Hi all! This dialogue is getting very nicely informational and instructional...justifying the cost overhead (overhang?!) on the ISP! (hehehehe)

UNCUT GUYS: Thanks so much for amply documenting the point that uncut guys are "all over the map" on the personal aesthetics of peeing. Just as I suggested, some enjoy peeing through the foreskin because it's more sexual/sensual...some like the increased cleanliness of retracting...and others like to watch the "balloon effect" I mentioned in my original informational post. Can't get a much wider spectrum of opinion than that! The defense rests.

CLEARWATER: Right on! Ever notice that at "crowd crunch" times in stadium men's rooms, the circular or semi-circular fountain-type handwashing sinks are inevitably pressed into service as supplementary urinals?! Actually it's a great multi-purpose design...not much different in "aiming territory" from a lateral trough...amply flushed by foot-pedal activation...and just as sanit! ary as any other well-flushed communal urinal. Unfortunately, the "sociable urinals" we prefer are an endangered species...falling prey to "chi-chi" designer absurdities the size of a thimbal, each one set in its own private cubbyhole. I have a pet theory that the old trough and full-wall things were more prevalent in agrarian times, when horses roamed the streets and people simply DIDN'T MIND the normal scent of urine...which I find rather pleasant. I think we're regresssing in biological intelligence as a species. But don't get me started on that rant!

GEORGE: Wow...I could write a book. At least I'm glad to see you tempered a little bit your vehement views of yesterday, which I found very harsh. I certainly endorse the full range of privacy options being available in every public restroom...from absolute privacy (closed stalls) to open and casual (for those who are not penis-phobic). I also believe that how one feels about the scent of piss MAY have something to do with how one feels about the "pisser"! If you're a bisexual man (as I am), meaning by definition that you find certain men sexually attractive, you will also find their pheromones (of which sweat and pee are the principal vectors) most pleasant and attractive. I'm based at a university campus, and I have the opportunity to be "surrounded" by very cute and attractive college guys hangin' their weenies and whizzin' openly at rows of urinals all the time. Believe me, laddy, it is a MOST ENJOYABLE experience for someone who appreciates cute guys! It's not a turn-off at all. But again, I appreciate and respect differences of opinion and aesthetic feeling about peeing. That's why private stalls exist, and should always exist, for those who wish to use them...standing or sitting...retracted or unretracted.

On the other hand, the attempt to abolish ALL urinals would be both totalitarian/fascistic and those men who love to "wet walls" would simply find some other walls to wet! I suspect that's precisely why urinals were "invented" in the first capture the traffic which inevitably exists in men "doing what men (at least many men!) prefer to do".

As for is a fascinating problem, and medication is NOT effective against it. We can't give URLs here, but I do invite you to search "paruresis" on the web, and explore the posting board on the major site. The problem is much more subtle and much more complex than you indicate, and probably more than you may even suspect. You might find it interesting to do some research on the subject. I'm not paruretic myself (obviously, as a self-described "sociable pisser"!)...but I'm very much in support and in sympathy with these long as they don't go around trying to abolish urinals! Which some would like to do. Which wouldn't work. For the reasons just cited above. "Men will find a way"! Sorry to go on at length, but you raised lots of hot points. Thanks for dialoguing. Cheers, Aster.

To George (Scotland)

I am from the US, and I have used women's toilets on occasion, of course only when everyone is gone, when no one is around (at my place of employment, when all workers and customers are gone). They are so much cleaner, and I don't have to worry about sitting on pee. I hate sitting on men's toilets, I avoid it if at all possible.

Hurricane Floyd just passed through our area. One city's water system was disrupted. The news is constantly showing how residents will have to flush their toilets. Wonder how many of those female reporters would just squat? Wonder how many will go outdoors to spare the aggrevation of flushing with storm water?

