Dork wanted to comment on my post about the huge carpark turd at the local nudist beach. I went there again yesterday and beleive it or not there was another freshy - this one was again in plain view of the open carpark. Obviously somebody is going down there late at night and enjoying the breeze on their butt while taking a massive dump. This was one huge to but more mushy and while you could still make out the length of it - it was fast turning into a cow pat!!! I might just have to take a trip there one night and just wait and see what happens !!! I'm beginning to suspect a serial dumper exists and i want in on the action!!!

Hi ,all been busy with the usual summer stuff and just been reading the posts-some good ones,ladies,esp the ones in the public bathrooms-great stuff!TO Paul(uk) and AMANDA-It's amazing what different foods make people poo a lot!I agree with the brown rice theory,that works well! For me,i find both watermelon and honeydews do quite well,although watermelon makes my stools rather loose,but i go quite a bit!With honeydews,the poos are a bit tighter,but stillsmooth and easy to push out and it makes you go quite a bit and boy are they long!A honeydew poo is always something to look foward to!Also,if i go out to a habachi style japanese restruant where they cook brown rice with ve???es and also bean sprouts along with some swordfish and some sushi and a couple of sakes-man when i get up the next day a really gotta go!When i sit on the bowl i let out this 10 second fart followed by this seemingly endless torrent of soft poop and more gas in between and i really fill up the bowl,esp. if i have orange juice or coffee before hand.OJ is good because it gets me going in a easy way.I drink it in the a.m. and about 15 mins later.i feel my rectum filling up slowly,with coffee,which i don't drink too much,5 min after i drink it,i go explode on the bowl with farts and loose poops,too much cramps.I only drink coffee when i really need a good purging.Bran or whole wheat bread also makes for long stools.Too muh fiber gives me cramps and i never feel done with pooing when i eat too much fiber.I sit there and push and push and i feel like i'm never done!As far as pooing in the shower,it's just not my thing.Once the poop leaves my rectum,i don't went to have anything to do with it.I could never clean up the poop in the drain!! hey,whatever!I'd rahter poo outdoors! that's the best!You just squat down,poo and wipe and you are on your way!I've been doing that a lot this summer and it's great.A couple of weeks ago,i had to poo bad as i was walkig along thse RR tracks,so i went off to the side and waited for a train to go by and i let it out as the train was passing and it was a good long poop.I'm sure the people on the train got a great view and i dug doing it!I don;t know why,but in a way,it's a cool turn on to think maybe someone on that train really dug it!I guess i'm nuts.Anyway,try the habachi restraunt if you want a good poop and better yet,take a date with you and buddy poo the next day!!Some years ago, i took my nurse friend there(check old posts) and spent the nite after we both stuffed ourselves,but that's a story for another time!!Has anyone been on a train lately and saw a guy doing a big dump on the side of the tracks?Hoped you enjoyed it!! Great stories all BYE

To no none of that youe asking has ever happened to me..but I though I'd reply to your post since you seem like you'd be hurt if no one did answer you're post. I know what it feels like to ask then no one replies. XOXO Linda

great aim
Hi everyone. Just catching up on the posts when I thought of a time when on vacation (holiday). It was late and I had gone out on the balcony (3rd floor) of the hotel to relax and suddenly ha to pee. All I had on was Y fronts and a robe. I held it as long as I could. After about 30 minutes, I decided to let it loose. I got my penis out of its underwear and left it lay against the resin chair. After a few seconds of concentration, away it went. Must have peed for 40 seconds. It dripped over edge to the other balconies below. Luckily there was no one below. Any of you females aver do anything similiar?

