already!" As if on cue, there again was the crackling sound, almost inaudible because now she was grunting very loudly. "UNH! OHHH....UHHHH...MMM!" Then a mighty plop. With a huge sigh, she wiped and flushed. I waited until she finished washing her hands and left before i came out of the stall.
This was the first time I had really heard someone poo. To tell the truth I am desparate fpr another experience but don't really knwo how to go about it. I would love to watch her sometime, I guess i could befriend her, but it would take a long time to get to a level so personal. Tony, Moira, and others, how did you go about approaching other people?
Take care!

¥esterday I was in the waiting room of my dentist's office. The only other people around was this young woman in the seat facing me and the receptionist. As dentists' offices often are (due to nerves I suppose), it was deathly quiet and you could hear a pin drop. After 5 minutes, the receptionist got up and walked over to the door to my left. I noticed this was the bathroom and when she opened the door I saw a small room with a toilet and sink. Well, I've no idea what the door was made of but when it had been closed you could hear every sound inside. I heard the clatter of the receptionist's heels, the rustling of her clothing being adjusted and then the loud sound of a stream of pee. But the best was to come! I heard a really long, loud fart and noticed that the woman facing me was trying desperately not to laugh. Then (really clearly) was a deep "ker-sploosh." Yes, we could hear the receptionist pooing! The woman facing me had started to laugh loudly and I hoped that the pooing receptionist couldn't hear, but I'm sure she did as we could hear her! Then there were 2 "plops" followed by the sound of toilet paper. We could even hear her wiping her bottom! Then there was the sound of the receptionist pulling up her underwear and then the toilet flushing followed by the sound of her washing her hands. The woman facing me had calmed down was still giggling. The door of the bathroom opened and the receptionist came out with a BRIGHT red face! The poor woman knew we could hear every sound of her pooing. She went back to her desk without looking at anyone!

I would never intentionally offend anyone here, so I apologize in advance to those people who are nervous about crapping in public restrooms.

When I use a public restroom and dont poop, I like to play psychological tricks on people who are pooping. Some are shy. You walk into the room and you can hear them struggling to halt their stools so they dont make noise. They are listening for the order of your actions. They hear you finidh pissing and then they listen to you wash your hands. They wait for you to dry them. and then they listen for the door. That means they are alone again. When I sense that someone is holding back out of shyness I like to linger at certain points, to see how long they can hold it. I can sense them getting frustrated sometimes. I will stand there for up to 2 minutes after washing my hands before exiting and shutting the door behind me. I remember one guy who was crapping when I came in, and suddenly stopped. I stood by the sink with the water! trickling out, and actually heard him swear at me under his breath after a while. He then let a few farts out and stopped again. So I went to the door, opened it, and closed it without actually leaving. He thought I was gone, and let everything go. It was stinky and loud. During a pause in his movement, I faked a sneeze to surprise him. I swear to God I heard his breath stop!

Can someone please tell me childhood pee stories and peeing on the floor?

I am very interested in learning how people -- especially women -- clean their butt holes. Do you just wipe over the surface of the hole, or do you actually insert your finger (covered with paper, most likely) into the hole and wipe inside? I usually go in at least half an inch and clean out the inner part. Also, when I shower, I soap up my finger real good and slide my finger into my anus an inch or so to clean out all the little particles of poo that are still there. Do others do that?

Also, we have discussed female poop scenes in movies. I have a kind of related question. I've seen many female butts exposed in movies, but I don't think I've ever actually seen a woman's anus shown in a movie. I'm not talking X-rated movies, but the kind of movies you would see in a regular movie theater. Can anyone think of a regular movie -- new or old -- where a woman's butt hole (anus) was actually shown?


A Joke
A young couple are out for a romantic walk along a country lane. They
walk hand in hand and as they stroll the guy's lustful desire rises to a
He is just about to get frisky when she says, "I hope you don't mind but
I really do need to pee."
Slightly taken aback by this vulgarity he replies, "OK. Why don't you go
behind this hedge."
She nods agreement and disappears behind the hedge. As he waits he can
hear the sound of nylon knickers rolling down her voluptuous legs and
imagines what is being exposed. Unable to contain his animal thoughts a
moment longer, he reaches a hand through the hedge and touches her leg.
He quickly brings his hand further up her thigh until suddenly and with
great astonishment finds himself gripping a long, thick appendage hanging
between her legs.

He shouts in horror, "My God Mary ... have you changed your sex?"

"No," she replies. "I've changed my mind, I'm having a shit instead."

