It was about 10 years ago. We went for a hike in the mountains with skis. We arrived at a small mountain hut, situated on a cliff above a glacier - I don't know how to express it. One had to climb up a ladder about three storeys high, then a very narrow path lead to the balcony. I could look way very far downwards on the glacier. To the right one gets to the outhouse. The outhouse was very spectacular! Through the hole I could see the crap of other people on the rock. We ate dinner and slept in the hut. In the middle of the night I awoke and felt the need for a dump. I resigned, turned on my flash light and slipped into my skiing outfit (including the boots) and opened the door. I was right with the clothing because a blizzard was blowing. There was about a feet of snow on the balcony! I plowed through the snow to the outhouse, taking care not to turn to the left, for I didn't want to fall off the balcony. I entered the outhouse and felt safe for now. But I saw that even the snow covered the floor of the outhouse about for an inch, and found out why: When I opened the lid, the storm was blowing snow into the outhouse from below. But I had to go! So I exposed my butt to the snow and the cold wind. This was a very quick and my most extraordinal dump for a long time. Thanks for listening.

Hi everyone, sorry I couldn't post this earlier but I was busy on my day off. Now, straight to the topic at hand... the glorious crap by Keith on Tuesday the 24th. I dropped my mom off at work around 830am and I had to run a few errands for her. It was odd that at 900am I found myself having to take a dump. I was on the road and obviously couldn't do that. I got a cafe mocha and started to drink it on an empty stomach. That produced a lot of long really loud and very stink farts. I must have let about 10 go in the car that morning! After lunch I felt the need to go building. I was in a factory outlet mall lookng for sandals when I had to go. I went in and sat down in the middle stall of the non handicap ones. Let out the obligatory lets get things started fart and dropped 2 logs about 4 inches each. Then I gave a push and I dropped about 6 logs about another 4 inches each with lots of farts inbetween. I sat there. Other men around me shitting. The bathroom was really starting to stink now. Ha! Let let out a long loud very stink fart. I felt more pressure. I pushed again and let another load of logs out. By this time I was the noly one in there. I farted a few mre times and pushed a few more tiny logs out. I looked at my masterpiece and I kid you not there must have been 10 logs floating and more underneath not floating that I couldn't see. The color was a tinge of red, I guess that had to do with the spagetti I ate twice the day before. I was glorious and I felt so relieved. About an hour later I was on line in Borders Books and Music wwhen I felt the urge agian! I thought it was just gas. I went into the bathroom and took the last stall of two, ass gaskeet went down and I farted and proceeded to push a long skinny log out and another chunk of shit. Just as I was getting realdy to wipe I was walked in on! I guess I didn't close the door good enough, but this little kid and his dad saw a little more of me than I m s! ure they cared to! I flt even better after offloading those two guys.

I went to a club last night and when I got home this morning I had a piece of spinich pizza. Well about 30 minutes ago I let go a load of tiny chunks in my upstairs bathroom as I finished off an article in my favoourite magazine. As i sit here typing I am letting out some nasty sbv's and the urge again is building. I think this pizza gave me the runs again! Cool. I have to run a few errands ttoday again.. I wonder where my bowels will cath up with me today?

See you all later.



One day I went to a Skynyrd concert in Baton Rouge. We made a run for the border to fill up before the concert. Something told me not to eat those 15 packs of HOT sauce when my friends dared me. Any way, the concert was rockin' but the bathroom line wasn't moving, so I decided to wait until we left. I was doing fine until about 10 minutes out of Baton Rouge. I tried to rip wasn't a fart. I quickly pulled off and ran into Burger King. Once I got into the bathroom, I dropped my pants and started backing up in the stall. I DIDN'T MAKE IT!!! The squirts came out with such force that they hit the back wall and splattered on the ceiling. As I was trying to sit on the toilet the continuous flow coated the walls, the shitter, and the floor. When it stopped, I looked back and quickly decided to run for the other stall. Well I made it, but I left the other stall door open. I saw someone open the door to the bathroom, look and run back out. About 2 minutes later, one of the employees came in to clean up the mess. He took one look and said "This ain't worth $4.25 an hour". I waited until he was gone, took care of my paperwork, and walked very quickly out of the building. As I was leaving, I saw an employee turning in his apron and leaving. To this day, every time I go into Burger King to use the bathroom, my friends always ask me "What have you got against Burger King this time?"

My first college roommate was a reasonably nice girl, but we never really hit it off. I think this is because of her poop problems. She had to go poop at seven o'clock sharp every morning. Weekends too. I'm not talking about regularity. I mean if she woke up at seven and didn't go poop, she got really upset, decided she was constipated, and took a laxative. If she found that she had to go poop at any other time of day, she decided she must have diarrhea and took some Immodium A-D. The result of this was that not only was she obsessed with poop, but she smelled like it, our room smelled like it and I in turn smelled like it. Some people even wondered if she kept a litter box under the bed, it smelled so much like poop in our room. I was always afraid they would link ME to the poop until one day she got up in the middle of a hall pizza party and went to the bathroom. Our hall was rather short and we were effectively sitting infront of the bathroom door. A foul smell emerged, just like the litter box smell. The next semester I moved in with another roommate. We were right across from the bathroom and often heard, at seven in the morning, explosive farting noises in the toilet bowl.....

One day whilst drivin' to the airport to pick up my dad, I stopped at a Hardee's for a bacon-cheeseburger. A while later I got stuck in traffic, and with perfect timin', the doodoo pains hit me from the burger. There was no off-ramp in sight, and the traffic was barely movin'. I was scrunchin' my ass cheeks so hard they went numb, and I couldn't tell if I was still scrunchin' or not. Finally there was an exit. I didn't know where it went to, but I turned off anyway. No gas stations or anything, just an old funeral home. I sped around to the back, and sure enough there were people standing around. I didn't care. I noticed at the back of the building there were some 3' tall shrubs hiding the HVAC equipment. I parked the car and ran (numb ass and all) towards the back of the building, all the while gettin' my shorts down. As I approached the shrubbery, I leaped over them, yanked my shorts out of the way, landed in a squat, and PPHHAABBBOOOOMMM!!, instant bowel expungement. There was splatter everywhere, and my ass was on fire!. I ruined a perfectly good T-shirt i! n an effort to clean myself, I left my socks and shoes at the scene, and got terribly embarrassed when someone walked by and saw me squatting over a smokin' pile of brown death. But man, I never felt so relieved......