In regards to sandra's post about Grand Central,i was in a similar situation around a year ago and it's still about the same with the end stalls with no doors. I was just geting off my train from stamford conn. when my ???? started to churn and rumble so i thought i had better not take any chances since i was about to have to take a 30 minute subway ride,so i found the ladies room that is next to the waiting room and yes it is quite cavernous and echoey and ofcourse their was a line of about 5 women infront of me a couple of who were doing a pee dance and mutering hurry up and to my right in the first stall a tall well dressed woman in her early 30's wassitting on the toilet in a doorless stall trying to ignor everyone as she did her business and i heard her release a fart that echoed embaresingly and that was all my system needed, and i didn't bother to ask anyone i just cut the line and went to the ist doorless stall on the left,directly oppisite the well dresssed lady and quickly placed a seat cover undid my slacks and pushed my white calvins to my knees and 5 seconds later my loose poop flowed like water along with plenty of loud smelly farts,i did feel a little embaresed to tell the truth and tried not to make eye contact with any one,and one nice woman in her 20's who was in line behind me and still waiting her turn said don't feel bad,wait until you hear me go,and i think she was just trying to make me feel a little less awkward and i thought that was nice of her.In the mean time the woman oppisite of me was finishing up and quickly wipeing and as soon as she was out a girl in her mid teens 16 or 17 i think,quickly took her place droping her dungerees and panties together to just below her knees and i could hear her pee hard and do a loud and long fart,i guess she just had to pass gas because in a minute she stood up and dabed at her vagina with some tp and i remember thinking i never would of thought that this young girl would have the large thick amount of pubes that she did since she was very fair skined and blond,well by know my stomach was empty and the smell i left was not very nice especialy combined with all the others doing the same deed.This was not the first time i had used a doorless stall but the first time i didn't have a girlfriend with me to sort of stand by the entrance to block the view and bs with to keep my mind off my embaresment.

To Jasmine: You asked if people flush while still seated on the toilet. I used to do that when I pooped to reduce the smell. I would drop the load, flush and then do the paperwork. Now I more or less flush the whole job away when I get up from the toilet. The toilet that I have now never clogs, the flush is powerful, but I once had a toilet that clogged easily and yes, it clogged severaltimes when I did a seated flush. The water came up to my butt,but did not overflow. The toilet paper that I use (Kleenex) dissolves quickly whereas some brands don't, and tend to create clogs more easily. Kleenex started marketing toilet paper in my area several years ago and I think it's the greatest. Many people who use my bathroom ask what brand it is and then buy it for themselves. I had one gal next door who, together with her daughter, used my bathroom so often that they brought me toilet paper! When they moved in I said something like: "You can use my bathroom anytime," so they took that literally. I like it when they use my bathroom.

Linda do you live in the southern part of Texas on the coast? You mentioned hurricane scare and there was one with Hurricane Bret just recently.

To Dork: It felt like fingers pulling turds out my arse. No enjoyment. My rectum was sore. I don't want it to happen again. I had a helluva a crap this morning. I was in the mall and felt the urge. I went into Sears and sat in the center stall. A turd slid out over a foot long. I sat there scared to move a heaved a grunt as it came out that would have scared someone else if there had been anyone else in the men's room. I wiped and it was dry. A clean shit. I like it when it is like that. I flushed and the damned turd was so huge it wouldn't go down. It clogged the crapper good! As I was washing my hands, some guy came in and exclaimed, "Man, it smells like someone died in here!" and looked at the clogged and nearly overflowing toilet saying, "Damn!". I just laughed and dried my hands. Hope they had a plunger. I bought some Metamucil at the drugstore before I left the mall. I'll keep everyone posted.

To Jasmine: I know exactly how you feel. None of the people here ever pay any attention to me :( -LINE :-(

