I posted a few days back about pooping at my mother's place when she came into the bathroom,and yesterday which was my last day there i very unexpectantly got to see my younger sister Lori go (she' 34)I was washing my hair with the door open and she walked in and said sorry but i got to go right now and as she was saying it she was already starting to pull down her jeans and panties,and since we were never very close and the last time i saw her go to the bathroom was probaly 15 years ago i was very suprised.
I head a wet fart as soon ass her little ass hit the seat but didn't look directly at her but out of the corner of my eye i got a quick glimpse of her black bush and flat ???? and heard her say oh yea and then more loose poop sounds almost explosive and her odor was starting to fill the room,she said soory to stink you out but i took a laxative last night and i said don't worry about it as i finished drying my hair,i decided to give her some privacy to wipe and pull up her pants since i know she doesn't like to be seen undressed even by female family members and as i was walking out and closeing the door i heard some more loud farts comeing out of her ass.

I just did the most incredible poo. I had lunch and felt the usual lunchtime urge so I went upstairs to the bathroom. I sat on the seat and as I normally do, I waited for the poo to come out, only this time it didn't. I could feel the bowel muscles doing everything but nothing was coming out. I leaned forward and strained a bit. Then happily I could feel the poo starting to come out, but oh my it felt huge and was taking forever. Finally and ever so slowly, I could feel this poo coming out from my bottom but it really hurt and felt as solid as a rock. 10 minutes later I still haven't passed this turd. I lifted up my right cheek so I could look in the bowl to see what was happening. A turd thicker than my wrist was slowly falling into the bowl - it had gone into the water and was hitting the bend but it was still coming out of my bottom. After 15 minutes the turd fell out and I started to do another poo which felt pretty large. The relief was unbelievable. After half an hour I ! had finished and looked in the bowl. The first turd which was thicker than my wrist was about 3 feet long and coiled around the bowl. The second turd was much thinner but still a good foot long. I went into the bedroom to get my camera and took a picture of the poos - I can't imagine what my 1 hour photo place will think when they develop them! I've never done a poo like that in my life!

I got out of the house this afternoon and one of the places I went to was Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I went to their Werner Hall which is the equivalent to a Student Union Bldg. I went in and sat around and watched TV and saw a guy go in. It was a bonus. I went in afterward and I saw that he took a stall to take a shit. I took another stall and I listened. You can hear some good farts and shit crackling. I also shit as well at the same time but it was quieter compared to his. I finished up after he did I I got a look at him outside of the bathroom and even though I am straight, he would be the kind of guy that women would like. Unfortunately, we never talked such as making jokes of the sounds like I usually do.

I do have to say but taking a good shit is a great pleasure in life besides eating, sleeping and sex :)

my cousin was watching MTV yesterday when he saw the new video with Snoop doggy dog. And well as i talked to him I saw an noticed in one scene they show a bathroom where I guess boy boys and girls can go. Anyway the stall doors are almost see through and you see a girl getting up off the potty and pulling up her pmaies and pullng her skirt down

Panic attacks... I have them frequently. And when I do it "comes out both ends". I'm vomitting and have severely cramping diarrhea at the same time (and all the other things like rashes, hot and cold flashes, hard time breathing, racing heart, etc. that happen as well).

Anyone else had a "severely emptying experience"? And were you puking in the toilet or sitting on it at the time? And what happened to the waste that wasn't aimed for the toilet?

Merely curious... and tired of throwing up on my feet. Wish there was some warning!!


You sound interesting any other stories ?

Jeff A.

