Hi Alex - It's a good thing you had those napkins along when you had the runs! Great story - hope you share more of them!!! How many times a day do you usually dump? Ever go at school?

Hello Well its back to school time ladies and gentleman. I have a job at a local mall as a janitor and I will tell you those soccer moms sure leave a mess in our ladies bathrooms. Ya know the ladies that are about 40 back to school shopping with the kids. These ladies poo and shit and fart up a storm after eating pizza in the food court. I can picture them dropping their Eddie Bauer shorts and just plopping I will be glad to clean the bathrooms at night I cant get my mine off these soccer moms blowing gaseour poos. Keep it up ladies I am waiting for more clean up chores

CancerChild's cousin
Thanx for your concern everyone. I just got back from the funeral. Julian was born with cancer and has had it her whole life. So her passing was a tradegy yet a blessing. Can you imagine living with cancer since you were born? For 11 straight years?? Well i am sorry i have no poop stories i'm not in the mood.

To Doreen - You are right - being on "display" captures it nicely. At least if you need only to pee you can usually get it over with very quickly, there is nothing really to concentrate on except wiping afterwards and you can just look at the floor as you did. Even then it can be a wrenching experience. Thanks for your thoughts Doreen - love Melissa.

To PV - You know in all the time that I have been posting, a little less than three months, I have never really wanted to talk about that incident. When I thought about answering Teenage Girl's question the obvious candidate was the time two years ago when I was caught by a stranger while I was taking an emergency poop on the beach. But when I really thought about the two situations I realized that both they and my emotions were radically different. On the beach I was certainly startled and flustered for a while but any sense of threat or humiliation died away almost before it started. This I now realize was because of the spoken and more importantly, unspoken communication that took place between myself and the woman who surprised me. Her whole body language gave me the sense that she was actually more embarrassed than I was and she felt like an unwelcome intruder on my privacy. So basically I didn't feel demeaned, belittled or more importantly threatened in any way. I! thought the really nice touch, which I will always remember, was her parting comment. "I hope you feel better soon" Frankly I can't think of a better or more appropriate comment. My point is that like you, I think the campground incident did leave a mark on me because as I look back I can now see that I developed a definite sense of insecurity about using public restrooms. I'm now convinced that as a result of that incident I started to actively pursue companionship whenever I needed to use a public restroom. I found this so enjoyable and comforting that it spilled over to those situations when I was using my own bathroom or even my friends bathroom. If I had a trusted companion everything felt better. Sorry to ramble on PV but I can really understand your fear and your reaction to the incident. Until your note I had never looked at my situation in terms of a possible reaction it might have caused - now I see there was a reaction. I really owe you a great big thanks ! you for helping me become more aware of myself. If you feel like you can cope wit hit, maybe you could tell us a little more detail about your pee incident - it might help a little. Many thanks, best wishes, and all my love - Melissa.

To Moira - Moira I admire you, you must have tremendous emotional strength if you would only have been embarrassed by diarrhea. I can just imagine you straining and groaning to get rid of a large poop and simply not caring about anyone watching you. I guess its that strength that makes it so easy it is for you to make the choice between a public exhibition and a big accident. I have to admit, and it probably won't surprise you, that I would probably take very serious consideration of letting myself have an accident. Moira - I wish I was as strong as you. PS. What was it we Americans did? - take a perfectly good language and ruin it. Just think though - some of the most inspirational speeches ever made have been made in English, Winston Churchill (the thousand year speech), Martin Luther King (the I have a dream speech), Abraham Lincoln (the Gettysburg address). It's the greatest language in the world because it unites the whole free world from London to Cape Town, from San! Francis to Melbourne. Melissa on the bandstand again. Take care Moira, all my love to you and George -Melissa.

To Alex M - Hi Alex, nice to hear from you again. You sure dodged a bullet with that one didn't you! Oh, can you just imagine the mess if you had not gone to the bathroom. I have to admit that if that had turned into an accident it would have put my problem in an entirely different light. That has to rate as one of the closest near-misses of all time. Thanks for thinking of Melanie - All of our love and best wishes - Melissa.