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Sir Poopsalot
Hi everybody! My name is Terry,and I have been reading the posts for a couple of months now. So I think it's time I posted myself. As long as I can remember I have been facinated with women's bowel habits. Some times I'll see a girl in the store or something with a nice butt, and I always wonder what comes out of it. Does she fart alot? How do they smell, etc. I have had a few experiences seeing girls pooping, leaving loads in the toilet, farting, and so on. Im married and get to see my wife going all the time. If she has a girlfriend over, and I notice she has been in the bathroom for a couple of minutes, I like to sneek in after she is done to see what it smells like. Also I've been thinking of putting a small tape recorder in the bathroom to record the sounds guests make when they poo. Is that wrong? Anyway, here is a true story about a girl pooping her pants. Like I said, I'm into watching girls poop, but prefer to see just a normal movement while she is sitting on the toilet. But this was my first experience, so here it is. When I was about 19, my girlfriend, I'll call her Kathy,invited me to have dinner with her and her parents as she had just returned from a visit to see her relatives. During dinner, I noticed that Kathy, who was not a vegatarian at the time, was eating only vegetables. I kiddingly thought to myself, "maybe she is constipated from her long trip." Little did I know. Anyway we had a nice dinner and made plans to see a movie the next night. I picked her up, and off the the theatre we went. It was about a fifteen minute ride. Part way into the trip, I noticed she was being very quiet which was unusual for her. I also saw that she was gripping the door handle in the car like it was the only thing keeping her from falling into a bottomless pit. I asked,"what's wrong", but she said "oh nothing" Finally as we were looking for a parking spot in the theatre parking lot, Kathy said to me, "you better hurry up." "Why", I said. "I really gotta go to the bathroom now," she said. But by the time I could park the car, it was too late. "We have to go home," she said. "I just shit my pants" I could be sure of that as the smell was quickly filling the car. "Oh God, I'm sorry" I said, trying not to look as excited as I was. As I drove her back to my house she sat on her hands to keep her butt off the seat, the whole time squeazing her cheeks together to keep any more poop from spilling out. When we arived at my house, she made a beeline for the toilet, stripped off her soiled clothes, and let out a tremendous load. She showered, and I gave her my robe to wear while I washed her panties and pants. Unfortunatly for her she was wearing yellow pants and I could see a large brown stain in the seat. This is getting long so let me finish by saying that by then I was so excited I could barely control my self, and we had a particularly satisfying love making session.

David W.
About smells from wetting beds, when I was around 21 years old, I was out of town on company business and was staying in a hotel. That evening I had drank a lot of beer and when I woke up the next morning, the bottom bed sheet was soaked. I thought that I had wet the bed, but I couldn't smell any odor at all. I wonder if maybe instead of pee it was sweat. I sometimes sweat while I am sleeping and in this case I was so drunk that I didn't feel being hot. Has this happened to anybody?

Mark good to read about your dumping in your pants. When I do it,after the turds can't progess any further, the last one usually gets stuck half way in and out. Did this happen to you? Ian where did you find such a helpful friend who would reach in and pull that stubbrn turd out? There seems to be something wrong with this site. You can't get the newest old posts. You only can get as recent as page 162 and that is March 29th. I wanted to comment to that person who was lucky enough to find the huge load in the parking lot. Some people are so lucky.

Thanks, that is fixed.

Sandra: I liked your last story about the red shoes. You are a good writer. Your story is very much a turnon. Orville: You have some problems you need to work out. It seems you must have been brought up in a very prudish house-hold. Janine:I want some more public bathroom pooping stories. I have not read any posting by you recently. Good pooping and peeing to all of you.

I truly hope that everyone answers my previous post. I'll be sad if you don' this has happened several times to me. :-(

Hi Everyone...I couldn't wait to get on here today cause i saw some bathroom stuff on t.v. I saw just now on MTV(Music T.V.) Tom Green's(Sp?) new song "The Bum Bum". The Bum Bum refers to the Butt. He talks about wiping his butt in the music video and having a poo poo. It was so funny. Any other teens on here see this video? If not check it out On Total Requst(TRL) on MTV weekdays at 3/2 C. Then I was flipping around a few minutes later and on PBS(Public Broadcasting System) a kids show. It was showing how these Handicaped kids did stuff in a wheel chair. They showed them at a playground, water fountain and even in a bathroom. This Boy In a wheel chair showed how he uses the public stall. He went In (Forward) and then you saw him close the door and a minute later he comes out and washes his hands. Then they go to the puppet(You know what i mean...ex big bird but they were human puppets). I was amazed they would show a boy going to use the public restrooms. I wonder if he was g! oing to pee or poop? Probably pee.
To: Ian...Good story about your friend sticking his finger up your butt to help relive you. How did it feel?
To: Everyone, I've noticed alot of you have mentioned prune juice. I've tryed that before. I drank 2 cups of it and it wasn't too bad. I didn't have to go to the bathroom much the next day. I've noticed that it makes my poop softer and when it comes out it smells like prune juice. Every one notice that?
To: JacobG: Cool story about the sears bathroom in the mall it was good. If you wanted to wait to see who it was you should have peed in the other stall if there was one and then sit down like you are going to shit and when they flush you flush so you come out at the same time and you see who it was. Is it me or what....When you go to the public bathroom and someone is in the stall pooping do you like to wait and see who it is(same sex)Applies to everone(guys and girls)???
To Paul(UK): Im going to try to answer your questions { 1. What food do you eat in order to poop a lot?} { 2. What food reacts the same as a laxitive?} {3. Has anyone ever pooped while having a bath or } shower?