I'm a white male, and I had a black girlfriend who lived with me for about a year at one time. Not that it makes any difference, but since you offered you personal info, I thought I'd give a little of mine.
Her name was Jermana and I met her when she'd had a fight with my upstairs neighbor, (who was her current boyfriend at the time), and asked to come into my apt. to make a phone call. To make it short, I let her sleep over at my place in my bed, and I took the couch. like you, she'd go around the house farting all the time. Whenever she'd open the mail she'd try to fart louder than the sound of the envelope tearing open, or at the same time as if to create a soun d effect. When watching movies she'd fart at the quiet parts. She wasn't an exhibitionist pooper, but allowed me into the bathroom while she dropped her bombs. One of my favorite memories is bringing her a hot cup of cocoa one afternoon, while she "splatted" and "plopped" a barrage of the ! smelliest turds in history, while I hovered over her stirring her cocoa.
One time, she crapped a pile so huge that I couldn't unplug the toilet on my own, and we had to have a plumber come out at $78 an hour.
As for your work experience, they probably heard you in there, and thought that you knew they could hear. Maybe you were pretty loud. I wish I was there, I'd sure as hell never give you any funny looks! I'd consider it a good day!!! As far as any other reason, I'm not sure. I'm a male pro-femnist, and don't think that women should be particularly chastised for enjoying the art of farting/pooping. I also don't believe that either sex enjoys farting or pooping any more than the other. It's just a matter of personal taste and freedom. As far as your embarrasement question, I don't know. I'm not embarrassed to fart or crap in public, as I'm used to (from years of modeling) being seen nude, or from my home state, crapping in doorless stalls. I don't think ! it's a men or women sort of thing, but a personal thing, and they ain't nothin' wrong with it at all! so have fun and play!!!
As for myself, this morning I gave birth to the hugest, monster turd of all time! It had to be a good 20" and hurt like hell all the way. I was amazed!

Ian, I work in schools and find shit in trash cans from time to time. At times when classroom doors are left unlocked, we are visited upon by the "mystery shitter." In the boys room, a problem developed in that shit was being passed into the trash can frequently. The solution was to get a taller trash can with a swing top. Right now when I am cleaning the girls room, a large group of women uses that restroom and some of the shit winds up on the toilet seat if they can't quite make it in time.

Sean, yes I am a full time custodian, working district wide so I get into a variety of schools. Having unisex restrooms from the time people are very young would solve a lot of problems. Both boys and girls behave better when in mixed company, so there is less vandalism, mess and bad behavior in unisex restrooms. Some of them pay no attention to gender designators on the restroom doors anyway. They use the same water fountains, cafeteria, they blow their noses and fart in front of each other, why not use the same bathroom?

The other day at work, I was standing at the urinal when a young man of college age (I believe he works part time at the office) came in and entered the cubicle and proceeded to have a bowel movement. This is the second time in as many weeks that I have been at the urinal when he has entered. Both times, he sat down, urinated and then let out four distinct plops. I haven't had a bowel movement like this in years. I remember when I was a teenager that my bowel movements were like this: quick, odorless, neat. Now my movements are smelly, gassy, messy and require lots of cleanup. I'm wondering if the human body changes as we get older or perhaps the diet of the young is such that it produces harder, better formed stools (canonballs, as some of you have referred to them). I would love to have the bowel movements of an eighteen year old again! Any thoughts on this? I bet Nicola or Moira, who are always quite knowledgeable about the physiological and medical aspects of dige! stion and defecation, would have some comments.

Ian wrote about finding a huge turd in a "trash can". This reminds me of the time when I was a boy about 12yrs old. I was playing with some friends in a public park and we were taking turns at hiding. As I hid behind some trees I found myself looking at this massive turd probably 18 inches long and far thicker than anything I had imagined that humans could produce. It must have been 3 inches or so thick and was just laid on the ground, almost straight. There was a small amount of pink paper nearby which led me to believe the turd had been laid by a woman. Some of the woman who post here have claimed to produce similar monsters so I suppose it is not so uncommon. I have to say it made a profound impression on this 12yr old.


