vivid memories

i don't have lots of childhood memories of bodily functions (or at least of the female going poop). Mine came as an adult although it was a fantasy when I was a kid. The most vivid ones involved either loud noises or smells. My first was when I was in college.

I was standing guard outside these unisex bathrooms in the dorm waiting f or some girl to go in. Pee don't turn me on (though I piss a lot from being caffeinaddict) , but number 2 is a different story altogether. Anyway, I saw this tall cute thin Asian girl (I'm Asian too) and she wasn't in there for too long but when she came out, she started to close the door. And boy did it smell--really bad. I got turned on by that.

Fast forward to 99--one night I was at the apartment of an Asian woman friend of mine. (She was just a friend--nothing more though she was thin and cute though small). After dinner she decided to serve us ice cream. I didn't take much because I have a little lactose intolerance now. She ate much more than I did, so I assumed she wasn't lactose intolerant.

Or maybe she didn't care (or just had to go) because then she dashed to the bathroom and was there for a long time. I got excited and went in after she was done. It was like a bomb, as bad as anything I have done. That memory will stick for a while of a really pretty girl having to do #2 and really smelling it up. Maybe it's cause you don't expect it.

Jeff A.

I never thought of Jeri as being unlady like, but instead found her to be an absolute living doll! Sometimes when she'd be making dinner, I'd ask "What are we having?" and she'd aim a hip at me, and let one fly, giggle and say "That's what!" so in her case, she was just play farting.
Actually, I've never had a girlfriend that's ever been affraid to fart in front of me before. It's a very natural thing, plus, it's funny, cute and sexy. I can understand your shy nature, but don't be affraid to have a little fun!
By the way, I've always loved the name Jasmine!

I always read your posts, but never have talked with you. I agree with you - things are becoming so politically correct and everybody is in this moralistic frenzy - so they are putting doors on all the stalls. Or better yet, they are taking out two stallers with a latrine and making them one stallers with a latrine AND a lock on the door. I ahve even seen two stallers with a lock on the door. That seems kind of insane, but that is where we are today. Oh well....

Speaking of buddy dumping - you ahve probably read my posts - I am not particularly shy about it. I have always been constipated and find that sharing a dump with a friend is relaxing, passes the time, and helps me get in the mood. Have you ever buddy dumped when you or the other person, or both of you were constipated? I know some guys will use a public facility only if there is an urgent need, but not if it is going to take time effort and embarrasing noises. I would like to hear about c! onstipated experiences if you have had any such dumps. Keep the good posts coming. And tell your wife to get over herself.



I went to my local discount store this afternoon to buy some bathroom items(razors). This store is near my highschool. Every time i go there and use the bathroom there is always some kind of action in the bathroom.Today i go the bathroom there(pee) and it was empty. After i come out i looked around. I see 5-10 kids from my school near the bathroom one shouts "I got to take a Piss". Then all but 2 or 3 of them went into the bathroom. It was cool. You could hear them well. These kids must come over to kill Time inbetween going to sports(games).

One time I was constipated for a few days, so my mom said "I am going to have to clear you out." I had to take 3 correctall laxitive pills. For 2 days I constantly had to poop runny stuff every half hour. It sucked. I vowed that no matter how constipated I was I was never going to take a single laxitive in my life ever again!

PV: I still think it's cool that you have this desire to use men's room urinals. When I was in high school some of the girls visited us in the restroom and several used the urinals, backing up to it and sitting on the rim. Their piss loudly jetted directly into the trap. I think you are standing facing the urinal and manipulating your plumbing in order to fire a neat stream horizontally into the thing. I have a urinal in one of my bathrooms at home (It's a smaller model made by Kohler, and you could say it looks "cute.") At least that's what some women have said about it. I had some extra room in that bathroom between the shower and the toilet. When I remodeled, I placed the urinal next to the toilet. You don't see the urinal until you are in the bathroom. Some women comment on it, some don't. I've had several use it, but what I would love is to teach some of my women friends how to use it!

