Regarding the state of women's restrooms, I can say that some I have used have been appalling and that some women must be filthy with their habits. I remember using the ladies room at a bar a few years ago. The 2 stalls were occupied and I could really loud "ker-splashes" from the left hand one. There was no question that the person in there was pooing standing up - you couldn't make such loud noises while sitting. I heard a flush and a woman in her 40's came out and left the ladies room without even washing her hands. I went into the stall and saw a turd on the seat - there was pee all over the seat as well. I suppose one of her poos missed the bowl. It was so gross I decided to wait for the other stall to be vacated. I went back and told myy husband about the poo on the seat and his first reaction was "but you women are so into cleanliness." I told him that I constantly see poo on seats and on the floor. He claimed that he's never witnessed such a thing in a men's room. Regulars to this site may recall the time I had to poo on the floor of a women's restroom - I shall repeat it for those who haven't read it before. It was in a park and there were 2 stalls - one was occupied by a sleeping homeless women and the other had been vandalized. On top of that there was an elderly woman pooing in the sink! I had no alternative but to poo and pee on the floor in the corner. 2 teenage girls came in - one looked in and said "yucch - disgusting!!" and left immediately. And as for pooing in a fitting room - yes, I've done that too! However, I pooed on a plastic bag I had, then I wrapped the poo in the bag and put it in my pocketbook. As soon as I left the store I put the bag with the poo in it in the nearest trash can. To leave your poo in a fitting room is truly disgusting! Melissa - regarding me pooing in my panties in front of those people... I can always tell if my poo is going to be solid or soft and it's usually solid anyway. Yes it did smell but I farted before the poo came out so they probably thought that's what the smell was. I don't get embarrassed about farting in front of people. I never hold farts in except for maybe an elevator - I do them then excuse myself.

True Story... While at my grandma's friend's house another of her friends was telling us this story. It is true. She was on a trip with her son and niece. They had stopped at a rest area along the highway. A big one with real bathrooms and a pet area etc. So this lady went in to the bathroom which at the time was deserted although there were many people around. Apparentlt a guy followed her in there and when she was sitting on the toilet (what she was doing was unspecified.) Anyway as she was sitting there this guy was in another stall stood on something in there and had his head up and over the stall waved a gun and was saying Give me all your money!. She was more dumbfounded than scared. She asked if she could stand up, he agreed. She stood up and without wiping pulled her pants up. Then he said give me your money all of it. Then she asked if she could keep her purse, he said yes. So she slipped her hand in pulled out only about a third of the money (about $60) and gave it t! o him. He got out of there fast. Soon her niece came in and seemed more shaken up than she was, but said yep my aunt the only perosn who would talk to robbers. I don't know if they ever caught the guy but just imagine that happening to you. Kara

I was at the mall the other day and need to take major crap. I waited a little while before I went becasue I knew I could hold it so later on I went to Lazarus a department store and went to the restroom and 1 of the 5 stalls was out of order and the rest were full. I had to got so bad by that time I had to ask someone if they were about done. Luckly this guy that worked in the store was finshing up and let me use his stall. It was a very close call,boy I will never wait that long again. It really stunk after that.

Just with scenes in movies, in American Pie, there is a scene where this guy puts anti-constipation in this other guy's drink. This is because the other guy will never shit at school. Anyway, there is a really cool scene which follows where the poor fellow gets diarea and we see him shitting his brains out (in the girl's bathroom, accidentally)

My mom and my sister and my aunt went shopping at J.C. Penneys department store, for back to school clothes the other afternoon. Before we left we decided to use the ladies restroom. We walked in and to our horror, found none of the stalls had any doors on them. There was a saleslady pooping in the middle stall, and two customer's tinkling on the outer stalls. My mom, said she could not use a doorless stall, so she waited near the sink fixing her hair. My aunt and I usd the first available stalls, we both needed to crap very badly, I could tell my aunt, was nervous, as she didn't talk at all, but she farted a storm, and i heard logs sqwooshing our of her, she wiped and left the stall, only to complain to my mom , Then another saleslady came in, and my aunt complained about the doorless stalls, the women said it was due to heavy vandalism. Anybody else experience this?

