It is almost time for school to start here. We just had band camp the last two weeks. For those of you who don't know. Band camp is where you go learn new music and routines for fairs and football games. Not exactly fun. Well anyway yesterday we all had to put our uniforms on and go get a picture taken for the year book. When we came back inside everyone was changing back into regular clothes. Now there are to bathrooms by the band room. They are the one person kind. People were using them both for going and changing but mostly only girls. 3 or 4 girls would go in each bathroom at a time. Using the boys side freely. I hear one girl yelling "Oh my god what is in the toilet!?" she was in the guys room. So after the action was slowing a bit. I noticed the door to the girls room was open and there were people inside. I had a thought I did have a faint need to pee but I knew I oculd easily hold it until i went home. I made up my mind and walked in there were two girls in there both! older than me. They pleasntly said Hi! I say Hi back and proceded over to the toilet. Pulled down my black reebok shorts and my light green panties and peed for a good 30 seconds. The one girl was brushing her hair and the other changing her shirt just like nothing was happening. I was amazed. The door was open but you can see the main part of the bathroom for out there although most people would shut the door anyway. I pulled off three sheets of TP wiped, pulled up my shorts and undies, flushed, straighted my self up, and left. No one batted an eye. It was quite an experience for me to say the least. I can hardly believe how laid-back people in the High School are compared to the Middle school. I do think I'm going to like school this year! Kara

Here`s a little joke my wife played on me the other day. We had just come home from work (we work together) and I hadn`t noticed that she had disappeared to the bathroom. Evidently she had pre-planned this, I was in the kitchen and I heard her calling my name with great urgency. She was standing in the bathroom door way when I met her and she said, "honey you won't believe this but there is a huge snake in the toilet." I damn near killed myself getting over to the toilet to see what kind of creature has made it's new home out of our toilet. Much to my surprise, I lifted the oak toilet lid and saw a 1 1/2 foot long with about a 2' diameter turd sticking up out of the pipe. I looked over at her and she had this big grin on her face and she said, "well, it kinda looks like one doesn't it?" and then both of us laughed. When I flused it, the force of the water pushed it out of the pipe and it stuck up out of the water fell over and while it was being sucked down it tried to make i! t through the pipe sideways breaking it into two pieces. another flush took care of the "snake" leaving beige-brown skid marks all over the sides and bottom of the bowl. I'll more of my wife's antics later.

Awesome Site!!!!! Had a great Movement today around 2pm......I normally go in the afternoon at work. I even have a favorite stall........I'll post a story later, I just wanted to say Hi.

Hi everyone.I know I don't post much but well I really have to now. You see Linda is so broken up about Julian and her condition that well she may not return here. It hurts I know..I lost a cousin almost the same way to AIDS. So even if Linda does not return please do us both a favor and pray for Julian. Thank you

I was having a rather open conversation with one of my friends on the subject of going to the bathroom. He, being somewhat paranoid about germs, told me that he does not like to sit on the seats in public restrooms, even if there are seat covers because the urine soaks right through. Instead, he leaves the seat down and takes a dump standing up, slightly bent over. I had already thought that he did this because one time, we were both taking a dump at the same time in adjoining public restroom stalls. I remember that he farted, but it did not echo in the bowl as it would have if he had been seated, and the splashes were big and loud because he must have been positioned high above the toilet. I have since tried this technique myself, and found it difficult to balance well enough to push effectively, even when resting my hands on my knees or grabbing my ankles with both hands. The splashes caused some water to end up on my shorts as well. Has anybody else tried this or do ! it regularly? Do you have any insights as to how to make the process easier?

Dork - Im in Adelaide south australia and the place i talk about is a nude beach called Maslin's. It was australias first nude beach - something for which we south aussies can be proud of!! still havent had a chance to get there at night but i called there again yesterday during the day and discovered 3 fresh mounds - one being very fresh - i reckon it was maybe a half hour old. I'm thinking of getting a digital camera so i take photos and log (LOG!! ha ha) them into a forum or something - just to keep a daily record!! Ok the first one was a bit mushy and in the open carpark kind of yellowy brown. The real fresh one was nice and brown and well formed - maybe about 9 inches long and just behind a bush next to the path down to the beach. The last one - again couldnt believe my eyes!! Just behind a bush in front of the carpark. Nice hard knotty turd broken in 3 pieces about 4 inches each - but the width was maybe 3 inches round so i guess whoever laid that one really fely good afterwards. I'm wondering who is leaving all these around - i'm beginning to suspect my mate Steve who knows i like to watch and has down a few done there just to amuse me!! Alas its been months since i've seen him but maybe hes just laying em there to get my interest.