EDDIE: Doorless stalls are rare in Aus, certainly all the places I go regularly -- though a bathroom under renovation at my college temporarily had the stalls removed while work was proceeding, without having been closed for some reason. I made use of it deliberately in terms of tackling paruresis head-on, and while I was able to start I found myself experiencing involuntary closure as soon as another girl came in. She obviously knew the stalls were out, as she sat down and peed, no hassle. It made me feel a bit annoyed with my muscles, and I resolved again to beat the demon. I really wish I'd needed to poo... I seem to have more conscious control over my bowels than bladder, and while it certainly wouldn't have counted as a proper buddy-dump, being with a complete stranger, it might have been an interesting experience all the same. Alas, I shall never know. The bathroom is finished and the stalls are back in place... PV

I don't use dirty ass public restrooms. I'd rather go outside. The very thought of using a dirty, smelly restroom is totally disgusting. I hate going into a restroom, then coming right back out asking myself "what the f??? died in here"? So by then I have to look for another restroom or go outside if I can find a hiding place. It's a damn shame that some restrooms aren't kept clean. Toilet paper all over the floor, toilets that don't flush, and then there's the infamous, horrible smell. Where's the air freshner? None to be found. And they expect for us to shit in peace.
No way, at least not for me. I don't care about stalls without doors, but the restrooms MUST be clean. I never leave a restroom dirty. When I drop a load, I always clean up after myself. FROM TRICY: THE LADY WHO LOVES TO BELCH, FART, AND SHIT, BUT REFUSES TO USE A DIRTY RESTROOM. LATER

Ever wondered if the person you just met has the same fetish as you? As for me, I have definately wondered that.
Ever wondered if the person is modest about his/her restroom habits? You must find out early. So the best way to find out is, the next time this person is in the restroom at the sink, etc. come in and take a shit, then watch his/her reaction. If the person's reaction is disagreeable, then you'll know what's up. Then you can choose to pursue or leave. For me, it's BYE, AND HAVE A GOOD LIFE ANYWAY! I just don't understand some people. Why be shy and embarrassed over a natural act that you need to do to stay healthy? LOOSEN UP!

First of all the toilet is the best site in the world. Secondly, Tricy rules!!!!!!! She believes in no holds barred bathroom habits!!! I agree to the fullest. Do your business, like you would at home. I was watching Sanford and Son awhile back and Lamont (the son for those who don't know) brought home a strange item (according to his father)
It was a chamber pot!!!!! Being American I heard about it on this site but had never seen one!!! Wow those things are small but when you gotta go I guess that would do fine..
Anyway I will begin posting about my poops again soon.
I love all of y'all. Tricy call me!!!!! LOL


Thursday, September 23, 1999

Doorless stalls
Several postings have commented on stalls without doors in college dormitories. I remember college dormitories in the 1950's -- not only were there no doors on the stalls, there were no stalls. A typical dorm bathroom would have 2 or 3 toilets, one or two shower stalls and several sinks serving 15 to 20 guys. In the AM the toilets would be occupied, someone would be shaving at the sink and someone else would be in the shower. The locker room would be a similar arrangment, a row of toilets placed so that the occupants could see one anotheer while holding a conversation. We freequently visited other schools for intercollegiate sports -- the arrangments were the same. Apparently stalls and doors in college facilities -- at least for males -- are the product of the 1970's and 1980's.

To PV and others: Thanks for all your support. I feel that just by knowing other people have the same problem as me has helped me a little. A lot of my problem may have been that I felt that I was childish. I mean, here I am, surrounded by people who can go, and it seemed like I was the only one who couldn't. Now I know that that's not the case. I'll let you know how it's going. I feel that with some time and a little help, I can overcome this "paruresis" thing. Thanx again for your help.

Hi, first post! I am so glad to have found this site. I have been interested in bodily functions since I was at school. I don't know what it is about them but they inspire curiosity. I first became interested, in primary school when I walked into the girls toilet by mistake and saw a girl sitting on the toilet taking a shit. She had her panties around her ankles and they were badly skidmarked. she was straining so hard she didn't even notice me. That is one of my most vivid memories. How about you guys? What are some of your early toilet memories? An accident you had or saw? Was it walking in on someone? What? This is a great site keep up the posting!

