In response to Jay Browns' post:

I work in a large office building and I frequently stop by on the weekends to take the vehicles for service or catch up on work I did not finish during the week. The building is a secure space where you use a pass key to get in from the outside if you do not have a garage pass to enter the garage. I had driven up into the garage on Saturday, and I decided to go to the lobby to grab one of the unclaimed copies of the Wallstreet Journal to check yesterday's stock prices, and to drop some envelopes in the mail slot. As I was in the lobby, I could see a young thin light skinned woman with dirty blond hair and bluejeans standing outside the door sort of bouncing from side to side. Just as I was about to go to the door, another gentelman used his pass card and entered the building infront of the woman. As the door shut, she grabbed in held it for a while until the man had cleared the hallway, and she snuck in behind. She then ran past me and up the stair case, and I could see a look of despiration on her face. Since it was early Sat. morning, it took me a minute to realize why she might have been in dire straights. Oh no, I thaught, the unlocked public bathrooms in the building are in the basement, not up the stairs. I knew she would not be able to get into any of those ladies bathrooms on the office space levels because they require a key. I then ran up the stairs to try to catch her to point her in the right direction, but man, she was movin' like grease lightening. I lost her on the stair well. After searching one stair well, I decided to go down the other stair well back to the lobby. I was just hoping that she had made it to a bathroom and that no one bothered her. As I neared the end of the oposite stairwell, I began to smell a really strong odor. As I got closer, I could tell it was excrement of some sort. I turned the corner and low and behold, there was a wopping pile of simi-soft dung on the floor. I got closer to look at it, and I could see it was brownish green and freshly laid. It was pretty obvious were it came from and I thaught to myself, she must have shot that out of her rear end very quickly. Seeing as how it was lose and sitting in a large puddle of juice, I could imagine she had a big load out of her but now. As I opened the door to enter back into the lobby area, I could hear some crumpling of newspaper. and as I walked around the corner, there she was! She was holding a large clump of Friday's Wallstreet Jurnal that had been left in unclaimed on the floor of the lobby. She quickly stuffed it in the MAIL SHOOT!!, gave me a quick look, and darted out the back door of the building. I walked over to the mailshoot, as most of the newspaper was left hanging out. Peeeww! I quickly backed up and said to myself, "oh well, it was a down week in the market any way, so I'll just wait until Monday to read how my stocks did"

Hello all. Firstly Im delighted to tell you all that I have now got a steady girlfriend, Theresa, who is totally at home with letting me watch her doing a motion. I met with her through the good offices of Moira and George who played cupid as it where. Theresa is 39 and divorced and has also been into number twos in a big way since childhood. She is a a bit on the ???? side and does some nice big ones, not as huge as Moira's to be sure, but Theresa can easily pass jobbies in the 10 to 12 inch length and about 2 inches thick at least. We accompany each other to the toilet. As you can imagine I am absolutely delighted. I must also say that we are well suited to each other in matters other than the Toilet and the sexual side of life and I have been dating her for a few months now but didn't want to post anything here until we were sure of each other. We got engaged recently and Theresa is quite happy about me mentioning her on this web page and may even post here herself although she feels a bit shy about doing so at present. She has read back through old posts and considers most of the folks who post here are jolly good types.

Yesterday she was over at my house having stayed over for the weekend. After we made and ate Sunday lunch together she needed a motion and asked me to come in with her. I watched as she lifted her black pleated skirt and pulled down her pale blue briefs and sat on the pan. She did her wee wee which hissed and tinkled then went "UH! AH! PLOONK! PLONK!" as she passed two hard balls then "NN! NN! AH! I heard the crackling as I gently rubbed her ???? encouraging her to do a nice big one, "KUR-SPLOONK! ......KER-SPLOOSH! two big fat jobbies came out into the pan, an 8 incher and a 6 incher, both well formed slightly knobbly and fat. I gently wiped her bum with a moist wipe and we both had a look at what she had done. We left the toilet unflushed as about an hour later the roles were reversed as I buddy dumped my own motion, a single fat 10 inch sausage shaped jobbie on top of hers with a "Floomp!". Like myself, Theresa has always enjoyed having a nice big solid motion. As someone said in an old post, there is something special about cuddling a pretty girl knowing that there is a big fat jobbie inside her belly waiting to come out.