Hi RICK! Mmmm...either you have a very good memory, or you have gotten me mixed up with someone else, perhaps.:-) But yes, I am a young black (and alot of people say..very attractive) female. But unfortunately, that doesn't make my poops any more interesting. :-P I have been eating alot of nachos lately along with jalapenos and things like that, but that doesn't seem to add "life" to my poos. The last time I pooped was this past weekend, and it did appear to be solid, until I flushed. Then I saw it basically break up and turn to mush as it swirled down the toilet. Does this ever happen to you?

hey there this is my 1st time posting a msg at this site. i'm sorry if it isn't very good. i just came back from a brief spell at the hospital and i'll like to share an experience i had peeing on a bed pan. i was on doctor's orders not to get out of bed after a minor operation so when i had to go, the nurse got me a bedpan. the 1st time i saw it, i was like, no, no way, but i really needed to pee and the nurse wouldn't let me get up and go to the toilet. she lifted up the hospital gown and told me to pull down my underwear. i was really very very embarassed. imagine exposing yourself to a total stranger. she lifted up my butt and slipped the bedpan underneath me (i'm a female). the metal was cold and i felt totally horrid! although the curtains were drawn around me, i was not in a single bed ward. i'm sure the other patients knew what was going on!! the urine was starting to leak out and all i could do was shut my eyes tight and push down hard. the worst was yet to come... after i finis! hed peeing, the nurse came in with a few pieces of toilet paper, a basin of water and a towel. i had assumed the toilet paper was for me to clean myself off, but no! the nurse proceeded to wipe me off before i could protest! i felt violated. this is the single WORST experince i've had in my entire life! anybody has any similar experiences to share? is this a common hospital occurence or policy?

Ran into a strange bathroom design last night. Moderately upscale casino. I was in the last urinal, there was a stall beside me. The wall had something that looked like granite on it, quite shiny. The area behind each stall & urinal was spotted brown, but the partitions were attached to strips that were almost pure black. Now, the urinal partitions were attached very close to the wall, but the stall partitions were perhaps 1 1/2" away from the wall. As there was good light, the wall acted basically like a mirror--I could *CLEARLY* see the ass of the guy in the stall.

In reply to Jana,I started to get my pubes and under arm hair when i was 10,and by the time i was 13 my bush was bigger and thicker then my mom's and yes i have a hairy crack and see little black curly's on the toilet paper when i wipe my behind and my p**sy and also on my sanitary pad,and sometimes when i do a hard or sticky number two i wet the toilet paper and i keep wet wipes in my purse and use one or two before i wipe with the toilet paper and that makes it less of a mess.I tried to shave my crack in the shower but it's hard to do and it makes my behind all red and itchy.I only know one more girl in my High School who has alot of hair down below like me we are both dark skinned and our parents are both from P.R. she bent over to show me her hairy crack after P.E. in the locker room and it's hairy up past her a** hole like mine,please don't think we were being nasty we wern't.I am now seventeen and my sister who is twenty one is not real hairy like me on her p**sy and non! e in her crack i know because we shared a room for along time and i would see her dressing all the time.So jana just try the wet wipe things or wet some toilet paper in the sink it helps. Good Luck

to Jasmine: I care about what you have to say. I'll answer you, I promise. I alwasy imagined women on the toilet smelling like vanilla or strawberry. It's hard to imagine that a a woman's bottoms smells just as bad as man's.

I usually dump in a matter of 5-10 seconds and rarely any gas. My gas usually precedes a good dump.

To Buzzy - Buzzy - Hi, how are you, you seem to have gone a little quiet recently. Well I guess you knew Melissa wouldn't be able to resist your question. I'm sure you know most of my habits by now anyway but no I don't pass very much gas. If my ???? is upset at all then all bets are off of course. BTW Melanie still sticks to your "High water content" dietary advice - and its working just fine. Thanks again Buzzy (Picasso) for all your thoughts - lots of hugs and kisses - love Melissa.