I was watching athletics on TV today, and marvelling at those powerful muscular women. Big strong thighs, amazing arses, and it occurred to me that these women must be capable of phenominal dumps. All that food and exercise must surely produce major toilet results. Does anyone have any information on this?

Me and my best friend hung out again last night. We spent alot of the night cooking and goofing off, but soon after eating our dinner, we both had to poop. So like before, he went to the bathroom with me and helped me. He raised the lid up on the toilet and I sat down, with him sitting on the side of the tub talking to me. The really funny thing is that we were talking about toilet seats this time. And the conversation got kind of long and stretched out, when all of a sudden I felt my poop coming. He rubbed my belly and started singing this cute little song. And as it slowly came out, it seemed like it would never end. It ended up being so long that when it ended, it didn't even make a plopping sound in the water...It just sort of fell on top of the first part. So he figured that I had to be finished so he grabbed some TP and was about to wipe me. But I made a joke that my poop was so large that it might make the toilet fall through the to release my worries of possibly clogging the toilet, he flushed the toilet. I turned around and I knew that the poop was not going to go ANYWHERE and he saw that too. So he pressed the lever down harder and longer to allow more water to enter the bowl and within about 8 or 9 seconds, my large poop swirled down the drain. He began wiping me and did so about 5 times. Then he dropped the final paper in the bowl and flushed it down. Now, I was all ready to go and watch some movies or something, when he told me that he had to poop also. A part of me was quite excited.:-) So I changed places with him and he started to poop. I rubbed his belly also, but he is a much faster pooper than I am, so he just dropped a huge log and peed a bit and that was that! He wiped himself the first time and I wiped him the second time. He then pulled his pants up and put his arm around me as we both looked into the toilet at what he had produced. He bent down and pressed the lever and we both stood there as his poop and paper swirled around and around...and around and eventually after tumbling over each other several times...was sucked down the hole followed by a loud gurgle. After we saw the water go down and heard the toilet refill, we knew that both our products had gone down successfully and we wouldn't have to worry about any clogs.

Saturday, September 11, 1999

BobWatergate - STL

Thanks for your concern! Yes, I thought for a moment about what the woman said as she left the toielt, but I for one didn't feel right about just walking off and leave the toilet all clogged with my large poop. So I used the plunger to mash it up and after a few more flushes, it all went down! On a different topic . . . I have read several comments about unisex toilets and proper conduct. At this art center in STL, there are seperate mens and womans toilets on the first floor, but on the second floor there is only one toilet so it is used as a unisex one. My wife and I have seen some people walk all the way down to the first floor to used the toilet and others walk all the way up to the second floor to use the unisex one. No noted harassment to date. Seems like most folks enjoy using the unisex one for the chance to "do something different'! For, we both enjoy the fact that we are sharing the toilet experience with others, of the same sex or opposite! ! The sounds, and smells, are most interesting when you aren't sure who your stall mate is!

Andrea (San Diego)
I haven't posted for awhile since I was busy with finding a job and had relitives visit for a week. I do have a question for you all because I'm sure it's happened.

My sister visited from North Carolina (came last Thursday and left today). My aunt from Sacamento flew to see her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters on Friday then my mom, me and my sister picked up my aunt and second cousin who is 9 years old then drove back to San Diego which is an hour drive. I can't remember when it happened but I was on the computer checking out 7th Heaven sites when I saw my sister go into the bathroom then a few minutes later my cousin started to open the bathroom door. I told her that someone is in there then showed her that the door was shut by making her look towards the floor which you can see the light was on. I then told her to use the other bathroom which she did. (I don't know what she did but I assume it was a dump because she was in the other bathroom for a long time but I didn't care to find out.) The same day, I had used the bathroom, I started doing my hair and my cousin walked in and was startled then apologized then left. (I was already finshed using the bathroom.) Later that day my sister was in the bathroom and my aunt walked in on her then apologized and walked out. (The bathroom door lock doesn't work real well.) The door was closed not ajar or sort of open it was closed like you can hear it being shut. Has anyone ever had that happen?