My friend and I were having a sleep-over one weekend. We both had had dill pickle chips and were feeling the effects of that wonderful snack. Well, as we were just about to fall asleep, my friend, Julia, let out the mother of all farts. It actually made the bed shake. As I got up to take cover from the earthquake, my friend ran to the bathroom to let all the glory free. When she lifted the blanket, the stench was whuffed my way. WOW!! It was the raunchiest, strongest, most disgusting smell I have ever smelt in my life. I was jealous. Now, as the smell got stronger I began to gag, and then all of a sudden, I puked and blacked out. Now that, my friends, was AMAZING-----------------

One day my friend and I decided to be nasty and try to rip farts all day. I went on top of my two story club house and declared that I was going to jump off the top, and land on my trampoline at the same time as I let a fart. Well it didn't really work that way. I farted before I jumped and it splattered into my panties. I cried out "Oh shoot I just splattered my pants." At that point my friend pushed me off the top and I smeared all of this greenish brown stuff all over my trampoline.(It stained the trampoline and I got grounded for a month.)

My class and I were on a field trip to Washington DC and there were these really hot guys on the trip and i was trying to impress them by pulling up my skirt and showing my thigh, and they did the arsenal hall bark and i liked it. not to be a chook or anything, but the next time I saw them they were right below the stairs i was on . I thought this was it , my chance to pick them up, and no one was looking. so I pulled down my underwear and flapped my cheeks over the railing i saw my private part was showing too. i was so shocked that it was showing I let out this huge juicy fart and a huge clump of wet juicy diarrhea came out and in the commotion the cute guys looked up and the diarrhea landed on his arm. I was so embarrassed i stayed in my hotel room for the rest of the trip.

Sarah: Once I went to taco bell on the way home from work (thank god I was alone). I had two tacos and a coke. Just as I was finishing the first one, I started to get some small cramps. I didn't think much of it, but halfway through the second one, my t??y started gurgling and I let out some really bad SBD's. The man sitting at the table next to me gave me a dirty look. I felt a really strong urge to poop, but I wanted to finish my dinner first. I hurredly finished, with stronger cramps and more farts, and stood up to go to the bathroom. As I walked to the door, I let out another fart, this time wet. When I went in, there were only three stalls and five people waiting in line. One of the stall had someone in it who was farting loudly and I could hear her taking a dump. One of the other stalls had people going in and coming out pretty quickly. The third stall was pretty bad. There was a horrible smell coming from it, and whoever was in it sounded pretty sick. There were explosive farts and you could hear poop flowing into the water. There was also poop splattered on the floor. It was pretty nasty. Now there were only three people ahead of me, but I was afraid to let out any more farts. The women in the first and third stalls were still there. Right as I was walking to the open stall, I doubled over and let a huge flood of mudlike diarrhea into my panties. I ran in, but as I did, I saw the people behind me in line. I heard one of them remark that it looked like it would be a while as she shifted from foot to foot. One of the other women was cluching her stomach and looked very worried. I pulled my pants down, and let another blast of poop into the toilet. This went on until I felt like I should give the other women a chance. I cleaned out my jeans, and tossed my panties into the sanitary napkin disposal. When I came out(15 minutes later), There was only one person left, but one of the sinks was filled with crap. I guess one of the women just couldn't wait. I rushed home to my own bathroom where I sat for an hour. All night, I was rushing to the bathroom. The next morning, I was better, but I hadn't gotten any sleep, so I stayed home from work to rest. The next day, I picked up the local newspaper and found an article about some woman suing the taco bell that I went to because she had gotten sick. I guess some of their meat had been out too long. Anyway, now where the taco bell was, there is a Burger King. That was the last time I'll ever eat there.

HI KEITH! I liked hearing about your shit at work in terminal #9. Yesterday I ate at a new restaurant here in Houston called Mission Burritos. I was real full and then I went home. I was also hungover which usually adds lots of gas. On the way home, I felt real strong pre-poo-poo cramps. I got home and grabbed something to read. I sat down and locked my arms around my knees and lots of gassy, crampy shit came out. I signed real loud and leaned back. More farts came out and then I had a snake piece of shit come out. You know, real long and crackly on the way out. I felt much better, but an hour later I was at the computer and felt a gas attack. I leaned on one cheek and OH SHIT! It was more than a fart! I got some liquishit on my new Tommy Hilfiger boxers! It sucked but was kind of exciting in a wierd way. I took them off and went to the toilet and sat down and cramped up but no more would come out, just big farts.
One day I was at Best But taking a shit, and I heard some guy running down the hall torwards the RR. The door burst open and someone ran in the stall next to me and sat down real fast, and truly exploded on the toilet. His pants were at his ankles and you could tell his legs were spread way out. As far as I am concerened that is the only way to take a real shit. Anyway he had several more explosions of gas and shit a