The other night i had eggs for dinner..a few hours later i had diarreha(from the grease) and i went several times that night. Then I didn't poop for almost 3 days. When i pooped today(the 3rd day since diarreha) it was like a foot long. I notice if i get diarreha i don't poop every day after that(it's almost if im constipated...but im not). Any one have this problem? I find that if i have to poop and i push it out real strong it will fall apart but if i let it eas out on it's own it stays together..i like this feeling. Any one notice this?

Sean, it was at Secondary (High) School not Law School that I used to buddy dump out of doors with other girls, although as you say I do enjoy having a good motion in the toilets at the office with some of the other women around. Fortunately we are quite a progressive firm and most of the women I know are quite open about such matters. Not quite as liberated as the firm in Ally Mac Beal, we do have separate toilets for the comfort of clients and of course this is still a legal requirement under the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Acts in the UK if an organisation employees over a certain number of people of each gender. Nevertheless, as far as the staff toilets are concerned it is not unusual to find male and female staff using the same facilities. To the joy of my husband George, "The Hammer of the Urinals" as I have knicknamed him, there are are none of these, both sets of toilets have 4 WC Pans in cubicles with doors, so no nasty niffs (sorry Aster and Clearwater no male pehromones either) and have a system which discharges a spray of deodorant every time the flush is pulled which covers all but the most extreme of smells. This covers Sean's second point as far as the toilets at work are concerned.

When I was a teenager at school I did buddy dump with 3 other girls but in the good weather we would often go into the woods near our school and do our motions there. It was quite something to watch one of the others with her skirt hitched up and her knickers at her knees with a big fat solid turd slowly sliding out between her ???? buttocks onto the ground. Outside any smell soon dissipates. As to doing a motion in the company of others in the school toilets, even if not sharing a cubicle to buddy dump together one could sit and listen to the others doing their motions to the grunts, farts, the tinkling of their wee wee then the "ker-splonks!" as their turds fell into the pan. Many of us girls produced some real whoppers and one of my knicknames was "clogger" at school for reasons you can guess.( The other was "Bomber"). The smell didnt really bother me or the others and still doesnt. Generally solid stools dont smell as bad as softer or loose ones and to put it crudely, our shit smells.

An incident occurred last week which might amuse readers. One of our partners brought his 17 year old daughter to the office as a "bring your daughter to work" exercise. She was a nice helpful young girl, a bit on the ???? side, rather as I was at her age and I still am of what they call the "fuller Junoesque figure", tall with large breasts and buttocks and nowadays a little bit of a ???? ????. Anyway Carole used the toilet and left a real whopper in the pan. It was typical teenaged girl's jobbie, 14 inches long I would estimate and a good 2 1/2 inches thick, well formed and knobbly. After she had done it she did , rather red faced, tell me that she couldn't get the toilet to flush properly. I just smiled and told her not to worry saying "You should see the size of the ones I do!"

Ian, I have seen big turds in trash cans (rubbish or waste bins in the UK). In one office I used to work at just after I qualified we had pedal bins in the Ladies for used STs and Tampons. One day the smell from one of these was dreadful. Gingerly I opened it and there was a nig fat jobbie in the bin, a solid turd as big as the one I have just described. It wasn't one of mine, though a few of the others obviously thought I had done it. A very fat woman client had been in that day and I think she had done it in the bin, possibly worried that it would be too big to flush away. I simply emptied the bin into a black plastic bin bag and put it with its contents into the large dustbin, (trash can) outside.

Hello. Why does a lot of people say that belching and farting is a "male habit"? It is not a male habit, it's an everyone's habit. So when people say that farting is a male habit, I find this totally shocking.There is no such thing as farting is only a male habit. If women didn't fart, we would not be healthy. I'am a healthy woman. I fart a lot everyday and I have large, soft dumps everyday. I always keep my system clean. So my advice to women: Fart with confidence, and never hold back. Bye for now.