1. The food i eat in order to poop alot would have to be pit beef or steak. I feel if i eat alot of it i get a little stopped up and when im finally able to go it is a big one.

2. The food that acts the same as a laxitive is fried chicken from popeyes(only sometimes it acts as a laxitive)

3. I have pooped while having a bath as a young child( 4 or 5 years old) and i belive i once pooped while taking a shower on purpose.

To Paul UK and all other teen boys: Do you like pooping in public?
Gotta go Bryian :)

To Adam: Yes I have been to Canada's Wonderland, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was visiting relatives, and I took my niece along as a treat. I remember some really good food and loads of it... and no major queing at the loos when I needed a number 2 later on! On another note: did anyone read the Guardian (UK that is) the other day, where there was a celebrity questionnaire, filled in by Caprice, the model and now songstress? Under the heading of "my most unnappealing habit", she wrote: " I always forget to flush the toilet". Hmmm. I wonder how long afterwards it is when she remembers!

Some posters have asked if doorless stalls are common in US ladies rooms. Well in my experience they're not. If a stall has no door it's because of vandalism or it was broken and most women I notice never use those stalls. About 10 years ago I was at Grand Central Station in New York waiting for my train when I had to poo. The women's restroom there was (maybe still is) this huge room with 2 rows of stalls (lots of them) either side of an aisle. It's also echoey and you could hear women farting and pooing. Naturally on this particular day there was a line and I was getting desperate. Finally I was second in the line and noticed that the first few stalls in both rows had no doors and nobody was in them. I asked the woman in front if she was going to use a doorless stall and said no. So I went in the first one on the right row. I lifted my skirt up and pulled down my panty hose and panties and sat down. At least the first 6 women on the line could see me sitting on the toilet so! I was very modest and made sure nobody could see my private parts. I farted and started to poo. The poos must have been large as they fell into the water silently. I must have broken the taboo because a woman immediately went into the doorless stall opposite me which had a toilet without a seat. She was a black woman in her late forties I guess and she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. No modesty for this woman! On top of that she didn't sit down (I know there was no seat, but she could have squatted a few inches above the toilet) but stood over the toilet slightly squatting with her legs apart. As I was getting ready to wipe myself, to my astonishment as well as the women on the line, this woman started to poo while in this half squat. I mean everyone could see this poo coming from her bottom!! The poo looked huge and after about 14 inches had come out it dropped into the toilet with loudest "KER-SPLOOSH" you could imagine! All the time she kept her head down ! and didn't look up once. As I arranged my clothing and flushed this woman had another poo coming out of her bottom. I was fascinated and wanted to watch but I didn't want to hold up the line. As I came out you could hear some of the women mumbling negative stuff about this pooing woman. Anyway, I never saw anything like that again!