When I was 17 I went to a high school dance. I went with several of my girlfriends. Although we weren't supposed to drink at these dances, this rule was largely a joke, and many of us would slip out to our cars for a little nip. One of my friends had brought a some bottles of homemade cherry wine. I drank quite a bit of this stuff in the early part of the evening.
Eventually a guy I had really liked for along time asked me to dance. We were getting on fine when I became aware that I had to poop. I was enjoying the dancing so much that I didn't want to excuse myself to go to the washroom right away and decided to wait. Besides, I had needed to poop many times before and hadn't had any trouble waiting. But this was the first time I had drunk a lot of homemade cherry wine. The music was great and we continued to dance. I wasn't about to let a pesky need for a BM get in the way of my fun. I would wait till the band took a break.
Well, by the time the band took its break I was thinking that it wasn't a minute too soon, because by then I really needed to go. My innards had rumbled a couple of times and my dancing companion had joked about it the second time. When I excused myself, he made some further joke about hoping I'd make it. I was embarrassed. He knew I had to go.
How had I let this happen to me? As I hurried to the girls washroom I realized that trying to walk fast was loosening my grip on the situation, the cherry wine was working some kind of mischief on my bowels, my insides were churning, I felt a lot of pressure and then a sort of cramp or spasm. I stopped, squeezing my bum cheeks together as hard as I could. For a few seconds I couldn't move, if I moved, even one step, I knew I'd shit my pants for sure. The spasm passed and I began walking towards the washroom again, more slowly and deliberately this time.
By the time I reached the washroom door I was taking little baby steps because I was trying to walk and keep the cheeks of my butt squeezed tightly together at the same time. If you think this is easy, just try it sometime. There were a lot of other students in the hallway and I was certain some of them must know about my problem. Once inside the washroom I was horrified to find that the stalls were all occupied. What to do. I was sweating now on my ass and thighs. Several others were waiting and I tried to appear nonchalant, but all I could think of now was that if I let go my pink bikini panties were not going to hold it and it would run down my legs in front of the other girls in the washroom.
I fidgeted, I squeezed, several girls watched me but said nothing. Now another cramp/spasm! My whole being was concentrated in the muscles around my anus trying to help them out. I concentrated on keeping my asshole closed. It started to twitch. Just then, my friend Kelly came through the door saying something I didn't hear, perhaps because the brain cells normally devoted to hearing were all occupied trying to keep me from shitting in my panties. Kelly repeated her question and as I went to answer my asshole began twitching uncontrollably. I felt something hot and wet on my bum. "Omygawd," I thought I've just pooped a bit in my panties. Then I completely lost control, soft shit filling my panties and running down my legs and onto my shoes. Nobody said anything. Kelly's mouth dropped open. Finally she said "that goddam homemade wine will do it to you every time." Along with my embarrassment there was a strange feeling of excitement that I couldn't quite identify or understand.
There you have it! That was the first time in my adult life that I had ever pooped my pants. It was not a pretty sight. My friends got me out of there and took me to one their homes to clean up. One of them told the guy I had been dancing with that I got sick and had to go home. He never found out about it. It was a few years after that before I shit my pants again. It was a strange experience, frightening and somehow weirdly exciting at the same time. I'd very much like to hear the comments of others on this experience.
Since the time of that early pants-pooping experience I have noticed that when I am caught short and have to go real bad, bad enough to think I might mess myself, I am torn between two very different feelings: first I have a feeling of fear and horror that I am going to disgrace myself in public, but I also have a feeling of excitement and suspense (you know the sort of thing you feel when a character is in a real jam in a movie) over whether I will make it or not. The feeling of suspense is sort of a turn on, but the fear of the embarrassment and humiliation of shitting my panties in public is not a turn on.

Welcome to the Toilet! So many ex-devotees of the Daily Dump are turning up here, we shall have to organize a reunion!

In my pursuit of anal cleanliness, I have found it best to wash my arse-hole with soap and water after taking a shit. This prevents anal soreness and itchiness and prevents skidmarks in your underpants. If at home, I use soap and flannel but that is manifestly impractical in a public restroom. In that situation I usually moisten some TP at the sinks before locking myself in the stall, but sometimes that is not possible. In that case, one very good piece of advice I picked up from a Web page is to use TP moistened with saliva. This works quite effectively in most situations, but there are certain types of TP that disintegrate on moistening.

These are a nuisance because they can lead to the menace of DINGLEBERRIES. Dingleberries, or fartleberries as thay are sometimes called, are small particles of fecal material adhering to the hair in the area of the anus. They are manifestly unhygienic and sometimes uncomfortable. Certain types of TP promote dingleberry formation by disintegrating when moist, leaving fibres which, mixed with traces of shit, adhere to your rear end, and can only be removed either by taking a shower or (more painfully and less effectively) by laboriously pulling them off with finger and thumb.

I hope readers find this serious contribution to anal hygiene useful.

Tracy Schmidt, Tracy, Shelly, Julie, Francine, Keleigh, Danielle & Blake (if you haven't already left?)- Let's hear somemore stories! It seems like everyone left this place!

Hey Guys-
I just logged on to my computer for a sec, I don't officially have to be at t camp until the 26th, and I am sorry but after then I can't check this page until almost the end of April, I hope all of your posts are still around!. I read over some of the more recent posts, and I am grateful that people are keeping this place alive!
First of all, Andrea you should definitely post more of your stories!
Sarah & Meghan- Have y'all had any accidents unrelated to Taco Bell,
Keep posting guys, I can't wait to read more soon!

Luv y'all lots- Blake

Hey again--
You know, I'd really like to read more stories about guys having accidents. I dunno, I just really like 'em a lot better than hearing about women having 'em. I never got to hear a lot of guy accidents growing up, or even now, so it would really make me happy if you guys would be willing to share some...speaking of which, I've got another one...I was driving along one day, after drinking a large, LARGE lemonade at lunch about thirty minutes previously...and the urge hit. I knew I wouldn't make it home if I tried, so I pulled into a convenience store to use their toilet. I walked in, the sign said, "Sorry, toilet out of order." Shit. I thought, "This kind of thing only happens in dumb net stories," so I drove on to another one, and THERE IT WAS! ANOTHER DAMN SIGN! So I got back in the car, trying hard to keep from wetting my seat right there and then, and found a grocery store on the way home. I pulled in and was walking back to the back, where the customer service was ! (not the back, the sort of back side know what I mean...diagonal to the front, courtesy desk), and I felt the first spurt dribble down my leg. I can make it, I thought, but I was lucky it was raining that day, because by the time I got through the aisle, I had dribbled a trail behind me and thorougly wet my already-dark jeans. I knew that anyone looking for it would see it, but it was pretty well hidden from anyone else, so I took the opportunity to just finish (forming a light yellow puddle below me) and walked right back out into the pouring rain, stood there for a minute, and went back to driving. When I got home, I told my cohabitants that I got caught right when the storm began. Of course, they were sympathetic, saying "aw, you must be soaked to the skin," etc. I just smiled and nodded. Like always.:) Love! James aka wetseat

That must have been awful for you, to be so close and just not make it to the toilet! I wonder if that woman used the sink like Blake?
I guess Taco Bell doesn't agree with a lot of people! Do anyother foods disagree with anyone?