Adam from Canada
I just got back from a trip to PA and on the way back to Toronto, my family and I stopped to have lunch at a Howard Johnson's Hotel in Bradford, PA (on route 219, 4 miles south of the New York state line) and I had to use the restrooms. I noticed that the stall had two doors on it and they were like those wooden doors that you would find at a saloon. These doors do not lock and this means you can peak in on the person going poop. I have never seen anything like this before.

I had a great time on my vacation. I went to Erie and State College, PA. I did not seen anything unusal about the restrooms in those places.

Sunday, September 19, 1999

David W. It can hold quite a bit and if you keep going the pressure will cause the end to open up and no it does not hurt. I don't have to retract when I pee it usually slides back on its own. What is nice is that when you get excited you can be swimming in a sea of lquid before the main event.

I was visiting my mother again as I was forced to evacuate from my home due to Hurricane Floyd and I went with her to the hospital to visit a family friend. This was a perfect chance to take a good shit in a public restroom while my mother visited and swapped recipes. As I was sitting on the toilet in men's room of the public restroom I smelled a turd that was not my own. Inside the large handicapped stall where I was there was a trash can. I looked over and noticed a turd lying against the wall of the trash can. It was huge! It was over a foot long and about four inches wide. I can't imagine what poor guy must have laid that one. I would think his anus would have needed a stitch or two afterwards! I can't help but wonder why he shit in the trash can? Maybe he was scared that turd would clog the toilet. Anyone else ever see anything like this?

Hello, this is my first time on this forum. Anyway I started working at this small company. It's just me, two others and the founder. Well after being there for four weeks I really liked the place. One day after being there for about and hour, I felt the wonderful urge to shit, so I
got up and went to the restroom. The three people were in the office working, and since the restroom is rather close to the office I knew that everyone would hear me farting and dumping but being the liberated person I'am I never cared about that. While in the restroom I let out some very long,loud wet farts along with a large soft splash of shit.I can't begin to tell you how good that felt. So when I got finished I wiped and cleaned up. As I was walking back to the office the founder looked embarrassed but was trying to hide it. What's up with that? Why did she look embarrassed? Was it because I shit in her restroom? Can anyone answer that for me? Can anyone on this site tell me
who is more embarrassed to fart and crap men or women? By the way I'am a 26 year old black woman who is always farting and loves doing it WHY? Because it feels so good.Any comments?

Aster, thank you for a very full discourse on urinals. You obviously like them, I certainly DONT for reasons I will not repeat ad nauseum. I am straight and hetrosexual and therefore probably find male pheromones repulsive. I have to say on that line that I do find FEMALE smells attractive and any time I have used a woman's toilet the odors thereof have been if anything attractive. I am glad that you do not condemn those who prefer to use a cubicle and sit to pee. Yes, I would rather there were no urinals but accept that, for whatever reason, convenience, peer group behavioural conditioning, or the atavistic desire to scent mark territory (I believe some of the great apes urinate to mark out their domain), many men feel that they must pee in the presence of other males and against some upright structure. I only wish that there was some way to make such equipment less smelly and stop wetting the surronding area. Perhaps the urinals should be behind a screen wall at one end of the toilets for those who wish them with the cubicles with WC pans at the other end and good ventilation, proper frequent flushing to keep down the smells. I also wish that more cubicles would be provided in mens toilets both for those who wish to pee in private like myself and for men needing a motion. I still feel that if unisex toilets are to become more common, the urinals would have to go, or at least be in cubicles with a door, as most women just would not accept men standing peeing with their penises exposed. Logically, if you are going to put the urinals behind a closed door in a cubicle, WHY HAVE THEM AT ALL?? It would be simpler to replace them in such cases with toilet pans which can cater for both functions and genders. On the paruresis matter, Im not saying that such a condition does not exist, I know others who feel as I do about using urinals and possibly I have this condition myself from what you say. I just do not consider it a serious problem requiring medical help, and would agree with victims that removing the urinals would remove the reason for their concern. If you like its similar to my not eating cabbage, it givens me indigestion and flatulence and I dont like the stuff anyway, so I simply dont eat it.(I eat other vegetables which dont give me probelms instead). I dont enlist the doctor's help or take medication to enable me to eat it. Likewise I dont like urinals and I simply do not use them unless absolutely unavoidable. I feel that, as with many things these days such as the proliferation in "counselling" there are new "illnesses" "complexes" "syndromes" being invented and people given cause for worry where none really exists. In the old days after an accident or bereavement people were given some sympathy but otherwise left to get on with life and time was a great healer. Now we have "counselling" which can cause as many problems as it cures. So if a man is "piss shy" just let him use a cubicle, (as I and others do), whether he stands or sits and close the door and pee in privacy. No medication, no hypnosis, no psychiatric counselling, just a simple, empirical, common sense solution which harms none other.

