My female cousin who is now 27 came to visit me from Haiti five years ago. Her stomach was not used to KFC chicken. Well, she bought it and was she sorry. Just as we were turning in she had a loose bowel movement. It was diarreah. She was not used to such a thing. Caribbean girls have large firm movements. This is due to their diets of starch, roughage and protein. I woke up in the night to pee, when Wendy knocked on the bathroom door. I took my pee standing up. She entered as I finished and lowered her pink cotton panties to her knees. Her diarrhea was loud, relentless and stinked the bathroom through the night. Chunks hit the water like hail stones. I kept her company for an hour. Then I had to sleep.I lay in bed as I heard waves of muddy water leave her stomach. When she returned to bed she was sobbing and clung to me for comfort. I had to get to work the next morning. I left her with a bottle of Imodium. I called from work to check on her. When, I came home she said the diarrhea had subsided. Her movements were not as loose, but turning black. She showed me what she left in the toilet. I saw what looked like six inch pieces of asphalt. I told her that was the chemical reaction of the medicine.

That's sad news about Julian, because we all had hopes that she'd beat this. She was a sweet and brave little girl with a zest for life. But she's with Jesus now and isn't hurting anymore, so that's a blessing.

I have a question. During labor when the women is pushing the baby out they tell them to push down like they are having a BM. So why don't they actually push a motion out? After all that pushing I think a litle bit would come out unless they had gone right before. Can someone fill me in? I'd really appreciate your responses.

There's a great post way back in December from Jessice about her b/f Chris; just wanted to know how things worked out.

Poolguy - I have never turned off the light on a sibling, but I have done so on a coworker. He used to always turn off the light when I was at the urinal. I finally got fed up with it. I knew every morning he would take his newspaper and go take a dump. If no one else was in there, I would sneak in, turn off the light, laugh out loud, then leave . . . and this was in the interior of a large office building, so it was pitch dark. After doing this a few times, he got the message and never turn off the light on me again.

Thanks, everyone, for replying to me. At this moment, I am very down and don't feel like posting much because I am saddened to hear about Julian's (CancerChild) death. Reading her last post made it even harder to accept. May God take care of her, always.

Hi. I was really interested to read Stevie's story,with the reference to corporal punishment. When I was 12, during a holiday at my Aunt's house (where I got sent every summer by my parents), I was caught spying on my slightly older female cousin as she took a bath. My cousin complained loudly and my aunt (who had been widowed for some 5 years) ran upstairs and dragged me away. Aunt Margaret was a formidable woman in her mid forties (5ft 9in and 175lbs!) and she easily manhandled me into the lounge. She told me that I had behaved disgracefully and I would be punished. She then produced a large rubber soled plimsoll that had belonged to my late uncle (size 11!). As my cousin appeared in the doorway, I was told to take my trousers down and bend over one of the armchairs. This was a new experience to me and I was a bit hesitant, so she undid them and pulled them down, taking my underpants with them.

I should add at this point that, as was usual at my Aunt's house, I had been constipated for a couple of days (I'd only been there since Saturday - it was now Monday, and I didn't like to use her toilet because the sounds and smell might be embarrasing - who says only girls feel like this?) As she pushed me over the chair, she told me how sore I'd be, how much the slipper would hurt and how Susan (my cousin) was going to see me get my just deserts. While this was happening I was getting very nervous. I felt the slipper measured against my bare bum, then WHAPP! It hurt a lot and I cried out. The next one was even harder. Suddenly I needed the loo, really badly. I tried to tell Auntie but she just whacked me again. As the fourth one landed I did a rasping fart. My cousin started to giggle. Auntie Margaret told me that I was digusting. She raised her powerful arm high and landed a real belter right in the centre of my bum.

And then it happened. I totally lost control. A HUGE big job started to pour slowly but inexorably out of my rectum. It stretched my anus so much it hurt. The smell was disgusting, like concentrated boiled cabbage. It seemed like an age before I passed it but finally it slid out and landed with a soft "splodge" on Auntie's living room carpet.

I turned to look at what I had passed. It was like a long brown cucumber - must have been pushing 3 inches across at the widest point. I felt terribly ashamed of pooping myself, especially with my aunt and wide-eyed cousin in attendance. At this point I compounded everything by peeing all over my aunt's armchair! She was not pleased at my performance - I got called a few names, and at one point she threatened to rub my nose in it. Eventually I was given a bucket and a cloth and told to clean up, while the two of them looked on. Extremely humiliating but pivotal in my love of all things faecal.

