The most embarresing thing happen to me yesterday,i was with my friend Debra in her car and we were on the highway when i felt my ???? start to rumble and i tried to let out a silent fart but it made a noise and she said do you need to go or something and i said yea i think i might so we pulled off the next exit to try to find a gas station or someplace to go but there was nothing and by now the feeling was urgent and i did a SBD this time that felt hot on my bottom and even with the windows open i knew Debra smelled it,but she was being polite and said nothing,i said just find a place to pull over i think i'm gonna shit my pants so she pulled on the side of the road near an old fruit stand that was falling apart and before she even stoped all the way i was out and heading behind the fruit stand with debra close behind me.I backed up close to the rear wall and tuged down my tight size 4 501's that are really a size to small for me and my underwear came down with them and squated with my back to the wall and with Debra standing guard i started to let it out,i saw that Debra was watching me more then watching for anyone comeing along so i said how's bout a little prvacy bud,and she said no way girl,i wanna see and i said in a jokeing way ok you pervert,and by now i had a brown tail hanging down and pee was squirting out on the ground and i had nothing left to be modest about,the first poop droped off and a second one started and felt larger and as it droped i did this weird sounding fart,Debra said mindy that second one is huge,i never saw anyone do that before outside and then she reached into her pocket and gave me some kleenex to wipe with and as i was pulling up my pants she dropped her yellow jogging shorts (she had no underwear on) stuck her skinny butt out and did a long piss and as she was finishing off let out a good sized fart and said sorry,i was going to try and take a shit so we'd be even but it won't work,i said you really are twisted girl,you know that don't you,and she said yea i guess your right,this isn't exactly something two nice jewish girls would normaly do i guess,but were best friends and no one will even know anyway.

When I was a little kid, I used to love to turn off the lights in the public bathroom if my brother was trying to take a dump. He would be in the stall, and I'd say "See ya later, Tony!!" then I would push open the door (but I wouldn't really leave), and turn out the lights on him. He would think I left him there in the dark on the throne. (It was best if the bathroom had no windows and it was totally BLACK in there.) Sometimes he would scream, and then I'd turn on the lights again. I thought this was the funniest thing EVER !!! Did anyone else torture thier siblings this way??? :) To Laura: I think that's pretty HOT !! I would love to see a girl pee at the beach even if she thinks no one knows!

Sunday, August 29, 1999

This is the most interesting site on the net. I love it . I'm kinda new here. I would like to talk about farts. I really love it when a girl farts and I would love to hear from girls who enjoy farting. or maybe an embarrising incedent. Are there any girls out there who enjoy the smell of their own farts or even someone else's farts. Hope you all reply . Cheers to all.