ASTER: I enjoyed your rant against the nonsense of downgrading urinal facilities. Ouyr local Westfield Shoppingtown upgraded and installed super-clean new bathrooms, and in some of them the urinals are mounted ridiculously high. I know, I'm a 5'6" woman who wears high heels and can still only manage to land a pee stream in the one mounted low for boys. I've made a hobby of whizzing the men's rooms, and I'm happy to say that others are arranged about four inches lower, which means so long as I'm in heels I can reach the regular ones... THE CRANK: The episode of Xena you're talking about is Season 4, Episode 4, "In Sickness and in Hell," in which Joxer's (that's the loathsome jerk) radish stew gave Xena and Gabs the runs. He later went on to defeat a Scythian warband with a cauldron of same (stew, not runs)... Many fans absolutely hate the episode, say it's one of the worst ever (and there have been a few stinkers) but I laughed, so as a comedy I guess it succeeded for me... The! re was another BM episode, two weeks later in the schedule, "A Tale of Two Muses," in which Xena is sitting in a quarried stone hollow whole Gabs spreads their sleeping bags out. We then hear the distinct sound of a flush (in Ancient Greec?!) as Xena stands up, and the sound of a zip! (I yowled!) Hey, there was another, a Second Season episode, "A Day In The Life," where Gabrielle finds a piece torn from one of her scrolls, and Xena stands up out of the bushes and says: "Don't get excited, there were no good leaves on the bushes..." She looks over her shoulder. "There wasn't much writing on that bit..." I nearly died laughing... Hugs, PV

Jeff A,

I couldn't help but be fascinated about hearing of your girlfriend farting the way that she did. I laughed quite a bit, reading your post. However, I must admit that a part of me wishes that I had the courage to fart loudly like that when others are around. I suppose that I learned some place as a child that doing that is not ladylike. When I was in the second or third grade, I remember farting in class and even though the only person who knew that I had done it was a little boy sitting next to me, I was still quite embarrassed. I suppose that it was because I was a prissy little thing and quite shy at the time. I'm still a bit timid and shy now, although I've opened up alot. But someday, maybe I will be as bold as your (ex?) girlfriend. On a lighter note, I do tend to burp quite loudly when others are around, but I think that's easy for me to do because burping generally doesn't smell nearly as bad as farts. :-) Although, I suppose it depends on what you eat first. the way, I am a black female too.


I am 37 yrs old and in addition to having had two pant messing accidents I do often get sudden urges to poop. They come on so suddenly that if I am not near a bathroom in about 2 minutes I will mess myself.

Mt wife had one pant messing accident since Ive known her so I suspect that what your wife is aying about having a few accidents before the age of 40 probably holds true but probably as much for men as for women.

Has any one else out there had accidnets?


Hi everyone. Remind me NEVER to move house again - I still can't find half my stuff.

I firstly want to offer my sympathy to Julian's family at this time.

Nothing interesting to tell you about, except that the quality of hospital food where I live (UK) is improving, but they still serve it luke-warm.!!

As a student I once accepted a bet to poop a large soft load of poop in front of the police station's glass door while the officer on duty would actually be able to see me while doing it.

I won the bet.

Hello everyone! I have been lurking here a while but this is my first post. One of the night classes that i am taking at the near by junior college is being held at the local high school. Yesterday i had the strong urge to poop during class. Eventually the instructor gave us break half way through the three hour class. I immediately went to the restroom. To my surprise when i entered the restroom there were 4 toilets with no stalls!! There was nothing, not one bit of privacy. On the other wall of the restroom there were several urinals. I went and pulled down my pants and sat on the the first toilet. Right when i was seated another guy from my class walked in and went over to the urinal. I felt a little bit embarassed to be sitting there with my pants around my ankles taking a poop in full view of this guy. I let go a really loud wet fart and than lots of poop. At this point another guy walked in and went over to the urinals. Neither guy said anything to me as i sat there having a poop. I started to wipe when the second guy was at the sink washing his hands. It felt strange to be wiping my butt with someone right there to see me. I have used doorless stalls many times but this was the first completely open toilet i have ever used. I did not really mind it but it felt a little uncomfortable the first time. Has anyone else used a totally open toilet?? This is a great site I love everyone's stories!!!