To Andrea - Andrea I loved your story, it seemed to hold an innocence which some of us have lost, for good or bad. Also you are the only other person I can remember who found that squeezing and pushing helps when a poop is right there but doesn't want to come out. I do this as well because one of my problems is that sometimes I will feel the urge to go and when I sit on the toilet and relax, guess what - nothing! - the urge goes away. I told Steph about that technique a few months ago and it really does work. I guess it stimulates the muscles and after a few squeezes and pushes I usually find my poo will start coming out. And yes I can also get very focused on a difficult poo and loose track of what is going on in the world around me. As for yours and Dawn's feelings of embarrassment. My advice is, don't worry about it but if you feel it would help then try to bring it up in some humorous context. Laughter always helps. If you feel "sorry" for her because she saw you! in "mid-s**t" then how about thanking her for her concern as a friend for looking out for strangers, and for coming to look for you when her calls brought no reply. It sounds like Dawn is a really true friend. You never know, one day, the roles might be reversed. All the best - Melissa.

To Jana - Yes I do occasionally find hair. Since I keep my hair very very short I have always assumed that the odd hairs around the toilet, on the tissue, and even in my panties were simply hairs which had already been cut. This doesn't happen too often because I usually shower after a hair cut. Love- Melissa.

To Steph: Thank you SOOOOO much for UNignoring me. I feel much better now. :) To CancerChild: I thought you said they were going to try Chemotherapy again. Probably you will think I sound like an idiot when I say this, but I think you should go to a faith healer. My unlce had a brain tumor and he went to one and one month later there was no trace of the tumor and there never has been since. It could be a coincidence, but I don't think so. And in case you do go to a faith healer, the ones that charge money are fakes but the ones who do it for free are the real ones. I am praying for you. -LINE

Buzzy, I usually fart (pass gas) before my turds come out then at the end. Unless I have a problem with my guts I find that my jobbies come out slowly but surely and I can enjoy the sensation. My normal type of motion is one really big fat jobbie say 10 to 12 inches followed by a shorter one say 6 or 7 inches and sometimes a couple of smaller hard balls at the start before the first big turd comes out. Although I normally pee before I start to do the motion, if its a really big hard turd and lodged in my back passage I might not be able to urinate until its out, not an uncommon occurance for many men owing to pressure on the prostate gland.

Donny, you left out one vital piece of information. How big was your girlfriend's turd after holding it in for so long? Did it all come out in a oner as a big whopper or a number of hard lumps? Please let us know.

"Yourmother" I find the thickness stated for Amber's turds a bit difficult , not the length which is quite reasonable. I have seen a 3 inch thick jobbie, done by a very tall and ???? woman, (Donna), but 4 inches across is an elephant turd, and you say that your girlfriend is very tall for a girl and slim so I would imagine that if she was holding something that size inside her ???? would swell up. Even Moira's fat friend Donna who is also tall but weighs about 240 pounds cant do them that fat although her jobbies are magnificent specimens. Can you confirm the size of Amber's logs?

Jasmine, to answer your questions I never flush while doing a motion as like many others I like to see the whole production . Likewise I dont flush the toilet before I use it, if someone else's jobbies are in the pan I will have an indirect buddy dump on top of theirs. (I will only flush it if there is diarrhea or loose shit in the pan as I dont want to drop mine on top of that sort of horrible mess!!). Once I did clog the toilet at home when I was a teenager of about 18 or so. It was a Saturday and my mother had done a big motion before going out shopping. I went into the toilet and found that her motions were stuck in the pan, a fat 12 inch long turd and a smaller fat 6 incher. As I often did I buddy dumped my own motion on top of hers. I too had a big dump that day as I hadn't been for the previous two days and passed two equally large jobbies myself. When I pulled the flush the combined motions of mum and myself lodged in the bottom of the pan. I flushed again and the wat! er rose up to the rim while the jobbies only moved slightly and became combined with the ends of the two big turds sticking up out of the water. I daren't flush again for fear of flooding the toilet.

I left the pan for about half an hour and the water had trickled away. I flushed again and the same thing happened. There was nothing for it, I would have to unclog the toilet by hand as we didnt have a plunger and the toilet brush would have only made to great a mess. I waited till the water level fell then got a rubber glove and gingerly pushed the great mass of turds over the hidden bend with my hand. I pulled the flush again, the water rose then with a sort of gulping "schloomp!" the water shot down taking the whole load with it. Another flush went clearly so all I then had to do was to use the toilet brush to clean off the skid marks in the bottom of the pan and pour some bleach in to kill the smell. I also washed the toilet floor and cleaned the handbasin. I dumped the rubber glove in the dustbin under loads of rubbish. When she came back Mum praised me for being a good boy and cleaning the toilet. Little did she know the reason why! Has anyone else had a similar exper! ience after buddy dumping their load on top of someone else's?

