To Teenaged Girl - You know, the more I thought about your question, the more difficult it was to answer - I couldn't believe it, I really do apologize for taking so long to get back to you. It's true I've had quite a few accidents, two of which I have posted previously in great detail. I searched back through the site and found them on pages 196 and 198. I would say that my accident in the play yard was more frightening than embarrassing. One of my friends was pointing at me and making fun, while another was trying to give me advice and all the while the uncertainty of what my mom would say really started to unnerve me. All of this on top of feeling my poo starting to come out in my undies confused me so much I really don't remember feeling embarrassed - just frightened. So I guess I would have to say that the most embarrassing true accident was the one I had just a couple of months ago in the mall parking lot. That was embarrassing simply because it was entirely my fa! ult, I should have listened to my body and let my poo come out before I left home. As an eighteen year old woman, to be forced to stand in the middle of the parking lot where anyone could see me as my panties slowly filled was at the very least degrading and humiliating, and yes certainly very embarrassing. So that has to get my vote for most embarrassing accident.

However my most embarrassing incident has to be from three summers ago when the whole family went camping. It was one of those rare occasions when I actually became constipated, probably from the change of diet, but I will never really know. In any case my attitude to occasional constipation is, leave it alone and it will look after itself, and avoid laxatives at all costs. So after about five days without taking a poop I became just a little concerned if not overly worried. As always though I eventually felt the familiar call which caught up with me as I was on my way from our rented cabin to the main camp store on an errand for my dad. Well that was just fine, indeed I remember thinking, "How lucky" since I knew there was a rest room just around the corner although I had never actually used it. By the time I reached the wooden building I could tell it was not going to be an easy poop. My ???? muscles were already cramping up trying to push my poo out but I could feel! it was so large I knew my ring was not going to let it out without a struggle. I made for the open doorway buoyed by the anticipation of soon to be gained relief and almost skipped over the threshold. What confronted me however, instantly filled me with total dismay. There were only two stalls, neither of which had doors. Even worse, the furthest stall was already occupied by a little girl I would guess to be about eight years old. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles and as she looked up at me and smiled, I could tell by the expression on her face that she was doing more than a quick pee. I panicked briefly at the thought of sitting on the toilet in full view but a new surge of pressure told me that I had no choice, I had run out of time and finding another restroom was out of the question.

I went back to the first stall and was consoled by the fact that it at least had a toilet seat and there was a fresh roll of toilet tissue. I lowered my shorts and my panties, sat down, then pulled my clothes back up as far as I could to preserve as much of my modesty as possible. "Oh please don't let anyone come while I'm here", the thought pounded in my head. Satisfied that I was covered I let go and waited for my ring to start opening which it did with no hesitation. At the same time my ???? muscles started to cramp up and I could feel my ring yielding more and more as the contractions forced the tip of my poo out of my hole. As the pressure continued and my poo forced me to open yet wider and wider I felt a building pain around my ring which spread inside my rear as my entire body tensed with the exertion. I remember leaning back on the toilet seat and squeezing with all of my might to try and relieve the pain. The sheer effort made me groan loudly and I could fe! el my face becoming hot with the effort. After a few seconds which seemed like a lifetime, the straining subsided leaving me with a dull ache in my butt and several inches of very hard poo sticking out of my hole.

I breathed a sigh of relief and leaned forwards, nervously pulling my shorts and panties up again as far as I could. Already I felt very nervous and I thought "Oh please poo, please come out quickly, I hate sitting here!". In fact I was so nervous that I jumped at the sudden sound of flushing in the stall next to me. I waited, thinking about the little girl, "Please hurry up and go away, come on hurry up! hurry up! leave me alone!". I heard her footsteps and as she passed in front of my stall she almost stopped, turned, and just stared at me. I felt like I was being examined and the thought crossed my mind - "Oh God she heard me groaning, she knows I'm doing a huge poo". I felt helpless, reduced to a ball of nerves by a little girl seven years younger than me. "What are you staring at? Why don't you leave me alone" the thought screamed in my head. She must have caught the look I gave her because she hurried away leaving me with the peace and solitude I sought.