I read about some stories of girls having bladder problems when going to a job interview, so I would like to share a story with you that happened to me last winter. I'm a young professional singer from Switzerland, and I went to an audition in Zurich city by train. Before leaving home I ate some egg salad which was o.k., but must have produced a bad impact on my stomach. Furthermore I was quite nervous about the audition. When riding on the train, I felt some urge to go to the toilet to have a bowel motion. I went to the toilet on the train and just emptied a large amount of urine, which I always have to do when I am nervous. I sat there for about ten minutes, but nothing else came out, I just felt a strange gurgling in my stomach. When I left the train, I instantly felt that the urge in my intestine became stronger and I wished I could go back to the toilet, which was impossible now. I was facing a 10 minutes' ride on a tramway and each minute I was approaching my final destination, the urge in my intestine got stronger, probably because of my nervous feelings. A few minutes later, my stomach started to gurgle, and I felt the bad feeling just before you got diarreah. I thought I should release a fart but all of a sudden, a little amount of liquid shit came out of my anus into my panties. How embarrassing I felt. I knew I had to find a bathroom very quickly, otherwise I would completely shit myself, which has already once happened before when last year I had eaten a weird salad before a church concert and almost shit myself on stage. I remembered that while singing my stomach gurgled and almost let out some liquid shit into my evening dress, before I could ran out to the toilet in the middle of the concert, where the brown water just flooded out of me and wouldn't stop for more than ten minutes. Therefore I left the tram and hoped to find a toilet at the tram station, but there was none. My only hope that I could go to the toilet at the agency as soon as I enter. I crossed the street, but wich every pace the urge in my bowels became worse and another small amount of liquid shit came out into my panties. Now I was dying to find a toilet, anxious that I would shit myself. I entered the house where the agency was and climbed to the second floor with bad pains in my intestine as I knew that as far as I could find a toilet, I was about to explode. I rang the bell, and the secretary openened the door. Even before greeting her I told her that I have to use the toilet instantly and asked me where it was. She showed me the door. I couldn't do else but throwing my coat and bag on the floor, then I entered the toilet and locked the door. I wore a long skirt which I lifted and a dark pantyhose which I lowered. Finally I sat down on the toilet and released the shit. During exactly two minutes, it was just a stream of liquid brown shit that hit the water producing a great noise. Then I thought it was over and got some TP to wipe. But! suddenly I farted and what came out of me was the worst torrent of diarreah I ever had in my life. Brown water splashed into the toilet for five more minutes. Then came three more waves of diarreah during which I had to shit without intermission. The shit was brown and watery, and it smelled horrible. I couldn't simply imagine that my stomach contained so much. Meanwhile I decided to pull down my long skirt in order to avoid to have to hold it with my hands any longer. After about 20 minutes, no more diarreah came out of me, and I started to wipe. My anus was so dirty that I almost used half of a TP roll. Finally I came out of the toilet and excused myself to the secretary, saying that I suddenly got sick with diarreah. She said: no trouble, it sometimes happens when singers come to auditions due to nervousness. Then I warmed up. I thought that now I was o.k. and everything had gone out of my intestine. But imagine that when I was done and about to start my audition, I suddenly felt the urge to go again. I had to wait for another 15 minutes and thought I would rather go back to the toilet, but I hoped to be able to hold it until after the audition. But during my first aria, I realised that I wouldn't be able to hold it. While singing, I felt the hot containts of my bowels to come out again and wished I had gone once more before. As far as I finished my aria, I couldn't hold it any longer. I excused myself to the jury, telling that I have diarreah, and ran back to the bathroom. This time the shit was even more watery, and the cascades of diarreah came out with enormous pains of my stomach. I thought that I was urinating out of my anus. I knew they were waiting for me at the audition, so I finished after 5 minutes although I felt that even more diarreah was about to come out. Imagine the embarrassment when I came back to sing my next arias. Everybody was staring at me as if I had shown all my body's weakness to them. Afterwards I had an interview wi! th the owner of the agency. She asked me if I was sick and I told yes. During the interview I felt my bowels gurgling again and again, so I couldn't do anything else but excusing myself to the toilet for a third time during the interview which had no more use as I knew that I sang badly. Again brown water for 10 minutes, but afterwards, I finally felt much better. I left the agency and went beck to the train station. There and later on the train back home I had to go to the toilet with diarreah three more times, but then all was over. I still didn't know whether it was the egg salad or the nervousness or both. Now I just got a new date for another audition with this agency and hope that I won't have diarreah this time. Anybody else with similar experience to have diarreah while on a job interview or similar?

Diarrhea Omelette
Hi, last weekend I fell asleep in the outhouse (at a cabin). Somebody heard me snoring and woke me up. To anyone who gets constipated, ever try a six pack (or better yet, a 12 pack) of cheap beer?

Aussieguy, maybe it is your mate. But how would he know you would be there if you have not seen him in a while. Let's hope whoever it is keeps up the good work. Assuming there is a wet area around it, depending on how far away the wet area was might be able to narrow down the sex.

Hi guys! Line, glad to answer your questions :) Julian, please know that you are in my (and, I'm sure, everyone else's) thoughts and prayers. Love ya! To Cousin, I'm sure Linda was traumatized by reading that post, especially after the "have a nice life" sentence. Please tell Linda that Steph loves her and I hope that she will read and post again soon. We should all remember to "Carpe Diem," seize the day; every day has 24 hours and we should use them wisely, for the benefit of ourselves and for others. Stacey, does your daughter keep her legs open when she has to pee, when she has to poop, or both? I keep my legs open slightly when peeing or taking an easy dump, but spread my legs open and put my head down when I'm straining to poop. Jana, although I'm dark-haired, I have surprisingly little hair on my bum crack but the "usual" (compared to three other young women about my age whom I've seen naked) amount of pubic hair. I do sometimes find hair on the toilet paper, but not enough to worry about. I have nothing new to write about. I will be getting ready to return to school (after Labor Day in the US); I'll miss hanging out with my friends here, but am looking forward to the new year, and seeing again my friends up at college. Peace and love to everyone, Steph xoxo

I'm really sorry to hear about Julian and will keep her in my thoughts. I lost a really close Friend to an infection that affected her heart. I hope Linda will return but I completetly understand if she decides not to.