Yes I have taken a shit outside on two occasions. One time I really had to go. I knew this one was going to be loose and gassy, so I could not hold it in (sure as hell didn't want to hold it in). I was at a crowded park. So what I did was go behind a bush. Because shitting outside in the open is too rude, even for me. I expected the bush to cover me while I'm doing my business, but to my surprise it didn't.
So there I was bending over letting out a massive splash of shit while farting in the process. Little did I know, there were two teenage boys standing around staring at me. They had this look on their faces as if they wanted to cheer me on. I was totally caught off guard. The bush I went behind failed to cover me. Instead it exposed my nude ass to teenage boys. I left that park cursing. A day I'll never forget.

Banana up my butt

How many of you would take a "supplement" that was guarannteed to produce turds that were at least 12 inches long, firm, and at least 4 inches wide, everytime that you took a sh**? Assuming that you ate "normally", all of your turd would be considered to be painful "buttbusters". How many of you would go for that? By the same token, how many people here would opt to never have to sh** again, if that became possible somehow? Hey, surgeons, successfully, surgically transplanted a hand, here in the United States, so it could happen.

Banana up my butt

To Sandra,

Did you have any problems getting your poops to go down the toilet? They seemed QUITE large!

Faith and Jesse
We are from the USA and just found this site. We will be able to share some great stories, truth and fiction, and will let you know which are which. This is a great forum to get out and share experiences. Faith is right here with me as I write this and wants me to include stories right off with this first posting. We don't have time now as I have explained regardless how excited Faith is for us to talk about it. We have both had personal feelings and fascinations with the event of the daily movement. There is no better feeling than that of spending time on the toilet and relaxing that tight muscle to let out a big firm turd. It is inexplicably a wonderful feeling of having a big firm one slide out and stretch the anus. One of the prime attractions Faith and I have for each other is the joy in knowing that we both take such great pleasure in the simplest of nature's gifts. A morning glass of water, a breath of fresh air in the forest, the morning constitutional with co! ffee and newspaper. It's a thing we both share with pride and treasure when alone. Yes we will have many a story to contribute and look forward to the exchange. In the meantime, you all HAVE A GOOD SHIT.

Faith and Jesse.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

To Heather: Many people fear using a crowded restroom, trust me, you're not alone. I have a cousin that's the same way, she is very shy. But to get over this fear, you must relax and loosen up. This type of fear usually come from thinking that you may be judged by others about doing your business. My advice to you: Use a crowded restroom and be as loud and noisy as you want, in other words just be free. And if others don't like it, WHO CARES!

To Jeff A.
Hello, I agree with you. I do believe that farting/shitting is an individual's personal taste and freedom. I happen to be a freak when it comes to that. I also love it when a guy wants me to fart/shit in front of him and for him to feel free to do it in front of me. I FIND THIS VERY SEXY! I mean if we can't expose our body functions around each other, then we're really not that close. When I'm with my boyfriend I need to be totally free. Also, even if I just met him and we only been out once or twice, I will fart in front of him. Call me crazy, but that's just me. If he doesn't like it, then I'll know that he's not right for me. I'm a freak, and I want him to be a freak too Hah Hah. Now, to give you a better description of myself: 26, 5'9 175 pounds. Light brown complexion, long hair, full lips, great body. Strong sexy voice. Why did I just describe myself to you? JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT! Take care Jeff.

The Crank
You guys watched Xena where there's one episode Gabrielle developed some fungus on her body? There was one scene where she apparrently has diarrhoea and squatting in the bushes(we don't see her at all) and the man (what's his name) told Xena about her having nature calls, while he holds a roll of paper. Gabrielle even adjusts her skirt when she stands up.YES!!! Finally an episode of them doing a BM.

Poop Loggy Logg
On last night's MAD TV (a rerun), they had a sendup of the old "Cagney and Lacey" female cop show from the early 80's. Cagney and Lacey are both really fat and have been staking out a donut shop for the last six months, when the chief puts them on an undercover assignment as hookers:

(A potential customer approaches)

Cagney (to customer): For $50, you can sneak in the back door and put your hand in the cookie jar.