Friday, August 27, 1999

Andrea, were you embarassed that Dawn seen you? Would you like to be acidentally seen squatting in mid poop? Personally, I would have been red faced with a bulge. I've never seen a female poo in real life. Seeing that would make my day. Thanks for your story!!!!

Aussieguy,yea do investigate the phantom dumper. I'll be in Sidney the end of the year,is that parking lot there? You Aussie guys sure have all the fun.

Just curious-Do all of you out there when you poo,doe's it all come out the first 3-5 sec,or do you all spread it out over a few minutes and do you pass a lot of gas in the beginning or middle of your poop-Some feedback,please-BYE

I had an interesting outdoor experience earlier this summer, involving unexpected shit exhibitionism. My good friend Dawn and I both enjoy outdoor activities, and about two months ago, we spent a lovely Saturday afternoon hiking in the woods. On the return leg of our hike, I experienced the usual fullness and pressure that comes with an impending shit. When we came to a large boulder just off the path, I told Dawn I felt nature calling, and went behind the boulder. Luckily, we hadn't seen too many other hikers on our trail, so I wasn't worried about being caught. Even so, I didn't want to hang around butt naked, so I pulled down my shorts and squatted. Unfortunately, even though I had felt the familiar rumbling, I couldn't go right away. I knew, from past experience, that as soon as I started walking again, I'd feel the urge. So I stayed there, squatting, and kept an eye on the trail. I didn't want to keep Dawn waiting, so I decided to force my shit out. Usually, if ! my shit has trouble getting going, squeezing and pushing my butt muscles helps. I started squeezing, but my shit must have been pretty dry, because it didn't come. I really wanted to get it over with, so I started straining, and really bearing down. I closed my eyes to with the effort, and forgot about keeping watch. Evidently, Dawn called my name a few times, but I was so focused on shitting, I didn't hear her. Finally, the straining paid off, and a turd pushed its way out. It was a long one, and took its time dropping out. Suddenly, I heard Dawn's voice say "Oh, god, I'm sorry." I quickly looked toward the source of her voice, and there she was, at the edge of the boulder, her face bright red. And there I was, with a six inch brown 'tail' hanging from my bare butt. Dawn quickly turned away and went back around the boulder. The shock of seeing Dawn, and having her see me, caused my butt muscles to tighten, and the turd snapped off. It looked to be about 7 or 8 inche! s overall. I couldn't feel any other turds aching to get out, so I grabbed a handful of leaves, wiped myself, pulled up my shorts, took a breath, and went back to the trail. Dawn was waiting for me, but wouldn't look me in the eye right away. Her face was still bright red. Stuttering, she apologized again, and said she'd gotten worried when she called out to me and I didn't respond. She asked me several times if I was mad, and apologized again. I smiled, and told her I was sorry she had to see me in mid-shit. After a few minutes, we resumed walking. I've seen Dawn several times since that day, and we've even done outdoor things, but the shit episode hasn't come up. Hopefully, we can laugh about it some day.