To Cancer Child's cousin This is all terrible news - I'm sure all our hearts and prayers go out to Julian and the whole family. Please accept my sincere condolences - Melissa

Hi Jasmine, Yep, I gotta great memory. I had tried to send a message on the board asking the referee to send my e-mail address to you but they said that would not be legal, Whatever. Anywhow, The biggest problems I have with my poops are with these new flow flush toilets they put in these new houses here in the States. I mean, I have to flush 3 or 4 times to get every thing down the hatch. Heck, Sometimes the shit sticks to the sides of the bowl and there is just not enough water pressure to clean it off. I then have to get the toilet bowl cleaner from under the sink and clean it (two more flushes). That is one of the reasons I only use 1 bathroom out of the 4 in my new home, it's easier to clean 1 toilet than 4. Actually Jasmine, I am a black male myself, but despite popular belief, my movements are usually not real large, they just tend to be very sticky, and stick to anything they come in contact with. I tell ya what, If you are ever in my neck of the woods in the Eastern States, you c! an come over and plug up my toilet anytime. It would be an honor to clean it out. Rick.

matt, ct
hi i am 17/male. I have been going out with my girlfriend for about 3 months now and she just asked me to spend next weekend at her house while her parents are away on vacation. I really want to....but i am kinda embarassed to take a dump at her house. And I know I can't hold it for 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) because i usually take a dump 2 times a day. i have never taken a dump at her house before...or at any of my other previous g/f's houses. I have always just waited to go home because I never spent the night before. I was thinking maybe if i just took some anti-diarheal (sp?) medicine a couple times while I ws at her house I would be able to wait till going home on monday. Otherwise I will try to make excuses to go home and go there or else go to friends houses to go. But I would really like to just stay with her all weekend. Do you think the medicine would work...or would it be bad for me??? please give me your opinions =) thanx matt

Linda- I can see how Julian's comment might have offended you, but please come back. I really wanted to get to know you.. you're sweet. Talk to you later. Barry.

God be with you in this time of sorrow, CancerChild Family.

A TRIP TO THE WOODS AND ITS ADVENTURES Last Friday we were geting ready for an outing and were delayed by a over two hours. We were at the leaders parents house. I had a mild urge to pee and entered the house, said hello to the parents. The bathroom was not in sight so I went back out doors. There was woods in the back so however there was fence in the way. The fence had no barbed wire. I was able to go through the fence by sliding through the turd (that's a joke son.) and fourth line from the bottom. Went through a small field then pass through an identical fence to access the woods. In the woods I marked territory then left. On the way back, I went through the two fences in fimilar mannor then petted a friendly dog out in a cage in back. Later I found that the fences I crossed were electric, I did not get a shock, and the long narrow field was for llamas. Later I saw the llamas. I wonder if they would have kicked me if they were out in the field while they there?

Hi Did any one happen to see ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" hosted by Regis Philbin(sp)(from Regis and Kathy Lee). There was a chinese guy on from NJ I think. Regis ask how is it?(to see if he was nervous etc.) The Man Said "I feel like Im sitting on a toilet and lots of people are watching". I thought this was so funny. Any one see it? This show is was only on for a 2 week trial period and will return to ABC In Novemember. Sorry about the death of one of our fellow posters, Cancer child Julian. I have a feeling Im going to be constipated slightly with school starting today and I don't have time to do any thing. with school and that means i probably won't shit for days and with the school lunches.

I have been so busy but been reading the board. First off, I want to give my sympathy to Julian's (CancerChild) family. I went to the previous page to read her post. Many of us will miss her. I don't have any good stories tonite so I will leave y'all with this, John 3:16. Later y'all.

