I was in the shower this morning when my sister came in the bathroom and since we have one of those almost clear shower curtains i saw her go over to the toilet and pull down her PJ bottoms and green underwears and sit her big round butt on the bowl and she said i've been trying to shit all morning but it don't waana come out but i think it's gonna now,and i heard her fart like brappp and she put her hands on her knees and bend slightly forward "just like i do"
she went like ow ow ow damn it's a hard one and i thouht it was funny and laughed and then she said ahh thank god so i guess it went plop but i didn't hear it because of the shower but i could sure smell what she was doing and by now i was finished with my shower but i didn't get out since the toilet is next to the tub and i would drip water on her if i did so,i shut off the water grabed my towel and started to dry off standing in the tub and heard her going oh oh damn that hurt! along with a big plop this time and a long fart and i felt like teasing so i said girl you stink and she said shut the f*** up so does yours and we both laughed and she said to me i'm almost finished so i put the towel around myself and she pulled tp off the roll reached behind and started to wipe and then wiped once more and quickly got up pulling her panties and PJ bottoms up and as she turned to flush i got a little look in the bowl and saw why it hurt so much,a real wide log light brown floating next to 2 more both around i guees 7-8 inches long,i don't think she saw me look at them,i asked if she felt better and she said oh yea!


In reply to the posting by Tony (Scotland)recently, WOW how you reminded me of my own childhood as a youngster. I thought the story about the school teacher receiving several turds, neatly packaged and giftwrapped to him was wonderful and I have heard of similar stories. I was also given liquid parrafin by my mother on several occasions to ease my constipation, which I seemed to suffer with fairly regularly. Another favoured method to ease constipation at that time was to have a piece of soap inserted up my bottom to make me go to the toilet properly. Not very nice, but it did work quickly. Yes, there was most certainly a stigma about good regular bowel movements in the 50's & 60's and I can remember my own mother quoting several preferred methods to ease constipation, which she had read in Women's magazines at the time. "Someone of your age should not be allowed to walk around constipated" she would often tell me. This usually meant time to have some! soap up my bottom or some laxative medicine. I also recall when I was slightly older,I must have been around 13 years at the time. I was in my school class, which was taught by a horrid and strict teacher, who stood no nonsense from anyone. Someone, (definately not me)! let out a loud and foul smelling fart. The fart stunk the classrooom out, much to the amusement of all the girls present. The teacher was furious and very angry. She demanded instantly to know who had produced such a terrible smell which had now perambulated the entire room. Many of the girls were trying desperately hard to suppress their giggles and I suppose I just couldn't contain mine enough I was immediately targeted as the perpetrator and received a very hard slap across the face. After the lesson I was made to stay behind and was taken by my teacher to the school nurse where I received a generous dose of some horrible tasting laxative mixture. I've no idea what it was but it really tasted dre! adful, it also opened the bowels very quickly. I remember having to go to the toilet many times that day. I was never given an enema at home, but several girls at my school related tales of being given an enema by their mothers. Did I really miss something by not having one, I wonder.

Hi did anyone see this weeks episode of HBO's "Sex in the City".One of the main characters,Miranda, is sitting on the toilet taking a pee when her boyfriend's son walks in on her while she is peeing. You see her from waist up and hear her peeing.

CancerChild's cousin
Julian had a friend on here named Linda i think. I wondered how she was doing.

BobWatergate - STL
George of Scotland, Ya I am a real party pooper like you said! Speaking of that, just Sat, we were downtown St. Louis at an art show opening and in the mist of the opening night, when I felt a big poop coming on. I left the party and hit the toilet, which turned out to be a unisex one. I picked the center stall, dropped my pants, shorts and my load! It wasn't as big as my last one I guess since it did go down on just two good flushes. Anyway, as I was leaving the stall to wash my hands, a couple came into the toilet. He chose the urinal and she took a stall. I washed my hands but not before I took in the sound of this lady pushing out a really nice poop. Her husband turned his head to look at me, and smiled saying, god she really had to shit!