David W.
Dork, you mentioned that you sometimes hold your foreskin shut and let it fill like a balloon. About how much pee does that hold? Have you ever kept on peeing after it filled up? I bet that would hurt.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Mark B
I loved Jay's expression 'having a reverse coffee break' at the urinal. Never hear that before, but it's true! I drink lots of coffee in the morning and of course later in the morning I pee a lot, and I sometimes notice the urine smells (slightly) of coffee. This surprises me because I would have thought that what you drink is broken down in your stomach and only the water consitiuent part of it is voided via the kidneys. Obviously this is not the case. Could someone explain this? Am I overdosing myself with coffee and putting a strain on the kidneys? I suspect on occasions my urine has smelt of other strong-tasting things which I have drunk. I also notice sometimes that my poo is very dark if I have been drinking lots of coffee. Like many British people I just have to have a tea break about 3.30 or 4 in the afternoon. (It's a very ingrained habit- even when I'm abroad, I am still desparate for a cup of tea in the late afternoon.) Of course later I then have a 'reverse tea bre! ak' at the urinal, but the urine doesn't seem to smell of tea, even though I drink strong dark tea.


ERIC: In response to your question, I must say that my experience in life is very different from the other uncircumcized respondants. I have experiementally peed with my foreskin back but find the problem of control to be awesome. In brief, I can generate a consolidated stream through the foreskin and control it with absolute precision, but without the foreskin, while the stream is much finer and more forceful, it goes where it damnwell likes. It gives me no fun to hit the ground beside the loo, so while I'll from time to time pee sitting with the foreskin back just to be a bit different, it's really no contest as to which is best. Also, and this is a BIG also, the foreskin is exquisitely sensitive, and provides an entirely different sensation, a full experience, whereas peeing with the foreskin back generates practically no sensation at all. True, you need to dry properly afterward, as urine in the foreskin will leak out promptly afterward, butthis is thr habit of a lifetime, as is manipulating the foreskin to squeeze out the drops when paper is not available, such as at a urinal. So basically, for me, with my physical configuration, peeing through the foreskin is the ONLY way to go for accuracy, normality, and a really good pee! GEORGE: Always enjoy your posts mon! As a Scots descendant myself I have a vested interest in Highland Dress, which I have inherrited the right to wear, not that I have to date. At a Highland Gathering here in South Aussie in '98 I happened to visit the loo just prior to the massed bands poreparing for their march past, and observed several very stoutly-built gentlemen in full regalia with their hems held high libating the urinals, so I guess it's, once again, whatever you're used to! Best from Down Under, AusGuy

Aster, glad you got through this time! I agree with every word. I too am a ďsociable pisserĒ and to my mind, if unisex bathrooms became the norm, just think of the queues. If urinals were abolished, the size of the bathroom would have to be increased tremendously at football stadiums and other such places. Even with urinals, these places are scarcely big enough to cope with the rush at half-time and Iíve seen plenty of frantic clutching, twisted legs and eventually peeing against the outside of the room or in the corridor, out of sheer desperation. I just have never had a problem with pissing in the company of other guys and the continuous wall type urinal has always struck me as the most efficient method. They donít have to smell either, not if theyíre properly cleaned and providing the flush mechanism isnít turned down to stupid levels in the interests of water conservation.

NATASHA -- I'm so glad you're no longer in pain, it's an awful thing to bear. From your description ... I wonder if you should have your doctor check you for diabetes? Passing large amounts of clear urine is a symptom of one or more kinds of diabetes. It's not necessarily anything to be afraid of, and treatment will certainly ease your problem. Do let us know! Hugs, PV

great aim
I suddenly remembered an incident as a child. We lived in the panhandle of Texas. One day this female friend said she had to poo but didn't want to go the whole way home. We walked in to the middle of a field where lots of fairly tall weeds grew. She pulled down her shorts and panties, asked me to turn around and began her mission. I could hear her let loose. They sounded like fairly hard turds. It took her about 5 minutes. I don't think she wiped. I remember going back to the spot where she pood that evening to have a look. Even as a 10 year old it was exciting. Exciting enough that I peed on her turds. Her name was Susan. She had reddish blonde hair and was fairly thin.

Bye all. Hi everyone! Was just thinking of hearing girls pee and how exciting that is. A few years ago I was in the waiting area of a local hospital. This really good looking honey came rushing through and in to the ladies room (of course I sat near it). I heard the stall door close and then the best sounding gusher I think I've ever heard. She must have peed for 60 seconds, then and Ahhhhh, the sound of TP being rolled off, then the flush. The whole experience gave me "wood."