Wednesday, June 25, 1997

This happened this spring when I was driving up north along the coast. I was tooling along, sipping on a Mountain Dew and listening to the most beautiful tape - sounds of nature with beautiful music accompanying - I so love these, I must have a million of them. Well, there was, I must add, an additional accompaniment: I was letting some of the worst farts imaginable! They would start with a little pain which would come and go, then I could feel them gurgle and shudder down through their full inner journey, then it would just rip! They sounded like a chainsaw ripping apart a watermelon! LOL! Well, finally, the soft drink kicked in, as usual, and I had to go to the bathroom. I stopped at one of those gas station/truck stop/food mart places with about a hundred pumps, went in, bought another Mountain Dew, and headed for the john. I was sitting there merrily going about a gallon, when another "gas pain" began its way down. Now these had been somewhat intensifying on the road - more extreme, greater frequency, but I thought, "Ready girls?" to the other occupied stalls, because this one was going to crack the mirrors outside, and I giggled in anticipation. Drawing in a breath, I gave a mighty push, and really, you know, I should have known. Had I been more aware, I should have expected this. If you are paying any attention to the signs, there really isn't much excuse for shitting when you expect to fart. And I DID realize it the second I strained, and should have before with all those other telltale signs, that there was at least a POSSIBILITY of this happening - I'm not 4 years old! Well, with a powerful grunt that, when my mind first said, "Strain," had meant to initiate a fart blew absolutely THE biggest, wettest, loosest dump into the toilet. It wasn't like diarrhea, it was like thick wet mud, but like diarrhea, it wouldn't stop. I didn't look at my watch, but I must have sat there at least 20 minutes. This really shook me up. Now each wave that came down produced another load of this, and there four of them, plus little ones in between. The women who came and went (there were 6 stalls), as well as one who was having trouble with a dump and was there the whole time must have wondered if Big Louie, some 300 pound truck driver was in that stall! When I was sure I was done, I wiped my bottom (funny how one like this takes LESS tissue than a normal one), and left, a shaken and wiser person. WHAT IF this had happened in traffic (with friends!), at a party, on the street, etc.? Because I'll tell you, by the time I realized that I WASN'T going to fart, a split second before my big push was over, it was too late! OH...GOD...!!! I would have been disgraced for life! Headlines in the National Enquirer would have said ".......Comes To Fart, But Shits!" as a play on that little saying! Yet, you know, the closeness to disaster was,....exhilarating! Go figure.

Are you the same Sarah who had an acident on new year's eve? (that posted below!)


I have read all of your posts and wanted to respond, but I have been sooo busy with everything, that I just couldn't find the time! I am lactose intolerant, I posted a while ago. When I saw Sarah's post asking if anyone had an accident in a movie theater, I knew I had to post this story! This happened before I knew I was lactose intolerant! I really didn't have that many accidents as a child, like Blake I guess my lactose intolerance got worse as I got older! Now as an adult of 25, I can't even eat a dairy product without severe diarrhea. Back to my story! When I was about 15 me and two friends when to see a movie, before hand we had stopped off for some ice cream. We got to the theater and we had about 45 minutes until the movie started so we all went to the bathroom for a pee before the movie. We walked in and each took a stall. My friend was done in a sec, and my other friend had to poop so it took her a little longer, I was just peeing, when I let out a loud fart! , which actually had my friends laughing! The only thing was, thank god I was on the toilet, because it was a little wet. A little log fell into the toilet, and did it smell! I wiped both places, and got out of my stall. And we both waited for my friend to finish. While we were standing there (waiting for her to finish) my stomach rumbled, and I farted twice, they were dry so I just though nothing of it! She gave me the usual, you stink, but I just told her I needed to fart, and since she did it all the time, it was really not a big deal! My friend finally finished in the stall, and boy when she got out IT STANK! We walked back into the concession area, and each bought a container of popcorn, and a soda. We bought our snacks, walked into the theater and found three seats! After about fifteen minutes I started to feel a little gas build up down there! So I gave a push, and I let out a huge fart which THANK GOD didn't have any sound, but my god it smelled awful! My friend (the one who had told me I stink in the bathroom) told me that I should stop because I was starting to smell! I farted two or three more times, and my stomach rumbled! And let me tell you this farts weren't as silent as the first few, the were loud! Remembering the fart from that morning, I decided to go to the bathroom, I got up and walked to the theater door, opened the door and walked out! I had just closed the door and began walking towards the bathroom, I felt some more gas building up so I let out a few farts, only one was wet like that morning! Again a little bit of poop fell into my panties, I continued to walk to the bathroom (farting with every step I took) just about every fifth fart was solid. By the time I got to the bathroom, I had a fairly decent size load in my panties, puffing out the back of my jeans. I walked into the bathroom, and this bathroom, was a little bigger than the bathroom we had gone to that morning, it had ten stalls, five on each wall, and sinks along the back wall. ALL OF THE STALLS WERE FUL! I got very scared, because I was sure that if I farted again, my panties would just collapse! I just stood in the middle of the bathroom, waiting for someone to be done, and after about a minute of standing the pressure was really building up! I through that if I let out a fart it will reduce some pressure and hopefully make me more comfortable. Well, I guess I though wrong, I farted and it was all liquid it flowed down both legs, completely soaking my butt! I hurried into a NOW open stall. And took down my pants, and completely destroyed the stall before I could even sit down, I just squatted over the toilet, because I pooped all over it when I took my pants down. I waited about five minutes like this, until the toilet next to me was empty, and I ran to it! I sat down and let go of load after load of this wet, mushy, shit! I sat there for about a half an hour going through this, until I guess the movie ended and my friends came in! They saw the other stall, and knew I was sick! One girl called her mom to come pick us up, and she came and got us! (I wiped up, and cleaned my pants as best I could, but they still were all brown on the back, and smelled awful) About half of the way home, I said I had to go to the bathroom, the girl's mom said that she would pull over at the next gas station, I told her that would be too late, and let go with a big wet load in my pants! That car was never the same! Lets just leave it at this: "If you are Lactose Intolerant, never mix BUTTERED popcorn, and ice-cream!" More to come, when time allows!