I started to relax, deeply thankful for the quiet and privacy I so desperately needed. "Please, don't let anyone come, please, please!" the thought once more became my obsession. But my privacy was not to last as I heard the first faint approaching sounds of people. I hoped against hope that they would merely pass me bye and let me finish my poo, "Please don't stop, please don't come in", I thought. Even as the noise began to distinguish itself as running feet and the laughter of teenagers my ???? muscles tightened, once more determined to force the remaining length of poo out of my rear. My hole began to stretch again as the lump started to move sending another stab of pain coursing through my rear. Once more I felt the blush rise and the deep lines of stress crease my face, and again, holding my breath with the exertion, I started to groan loudly from the straining.

The approaching sounds suddenly reached a pitch and three teenagers about my age burst into the restroom laughing and giggling. "I'm going first" I heard one shout. She made to come into my stall and looked surprised to see me sitting there although I know they all heard me groaning. She stifled a yelp with her hand over her mouth and with a loud giggly "Sorry" she made for the stall next to mine. "There's no doors" cried another bursting into laughter. "Who cares" shouted the first girl, I'm dying for a pee!" The two remaining girls just stood and stared at me, quieting down as they took in the full scene I was giving them. I looked up at them and said nothing - I didn't need to - In fact I don't think I could, I was still completely in the grip of straining as my red face and pained expression told them everything they needed to know. I felt like an exhibition, like an animal in a zoo with everyone witnessing my every private moment. I felt so helpless sitting there ! with my panties down and an enormous poo just hanging out of my rear. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move, I couldn't go anywhere, I was absolutely at their mercy. "Oh please just all go away, why did I need to poo now? leave me alone", I thought.

One of girls ran back outside to where more friends were waiting. "There's only two stalls" she exclaimed loudly. "Lisa took one and there's some girl in the other s******g her brains out". There was a chorus of laughter and the girl who had just left returned with two more of their friends. All three once more hesitated and stared at me and then passed on to the next stall. I felt so small, so insignificant, so totally embarrassed - "Some girl s******g her brains out", that's all I was to them, just an object for fun. "I hate this, I hate everything" I told myself.

"Lisa, come on, I need to pee real bad!" one of them cried. By this time I had become aware of the sound of peeing in the next stall, "Sarah, you'll just have to wait!" came the terse reply. My own violent straining had almost passed away and I could feel my poo now sliding ever so slowly out of my hole all on its own. "Come on!, come on!, come on!, hurry up!" I wished with all my senses. The stabbing pain had once more turned to a dull ache, this time punctuated by the sensations of my knobby poo as it teased past my ring. Suddenly one of the girls appeared in the doorway. "Are you going to be much longer?" she exclaimed, ending in a giggle which she tried unsuccessfully to stifle. I recognized the voice as belonging to Sarah, the girl who had told Lisa she needed to pee. I managed a kind of garbled "I don't know, I think I'm nearly finished" and even as I was saying it I felt my ring contracting as the tail of my poo finally left my hole and the complete log sl! id silently into the water. I sighed loudly with the relief but now I had to suffer one more indignity, I needed to wipe myself. Sarah hung in the doorway expectantly and watched as I tore off a length of toilet tissue and folded it into a pad. "Oh please don't look" I thought at Sarah, "Why don't you go away?". I shuffled forward on the toilet seat and wiped as discretely as possible from behind, too embarrassed to pull the paper round and look at it to see if I was clean, I just dropped it in the bowl. But I still needed to wipe between my legs as somewhere in the middle of pooping I had also peed. I took some more paper and carefully eased it down the front of my shorts determined not to give Sarah a free display of the view between my legs. I had been stripped of just about all of my dignity but at least I had my modesty intact and I was not going to lose that as well. I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet, and still bright red in the face made my way past Sarah trying all the time to avoid! returning her gaze.

I think what made this whole incident so embarrassing was the feeling of total vulnerability, even a strange but definite sense of inferiority. Of being nothing more than a helpless object held under a magnifying glass for others to observe at their whim and pleasure without any kind of consent. Of being held captive by an intensely personal and private situation while being reduced to a display of involuntary exhibitionism. All of these sensations combined and just filled me with an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and the desperate wish for that proverbial hole in the ground to just open up and cloak me with its' veil of security.

I hope this answered the question and I would like to ask all my friends out there if it comes close in any way to any situations you may have found yourself in at some time. I love you all - look forward to hearing from you - Hugs and kisses from Melissa.