Jay Brown, yes I have heard of such things happening. As a teenager I had a Saturday job in a large department store in Glasgow which involved packing shopping, moving stock and cleaning. One day I heard a commotion amongst some of the woman staff. Somebody had gone into one of the women's changing rooms, (cubicles with a curtain to try on clothing as found in most clothes shops) and done a huge jobbie on the floor. Perhaps some woman had needed when she was trying on some outfit or maybe she was passing and went there rather than go to the Ladies Toilets on the ground floor. It was a solid turd, I can still recall it was a fat carrot shaped jobbie of 12 inches long. I had to get a dust pan and brush and dispose of it down the Gents Toilet as the women wouldn't touch it. They then scrubbed the floor with disinfectant. I have to say that this anonymous woman didnt wipe herself on the shops clothes stock, as happpened in Jay Brown's tale, a disgusting thing to do. As there was no toilet paper lying around I assume she just pulled her panties up after she did it as it was a very solid jobbie so there probably wouldn't have been a skid mark in the seat of her knickers from not wiping her bum. I have seen turds in waste paper baskets, cardboard boxes, in a secluded corner of a factory etc. Where is the strangest places readers have either seen a jobbie or done one themselves?

Love and greetings to all...and some personal messages:

PV...guess you're another "double dipper" from Richard's paruresis site, eh? These two sites make QUITE a combo, don't they! I like your ideas about "everything" bathrooms with all degrees of openness/privacy available. But please be aware that the IPA is actively lobbying to impose TOTALITARIAN PRIVACY on ALL PUBLIC BATHROOMS...including totally enclosed urinals...thus eliminating everyone's sovereign freedom of choice regarding privacy options. Those of us (especially those of us at this site!) who FIRMLY believe in personal freedom of choice need to oppose this "totalitarian privacy" policy being put forth by the IPA. Please let Lyle, Steve and Richard know how you feel about this. I already have. But they need to hear from others who post at the paruresis site.

RACHEL: We're not allowed to give URLs here, but if you go to your favorite search engine, and search the words "restrooms" and/or "women pee! standing", you'll get right to it!

Also ref. vegetarians' poops: It's true...they DO smell much nicer! Not exactly rose hips...but NOT dead skunk either! It's the decaying meat in your intestinal tract that causes all the trouble. Go v???'s much sweeter.

Love to all! Keep up the good work!


Did you ever get your poop to go down? Seems like you had some major trouble.:-P

To Friendly Advice for the Guys: Here´s what I´ve found
on another poop-related site:

"Second, you should add something to the survey about preferred methods of leaving the location quickly and quietly after clogging the bowl. Nothing says
"I love you" more than downloading some brownware into your date's bowl, and clogging it up. Since plungers don't come in decorator colors, women NEVER seem to have them handy."

Seems as if women had fun leaving a mess... or don´t know
how to use a plunger ;)

best wishes


Well, I had a quick trip to Indiana this weekend. Before I go further, I would like to offer my condolences to Julian(Cancer Child)'s family. I posted earlier but somehow, it got lost.
On my trip to Indiana from Colorado. My plane got in at 1:30 and I went to get my rental car. I felt some rumbles that indicated I will need to take a massive dump soon. I drove from the airport to the campus of Butler University before I headed up North to catch up with my wife and son. I got to the campus and I went to the usual place that I use to go to when I visited Butler when I lived in Indiana. The bathroom I used has a lot of traffic (Atherton Student Union) and I walked in. There was one other person on the shitter. I went into one bathroom but there was piss all over and then I went to the other stall which was clean and proceeded to shit. It felt great. There was some good gas which there was some people who heard while they were in there. When I was fnished, walked out and one guy kind of looked at me which I figure he was in there hearing me. It was enjoyable. One thing I noticed about the bathroom is there are 3 doors on all three stalls and with the latches working. In a previous posting, I went there 4 yrs ago to take a shit during the time of basketbal finals which had some playoffs and finals at the campus. 2 of the stalls had doors and 1 was doorless. The stalls with doors did not have working latches which meant you had to hold the door shut while on the can. There were a lot of H.S. boys in the bathroom and with that age, some of the joking around.
Tonite, we got back home to Colorado from Indiana and the wife is in her bitchy mood. I went to take a pee which I usually don't shut the door or at least, crack it. She got very pissed and mentioned it is disgusting for her to hear me go to the bathroom ad told me she wanted me to shut the door next time. Marriage is a %^&* mess. I have been! pondering the thought of divorce but not a topic for here.