Regarding open toilets: in my high school, the "facilities" (a row of urinals and two crappers) weren't even in a separate room, but along one wall of the locker room, so anybody using them generally had a pretty good audience. I was always much too shy to go there, but some guys didn't seem to care (or even deliberately used them as a macho thing, I think). The toilet paper rolls were hung on the wall behind the toilets, and you could see what a guy had left in the toilet when he stood up and reached around for the paper.

The year is 1981. One day I was at school in the second grade. The teacher would have about three students at a time to work in a small group. When it came time for me to be in a small group, there was one boy and girl and myself, and of course the teacher. We were all working quietly, then all of a sudden I farted. The boy whose name was Shawn looked at me strangly, but didn't say anything, nobody said anything. At eight years old I was a little embarrassed, but I stayed calm so nobody knew I felt a little embarrassed. From that day on, I took a strong interest in body functions and realized that since this is all part of our daily life, there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrased about it. So if my friends or anyone were to ask me about whether I'm shy about my restroom habits. The answer is no. In fact, they don't need ask, they already know. That second grade incident taught me never to be shy about doing what nature intended. Later

Jay Brown
So you say I rule. Way to go! YES!

I enjoyed reading the post on doorless stalls. One person posted about no doors, no stall walls from the 1950's and it was interesting to read. I never been in the military but from what my father told me when he served around the late 50's/early 60's, the bathrooms in the barracks were one line of shitters and a long trough to pee in. I don't know what it is like today but I am sure there are stall walls. While on the subject of stall walls, I remember in the mid 1970's, there were a couple of funny posters I saw at the drug store. One of them showed a barracks bathroom and there was a guy on the shitter leaning over and another pic showed a 3 year kid asleep on the can with pants down by ankles.

One thing I miss not being a kid anymore is some of the spontanous laughs and activities which included going to the bathroom with other friends and laughing about our bodily noises such as farts and plops. I like some the freedom as an adult but I hate how things are more serious even the things that we enjoyed as kids. I still enjoy taking a dump and would like to share some laughs over it with someone but everyone else seem too serious. Even the college kids are too serious sometimes. I remember when I was in the fraternity house, shitting was something that was enjoyed and joked about. I remember pics of some people on the shitter.

For Carlos, thanks for your reply :) I do hate political correctness with a passion. This moralistic attitude is nothing related to the religious circle but the frame of mind behind it is taking the pleasure out of life and making even the most enjoyable things mundane and unenjoyable. I would use the term neo-puritanism since the puritans believed that enjoying life was very wrong including sex inside of marriage.

Mark B
On this question of not being able to go in front of other people...For years when I was at school I found it really hard to pee in front of other boys if I was standing at a urinal. Eventually I discovered that by shutting my eyes it would be alright and eventually I would pee succesfully - somehow the presence of other people did not seem a problem if I could not see them. I still sometimes find I am a bit slow in peeing at a urinal when there are other men around, if that happens I can shut my eyes and will start peeing almost immediately.
I don't find the presence of other men at the urinal very exiting or want to look at their willies (although I am gay), because I've always been too preoccupied in persuading myself to ignore the other men so that I will be able to pee. Hearing other guys in other cubicles having a shit is more exciting for me, especially if I have seen them go in and they are good-looking guys. I can't imagine what it would be like having a poo in a! completely open situation with no stall partitions whatsoever and a row of toilets side by side. An exciting fantasy, but in reality I might be terrified if I had to do it. I just don't know.

To Steph:
I've missed your posts, I guess you must be busy with school and stuff..... How is the new apartment? I'm interested if your new roommates have gotten into buddy dumping with you yet.
Have a great day!

B.M. (really)
I had spent the day at a pro-football game with friends, consuming large quantities of beer and barbeque, and generally failing to pay attention to what was going on in my innards. After spending 2 hours in the post-game traffic & travelling another hour down the highway, I realized I had quite a load of quivering mass in my gut. I found the nearest rest stop & literally ran into the bathroom, locked myself in the stall & relieved my internal pressure. After sitting there for several minutes, I heard the familiar, but now terrifying sound of high heels clicking on the tile floor. Two women were walking in, laughing & carrying on a conversation. "Oh, shit!--I'm in the ladies room." I heard two stall doors close & two sets of tinkling, and they continued to talk, so I knew I could escape undetected. I ran out of the bathroom, jumped into my car & laughed all the way home.