Gallons and Gallons
I usually pee somewhere over two gallons every day, no joke. I was born with a hereditary kidney condition in 1943, and part of it involves "wasting," where the good stuff, such as water, minerals, sugar, and protein, normally re-absorbed by the kidneys, is wasted. When I was a kid I drove my mother crazy (she might have been crazy anyway) with all the diapers -- and then I wet the bed almost every night until I was 13 (I remember camping on top of Mt. Graylock in Western Massachusetts with the "Indian Guides" in 1951, and waking my father early the next morning to tell him I had wet the bed -- knowing this was not something to be publicized. He was a very understanding tolerant guy and helped me deal with it). I've been checked variously in hospitals in New York City (late 40's and again early '60's), Toronto (mid 60's). and Boston (80's). I see a nephrologist 3 times a year, and last week did a regular (annual) 24-hour kidney collection. Topped out close to 9 liters, we! ll past 2 US gallons - filled 3 of those famous brown jugs. Last year I put a pencil and paper in the bathroom and noted every time I peed: 23 times in 24 hours. And I'm up to pee at night, usually every 1.5 to 2 hours. Haven't had a sound. solid nights' sleep since 1976 (one night; the last time before that was one night in 1957). I can't imagine what it's like not to live like this, to be able to go hours and hours, to pee only 5 or 6 times a day, to not take a jug of water with me everywhere (if I don't drink constantly, I'll get dehydrated in a matter of hours because of the wasting). So because of other kidney complications, I retired on disability 2 years ago, and sit here with about 20% kidney function, trying to use a low-protein diet to preserve what kidney function I have (there is no medicine or surgery that can be used). In a few years I'll probably be looking at dialysis or a transplant. Anyway, it's a way of life; I guess there are case studies of som! e rare diseases causing people to pee close to 20 liters per day. So I live with my 9. Different strokes for different folks. I guess. (if anybody here has, or knows somebody who has, a kidney condition, feel free to check a bulletin board called ." It's a self-help guidepost for folks trying to make a low-protein diet work -- usually has to start by giving up all meat, cheese, poultry, fish -- "cold turkey.") Oops -- gotta pee....

So sorry to hear about the death of Julian. My heart goes out to her cousin and family.

My condolences to julian's family-I lost both my parents to lung cancer,it's a terrible thing to go thru for the hole family.I hope the family of julian can get through this trying ordeal---I feel for you all-God bless

One of the posts that showed up recently under my name, I didn't write. (The one about the teachers using the boys urinals). But, it is very close to something I WOULD write! PV: Quite often girls go into the boys restroom, the reasons are many - curiousity, invited by boyfriend, broken pipe in girls room, out of toilet paper, locked girls room, wet floor in girls room, etc. It's not a big leap for the girls to try a urinal. Some of the schools have Kohler urinals, others have Eljer. We don' have the trough type, those are kind of passe'. The girls usually think the urinals are cool. The majority of the time, they will sit on the front rim of the urinal and go. Some face the urinal and hold their vagina open so that their urethra is aimed right into the urinal, they can get a pretty good stream going, and it doesn't matter if they spray or drip a little. The only thing is that their bottom is exposed, so as long as they aren't shy about THAT, everything is cool. Of course their bottoms can be partially covered by the back of their shirt. In the high schools, very often girls will go in the boys room with their boyfriends, or at least go w! ith boys that they know. Most of the time they will pee in the toilets if anyone else is around. Boys, too, will use the girls room but not as often. Sometimes I wonder why we have seperate restrooms, I think the trend will eventually be toward more unisex bathrooms. Good Luck to you.

To Matt,ct. You shouldn't be worried about it,you'll spoil your weekend,here is a girls point of view. First of all i guess your afraid of telling her you have to go,don't be, we do it too you know and i get just as embarresd when i'm sitting on the bowl doing #2 when i know my boyfriend is waiting for me but any girl would rather feel a little embarresed like that,it's better then being uncomfortable trying to hold it in or to start farting. Just say something like be right back or just excuse me and it will be fine.Or if what your worried about is her going in the bathroom after you've done it she probaly has a can of air freshner in there,remember to use it,i sure do and sometimes if the bathroom is close to where by boyfriend is waiting for me i run the water in the sink to cover any noise i might make and if i happen to be real noisy like diareea i even flush while i'm doing it and one more thing remember to lock the door so she doesn't accidently walk in on you.I hope this helps and if you have any other questions it's ok if you e-mail me.