Jeff A.
Jasmine: You sound wonderful to me! I'd love to hear more about you and your pooing habits. I hope I'm not too late in answering your question about the flushing, but I'm on the road so much, that I don't get to check in as often. Sometimes I'll flush when still sitting. I'm a big guy, and do huge loads, and it's necessary sometimes. The other day at work, I had to take a real big one, so I went down the gents early in the morning. We don't have doors on the stalls, so early is better to avoid a lot of traffic. I had to flush mid-way through, and the suction is so loud that it drowns out almost everything for a second or two. A lot of guys flush before they drop something so they won't be too embarrassed. Right when I flushed, I couldn't hear the cleaning lady announcing herself from outside. They usually knock and identify themselves first. She came in with her mop bucket, and our eyes locked. What a surprise for us both! She got a real good glimpse of me, and now knows me a little better than she should. She is a younger hispanic woman, and when I came out, she was so apologetic! I tried to reassure her that it was ok, and that it happens all the time. I think she was scared that I might report her, and she'd get fired. Anyway, as a long answer to your question, when I'm at work, I try not to flush during my poop if I don't have to, for that very reason.

Tony (UK): That girl you descibed at work sounds a lot like the one I was talking about. She would do the same thing. This girl wasn't married, but she was so wild, she could rock me right out the boat! I love the term "chatting her up." I think I'll start using it over here. Off the subject, I had a gentleman from England show me how to call someone a "dickhead" when driving: bring the thumb and forefinger together in a circle, (guys, we all know what that means), and then bring the hand to the forehead several times! I love it!

Stacey: I'm no professional, but I think you should maybe discuss your daughter's habit with your doctor or encourage her to keep the door closed. Or, ask your OB/GYN about it. If you have one, a woman doctor would offer a lot more insight to your situation I think.

Alvin: Yes!!! bring on more of those wifey stories. You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine….

Laura: About your beach peeing, I do that all the time. Dig a hole in the sand, throw a towel over my lap, and pee away! It's great;…as long as a sandcrab dosen't come along. He'd probably say "Oh boy! hot dogs for lunch!"

To Cancer Child (Julian): I don't know what to say to you, except that I believe that there is a place where the sun shines all of the time. The body feels no pain, and never gets tired. The rivers are warm like bathwater, and are as blue as the sky. The grass is tall and green, and smells of sweet summer. The bees don't sting, and the days go on forever. It never gets too hot, or too cold. When night comes, it's pleasant and loving, and promises an eternity of days that I just described. If you should happen to visit this place soon, please save me a place, because I know you are going to love it. Bye all. J.

I was at the mall yesterday and i had to pee real bad so i found the bathromm and alot of girls were inside talking and waiting for others who were on the toilet,i went in a stall closed the door and as i was pulling down my pants and panties to squat over the toilet to pee (i wouldnt sit on it because it was nasty)i could smell that someone was makeing number two and even heard a big fart come from someones behind and one of the girls who was waiting yelled your sh*t is grossing me out valarie!and laughed and then a voice said sorry ,i can't help it,i'm almost done and as i was finished peeing i let out a fart too that was kind of loud and as i was pulling up my pants i heard the other girl flush and we came out the same to to wash our hands,the girl who was doing number two was older the me around 19 i guess and had dark red hair and was very thin,her friend was teasing her saying i bet you feel better after that sh*t don't you and the red head said yea i do,and when i got o! utside and smelled the fresh air i relized how bad her poop smelled up the place. Liz

Harry: Glad U asked I have done a lot of plumbing and everything else that has to do with building maintenance. The flush valves need repair from time to time. If you're handy, you can buy a rebuild kit for them which includes a new diaphragm, seals and gaskets. Sounds like your diaphragm is shot if it flushed continuously. First, buy the proper kit from a plumbing supplier and then shut off the valve (this is located to the left or right of the flusher where the pipe makes a 90 degree bend. Instructions will vary somewhat depending on what brand of valve you have there. The shut off is a screw under a larger cap, usually. Some of the kits come with instructions. After you have the water turned off, unscrew the top cap of the flusher, and you will see the diaphragm. Take it out and replace with the new one (make sure you get it into the right position and right side up). There are other parts such as a seal for the flush handle, you don't need to replace it if if it! 's not leaking. Good Luck.