Guy: What can I get for $20?

Cagney: For $20, I'll poop on a paper plate.

I don't know what that was supposed to mean, but it was damn funny.

I posted something like this elsewhere some time ago, but got little response.
I hope I get more answers this time.

I have been wondering how many other people experience urgency to poop or pee and how often.
When I was a kid I always found it difficult to wait when I really had to pee, but almost never had
difficulty controlling my bowels. I could wait for a very long time when I had to poop, and often did
as I didn't like to go at school or even at a friend's house where I would be embarrassed by the
smell I left in the bathroom. I had accidents peeing my pants till I was 12 when they stopped for
good, but except for a couple of times, once when I was about 8 and again a few years later, I
never pooped my pants. These poop "mishaps" were both mistaken farts.

Now that I am approaching 50 I find that I haven't had a problem except on rare occasions with
urinary urgency (I define urgency, whether pee or poop, as a situation whe! n you're sure you'll do it
in your pants if you don't get relief in a few minutes), but have had many instances over the years
starting at around age 30 with urgency to poop. Most of these instances have occurred when I've
had diarrhea, but once or twice a year I've been caught short with extreme desperation to poop
when I didn't have diarrhea. Usually this occurs when the movement turns out to be both massive
and realtively soft, and usually exits *very* quickly once I get my nervous ass onto a toilet seat, and
on two occasions before that!

My wife found out about one of these accidents and we talked about it and I confessed to the other
one. I was rather embarrassed at first, but she insisted that it's normal for everyone to have 2 or 3
pants-filling accidents over the course of a few decades. She told me it had happened to her and
that she had had "hundreds of close calls" and that things could get particularly dicey around thetime of her period. She believes that most women by the age of 40 have had 2 or 3 episodes of
messing their pants. She know that it has happened to a couple of her friends.

My questions are:

1. Do you find it harder to hold it when you really badly need to pee or when you badly need to

2. Do you ever experience poop urgency when it's a normal poop as opposed to diarrhea?

3. How often (times per year or month etc.) do you experience pee or poop urgency?

4. Have you discussed these things with your friends or spouse?

Thanks for listening. I hope this wasn't too boring!

To Janine, Moira, Torie, among others:
All of you seem to enjoy your bowel movements
very much, along with the farting and smell.
Hypothetically, what if you didn't have to shit?
What if our bodies eliminated waste in a much
more efficient manner? There would be no being
caught in awkward positions, accidents, skid-
marks, etc. It would all be taken care of by
urinating! Wouldn't that be better? Just curious
how others feel. I enjoy a good shit on occasion,
but it would be nice to have to.

Dear HEATHER: I can absolutely understand and sympathize with your problem. What you're describing is one of the many forms of "Avoidant Paruresis," a particularly troublesome malady of our times. One in ten people is affected by it to one degree or another, and there are many ways it can go. Your own case is not especially severe, so take heart! (Search the web looking for "Paruresis" and you'll find a truly helpful site devoted to the subject and supporting those affected.) That you can pee freely under other circumstances, even semi-public ones, is a good sign. To be able to use a restroom is a convenient thing, as your misadventures with wetting your pants obviously underlines. My heart goes out to you there, it's not something I've ever done... My own problem was an absolute inability to release my urethral muscles if there was a hint of "privacy violation," but all things are relative. Some poor folks can't wee if there is another soul in the house! For myself, a closed stall was always okay, but, sure, noisy voices were and still are off-putting. Still, I have endeavoured over the last couple of months to defeat this monster of the brain-wiring by "desensitizing" myself to the conditions that cause urethral closure, and have succeeded in urinating in front of other women (I'm still so proud of that acheivement!) I have learned the standing method, and have made a hobby of libating urinals in men's rooms lately, though always with the greatest care that I have a reasonable expectation of not being disturbed. I too have trained my brain-body control response by whizzing in the garden, in the shower and so forth, and the AP problem has receided for me, certainly I'm happy with my progress. To help in your specific case, I can suggest the best thing suggested to me: a loving friend or family member who understands your difficulty and is willing and ready to help you in any way possible. Such a one would help break the barrier by being as close or as distant as you need him/her to be, and eventually the new "reflex arc" will start to take hold. Once you do pee under circumstances that would previously have defeated you, you have a precedent, an epiphany, and you can count it as a meridian point. In the absence of such a friend to help, I recommend you try desensitizing yourself to the problem by doing as I did, pee in unusual places as much as you can! Your garden is a great one, the grass will appreciate the nitrogen! In the shower is great, and super-clean, in the bath, on your bathroom floor, perhaps, over the drain (that was very pleasurable!) and slowly you'll come to associate the need to pee with the ability to do so regardless of all other circumstances. Then you may find the obstacle of having other people around will take on less significance, and the first time you manage it, sit and pass an excellent pee despite the fact you can hear others in the restroom, you will be so pleased and happy you'll remember *that* feeling, and it should become part of your expectation, and thus the act will become easier and easier. Please post your progress, and I'll always be here to help, dear. This is an awful problem, despite the light that is sometimes made of it, but working around it is a matter of establishing new "feedback" between brain and body. I'm a living experiment, and you are welcome to my experience! Love, PV