Hi everyone - sorry to double post but Julian's passing has upset me, and yesterday (Monday), I felt it not quite right to post anything other than a message of condolence. So now I'm trying to catch up just a little - apologies to all, I hope you can all bear with me. I can see that many of us are very upset at this sad news.

To Electra - Electra, I wouldn't worry about missing a day even though you normally go twice in one day. My experience is that these things sort themselves out and usually with no fuss. If it goes on for two or more days you might like to consider a suppository or a small dose of mineral oil. The nice thing about the glycerin suppository is that it usually works within an hour, sometimes much faster. That's nice because you can plan your poo which is really convenient. But be careful - stay off the chemical laxatives - that essentially means just about anything in pill form. On your last point, "will it hurt?" Of course I don't know, but I suspect it will do no more than just stretch your ring a little more than normal, it will probably be a little firmer, a little dryer, and a little thicker than normal and that will be it. Again since you normally go twice in a day I would consider a simple laxative after say two days - just no chemicals. Please let me know how thi! ngs go - lots of love - Melissa.

To Liz - Liz, I think there are two things to consider. First of all your toilets needs are entirely your own personal affair and you have the right to decide who, if anyone, you would like to be with you. So it's your decision to make, not his, so don't let your boyfriend either bully or sweet-talk you into something you are not comfortable with. Going to the bathroom is a private thing and you own comfort level is the deciding factor. After all I suspect that you would only go to the toilet in front of a select few of your friends and there are many female friends who would not be welcome. From my own experience, I gain a very comforting sense of security and companionship from having a close girlfriend with me when I'm taking a poo - and that's what I am looking for by having a friend with me. If you feel that your boyfriend would give you the same satisfaction that your girlfriends give you then you might want to consider it. The second thing is that it would appear ! from your post that your boyfriend is coming at this from a sexual satisfaction point of view. He hasn't seen you without your clothes on and sitting on the toilet with your panties around your knees is probably his vision of achieving that aim. Let me say straight away that is not a condemnation of boyfriends - that's how they are for the most part. Since you are still a virgin (so am I by the way), and you have only "fooled around" it seems to me you are not ready to go all the way and you need to keep something back, including your modesty. So I would say that his needs and motives are so different from yours that you should politely insist that the answer is no. BTW I'm 18 years old, I have a very small group of girl friends whom I trust and whose companionship I enjoy while I'm in the bathroom and I have never had a boyfriend keep me company. I really hope this helps, please let me know, lots of love and hugs from Melissa.

To Matt - Matt, please stop worrying. If you are really concerned about the smell then open a window or turn on the fan if those options are available. Whatever you do, don't try taking medicine to delay things. I doubt that over the counter medicine would hold it off for that length of time anyway, especially since you normally go twice a day. In any case if you do a BM and it doesn't smell you have no need to worry. If it does smell badly then I would say nothing unless you see your girlfriend make a move to use the bathroom right after you. In that case just make some humorous comment to the affect the "It still smells just a little in there" She is warned, she can make her own choice and I'm sure there is more than one bathroom in the house. I know you want to create the best impression with your girlfriend, but to be honest, as a woman I would find bad breath to be much more off-putting than how the bathroom smelled. All the best - Melissa.

Volt, I have never been pregnant, (I dont even know if I want any kids yet), however I do know that many women do defecate when they are giving birth, its almost unavoidable. In some hospitals they refer to this as "Code Brown". In the old days they used to give a woman an enema and shave her pubic hair when she presented at hospital in labour but now this rather nasty practice has stopped. The downside of this is that often the woman will expel feces when she is bearing down especially if there is any stool in her lower intestine at the time. My sister in law did a whopper when she was in labour much to the amusement of her husband. Her daughter came out of one hole and a big fat jobbie out of the other. She was rather embarrased, her husband in stitches, the baby totally undisturbed by all this and the doctor and midwife just cleaned up and got on with the important matters, they see this sort of thing happen every day.