The weirdest place I ever went to the bathroom was on a beach last summer. By the way, I am a 14 year old male. Last summer, my friends and my brother road our bikes to the local beach. Once we got on the beach, the water was a long way from the bathroom, may be 1/2 a mile of sand. Well after an hour, I had to take a shit badly, and did not think I could make the trek to the bathrooms. Upon mentioning my need, my brother flippantly said, shit on the beach. Since we were far enough away from the lifeguard tower, and there weren't to many people around us, I figured why not. So, I moved to the area in between my friends and the water, so if anybody was coming down the beach, they would not see what I was doing. I then slipped off my suit, and squatted down in the sand, like was playing the position of catcher in a baseball game. None of my friends were really paying attention to me, since most of them were lying with their eyes closed. But Sarah sat up after the first explosive fart pile of turds hit the sand. She looked over just in time to see the next wave of piss and shit hit the sand, which of course drew the attention of Michelle, Mike, Tim, and my brother Randy. All of whom watched with fascination. When I was done, I buried the pile in the sand, grabbed my suit and went in the water to clean off. When I got back, Sarah and Michelle were giggling about seeing me naked, the rest were amazed that I did that. Needless to say, it was the topic of discussion for the rest of the summer, until my twelve year old brother peed in his pants at the mall, but that is for another story.

SARAH- The last time I ate at a Taco Bell, I was 17 and I got food poisoning so bad I had to go to the hospital and have my stomach pumped! You think having multiple colon spasms is bad, try having a 20 year old, drop dead gorgeous med-student shove a latex tube down your throat and suck out yer insides!...Btw- how'd things turn out with your boyfriend?


Hi Desmond... I too love to crap in public bathrooms... as long as they are pretty clean and don;t stink to damn much. I always look at people at work, my friends, and random people in public and wonder when and what it is like when they take a dump. I am glad you don't think it is a gay thing because I was beginning to freak myself out. I don't believe women shit. I know they do but it just doesn't seem right you know? Those beautfiful, feminine ladies with cute asses! I can't imagine shit flowing out of them. Anyhow... now for today's dump.
Like clockwork, after i had lunch I sat around wplaying on the computer at work and I felt the urge starting to build. I went and got my book and went ot the gate 9 toilets. My favorite stall was waiting there emppty. I went in, but an ass gasket down and I sat down. I started to read and I let out a really long silent fart that stank a lot! I felt the first piece coming . I let it all come out naturally... after it dropped some gas forced all the rest of the pieces out. The first log was about 6 inches long and the rest were just little chunks. The size today wasn't that spectacular but it was relieving and relaxing. After I wiped a few times I flushed and todays shit didn't leave any marks in the bowl to say to someone I jsut dropped a major load. Too bad too, because as I was washing my hands a young japanese tourist in his 20s came in and went into my stall. Sat down and dropped a massive load. I wndered what it looked like. It was a fast one too! I decided to walk around the airport and was in one termina lwhen I thought I had to shit again. It turned out to be just gas, but a lot of it!! After work I went to pick up my mom from work and there I ate the rest of my lunch. It was a whole meal in itself! When we got home I had the urge to crap again. I went into the bathroom and stripped down as I was getting into the shower. I let a ton of farts out and managed to push out only a few bits of shit. Nothing great, but again, it was elieving I have the day off tomorrow so the favourite aee 9 middle stall will be without a major afternoon dumfr om Keith tomorrow... THURSDAY MY FRIEND! In anycas, tomorrows shit shoudl be a good one as I had yogurt for breakfast, on an empty stomach. Two lunches and tonights I will have dinner. So, it should be a massive one!
To Coprologist: I too often wonder how people can shit in 3 minutes. I mean, I need about 5-10 minutes for a good dumping. I relax and try not to push unless I have to. I enjoy reading your posts and I am sorry about your hemrhoid problem! I think if I strain I ge tthem, but they don't hurt unless I shhit multiply in a day and use bad tp. I think those are hemrhoids.. I have been pretty regular lately so haven't had too many problems!
See you all tomorrow...


Here's a woods accident story that happened when my boyfreind and I were camping in the Quetico (Canada) park. The park has black bears, and while they're pretty benign they can surprise you. So one morning, Ned and I are striking camp and getting ready to head off. I know we're going to be in the canoe all morning. I feel the urge to offload, so I grab the shovel and started to walk away from camp to find a quiet place to lay a few logs of my own. I get a couple of hundred yards away from camp, and suddenly this black bear hops up from the underbrush and charges right at me. Was I ever scared! I'd always heard people say they had the "crap scared out of them"- and I thought they were kidding. I tried to scream, but no sound came out- and then my bowels let go into my pants. I was wearing my swim suit bottoms under shorts, and I could feel this warm soft poop spread across my butt. The bear must have smelling me now, because it turned and started towards me. I was aware! of something wet running down my legs, my pee! The bear stopped, then turned and lumbered off into the trees. I was shaking like a leaf, and I had messed my bikini and my shorts. I wandered back to camp in kind of a daze, Ned saw me (my shorts were dark with wetness) and came running over. He held me, calmed me down- even helped me change and clean my soiled clothes. For the rest of the trip we always went into the woods as a pair. And I alot more sympathetic to anyone who gets so scared they lose control of themselves. I'm just glad it happened away from public view. (A friend got mugged in New York City and peed her dress on the street- a much worse scene I always thought)

