Hey everyone, long time no post. My cousin(who works for a major department store), calls me to tell me that he was working, all of a sudden he smells something rather rancid. Upon further investigation he finds that someone left a huge pile of poo on the floor in a corner. BUT GET THIS!!!!! They used some of the stores clothes to wipe!!!!!!!! He said it was the most disgusting thing ever!!!!!! He said all of the cameras in the store and no one saw anything?!! I was thinking to myself maybe someone did and didn't say anything.....Opinions please!!!

I found Laura's recent post interesting in that her
boyfriend complained that her bottom smelled while
she pooped. Everyone's bottom smells to some degree
whether they're pooping or not. It's just the way
the body was constructed. I read an article recently that
if a person is a vegetarian, his or her bottom will smell
very little. It's the protein decomposing in your intestines that is responsible for the strong odor, as well
as digestive juices and vitamin 'K'. Why do you think horses
cows and other non-meat eating animals don't have smelly

Hello again, everyone.

Natasha: that sounds horrible. I'm sorry for your infection and only hope things get better for you.

Vector: that was sweet. If you weren't here when I first started posted, I had a similar experience with Cammy, a friend of mine who sorta regularly comes here.

Speaking of Cammy, well, he is taking a little break from here as he is still hurting over Julian's death and feels like such an asshole for what he said on here. If anyone has anything they would like me to pass on to him, please tell me. On a more personal note, I too would like to express my condolensces to Julian's family and her cousin, who I've seen posting on here a few times (in the archives). My prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. Bye everyone, love Kim.

Jeff A.

During 1989 I was involved with a girl that I met at a dance club. We hit it off rather well, and she was very cute. Lots of brown hair, and a beautiful smile. Her name was Kristen, (Kris), and one night her date walked out on her in this dance club, leaving her stranded for the night. (I knew him from other places, and he was a real jerk off of the highest order! He gave women 3 drinks, or an hour to decide whether it was going to be 'yes' or 'no'. If it was 'no' then he was gone, no cab fair for the girl, no nothing!) Anyway, I offered her a no strings attached ride home, and that's how we hit it off.
We had been aquatinted for about 6 weeks and I was a regular weekend visitor to her apt. I had come back from the store, and when I came in I went down the hall to her room which is where I thought she was. As I got closer, I could smell her poopy aroma floating down the hall from the small bathroom that is off her bedroom. I had seen her pee on numerous occasions, heard her poop once through a closed door, but never saw her live and in concert until this day. I could hear the fan whirring in the background, but the door was wide open. I turned that corner very slowly and she was sitting there, smoking a cigarette, reading a playgirl magazine. She had lots of magazines next to the toilet among her many Playgirl's. I looked down at her and she just smiled and flipped the pages. It never really bothered me that she liked to look at magazines filled with naked men who looked so much better than me. (She had her favorites, and would fold the corners of the page so she could go right to them.) The best part about this was that she was sitting there, pooping away, reading her magazine, and eating twinkies! There was a large box of twinkies on the floor by the magazines, with about 4 empty wrappers in it. She just grinned up at me and said "I'm takin' a shit." "I gathered." I said in return.
I stood there for a second, taking it all in, when she let go with a huge barrage of incredibly smelly, mushy poop which sounded like it took 5 minutes to come out. I never heard such a load in my life. She moaned after and looked up at me with a mouthful of twinkies, reached behind her and flushed, and mumbled "I got the shits bad from all that beer last night." It was a beautiful sight, but I was reaching gag status because of the smell. It was hard to leave though, because out of all her features that were so exciting, her legs were exquisitely formed. Granted, all women have nice legs, but hers were just unreal. She had nice rounded thighs, an academy award winning butt, and little round puffy knees. Unfortunately, she stunk up the whole apt. We had to open all the doors and windows and light matches. 20 minutes later, she was back in there again, farting and pooping and turning pages in her magazine. After dinner that night, (I cooked spaghetti) she excused herself for yet another visit to the! potty, and after a few minutes, I went in to see if she'd fallen in, and she was sitting there again, pooping away. The smell wasn't nearly as bad, in fact it was mild. She was pushing out fairly solid stuff, I could tell by the exit sounds; lots of "poofy" snap, crackle and plop. She introduced me to several bars that had unisex bathrooms, and would have me "stand guard" while she went to pee. Men often came in, looked over, but somehow my presence standing over her helped. Once a real young looking redhead came in when I was standing guard, and asked if I'd watch over her too while she peed. I'll end this story with a thought:

PV: maybe you can help start a trend of modern women who don't need someone to stand guard for them anymore. Though I admit, I love to see squatting ladies, but maybe with the new innovation of unisex bathrooms, we can all share everything we do, or use stalls. I love your ideas, and agree with you whole-heartedly, and in fact, your attempts make me very, very proud. I can't explain that thought, I just feel it.

Donny: I also think you're right on the money, and I love your posts!!

Anyway, bye all. It's nice to be home for awhile!

NATASHA: I'm no urologist but I have some experience in biology, and I think you;re right, the symptoms you're describing are very like those of a urinary tract infection. You need treatment, whether antibiotics or a good herbal cleansing preparation such as celery & juniper capsules. Heck, you have experience with this. The burning is more than likely cistitis, which is a very nasty condition, but the correcting of your body's pH balance fixes the problem. I hope you're well again, and that you can find the cause of your infections, and thus avoid them in future.<P><P>
Please post your results, as your story is pretty distressing and I'm sure we all want to kinow that you're okay!<P><P>



Thanks for the compliment.:-) And about my poops, there was a phase that I went through a couple of months ago in which I was pooping every single day and they were pretty large. But I honestly never changed my diet to accomplish that. As for now, I do realize that I need to eat more cereal and things like that, but it really doesn't disappoint me much that my poops aren't that interesting. Just as long as they feel good when coming out. That's all that really matters to me.:-) But for future health reasons, I will more than likely follow your advice. Oh, and by the way, I can say that I have never had corn in my poop. But I have had green poop before, which was not pretty.:-P

Harold, welcome to the club. I clean restrooms in schools. I do this by choice and also make plumbing repairs, etc. Most people probably don't like cleaning bathrooms, but I enjoy it. The girls are usually more messy than the boys. For example, there is one wall in the girls room that they all blow their noses on. I clean that wall every week or two and by that time it is full of snot. They also leave their loads in the toilets, I guess it's to gross each other out. In the hot weather, their piss is very yellow and concentrated. Sometimes when they are wiping, or if they sit too far back on the seat, they get excrement on the toilet seat and I have to clean that off. They drop tampons in the toilet, and if it involves a big load in the same bowl, and if they used half a roll of toilet paper to clean up, results in a clog. If they use pads they are usually good about putting them in the disposal bins. Boy, do they use a lot of toilet paper!

To BeachMike: I'd love to see you pinch out a log or two! I think relieving yourself is natural and cleansing. I would love to see the muscles on your stomach as you did your work!

I was out with a friend last night having dinner in the city. After dinner we went for a walk and then I drove her home. On the way back to her place, I felt the need to shit come on really strong. I had to still drive home after that and all the way was getting more and more desperate to let out what felt like a huge shit. All the way along the freeway I was letting out really foul smelling farts to help ease the pressure. A few times it felt like I was going to shit in my panties!!! Finally, I got home and was straight through the door, pulling my jeans down as I headed for the bathroom and onto the toilet and filled it with a huge mushy log. It flopped out of me in a second, propelled by a big loud fart. Then came a bit of a dribbly wee. I sat there for a few more minutes just savouring the relief and the lovely tingly feeling in my anus. I then grabbed some toilet paper and started to wipe, I had to wipe so many times I lost count. Would have to have been at least two doze! n times, used up more than half a roll!!!! I looked into the bowl as I stood up and watched all that poo and paper swirl around in the toilet and disappear......