Matt: About going at your g/f's house; don't be embarrased. I am a 17/f and my b/f has spent time overnight at my house previously when my parent's we out of the country. At first I'll admit it was awkward when I had to do a #2 but surprisingly my b/f had to also. We didn't think much of it; I went and he came in with me then I waited for him while he went. It's not embarassing but actually brought us closer together. Just tell your g/f that you have to do a #2. She probably won't think anything of it. As for taking medicine that is not such a good idea; it could lead to serious constipation or dysentery so be careful. Good luck! (PS if you do share this special moment that night will be VERY interesting! ;-)

Hi guys! Melissa, I have to agree with PV, you have taken your experiences in stride, considering all you've been through. Love ya! I didn't want to write anything until Alex let the cat out of the bag, but I am SO happy and thankful that nothing happened to her. When she told me the good news, about the tests being negative, I must have hugged her for five minutes. I saw the lump on the day before she went for her exam and I cried myself to sleep that night, expecting the worst. Our relationship isn't perfect, we have differences in opinion (especially politics), eating habits, and some other things, and have had arguments after which neither of us talked to each other for a week, but she IS my best friend, and even the thought of anything happening to her really upset me. We *celebrated* with a buddy dump!!!!!!! I'll be getting ready to return to school this weekend. I will be sharing an off-campus apartment with two former roommates, Allison and Kara, and another friend, Michelle. I've written about all three of them in the past and I'm sure there will be other things to write about as time goes on. Peace and love to all, Steph

To PV: If you want to see all the urinals available, go to a big plumbing supplier and look at the catalogs. There are 8-10 different models made by the various manufacturers. Some would be better than others for use by girls and women. I am familiar with Denise's website and think it's cool that girls/women want to stand up and use urinals. An ideal restroom, In my humble opinion, would be large, unisex, with 6 toilets and 6 urinals, so a person could have privacy if he/she wanted, or they could walk up to the urinals and fire away.

Stop Hemorrhoids Before They Start

Move your bowels as soon as possible after you feel the urge. Don't sit on the toilet too long-the longer you sit, the greater the pressure on the veins around the anus.
Avoid constipation by staying active.
Add fiber to your diet and drink lots of liquids.

The Metamucil works. It is powerful. I have started having about three or four good shits everday. It's nice, soft, easily passed, yet HUGE loads of shit. I can hardly feel them as they slide from my chute. When I look into the bowl, I see their incredible size and can't believe it. I fart alot more it seems, but with less odor. Also, my shit never seems to make a mess on my arse-hole since I started the Metamucil. It's been quite a pleasureable experience. Everyone should try it! Hope we find Aussie's mystery dumper!

TO ALTHEA-Boy,would i would've loved to have been mitchell!You sound like my kind of girl when you are sitting on the bowl pooing.Tell me,do you go a lot when you poo and is it hard or soft?I love your stories,keep them coming,althea!--Was biking the other day and had to poo out of the blue pretty bad.So i found a spot and squatted down and almost right away at first,i felt like i was peeing out my asshole-it was like water.then,it started to get more formed and then these big balls flew out and i had to start pushing a lot cause i felt like i had to do more.As i'm squatting there,i looked down at what i already did.There was this brown puddle with some squiggles and 3 big balls.Then i farted real loud and all this soft poop came slowly out my puckered anus.That part felt good.It was some pile.I did the 2nd pile along side the 1st.It looked like 2 people pooped there.I was a weird poo because, i usually poo the hard stuff first and as i'm going, it gets softer and softer.This ! time,it was the other way around.Anybody else have poos like this?Tell me.Then i pushed out some mush and farts and wiped and admired my 2 piles.The 2nd pile was this pile of soft sausage with some mushy poop on top-I love pooing outside!BYE

Big B
Sorry I have not posted inna while i've just been reading these posts. But I was just wondering Females how lond does it take u 2 take A dump? How many times do u whipe? And do u need air freashener when u r done?

Greetings to the Spirit of Oneness within you all. Some friend told me that enemas are a great way to cleanse the body. Any clues where can I get quality info on this and a cheap 'enema kit' to do it? I would love to try it, because when we are healthy physically we can enJOY the JOY of Spirit more.:) Thank you so much for your help. A few website addresses would be enough. Namaste and have a wonderful day!

To Doreen and Melissa: Regarding open stalls: I am bothered by them too. I wonder: I don't mind people seeing my rear end, but I am bothered in having people see my bush and pinus when I am doing number 2. It's funny, I don't have that problem when I shower with other men, but when I am doing number 2, I think I am bothered by the frontal exposure.