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Did I ever have an embarrassing accident today! First of all, I have never posted before, and I would just like to tell you guys that I am a 17 year old female, with usually no bathroom problems. Now on with the story! I just got home from an AWFUL date! My now probably X boyfriend when out to get something to eat and then a movie! We stopped at Taco Bell. We each had a taco with what they called "Everything on it" and a soda. Then went over to the movie theater to see Speed II. We ate at Taco Bell, and drove over to the movie theater and bought popcorn and soda, and went in! After about the first fifteen minutes of the movie, I started to feel an urge to go. My stomach rumbled a few times, and my boyfriend asked me if I was ok? I told him I was ok, and that is was only a little indigestion! After about ten more minutes the urge was really getting bad, but I didn't want to leave the theater! I started to let out some gas, thank god it was the quite kind, but it reeked! He asked me if I was feeling ok, because I was starting to smell, at the time I didn't think anything of it! I passed a little more gas, until I felt something solid fall into my panties. I heard a rumble, and felt my ass muscle let go, I squirted about a half of cup of liquid poop into my jeans. Just enough to soak my jeans and panties! I was a real mess! He just told me I was embarrassing him, and I should go to the bathroom and clean up! I was so upset when he said that, I started to cry, and I inadvertently wet my pants. I waddled out of the theater, in hopes of finding a bathroom, I walked out of the theater door when I felt another spasm coming, I couldn't get to the bathroom in time, so I just stood there and pushed, this time is was a little thicker than the liquid from before, and this mushy shit, flowed out of my ass, and completely filled the bottom of my jeans, rolling down my leg, and dripping on to the floor! I was completely mortified. I waddled to the bathroom, with only a few squirts of liquid poop, opened the door, and thanked god there was only one person in the whole bathroom. I opened a stall door, and just as I did I let out a huge fart which was followed by another mushy load, this time over flowing my panties, and pushing up the back of my jeans. I locked the door, and pulled down my pants, and all the shit in them fell on the floor, and made a huge splash. I sat there for about fifteen minutes while spasm after spasm alternated between this mushy shit and complete liquid! I then just sat there for about five minutes to see if there was anything left to come! I was just about to wipe when then woman walked over to my stall and asked if I was ok. I said I think I am now, and just as I was about to thank her for asking, I let out a huge flood of this mushy diarrhea, which hit with such a force that it splattered all over the bad of the toilet, and on to my back! She said something snide like "Continue on, Poopster" and walked out in a huff! I sat there for about ten more minutes when I was sure I was done. I wiped and cleaned my pants as best I could, and walked out! My boyfriend was standing outside of the bathroom waiting for me, he yelled at me for taking soo long, and then made me sit on a garbage bag in his car. I was so embarrassed! When he dropped me off, I ran into the bathroom, where I went through four or five waves of this mushy shit and liquid shit, just like in the theater! Then showered and changed my cloths! I threw my jeans and panties into the washer. About two hours ago, and both still have a huge brown stripe in the seat! I have gone to the toilet about six times since I first got home. Each time have about seven waves of this mushy/liquid shit! Has anyone else had a negative reaction to Taco Bell? or for that matter any food? Has anyone ever had an accident in a movie theater? Please answer it is so much easier to cope with accidents, when you know you aren't alone. Does anyone else feel that way?


Why don't you enjoy using the woods as a bathroom? The girls I know who have peed/pooped in the woods do enjoy it. In fact, we've camped a lot recently with friends, and the first thing we all do after setting up camp is to find a clearing and all relieve ourselves at once, in the general company of one another (everyone just minds their own business). I guess it's kind of a ritual, you might say. Usually one of the girls has a roll of toilet paper which gets passed around to the women (and to the men if they are taking a dump).
Do you women usually use toilet paper in the woods? What do you do with it after you use it? Also, what if you don't have toilet paper - is a good "shake" okay? Being a man, I can't imagine taking a dump in the woods without toilet paper - it is a "must".
As always, I enjoy hearing (and sharing) the stories. People should take a greater interest in this subject, I think.

KEITH--I really like your stories and I too in some strange way kind of enjoy sitting in a public toilet and listening to other guys take their big, noisy shits. Its not really a gay thing, its a MAN thing. I think its kool that you take big shits at work, and I also sometimes look at people and think, I wonder how they shit and what it is like. I think we share a lot of the same interests.

I took a big shit at work today. I went in the far stall and sat down and it was one of those that flys out. I usually shit once a day, after lunch. I almost always eat mexican food, so its usually real gassy. I like to stink up the bath room and never flush until I am done. There is a guy that works with me and every day he asks me for the paper so he can go take a shit. He told me one day, thanks for takin care of me, man! I think that is KOOL. I bring him the paper every day, he usually spends about 30 minutes in there.

How long do most people who read The Toilet take to do their business? I ask because I have often been in a public restroom taking a dump when someone enters the adjacent stall. You hear the sound of clothing being pulled down, then perhaps one minute later you here the rustle of TP for a few seconds, then a flush, then the sound of the door being opened. How CAN people actually do anything so quickly? I need a minimum of 10 min, better 15 and on a bad day 25. Even if my first instalment of turds comes out quickly, which it often does, there is always more to follow. In the interval between first and second waves, I always pee. The second lot always takes more time, and that is usually when I start to grunt. I used to be very self-conscious about grunting and farting in a public restroom, but no-one can identify you (unless they saw you go in) so now I don't worry. Wiping has to be done thoroughly as well, if you want to avoid skidmarks in your pants, so how these peopl e ever manage who are in and out in 3 min, I really don't know. Besides, shitting is an enjoyable experience, and like making love, you want to make it last as long as possible. I should add that I get round the problem of sitting in a stinking stall by regular flushing. I flush after each instalment and then again to clear the TP. I then inspect the inside of the bowl and if there are shit particles above the water-line, I wipe them away with TP and then flush again.

Hi everyone! Glad to see this place is starting to bounce back from desertedness! I haven't been aound in awhile because i finally got my summer job back! I work for a major airline at the airport. This makes for some great shitting! Some people shit in the morning when they wwake up, some at night after dinner ot some late in the afternoon and then some after lunch... like me. Yesterday I had lunch and then went into the concourse to read between flights. As I sat there reading the urge started to come for a good shit! I let out a few fartss silently and violently. I decided to spare the poeple in a 20 foot radius so I went into the crapper and chose the middle stall. Put down an ass gasket and sat down. I proceede to relax and read my book. Fart... fffffffffffttttttffft. YOu know the dumps that happen with out any pushing? This is how the first wave of this shit went. I dropped about 5 logs. Then I sat reading. but i felt more inside me. I had mexican food the night before! I love Mexican food too, and have a vorcious rowing teenage boy appetite. Anyhow, then I pushed and unloaded a couple more logs with some blasts of gas. By tht time I was pretty much done, but was so intent on finishing that chapter I sat there. I let out a few after math farts. It took my a long time to wipe my hairy ass. I flushed and watched all my shit go down as it left a lot of marks on the toilet. I felt to relieved and light I went and refreshely worked the last flight for my shift.