Well, its back to school, hope all of you had a nice summer. Back to cleaning toilets every day. Yesterday some female staff (teachers) had to use the bathroom, and i had already cleaned and locked the faculty womens bathroom. They came into the boys bathroom while i was cleaning it, and asked if they could use the boys room. I said sure but i had poured bleach into the toilet bowls, so they could not use the toilet bowls. They said ok, and went over and used the urinals. They asked me to bring over some bathroom tissue, and I did.After they left, I noticed one of the older women had pooped into the urinal, I don't mind cleaning up, that's my job, I like cleaning our bathrooms !

To Tony: The last poop my girlfriend did was one large turd, about 1.5" x 12." Smooth and soft. Sometimes hers comes out in chunks, one time I counted 17 chunks.

Hmmm.... I did post something else in yeasterday's post but it's not there. Strange. Anyways, I'll ask again. Julian said in her last post that her parents woke her up every so often so she wouldn't die on them. Now I know cancer may be a little different from a cold/flu but how is waking someone up going to help them feel better? Slep heals all, right? (I seriously hope that didn't offend anyone.) See ya again.

went to a club friday night with my friend mitzi and we both got drunk,mitzi got up and went to the ladies room and when she didn't come back in like 15 or 20 minutes i went to check on her and found her sitting on the toilet passed out with the stall door half open,i shook her and she was so drunk she couldnt get up so i got on my knees and tried to pull up her panties and shorts the best i could and another girl came in to help me and when we got her off the toilet i saw it had some diahreea in it and i almost barfed from the smell.well between the two of us we got her dressed and i took her to my place to sleep but i couldnt get her out of the car so i left her to sleep in the back seat.The next morning she said thanks and told me that when she went to the ladies room she thought she had to vomit but it wouldn't come up and then she felt a poop comeing on and sat on the pot and she rememberd doing some farts and then diahreea and nothing else,she took a shower at my place and when she was takeing her underpants down she said ouch and told me they were stuffed up her crack and the poop stuck them to her butt and i saw that her red panties had poop on the back and some on her butt too.

To stacey,my 12 year old does the same thing,i thought she would grow out of it when she went thru puberty but she still does it.I know she didn't get the habit from me since i close the door when i go and she's only seen me on the toilet a few times,but she pee's, poop's and even changes her pad with the door wide open,i don't know if it's just because it's only the two of us and she just feels no need to be ashamed of her body which i guess is healty or if it's something she sees another girl do or what,and i haven't decided if it's something important enough to talk to her about,as long as she's not doing it infront of any boys i guess it's not a big deal.

Hello everyone,the other day i did the survey and also posted some advise to a girl who has a problem like mine and i posted something that happend at the mall too. Now i have a question,I am seventeen and in High School i have a boyfriend he wants to see me go to the bathroom and i won't let him,he says he's just curious but i know he gets wood when we talk about it.we haven't had sex yet just fooled around (i'm still a virgin)so he hasn't seen me with out any clothes on yet and i dont think the first time he does (if he does!)it should be while i'm sitting on the toilet.I asked a couple of my girlfriends and they were no help,one let's her guy sit on her lap while she goes,i think that's just so gross!I've gone in front of other girls before both 1&2 and they do the same in front of me,i think most girls do anyway so it doesn't bother me,so if you have some advise especialy any girls around my own age please post it or e-mail me,i like this site and am interested in bathroom habits of others,so far i've only seen other girls and my cousin and mom and sister,but i think it's interesting the way everyone goes a little different. Thanks Liz

Wow. That's all I can say. I don't really have a story to post, but I would like to say to CancerChild (if she reads this) that my prayers are with you. Cancer sucks. All my love to you and I hope you get better. Another thing i am a little concerned about is the fact that your family keeps waking you up and force feeding you. How in hell is that supposed to help you?? You do need rest. That will certainly help you, but you are in no condition to be woken up repeatedly like that. If anyone can back me up/correct me I would appreciate it.Keep an open mind, 'k? Love ya lots!!