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time but I've been away for the last month. I'm really sorry to hear of Julian's passing....she will be missed. I have an interesting bathroom story.......ever try to get comfortable sitting on those airplane toilets? It's not easy!!!! During a 6 hour flight to the West Coast...of course one needs a toilet and it was time for my movement. I went in, closed the door and tried to get comfortable in such a small space (I'm slightly claustrophobic). I did my movement which was a pretty big log which had a hard time going down. I flushed the toilet about 3 times when I knew people were waiting I told the next person in line that the damn thing is clogged!!!! He said no problem I only have to pee. He went in and said " Oh my goodness....what a biggie!" I was both embarrassed and found it rather humorous at the same time. After the Gentleman got out of the bathroom....the Flight Attendent marked the door with a sign saying Out of Order. Luckily there was another bathroom in the back of the plane. What a day that was!!!!

too bad about Julian. He was a nice kid and to see him suffer so. He was brave and will be missed,

I have already told Cammy this myself, but I will say it for the benefit of those of you who may now be thinking of him as some kinda freak, especially due to the fact that Julian has died. The parents were no doubt scared of their daughter dying, so they tried to get every last ounce of life from her. As you can see, I also have mixed feelings on this issue, although I've tried to be more clear about it. Cousin, did she have any brothers and sisters? Also, this is not my opinion nor Cammy's, but a few friends of mine believe this to be a hoax of some sort. Don't yell at me!!!! I mean, so a guy is called CancerChild's cousin. That's perfectly fine, right? Anyways, got to be going. I hope I never offended anyone with all this. We both feel very bad right now. Bye all.

Daddy w
that could be the most disturbing post i've ever read. i'm sorry for the family of Julian and Julian himself

Monday, August 30, 1999

CancerChild's cousin
just to let you know Julian died last night.

Stacey - Maybe your daughter likes to watch her urine and feces come out and drop into the toilet bowl. Or, sitting with legs spread on the toilet seat is more comfortable for her, or if her bottom is small it may prevent her from falling in.

Stevie writes: When I was 11 my folks sent me to a UK preparatory school. The combination of having to do poohs with little privacy and the stodgy food made me constipated. My rectum was uncomfortably full and I could not sit still. This caught the eye of the housemaster who told me to desist or he would beat me. This was back in the bad old days when adult men whacked little kids with a cane on the behind. Anyway, I tried not to fidget but was so uncomfortable I did it again. 'See me at 3.30' the housemaster commanded. I was standing outside the study at 3.25. Hearing the sounds of another boy being whacked my bowels reacted to my fear. I just made it to the loo in time. Oh, the relief! Of course I was late for my appointment with the housemaster who gave me another couple for being tardy. Truly, fear is the best laxative.

To Liz,First of all don't let your BF push the issue,when you feel relaxed enough to go with him go for it and maybe you should ask to see him to do it first.I've let my BF watch me pee but not poop since i never know when i'll do one of my real stink bombs and i'm not ready to handle that just yet,i've never done that with a male in the room,once my BF was in the bathroom with me when i was takeing a leak and all of a sudden i felt the other thing about to happen and i said ,ah you've gotta go like right now ,ok and he just said like oh ok and as soon as he closed the door i did like the biggest fart and a turd just pushed out and went plop and splashed on my ass and besides that my fart smelled real bad so i was glad i kicked him out,it was one of those shits you either want to do alone or maybe with a female relative or close girl friend,so post some more if you do or don't let him and i will do the same.

Greg (from Kansas, USA)
Hello again, Christa, I sent your post to a lady I know and she is pretty much sure that you suffer from a "spastic" bladder. She says you must be in some pain. She also says usually the course of treatment is a dilution. I hope I spelled that right! I hope I was of some help for you! Please keep us posted!

Hi Jana. I'm glad you like reading my posts. :-) I have light-coffee colored skin (I'm of Portuguese and Italian background), short dark brown hair and brown eyes. My butt isn't that hairy but the area around my c**t is. I sometimes get dark hairs on the toilet paper after wiping my vagina, but like Steph, it's nothing serious. Julian/CancerChild, I'm only two years older than you so I know how hard it must be to be that sick when your so young. I will pray for you and hope you feel better. Linda, I agree with Stephanie about how you must feel bad about reading Julian's comment about having a nice life. I'll pray for you too. I've been going pretty normally, three or four pees a day and one to two poopies (with pee). I have nothing special to write about, so it's bye for now. Love Torie