Finally, if urinals were banned, (a highly unlikely outcome given the cost of replacement with toilet pans in cubicles in public and works toilets etc), and as you say "men would find a way" to piss against a wall, then there would be a lot of prosecutions for indecent exposure and creating a public nuisance as most countries have laws against such behaviour.

Really , I feel I have no wish to bore other readers so that is about all I will say on this topic (unless someone raises a new point), to paraphrase Martin Luther "On this I SIT I can do none other!"

Aster. I’ve certainly seen sinks being used at “crowd crunch” time – both at football games and in nightclubs (where they seem to specialise in providing the smallest possible relief stations). I agree with you there should be all kinds of facility available, as (in my opinion), most men have no problem whatever with standing should to shoulder while pissing, and definitely prefer to use the equipment standing up. Those who have other methods, are of a nervous disposition or whatever should have other choices, such as total privacy – just don’t impose it on all of us. Must say I envy your work situation…! (I’m also turned on by the pheromones!)
Nicola. Thanks for bringing some balance back into the discussion. Yes, I was thinking of the Cistermiser. I agree with you entirely, I think it produces a health hazard – certainly it makes for a very unpleasant smell. Whatever I’ve said about pheromones and social pissing, I don’t equate that with insanitary conditions. Urinals don’t have to stink, it is possible for them to be clean. Only yesterday I went to an out of town shopping centre and discovered they have closed the existing facilities, prior to constructing new ones. There was a trailer type arrangement which I approached warily. Wonderful surprise inside though, 3 neat urinals and 1 stall, everything clean and sparkling, hand wash liquids and paper towels and “pineapple cube” toilet blocks so the place smelt fresh too. As I was dying for a pee at the time, I could have used anything, but this was certainly a pleasant surprise.

To Moira: a while back you mentioned that you enjoyed
doing motions with other girls after lunch while in law
school, even now with other women in your law firm. I know
the crackle of the motion is exciting but what about the
smell? Do you find that several bare bottoms side-by-side
smell pretty bad after a while or does this add to the
excitement- just curious because I know the men's knocks me
out sometimes!

To Donny: are you a full time custodian or a student-custodian? I agree with you on unisex washrooms. We all shit
and pee, why separately, pretending we're above bodily

Friday, September 17, 1999

Often one's urine, stools and sweat can have an odor caused by the food and drink consumed. I have noticed that if I eat a strongly flavoured food I can detect the smell in my sweat and urine and of course various foods give a distinctive pong to one's poos. Just go into the toilet after a person who has been drinking Guinness stout and you will experience a terrible stink, so as for the smell of coffee getting into ones urine, I wouldn't worry. I dont drink tea but it has a more subtle aroma so perhaps you cant detect it. I would only worry about my urine if it had a foul colour or smell, there was pain or a burning sensation or blood or pus or other foreign bodies in it or if you find you are peeing large amounts of very clear urine not related to merely drinking more fluids.