I have 3 diffrent stories to tell you about. First of I will tell you about is something my husband did when he was young . The pipes wee being worked on under the toilet in the house and he knew about it but he had to poop and went and pooped in the toilet and then flushed it anyway and his poop landed on the guy that was working on the pipes under the toilet. 2nd of all When the guys in my home have taken the toilet off to work on it or put another one on and they have to pee they will pee right in the pipe. Finally My Mother-in-law has a weak bladder so at night she take a plastic container to her room and when she need to pee she will pee in that.

Thank you Jay, (welcome back- long time no see) for proving a point I have often made about the "follow through" poo if standing to pee, something that I think many men have suffered especially if they drink too much beer at a session and this has loosened their bowels, another good resson to sit to pee as I do.

Clearwater, I originally took you for a Yank, but whatever, I can see we will just have to beg to differ on the subject of peeing. Its a free country, you stand at a Urinal if you wish, I'll sit in a cubicle. However I find the stink of urine from most urinals in public toilets and the wet floor etc one of the biggest turn offs and I also have never liked the entire concept of standing and peeing in the presence of other males. To me one should have total control of who if anyone sees you pee or shit. To Aster, I feel doctors have far better things to do curing the genuinely sick not wasting their valuable time and prescribing medication for this new fangled "! illness" of paruresis. If I absolutely had to I suppose I COULD pee with strange men about in an emergency, say a pub toilet when I was bursting to piss and all the cubicles were being used, but I choose not to. Like I say its a free country. I must say that I find all this proliferation of new "illnesses" "syndromes" "complexes" a bit tiresome. Put bluntly, I dont like urinals as I find them inherently dirty and smelly in most cases,(very few are regularly flushed through and clean),and just I dont want to pee in front of other blokes, I prefer as an aesthetic issue and a matter of comfort to sit to pee and I just cannot see the big thrill of peeing as a team event with other blokes. Is it perhaps a "penile comparison exercise", or an atavistic activity going back to marking out one's territory by scent like an animal? Freudian or Jungian? Perhaps someone could tells us. But each to his own, you stand in public and piss to your heart's and bladder's content, I'll sit in priv! ate and do it my way. It has never proved any inconvenience to me to use a cubicle to pee. Anyway, whatever way you do it, Happy trails! By the way, on the kilt issue, there may well be some who follow the old traditional Scot's "nothing under the kilt" rule but this has mostly died out. Almost all the kilt wearing blokes I know wear some version of underwear be it navy blue or bottle green knickers or modern slip type briefs under a kilt and even the Highland Regiments in the British Army have dropped the bare arse rule judging by what I saw at a recent Highland Games where kilted male contestants and Scottish Dancers had dark briefs under their kilts. I would be interested to read of any other men who prefer to pee in privacy in a cubicle with the door closed and who are happy to do so like me.

On the occasions I have used a women's toilet, when the men's has been closed and the toilets have been temporarily unisex or at places I have been working when no-one else h! as been around, I have found them to be cleaner and a lot less smelly. Apart from the welcome absence of urinal stink, (this Forum passim), generally they have been cleaner though I have seen some marvellous big fat turds in the pans from time to time supporting the hypothesis often stated on this page that women do larger jobbies than men. I havent seen a turd on the seat and my wife Moira has only seen this a very few times. I think the Americans have more of a problem with sitting on even an apparently clean seat in a public toilet hence the use of ass gaskets which are virtually unknown and unused in the UK. This may therefore account for people, particularly women in US public toilets hovering over the pan and their turds missing and landing on the seat doing the very thing they deplore and soiling the seat for others.

Eric,my foreskin never gets in the way, but it can be fun to not let it roll back and you can hold it shut and watch it fill like a ballon.