I have very soft stools, due to the consumption of a lot of fiber and fruit and vegetables. Sometimes though, I eat things that do have a big effect on my bowels, without actually giving me diarrhea. Last Saturday we had a friend visiting who is great eater and drinker. After consuming two (imperial, not US) pints of draft beer at lunchtime (real unpasteurized beer with yeast in it), we went out for a meal in the evening at which I consumed much bread and vegetables, mussels in white-wine sauce followed by venison in sauce and a creme brulee. I drank a half pint of lager and four glasses of wine (two white, two red) and a cup of espresso coffee. When I drink wine always drink water, and I had about 4 glasses of water. I went to bed when we got home and after about four hours had to get out of bed for a shit. After that I had to get out to pee another three times in the night. Next day, I had my normal two shits, one before and one after breakfast, but still got the message tw! ice more during the day. (A total of six sessions on the pot in 24 hours). Each motion was soft, but not fluid, and was accomapanied by huge quantities of gas, that blew the soft turds all over the inside of the toilet bowl. I never found out whether all this bowel activity was due to any particular item, but I suspect that it was just general overload, as I never normally eat and drink on that scale!

To Donnie: Don't listen to some of the paranoids in this room. You obviously know what you're doing. Of course, if you think some girl feels wierd about you being in there, offer to leave, but if she seems cool, don't sweat it. BTW...the men's room was out of order today at the big supermaket where I shop, so I propped open the door to the girl's room (this is a multi-toilet room) and went in to pee. Although I was in full view to anyone who came in or even passed by, a woman came in, saw me, and went into another stall to drop her pants. No Big Deal.

Jasmine, I have never flushed while sitting on the toilet as I like to complete my motion then have a good look at what I have passed, (and if I am letting someone else see such as my husband, let them see the "Full Monty" as it were). Since I was a kid often what I have done is big enough to get stuck. If its at a friends toilet I will flush a few times until it goes away, at home I leave it for hubby to see and it goes away eventually after a few flushes or one of us will throw a bucket or two of water down the pan to dislodge it. In a public, school, pub , shop toilet, I just leave it. I have done a really big load once at home when I was about 18 after being constipated where it all started to pile up in the pan. I was very bunged up as my period coincided with having a very bad cold and the cough mixture etc I was taking, plus the enforced bed rest for a normally active person like me who takes a lot of exercise made my bowels stop. After about 4 days when I had only passed a few little fat balls and my ???? was a bit swollen I took some Liquid parafin, (mineral oil). Next morning I felt the summons to the pan and sat on the throne with my nightdress hitched up and my panties at my knees. After a wee wee and lot of very smelly farts I felt it start to come out . "Ploonk! Plunk! Plonk!" 3 small fat egg shaped lumps came out then I felt a big one push out of my back passage stretching my ring in that way that many of us, Mellissa please note, really love. "NN! UH! AH! it slowly slid out "KUR-SPLOONK! followed by a slightly smaller one "KU-PLONK!" AH! I got my breath back and looked down between my legs at the two fat nobbly logs one 12 inches long the other about 8 inches, like two big dark brown carrots. I could however feel that there was more to come down so sat there. After a minute or so I felt a load come down and a soft but formed poo slid easily out. It was smooth and easy but solid and cohesive and just seemed to keep coming out of my bum making a crackling sound. The smell was really strong! It slid into the pan but made a slapping sound so I guess it must have hit the other turds floating in the water. Another two easy jobbies followed it then some farts and I felt I had finished. Apart from the egg sized balls and the two big carrots there were three fat smooth sausages curved round in the pan, one about 10 inches and two of 6 inches and lying on top of the other jobbies. These were also a lighter toffee brown and a lot smellier. I did another wee wee, then wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers. My young brother came in having just finished his breakfast and exclaimed "POO! Nicky , what a stink, did something die up there ?" He looked down the pan at the load I had passed and said, "Nicky that lot will clog the bog, that's not a motion that's a dump truck load!" I did pull the flush and sure enough the water level rose alarmingly and the combined mass of poo impacted in the bottom of the pan with the end of the big hard 12 inch jobbie sticking up out of the water. The water drained away and I had visions of having to unblock it by hand. Im not squeamish and it was my own poo but really didnt fancy this as I was not feeling at my best. I gave the toilet another flush, the water rose again to the rim then there was a gurgle and a sort of "shloomp!" sound as the whole load suddenly shot round the bend leaving some brown skid marks at the bottom of the pan and the pointed end of the big hard whopper still visible . I flushed a third time and the pan was now clear. A forth flush to make sure that the water wouldnt back up then I went back to bed feeling a bit exhausted but turned on by my heavy dump and a lot lighter.