Today I went to our local state Fair, and At the fair, I descided that I needed to take a dump, So I went and found the closest bathroom to where I was located. So I like went into the bathroom and Looked at the toilet stalls, and noticed that the stalls had not doors but curtains, Red Curtains with no locks or anything. So I looked at the stalls and most of them were full, so I found one opened that curtain and there sat a Guy that must have been in his twenties. And So then I looked some more and found an open toilet stall. I went into the stall closed to Curtain and Pulled down my Shorts them boxers and sat down. I started to push and some farts came out, and then some Small turds and Then eventually a Larger poo. While I was on the pot, someone walked up to the stall I was dumping in and opened the curtain, just like I did to that guy, It was some kid prolly about the age of 14 or so. I do not understand how He could have thought that I was not on the toilet doing my doodie because I pushed my feet out under the curtain while on the pot so that people could see me. But he still opened up to Curtain like I was not there. I was so embarrassed, because I was wiping when he opened it up.

Hi Donny. I had to go numbers one and two (at the same time) during study hall, kind of like a "free" period. The toilet seats are like those in my middle school and other public bathrooms. They are black with an opening near the front of the rim.
My supper last night didn't agree with me and I got ???? cramps. My friend Stacey and I went down to the girls room together. We both thought that though we go to a small high school and we've had no trouble so far that theres safety in numbers. There was nobody in the bathroom when we got in there so we took stalls next to each other and sat down to do our thing. I peed and then let out five soft poops that were light brown. I had terrible gas so I must have farted a dozen times while I was in there. I sat there for about 5 minutes and then got up to wipe myself. After wiping my vagina, I wiped my a** 5 times- like I said my poopies were very soft! Stacey only had to pee but she stayed in there until I finished up.
Just as both of us flushed another girl went into one of the stalls for a quick pee. As we were washing our hands and fixing our hair, the other girl came out. She's probably in the 11th grade. She smiled and said "hi" to us and also fixed her hair.
We soon went back to the library area used for study hall. Love, Torie

About three weeks ago, I went to the urinal in the restroom at Barnes and Nobles. This restroom has one urinal and one large handicap stall. A guy, probably in his early 20's came in behind me and went into the stall. I could hear him tear off toilet paper, wipe the seat, pull down his pants, sit on the toilet, then grunt and fart a little. Strange, thing, I did not remember hearing the stall door shut and lock. I turned around, and sure enough, the door was open about two feet. When I was drying my hands, I could see him sitting on the toilet out of the corner of my eye. I don't understand why he did not close and lock the door, because it has a functioning lock. Then, a few days later, I went to the restroom in the mall. All the urinals were in use and the first two stalls were occupied. The door to the handicap stall at the end of the room was wide open, so I walked right in, and saw this man sitting on the toilet. I was actually in the stall with him. I said, "sorry," and walked out. I thought about closing the door behind me, but I didn't. Again, I don't understand why he didn't lock the door, because it also has a functioning lock. Then, this past weekend, a friend and I took a walk on the nature trails at a nearby park. On the way back to the car, we stopped at the park restroom to pee. No other cars or people were around. This particular restroom has block walls between the stalls and large wooden doors that go almost to the floor. Also, it is rather dark in there. We washed our hands, but no paper towels were available, so I walked to the middle stall to get some toilet paper. I opened the door, and got the shock of my life when I saw a man sitting on the toilet. It scared the @#%& out of me, because I was so totally not expecting anyone to be in there. I turned and looked at my friend who was trying very hard not to laugh out loud. I said, "excuse me," and we ran out and started laughing. My heart was racing, because I was totally caught off guard. When we walked in, the guy could have at least farted, or grunted, or cleared his throat, or anything, just to let us know he was in the stall. I guess it's true about things coming in threes.

I was thumbing thru some old posts pertaining to constipation and enemas. When I was in grammar school, I could last for days and days without a bowel movement. I would lose appetite and even throw up. Then my mother would give me an enema.I used to get violently ill. I would urinate at school. But, I would not make #2. I feared I would smell up the bathroom. After 7th grade, if I had to #2, I would not hesitate. It is an uncomfortable feeling to hold something hard in your rectum. She would give it to me at night or on a sick day off. The water and saline solution would be in a rubber quart bag with a thin hose and nozzle. The nozzle would be greased with vaseline, then shoved in my little hole. The water would be released from by clip. That quart seemed like a gallon. I could feel the water up thru my system. I used to cry for her to stop. She told me just a little more. Then I would hold my stomach muscles and make a dash for the pot. Bare ass naked, I would expel the brown water and loose doo-doo. I was 9. What did I know about my digestive system. The more I expelled, the more relief. Sine then, I have never been really sick to my stomach. Except, once when I was 28. I was nauseated for 3 days. But, I did not want to throw up. I hate that. After 3 days, I drank citrate of magnesia. After 6 hours through the next day, I sat on the pot and let it all out. The next day I went to a party.