To others - Today, we had friends stop by and during the day, we took some time out to throw some pots in our studio downstairs. While there, Susan (my wife) had to pee, so she stepped around the corner into the wood shop, lifted the lid off of one of her chamer pots and did her pee. Terry, her friend heard her peeing, smiled and walked in there too. Rusty and I couldn't what they were saying, but in just a minute we could hear Terry peeing into the same pot! Before we finished I stepped in and took my turn too! The sight and smell of the girls pee in the bottom of that pot gave me a hardon as I knelt there doing my pee - well at least the part of my pee that I could finish! Anyway, just wanted to share that with everyone! Go night!

Hi people. I've been reading for a while and this is my first post. I remember an accident in kindergarten suffered by one of my classmates. In our school, the kindergarten class has their own one-person bathroom, since kids at that age are new to the building and have weak bladders. This one particular kid, named T.J., had completely soaked his pants despite having the bathroom nearby. His parent had to come to pick him up early. What a way to make a first impression on your new classmates!!!! In second grade, this same kid had tried to fart when the teacher left the room and crapped in his pants just a little. He pointed it out to us in gym, almost proudly, and showed the stain in his shorts. Many students went to sniff his chair to see what it smelled like.
In first grade, I still wasn't used to the school. Once when I had to go, the teacher had assigned the prettiest girl in the class that I had a crush on to bring me to the bathroom. We both got lost and the girl tol! d me to go in the girl's bathroom that we found. I went in (luckily no one was in there) and peed what seemed like a gallon. When I came out, the girl said "Wow! You had peed a lot!" I was blushing with embarrassment.
Anyone have any childhood accidents or bedwetting stories they'd like to share, please post them.
Also, anyone ever try the prank where you put someone's hand in warm water when they're sleeping? If so, please tell about it. Thank you.

I am a circumcised 17 year old guy. And I have a question for all you uncircumcised people:

When you urinate, does the foreskin ever get in the way?
I know that for some people their foreskin doesn't come down far enough to cover the pee hole, but how about guys with 'overhang?'

Please post a response. Thanks.

Hey Jim, the urinal troughs are the best! Who cares about privacy when having a pee? It’s the group experience that matters (and the relief)! Be grateful you’re a guy and you don’t have to touch anything except your own equipment. I’ve been to outdoor events where the urinals consisted of two plastic troughs with a sheet of heavy plastic hanging down like a curtain between them. One group of guys stood opposite the other, each pissing in one of the trough, but looking at another row of guys facing them through the plastic. No time for “bashful bladder syndrome” there!

I have a question for uncut guys. Do you pull your foreskin back when you pee? If so, what do you do when you take a dump? I have had some uncut friends in the past, but was always afraid to ask them. Thanks.

Jim, I like troughs. I think if someone can't pee there with all the sound effects and water flowing they really, must be pee shy. Dude, that must have been quite a stong and powerful stream to have created that puddle. I'm surprised the girl friend wanted to splash into his lake, your right that was the start of a good friendship.

can anyone give me any tips of getting rid of constapation i have been like this for years and cant seem to beable to get rid of it i have tried lots of things (this is my first time writing in)

RACHEL: Glad you found it! Sure, love to chat about it, always! I'll write up my technique for you, and I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experiments! Love, PV