Jeff A.
Steph: Thanks for your kind words. I lost one of my parents to lung cancer, and was there during the time of death. The passing of a loved one puts you through many emotions. Here in a group like this of many people with a common interest, it hurts me to see anyone suffering from a disease that I can't do anything about. It's very frustrating, and leaves the unaffected person with a sense of hopelessness through the duration of the illness. I never got to read to much from Julian because of my insanely hectic schedule, but know she was a sweetheart just the same. There were happier moments from her, and I think I'll go back and read them all. I do have a new story, but like yourself Steph, I don't feel like telling it right now. I've been in a real bad frame of mind lately, and this passing just makes me more thoughtful.

Alex M: I'm so glad that the lump was benign!!! I wouldn't be able to take it if I thought something was wrong with you. I've developed a real fondness for you and other posters here, old and new. On the lighter side of that, I did have a lump on my shoulders checked out: the doctor said it was just my head, and he couldn't do anything about that. I just have to learn to live with it. (hope that brings a smile to ya.)

Moira: Just for the record, I never flush to mask the sound or smell, but only if the toilet fills up to fast. I agree with your statement about the jail cell thing, not smelling so great. I just finished working in a women's prison, and I have experienced the smells myself.

Anyway, take care all. J.

One more post in reply to Jacob and Matt -

About turning off the lights on a buddy. A few years ago, I was at a hotel with some friends. The next morning after my buddy showered, I went to take a major dump. The toilet/shower was a small room with a door next to the vanity/sink. I'm sitting and taking a dump when my friend turns out the light (switch was outside the room). He's laughing. I said, you better turn it on, because when you shut off the light, the fan shut off too. He still laughs, then I started to open the door and said it's coming your way! He turned on the switch again! It was a good load!

To Matt -

Don't take a megadose of anti-diareha medicine! It could be really bad for you. Just try to sneak away from your g/f, and when you really have to let out a load, just sit and let it go quick. You'll be ok! Promise! Let everyone know how it goes!

The Crank
When I was 16 I had this really irritating friend who would climb over the wall of the cubicle and look at me doing a BM. And he'll laugh. I think he gets a buzz out of it. Another time, that friend and I went to make fun of another guy in the cubicle buy climbin over the wall. He didn't mind, he even grunted in front of us and told us how huge the turd was coming out of him. I remember he also threw some water over the cubicle and ran off. Ah,those good old days.

Thursday, September 02, 1999

I remamber a guy called joe he (for some reson) loved poop in all dimentions.He would do anything with poop to me.Hear is a story ...One day joe was in a public toilet and (believe it or not needed the loo) found a toilet that was beaing used by me desided to have fun he unlocked the door sat on me and pooped with all his might covering me in fresh poop. joe left the door open and left me sat there with my pants round my feet covered in poop.That was only the begining.

Matt,ct: I have been in similar situations with friends. I usually wait until they leave to run an errand, or I make an excuse to "run and errand." Of course, the easier thing to do is just get it over with at the beginning of the weekend. I discovered this site about six weeks ago and I just completed reading all posts back to page 1. One thing I read over and over is that once couples got past this, they become much more closer and comfortable with each other. I did see a couple of horror stories where pooping lead to a breakup, but a majority of the posts about this subject were positive experiences. A couple of years ago, I had a friend who was going through a divorce after a two year marriage. When I asked him what went wrong, he replied that they "never farted or pooped in each others presence." He told me he used to get up in the middle of the night and go to the other end of the house to fart. He never heard his wife fart even once. Furthermore, he told me th! at, in retrospect, he should have held her down and farted on her. Now, that is taking it to the extreme, and I am certainly not recommending that. However, I would go ahead and get it over with Friday night so you can enjoy the weekend.

today was my girlfriends mourning so she got up as usuall and ate 2 boals of cereal after that it was off to the bathroom i have posted before and my girlfriend is 5'6'' 125 to 130 tan with blounde hair and anyway she grabbed her new 17 magizine and headed to the bathroom first she farted 2 times like usuall watching her she usually has a really short shirt on and you can see her stomach moving when she takes a dump it took her almost 9 minuites her tird was 3 1/6'' wide and 13 inches long after she is done she washes her hands and sprays about 1/2 of a can of spray stuff i have never a females shit smell as bad as hers any females notic there stomach move when there taking a dump and do any of you read while taking a dump and do any of the guys have anything to say about there girlfreinds taking a dump hope to hear from ya yourmother

I'm Really sorry to hear of Julian's Passing. My Thoughts are with her Family and Close Friends.