Just a simple question really, but I'm sure someone here will have the answer. I heard someone being described as "anal retentive". What does that mean? Is it someone who is constantly constipated? Is it a derogatory term, and if so why? Just to let you know, whoever it was that asked, after missing a whole day one day last week I managed an enormous dump, and without using any laxatives.

Hi everyone; I've been away for awhile and now I'm in the midst of several projects now so I don't know when I'll be able to post. But I've enjoyed reading the old posts. I did manage to get to Studland Beach (a naturist beach in England) again a few weeks ago and saw two adults (parents I guess) and a boy of about 10 standing around another boy about 6 or 7 who was obviously squatting down to take a shit in the dunes behind the beach. I guess they were just trying to give the poor lad some privacy but everyone could tell what was happening. I later had a look and the kid had dropped a good one, a 6 inch log, very firm and wide. I'm surprised more people don't defecate there as there are no toilets anywhere and there's no alternative but to go outside in nature. I've had to do it once but other times felt no need. Anyone recently have a buddy dump with another guy? I especially like to hear posts when the girls get to watch their boyfriends shit, or when two guys dump together! . I miss the days of Scouts when most of us thought nothing of buddy dumping and just got on with it as part of the whole outdoor experience. I myself have been pooping some incredibly long, wide turds recently. Did one this morning that just came out in one continuous crackle. I bent my penis down so I could look between my legs into the water as it came out and I saw the head of it cramming into the front of the toilet and coiling around, so I knew it was huge. What a relief to get that out; when it finally stopped coming, it was about 15 inches long! Too bad there was no else there to keep me company while I was letting it out. That's all for now. It's great to be back among friends. See you all later. Daniel

I have to correct a couple of typos in my last post. I meant to write that "color, labor, theater, center" are more logical then their British Counterparts "colour, labour, theatre, centre" hope that makes better sense.

Talking about a girl leaving a big "snake" in the toilet pan,as Vector relates, I did one like that yesterday in the toilet in a pub. I didnt really feel like cooking as George was out all day and I went out for pub lunch with one of the other female Solicitors at my office, Fiona, who is in her late 30's. After our meal I needed a motion so went to the toilet. I entered one of the cubicles, hitched up my skirt, pulled down my pink panties and sat on the toilet pan. I peed loudly with a hiss as I usually do, farted a few times then waited for it to come down. It was one of those easy, smooth motions and just slid out with a gentle "NN! UH! from me to keep it coming. Come it did! It just seemd to keep on oozing out. I hadn't been the previous day, so there was a fair amount up there. It was a lovely feeling as it came out of my back passage. Eventually I felt it grow thinner and then taper to an end. There was no sound, not even a "floomp" I stood up to have a look. WOW! A long fat smooth toffee brown "snake" curved round in the toilet pan. It was the usual 2 1/2 inches thick at its fattest point but must have been about 18 inches long as the start was round the hidden bend and there were about 4 inches of it sticking up out of the water. I wiped my bum pulled up my knickers then pulled the flush but of course the monster stayed out. I just left it as I usually do, there were 2 other cubciles in that toilet. When I came out Fiona said she needed a wee wee so would I meet her in the car park. When she came out she was giggling and asked me "Moira, did you do that huge jobbie in the middle cubicle?" As my reputation for doing panbusters is well known in our firm I just laughed and said, "well it didn't do itself did it!" Later I told George who was a bit miffed that he hadn't seen it and asked why I didnt hold it in and do it at home. I replied that to hold in something that size would have been very uncomfortable as Fiona and I went shopping afterwards, and too great a risk of having a huge accident had I not been able to hold it in.