To Mike (UK) I suppose you would call me a bit muscular and I am certainly athletic playing lots of sports, taking a great deal of exercise and indeed I work as a coach at a Sports Centre. Yes, I do large solid motions as readres will know and have seen some real whoppers doen by other athletic and muscular girls and women. I would say that both a healthy diet and exercise help to keep all the bodily systems including the GI tract in good order. Apart from being a bit constipated just before and at the start my monthly periods, a common problem for many women, I am usually quite regular with my bowel movements passing a nice big well formed stool consisting of on big jobbie or two most days. As I have often put it, I eat well, exercise well and shit well. Over the years playing (Field) Hockey, Netball and other sports and taking part in athletics I have seen what some of the other female competators produce and there have been some wonderful big fat panbuster jobbies. I have also found that most sport playing and athletic women are not inhibited about such things, and often after a Hockey or Netball match I have seen other players sitting on the pan either having a wee wee or a big motion with the door wide open happily chatting away and I have done this myself as they are all known to me and vice versa. I might be a bit wary in a public toilet with no doors in front of strangers but I have in the past had to do so and merely pulled my knickers down only as far as the tops of my thighs to preserve modesty as it were and had my motion. Nobody seemed too bothered as this Ladies Toilet had the doors missing off of 3 of the 4 cubicles and the one with the door was occupied. The alternative would have been a big accident in my knickers, so as far as I was concerned using the stall with no door won hands down.

Sandra, I have also seen some disgusting women's toilets but thankfully not that many, Most are reasonably clean. The main problems in the UK are public toilets being used by drug addicts to mainline and thus discarded needles and syringes etc, and lack of regular maintenance. Now I wish they would create employment by bringing back the Toilet Attendant who both kept the toilets clean and supplied with paper, soap etc and prevented vandalism and undesireable activities but the successive Tory Governments we have had in Britain since 1979, Thatcher, Major, Blair have been too interested in low inflation to increase public expenditure to fund such jobs. In the end either these public toilets are closed to everyone's disadvantage or the local authorities have to spend a lot more than the attendants wages to repair them. By the way Sandra, while I have a had some accidents in the past, (who hasn't), I couldn't be as laid back about it as you. What does your husband think when you come back home with shitty knickers and have you every filled your panties with him present?

Congratulations to Tony from Scotland in finding a compatable girlfriend. I was also delighted when I met a boyfriend, now my husband, who was into toilet matters like me. Have lots of enjoyable buddy dumps together and try to coax Theresa to write here herself as Im sure she has some interesting stories to tell.

Yes George, I also think that Bob Watergate was a party pooper. I always leave any big jobbie which gets stuck in the pan if in a public or school toilet for others to see and enjoy seeing such a turd that someone else has done. If I did it at a friends house and they are into such things I will leave it, if they are not I would then push it over the bend with my hand but I have seldom had to do so. At home I just leave it and eventually it will go away after several flushes or if needs be I will throw a bucket or two of water down which normally dislodges even the biggest turds.

I have used the German Platform type toilets. Its funny doing a big jobbie and not hearing any sounds but interesting to look down with the whole turd being visible. Once when I used one I was passing a really long jobbie and it started to become more difficult. I realised that the start of it was actually touching the platform so I had to stand up to to get it all out without it buckling over. Personally I prefer the good old fashioned British toilet pan with a long drop into the water filled sump at the bottom giving good "Kur-sploonk!" sounds. I dont like those high water level pans with the round hole at the back and I have cogged a few of those with my motions in my time.

On the "Mrs Doubtfire peeing" issue, I agree. I have a Scots male cousin who sometimes wears a kilt, (with girls navy blue knickers identical to the type I wear for hockey and netball underneath as you say George), and I phoned him up to ask what he and other men in his pipe band do when they pee. He is very open about such matters like most of my family. Anyway, he confirmed that they use a cubicl! e, close the door and sit to pee with their kilt hitched up round their waists and their knickers down at their knees. One new chap who was not used to wearing a kilt tried to pee standing at the urinal with his kilt lifted up at the front but only succeeded in peeing all over the place, wetting his kilt, underpants, legs etc while trying unsuccessfully to hold up the kilt, pull down the front of his knickers and guide his penis. I also enquired of a transvestite friend who tells me that no TV would ever dream of peeing in the male mode but would want to copy the female method and sit on the toilet pan . He also said that he would not be using a men's toilet when dressed "en femme" anyway. (This man is very convincing when made up and dressed as a girl and would easily be mistaken for a woman). He also found the Mrs Doubtfire scenario of standing to pee while dressed in a skirt as implausible and unrealistic, and thought that some other way for the son to discover that Mrs Dou! btfire was really his father in disguise such as getting changed after being soaked in a downpour and the son walking in by accident with Robin Williams in a half and half state, would have been more realistic.