TOday's shit after lunch was similar. Though Ithe urge was more obvious this time. After I ate my friends and I sat and talked, which gave my shit time to prepare for departure (pun intended... I work for an airline!) I went went back into the secure area and went ot eh locke room to get my book and I went back into the concourse to my new favorite stall at the gate 9 toilets. Ass gasaket went down and so did I. I had a lot of time and was in the middle of a new chapter so I knew I could totally relax. I wanted to let everything come out naturl. A tiny log dropped, but I still felt heavy. I pushed and I dropped about 5 logs about 4 inches long. Farteed. Farted again and relaxed. About a minute later another wave had moved into the exit and I gave apushed and another 4or 5 logs about 4 inches again came out with a lot of farts inbetween. It was wonderful! There I sat, with my work shorts at my ankles and my hairy ass on the seat,, my legs spread wide apart (as far a s my boxers and shorts would allow) and I relaxed, reading. A few farts moved down after a few miunutes and I squeezed tthem loudly into the air of the bowl. I must have been in there about 30 minutes. Funnny... there was no one int he bathroom while I dropped my load but there was a middle aged man sitting right outside the bathroom that probably heard everything. Anyhow, i was wonderfu. I wiped (it was not too bad this time)and I flushed. Man it stank! I don't believe in courtesy flushing because I like to see the marks the poopl leaves all over the toilet and also, I hate toilet water in my ass.

Glad I could share my latest dumpings with everyone again! It is a wonderful experience I look forward to evvry day! I can't wait until tomorrow!

Keith... 10 pounds lighter!

Precilla, I go camping and hunting occasionally and enjoy the opportunity to go #1 or #2 out in the woods. It feels so good to let the air circulate between your buns. I have never witnessed a female squatting but have seen guys which I have no feeling for. I generally carry tp and find a nice smooth tree to lean up against. As I'm writing this, I have an urgent need to poop. I envy your experience with the girl on the trail. I really do not enjoy loose bowels. I have occassionally squirted but stopped and got of the car. Anyhow, I think it neat to be out and do things naturally. Guess I just enjoy reading your experiences! Thank for all your posts.

Monday, June 23, 1997

Yesterday I had my first fecal emergency for a long time. We were visting my daughter in the Yorkshire town of M, she and her boyfriend are considering buying a house, which they wanted us to have a look at. She had obtained the keys from the agent and we went and had a good look round. After we had been there about an hour, I got a sudden warning in my guts that something needed to come out as a matter of urgency and I would have to find a toilet double quick. When we hade examined the bathroom earlier, I had noticed that the water and elecricity were not turned off and that there was TP in the bathroom. So I snook upstairs, locked myself in, pulled my pants down and let rip. There was a massive exit of a stream of bright yellow liquishit, which ran all down the back wall of the inside of the bowl. It stank vilely. I flushed it and resumed pushing. The second lot was slightly less sloppy, indeed a couple of turds were recognizable. I wiped and hastily flushed! again. I felt a lot better for the rest of the afternoon, which was just a well as there were four of us and we were deep in the counrty, miles from any toilet facitilies!

That is the first time I have ever shat in an empty house.

Gray Poopon
I haven't had a poop-in-the-drawers experience since the isolated case at age 11 (another story I will share in a future post), but I've had some damn close calls. Here's one from about 4 months ago: Me and an old grade school chum that I've known and kept in touch with for over 25 years were visiting a friend in west Ft. Worth, on the Westover Hills border. I don't remember if we had eaten at The Phoenix, a local Chinese Restaurant, or at our Mexican Restaurant in north Ft. Worth by the Stockyards. I think it was Mexican. Anyway, we were watching a rented video, and all evening my intestine was warning me that a good crap was possibly in my near future. Well, I tried to hold it back until it was time to leave, but the cramps were increasing. I have this thing about using other people's toilets, especially when I'm facing the possibility of a toilet-clogger, or porcelain blaster. I finally had to excuse myself early, and I set back for my home in Bedford (a suburb by DFW Airport). The trip back home was quite painful, and seemed to take forever. My bowels were increasingly threatening to let loose, and I didn't want to shit my jeans and the seat of my faithful Ford. I had an errand to run at a 24-hour discount dept. store near my apartment, so I raced over there as fast as I could (My home plumbing is quirky, and sometimes it doesn't take much to clog my can). I made a beeline for the men's room, put two "ass gaskets" on the seat, and sat down. The first turds were soft and mushy "squiggly wigglies". But then, these quickly led to the dreaded hershey squirts!!! I had a real bowel blast experience. Well, finally finished (or so I thought), I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and set about my errand. But while I was standing in the check- out line, I felt that horrible urgency again!!! One thing about the hershey squirts! A lot of false finishes!!! Back to the men's room I raced, 2 more ass gaskets on the can, and another bowel blower!!! Later on, after I got home I had to take at least 3 more dumps, but if I remember right, they were not quite as severe. I probably talked your ear off by now, so I guess it's time to close this post. But before I go, Blake, Danielle, Tracy, and everyone else who has had embarrassing accidents, you have my sympathy!!! I remember the occasional accidents I had until I was 5 1/2. They weren't fun!!!

Well, I've watched this forum fo some time but never actually written. Today I went to the bathroom like any other day to do #2. But when I pushed, this real loose diarrhea-like poop came out. There were three waves, and afterwards my asshole really hurt. I had to turn on the fan when the first poop came out and it still stinks in there. Very smelly! I had to flush every wave just to cut down on the smell. Well, I hope you enjoyed my poop report. Expect to see more soon!