In reply to Melissa. I have had accidents in my panties both as a kid and as an adult but its not something I like and I do try to avoid it. When I need I go. Luckily my motions are usually nice and solid, the one I have just described is as soft as they get, normally my jobbies are firm and a bit knobbly, so I can hold it in for a while till I get to a toilet. This is very useful in Court as Magistrates and Judges dont like to call an adjourment unless nescessary. However, I normally go when I feel the need as holding in a big fat turd can be a bit uncomfortable and rather distracting and like most people I start farting SBVs when there is one up the tube. As you say I am not too shy about doing it in front of others, total strangers perhaps could be more difficult, but not people I know. The woman prisoner I was interviewing in the police cells had been in jail many times so was used to having to do the toilet in front of other prisoners and seeing them doing so, thus it wasnt a problem to her, and as I knew her, not to me either. I certainly could not do what Sandra did and deliberately do a poo in my panties unless there was absolutely no alternative and not in front of other people. She was lucky that it was a solid motion, but surely the others must have smelt it and perhaps saw her go a bit red in the face as she pushed it out into her panties. Rick, yes I have had corn in my jobbies and bits of other vegetable matter as well. The seeds off of burger buns usually pass through and this is a good way to check the transit time. Dont eat a burger bun (sesame seeded bap) for a few days then eat one noteing the time. Watch for seeds in your motion and note the time you pass it. The difference is the transit time through your digestive system. In answer to your other question, yes I let George my husband rub my ???? when I do a motion and I do the same for him. If we are at home together and needing a motion it is a shared experience. By the way, what were the female relatives motions that you saw as a kid like? were they big, hard or soft, etc. Love to all from Moira.

Sunday, September 05, 1999

Page 164, got it.

The Crank
I had out of mischief kicked a door of a cubicle not knowing the lock was not there and saw a guy sitting on the toilet reading a book. Good thing he was a schoolmate. He said he wants to kill me but I know he's a nice guy and can take something like that. Oh boy, I miss that school.

Lisa>> The only other thing that I could suggest to your list of "Stop Hemorrhoids Before They Start" would be this bit of advice...If you can keep from straining while passing the mass, all the better, as that puts uneeded pressure on the veins as well. If you can let it come out of its own accord, do so...I read that several years ago in a book on how to prevent hemorrhoids and it has helped me in that I only have difficulty with them on rare occasions, like maybe once or twice a year...

Wow Melissa, That's quite a story about the dump in the doorless stall! You have such grace and style in your writings, you could make money I bet if you wrote a book on the subject of pooping. No seriously. I cannot write ,not enough english you know. Good writing is really a lost art now days. Have you ever taken a dump in front of a Guy? Maybe you answered this question before in an earlier post, so excuse me if I'm nagging. Also, do you dump infront of your boyfriend? Would you let your boyfriend rub your ???? while you pooped? Hi Jasmine, you sound like souch a nice well mannered lady, you would be worth the wait. You had mentioned in your earlier post that you eat a lot of fast food, natchoes and stuff? You might want to start putting more fiber into your diet such as salads, green leafy ve???es, and grains and cereals. It would keep your system cleaned out, and make your poops larger and more interesting. Have you ever had corn in your poop? Is there any one else who's ever had these types of poops? I ask because I've heard a lot of older people do, and I have seen it a few times when I was a real small child in some of my female relative's poops. All the ladies here are terrific!!

Had an extraordinary experience at work yesterday. I had to give a presentation to some new employees in the small theter/auditorium we have. There were probably about 9 or 10 employees in the seats and I was on a stage giving a Powerpoint presentation. In the middle of the presentation I felt the strong urge to poo and hoped I could get through it or that the urge would go away. Unfortunaely, once I fel the need to poo I have no choice but to poo. I was within seconds of excusing myself then I realized I was wearing panties for the first time this summer. Normally I wear stockings and a garter belt with no panties in the summer but today was a little cooler than usual. So I thought, to hell with excusing myself, I'm going to poo in my panties and continue with the presentation. While I was talking and pointing I let the poo slide out into my panties and nobody had any idea I was pooing in front of them. As soon as I finished the presentation I quickly left the auditorium and ! rushed to the ladies room and tipped the poo into the toilet. Happily, the poo was very solid and firm and made no mess in my panties.