I haven't posted since June as there has not really been too much to report. Spent a month in my native Britain and took some pretty good dumps while I was there. My best experience was when I was taking a dump in a shopping mall toilet and the other three stalls were all occupied by Italian teens visiting London. All four of us were grunting, farting and dropping pretty good loads. They were talking and giggling throughout- pity I couldn't understand a word! It was a cool experience though. Billy- yes I visited the Victoria Station toilets a few times and noticed the ultra-violet lights in the stalls. They gave a blue glow to the toilet paper! Adam from Canada- I live in Toronto and have been to Paramount Canada's Wonderland in the past, but not this year. Do you ever take a dump in the public washrooms there or do you just use the ones in your changeroom? Steve from STL and Thom- absolutely nothing new on the Nick front. Matt from Ct-looking forward to hearing all about your weekend. Nicky-how did you do on your GCSE's? I hope everyone who has just gone back to school has a good year.

Well, this weekend I went camping with a bunch of friends
down in Tennessee and well, when I got down there all I done
was to find a place to poop...about 2 days before we went down there I went to a Arby's and had two Chicken Cordon-bleu and I had the runs ever since...It had eased up some but got worse again when we got down there, all that would come out was practically a loose brown mess...It finally quit on sunday and I had the chance to go with with
my b/f when he had to go poop....he is 19 and kinda slim, anyway we went and found a place and pulled his shorts down
and proceeded to do his business....I got to watch him drop his load actually for the first time, it was quite a turn on for me to watch him as I like watchin young guys do their business....back to my b/f, he let several chunks out and one good size log, not too bad for him at all....thats all for the way, where has nicki16 been lately???
I miss reading his posts...will post more later...Tony(Ky)

Thursday, September 09, 1999

Kevin L
I have not posted in quite a while because there has been nothing new on the dumping front. I did see a movie with a girl on the toilet over the weekend, it is called Since You Have Been Gone. It is a side view of a pretty girl sitting on the toilet in her hotel room while she is using the phone reading a magazine and smoking a cigerette. The view is partially obstructed but none the less she was supposed to be dumping.
To the people who are concerned about dumping in front of a G/F or B/F. It took me approx. 8 months of a steady realationship and staying at her apartment before I dumped when she was home. I was only 19 and was shy about dumping near her but she was a couple years older than me and she had no reservations at all about dumping. It was a natural body function to her. She would always leave the door open and most of the time take something to read and she did this about 2 months into our relationship. After a year I enjoyed dumping in front of her and it wa! s a turn on. I wonder if it was for her? because there were many times I was taking a bath at her apartment and she would come in and dump. Believe it or not her dumps did not smell very much. Kathy was an extremely good looking girl and we stayed together for 6 years and I saw her dump hundreds of times.

I have been married for 10 years to someone else who is a good lovely person but I still think about Kathy and my bathroom expierences with her.

Keep the great posts coming
Kevin L

I too, have seen the plastic rotating seat covers. They cover the seat completly and are comfortable to sit on. The plastic is shredded after you use it. They are at a casino a few hours away from where I live.


Thanks for the info! And to answer your question, no...I haven't helped my friend poo just yet. However, I plan to someday. He has done it for me at least twice, and I know that he really enjoys it...and so do I. But we'll see what happens.

Thanks to Psych and Poolguy for two different but plausible explanations of "anal retentive". The expression certainly fits the guy in question!