Camping out (placed on its own page)

Alright..I'm new here, but I'm going to try this anyway. A few years ago I was camping with some friends up on Mt. Hood (Oregon). I was 'in love' with one of the guys that had tagged along with me and my best friend and my cousin (both males) and I was doing everything I could to seem like the 'ideal' woman. All was going SO perfectly until the gallon of water I drank on the way up the mountain caught up with me during our marshmellow roast/ At this particular campsite there were three port-a-poties, but me, being the sanitary freak I am, could not bring myself to pee in one of those disease infested, bacteria breeding grounds. SO, armed with a stick and a maxi pad I had in my knapsack, I set out to find a nice pine tree, or a SAFE bush. I crept around for about ten minutes and decided on the perfect spot. I pulled my flannel pants down, squatted by the tree and JUST WENT. I was so glad to be relieved of that need that I didn't even notice when the warm liquid started rolling down my leg and into my sock. Infact, only when I stood ! up and heard a "SQUISH' did the thought even occur to me. But there it was, and I had done it. I peed in my sock. Mortified, but cleanging to the hope that the guys at camp wouldn't notice, I light-footed back to the fire. You could hear me coming yards away. "Squish...Squish...Squish.." I got back and my best friend looked at me with concern. "You okay?" he asked. "Yep." I said, smiling with false hope. Then, my IGNORANT cousin butted in and yelled "Good GOd! You peed in your sock, didn't you? HAHAHAHAA" Then the other two guys joined in, laughing at the moist little envelope I'd made for my foot. I was SO embarrassed, I crawled into my tent and went to sleep, PRAYING that they would forget about it by the morning. No such luck. When I got up for breakfast the following dawn, and all the way home, all three boys kept taunting me by whispering "Squish...Squish...Squish..."

In all fairness, you're completely right. Thanks to everyone who posts regularly here - Danielle, Kim, Mike, Keith, Wetsuit, Coprologist, both Tracys, Francine, and everyone else I'm sure I've forgotten.
I still don't quite see how someone could make such a mess in the stall, though! Do you squat above the seat instead of sitting down?
I'd write more, but, like I said, I just got back from Mexico, and Montezuma's been paying me his respects. My bunghole is so sore right now that I don't even want to think about it. Later, all...

Gray Poopon
Here's one of my memories: This happened about 2 years ago. I really could feel a loose one coming, so I went to my bathroom and took my seat. I didn't want to make a mess, so I ATTEMPTED to go easy, and tried to gently nudge it out. However, I was unsuccessful! My colon had a mind of its own, and it went KABLOOOOM!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTT!! I blew a new hole in the damn can!!! This was one of those bm's that kept going and going. After I finished and wiped, I inspected the damage. The poo went all over the rim, all under the seat, and OVER the rim and touched the tank behind. I can laugh about this now, but you can imagine the choice words I said as I had to clean up the mess. This is my first post to this site, and I'm glad you guys don't allow that sick stuff that has become common on the "Daily Dump". Thank you! GP.

Three years for our honeymoon my husband and I went skiing in Montana. One morning I woke up and didn't feel too good but we had come to ski and we were determined to ski so I ignored the feeling in my t??y that was telling me to stay near a toilet.
On my second run down the hill I got a huge cramp. Since I was in the middle of the run down the slope I couldn't really stop and it was pretty difficult to control my sphincter while skiing so I let loose on my way down. When we got to the bottom I felt how badly I must have messed myself as my bum felt very warm and gooey. I suggested to my husband (of 4 days) that he continue to ski and that I would go back to the chalet to relax as I wasn't feeling well. He was unaware of my accident since I was wearing ski pants. He agreed and and I felt a sigh of releif that I would be spared the embarrasement of him knowing that I pooped in my pants. Once I got into the Chalet I went to the bathroom to change. The mess was pretty big right through my panties and lycra tights. As I was cleaning up I heard the door unlock and my husband returned to the Chalet. He asked how I was and I told him fine that I just had an upset stomach. What I was unaware of was that on my way to the bathroom ! after I took my boots off I left a trail of poop on the floor. He asked me If I had an accident. I thought I was going to die of embarrasement. I told him I did. He was great. He was genuienly concerned about my health and self esteem. He helped clean up the mess and never made mention of it again.

Has anyone ever been so sick that you had to throw up and shit at the same time? I had this happen my very first time drinking. It was my sophomore year in high school, and the older kids on the baseball team took a friend of mine and I out with them after the game. We were drinking in the woods and generally getting ripped. When I got home at about 2:00 am, my parents were waiting up for me, because I had never been out late before. I got the standard lecture, etc. Then I started feeling sick, so I went up to the bathroom, but when I got there, the feeling had passed but I still had to shit. So I was sitting there doing my business, when the smell produced a new wave of nausea, and I knew I was going to puke. I remember debating if I could scoot my butt back on the seat and puke between my legs, but even in that drunken state, I knew it wouldn't work. Finally I reached the point of no return, and got off the toilet and turned to face it on my knees. I was holding on pr! etty well, but when I started puking, I of course lost control of my bowels as well, and I ended up shitting on the contour rug around the toilet. That episode made me swear off drinking... for a few weeks!

I would like to respond to Andrew's post about squatting when taking a dump. I was in France this spring and when driving through small towns, there would be no conventional toilets, just a hole in the floor with two foot pads so you can position yourself and a flusher that washes the pan after you're through. The food in France is quite rich, so sometimes when the urge struck, I had no choice. I really had to go! The first time I felt this urgent need, I pulled the car over, went into a restaurant, entered the WC and was met with this hole in the floor. I was amused, shocked and desperate. I lowered my pants, squatted and let loose with a very loose, sticky, smelly bowel movemenjt. It was fun to watch it as it dropped into the bowl. After the expulsion, I needed to pee. This would be interesting. I wondered if I could do it without hitting my underwear. I managed to puch my dick down while squatting and peed into the pan. All the while, my thigh muscles were getting tired from the squatting. Then I had to wipe, which was a major project. All that rich French food makes for some incredibly sticky poos. I wiped and wiped and wiped. My thigh muscles were killing me by now. I finally finished and left. Later I noticed some skid marks in my underwear since those sticky poos are so hard to wipe clean. Throughout my trip, I would frequently get this urgent need to shit about mid-day (which factoring in the time difference would mean early morning in the East Coast, which is when I usually go). Sometimes I would go into a restroom and there would be no seat or the bathroom was so dirty I wouldn't want to sit down. So I would go through this squatting routine. I came to really enjoy it after a while! It was sort of primitive, and it was intriguing watching the poo fall from my butt. Peeing continued to be a problem. I solved this by first peeing facing the bowl, as if I were peeing into a urinal. Then I'd turn around and sq! uat and do my number 2. Here's a question for all the guys: when you sit down for a dump, do you pee first or shit first? I usually do both at once, unless it's a hard poo which requires a lot of pushing and it's hard to do both at once.

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