To PV I'd like to look up the "Denise method" but not sure where the Standing Pee pages are that you mention. Tell me more ...... Love Rachel

DONNY: Your ideal restroom sounds absolutely perfect to me! Six stalls, with the six urinals in a row on the opposite wall, so the users would have their backs to the stalls, which offers more "own space" advantage. Sometimes it would be nice to have privacy dividers between the urinals as well. And a variety of heights! There was one place I used and of the seven or eight in the place the only one I could manage was the low one for short guys or kids! And I had heeled sandles on... Those things must have been installed for freaking giraffes!
A unisex bathroom, without laws or restrictive expectations. Wouldn't that be just, plain nice? Where a woman can stand at a urinal if she likes to, or a man can sit down if he wants, or either sex can have privacy if they need it, or waive the privacy if they're comfortable doing so. Perhaps one day we'll have this, but it's a game that both sexes have to play equally, behave themselves appropriately and not take advantage in a sexual or crudely offensive sense. There are places where it works already.
STEPH: Love to hear about your buddy dumps! They sound really nice!
Dear MELISSA: You've only been posting three months? You've certainly made an impact! It's so nice to be able to talk about these things with someone who shares experiences and understands. You're right, it was a case of attitudes. We are as we are treated, sadly... The lady who happened upon you pooping at the beach was taken unawares as surely as yourself, and if it had been me in that situation (needing to poo) I'm sure I'd have felt sorry simply for putting her in the position of being embarressed. She obviously understood your own distress, and covered it with considerate humor, which was very good of her. But when one needs to poop, there's just no option. Was the public toilet a long, long way off, or was it not fit to use? (Or did you just get "caught short" as the saying goes?) Of the choices, I think I'd rather find a spot in the open than use a toilet in a truly disgusting condition. It's natural, and it's a lot cleaner.
The girls who behaved so insensitively when you were straining to expell should have been ashamed of themselves (standing there watching you! May they never have a day's luck!), but silly early-teenagers are immature, and all they could see was the illicit fun of buddy dumping in a public place. What they inflicted on you was wicked. It's wonderful that you have chosen, needed, to share your bowel openings with friends and loved ones since then, the alternative would have been to become psychotic about the need for privacy, and this would have been a backward step, and cost you and those close to you many delightful experiences.
My own experience is difficult to discuss, even after so long, in fact especially after so long, but I'm finding that it helps to do so. I've not even spoken of it openly on my "home" list, just to a good email gal-pal, and then only lightly... It was a matter of technique, as simple as that. It was my first day in school and we all decided we needed to wee (US: whiz). We all went into a grassy area behind some bushes, we took a no-problems group pee, and it went from laughter and juvenile comradeship to... I guess I'd have to call it "bating," or "hunting" as it was something in my technique that attracted the scorn of others.
The direction of my stream, the way I adjusted my clothes, whatever. I was verbally abused, made to feel stupid, dirty, wrong, something like that. Whatever it was, I was so mortified that from that day on I never urinated in front of anyone else, male or female, for the rest of my life. Never a shared experience, never an intimacy. I *needed* that privacy, I needed the stall closed, no matter what. I would hold my urine and ask to be excused from class so that I would be sure the toilets were deserted. I've learned that this is classic Avoidant Paruresis.
And it's a shame, because I've discovered that I can take the greatest pleasure in passing urine, especially in the standing position, and have used urinals many times now. Recently I found myself with a group of women waiting to use stalls in a theater men's room (the ladies' was out of order), and I just couldn't wait, so I took the plunge and used the urinal instead. I succeeded! I emptied my bladder quite thoroughly, standing at a steel wall, with several other women present, and I was so happy I could have cried. A lifetime is a long time.
I wish there had been someone for me to share a genuinely comforting bathroom experience with. The very concept has been beyond me. I can see how it smoothed over the hurt of that incident for you, and I envy your ability, and your luck in having Melanie (sorry, it *is* Melanie, isn't it? I AM fairly new here!) or others to do for and be with. It's rather special! This is why I found myself feeling that those girls who seem to have come naturally to complete comfort with an open bathroom should not end up feeling that they are doing something wrong. It's a gift I never had!
Thank you for being willing to discuss these things, I feel you've helped me too! I look forward to many conversations in future.
Your friend,