This is for Liz and Jana: Like youtwo, I have a big bush (which I like and would never shave) but it is a real pain around my asshole. It would be one thing if I did hard turds, but I think because I am a white chocolate lover, my turds are always soft. It is always a mess with the hair around the asshole. Without access to water, I would have to wipe until complete irritaion. In Asia, they have hoses, to clean after no. 2, just like bidets. For those of us with hair down there, this is really the only solution that really works.

I'm a 51-year old female piano teacher from Switzerland and I suddenly got a urination problem which I want to share with you. Since about two months I have to go to the bathroom much more often than before, that means about 8 to 10 times a day, which means about every two hours, hereas I used to go only 3 or 4 times a day and could hold urine with no problem. My problem started one night in June when I suddenly woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning with a strong need to urinate, which haven't happened before for about 10 years when one night I was completely drunk. So I went to the toilet and sat there for about two minutes voiding clear urine in a strong stream. I went to bed again and much to my surprise I woke up two hours later for another large urination. I thought I drank too much wine the other evening, but I had to go to the toilet again at about six o'clock in the morning, when almost no more urine came out of me. Next day my bladder was very funny. I had to go to the bathroom every two hours, although I drank only very small amounts of water. Much to my embarrassment, twice this day the urge came in the middle of my piano class. First I tried to hold it but after ten minutes the urge was so strong that I had to go to the toilet instantly. Can you imagine how embaarrassing it was to have to tell my pupil that I had to go to the toilet in the middle of piano teaching! I ran to the toilet, but when I sat down, I could empty only a few drops of urine as I had been to the toilet already so many times on this day! In the evening I had a piano recital with my pupils and therefore I was very careful to go to the toilet before to void a few drops of urine in order to avoid to have to leave the concert for going to the toilet. No use! After about an hour, my bladder felt full again although I didn't drink anything! After 10 more minutes, I couldn't stand any more. In the middle of the recital I felt had to leave the room and go to the toilet. I sat down and felt immense cramps in my bladder. Much to my surprise, I had to press my bladder for more than five minutes before a few drops of urine came out with an immense burning. I thought I was finished, but I wasn't. I felt the immense urge to void urine even if nothing came out of my bladder. I spent about 20 minutes on the toilet and could void some more drops of urine. When I flushed and got back, the recital was over...Everyone asked if I had a problem as I had been away for such a long time but I didn't know what to say. Again this night I woke up about four times to urinate, whereas I could void only very small amounts of urine. On the next day I had to go to accompany a professional audition for singers. I was a little bit nervous as I didn't have any time to prepare the pieces and could't tell the people that I have a bladder problem. Imagine I felt the urge to go to the toilet every half an hour. How embarrassing it was to tell the people that I have to go to the t! oilet at every intermission. First I had to sit on the toilets for about two minutes as a large amount came out of my bladder, but every time I sat on the toilet fewer urine came out, but only a few minutes after the urination I felt the very imminent urge to again as if the bladder were full again. After that bad day, my problem changed. I didn't feel any burning at urination, but had to empty about every two hours large amounts of urine whereas before I could hold the urine for at least 4 or 5 hours. Therefore the situation has become very unconfortable. During my holidays, I had to go to the toilet almost every two hours, and almost every night I had to stand up to urinate at least once a night, where I always passed large quantities of urine with no pains or whatsoever, even during the day I have no burning or whatsoever, I just had to go to the toilet almost every hours. Whenever I get to a concert or any other event, I feel I need to urinate instantly before it and perhaps need to go once more during the event. If I don't go, the feeling becomes as strong as I couldn't hold it and I can't stand the idea of leaving the urine to go into my panties as a 51-year old woman. Nobody of my friends has any idea what happened to me so suddenly that from one moment to the other I have to urinate so more often than only two months ago. Therefore I'm asking if anybody on this forum and in my age had any other experiences (having to urinate more often so suddenly whereas it's not simple urine infection). Perhaps anybody can help me and tell me what to and how to cope with my bad situation.