Hello, all! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Lots of work lately!! HEATHER: you're not alone in not being able to pee or poop when others are present, e.g., in a public restroom. It seems there are many people, male & female, who have this condition. It's a kind of psychological inhibition that keeps your muscles from relaxing. I can't remember the medical name for it, but I once ran across a website where you can get information and help. (Has anyone else seen it and remember the site name or URL? Oh- I guess we can't post URL's here anyway.) Try using "urination" or "difficulty with urination" with a search engine. My own advice is to go to a really busy, noisy restroom with lots of users where it's less likely you'll be noticed. See if you can't pee there. After you've had some success, try to work your way down to smaller rest rooms. Also, when you go at home, imagine that you're in a stall with someone next to you and that they're peeing, too. Do you care that they're peeing? Do they care that you are? No, we all do it - it's very natural. Be positive and let us know how you're doing.

You go Tricy!!

I am a black male 2 yrs older than you and i use to think women were too proper to fart!

Ever had to shit outside ?

More from Tricy

you go girl!!

Heather, dear, we run into peeshyness all the time in the schools. Here are some suggestions, and yes, the problem can be overcome. First spend some more time on the public toilet. Take a relaxing book with you. Get comfortable on the seat and listen to the other people tinkling. Play with yourself. I suggested to a dude on here to take a portable radio and headphones with him and that helped him. The key is to relax. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

Greetings, intrepid correspondents! Just a couple of party-line call-backs for now:

HEATHER: Your problem is NOT AT ALL unusual! You should try to connect with "PV" at this site. She's also a participant at a major support board for people who experience this condition. What you have is a relatively mild case of "paruresis", or pee-shyness in public bathrooms. Pity we can't give URLs here, but if you search "paruresis" on your favorite engine, you should land at the site. Do check it out. You'll be most welcome to participate in the dialogue and the support groups, and ponder many self-help treatments.

CLEARWATER: Clearly we are more in agreement than in disagreement. But I honestly and truly never mind the scent of pee...of either gender! I rather like it, and find it somewhat sexy. Perhaps I'm just harkening back to a previous lifetime when no one in the rural countryside was bothered by down-to-earth urinals...especially when the scent of pee was set against the major nose-clogger and boot-fouler of all-pervasive horse poop! At a large Fair Grounds near here, which was built in the 19th Century, there was (until recently) one of those "continuous wall" slate-slab urinals in the men's outbuilding. It could accommodate 10 to 15 guys easily...depending on how tightly they were willing to pack. But I almost had a cardiac arrest a few summers ago when I returned and found that the venerable vestigial 19th century wall thingie had been demolished by the management, and "replaced" by a measly TWO half-wall urinals, set into individual cubbyholes...both of them set too high for boys under five or six to reach. What sort of bloody brainless idiocy is this? They call it "progress" to cut the user-capacity by 1000%...and in the bargain shut out boys who want to pee alongside their dads or older brothers? Grrrrrrrr....more evidence of the biological decline and fall of human civilization....