As is my custom, I'm usually on the toilet about 30 minutes after awakening. I normally have a solid bm. Then I take my shower. Almost always, the water causes me to go #2 some more---generally a nice bm. Today, I sputtered out my shower turd and made a hole in one in the drain. This was a first. I felt behind to check my crack and it was clean. I'm kind of lucky since even when I'm on the toilet, my crack seldomly gets much debris from my poops. Pooping in the shower is nice.

Jeff A.

Thanks for loving my name! :-) And yes, now that you have really explained it or gave me that example of your girlfriend farting, I can see why it can be considered cute. And you are right...I do need to have more fun in that department. However, seeing as though I am still a little shyyyyyyyy, I'll have to work on that.:-) Hmmm....I also find that I don't tend to eat alot of things that would produce a fart in me, but perhaps I could change my diet soon! :-P

As usual, summer ended near here with an annual, week-long camping fair, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Supposedly, it's one of the oldest of its type in the U.S. (ADAM FROM CANADA - I see you were near there on your vacation. Did you go to it?) Besides campers, the fair attracts thousands of daily visitors. Lots of people and livestock - resulting in lots of waste. On the human side, the fairgrounds still has pit latrines, surprising these days for a place located just beside a small town. These have stalls with bench-mounted seats. To handle the crowds, there are also lots of porta-potties, placed here and there in rows of six to eight. It seemed to me that people were about evenly split when it came to using the two types of facilities. Of course, I made sure not to go at home the day I went, so that I could have a really good motion at the fair. I choose a porta-john for the event. Not long after I went in, I heard some voices approaching. The door opened on the porta next to mine, then another one farther down. There was hardly a sound except for someone taking a strong pee, then silence, followed by a slight "Nnnnhhh... Nnnnnnnhhh..." to my right from time to time. Then the door further down opened and closed again quickly, but the porta next to mine seemed to still be occupied. Finally, a voice from outside said to my neighbor (I guessed), "Cindi, what the heck's taking you so long, anyway?" To which the occupant replied quietly, "I'm having a good poop. Just wait for me, okay?" Well, I thought, what fun this is, my nearly anonymous neighbor and I both having a good dump. Although we finished at about the same time, I let her leave with her friend first, although I was a little curious to see her. Porta-potties can be gross at times, but oh, so much fun, too!

PV, ASTER, and DONNY - Thanks for reminding me that Heather's condition is called "paruresis." I like the idea of desensitizing by going in unusual places. As a child, I had the same problem with public BM's, and even at home sometimes. I later got past it by using busy restrooms. (Some who've read my old posts about open air pooping experiences may be surprised that I was once very inhibited about my bodily functions.) TRICY, gotta love you for being so open! You are a breath of stinky air here - take that as a compliment. DEBBIE, your "group poop" post was a classic. Please send more. To SEAN and BANANA - not having to poop?! That's not for me! I'm with Nicola (England) on this one. Everything in nature sets itself up in the most economical way, so defecation must follow that rule, too. I think of it like this: of all the "lesser" conditions we could have to bear, the one I'd least want is a colostomy. I can imagine having no voluntary control over when my was! te empties into a bag on my side. (Of course, "lesser" is relative to each individual. What I mean is that one could live an otherwise normal life.) I'll lighten up by saying I'm thankful for the natural way and enjoy it as one of the little pleasures it's meant to be. Lastly, I guess I missed it by not logging on a lot lately, but it seems from some posts that Cancer Child, Kyle has died. I have to say that I was touched by her desire to share her common interest with all of us here, despite being so ill. She gave me a lot to think about.

Hey Vivid Memories , I know what you are talking about. The only thing that I dont know is why do we and a small percentage of others share these strange erotic feelings from seeing , hearing and smelling an attractive female pooping! I am affraid to even admit someting like this to anyone I know in person. Do any of the females here have similar arousels to males and/or females?

Hugh G.
The stalls in college bathrooms probably came about in the 60's and 70's as suggested in a previous post. This might be because families started having fewer children. Because of this, children usually grow up not having to share a bedroom or bathroom with their siblings. Hence, they never get interrupted on the toilet at home, and have a higher expectation of privacy than in previous generations. In a similarvein, this is why so many colleges have subdivided some dormitories to make them single occupancy, for students that don't wish to be bothered with roommates. Rection.