I see that their is another kathy here so i will now post as Kathy.M I haven't posted lately but have been reading all the new posts and some of them are quite interesting so here is mine. my sister-inlaw dorthy was visiting me yesterday and we were doing are usual girl talk thing when she said she wanted to show me something she bought and went out to her car to get it,and as soon as she did i went into the bathroom as i felt as though the two cups of coffee i just had were starting to work as intended to loosen up 3 days of backed up poop.I lifted up my knee lenght mint green nightgown (no panties under it)and sat my ample round butt on the pot,and i left the door wide open because i wanted cindy to know i'd like some company,we have gone infront of each other before but only pee.I did a big fart and soon i felt the first log pushing out and it droped with a little plop and just then i heard the front door open and close so i called out im in the bathroom and a second later cindy was by the door holding a new purse to show me and as she started to talk i interupted with a stutering type fart and she said don't let me interupt ya do you want me to stay or go? so i said no please stay if the smell doesn't bother you i like the company,nah it's ok no worse then my shit thats for sure,so i droped a few more logs as my sister-inlaw stood and watched and talked and when i was finished and started to pull some toilet paper from the roll i thought she might walk away or turn her head but she didn't and got the full show as i held my nightgown up with one hand and wiped my bottom with the other,and then it got even better as she said my turn kathy as i moved over by the sink and cindy moved infront of the toilet and started to un zip her dark blue shorts and pulled them and her black thong panties to her ankles and since she is so slim and her ass so tiny (almost flat but very cute)she just sits on the very edge of the pot and bends over and in a minute after she passed a fart that was much louder then what you'd think would come out of such a little butt i could see a thin light brown turd hanging out,i guess about 6 inches long and it droped silently on my pile,she knew that i could see it all and it didn't seem to bother her,and it was followed by a couple of more smaller ones that she pushed out with a slight grunting noise and some more gas,and ofcoure by know my bathroom stunk,since i have no vent fan,cindy said oh god i feel so much better as she started to wipe and wile wipeing she farted yet again and it made a pop pop noise and she said thought i was done and sat back down and did a long pfffff kind of fart and said guess i'm done,felt like i was gonna shit again but guess not,as she finished cleaning her butt which she does by just barely lifting her left cheek since she has such a little behind,i had finished washing my hands and cindy flushed pulled up her panties and shorts,i walked out of my bathroom and thats the whole story,i thought it was a neat experience.

To everyone who answered my question...Thanks alot!:-) I would report on some of my latest poops sessions, but they have been so common and boring, that I seriously doubt that it would interest any of you.

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
Sorry i have been gone so long i have been in the hospital. I am very sick the doctors think i am going to die so they sent me home to see my family. My mom came to visit, actually the whole family did. I can't do much i just lay in bed. I hope i don't die but it looks like i will soon. If this is my last post i just wanna say have a nice life Linda i hope you grow up happily with no problems. I hope everyone here has a nice life. I'd like to tell you about my poop i did earlier. I was taking a nap and i woke up feeling like a had to poop so i rang my little bell and my cousin came in and i told him i had to poop. So he went in the bathroom put my potty seat on the toliet and he carried me in sat me on and closed the door and left. I sat there feeling like my butt was full so i strained and felt my butthole open up and then it was coming out and then it ploped and i felt relief. I peed. Then i farted and felt more on the way so i opened my butthole and out it started to come. My cousin walked in holding his pants and said he had to go so bad that he was about to pee and crap his pants. So i pulled up my pants and stood up. I still had more on the way but it was stuck. My cousin sat down. He peed and then he strained really hard and he even screamed. Finally i heard a plop he wiped and flushed. Now the feeling to go was gone. So i sat down and strained really hard. Now i was panting, yelping, and ready to scream. So i screamed and felt my butthole open. Now i was fighting it. I eventually lost it. My eldest cousin came in and asked what was wrong. I told him i was plugged up i had a huge poop stuck in me. He told me he would help me. I thought it was an enema that he meant and immediatly said no! So he said he would rub my ???? and then do something else. So he rubbed my ????. Then he stuck 2 fingers up my butt and massaged it. Then he grabbed the poop and pulled it out. Then he dug out 4 more. I peed again. Then i was done. I then went and took another nap. I don't wanna die and i hope i live. My whole family never wants me to go asleep afraid i'll die in my sleep i guess. They wake me up at least 5 times during a nap. They force me to eat. I made out a will. I have all my things going to charity. I'll make sure i post again before i die. Unless i die in my sleep tonight. Linda please have a nice life. Live the life i can't. Everybody do nice things i won't be able to do. I have to go now i have a bad headache.

My girlfriend again mentioned that she was a bit backed up last night. She hadn't moved her bowels in 5 days! She is quite lazy when it comes to helping herself do the toilet so I am happy to oblige. She doesn't like laxatives either. I first poured her a large glass of ice water and then massaged her ????, starting just under her ribs working down to below her belly button. I could feel that I was making progress and she said that it felt like her poop was moving along. After 20 minutes I took her to the bathroom and worked some vaseline into her bottom with my finger. I could feel hard poop in there. Poor girl! I pulled down her shorts and she got comfortable on the toilet, urinating forcefully into the water. Leaning forward a bit I felt for the area just above her asshole to see if the turd was moving down. It was, and the turd was peeking out - so far so good. I had to encourage her to take her time. The turd slowly slid out as I watched between her legs. I ! wiped her 7 times and we didn't flush. I like to help.