In regards to Liz's post of her sister doing a bm while she was in the room i think it's quite common, i am 42 years old and have two sisters and when we were growing up did it all the time and even my mom would occasionaly see us on the toilet and i never thought of it to be embarresing in the least.
Recently i was staying at my mom's for a couple of weeks and one morning just as i was about to sit on the pot my mother walked in and i must admit it caught me off guard,but i think the most embarresing thing was that this was the first time in years she saw my bare ass and how big it's gotten lately,but it felt quite normal to make a poop with her in the room (she was looking for something in the medicine cabinet)the smell wasn't too bad but i did release some noisy gas,we had a little small talk and a minute later she left,i think it's just part of family life.

Jillian, your letter remined me of when my own mother would make me go to the toilet by putting some soap and vaseline up my bottom. Oh yes, I had to have this done when I complained of a ???? ache or tried not to go to school after complaining of stomach pains. I would be sent into my bedroom and my mother would cut a sliver of soap, I would have to undress and either lay across her knees or face down on the bed. The soap would be inserted up my bottom and I would then have a generous dose of vaseline smeared around my rectum. Eventually the soap would start to work my bowels and I would be told to go and sit on the toilet. This method seems to work very quickly and once I had been, my mother would say, its not to late to get to school on time. I found it almost imposible to hold the soap up for long, though I often tried to hold out long enough to be too late for school that day. My mum became aware of this after a time and if I didn't go to the toilet q! uickly she would push up another piece of soap. It does cure the most stubborn constipation though. I was about 13 when this was given to me. I think soap will work quicker than glycerine suppositories some of my friends are given these when they have ???? trouble.

matt, ct
to drew- i really don't know how i end up always taking 2 dumps a day. i am not even that big for a guy my age. i'm 17 and am only about 5'5" and 120 lbs or so. My brother (he's 15) who is a lot bigger than i am (6ft, 190) also goes two times a day. we don't really eat anything too different from most people i don't think. we have corn puffs for breakfast everyday...i dunno if that has anything to do with it. we eat a lot of chicken and turkey and stuff like that. also a lot of pasta. so...i really don't know what my secret is. by the way....i took a dump at my gf's house last night and she went in right after me and opened the window and laughed at me. I don't think she was mad or anything tho.

In responce to guys with uncircumcised penises: Im you uncircumscised guys find it noticable when you pull your fore skin back in a public restroom? I've never seen or thought about this before.

To Pinworm: I don't remember what loot bags are. What are they? how do they work? Please explain.


I was in second grade along with my cousin. He was new and came to live with us. One afternoon we went to the library and he had to go. He was hesitant to go by himself. So, I sneaked in to the bathroom with him There were 2 stalls and a urinal. I ducked into the stall next to a window ledge. He took off his uniform jacket and then his gray pants and white briefs to his thighs. He let out a grunt and out slid an eight inch doo-doo. I hopped up on the ledge and waited. After a period of silence, he let out a loud piss. We said nothing the whole time. Well, he was new and very shy. We also had a key to the bathroom and we had our privacy and we got out of there.

hey all, this is my first time writing. i was so happy to find this site cuz before it felt like i was the only one into this kinda stuff. i've never told anyone else much less women about it, because i thought they would find me gross and shun me or what ever. i don't know what it is but i always have gotten turned on and fantisized about watching women go to the bathroom and and all kinds of stuff like that. i mean nothing like that has ever happend to me cuz i never told anyone but since i found this site i felt a hell of a lot better cuz other people where into this stuff especially girls. well i'll wrap it up now. but i would just like to say that i love to hear about your experiences (girls) heh well cya

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

A couple people asked about uncircumcised guys peeing and the foreskin getting in the way. Speaking from experience (I'm uncircumcised), this isn't a problem at all, as you just slide the skin back and the stream flows out without any obstruction. If you're sitting down taking a dump, you can easily reach down and skin it back (or just let any pee that comes dribble out through the foreskin).

Thanks for your support. I'm feeling somewhat better now, as I feel no more burning in my bladder. Since my description I didn't get another cystitis or bladder infection attack. The only problem is that I have to go to the toilet much more often than before summer, almost every hour. After one hour, my bladder feels as if were full, and then the urge becomes owerwhelming. I always have to run to the toilet, at work, at home, wherever I am. The utmost is that I can hold urine for two hours. When I go to the toilet I always have to void large quantities of bright, almost colourless urine, without any burning or pains, and have to stand at least once a night to urinate. Thus I urinate about 10 times in 24 hours. What shall I do? Who can help me?