Matt CT, Im glad you and your G/F have sorted out having a dump at each others home and even perhaps in front of each other. Sit and enjoy it, its a wonderful and intimate way to strengthen the bonding between partners. Im sure people would be lot closer if they could share such intimacies.

I had an interesting experience last Friday. I was at a pub at lunchtime with some colleagues and we were standing around chatting after a good lunch and I began to feel the beginnings of a number two down there. To relieve the situation, I though I would gently let out an sbd, but just at that moment there was a slight lull and it was audible! The guy next to me obviously heard it so I apologised to him as he was sure to smell it. Actually I said something like "sorry about that, I will have to have a dump soon!". The guy concerned is a total dipstick and there is no way I would ever fancy him, but I always suspected he had a soft spot for me. He muttered something like "oh it's quite all right", and actually blushed, but I am quite sure I detected a "bulge" in his trousers. To cut the story short, I held on until we were back at the office, but I got the impression I had this guy in my power, just by revealing to him that I needed the toilet. After that he stuck by my side all the way until we were back at the office, even asking if I needed the loo before we left the pub, but I prefer the loos at the office. After I finally "did the deed" I gave him a "Ah that's better" gesture, and I think I might have made his day. So girls, if you ever want a guys complete attention.... try farting in front of him!

Here is something for all you Sandra Bullock fans! She told in an interview that she once had to pee really bad on small boat with no bathroom. The guys just peed of the rail but she had to hold it until they got back to the shore. When she got back she rushed as fast she could to some nearby bushes. On the way she fell in to a dirty hole in the ground and her pants got all messed up. She got on her feet and squatted in a lawn. She looked up and saw a guy staring at her from a window just a few yards away. I wonder what he thought when he saw that it was Sandra Bullock who peed in the middle of his lawn.

Jim asks about preferences of troughs and urinals. Personally, I
prefer yet another type - the porcelain wall extending all the way to
the floor (or raised only a couple of inches above it.) As long as it
is kept clean, I would rather use this type of urinal than a wall
mounted individual basin.

Thanks Linda for answering my question. :o) The restrooms at our school don't have any outer doors on them. The stalls have doors, but there is no outer door, this is to prevent smoking and vandalism from occurring. These restrooms are like right across from where all of the students hang out, and I sit there a lot during my lunch period cuz it's quiet but I do hear what goes on in the girls restroom, the stall door shutting and the girl's tinkle. Sometimes what the girls do is turn on the hand dryer in the restroom so no one in the hall can hear what they are doing, that's why I asked. Some girls are loud when they pee and others are real soft and I can't hear anything. Does anyone here have ICQ? If so my number is above.

Sunday, September 12, 1999

I was at a college football game and I went to use the bathroom and the stadium has metal troughs instead of urinals. I really hate them you have no privacy and they are not very clean. What does everyone else think about it? I would like to hear