Hi guys. It's been a while since I last posted. A couple of weeks ago, I had a phenomenal dumping experience. As most of you know, I am badly constipated most of the time. I needed to poop really bad, but had not been able to for 4 days. It was really starting to build up and my belly hurt. I usually use a dulcolax suppository for times like this, but I had been complaining to my doctor that they were too slow and took too much time to finish working. HE gave me a sample of a suppository called "Magic Bullet." It has the same active ingredient as dulcolax -- bisacodyl, but employs a different base which melts a lot faster. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that a lot more of the laxative ingredient is released a lot faster. I inserted one about 10 PM and then flopped down on the bed to watch TV. I figured it would take at leat 20-25 minutes, since the dulcolax usually takes about 35-45 minutes to work. It started burning right away, and after only 5 minutes I started to fee! l cramps. After 10 minutes, I was having hard contractions of my whole constipated colon and could feel this huge, hard turd being pushed toward the exit. I got up and walked very carefully to the bathroom, afraid that I might lose something on the way. I sat down and pushed and grunted as hard as I could to push out the bowel movement. It wouldn't come at first. It was just too big. My opening kept dilating more and more as I pushed harder. I used Carlos' navel technique and pushed my finger into my abs as hard as I could stand. I leaned forward, put my pecs on my knees and grabbed my ankles. I desparately wanted to stop and rest, but the laxative was working fully and my colon would not stop its hard cramping contractions. I finally pushed for all I was worth. I felt my anus dilate wider than it ever has before while I passed a baseball sized rock. Damn, it felt good to get rid of that. But the cramps didn't stop. The laxative was still causing big time contractions and I h! ad a lot more poop in me. I sat there for another 30 minutes using all of the techniques I know for pushing out a hard dump, but nothing worked. Fianlly, I gave up and went to bed.

I put an absobent pad and a towel underneath me on the bed, just in case the laxative made me have an "accident" during the night. That turned out to be a good idea. About 1 AM I was awakened by hard contrctions. By the time I was awake enough to know that I needed to run to the bathroom, it was too late. My anus was dilating and my contracting colon was pushing out another huge lump. I decided to just to let it happen there on the pad. I pulled my knees up to my chest and pushed out another baseball sized lump. I felt incredible relief when it was over. Of course, I then had to clean up in the shower. Halfway through the shower, I started getting hard cramps again. This time I ran dripping wet to the toilet. A couple of huge soft logs slid out of me. I didn't even have to try. I just rela! xed and it happened. It felt great. Needless to say, I got a really good nights' sleep.

Carlos, Thom and all of you other constipated guys -- these Magic Bullet suppositories are great, but very powerful. Having one of those makes an enema seem like child's play. Don't use one unless you really need it. Anyone else have any good supposiotry stories? Especially ones involving buddy dumps?

Friday, September 24, 1999

Had a nice "group poop" yesterday at work and thought i would share it.
I was about to walk in the office from the parking lot with two friends from work Josie and Trish and just as i opend the door Josie did this low pitched fart and trish says hey what was that your back up alarm,and we all laughed a little.When we got inside i said see you later and headed for the ladies room for my routine after lunch poop and josie was right behind me,trish went straight in to the office.
There are four stalls and the far one was occupied by a pair of blue pumps so i knew it was Monica this young kid (around 21 or so i guess) who works in collections and as i closed the stall door at the same time josie was doing the same i could hear some peeing and then a put,put,put,fart and a soft grunt comeing out of monica but no plop so i guess it was a long hard one on the way out and as i droped my pants and panties Josie was peeing a storm and then a pause and a uh uh uh oh yes,plop and ! josie said i was waiting for that all morning as i did a tinkleing pee and long hissing fart that smelled up my stall right away followed by the feeling of a hard one starting to push out of me,i bent forward and sort of lifted to one side to spread my ass cheeks to help it along and as i was doing so heard even more pooping sounds from both sides of me then the pulling of alot of tp from monica's stall and had the thoght that between the three of us it really didn't smell all that bad and a second later josie let out a wet sounding fart followed by what sounded like a big load of loose doo-doo,someone opend the bathroom door started in and then the smell must have hit her and out she went and it opend again and i could see this girl we all call tiny,because she's no more then 5ft tall standing at one of the sinks fooling with her hair and as she put her brush back in her bag she farted long and loud then walked out.
Well my poop droped with a slight plop that splashed my ! ass and i did another smaller one felt totaly relieved and both josie and i were wipeing at the same time and thats about it.