Stacey, Maybe she does that to keep from falling in.

Perhaps some of the readers will remember me. I'm the Californian girl studying in Switzerland that had a bladder problem in when skiing in winter. This summer I went with a female Swiss friend for a holiday in Greece. It was very, very hot, but we had a great time there. Unfortunately on our last day both of us had a problem with our bowels. One night we went to a fish taverna where we had local fish and drinks. At 3 o'clock in the morning, my I heard that my friend suddenly got up and went to the toilet. First nothing happened. She sat there, passing some gas and I heard a roaring in her bowels. Then she came back to sleep. Half an hour later, she stood up again, rushed to the toilet and exploded into it. For about three minutes, you could hear a splash of liquid water emptying out of her and splashing into the toilet. It was bad diarrhea. She had to go again three more times this night, at 4 o'clock, 4.45 and 5.30 a.m., when I always woke up from the noise she made. In the ! morning, only water came out of her, and she said she probably got an intestine infection. Nevertheless she felt better the next day and so we decided to make an excursion to the temple of Delphi (about 250 km west of Athens) the next day as we had reserved a car for this purpose. A very bad idea! We had breakfast which was very bad for my friend's stomach, as about one hour later, when we were already driving, she felt the strong urge to go again. We had to stop twice during the drive as my friend had to relieve herself. She squatted down, lifted her skirt and led a torrent of diarrhea go out of her intestine. Once she even had to vomit. Finally we got to the sea where we had a swim. My friend felt so bad that during the swim she had to shit. She then put her bathing-suit aside and let it go into the sea. I felt very sorry for her but I didn't know yet that I was next. As my friend felt so bad we didn't eat lunch in a restaurant, but I was hungry it was so hot, so I had some ! ice-cream, water melon and chilled water. This was not a good idea. When we were visiting the temple of Delphi, suddenly I felt a cramp in my stomach. First I thought I would have to go the toilet in some time, but then I realised that the urge was imminent. My intestine started to gurgle and relase shit. I wanted to pass some gas but I realized that it was no gas but liquid shit. I knew that I had to find a toilet at once, otherwise I would shit myself in front of my friend which she hadn't done despite her diarreah. Thank goodness there was a toilet at the top of the hill where I suddenly dashed to. I went into an open stall and lifted my skirt even before sitting on the toilet, and in the same moment, I exploded into the toilet. For about five minutes without stopping, the greatest torrent of diarrheah came out of me and splashed into the toilet. I simply couldn't stop it. I sat there for about fifteen minutes. During this time, new waves of diarreah hit me. Every single cr! amp made me shit more. Much to my embarrass-ment there was not TP in the stall so I couldn't wipe which gave me a big mess. I really thought everybody that was in me went out of me, but ten minutes later another wave of diarreah hit me. I ran back to the toilet, and I emptied another large amount of brown liquid water. My friend told me: so now it's also your turn. On our way back to Athens, we had to stop four times. Twice I had to shit instantly, twice my friend. As there were no toilets available, we always had to go besides the road. Both of us felt very ill, so we went to bed. During the night I woke up four times, at 2.30, 4 o'clock, 4.50 and 5.30 a.m., with an instant urge to shit. I rushed to the toilet and always released brown water that felt if I were urinating out of my ass. This came together with terrible cramps in my stomach. I never imagine when I had such a bad intestinal infection in the past. My friend also had diarreah about four times, so we almost couldn'! t sleep. The next day we felt very bad, but we had to catch our plane back to Switzerland. On the way to the airport I felt another wave hitting me although I had gone to the toilet just before we left the hotel. The liquid shit squeezed against my ass but I simply didn't want to shit myself. Finally we got to the airport, where I rushed into the next toilet to relieve myself. Any other two minutes and I the shit would have gone into my panties. Even on the plane I had to shit three times. This has never happened to my before. Now school has started again and we feel much better. Be careful with food in Southern Europe! Anybody else had similar experiences this summer when travelling and how did you cope with it?