Matt CT, Im losing patience with you Americans who are so hung up with doing a motion (taking a dump if you prefer) in their Girlfriends or Boyfriends toilet. What do you think they do there, and do their poos come out sealed in a plastic bag. WE ALL SHIT! The Queen, The President, Religious Leaders, Film Stars, Business Tycoons, all the common people, rich and poor, high and lowly. So just do it! Be careful too about taking anti diarrheals when you dont need them , just as dangerous as abuse of laxatives.

It was a Bank (Public) Holiday yesterday in England and I went to a country show with my husband and his big family, my in laws, a lovely bunch, very welcoming open types. As always happens the queue (line) for the toilets was huge so we all decided to go in the nearby woods. As none of us are twee about such things we didnt split genderwise, males and females who needed went together. My 19 year old brother in law asked me. "Nicky, are you going to do one of your big jobs?" I giggled and replied, "I think you are going to be in luck!" He has seen me naked before at Studland Bay a famous English Naturist Beach so it just didnt worry me as I undid my belt, pulled down my jeans and panties (black ones) did a wee wee them with a "NN NNN! AH! started to pass a nice big fat solid jobbbie as he and my husband and one of my sisters in law, all of whom only needed to pee, watched in admiration. It was certainly a biggie and curved round on the grass like a brown knobbly cucumber. Afte! r I wiped my bum and pulled up my panties and jeans my brother in law took his camera out of his bag and photographed it!! I must say I was shocked at first but then found this amusing, but I would love to see what will happen when he sends the film to be developed! The cheeky young swine has even asked me to autograph the photo! The kids then came along and saw what I had done and made a lot of comments about "Aunty Nicky's big poo".

Marion and Stacey, if your daughter using the toilet at home with the door open upsets or annoys you just gently close the door with no fuss or comment and Im sure she will get the message. I must say I do a motion or a wee wee with the toilet door open at home, but not if we have visitors unless they are very close family or friends who are comfortable with openness in toilet matters. When I lived with my parents I kept the toilet door closed when they were at home but left it open if alone or only my young brother was around and he did likewise. My mum amd dad are in their mid forties and quite typical 1970s parents, liberal in outlook, but although they were by no means prudish about defecation or natural functions they simply prefered the door closed when using the toilet. Fair enough, their house, their rules. All I would say is dont make the kid feel guilty about her natural functions. If you like you can say its to protect the feelings of others and to prevent strong s! mells wafting about the house. On that line I can remember when I was about 16 or so doing a magnificent long fat jobbie at home which of course stuck in the pan. I left it, it would go away in time, but this one was a real stinker! My dad had been working in the garden, went into the toilet for a pee and shouted to my mum "What the hell are you feeding that girl, Dog Food? What an evil stink!" Mum, myself and my brother were in stiches as he went on "Why didnt you do that in the Girls' Toilet at school instead of saving it up to drop here?" Although he seemed to make a fuss about it I could see that he was smirking all the while.

Lesley-Loo, if I had a pound or dollar for the number of times I have done one that has stuck in a train, plane, boat or public toilet I would be rich. I must say very seldom have I heard anyone make a derogatory remark, indeed quite a few have gone "Wow! or "What a whopper" especially blokes using the toilet after I have left a big log behind. I do recal once using a Ladies Toilet in a posh area and dropping one of my whoppers which stuck. It was nice big solid formed carrot shaped jobbie, not smelly or messy in any way. It stuck in the bottom of the pan although I pulled the flush. As I opened the door to come out of the cubicle a rather snobbish woman went in with her daughter. I held the door for them but as I was washing my hands I heard her exclaim , "Oh how disgusting! That common girl has left that obscene object in the toilet" I couldn't resist blowing her a rasberry and saying , "oh remind you of your relatives does it!" as I left the toilet.