Robin, like Tony said so eloquently, I hope you have learned your lesson about prune juice. To quote his advice to Melissa , pour it down the toilet and cut out the middle man! Stick to the Mineral Oil, its the only medicine I have found that assists one to pass a normal solid motion and doesnt have repeat action and doesnt cause diarrhea, (at least not in normal dosage, I dont know what drinking a coffee cup full of it would do, I DONT recommend that!). I think it can have the slight side effect of preventing the absorbtion of some vitamins if used repeatedly and excessively but any medicine should not be taken continuously unless prescribed by a physician. I recommned Mineral Oil for the aleviation of occasional constipation not as a constant dietary suppliment. As others have said, try eating more fibre if your stools are excessively small and hard, drink more fluid, exercise more, walking, swimming and riding a bicycle are good ways to get things moving.

Nina, I have also heard the terms "bobbie" and "bob" for a motion. Tony's idea of a jobbie "bobbing up and down in the water of the toilet pan" is also true, I have seen this happen when I do a shorter fat turd of say 7 inches or so which comes out with a great "Ker-sploonk!" and I look down and see it bobbing up and down beneath me in the pan. I also recall my brother, who was in the Boy Scouts during what they used to call "Bob a job week" were Scouts did work for householders to raise funds joking to his mates that he should bring his big sister Nicky with him as he would get a lot of "bobs" for one of her big "jobs".