Leslie-Loo: I too had a similar experience on a plane. Except I used too much toilet paper and that's what caused the clog-up and lots of unhappy people since there was only one bathroom and a half hour left to fly!!

Melissa: That must have been torture for you having to sit there on display. I felt like that at a roller skating rink once...I had to pee real bad and none of the toliets had doors so you were on display for all when you went in. The line was really long and when I finally got in the first stall became vacant...I was hoping for the last since it would have been more privacy. I peed and kept my head to the ground.....wiped and left as soon as possible after tackling the line by the sinks. One good thing will probably never see those people again..(you hope) and that makes it easier to deal with. CIAO Doreen

matt, ct
hi thanx to everyone who answered my question. i will take your advice and not take the medicine. i will tell you all how it goes on monday when i get home.

DONNY: Hi, PV here. Interesting that someone heisted your handle (was it painful?) Ha! Anyway, your observations are interesting. "Kohler and Eljer" -- forgive me, I'm not up on brands of male relief devices! Can you describe them?
Yeah, urinals are a lot cooler than most think. This business about them being "the one pice of hardware a woman can't use" -- it's nonsense. It's the biggest nonsense of the 20th Century. I can vouch for this as I've recently enjoyed the use of urinals myself!
I've been practicing the "Denise Method" (ladies, look it up at , go the the "Standing Pee" page and prepare yourselves to be amazed and delighted!) so I wee standing, facing it. I simply raise my hem to go, but I'm working on pants next. According to testimonials on Denise's message board, a woman can eventually perfect her technique to the point where she can whiz through a zip fly, exactly the same as a man, indeed the whole point of the standing pee is to avoid the necessity of pulling ones pants down.
It seems to be working, about 70% of women who try it acheive success. This leads me to think that when we enter the new century (only 16 months to go...) the unisex bathroom will probably start to become a reality in some places. Heck, it has been in France for a great many years, where men urinate in front of women without selfconsciousness. So why shouldn't it happen the other way around, at identical urinals? I sure can't see a reason.

I've only posted here very recently but I've been reading a while and know you from your dialogues. Your reply to Teenage Girl was extremely graphic and a remarkably sensitive, well-adjusted assessment of a very difficult situation. And, in answer to your query, it was painfully close to a situation that left me with a case of Avoidant Paruresis, aka "Bashful Bladder Syndrome."
Your experience, nasty as it was, occured when you were already, what, 15? You had clearly developed a mature outlook and the emotional machinary to put the awful feelings into their proper perspective. I'm glad to know that while it was not something you would ever look back on without a sense of distaste, you are "able" to talk about it, and in a calm and sensitive way. This is important, and so good.
My own experience was not poo-related, but a case of a group pee that went rather wrong. I still find it difficult to speak of, difficult to even think about, but all those awful feelings of rejection and diminution against one's fellow being that you described were very much in focus. If you can imagine a five-year-old girl in a situation that went from laughs and fun one moment to the terror of becoming a target for the mercilless humor of the very young the next, you have some idea why at 29 I am only just winning the battle to be able to urinate freely when and where I choose.
It's an inhibition, and it's not been a serious case (compared to some poor people, who have suffered terribly) but it's always been there, and always been a fear at the back of my mind. What if I was ever in a situation where I had no privacy, like the one you experienced? Only in the last month or two have I cultivated a "desensitized" mindset that allows me to whiz in an open stall, or indeed in urinals when I avail myself of a handy mensroom.
So I sure know how your experience felt, and you have my deepest sympathies. All my best, PV

I've spent a night at the beach waiting for the phantom crapper but i dipped out!! Nowhere could i see anyone squatting, bending or doing anything remotely like taking a dump. Shit happens!!! Haven't had a chance to get down there this week too check out any daily dumps but plan to get there real soon!!