Mark B
To Dork (page 231). In answer to my post where I mentioned that I have been experimenting with pooing in my pants recently, so far nothing has got stuck half-in and half-out. I have just pushed the whole lot out. I have not done it wearing tight trousers however. At first it was strange, as we are trained from childhood not to do this recreational activity in our underpants deliberately, but after trying it once or twice I found it easy to do, and to control. So I can do it slowly, which is more stimulating. It's better when your turds are firm. If there is soft mushy stuff up there (often there is at the end) I think it's best to hold that in and save it for the toilet. Otherwise it's a real mess! I notice that no-one commented on my post about eating a huge number of prunes. Not surprising, as it all sounds a bit gross and stupid. I was naive when I did it. Some of you may have thought I made that story up, but I can reassure you that it is completely true (like everything I write on this site). One or two people recently have mentioned drinking beer to make them shit. I find it has the reverse effect, in fact drinking all alcohol, even small amounts, tends to bind me up at the back. It's about the only thing which does that. At the same time, beer makes me pee copiously if I drink a lot of it, of course. I'd like to encourage more blokes (males) to send in their posts. Posts from fellas seem to be on the decrease. Don't be shy fellas, it's good to write... Actually I love reading everyone's posts, not just those from blokes. Mark B (UK)

Hmmm.... Rick...*lol* 4 bathrooms is quite alot to deal with, so I can see why you mainly use one of the toilets. As for my email address, I may just give it to you one of these days. I hope you'll understand that now feels a little awkward for me. And as for me clogging your toilet, as much as that may not bother you, I could never live with myself if I did that.*lol* Sorry!

Hi. Regarding the death of our dear friend Julian, Jeff A., I could not have said it more beautifully and elequently. Many of us have become very close to each other and are collectively saddened by the premature death of one of our own. Linda, I wish I could give you a big hug and be a shoulder on which you could cry. Please know that it IS okay to be upset about this, it is not "babyish" to let out your feelings. I do have a couple of things to write about, but I will save them until after everyone has a chance to post their feelings on this very serious event. Love and peace to all, Steph

Hi guys, haven't posted for a while as I've been quite busy with work and activities away from the computer..............Julian's Cousin.....I'm so saddened to hear of Julian's passing, my thoughts are with you and your family, I know she has gone on to a better place where there is no sickness and pain...........Billy, I live on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia so I haven't been to Victoria station lately. However, some of the toilets on railway stations here are fitted with ultraviolet type lights which are designed to prevent junkies from being able to see their veins and therefore not be able to inject their drugs there. The ultraviolet lights here are brighter as they don't leave you in the dark with only a glowing toilet roll to light the way!!! I do find that the blueish/purple hue of the light can sometimes be a bit nauseating.......

For Cancer Child, May God welcome you in His Arms+. I feel like a knew you in person. This is for Matt,Ct. When I was about your age, I friends with a boy named, Mitchell. We were a year apart. I was junior. He was a senior. We had keys to the school; we ran an AV squad. There was a city-wide crisis in the 70's: no toilet paper. I had to make #2 badly. So Mitch invited me to his house. After awhile in the house, I went to the rec room toilet. We liked to fool around. It was close to the rec room. I lifted my gray dress, aqua blue slip and lowered my aqua nylon panties to my knees. It was warm in May, so I did not where pantyhose. When I sat, I was happy to release my bowels. I was holding it from morning. Mitchell joined me to talk. This was nothing new. We would let each other into locked unused bathrooms at school for company. As we talked, there were five plop, plops and an endless piss. I was in no hurry to get up. As we talked more about school, I felt another piece of do! o-doo in my rectum. I strained to release it. As I pushed out the piece hit the water like a rock. There were two more and I had to repeat the process. Ugh! Plop! Ugh! Plop! Fart! Ugh! Plop! I was clutching my abdomen for leverage and was on my tiptoes. Then I needed toilet paper to wipe. There was none in the house. I terrified. Either sit on the bowl all afternoon or pull up my panties on my messy ass or take them off and get off the bowl. Then I remembered I had facial tissues in my briefcase. That is what saved me. Later Mitch's big sis came home from work and had bought toilet paper during the day.

To Matt: Don't be embarrassed about taking a dump at your g/f's house. Don't forget she'll have to invariably go too over a four day period. No needto even announce it. Just discreetly go in, do your thing and that's it! Chances are she's a little nervous too and it might be a source for some laughter by the end of the weekend. Good luck, and keep us posted.

DJ Dan
I was a work today and I had to go so I let one slide outside by the dumpster, it was great

To matt, ct: I don't know if the medcine would work or not to get you to hold your poop in? What about waiting to poop when you shower or your gf showers? That way it will cut down on the noise(she won't know what you are doing). Matt Im your age, Im 18!!! I've been in situtations like this before not w/ a gf but with family and classmates before. You could talk to your gf about the situation. Well gotta go and still haven't had to poop (haven't gone in almost 3 days). Bye

Volt, this does sometimes happen and when it does it called "comdition brown" or some such, and the ejected fecal material must be discarded immediately to prevent infection.