On this general theme, Aster is correct that in a healthy person FRESH urine is bacteriologically clean, (some people even drink it), and doesnt smell too badly, but it soon breaks down giving! the typical nasty pissy ammonia smell. I have had to use boys and mens toilets many times when playing Hockey and Netball where the girls and womens toilets have either been occupied or closed and have been put off by the pissy stink from the urinals. I agree with Clearwater that in the clamour for conservation, Rio and Montreal agreements and all that "Green" stuff etc there is a danger to health and hygiene in cutting down in the water used to flush public toilets and urinals and this may well account for the smelly urinals that George so hates. Obviously as a women I dont use urinals and have only pissed standing in the shower, the whole idea just would not appeal to me in any way. I feel that for women to agree to Unisex toilets becoming more popular the urinals would have to go and men would be expected to pee in private in a cubicle whether standing or sitting being down to them. Like all such matters, there is no right or wrong about this, if a bloke wants to sit to p! ee good luck to him, if he wants to stand and let it all hang out with the lads, equally good luck, nobody has a right to pontificate about how others perform their excretory functions as long as it doesnt cause a health risk. I discussed this with my husband, he will use a urinal but if the toilet is full of loud rowdy types or its one of the long slab types not the individual sort and the surrounding floor and area is wet with piss he will use a cubicle instead. As I have often observed he will usually stand to pee, his aim is good, but will sit if he feels that there is the chance of a motion coming down as he has suffered the "follow through" poo in his underpants in the past. He also agrees that it should be a purely personal choice and if blokes like George like to pee sitting on the pan in a cubicle that's his business. He had a mate at school called David who also prefered to pee in a cubicle not use a urinal. Once he asked him why and he said that at School some thugs had jumped on him while peeing at the urinal in the boys toilet and pushed him making him wet his trousers and underpants. Ever since then he had difficulties peeing at a urinal in a public toilet. This however was not a great problem to him, he just used a cubicle and still does. At the Sports Centre where I work the mens toilets have individual urinals with dividers between giving some degree of privacy and these flush through very regularly and have scented blocks to keep down the smell so arent too bad. The cleaner regularly checks them and mops the floor etc so all in all the male and female toilets there are quite decent. In some British public and works toilets there is a device called a "Cistermiser" which actually rations the amount of water used to flush thorough the urinals. I feel this is contrary to good public health and no doubt accounts for the nasty smells and such a device should in my opinion be declared illegal on health grounds. The Victorians in Britain for all their faults were very keen on Public Health hence the building of public baths, toilets, washhouses, sewerage systems etc. I feel that we are in danger of losing the plot with all this "green" business and while I believe we should control population and pollution we should not risk health by cutting back on the use of water to wash ourselves and out clothes or to flush toilets, urinals etc or we risk going back to the bad old days of dirty smelly people infected with lice etc and the risks of enteric diseases from bad sanitation. To me the health and well being of humanity outweighs the habitat of some obscure insect, mollusc or plant anyday, but no doubt others feel differently. All I say is let's keep a sense of proportion and not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

I haven't seen too many instances of turds on the seat in a ladies toilet. Most women and girls I have ever known sit properly on the pan to pee or do a motion. I have seen where someone has not quite made it with really bad explosive diarrhea and shit all over the pan, seat, floor , walls etc of the cubicle YEUCH! :( what a sickening sight, a brown out or ground zero as it where. I hate to think what a horrible mess they must have got into and they would really have needed to dump all their clothing in a bag and get hosed down in a shower. Thankfully I have never had a bad attack of the runs like that, Im glad to say I rarely get that that affliction and have always been able to make it to the toilet in time.

I did really well yesterday. I had two day's leave and hadn't had a motion the previous day. My husband and I have been doing work around the house and were having a shower together as we were all hot and sweaty when I felt I needed a number two and with him watching I sat on the pan and as he rubbed my ???? I passed a single long fat sausage shaped jobbie of about 16 inches long, it just seemed to keep comimg out. There was no sound effects, n! ot even a gentle "floomp!" and a good 4 inches of it stuck up out of the water. This sure gave him a buzz! Afterwards it took 5 flushes to get it to go away.

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