Matt, ct
sorry it took me so long to write about my weekend last weekend...but i have been very busy all week with school and stuf. Anyway...i got to my girlfriends house around 6 Friday night. I had already taken a dump that i figured i would probably only hafta go once before morning. I usually go once after i eat in the morning and then again at night. SO we wound up going to the party at my best friend's house. So that worked out well for me since we were there till 1 in the morning i just went at his house cuz i have no problem going at his house.anyway my girlfriend and i both had a couple drinks at the by the time we got home and to sleep and stuff it was probably about 4 am. So Saturday we got up around noon and she mad me a breakfast. It was a big breakfast...toast, eggs, bacon, all that stuff. After that I really hadta go. We were lying around in her living room watching tv and i didn't want to go with her in there cuz the bathroom is right next to her living room and the only other bathroom in the house is in her parents bedroom and i wasn't about to take a shit in her parents bedroom bathroom. So i was hoping she would go take a shower or something so i could go. it was not till almost 2:00 in the afternoon that she decided to shower. She showered upstairs in her parents bathroom and i did downstairs. So that was my perfect opportunity to go while she was upstairs in the shower. So...i took a huge dump. it took me about 15 minutes so by the time i was done she was just getting outta the shower so i just pretended i thought she said i had to wait to shower till she was done showering. That worked well. A few hours later we were watching a movie and she asked if i could pause it for a while so she could go to the bathroom. she was in there for about 10 minutes so i knew she took a dump. when she came out she was like "that feels much better....don't you ever take a haven't gone all weekend!" I was shocked when she said that. so i was just like "yah" i didn't know what else to say. Saturday night when i had to go I decided not to be shy about it and i just came out and told her i was going to take a dump. she wasn't mad or grossed out or anything....she even gave me the sports page to bring in. anyway...for the rest of the time i was there (SUNDAY AND MONDAY) I wasn't too shy about using the bathroom and just went when i had to and she did the same. I am glad i don't have to worry about that anymore. sorry this is all unorganized i am kind of in a hurry. thank you for all your responses before. have a good weekend, everyone!

Barry you once asked a question to the girls here on the site , Well yes I'm sometimes embarassed to use public pottys cause I pee loud. It's true. At home my cousin can hear me go in his room but leaving the door open is part of te problem but I don't mind him hearing. I've learned that if I let it come slowly it makes less noise. Pooping on gthe other hand, forget that I don't want anyone hearing that in a public place. I'll do it at home where I can grunt, ooo, aaaa and plop , splash and ahhhhhhhhhhhh as loud as I want.

TeenGuy and Tony (Ky), thanks for your great stories, especially Tony's about your young friend taking a shit outside. That's the best thing there is (nearly!). And Drew, it's good to hear from you again. I too wonder how Nicky did with his GCSE's. Last few weeks I've become pretty god friends with a young Southeast Asian guy who says it's no big deal if I ever want to come in the toilet with him while he shits. He says just ask and he will. Are they less inhibited or something?
Can't believe my luck. I haven't taken him up on it yet.
Nicky, would love to know what you're up to; if you're still out there, please give us another one of your amusing posts. And whatever happened to the young guy named Ryan who did such great shits? Good dumps to everyone.
'Bye for now. Daniel

Torie, that is cool that you did a #2 at school finally. Maybe some day you could use the boys bathroom by mistake. When I was a kid, almost all public toilet seats that I had seen up to that time were black, including the ones at my own school. One Saturday, I went to a different school to see a movie. I used the bathroom, and they had WHITE toilet seats. I think this is the first time I saw while toilet seats in a public bathroom. I thought they looked really cool. They also had blue plastic screens in the urinals for the boys to pee on. From that day forward, I have always preferred white toilet seats, and imagined girls sitting on them with their cute bare bottoms.

To PV - thanks I found it. It's a great site and it was interesting reading other's experiences as well. Would be cool to hear your technique and experiences, and I'll share mine when I've tried it for a bit.

Love Rachel

Bob Watergate. How unsporting, truely you are a party "pooper" . The woman was right, you should have left your big poo for others to see and admire. I NEVER use a plunger or toilet brush but always leave my jobbies for others of a like mind to myself and others who write here to see if its big enough to get stuck, especially if in a public or works toilet. Only if it was a loose mess or diarrhea would I not want others to see it but such stools will flush away having no solidity anyway and thankfully I dont often suffer from such afflictions.