A current topic of much discuss seems to be wheather or not we should implicate unisex restrooms. I have had only one such encounter with a unisex restroom, and it was not the multi-ported simeltanious type, but rather the one-at-a-time, (shut and lock the door behind you) type. It was clean, comfey, and highly functional. I would personaly be interested in comunity unisex restrooms, I agree with the other proactivists on the issue of the rules and behavior of the users however. Perhaps the entry and passage areas of the restroom could be monitored with a closed circut camera to discourage violence and unappropriate behavior. Perhaps one day we will see the widespread paradigm shift into unisex bathrooms and other facilities? Perhaps.
JEFF: Comming from you, that really means alot. I thank you for that, and for who you are. A truly good man. I too have experienced a fair amount of weight loss. I estimate somewhere in the range of 10-12lbs. I am trying to drop them! off slow, therefore my metabolism does not go into "defence" mode, as it does if I were to lose a great deal of weight at one time. (I estimate I have about 10 lbs. more fat to lose before I reach peak condition for me. 8%-12% bodyfat) More importantly I have begun to see my musscles come around. When I flex my arm, or take off my shirt I really like what I see. Might I also add a relevant bit of information as well, it makes the pooping much more easy and effective. Since my fitness program has begun, I have been able to purge much more thoroughly and cleanly than I was ever able in the past. It is great. Your body was made to be used and worked, so WORK IT! That is a good concept to understand. (This concludes my sermon on fitness for the day.) I hope that I am around for a long while, however I have already begun somewhat conditioning myself for BASIC training that I will receve in the fall. I hope my abcence is breif. I really love the people here. I will see ! you soon, I have to go now. (Big date, beautiful woman, you know the rest) See ya later.

Torie, I'm glad you like your school restrooms. Please feel free to go in there anytime and sit and relax even if you don't have to go very much. What kind of toilet seats do you have in there?

This is in regard to the post titled "friendly advice for
the guys" and unisex bathrooms! I must concur with what he
said. When I was fifteen I used to help my step father clean
movies theatres in North Kansas City. By far the women's restrooms were enough to gag a maggot. Bloody tampons all
over the place. You'd find one toilet with a tampon into it
so it wouldn't flush. Try digging that out on a full stomach! You would fine make up residue on the sinks the mirrors (how could get there I'll never know!). I've been
in men's restrooms at baseball stadiums that were in far better shape than that! Now I did work at two jobs where
there were two restrooms but they were for both sexes. It's funny neither one was any type of filth pit. Maybe it's because when the "fairer" sex knows they have to share, they
aren't as prone to show their true colors! I know this might
ruffle a few feathers but what I have said here is based on
my own true ex! perience. Out of the two places I worked one
was predominately staffed by teenagers and even those young
ladies knew how to keep a bathroom in order!

Hi all...
ASTER: Yep, I've been to Richard's site, read all the encouragement (and one or two items that frightened me so bad I nearly fainted -- another reason I'm so damned determined to beat the problem.) Yes, I agree, the movement to force privacy in bathrooms is not on, it's unnatural in the extreme and will breed a race of repressed kids who will be utterly traumatised when they go out into the real world. How can a 17-year-old who has grown up in a world where even taking a pee is done in assured privacy, join the army and transition INSTANTLY to zero privacy at boot camp? It's impossible! The medics would be catheterising recruits by the night of the first day. And that probably happens anyway, AP is so much more prevalent in the world than I ever imagined. AP is a major, major reason why I never contemplated a career in the military, I simply knew I could no more do it than I could survive being in jail. Thankfully, the latter has never happened either, and I si! ncerely hope it never will, all progress with the problem aside. On a personal note, I would like to be able to continue to urinate in company and at urinals, not have this conscious reorganization of my mind taken away by authority.
RACHEL: Aster's advice should get you there, but if you like I'd be delighted to describe the process for you. It's not especially hard, and pretty durn satisfying when you find you can do it! Let me know how you go with your search, and if you'd like to chat about it!
MELISSA: Hi, dearie! Ah, I see, the beach poop was a last-ditch measure on a lengthy trip. I had visions of a relaxing day at the beach and being overtaken by an abrupt and undeniable urge! And on my childhood incident, you're absolutely correct -- fear of the different drives so much wickedness in this world, and they assumed I must be different in some way they could derride. The cruelest irony is that they probably forgot about it in a few days, but I have carried the s! car ever since. More intimate help? Oh, Melissa, that is so sweet! You are a beautiful person to offer something so delicate and so very kind. I wish I could take you up on it one day, and experience this amazing thing! Oh, and thanks for explaining about Melanie! I got it now! All my best, love'n'hugs, PV
Oh, JEFF.A as well!: What a nice thing to do, turning away to both protect that girl and give her her "space" to whiz! That's called being a gentleman. Yes, that sounds like a real cute bathroom, I can just imagine lifting my hem and taking a pee there. You never know, maybe even doing a ten-two hundred one day as well! I tried a two-in-the-open about two months back, a bathroom under repair, and got started okay, but lost my stream at once when another gal came in. She plonked down on the other one and did her business like she'd been doing it all her life, all I could do at that point was wipe and leave. I think I'm past that stage now. Let's hope the right of choice i! s enshrined for the future! Oh, and thanks for being candid about men's little inaccuracies! It makes a gal feel less at fault if her earnest emmission seems to go where it pleases (chuckle!)
Best to all,