GEORGE: Well, at least we can agree to disagree. On the subject of paruretics, please understand that some folks with the problem can't even pee sitting down in a closed and locked stall. It is a genuinely disabling and traumatizing social phobia...not an illusory one. And it can be treated by self-help therapy and "pee-buddy" practice in desensitization. Consultation with a "shrink" is generally not needed or helpful.

Where public facilities are concerned, my ruling motto is: "'More freedom' is always 'more better' to produce 'more happy' humans". For better or worse, there DOES seem to be something inherent in the male sexual psyche which delights in targeting inviting objects with a stream of "personal nectar". Dads of boys will recall the mix of amusement and bemusement (ane probably a touch of pride!) when they first found their giggling little son and his male playmate using the back wall of the garage for "pee-pee target practice"! I'll simply observe that at a certain point, all male puppies (who until then had squatted to pee) will spontaneously begin lifting their hind leg (the doggie equivalent of "doing it while standing up")...and NO attempted socialization short of violent abuse will deter them from this genetically programmed behavior. As for men being busted for "indecent exposure" for peeing on depends on the country and the culture. Even in our absurdly pissophobic English-speaking world, such busts don't happen NOW in sports stadiums, either in the UK or in the US, where this is a very common thing to observe. So you can imagine the "further inflammation" of the behavior you despite if urinals were entirely banned from THOSE venues! Beyond which lies the moral argument that certain laws have no inherent ethical right to exist. Laws against the private use of a benign herb (marijuana) are one example. Laws against marriage between people of different races are another. Such laws are illegitimate because they themselves violate a higher (divine?) order of natural human right. Human beings have been peeing outdoors since human beings were invented. It's a natural human birthright. So the defense (once again!) rests.

Thanks to all for making this one of the most delightful sites on the net! I'm actually thinking of stickering the walls of our university bathrooms with our web address.
Have we ever received any "Best of/Worst of the Web" awards, BTW? Love to all, Aster.

Hey Steph, congratulations on your new digs. I wonder what would happen if all three of you got a bad case of the runs in the middle of the night all at the same time!
Hi Sandra,
Wow!, you mean to say that that bad boy was 3 feet long! That has got to be a world record. You could make some money by submitting it to the "G" Book of world records. Why don't. you post that picture on the internet underr your own URL. I assure you we will all find it. So did you have to put any ointement on your anus after that? How long did it hurt, and how long was it before you could sit down?

To Tser: I have had those panic attack you mentioned in you last post. I've never had a severely emptying experience. Several times i was sitting on the toliet when i felt like i had to puke. When i had been sitting on the toliet it's like uh oo i got to puke and i end up either puking and holding my poop or i poop and hold my puke and only do 1 of them. I hate this feeling.

Had the best poop this morning. I was having breakfast (toast and coffee) and reading the paper when all of a sudden I felt this strong urge to poop. I was hoping it would pass until I finished the article I was reading and also my cat curled up next to my feet.

About 5 minutes later I knew I had to go and fast....I dropped the paper and walked fast to the bathroom. I pulled up my nightgown and down my panties and let er rip. I barely sat down when it started to come out.....after I was done, looked in the bowl and saw the most incredible dump. It was a huge turd all curled up like a mud pie. I hadn't gone in 2 days so this was 2 days worth of poop!!!

Afterwards took a shower and just enjoyed the relief before having to go to work.

I can't think of a better way to start off the work week :o)

TO HEATHER: I have a problem similar to that only not so serious. Sometimes I will have to be so bad but I just canott go for some reason in a public restroom full of people but it has never gotten to the point where I had an accident or anything. U recommend flushing the toilet befor eyou go to block out the cound of you peeing.
-LINE :)

No Fat Beaver
Once when I was in primary school, it was lunch time, and I really needed to take a shit, but for some reason, I didn't get to the toilet in time, why, I can't remeber now, it was so many years ago. I felt it come out, in my underwear, I felt something in there, the bell rung, lunch was over. The next two hours untill home time were about as miserable as could be, I would be careful not to get too near anyone, I didn't want them to smell anything, I was thinking "I've shit my pants, isnt' this something only little (well the littelest of little) kids do, I can't belive this". Anyway, when I got home, I headed straight for the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down, and I'd never have guessed. Nothing! There was nothing in there! What the hell happened, it was beyond me. I didn't even need to go. Did it get sucked back up just be a squeezing of the butt cheaks, I don't know, was it really a fart that felt like a shit, maybe, I don't know. Anyway, I was put through the hell of being in school, ineracting with other people, thinking I had a load in my underwear, only to find when I got home, I didn't.