I am just your avarage looking 23 year old single female,5'4, 102 lbs dark brown hair green eyes chuby little backside and kind of small but firm chest size 34A and some guys have told me i have a very cute face,but i know that i'm just avearge looking,i have acne on my face and some freckles on my backside,and when i do a poop it smells and of course my farts do too.I pooped with a guy i was going out with in the room and he had the nerve to say boy you stink as bad as me and i replyed well what did you think it would smell like dumb ass and he says i bet Suzanne's poop doesn't smell that bad,and since i wasn't going to reply to that i let it drop but it made me think,Do all you guys think that because a woman happens to be really beautiful her poop doesn't stink,how absurd!,The girl Suzanne he was talking about is my very best friend and she is what you would call very hot,5'9''natural blond,blue eyes 36c boobs,and a little heart shaped ass that guys drool over when she walks down the street,she looks very much like the stupid girl on friends,who's name i can't think of at the moment,well guys i hate to disapoint you all but her shit stinks as bad as mine and sometimes alot more,as i said we are best friends and have seen each other naked about a thousand times since we go to the same health club so i know she has a absolutly perfect body and we have buddy dumped many times together in each others place and in public facilitys and you know what her stink could kill at times and her cute little ass farts as loud as mine,it's just that the real beautiful girls go out of their way to not do it when any guys are around because it's bad for their image,we were out on a double date just last week when she said Laura i've gotta go pee and we went off together to the ladys room and as soon as the door closed behind us she stopped just outside one of the stalls and let out this tremendously loud fart!gigled and said thats all i had to do and she waited for me while i pee'd,so you see my point,where i as the average looking girl would probaly just have taken the chance of staying at the table and trying to silently let it out,as a matter of routine she wouldn't dare because it would ruin her image.This is just something that i have bein thinking about since looking at the old posts,i think this is a great site.

Christa, You need to see a Urologist. I was thinking you may have partially passed a kidney stone that's now in your bladder, which is what happened to me about 5 yrs ago.

Hello folks, I really enjoy the things that each of you post, but have one small request. Some do not write in sentences, making it very difficult to read. Would you please pause every once in awhile with a '.'? It would make things much more enjoyable. Happy pooping! Kwan

Marianne, simple advice, DONT EAT SALAD! I cant stand the stuff myself although it doesnt really seem to affect me too much. You have had two very bad diarrhea attacks after eating it so their may be a connction, either a real physical one from some allergy to the chemicals in lettuce, (many people are allergic to these) or a psychological one , "the placebo effect". Also when you had your last massive diarrhea attack were you also going to an interview? Diarrhea is often a result of stress, hence exam diarrhea in students etc. As a lawyer I have seen this happen to criminals before trial or when arrested at the police station. If nerves are the problem either see your doctor and get a mild tranquilliser or a simpler idea is to take a dose of some anti diarrheal medicine such as Imodium BEFORE you have the interview,( say one dose at bedtime the night before and one in the morning of the interview, also eat only bland food the day before and for breakfast avoiding all foods th! at can loosen your bowels). Sure this may make you constipated for a day or so but that is a small price to pay and a lot better than the risk of shitting yourself and either missing the interview and the job or worse still shitting yourself AT the interview and disgracing yourself in front of potential employers. Kelly, heed the warnings, fruit etc in hot Southern Europe is often washed in water with a high bacterial content. It doesnt affect the natives as they are used to it but can cause very bad diarrhea to British and US systems used to very clean water. Stick to hot cooked foods, avoid ice in drinks unless you know that the water is purified or bottled. Take some anti-diarrheal medicines with you, such as Entro vioform or Imodium and also a re-hydration mixture such a Dioralyte.

I have seen a person deliberately shit their underpants to gain sympathy. Once I was dealing with a woman client who was before the Magistrates (Police) Court on a shoplifting charge. During the trial when she was being quite harshly questioned by the prosecutor there was a gasp from her and I heard a squelch and she started to sob and said "Ive shit my knickers" The male magistrate who was chairing the bench, called a recess for her to get cleaned up etc. As she was my client I went with her to give what help I could. She hadn't had diarrhea, it was a solid poo in her panties, and she didn't seem as upset as she had been in Court. I asked if she was okey and she said "I will be now !" When we returned to Court she was found guilty but only got a fine not jail. On our way out she said, "Worth shitting my knickers for wasn't it!" and it then dawned on me that she had deliberately soiled her panties to get a sympathetic response from the Magistrate. Has anyone else male or fema! le ever done this to avoid a punishment at school or at home or whatever?