Jeff A, thanks for the congratulations to me and Theresa. I'll keep readers posted of our activities and fun together and Theresa says she will post some stories about her own toilet experiences.

Regarding the turd on the boss's desk, I have read of such happenings. I also remember once a particularly harsh teacher in a Secondary (high) School in Glasgow was surprised to receive a large gift wrapped box on the last day of school from the girls who had left that day. It had been delivered to the Caretaker for him. At first he was surprised and a bit touched as he had been very strict with these teenage girls and not at all popular. When he opened the box, yes you have guessed, there were several large fat turds which some of the girls had done into the box with a note "these remind us of you" He was enraged but could do nothing as these girls had now left and were outside the school's jurisdiction by then.

I was clearing some old books from the garage and foun! d some that my mother had left when she moved into an old person's flat. One was called "The Women's Guide to Good Health" and was published in 1938 when she was in her teens. I started to read it and went quickly to the article about CONSTIPATION. Now bearing in mind the date of publication, just before World War II, I expected a load of exhortations about "regularity" and "inner cleanliness" which were the popular opinions of those days and advising the frequent use of laxatives on a regular basis. What a pleasent surprise as this book had more enlightened attitudes. Firstly it stated that merely not having a daily bowel movement was NOT the same as being constipated and pointed out that abuse of laxatives could in fact lead to chronic constipation as progressively stronger purgatives would become necessary to produce a motion, the bowel having been made lazy and having lost its muscle tone and reaction to its normal content. It advised attention to good balanced diet, ! drinking more fluids, taking more exercise as ways to ensure satisfactory and easy bowel movements. Only the simple lubricant Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil) was recommended. These were very progressive opinions for those days when the weekly dose of purgative was a misery inflicted on many kids, and indeed this nasty habit continued into the early 1960s in some families. I can now understand why my mother had such sensible attitudes and never used purgatives on me or herself when I was a kid, except for the occasional dose of Liquid Parafin when constipated which DOESN'T cause diarrhea, unlike the other laxatives such as Senna, Cascara, Epsom Salts, Ex Lax, etc which were common in those days . Another interesting paragraph dealt with piles (haemoroids) and anal fissure. I will quote the wording as I feel it may appeal to readers, ".....if you feel that a large solid stool is likely to be passed insert some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) into the back passage and do not strain to e! xpel the motion but allow it to come out slowly by itself to avoid painful stretching of the sphincter." Now bear in mind the era in which this was written when bodily functions were still considered "not the type of thing decent people talk about". I can also relate its advice to my childhood as my mum DID use vaseline in this way when, to quote her own words, she "needed a big hard jobbie to make it come out easier" and she also got me to do so as a kid when I was a bit constipated and it was painful trying to pass my motion as it was big and hard. Have any other posters read such explicit advice on defecation in books, women' magazines etc?

Wednesday, September 08, 1999

To Rose.......My home toilet and toilets generally in Australia have a reasonably powerful flush and generous sized S-bend so I wasn't particularly worried about it clogging. There was one time a few months ago when I thought it would overflow, but then the water level suddenly dropped and all went down the way it should. I can't ever recall actually seeing a clogged toilet and have never clogged one up myself, despite the masses of toilet paper I sometimes use after doing a big mushy poo. I've never flushed in the middle of a poo either, doing so would spoil the enjoyable experience it is for me!!!! Also, I do like to look at what I've done before I wipe. Hope this has answered you question, please do post more stories about your you ever watch him poo and wipe him? I'd love to hear all about it!!!! :-)