Me and my mates Sandra and Louise decided to leave the weekly town dance the other night a bit early at about half past eleven because this bloke seemed to be pestering us and anyway Sandra had drunk too much and was very pissed. Actually Louise had fortunately noticed this Guy sneaking up behind Sandra and he did not know we had noticed. We were all wearing micro mini skirts and just high heeled shoes, no tights this hot weather for obvious reasons. The chap was right behind Sandra and was leaning forward with his arm out and hand open in readiness, it was quite clear he was going to pop his had right up the back of Sandra’s skirt. Louise shouted at him, "you dirty sod we can see what you were going to do". He jumped up with such a shock I thought he might have crapped himself. Sandra did not seem to know what was going on she was so rat-assed with booze. There were some other blokes looking keenly at Sandra, we know the score. They sidle up behind you and just as they! pass you get a had pushed up your skirt and onto your knickers, between the legs if they can get that far. One night at another place a guy manages to get his had up the leg right inside my panties and was sniffing his fingers as he hurried away; the dirty little pervert! My friends wanted me to report it but I was too embarrassed. As we walked along the dark roadside going home Louise and me told Sandra about the chap who was about to feel her and were explaining what these dirty sods try to do. Actually Sandra seemed a bit frightened, we told her she would be all right with us, just as well too because she was very unsteady on her feet and her speech was quite slurred. As we came round this dark corner, there was an alleyway going off the pavement, we suddenly see a dark object run right out at us and behind. It was this pervert, he must have overtook us and waited in the shadows. He got Louise right up her skirt, she told me afterwards that he had pushed her panties! right inside herself. Being afraid that the man was going to try something else we both screamed and ran like hell, almost forgetting poor Sandra who was left shocked and dazed by the incident and being very drunk did not know what to do. Actually the pervert ran off, I think he was just as frightened as us. We stopped as Sandra called us back saying Lou / Maur please come back here. So we went back to her, she was shaking like a leave from top to toe, she was upset, obviously shocked and nearly crying and standing still rather peculiarly with her legs apart. I asked her what was wrong as the pervert had gone, She replied "Oh Maur I’ve just shit myself" . We could then see she meant it, she had actually really done it and very bad, but it was a good thing she was not wearing thong panties like mine. Actually this has made me think about these thongs or strings as an accident could happen to all of us. It was difficult enough for Sandra, we helped her to her home but! she could hardly walk. She was starting out very bow legged but Louise told her to close her legs and keep them pressed together at the knees. Louise said to me "She will get her fanny mucked if she opens her legs like she was". Anyway we told her mum who seemed in shock with what her daughter had done in her knickers. I don’t think she believed the story about the pervert and said it was disgraceful that a grown up girl of 18 should go out, drink too much and have to mess herself on the way home. But our story was true and although Sandra was absolutely pickled I think it was this bloke who made her dirty or soil her knickers so badly.

Hi. I just started High School (9th Grade). It's much bigger than the Middle School I went to for the last 3 years. The bathrooms are bigger too. I've had to go once but I've only been back for 3 school days. I needed to go number one so I went in to one of the girls rooms. There are 6 stalls, 5 regular and one large one for handicapped. My old school had 4 stalls at the most, the one I usually used had only 3. The bathroom was nice plenty of toilet paper (at least in my stall) and soap at the sinks. I'll make sure to tell you about the first time I have to go poopees in High School :-).
CancerChild's cousin, I'm so sorry to hear about Julian's death. May she R.I.P. Love, Torie