I have probably said this before , but I find the quotation from Winston Churchill about America and Britain "two great nations separated by a common language" so very true. I can accept "take" a dump though I prefer do, have or pass, but "MAKE" ????????????????? Really, it gives me such a funny mental picture. What do you MAKE a number two out of? The "ACME Instant shit kit" or what from Wallmart or Macys or the local Drugstore? I have never come across this usage in Britain as we say do, have, pass, drop, or even dump as a verb as in "I dumped a really big jobbie in the ladies toilet yesterday". Enough semantics. Mellisa, I would only have been embarrased if I had been passing loose stools or diarrhea. I must say I havent often had to use a doorless toilet but needs must. If the alternative is a large brown mass in the seat of my knickers then the hell with modesty. I did once have to do one in the toilet of a cell in a police station when acting for a client. It was a single prisoner only cell and I had to interview her there as all the interview rooms were occupied. I felt the need come on and could have pressed the buzzer and asked the jailer to let me use the nice ladies toilet reserved for magistrates, solictors, policewomen etc but didnt want to have to go all the way to the other side of the building. I asked the client who said she didnt mind and with my black skirt hitched up and my white panties pulled down just to the top of my thighs in full view of the woman I did a wee wee followed by a lovely big easy jobbie which went "floomp!" into the water. The woman prisioner was quite bemused, "I thought you only needed a piss, Moira" she exclaimed. She had to get the policewoman to flush the toilet from outside as they dont have the cistern etc inside the cell to prevent vandalism. Neither myself nor the client, rather a rough but lovable woman in her twenties were at all embarrased, only amused. Before the flush was pulled she did have a good look down the pan and said "Cor, I bet you feel a lot better for getting rid of that torpedo!" The smell hung around but cells are alas rather smelly places anyway, certainly not for the squeamish.

The Crank
I really hate staying in a hospital. Absolutely no privacy whatsoever. Do you know the nurse will actually ask you loudly whether you have "passed motion" or not in front of all the patients?! Okay fine. It's their job. My girlfriend fell sick yesterday and I went to visit her. Apparently, she has stomach flu and suffering from diarrhoea. Strangely enough, I wasn't turned on as some of you guys described before. She has been falling sick quite often recently. Poor girl. Wish I could make her feel better. I left my pair of "Fox" cycling gloves with her to try and make her feel better. She said how sweet I was. I remember I overheard a conversation with one of her girlfriends. The friend told her what a great boyfriend she has. My girlfriend said something I'll never forget,"The Best". Ah, life's good.

re: women being given an enema before labour/delivery Hospital employees have a funny yet discreet word for when a woman defecates during delivery: "Code Brown". hahahahaha.

All right... I'll just come out and say this instead of doing something stupid like badmouthing Julian's parents. I'm truthfully sorry that she died and I would like to express my sincerest condolensces to her family. To Julian's cousin: I'm sorry if I offended you in any way and I want you and all your family to know that my thoughts are with all of you. Now, I believe I won't be back for awhile as I feel like I've hurt everyone. Bye for now.

Alex M. (female)
Hi guys. Welcome to the other Alex, the 15 yo male [I'm a 21 yo female]. The Crank, I always wipe my bum from bottom to top, away from my vagina. This is a good idea whether or not one is pregnant [I've never been]. Melissa, you must have been mortified by that incident at the campground. To answer your question, I can say honestly that I've never had an embarrassing poop- I've never had to go badly enough to resort to using a doorless stall. I will repeat an excerpt from something I posted a long time ago before you joined this site. I was in the 9th grade and was at school in study hall when felt the urge to go pee. I also felt like I had to fart but held it in because there were boys around :) I asked for a pass to the bathroom. I got in there and sat down to urinate. When I pushed to pass gas the "fart" was a 5+ second wave of 90% liquid diahrrea. This was completely unexpected because I didn't think I had to poop. I have diahrrea only about a half-dozen times a year and I usually know it ahead of time [before I sit on the toilet]. It could have been the most humiliating bathroom, or other, incident I could have had in my entire life had there been no boys in the study hall ! and I decided to fart. Hugs and kisses to you and to Melanie! May Julian always rest in peace. I know this is off-subject, but since our friend died of cancer, somewhat appropriate. I went for my physical exam last week and asked to have a small lump on my breast checked out. I had various tests done and waited for a fretful two business days before I found out that, thank goodness, the lump mas benign or negative [good, in this case]. Please, if you see or feel anything "unusual," have it checked out-it could literally save your life. Lots of love, Alex :)

Wednesday, September 01, 1999

The Crank
To Volt: Before the mother enters the labour room, she is usually given an enema. I know there were some controvasy over this as being given an enema is not really something I would say is a nice feeling. Some bowel movement do occur during the pushing stage of labour and what the doctor does is to wipe the faeces away FROM the vagina. This is important to prevent infection to the baby or the vagina. I'm very happy right now. My girlfriend just called to say she loves me whether I ride my bike or not. I'll be giving her a surprise tonight. Oooo!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

My sincere condolences to the family of Julian. I was deeply saddened by the news.

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