To ERIC/BRENT: Uncut male here. I simply pull back my overhang when I pee whether standing or sitting. By the time it rolls forward, I am done peeing.

Jillian, how brutal of that schoolteacher forcing you to take laxatives, just because you farted. Although I feel that "childrens rights" have gone a bit too far these days, I certainly feel that such an action nowadays would result in a charge of assault and the teacher would rightly be sacked and put on the " 99" list, that is never to be employed again as a teacher. My Aunt Helen who brought me up as a kid certainly didnt inflict any such medications on me or my two girl cousins. I do recal kids farting in class and the worst sanction this brought was a row from the teacher and being made to stand in the corridor and perhaps losing some enjoyable lesson such as drawing etc by being made to do arithmetic exercises at that time. On couple of occasions Aunt Helen did use the soap and vaseline but only if she was badly bunged up herself or myself or the girls were badly constipated. However a tablespoon of liquid parafin at bedtime usually resulted in being able to pass a solid motion with a lot less difficulty the next day. Drastic purgatives were just never used in our family and as I understand talking about such matters with Tony who is a long time friend, his mum only used liquid parafin and vaseline for herself or him when constipated.

To the un-named person who wants a cure for constipation, apart from ensuring you eat a balanced diet and drink sufficient fluids I suggest liquid parafin (mineral oil) or glycerine suppositories inserted into the rectum for topical relief of impacted constipation. Certainly do NOT use most of the laxatives available over the counter, such as sennokot, cascara, epsom salts, dulcolax, lactulose, ex lax etc. These are both drastic usually causing diarrhea and are habit forming requiring the use of stronger purgatives with continued use as the system gets used to them.

Finally to Clearwater and Dork who write about the types of urinal, as far as I am concerned THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD URINAL, they are all dirty, smelly contraptions and the whole concept is flawed. Although I dont mind performing in the view of close friends I do not wish to perform either of my excretory functions in the view of total strangers. I DO CARE ABOUT PRIVACY WHEN PEEING! I find sitting in comfort and privacy to pee in a cubicle or stall with the door closed a far more hygenic method and I always dry the end of my penis after urination anyway. I just cannot see the appeal of peeing in front of other men, exposing your penis, and in a public toilet putting yourself in a very vulnerable position to be mugged or even worse. Again the state of the urinals are noxious to me, the rank smell of piss, the wetness round the floor of other peoples urine and getting this on your shoes or even worse splashes onto your clothing. Again if one is caught out by a surprise poo coming down when standing to pee there will probably be an accident in ones underpants while if sitting as I do it will go down the pan safely as normal. If unisex public and works toilets are to become the norm then the urinal will have to be abolished and all genders will use cubicles with doors closed. To have the end of those horrid smelly contraptions, urinals, as the new Millenium dawns would be an great advance.

Nicola (UK) and others. I once visited a practice/recruitment night held by one of our pipe bands. At one point I, another visitor and one of the bandsmen all went into the gents. The bandsman was wearing full highland dress and was telling us that they have kit inspection before each session, which includes proving that they are not wearing any underwear. He stood with us at the urinal, moved his sporran over to his left hip, lifted up his kilt and let loose. Other guys did go into the stalls, but they left the door open and stood up to pee. I guess the underwear issue is what makes the difference.

Brent and Eric. Iím uncut - like most English guys. When I go to pee I almost always pull my foreskin back. It does cover the hole. When I take a dump, well I just let nature take its course. I saw a guy once with a foreskin longer than his dick. There was no way he could have pulled it right back. He let loose a massive gusher into the urinal with a strong hi! ssing sound. Very messy, but exciting to watch!

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
Freezeframers get ready! I just saw the making of the new
Jennifer Lopez music video (on MTV) "Waiting for the Night," from her "On the 6" CD and there are three, count'em, three full front image quick
cuts of a leggy woman (not Lopez) sitting on the toilet in the earliest segments. Unfortunately, there was not a single rear shot of Lopez, who later appears in a two-piece bathing suit. Fanny fans will instantly recall that the rising pop star and actress has one of the most celebrated
sets of buttocks to come along in a great while.