I have a pretty intense experience that I will share with you now. I was about 18 y/o, I am 20 now, and one of my good friends had just come back from camping in the woods for about two weeks and she had goten injured in a fall she had down the mountain, she had broken her arm and dislocated her thumb on her other hand, also she had some sort of fracture to her right ankle, so needless to say she was pretty helpless. We were just chilling at my place when she looked over at me and said to me "you do love me don't you Matt?" I told her I did, and said "what do you want" cause I could tell she wanted something. She said that she really needed some help going to the bathroom, and that she had to go, but that I had to help her. She really trusts me, and loves me alot, so I did it for her, cause I know she would do the same. I asked her if it was #1 or #2 and she told me it was #2. I helped her in the bathroom and I helped ease her down on the toilet. She said that she hadn't gone the whole time she had been camping, that she couldn't stand to go outside. I told her that it was ok. She let out a really loud and powerfull fart. She blushed a little and then she tightened up her stomach and pressed real hard for a while. She just sat there silently working it out for about two or three minutes and then I heard a crackle plop and the end of the mass fall into the toilet. She exhaled hard and said that she felt so much better. She farted a few times and passed a little more soft poop and then she told me she was finished. She put her arms around my neck and I pulled her up. She held on to the shower rack while I wiped her bottom. She is an atractive, blonde sporty built and well atributed girl, beautiful to say the least. She has a perfect ???? and prominate heart shaped bottom. She was 18 also at the time. There was nothing sexual about it though, I loved her as I would a true and loving friend, and I still do, always will. Like I was saying, she grabbed the towl rack and leaned forward just enough for me to get the paper in her crack and around her area to get it clean, it took three or four wipes due to the shear mass she pooped out. I looked down in the pot and saw a monster, it looked like a giant eel or something like that. It was at least 2" thick and wrapped around the pot, snaked around in the bowl and a good few inches were hanging out on the top, along with the last little soft bit that she pooped out just because there was no more room in the pot! I pulled her panties and pants up and helped her back into the living room. She said sorry for making all the mess and I told her that it was no problem. I then went back in the bathroom to play disaster control man and I did have my work cut out for me. I flushed the pot (bad mistake) the water just pooled up and ran over, I went and got a wire hanger and straitened it out and tryed to break up the mass. How did I do? Well, seven or eight flush! es, and a can of air freshener later it was just a memory. We had a nice time hanging out that night, and I think we are closer now because of that shared experience.

The last time i went to the bathroom i was at fantasy island and the bathrooms dont have any stalls.I dont mind being seen going to the bathroom.So i was getting changend into my 1 piece bathing suit and i had to bm.I was naked becuase i was getting changed so i went nude. This little girl came in with her mom and said look at that lady she is naked!!!

breeze thats cool is this like a everyday thing or what every other mourning amber wakes up eats 2 boals of cereal and then takes a huge dump. Do you ever watch your girlfreinds stomach while she is shitting Today after ambers usuall cereal she was sitting on the toilot and couldn't go she ffelt like she had to but couldn't go so hpoefully she will go tomarrow i sure bet it will be huge ladies i love the post there is nothing sexier that a woman taking a dump hope to hear from ya yourmother

Melissa, I didnt intend to insult you "former colonists" as it were over the differences in UK Vs Amercian English. I do find the alternative usages strange but Im sure it is the same to you Yanks. Frankly your spelling is more logical is etymologically incorrect perhaps, color is easier than colour, theater and centre far more sensible than theatre and center. I cannot however get used to your way of writing a date in numbers , words are okey hence 4 September 1999 and September 4 1999 are no problem but 04-09-1999 Vs 09-04-1999 to me and most Brits the former is today 4 September. the latter 9 April but the opoosite in the USA. This has caused problems when we have had to correspond with American Lawyers so we now adopt the convention in my firm of writing dates with the month in words, hence September, October, not 09 or 10 etc.