Don't worry JW..I'm still here. I haven't been on much cause we just got a hurricane scare where I live. I'm fine and much lighter too. Thanks and smoochies to everyone who was worried and missed me. Also thanks to all who gave me advice..but it was too late.Okay I'm going to tell everything and this may go a bit long so you may wnat to print this out and save it to read when your in the potty. okay well nothing happened the day i stayed home from school. My ???? was killing me and I had this full funny feeling in my tushie but nothing happened. That night my cousin became kinda worried and wnated to tell my auntie cause something maybe wrong. I begged him not to.. we both know it would me an enema for me and she'd sit over me watching. I mean I have enough trouble just pooping thank you.Anyway,, my cousin went to the store..I thought oh great this is it..he's going to get me medicine. He came back and said how would i like a treat..I said sure..he got me watermelon. Sigh. I ! love water,elon but makes me poop big time..and I think he knew it would help. (Someone asked about foods that make someone poop..this is one trust me)Anyway i ate it was a big bowl..anyway..after that well nothing happened except forlots of gurgling that night. Anyway nothing happened anyway i went to school..and my ???? was gurgling the whole day. Anyway after lunch..I wnet ot go pee. I sat down with my pampies (Panties) just pulled down enough for me to go with no problem happily peeing when. It happened. My eyes nearly pop out of my head as I got the worst feeling to go poop I have ever had. The feeling in my tushie was too much and my ???? cramped. I felt it coming out but I squeezed it back in. I sat there fighting the fight of my life till the feeling went away. then i thought Oh no..what if that was my only chance to poop..but then i said but NOT HERE!!! So the rest of the day it was horrible..many times i asked to use the potty when the urge hit. I'! d go and sit bare tushied on the potty and fight it back. Finally school was over and my cousins picked me up and I was desperate. I whispered to him what was wrong when he picked me up. He looked and me and said just try to hold out. He must have broken every driving law there was getting me home. Anyway I got to the door as best i could..I was already inside the house when the cramp of cramps hit. I couldn't move and I knew this was it. I had already pulled down my pantyhose and pampies (panties) the minute I got in the door 9thank god no one was home)..but there i was paralized..wasn't the first time mind you. Then the poop poked out..MAN it hurt as it worked it's way out. i yelped and my cousins knew. He picked me up and carried me the rest of the way and sat me on the potty. I sat there and relaxed and peed a bit. My cousin turned to walk off but I begged him to stay. he did and he sat down on the rim of the tub and talked calmy to me. i didn't wnat to push i was scared t! o..then again i was scared to just poop. ANyway i just relaxed..didn't hold it in..didn't push. Prety much like what melissa does..I let it come on it's own. I told my cousin to keep talking. He storked my hair and talked to me about his day..i just nodded or shook me head if he asked me something. ANyway the tip sticking out slowly..I mean really slowly slid out. It cracled and pooped loud as it was sneaking out. I sat with my back on the tank with both hands on the sides of the seat with my face red as i looked at my cousins as he talked.I tried not to was embarassing. Anyway it slowly slid out it felt rock hard and sometimes a peices like a spike hurt when it came out. It stopped many times but I would just grunt and it would start up again and when it did I would let it come. The feelings I had were..well..I didn't really like it...well i waa enjoying it too much. Sorry but when I enjoy something this much it feels naughty to me.And believe me this felt SOOOO go! od sliding out slowly opening my poor poop hold wide then regular and back again coming out soo slow... my eyes were beginging to water. I looked at my cousins and blushed again. I mean he was seeing this whole thing happen.(the poop stoped for a second) My cousins smiled and wiped my eyes and said to just relax..he'd been in a worse thing than this. I said " Really? (grunt) What happened? (The poop started to move again..but this poop had not broken this was the same long huge poop)Anyway it started out slowly again as my cousin told me about this thing that happened to him..I listened and man he had it worse than me..after hear that i felt more relaxed..I really did..the embarssment was still there but not as much..I relaxed and sighed and the the poop started to slid a bit faster. So after realxing I sat there going OOOO AAAAA EEEE UUUUU as my poor poophole would open a bit wider to let out the harder portions of my poop. Then oh my tushie finally closed. ! I slumped back and gave out a huge sigh. Mycousin giggled and said "did it feel THAT good"? I blushed and nodded and said..the eagle had landed. I knwo was a freaked out as he splash plop or even a plip. I got up and we both looked..and we both laughed and freaked out at the same time. The poop was so long it had gone down the hoole and was stll poking out of the water. I felt more poops asking to come out. So I squeezed my tushie shut and held my tushie closed with my hand as my cousin flushed the first one (I know it was a heck of a first one). it took 4 flushed for it finally go freaked us out because it looked like the otilet was going to back up but the the poopie finally gave in and went down. Then I happily hopped back on and started the poops coming again. thsi time I was more talkative with my cousin as the poops came out on their own. They were firm..but not as hard as the others..but they were long too. AFter a while my sousins wnet to go do some s! tuff around the house....which was good cause I had lots more poops to do and i did wnat to keep him from anything. he brought me a stack of Pokemon comics which i sat and read as the poops came. Every now and again he'd pop his head in and check on me. i'd look up and smile and say" Yup still going" He said as he left" You sound like the Energizer Bunny. I laughed as the l;ast of the poops came out. I did a number of 9 poops..not counting the boa of all poops which was the first one. No fooling. I felt so much better. My cousins left me some Wet Wipes and I needed tushie and poop hole were so sore. I wipes 6 times then wiped up front and mooned my poor cousins as as he poked his head in to check on me and I was pulling up my pampies (panties) poor guy. Anyway After that i checked the clock and almost dies i had been in the potty 1 hour and 16 minutes. Anyway i was tried after all of that so i layed down and took a nap. Whew the nightmare was over. Well not really I t! ook a smnall poop later that night. the feeling wasn't really bad... but I was in a good mood so i agve in and had a seat. there quiet a story huh JW? Sorry to worry you. Oh yes Julian my cousin is 23. So Julian how have you been..been going to the potty with no trouble i hope..are you getting better? Well for those of you who would like to know I have dark brown hair with borwn eyes. I don't know how tall i am but I'm the smallest girl in my class..but my cosuins jokes that i poop like a person 5 times my size. Well there you go. I'm off again. it's time for school. XOXO Linda

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