Eddie, that open toilet plan at the high school sounds amazing. I don't think anything like that would exist here in the UK. Sounds like it was fun. I can't imagine any but the most desparate shitters would use such a toilet. I found one toilet like that in a park once when I was in America. There was a young teenage kid using it, and he was obviously embarassed as he farted and did two big "kersplonks" in front of me. (I took a shit too) I like your story, Eddie, any more like it? Faith and Jesse, I'm looking forward, like everyone else here, to hearing your stories about shitting in front of each other, especially Faith's stories about Jesse. As for me, nothing much to report. I'll write more when I do.
'Bye for now. Daniel

Back after two weeks vacation. I missed this site a lot on my computer-free holiday. It was spent on a Greek island which gets large numbers of tourists, 95% of them being British. I think that this is because other nationalities would not put up with Greek bathroom facilities. Indeed, my fellow visitors never seemed to complain. Fixed showers, bathtubs and bidets do not seem to exist in Greek holiday accomodation. Instead there is a hand-held shower spray that may or may not spray you with hot water. Hot water happened quite randomly in our hotel, but only three times in 14 days at time when I was actually showering or washing. Shower curtains only exist in the more luxurious hotels, of which ours was apparently one (athough there is always a drain in the bathroom floor to remove any water that is sprayed outside the shower area). But the most outrageous thing of the lot is that Greek sewerage systems are not designed to take any kind of solid matter, and you are forbidden to! put used TP down the toilet!!! Instead you are requested to put your shitty TP into a refuse bag in your bathroom, which is emptied once per day. Imagine the stink if you did this... I think that these regulations date from before the days of modern, soft, easily disintegratable TP. After all, the system has to cope with turds, so it should be able to cope with soft TP! In practise, soft TP was universal, and most people flushed it down the toilet with no disastrous results, but I feel sorry for anyone producing 14-inch turds. The system would definitely not have coped. Most Greeks eat a lot of olive oil and I suspect that their turds are fairly soft, as indeed are my own...

Aster, I hate to sound like a homophobe, which I am NOT, but you have confirmed one of the average straight male's fears about using a urinal in the presence of strange men. Many men I know are bothered about the possibility that one or more of the other men peeing next to them is homosexual and may be looking at them and their penis. You openly admit that you are attracted by the practice of peeing with other men, fair play to you if they are knowing and willing participants, but I can well see how men like George and others how do not like to urinate in the presence of other men or who even cannot do so, will find this confirms their worst fears and suspicions. I personally have no problem performing either type of toilet function with others around. I have urinated and defecated with friends of either gender watching and certainly it just doesn't bother me if anyone friend or stranger can hear the sound effects of my doing a wee wee or a jobbie. I can however accept that s! ome people cannot do either even in the safety of a locked cubicle if there is anyone else within earshot. When I was at school there was a girl who was from a repressive very religious family who had been brought up to look on the body and its natural healthy functions as sinful and dirty. On a couple of occasions she wet and shit her knickers as she didnt want to use the girls toilet with others present. I certainly sympathise with anyone, male or female with that problem, but as I understand it George prefers of his own free will to use a cubicle and sit to pee and his main objection is to the dirty, wet and smelly nature of far too many urinals in public, works, and pub toilets. Fair enough, I can see his point. By the way, although male puppies do raise their legs after a certain age, male cats pee much the same way as females, although un-neutered males do spray the territory with foul smelling (to us humans), urine.

To Sean and "Banana" I certainly would NOT l! ike to lose the ability to have a good bowel motion. Since childhood I have enjoyed this function and long wish to continue to do so. I dont need the imaginery supplement to produce big solid jobbies but I can imagine lots of people would happily use it if it existed. I must say that the idea of passing a turd that was 4 inches in diameter makes my eyes pop. The fattest I have ever passed was 3 inches thick and that was after a very severe dose of constipation and it took the ???? rubbing of my husband and the combined effects of 1 tablespoon of liquid parafin (mineral oil) and a generous amount of vaseline up my back passage to get the big fat lump to come out with a tremendous "KUR-SPLOONK!" and leaving me with a throbbing arsehole.

Martin, the "big soft urgent" motion you describe happens to many people. It can happen if you eat food with a lot of fibre (roughage) or bulk. This makes the stools softer and less able to be held in once the fecal mass reaches the rec! ????. Thus accidents can happen either because the person farts and finds that there is more than just gas coming out or they cannot hold it in until they get to the toilet. Another cause can be eating too much too quickly making the gastro colic reflex kick in and shunting the content of the bowels quickly through, the "fast food runs" as this is often called. While the effects can be a very loose stool virtually diarrhea, often what is passed is soft and paste like in consistancy but may hold together in a large sausage shaped poo or may break up into 3 or 4 large bits as it comes out making very spectacular sound effects.

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