Monday, September 20, 1999

I have an unusual problem. I cannot pee in a public restroom. I can go in my yard, in a Porta-John at a carnival, anywhere, but I just can't pee when I'm in a bathroom with other people. Many times I've rushed into a bathroom thinking I wouldn't make it and I'd wet my pants. Then, when I get in, I don't go, and 30 seconds after I walk back out you'll hear a hissing noise; That noise is all my pee exploding through my jeans and creating a huge puddle on the floor.
I don't have any fear of the bathroom in general. I can pee when I'm on the john at my home. There's just something about a crowded restroom that makes me nervous. Can anybody help?

For some of us childhood memories are the best, whether they're about our own mishaps, those of other children or desperate adults.

One of my most vivid memories is of an occasion many years ago when my uncle and aunt (and cousins) came to visit. They were staying with another relative in our village at the time but I saw plenty of them all the same!

One Sunday morning I'd been out and came home to find my mother, maternal grandmother and Aunt Anne sat talking in the kitchen. Nothing unusual about that you may think and in one sense there wasn't. Just as I was about to go to the outside loo for a pee though,I noticed Aunt Anne do a couple of farts. My first thought was that she'd just got a little wind and was letting it go. However, when I returned from the loo a few seconds later, I noticed that Aunt Anne was still farting. It wasn't long before I realised that she needed to do a poo and quite badly at that. I'd always suspected that Aunt Anne left g! oing to the loo until it was quite urgent (it was a gut feeling I had)and here she was doing exactly what I expected deep down. Like the others present I was too polite to say anything and fully suspected she'd ask to be excused any minute. No such luck. Aunt Anne carried on farting and getting smellier by the minute. Ironically she was as cool as a cucumber from the waist upwards and didn't seem to care about her all too obvious desperation. I fully expected she'd shit herself, half hoping that it wouldn't happen and half hoping that it would. After another twenty minutes or so, just as I thought Aunt Anne was going to poo her knickers she got up, said 'excuse me' and went to the outside loo which, luckily for her, was the room just next door.

Whilst she was out, my granny said to me my mother "she doesn't go as often as she should, does she" to which my mother replied "no".

When Aunt Anne came back she washed her hands at the kitchen sink but less tho! roughly than she might, drying them on a nearby towel.

Before Aunt Anne left to return to where she was staying (and Sunday lunch) I stood near her to see if there was any residual smell but there wasn't. Obviously she'd wiped herself well as there wasn't. When she'd gone I checked the outside loo and she'd left it perfectly clean - not what I expected.

I've often wondered what it would have been like if she'd not reached the loo and had an accident instead. Aunt Anne was about as close to it that day as a woman can get!

Also, I wonder of she'd dared to fart like that if my uncle had been present? I think he might have asked her to go to the toilet.

I don't know whether she's ever had accidents at home. Maybe. Maybe not.

For the record I'd like to say that I have a very cordial, loving relationship with Aunt Anne and this posting is no criticism of her as a person. It's just that the incident is so memorable I think it's worth! recording for posterity.

Hi guys! I've finally settled in to our new apartment. Sorry I haven't written, things have been hectic. I'm living with three friends, Allison, Kara, and Michelle; Allison and Kara were my roommates last year.
A couple of days after we got settled in, we were discussing informal "rules" of the house. Allison said she has no problem with us using the toilet or sink if she's in the shower and that she'd leave the door unlocked. We thought that was cool and all decided to agree to that.
There are no stories of note to tell (so far); I can tell you that we've already gone through a 6-pack of toilet paper in less than two weeks :-).
Peace and love to everyone, Steph

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