FRIENDLY ADVICE FOR THE GUYS: Regarding the state women's restrooms get into, I've certainly noticed a few items over the years, but by and large my experience has been a clean one. For myself I can say that I have very rarely "missed" the bowl, usually making cheek-contact with the seat when it's clean and "hovering" if it's not. One good thing about a standing pee, it avoids the problem of a less-than-clean toilet if you only need to go ten-one hundred... Maybe I'm just fastidious, but I can say I've not been behind the messes! The fact that women are "always complaining" suggests that relatively few women are mess-makers... For myself, I would hope none of my bathroom habits would give any man any reason for distaste!
Best, PV

Jeff A.
It seems like we lose someone here, but gain another.
Tony (Scotland UK): CONGRATUALATIONS!!! That's really great news! I was very happy to hear about your recent engagement. Here's to a very long and happy life together.
Your fiance sounds wonderful, and I think you're going to be great together! As per your last question: where's the strangest place I've ever seen a jobbie? On a desk in a corporate office. A woman who had been arguing with the boss for nearly 6 months was finally terminated. I believe she left her calling card.

Vector: great to hear from you again. Congrats on the new lifestyle. I'm glad I could be of help. I have to admit, you've also inspired me in the past, not only on your weight lifting ambitions, but your integrity as a man. (a compliment that I would not hand out lightly. Especially in these days and times.) I lost 41 lbs myself since January and it has been a big relief. I hope your new activities won't keep you too far away, 'cause you sound like a good man.

PV: I still believe that the unisex bathrooms are a great idea, and am hoping to see a return of them. These places that I went to (2 different bars) both had unisex restrooms.
The best one though, had 2 toilets that were out in the open, and 2 urinals likewise. As for the other lady that I stood guard over, as soon as she started to hike up her skirt, I turned my back to give her privacy, and just stood directly in front of her, obscuring her view. I have to admit, that frequenting these places was a real treat, as everyone would do a 1 or 2 in there without even thinking twice. I also looked up that "standing pee" site, and I think that's really great! I think it's about time that you ladies had the chance for the conveniance of peeing standing as well.
And don't worry about perfecting it right away. Alot of us guys aren't always on the mark either. As for myself, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I've missed, accidentally peed on my shirt if it was hanging down, had "it" pointed the wrong way without realizing it, and other mishaps, so don't worry 'bout a thing! I'll tell you this: Once when I was sitting doing a #2, the toilet was in a dept. store, and it was a little short in front, and I was "hanging" over and didn't know it. I looked down to find that I had nearly soaked my underwear. So practice away! Nobody ever hops into a car for the first time and just starts driving!

Bye all, J.

I'd tend to disagree with Poolguy's definition of 'Anally Retentive'. The term has (or had) a more specific definition within psychology, referring to children who learn stool-holding as a means of seeking attention. This tends to happen when the parents have been particularly rigid over potty training, and so the child senses that this is an area in which the parents have a large emotional investment. When the child refuses to use the toilet, they respond by giving him more and more attention, sitting with him on the toilet for hours in some cases - this reinforces the behaviour. The problem is more with the parents than the kid, who is just trying to do what he can to get as much attention as possible (the parents would be better off ignoring the child when he sits on the toilet unless he actually uses it...). Whether this habit has long-term psychological consequences is rather debatable, but unfortunately the term has entered the public domain and become distorted as meaning any kind of obsessive behaviour. Current advice on potty training was meant to avoid this sort of problem developing, but even with newer methods parents can still get obsessed by their kids 'performance', and fail to see that they are reinforcing it themselves. Hope that answers some questions...

Cousin- I will definitely pass that along to Cammy. Your post may very well convince him to come back here again. I too felt the same way as Cammy about this, although I tried to be less "offensive" (you stated you never felt that way, so that's good) about this. I understand now about waking her up; I would definitely do the same; I just figured it wouldn't be good for her. I guess eating helps build energy, too. My only concern was waking her up and whether or not she could keep the food down.

As for the rest of your family, please again send them my well wishes and I hope your brother feels better although his type of behavior is understandable and normal in these circumstances. My love is with all of you. Take care now.