Meantime, perhaps the operator of this board can acquire
those few stills for the header of this cherished site, or begin rotating previously used pix of girls on the toilet, for variety, in the absence of new such media.

I haven't been around in months but still thoroughly enjoy
reading this site, most recently the post by Liz (?) about how her sister came in while she was taking a shower and
"downloaded! " a grouping of odoriferous logs of the wallpaper-peeling variety.

No new stories from this "end," other than a few close calls while using a urinal and almost blowing part of a load into my underwear. Guys, this ever happen to you when
you farted too confidently while having a reverse coffee break at the urinal?

Best to all...miss pooping girl and Bridget...but happy to see Stephanie is still a ray of sunshine on here. I'm forever grateful to her for her nearly foolproof technique.

Matt ct, glad that the dumping situation at your girlfriend's house worked out so well. Perhaps you could share some of your dietary secrets with us. What do you eat in order to take two dumps a day? How did you have to go again Saturday evening when you had already taken a huge dump in the afternoon? I take a dump almost every day, but there's no way I'm taking another one for at least 24 hours or so after a huge dump. What's your secret?

It is hard to believe that Women's bathrooms are more dirtier than the guys. In my experiences, I have found unixes bathrooms to be the cleanest. Case in point: I own luxury box seats at a major football stadium in the North East United States where I reside, and in that section of the stadium, there are only unixex bathrooms. The setup is this. You enter the stadium on the ground level, go through a corridor where a gaurd checks your ticket (no one else can get by at this point) and then you go up an elevator to the suite level. Each suite area has about 6 6 by 8 foot unixex bathrooms and each bathroom has just one toilet and sink. If you are sitting in your seat watching the game, all you do is walk about 12 feet back past the lounge tables and there you are at the bathroom. The only catch is that you have to make sure you lock the door behind you. It is so comfortable and so much like home that it would be easy for someone to go in there and forget to lock the door. In the ! two years the stadium has been open, I have never seen that happen, but It's bound to some day. Any how, I have gone into one of those bathrooms many times after a lady has just finished and it has always been left clean. I believe that any person, male or female, will tend to clean up after themselves if they know that a member of the opposite SEX is waiting to come in behind them. I am sure that a lot of ladies would be very embarassed if a guy came in behind them and saw their huge turds in the bowl or tampons in the sink. Likewise for the guys, no nose hairs in the sink or chewin' tobbaco spit around the toilet seat. In conclusion, I do not believe that women are really any nore dirtier than guys when it comes to using the John. What you have to remember is that almost twice as many ladies might use a public restroom as men at a major event or school, so it's only logical that you would have twice the mess. I think the UNIXEX bathrooms truly keep both sexes in line as far ! as bathroom manners go. Oh yes, I always knock before I enter one of those bathrooms, a lot of the other guys do not!

I. P. Freely
After several conversations with my wife, and after reading many posts on the subject here, it seems that it's not unusual to see turds on the seat or floor in women's public restrooms. The only plausible way this could happen is for someone to try crapping from a standing or hovering position out of fear of making butt-to-seat contact. I can't ever remember seeing an actual rogue turd outside a bowl in a public men's room.

Well, I daresay it serves you women right. Maybe if so many of you weren't so prissy and irrational about letting your pristine, sterile bee-hinds touch the dirty nasty toilet seat, you wouldn't have to deal with fresh logs all over the place.

Ouch! My post to Jim got nuked (can't imagine why, since it was substantially the same as the responses of Clearwater, Dork and Graham.) Recapitulating:

JIM: You've hit upon an aesthetic "hot button" controversy. But I agree with your other responders. Personally I like troughs, as well as the old-fashioned "wetting walls" which were just one continuous urinal without any divisions. Great for male "sporting games"... especially among school boys! I happen to be a very sociable pisser myself. However, some men simply can't pee at these things. Hence the aesthetic controversy. Feel free to use a stall if you must. But if you have a serious and persistent problem peeing in the company of other guys, you may want to search "paruresis" on the web for some interesting support sites. By the way, as to cleanliness, normal urine is absolutely sterile. In fact, in military medic basic, you're taught that urine can be used for cleansing wounds in an emergency situation. Pee gets a bad rap in our uptight society...and it's a bad rap based on sheer ignorance.