Hi everyone! Im a high school student in Cali. I just found this place by accident(no pun intended). I can remember once I had an accident. It was at a family picnic. All my cousins and aunts and uncles were there. I had just eaten a big hamburger and a pop, and I was stuffed. A little while later, someone offered me a pork chop, so I ate it too. (Big mistake.) About 5 minutes later, I got horrible cramps in my stomach. They passed, but then I felt the urge to fart.I pushed to let the fart out and a big squirt of liquid poop went into my panties. I felt more coming, and started running to the porta-potty, but half way there, I felt another huge wave of diarrhea come into my panties. When I got to the toilet, there was no point in taking off my soiled clothes (jeans, and panties) so I just sat down over the toilet and let it all through my clothes. My mom came to see if I was alright, and saw what happened, so we just snuck away to the car and drove home. Those chops must not have agreed with me because I puked on the way home too. Well, see ya everyone.

Tonight as I left the house to meet someone I felt a sudden need to sit on the toilet. Since, I was running late I figured I could hold it. I take lactose pills to prevent crampy bowels but didn't take enough today. Anyway I met my friend, picked up what I needed and was driving home when I had no choice but to find a place. I found a bench at a school which was secluded and sat my crack on the slat. Oh did it feel good to get the pressure out. I've since come home and went three more times. I finally took some immodium. I'd like to be seen by the opposite sex doing it but so afraid my luck will run out and it will be the police so I generally I'm very cautious. Are there females in this forum who would be aroused to see a guy squatting?

Melissa i have read your posts they are great keep up the good work hey thanks buzzy you know that experience did turn me on a bit i dont know if she felt the same way sorry i havent posted alot because i havent got any stories but i do have one story this was maybe about a month ago my sister has a younger friend thet she hangs out with there cool with each other but like when i am around she gets kind of quiet and shy at first she did not want to use the bathrooms at our house and make up some excuse to go home so she could go to the bathroom at her own house but then she started using the bathrooms at our house but still wasnt open about it. once she said to my sister that she needed to change her shirt but i knew she just wanted to use the bathroom because of the expression on her face as she went up stairs so did i but out of view so i could not be seen. once she closed the door but not locked it because she dosent know how to lock the doors to our bathrooms i listened in! an sure enough i was right i herd her put the toilet seat down and sat her butt down fast and almost immediately began peeing like a race horse for a long time then slowed down into a few dips i waited and herd nothing else i thought she was going to leave but i herd her legs moving on the toilet seat ant then herd a tiny but low fart i guess she was trying to be descrete then i heard two tiny plops in the toilet and then the tp bieng un rolled and then torn off then the wiping sound the the sound of the tp bieng dropped into the toilet and the flushed she got up and washed her hands. another time i gave her suprise by opening the door on her but thats antoher post.