Hugh G.
Regarding odd places to find turds... In my hometown of Austin, Texas, city planners tried to build a sort of riverwalk, like the one in San Antonio, Texas. Built as a Great Depression-era public works project, the riverwalk in San Antonio stretches for several miles, and consists mostly of a wide walkway on both sides of an aquaduct diverted fron the small San Antonio River. There are restaurants and hotels all along the walkway, mostly in 1930's era buildings, alongside some modern skyscrapers and a shopping mall. Flatbottomed boats ferry shoppers up and down the length of the riverwalk. It's a big tourist attraction, and affords some amount of comfort from the blazing 100-degree summer sun. In Austin, however, only about a fourth of a mile of such a riverwalk was completed. The Colorado River was prone to flooding, and public support was waning, so most people in Austin don't even know where it is. However, it's a huge hit with Austin's burgeoning homeless population. A tunnel that crosses underneath a road smells like a giant urinal. One night, I walked along there at night. This may be ill advised, but the way is brightly lit, and I didn't go very far. Several homeless must have been buddy dumping in the shallow water, which had since dried up, because there were at least a dozen healthy turds all over the stone and concrete walkway. I didn't know the homeless ate well enough to form such fine turds. Rection.

Tuesday, September 07, 1999

Mark B
As those of you in the UK will know there is a huge government-sponsored exhibition being built at Greenwich called the Millenium Dome, to celebrate the new millenium. There have been pictures in the newspapers recently of part of one of the planned exhibits - 'a giant sculpture of a crouching boy, caught in the act of defecation'.The pictures I saw only showed the top half of the sculpture, which is very large, in the sculptor's studio. No news yet of the lower half of the boy, or what he is doing. Nothing to particularly offend public decency, I'm sure, or it wouldn't have been chosen for the Dome!


Hi to Electra and anyone else who cares to know what "anal-retentive" means.

Anal-retentive was originally a medical term to describe someone who had psychological problems that prevented them from pooping (or doing other bodily functions) on a regular basis. Example-- a person who cannot poop in a public restroom because they are afraid of germs. They are mildly anal-retentive.

That was the original meaning, but now most people use the term "anal-retentive" to describe someone who;

1) Has very inflexible ideas about how things should be. Example- John got very upset when Derek left the cap off the toothpaste. (John is being rather "anal-retentive".)

2) Has a problem with expressing his emotions until they about ready to burst. Example-"Kristen is kind of anal about sexual things." (She doesn't normally talk about it)

Anal-Retentive does NOT mean--- A person likes to retain things in their anus. (such as pencils, cookies, or! their retainer)
When I was younger, somone told me this and I believed it for several years. Anyway, I hope that explains it.

Love to all, Poolguy


Today(Labor day Monday, a holiday in usa) I went out to lunch, in this sitdown restaurant(not a chain restaurant). After lunch i went to the mens room to really wash my hands. I decided to pee while i was there...I was looking at the stall. I was curious about it because the toliet had a button on it i've never seen on toilets before. I went to pee in the stall, i pushed the button and this plastic sanitary seat cover rotated. I peed and sat down just to feel it against my butt. It felt nice. What you do is when you go into the stall, 1. Push the button, then it will stop when it's done. 2. it stops and you sit down. The plastic covers the whole toilet seat. The plastic is like glad wrap but a little thicker. Any one ever hear/see any thing like this. Post your thoughts about this please.

In response to the person whom went to the bathroom at fantasy island, I too have been there. Alebit, only in the men's room as I am a male. I live only 8 miles away from the place, but not on Grand Island itself. I haven't been there in 5 years, but I do remember that the stalls in the men's room had doors on them. I have never crapped there, but I'm sure it would have been rather uneventful. I'll post more stories from FiberMan's life as soon as I get the chance. To all the regulars: Thanks for making this forum as great a place as it is.