Greetings to everyone. I just found this site today and was skimming through the postings. I was extremely touched by the outpouring of sympathy and sincere concerns for Julian and his family. Although I am new to this group and don't know anyone here, I would just like to say that almost 4 years ago I lost my mother to colon cancer. It is not an easy occurance by any stretch of the imagination to lose a family member to such a horrible disease. So I too would like to offer my condolances to the family and friends of this loved one. Another observation I would like to make is although our interests (obvious to this forum) are abit abnormal, it is good to know that our feelings as humans are completely normal (re: the emotional outpouring of sympathy for a lost one and family). My wife can't understand how it is possible for people who have never met except through the internet could possibly care for one another and develope friendships of a lasting nature. I think it ! is a wonderful way to make many friends with people from all over this world. I would say that without this internet the world would remain simply our own neighborhood and nothing would exist outside of it. It has been a pleasure to address you fine people and I thank you for taking the time to listen.
Offerred sincerely,

To PV - Love your posts about unisex toilets a la Ally Macbeal perhaps. As to standing pees, you may have to give me a clue how to get some advice or post it yourself! I don't think I'll be allowed to put an email address on a posting itself but I've submitted it with this post - maybe if you do the same they will pass it on.

To Tommy - Hi Tommy and thanks for the encouragement. I will try and keep posting but pressures on my time are becoming more and more difficult to handle, but I promise I will do my best. Lots of love - Melissa.

To Moira - Moira, please, please, please don't be upset - really, I was just kidding on the language thing. As a matter of fact I agree with you on the calendar, Day-Month-Year is much more logical than Month-Day-Year. Oh well!. Anyway, it seems you are a little bit like me. You have had accidents but they are not your first choice as a way of relief. Believe me they are not my first choice either. You can also hold it, which of course isn't too difficult up to a point if your motions are firm and both of us seem to have that characteristic in common. I think the big difference between us is that you hold it just as long as is necessary to get to a toilet even if it does mean performing in front of others - hopefully friends you know. On the other hand I hold it in to the last minute and in the end sometimes find myself left with a very limited set of options. Unlike you I just cannot poo in front of others except one very trusted friend (Angela lost that trust and now I have Valerie) and so given the option of pooping in front of strangers or having an accident, I would probably opt for an accident. Love to you and George - all the best - Melissa.

To PV - About being surprised on the beach. We were driving back to New Hampshire from quite a way up in Maine and the car ride had taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. So as is usual for me, whenever I feel the first urges to go I always hold it in until the bitter end which usually results in some kind of emergency. So it would be a little untruthful to simply say I was caught short. More like I fought to the last and we happened to be nowhere near a public restroom when I finally gave in. The alternate would have been to suffer an accident and that was not a choice as far as I was concerned at that time.
As for Melanie - she is actually my younger sister and we had many long discussions in these posts as a result of her suffering a really bad accident in her panties. Actually we have never been with each other in the toilet. My best friend (at one time) was Angela and we shared many toilet experiences together. She brought all the security, support and comfort I needed until a certain incident which happened between us. At that time I found one of my other very close friends, Valerie, was equally supportive and she took on Angela's former role. It was also good to see that you were able to allude to some of the issues centered on your group pee when you were much younger. Believe me you really need to discuss it with a very close and understanding friend. Sympathy, understanding and support over time will allow you to overcome your fears. I quite understand if you can't post all the details but I think I have a p! icture of what must have happened. You know, children and adults alike, are frightened of anything which does not conform to the accepted norm. To overcome this fear they will often resort to personal ridicule and humiliation to try and cover their fear and prejudice and attempt to make the offending behavior disappear. Please let me know if this makes any sense to you - I really wish I could help more intimately - all my love - Melissa.

To Sandra - Sandra - you have to be kidding! You just let your panties fill in front of a room full of people. What would you have done if it was a very loose motion or if it smelled? Or on the other hand what if it had turned out to be a very difficult motion and you ended up straining. A red face and a pained expression would be very difficult to hide in a meeting. - Love Melissa.

To Rick - Thanks Rick, your kind words mean a great deal to me, it's always nice to be complimented and certainly gives me encouragement to carry on. Well I hadn't thought of writing a book about pooping although I suppose I could put an anthology together out of all my stories. And no, I have never used the toilet in front of a guy, boyfriend or otherwise. I have had two very close girlfriends with whom I have shared experiences and that's because I feel that only trusted girlfriends were able to satisfy my particular needs. I hope I answered your question - I can probably explain some more if you need, I just don't want to bore anyone. Hugs and kisses from Melissa.

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