I'm from Switzerland, 31 years old, blonde, married and have two little girls 8 and 6 years old. Since I was a child I have always faced difficulty with my weak bladder. Normally I have to go to the toilet almost every two hours and I get regular bladder infections about four times a year. This week I must have caught another bladder infection as suddenly I woke up at about 3 o'clock in the morning with an intensive urge in my bladder. I went to the toilet and released a huge amount of pee. Next morning I had to bring my daughters to school and then do some shopping and go to another town for a funeral. I had gone to the toilet when standing up but went again right before leaving the house for safety, letting out some drops of urine. Much to my dismay I felt another strong urge only 10 minutes later while driving my dauthers to school. I got into a terrible traffic jam that made the ten miuntes' trip a half an hour one. Every minute made my urge worse. I almost peed into my pa! nties. The only hope was thet we would reach the school soon and I could go there for a pee. When we got to the school I just left the car at the side of the road, let my children to go into class and rushed to the toilet. There I urinated a strong stream of bright urine for about two minutes. I went back to the car and drove about half an hour for a shopping centre in the city. I had to go to the toilet right upon entering and half an hour later during shopping. I was sitting on the toilet, releasing another, but weaker stram of urine, and imagined that only this morning I had to pee already five times! Then I drove for about one hour to the funeral. After about half an hour, I felt the urge to go to the toilet again. When I entered the cemetery I went straight to the toilet and released another long pee. At the end I felt a strong burning in my bladder for the first time. I hoped that I could hold it now until the end of the service. But 20 minutes later I had to go again. I! first started to ignore the urge, but after five more minutes, I only had the choice to go back to the toilet right away or let the pee go into my panties. I decided to leave the church during the service, which was one of the most embarrassing monents in my life. I went back to the toilet and lifted my skirt. My bladder burned. After one minute of pressure, some pee came out for about half a minute. I flushed and quickly went back to the church. Half an hour later, during the funeral, I felt the urge to go again, so I went to the toilet a third time. My bladder was burning as if it were full, but it wasn't. Only a few drops came out, but only a few minutes later, my bladder felt as if it were full again. During my trip home, I had to stop at a train station to urinate. When I got into the toilet, almost no more pee came out, only a few drops. Half an hour later, I got again into a traffic jam. I advanced very slowly, and I had to pee again. It was impossible to find a toilet! , and the urge got stronger, so some drops of urine fell into my panties. Finally I picked up my daughters and arrived home. There I was forced to go to the toilet every 20 minutes as I always felt a very strong urge in my bladder. Whenever I ran to the toilet, my bladder burned. I always released a few drops of urine, but the burning continued. When I was sitting on the toilet, my daughers came to ask me: "Mom, why are you peeing so often?". I answered them that I have an infection with my bladder. During the night, I woke up three times with a bladder that felt very full. But it wasn't. I always sat on the toilet for half an hour and released only a few drops. Next morning I was very tired. I took some medicine and felt much better when I got to work. I had to pee almost every hour, but could always release large amounts of urine. In the evening, I was o.k. again. But the next bladder infection will come soon...

Thanks for your support - I shall really have to see a urologist soon. This week I had bad problems with my bladder again. I went shopping with a female friend of mine, looking for new furniture. Suddenly I felt a bad urge to urinate. I excused myself and dashed to the toilet, where I released a strong stream of at least a minute. Afterwards I felt o.k. but only 15 miuntes later, I felt another urge. I tried to ignore it as I didn't want my friend to know about my bladder problems. But I couldn't stand so I told her I'm sick and had to go to the toilet again. I released another long pee, but finally my bladder was burning. I decided to go home instantly. It was a good idea, as later I had the urge to pee every 20 minutes. After 3 or 4 times, almost no pee came out, and I sat on the toilet with immense pains in my bladder. If was as if you had to pee glass. During the night, I had to stand up three times to urinate. At 5 o'clock in the morning no more pee came out of my bladder but it hurt very badly. I knew that on the next day I had to teach again, but already the idea of suddenly having to go in the middle of class made me crazy. In the morning I drank coffee so the stream of my pee got stronger again. During my work I spent my breaks after every lesson to go to the toilet for safety purposes, even if no pee came out. In the afternoon, I suddenly felt some pee go into my panties during my lesson. I couldn't do anything else but running to the toilet in the middle of class, telling my students that it is an emergency. I let the rest of pee flow into the toilet. In the evening I had to go to a compulsory training course. It was again the same: I went to the toilet before the course, voiding a few drops of urine. But nevertheless, I had to excuse myself to the toilet after an hour to void a very small amount of urine. At the break I had coffee which made me urinate strongly right away and again after one hour of teaching. When I was sitting on the toilet I remembered that this had been my 12th trip to the toilet this day, so I really urinated every hour. Even this night I got up to urinate three times. Something must happen now as I can't stand any longer having to run to the toilet to pee every hour.

Saturday, September 04, 1999

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