I've got a bunch of things on t.v. with bathroom sceens!! I watched Pecker(a release) and Pecker is the man character and him and his friend go to the polls to vote cause he was trying to get back with his girlfriend, who ran in there. Peckers other friend asked the attendant to use the bathroom..he was dancing so he must have had to go bad. Then pecker finds is girlfriend in the poll both and they start to have s*x. Then On VH1 and MTV Mariah Carey has a new music video. This girl in the video goes to use the bathroom at the movies. She is fixing her hair and this other girl comes in the Ladies room and they start an argument or fight and the girl who started it goes in a stall. The first girl opens most of the stalls then you see this lady between 40 and 55 sitting on the toilet. Couldn't tell if she was just peeing or pooping?

hi everyone- (17 female) Ive been reading posts for a while but this is the first time that I have posted. Anyway, I have a hairy p***y and crack(sorry to be so disgusting) and sometimes I find that hairs come off as I wipe. Do any of you girls experience the same thing? I look forward to hearing all of your responses especially Melissa and Torie(i like your posts)

GREAT FRIGGIN' SITE! Here's a cool one you'll dig. Two weeks ago I was turning into the parking lot of my favorite natural foods supermarket. Saw a little blonde boy, about age 8, sprinting toward a low-rise cement traffic barrier at one side of the entrance. " I know what HE'S up to!" Sure enough, as I entered the parking lot, I glanced in my rear view mirror, and could see that he was standing there casually pissing on the rear side of the cement barrier, in plain view of the two-way traffic. (I checked it later to be sure of what he did. It was thoroughly soaked with his pee!) He then sprinted back to re-join his mom, who was waiting for him at the car, along with his approximately one-year-old brother. The funny part is that I passed them in one of the store aisles a few minutes later...and noticed that he and his mom were speaking either Russian or a Serbo-Croatian language. Which only goes to confirm my long-standing suspicion that European families are MUCH! less uptight about this casual outdoor pissing thing than American families. His mom just let him run over and piss on the cement traffic barrier. No hassle. No big deal. Don't know why the Europeans are traditionally so much more HUMANE and sensible about this than we uptight Americans...especially where kids are concerned. But 'tis definitely true. Keep on posting these wonderful stories, guys 'n' gals! Five star site!

this is my first time posting here but i visit this site regualry and love to read about woman taking a dump anywau my parents moved to florida for the winter so my girlfriend Amber moved in with me she is real hot 6'7'' 125 pounds blounde hair tain she is the hottest girl in my school and anyways everyother mourning when she wakes up she goes into the kitchen eats 2 boals of cereal then she usually fartss 1 time grabs a Teen Magizine or the new eastbay magine and heads into the bathroom and sometimes i go in with her and watch her and amber eats like a horse so she always has on short shirst so you can see her stomach and she sitts on the toilot and usually farts 2 times and startes to read a magizine and heer stomach will move and after usually 5 to 6 minuites she is done her tirds are usually 3 1/2'' to 4'' wide my 11'' to 13'' long and sometime claug the toilot and she uses about 1/4 of a can of spray stuff man does her shit stink does any guys have stories about there girlfriends taking a dump

Hi Jasmine - I have found this post to be a great form of release for all the pressures of life, the office, etc. Even if no one responds, at least I have a chance to get what I have to say off my chest. You have been in and out of the post for a while. Are you the black female who posted a few months ago and then went away? If so, I have always been intrigued by the bowel movements of black women. The black ladies I have been with have been gassy and explosive, just the way I like em'. If you are not smelly and loud on the toilet, there are foods you can eat to achieve that sensation. If you are ever stateside, just go to any soul food resturant and go back for seconds, you will be shittin' like a draft horse the next day. If you really want to get attention, please describe in detail the types of movements you take, everything from form, color, hardness to the number of corn cernels in that bad boy. Come on, lets hear it.

Adam from Canada ... Did you get my message on the last board? I had asked you about how bad the lineups got at Canada's Wonderland amusement park for the women's bathrooms. One of my friends went on a holiday weekend and she said she almost peed her pants trying to hold it in while waiting in a long line. I dont know why she just didnt use the guys bathroom. I would have even if somebody did arrest me. Write back soon, k?