Saturday, August 28, 1999

BrentC, Thom, Ian, Gary Ian, great post about your friend helping you shit. I have had a similar experience that I posted the other day. I will tell you more about it. You said that you were trying Metamucil. I will be interested to here about your experience. It makes me gassy and I fart every two minutes, but it does not do much to help my bowels move. It seems to make the mass somewhat bigger - a clump of cannonballs instead of individual balls. Do you ever crap cannonballs? BrentC, How did I get my friend to help mr shit? Well it just sort of happened. He loved to give body massages and I loved to receive them. He would sometimes drop by at the end of the day and if I wanted a work out he was eager to accomodate. Even though he was not a professional, he had great technique and strong hands. He found me attractive, so he would work me over for as long as I liked. One time he was working me over because I had a stiff kneck and sore back. I told him I was very constipated and had not dumped for several days. He said he was not surprized because I was very tight everything is connected. He said would help me with that, too, which kind of surprized me. He work my back and lower back over, then slowly worked his way down to butt. He massaged my buns and pounded then gently with his fists. Then he started to massage my hole. I told him it felt great and that I was started to feel a little urge, which I had not felt in days. He said that was good - it meant it was working. He started to finger my hole and I told him that he had better be careful, because I was not sure what was up there. He said don't worry, it's not a problem. He got some lube and inserted his finger and just as it slid in, a long dry fart escaped. I said "sorry", and he said "no problem, that's a good sign; that's why we're here. Just relax and go with it." He told me to raise my ass in the air a little, so he could have better access. He told me "yeah man you're really packed up." Farts kept escaping and everytime it happen he would tell me "good man, that's it, now push a little." I could feel the shit loosening up. I told him I was ready to go and sit on the commode. I went and sat down, but I still could not do anything but fart. In a minute he came in to see how it was going. I grunted out " aaaalmost but nnnnot quite. That is when he reached around behind my buns and started massaging again. Then he would lift up and say "push hard." I would push and a cannonball would drop noisily into the pot. He would say encouragingly, " great going - okay now -let's go again." And he would repeat the routine. We sort of developed a rhythm and neither one of us was uptight or squeamish. We talked and joked about it and everything was cool. When it was over and I felt pretty empty, we both looked in the bowl to see that I had layed better than a dozen hard marbles. We did this on several more ocassions. He later moved away. In all the time we had our sessions, neither of us was ever embarrassed and it was a pretty neat male bonding experience. Thom, I too recently had a phone dumping experience. I will tell you more later. It was pretty cool. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys buddy dumping or who may be a little self-conscious about doind it in person. At the National Park - that was a great post- did you ever dump? Were the father and son side-by-side? Did they grunt audibly? I love the details. Would at least ONE of you guys try my NAVEL stimulation technique - or at least respond to my suggestion - if you think it is weird, just say so. I am not sure if you even have read my postings about it. I really think you might be pleasantly surprized at the outcome.

I was at the beach the other day and I needed to pee, but there were no toilets and I don't like to go under the boardwalk. So I dug a hole in the sand under my beach chair, pulled the crotch of my bikini to the side, sat on the beach chair, and peed. Nobody ever suspected a thing.

My 8 year old daughter has a weird bathroom habit, which I know about because she keeps the door open. Her habit consists of sitting on the toilet with her legs spread wide open.

Linda, that's pretty cool I live in Houston, TX. Amazing how close together it seems. A question to you and all of the girls out there? Are any of you embarassed to use public toilets because you pee loud?

Donny>> Aren't you the person who cleans the toilets at a public school? If so, perhaps you can give me a suggestion on what to do about a toilet that is stuck in the flush mode...Where I work, we have the jet-flush toilets, and the one in the ladies restroom has been flushing continuosly for the the past 48+ hours, as it is similiar to those type of toilets most often found in public restrooms such as schools or at airports...How on earth do you get the thing to shut off, outside of turning off the main water supply valve, as this is a cafeteria where I work at? Thanks!!!

This is most unlike me - I normally need a poo twice a day quite regularly. For some reason, yesterday, I didn't go for a poo at all. I felt the need a couple of times, but I was too busy and ignored it - and now, today, I can feel there is a huge load building up and sooner or later I will have to unload it. I just hope it doesn't hurt, and that the plumbing can cope with it. I haven't told my husband yet, perhaps I should issue a warning! I suppose I could just do it in the middle of a car park....... ;-)

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