On the matter of unisex toilets recently I used the new style Portaloos (portapotties) at a Highland Games. I notice that increasingly these toilets are not gender segregated and the dirty smelly urinals for men are being done away with and individual self contained portaloos which flush into a central holding tank are used instead. The toilet pans flushed out from the front like a German platform toilet. I stood in line with a woman of about 50 in front of me. She did a motion as I heard her go "UH! and AH!" and she was in there long enough.When she came out there was the smell of a good healthy solid motion but nothing to be seen. I did my own big jobbie a long fat 12 inch firm log and could of course see it lying in the dry bowl. When I flushed the pan filled with a blue fluid and the contents were sucked into the drain hole at the front of the pan but the end of my turd stuck up no doubt it was too long and firm to go round the bend. I left it and came out, letting a woman in after me. I heard her say "Bloody hell who laid that!" but she stayed in and no doubt did her own wee wee or motion on top of it. Out of curiosity I used that same toilet an hour or so later but there was nothing in the pan. I assume the extra mass of another motion or so plus toilet paper gave the suction more to work on and it all went away. Although these new style Portpotties are far cleaner, no stink, no flies, they lack the feature of the old bucket with seat type where one could see other user's jobbies.

Talking of German platform type toilet pans, I have used these in continental Europe and have seen the odd one here in the UK in old houses. The advantage is that one can see the entire motion as none of it goes round the bend, but the disadvantage is that there are none of the "PLOP!" or "KUR-SPLOOSH!" sounds that many of us who post here like to listen to especially when someone else is doing a motion. I suppose people who grew up where these platform toilet pans are the rule are not so turned on by toilet sounds. Any observations would be of interest.

I watched the film "Mrs Doubtfire" recently but it lost it for me with the famous toilet scene where Robin Williams, dressed as Mrs Doubtfire is caught out peeing standing up as a man by his son. Now I personally prefer to sit to pee anyway as I have posted in the past and I have done since I was a kid, and I dont wear drag, but when I have worn a kilt I have done as most kilt wearing men do and used the cubicle and sat to pee like a woman. To try to lift up the front of a kilt and guide the penis while standing to pee at a urinal is a recipe for wetting your clothing and all over the place. Also it is quite normal for men and boys in Britain to wear navy blue or bottle green schoolgirl type knickers when wearing a kilt instead of male Y-Front briefs or boxer shorts, and of course these dont have a fly so to try to pull them down at the front, hold up the kilt and guide the penis while bursting to pee is a conjuring trick few could master. Accordingly most kilted men will use a stall and sit to pee in comfort, safety and dignity like women, with their kilt hitched up round their waist and their panties pulled down. I would assume that a man in drag would sit to pee likewise and certainly bolt the toilet door!!! So while I accept that being discovered by his son was an essential part of the plot, the film lost realism to me with this scene. I would welcome any comments from kilt wearing men, cross dressers etc on what they do when they have to pee.

Althea, I dont envy your nasty enema experiences but, like Moira my wife, I cannot get a handle on the expression you use " to MAKE a number two" It rings very strange to British ears as we say to "DO" "PASS" "HAVE" "DROP" etc, but "MAKE" in this context is weird to us. I believe the French have an expression "couller une bronze" which literally means "flow a brownie" which might be accurate if you had the runs from eating French cooking and drinking their wines. I also think the more common phrase is "faire une merde" that is "do a shit". Any particularly peculiar national expressions for defecation, the act of doing so and the product would be of interest.

Teenguy, I have seen and used toilets were there was only a curtain not a solid door. All the sound effects are first class of course with only! a thin piece of cloth between listener and performer. Usually there is a hook or some other way to keep the curtain closed and of course the sitter's feet can be seen. It has never bothered me to use such a facility.

Hey, all! Well, "student drinking season" has begun in our college town...with about two dozen "awesome" public peeing spectaculars (most with amazing stream visibilities!) right on the Town Common. After midnight, of the bars are letting out. My favorite so far involves a "sequential" friendship pee: A boy stood by a tree and took a nice long piss...displaying a thick and vigorous stream. When he was done whizzing, his girlfriend suddenly dropped her panties, squatted over the spot where he had stood, and deposited HER OWN flood of pee into his existing pee puddle! She squatted and pissed for a full minute. Ah, sweet companionship! I'd say their romance has a good outlook if they're already feeling THAT open with each other! I'll keep ya posted on future doins'!

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