I'm a primary school teacher and today it was the first time that I had to run out of class in the middle of teaching because of diarreah. Last night I had eaten some Chinese food with friends which must have been weird as in the morning I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach. But nothing happened so I went to school. There my stomach started to gurgle and I started feeling a rumour in my intestine as if you got diarreah soon. During my second class, at about 9.30 a.m. liquid shit started to come out of my ass and fall into my panties. I hoped that I could make it to my next regular brake, but I knew that I had only two choices: run out to the toilet instantly or shit myself in front of my class. But how would I explain to my pupils that I had to go out to the toilet in the middle of the class as a teacher? I didn't have much time to think about this, as my intestine told me what to do. I interrupted teaching, informing my class that I had to go to the toilet as an emergency as I would have diarreah. I crossed the aisle and run into the ladies room that was empty. I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties and pantyhose even before sitting on the toilet. Once I got there, I exploded into the toilet. During more than 10 minutes, waves of diarreah hit me and made me to void cascades of brown water into the toilet. Finally I flushed and went back to the class. Everybody stared at me. Much to my dismay I had to run back to the toilet after another half an hour of teaching. This time even more liquid water came out of my ass and splashed into the toilet. After having had to run out of class to the toilet for the third time to release liquid brown water I excused myself as sick. At home I had the runs all the afternoon and evening (about six times) and I even had to got up to shit three times in the night. At 5 o'clock in the morning, the shit was as liquid that I thought I was urinating out of my ass. Therefore I couldn't go to work the next morning! , either. During the day, however, I started to feel better. Next moring I went back to school. Any other teacher that had been in the particular situation to have to run out of class because of diarreah?

Cancer Child's cousin
Cammy- You did not offend me. I know waking her up every 10 minutes is not good but if you had a sibling about to die you would wake her/him up alot too. Because when the person dies you never see them again. We forced her to eat so that she would have energy and that maybe she would live a little longer. Her mother (my aunt) feels horrible and her baby brother that she so lovingly took care of will never know her because he is only 6 months old. My little brother has been into self mutilation since her death and has ended up in an instution for young people because he has gone basically insane. KIM-- Please tell Cammy what i said in this post because he has not offended me or my family and should not be embarresed.

To Dazz,

With all the paper that you said that you used to clean yourself after pooping, when you flushed and watched it all swirling around, were you worried that it would clog? Also, do you ever flush in the middle of pooping to avoid clogs? I know that I never had to because I don't use that much paper, so I generally never clog the toilet. But my friend has done that when I poop.

As for my own story, a couple of weeks ago my best friend helped me when pooping which I thought was very sweet of him. He talked to me the whole time that I was on the toilet and when I finished, he wiped me very gently several times. But that was after I totally finished. The first time, I had let out about 5 logs of different sizes so I was worried that the toilet would clog and that he would need the plunger. But he told me, "We'll see"...and he reached over me and pushed the lever slowly and we both watched in amazement as everything swirled around slowly and went! down the drain with a loud gurgle. So then, it was time for me to sit down again, because I still felt that I had a little more. So he continued talking to me again as I plopped a few more marbles out. He wiped me again (he has such a gentle touch)and then he reached over and flushed the marbles down the toilet. As the toilet refilled, he asked me if I wanted to be wiped again just to make sure that I was clean. Of course, I said he wiped me one more time. He used about 4 more pieces of TP, dropping each one in the bowl one by one. I told him that I felt clean so he pushed the lever once again and watched the action in the bowl. I think he feared that the toilet might clog. I had started pulling my undies and everything back up, but after a few seconds, I heard (what I often call) the fairwell gurgle in the toilet and so I asked him if everything went down. He said Yes...and then we went on to enjoy the rest of the evening. Hmmm...he is such a great friend! and I truly loved this experience. I'll tell you more in the future as it continues to unfold. :o)

Hi people! I've been reading posts over here for quite a while but never thought I'd post. However I read that some of the female readers here like reading about male experiences in the bathroom, so I thought someone might enjoy my stories.

I'm a 17 year old guy, I have blue/green eyes, long ash blonde hair and I am about 6'.

Well here is my first story. I just came back from dancing lessons(ballroom) tonight. When I came home I had this sudden urge to poop. So I sat myself on the toilet. I pushed only slightly and I felt a huge log come out. A few more pushes followed, and I could feel some more logs come out. I felt really relieved!
When i got up and looked into the bowl I saw one HUGE log,
and on top of it about 10 smaller ones. They were medium brown in color and were nice and firm. Almost no smell.
Well I was really happy with what I had done and I wiped about three times.

Well that's it from me for now. Can't wait to read some mo! re posts from all you people.
Enjoy your day!


Once more,if you are reading these posts anymore please respond so we can get to talking again, I miss you more than anyone on this forum.