Hi guys! To Line and Jasmine, sorry if I ignored you- it certainly was not intentional. Line, to answer one of your posts, I usually poop every one to two days and as for going in my pants, I have "farted" a little bit of diarrhea and have left pee droplets in my panties; that's the closest I've come to having a full-blown accident. Jasmine, I don't think I've ever flushed the toilet while I was on it, but I do flush before wiping myself if I've let out a lot of logs and/or know I have to wipe myself more than usual. Linda, I hope everything is OK after the hurricane. You must have felt MUCH better after taking that last poop. I like using handi wipes, especially if I'm out someplace and there's no toilet paper and/or no soap to wash my hands. also have brown hair/eyes. XOXO from Steph. Judy and Sandra, I live in CT (between Stamford and Bridgeport) and recently wrote about having to poop by the time I left New York (on a day trip). I don't think I've ever been in the bathrooms at Grand Central. I'm not a commuter, but I do travel down to the city about a dozen times a year. The little bathrooms on the Metro-North (commuter train) aren't bad for a quick pee, I've used them a couple of times. There are also nice (nothing fancy, but clean) bathrooms in Greenwich Village inside the NYU (New York University) Student Center, across from the south-east corner of Washington Square Park. Paul (UK), Amanda, and Buzzy, I find that Brown Rice works OK, but there's nothing like Indian food to get those intestines cleaned out! :) In answer to the peeing in the shower question (sorry, I forgot who asked, but here goes), I'll admit to peeing in the shower when I was a little girl. I remember spreading my legs and shooting pee out of my vagina; it was never a lot, though. I also peed while I was sitting in the bathtub. Yuck! I don't do either anymore, though. I am pooping smaller and more normally. I took a dump about 8 hours ago but it's nothing to write home about, just one log and a couple of wipes. Peace and love to everyone, Steph

Ian-I took have large dumps...try using a gylcerine suppository sometime. they work great, in like 15-20 min. It's much better than trying the finger method. good luck, let me know what you think.

To Barry yeah I live in the Rio Grand Vally which is as south of texas as you can get before you hit Mexico. Scary it was..the power went out while I was trying to poop. Made things worse acatully. Man has anyone been through this? I mean you're there doing your thing then POW you're in total darkness? Well it happened to was raining hard when and well i had been holding back my popp for a while now cause well geez I was afraid of the power going out while I sat. Sigh Anyway I whispered to my cousin I was going to go poop. (If my aunt heard she'd ask me how it went and ARGH I really don't wnat her to know my habits) Anyway I walked over there undoing my overalls, got into my cousins room and closed the door and starting making my way to the bathroom pulling them down as I went. Then I reached the potty and pulled my pampies (panties) down and sat. 9Seat was feeezing like always (Stupid air conditioer vent is aimed right at the potty.. I always tell my cousin one day my! tushies going to get frost bite) Anyway sitting down relaxing and started to pee. As usual the poop was making up it's mind as to wether it should come out while I peed happily in the toilet. (Watching all that rain can put you in the mood to pee trust me) Anyway finally I felt tushie was opening and it started to poke out. I sighed and relaxed and got ready to enjoy it...then POW the lights go out. I screamed cause well it kinda scared me. Wouldn't you know it..the shock made the tip of poop go back inside me. Sigh. So i sat there tense unable to poop and the full feeling in my tushie growing. Then my cousin came in with a flashlight to check on me. I was so relieved well not really I still hadn't pooped. So he sat there with me while i pooped or tried to. the flashlight make you feel like you have a spotlight on you. So he turned it off and sat there holding my hand in the dark. It was peaceful and relaxing..and I was really scared too much. The poop then poked out a! gain. My cousins was laughing cause I was giving him play by play of my pooping.Plus it was so quiet you could hear all the popping and crackling the poop made as it came out. It slid out on it's was kinda hard but not dry and rock like. Then after what seemed like forever my tushie closed and it went KASPLASH in the potty. I said wait..there's some more. And 5 poops later I asked him to turn the flashlight back on so i could find the TP.That was the most relaxed I felt pooping. I mean i was in the dark and I knew NO ONE could see me. i sat there and was relaxed..and the poop didn't seem to fight me. Maybe I should go in the dark from now on. Anyway that's what happened. Has anyone have to poop or pee int he dark..or have been doing it then the lights go out? XOXO Linda

Thursday, August 26, 1999

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