Has anyone experienced what I call the "ambush motion"? That is when you go to the toilet for a number one only but end up doing a number two as well. I have had this from time to time. I dont mean if you have diarrhea when this is almost inevitable, but passing a normal solid motion when you thought you only wanted to pee. A few days ago I was at home with George who was cooking lunch. I needed a wee wee so went to the toilet. I hadn't had a motion yet that day but didn't that I needed one at that time. As I was sitting with the wee wee tinkling into the pan I felt something on its way down and sure enough a big easy jobbie slid out of my back passage and into the pan with a "Kur-spul-loonk!", followed by a smaller one which made a loud "Kerplonk!". George heard the sounds and shouted, "I thought you only needed a wee wee?" I replied that I thought that was all I needed but the jobbies had come down as I sat there. There was nothing unusual about the turds I passed, they were smooth and easy but formed and solid, 2 1/2 inches thick, the larger one about 10 inches long the smaller 6 inches both slightly curved and floaters. George of course came into the toilet to have a look. Now this is not a problem when it happens to women, but could cause a nasty accident to most men who stand to pee at a urinal, (George prefers to sit to pee as he has said in previous posts and this is one reasons why.)

The recent postings by Nicola and our friend Tony about blocking the toilet reminds me of similar experiences as a schoolgirl. I would also say that I never flush during a motion only when I have finished and certainly wouldn't do what Jeff A does as Im only too happy if someone hears me drop a big jobbie and I like hearing the sound effects when others do so. When I was at school I was one of a number of girls who did really big jobbies which often stuck in the toilet. One of my friends, Elizabeth also did panbusters. One lunchtime we had a buddy dump (we didnt know that expresson then of course), with me doing a big 12 incher then Betty dropping her equally large jobbie on top of mine. When we pulled the flush both turds stuck. We left them for others to see and thought no more of it. When we went to the toilet again during the afternoon break some other girl or girls also did a motion consisting of 3 short fat logs of about 6 inches long on top of our combined mass and had tried to flush a used sanitary towel (although there were buckets in each cubicle to dispose of these) and the resulting mass of turds and ST had jammed in the pan. The caretaker had to unblock it and he was none too happy. Next day our Form Teacher read out a notice saying that girls must not dispose of STs and Tampons down the toilet pans as this caused blockages and that both boys and girls should always flush the toilet after using it. As our school was co-educational and there were teenaged boys in our class there was a lot of smirking and giggling. After that we were careful not to buddy dump together as the Prefects (Monitors) had been told to enforce the rules about one at a time to a toilet cubicle etc. All we could then do was to have an indirect buddy dump, that is one of us would do a motion and if it stuck after flushing, (as was often the case with me, Betty and other girls) tell the other which cubicle they had used so they could then go in and see for themselves and do their motion on top if they wanted to. It was this that led to Betty and myself and couple of other girls starting to have joint outdoor dumps at lunchtime in the woods nearby when the weather was good, having found a secluded little clearing. Have any other readers ever done this? I will relate some stories about our outdoor dumping circle if readers are interested. By the way Marianne, was the audition sucessfull?

Greg (from Kansas USA)
Hello Christa, I read your post about your bladder problem and was quite inrigued with it. About 11 years ago I worked with a lady who was about 35 at the time and while we were talking, she remarked that every so often she would feel this intense urge to urinate but couldn't. When asked if that problem continued she said after a while it cleared up on it's own. When I was 12 I noticed whenever I took my medicine for my asthma I would urinate more frequent than at other times. While the medicine was running it's course, I would have to go sometimes 2 in an hour, bu when the medication ran it's course I was back to normal. Now atleast twice in the middle of the night I have to get up and empty my bladder, sometimes I have to go so bad I actually push narder to get it out quickly. I think a visit to an urologists might be of service to you. The subject of women peeing has always fascinated me and I look forward to more post from you, and I mean that with the utmost respect! What I do now if I feel just a slight urge to pee I will go ahead and use the bathroom just to keep from being interupted by having to go later on! I'm only sorry I can't be of any more assistance to you but hey, my heart and interests in your problem go out from me! One thing that may be triggering your urges to pee so badly and than finding out there is nothing coming out is that you may be so worried that you have to pee so much those urges may be manifested because you are so literally wrapped up in running to the toilet. My only advice to you is to wear some good solide constructed panty hose because I see now they will be put to the test! One more thing the lady that has the Denise's mailbox website that discusses only women peeing standing up is also a registered nurse maybe you might drop her a line, no pun (drop) intended! Let me hear from you soon!

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