ERIC AND BRENT: Funny you should post at the same time! I've observed many men with foreskins pissing in many different ways, and I've done some research on the subject. Again, it's mostly a matter of aesthetics. Some men with overhang love to piss through the rosebud tip of their foreskins. You'll notice the tip "ballooning out" a bit, and then the liquid suddenly exploding from it in a very broad and diffuse cascading stream. Some uncut men love the sensual feel of this "cascading" effect. Others prefer to retract wholly or partially over the glans to expose their urinary meatus (pee hole) which case their stream is not substantially different from the stream of a circumcised man. Uncircumcised boys being taught to pee outdoors need to be shown that retracting their foreskin slightly (though not forcibly) enables them to "shoot out" much much as five or six feet...and also to avoid wetting their own shoes! A useful thing for a boy to know. Many uncut boys are not aware of this...because nobody ever showed them how to pee outdoors.

Actually I could write a book about this...but I'll resist the temptation! Feel free to post any further questions about the use of "foreskinned equipment" and I'll have a whack at 'em (hehehehehe!) But the bottom line is that it's all aesthetics. Whichever way you enjoy peeing is perfectly fine, as long as you get the good stuff into the place where you want it to land. Does that help? (Webmaster: PLEASE don't nuke this...or explain why you did, if you must.)

Hey folks! Childhood stories are the most entertaining, and I have more than a few poop stories from childhood. When I was in the second grade, my friends and I found a pat of fresh diarrhea at the school loading dock. It was an enclosed area and the stink of it was so strong that we really couldn't get near it. But that did not keep us from playing with it at a distance. We threw things into it and laughed like monkeys when it spattered. I think we threw pebbles and a tennis ball at it, and I disticntly recall throwing pieces of styrofoam at it. And as the week went on, we checked up on it, watching it dry and turn dark.

When I was in the fourth grade, I woke up one morning with a mild case of diarrhea. Actually, it was soft stools and my bowels were loose, but it was not diarrhea. As I was waiting for the school bus I felt the sudden urge to poop again but at that moment the bus arrived. I suddenly pooped in my pants. Not a lot, but a nice little moist ball.
I sucked the rest back into my anus. I did not have time to clean up and I did not feel like getting in trouble, so I just got on the bus and went to school with my shit in my pants. I could feel it drying all day. It got itchy. I will never forget it!
At the end of they day I went home and had a look in the back of my undies...there was a dry, dark chunk of shit on them and I had trouble pulling my undies away from my ass.

At summer camp a friend deliberatly shat in another guy's bed.

There was a kid named Philp who got in trouble because he repeatedly shat in the back of the schoolbus. He hated the driver.

My sister used to deliberately shit all over the house when she was a toddler. She would do this when she was angry with my parents. My father found a poop under his chair and asked her the standard stupid parent question. My father asked "who did this?" and my darling sister said
"Mom!". I got smacked for falling on the floor laughing.

Remember "loot bags"? They were little paper bags handed out to kids at children's birthday parties. My friend Will attended my 7th birthday party but had to leave early and never got his loot bag. My mother gave it to me and told me to give it to him at school . On the way to school I thought it would be funny to put a piece of dog poop in the bag with all the loot. I found a nice piece of dogcrap and
put it in with the other treats. I presented it to him. He did not think it was funny. Neither did his mother. Or my mother. Or my teachers......

At University (dont you think I would know better by then?)
some moron I was living with decided it would be fun to put a log of crap into a microwave and cook it. I readily agreed. He did the honors and pooped onto a plate. This was an alcohol laden ordeal in itself. When he finally managed it he put it in the microwave and the moron set the microwave on HIGH for ten minutes. To be safe I stopped it after 7 minutes because the smell was too hideous. Nobody thought it was funny anymore. They were all holding their noses and bitching about the smell. The turd had turned black and I kid you not, I saw smoke wafting up from it. The place stank for at least a week and a half.

Monday, September 13, 1999

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