Hi,everyone.I'm a 15 year old male from New York.I remember one accident taht happened to me 5 years ago.I went to my friend's house,and we went out to eat ice cream.I ordered a special they had.Anyway,on the way back.I felt the urge to poop.(i am not lactose intolerant,just had the runs over something i ate)I felt it once again,and thught i wasn't going to make it to the toilet.So i went to a grassy area(good thing it was late at night) and pulled down my pants.Some soft runny shit squirted into my underwear.I pulled them down and let all the shit come out on the grass.When i was done,i pulled some napkins out of pockets to wipe my butt(Thank goodness i had napkins) Then we got to my friends house without any more accidents.I got cleaned up,and took some medicine.If you want me to post more,let me know.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Cancer Child's cousin>> My condolences and sympathies go out to you and the rest of your family on the loss of your cousin Julian at this time. Donny>> Thank you for the information on what to do to fix that continously running toilet that I asked you about. Unfortunately we were unable to repair the toilet as the company I work for is not authorized to make repairs on the physical plant, as we are on contract just to run the cafeteria. However we were able to get it to stop flushing, as I told the cook about it, and he has said it has happened before and knew what to do to stop it...It was a simple fix by just holding the flush handle and thunking the top part with a screwdriver at the same time...It stopped immediately, but not until after 72+ hours had passed...I don't know what the water bill will be, but I can imagine it may be a big one, along with the sewer bill as well, since the town I live in bills the sewer charges by how much water is used..

Anyone ever been to the gents in the restaurant area at Victoria station, London? I don't know if it was deliberate or if a light was broken, but the cubicles when I went there last week were lit only with ultraviolet, so it was pitch dark but the white toilet paper glowed! Seriously groovy toilet experience. RIP Julian

DONNY: I've been lurking here a while, as it was suggested by a listmate on another site that I frequent a lot (a pee site) and I am fascinated by your report of a group of teacher ladies using the urinals in the men's room. This is a developing adventure for many, and myself certainly (I'm a 29 year old woman who is determined to defeat Avoidant Paruresis, and to openly use urinals to pee standing is my goal.) I'm curious as to whether the ladies urinated standing facing them or facing away, bending over? They were perfectly happy to urinate with you present? (Or did you offer to leave?) Did they urinate as a group? Were they individual urinals or a long wall-type? Sorry if I sound too interested, but I'm researching like mad as I recently learned to pee standing and I have a lot of catching up to do! The whole idea is very new and exciting to me. MARION AND STACEY: My earnest impression is that your daughters are expressing a completely natural lack of inhibition, and that t! heir ability or desire to do their toileting with the door open is in no way "sick" or wrong. It's not the usual thing in our society, but I can vouch for the fact that they'll have much easier lives if this ability is not taken away from them. By the age of twelve I don;t think it could be "taken away" in anycase. The best and most important thing is probably to ensure that they understand that it's perfectly okay to have the bathroom door open when they are in the safe, loving comanionship of their home environment, or with friends they know well and trust, but that in public and amongst strangers, its safest to close the door like most folks out there do. This is in their own best interests. But I would suggest you weigh carefully whether they are actually doing anything wrong. Just my thoughts, offered in earnest. Best to all, PV (that's an acronym for my handle on the other list!)

The Crank
Hi guys!My deepest sympathy to all the family and friends of Julian.Rest assure guys,he will be going to a much better place and be happy. My girlfriend came to school last week with cramps.Poor girl,it's her period.Couldn't bear to leave her alone,so I did the most sensible thing I ever done.Skipped classes.But she's all right now,still love her.Regarding tthe subject about defecating in frony of your GF or BF,I never thought about it before.My GF seldom talk about such things,neither do I,but well,I guess the situation hasn't come yet,so I just let things run its course. Bought a new bike yesterday and rode it yesterday.Great bike,though my GF wasn't too happy about it.She said if I ride bikes,I don't care for her.OK fine.Have it her way,she looks cute when she's angry.Maybe she may come to my house and spend more time with me...I'll be waiting.

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