Jeff: That really good of you man, the type of guys that would actually take care of women are becoming extinct. I am proud to see there are still a few of us who were "raised right" and stick to the basic goodness that we learned. I also want to thank you for the sound advice that you gave me some time ago about the fitness program and lifestyle modifications. I want you to know that it has helped to change my life. Since then I have been able to run twice a day (2.5-5 miles each time) Work out, become much stronger, and I look much better than I thought I would have in about eight months time. A resounding thanks and appreation is my reward for your consideration.
Lately I have been staying very busy, my recent post before this one has been the first in quite some time. The college schedule, ROTC program, and soon BASIC and AID programs will force my abcence even further (National Guard). I will always be a reader and enjoyer of this sight. This is a melting po! t of culture, personalities and intrests, and I enjoy being a part of it. It is so good to see everyone again, and as always I love the posts!!!

BobWatergate - STL
Hi all! As always, we find the postings here most enlightening! For me, yesterday, I did my LARGEST public poop to date. We were at the Mid Town Art Center and I began to cramp pretty bad. On the second floor the bathroom is unisex with two stalls. I picked the first one just insdie the door, dropped my shorts and pushed. Never before had my poop felt so large. It was a very clean poop so I only had to wipe once, so with so little paper in the bowl, I could clearly see my production. This poop was at least 12' long and at least 3" around. It felt really good as it slide out and I felt so empty afterwards. The bad thing was when I tried to flush, my poop was laying across the opening and it bent in half when it tried to go down. Of course that didn't work, and now the entire opening was packed with my extemely large poop. As I tried to flush a second time, a lady came into this toilet. Luckily this poop didn't smell very bad, but there I was standing in front of th! is stool hoping I could make my poop go down. As I was trying the third flush I could hear this lady do her pee in the next toilet. I really felt responsible for this mess, so I left my stall to look for a plunger. I found one on the closet and as I was returning to my stall the lady in the other stall came out in time to see me with the plunger. She smiled really big and said that must have been a really big jobbie! I told her I just couldn't leave it for the next person to find. Her parting comment as she opened the door was "I would have"! So what would you do?

Friendly Advice for the Guys
I've seen a lot of reference to unisex restroom lately and I just wanted do a reality check.

I have worked at four different places in my life and without fail, the womens restrooms were always the most disgusting. My first job was in a fast food restaurant and one of our jobs was to make sure the restrooms were clean at the end of the night. The womens was always the most dirty and always required more time to clean. At the same time I worked in a theater (live theater) were we cleaned the restooms after the show started and after intermission. Again, the womens restroom was dirtier than the mens. I managed large sit down restaurant with guest restrooms and employee restrooms. Both of the womens restroom were disgusting, so much so in fact that I had trouble getting anyone to clean them. The cleaning crew often complained about both of the womesn restrooms.

Now I work in an office building and the women are always complaining about how filthy and gross ! the restrroms are. Now maybe I have had four bad experiences but in my defense, my mother, cousins and co-workers confirm that women do leave a mess in the restroom.

What do I mean by mess? Urinating and shitting on the seats and floor. According to my source, you ladies do not like to sit on the seat so you sometimes miss. Throwing paper towels on the floor (at work there are twice as many trash cans in the womens restroom as the mens but they still get used less), used female items left in the toilets, on the floor and on the counters. Used cups and empty soda bottles/cans left in the stalls and on the counters.

When I think of the most digusting mens room I ever had to use (in a dive bar), I have seen worse in the womens restroom at the four places I have worked.

As far as I am concerned, you ladies can stay in your own restroom. Comments?

JEFF. A: Thanks for your lovely words! I was very interested to hear of the unisex bathrooms in bars, and delighted that you would look after your girlfriend in there, the situation is still avant garde and there is certainly always a risk factor -- especially if people are drunk, and what else do people do in bars except get a bit... impressionable? And to look after another girl was very good of you -- and good of your g/f that she didn't mind you renedering "the silent service" to another lassie. You're a lucky guy, two cute gals whizzing for dear life right there with you! I do hope the unsex bathroom comes to be, what a delicious thing it would be. The right of privacy or the right to be open, your choice. Wow!

RACHAEL: Could you post your email addy? I don't think urls are gonna get round the s-bend! I'll get you where you need to go!

Best, PV

i am from the usa and i have to say that i have never passed a turd bigger than 1/2 inch wide or 10 inches maybe i am not normal?

Monday, September 06, 1999

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