Good for you misha ,you tell'em girl! I am about 10 years out of H.S.And i can remember my first year being much too embaresed to to use the bathroom except for a quick pee since we also had no stall doors,the thought of people walking by while you were pooping and makeing all kinds of rude noises and smells was just too much for me to handle,but by my 2nd year i felt comfortable enough to poop if i had to and actualy enjoyed the company of some of my friends,we had some great talks between stalls and i don't know for sure but i feel it's a bonding thing with females in that we see that all our friends make the same noises and odors and it's nothing to be ashamed about just between us girls, As far as the girls locker room i don't think i ever walked from the shower to the potty or even back to my locker in the alltogether since i was a late bloomer and kind of flat during H.S. but alot of my friends sure did,some would finish drying off while sitting on the bowl and after awile you just think that it's no biggie! and it feels quite natural to see and do yourself and one more thing it always made me feel better about my self when i would see one of the snotty blond miss perfect body cheerleader types takeing a poop,especialy when it smelled worse then mine. The thing that i thought was most embaresing about no stall doors is when you need to change your pad or tampon,i always tried to do that when no one was around.

Sorry Orville, but I disagree with you. It'd be one thing if Donny was peeking in at the girls or videotaping them, but him cleaning the bathrooms simultaneously as the girls going to the bathroom is NO crime, nor do I find it abuse of any sort. I ask you then, do you think all posters under the age of 18 here (or under 16 in most countries) should not be allowed to post for fear that they may turn on an older person? If I, as a man in my early 20s, turn around to look at an attractive 16-year-old walking down the street, is that abuse as well? Would it be abuse if Donny were a woman in a man's bathroom? Don't be so uptight. Donny's thoughts are his own, and they're not harming anybody.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Mark B
This is a story about prune eating which is prompted by Robin's story about her grandma's recipe, and Paul (UK)'s question about what acts as a laxative. I used to do voluntary wildlife conservation work (with BTCV - readers in the UK may know it) and was at a residential week. We (the volunteer workers) were camping in a old hall which had a kitchen and a washroom attached. One night we had a prune-eating competition. Not many people took part. I stuffed myself with prunes (over 70!!!) and of course, won. I didn't really understand that prunes were a major laxative. During the night I woke with stomach cramps and had to rush to the toilet, where I had diarrhoea. I went back to my sleeping bag afterwards but kept having to rush to the toilet again and again. Eventually I realised I would get no more sleep and spent most of the night sitting on the toilet trying to read a book, while suffering severe stomach cramps, and having regular watery diarrhoea, and getting a really sore arsehole. It was very bad. So, as I wrote once before in a post to this site, I love prunes and prune juice but am very careful not to eat too many at once or drink the juice too quickly. Dried fruit of all sorts can have a similar, but less severe, effect. Strong coffee is also a laxative for some people (including me). If you want to do big, solid, stimulating poos I recommend eating brown rice, cereals, fruit, brown bread or lots of vegetables and potatoes. Foods with lots of fibre in other words. It does work! There's already been quite a bit of recent discussion on this site about doing no. 2 in the shower, by the way. Enjoy those dumps, everyone. Mark

Hey! I have a small story. The night before last I woke up at about 4:30 a.m. to hear my Dad saying "You didn't accidentally do anything! If you would just go to the bathroom every once in a while it wouldn't have happened." Needless to say I became interested quite quickly despite the hour. Soon it became apperarent that my sister (she's 11) had wet her bed. Together they got the wet sheets off and into the washer and soon went back to bed. Not before my dad had asked her if she had at least finished going in the toilet. She said she had. The next day I talked to her about it attempting to get details. She told me that before she went to sleep she had to pee but decided not to get up because she was all comfy in bed already. (I find that ever so intelligent) She said while she was asleep she dreamed about going to the bathroom and quickly awoke to what she had done in the bed. It wasn't her entire bladder's worth but not just one quick spurt either. She said she jumped up and grabbed some wash cloths form the bathroom and attemped to scrub away the pee and the smell. She thought it was gone and was about to settle back down but said she could still smell it so she decide to give in and tell Dad. That morning during breakfast my Dad was telling her it was important to go to the bathroom every once in a while. She always trys to hold it until it's this second or into my undies. She didn't get into any trouble for it. She was just told she'd be grounded if she didn't go before bed and when she woke up in the morning. Kara

Sorry Orvie! I am going to have to DISS, disagree that is. It's just that what you said to Donnie, hey man, no harm no foul. I have been in that kind of situation lots of times, wheather privatly or in the line of employment, if the girls are cool with it, then nothing's wrong with the situation, I find little in Donnie's stories that would even remotely suggest child abuse. Where do you get that? Just keeping you in check man! -Shanka*

The other night I went and sat on the toilet to have a crap. I sat there and pushed and felt a pain in my asshole and a definite halt of the turd at the back door exit. I took a deep breath and pushed again. It was not budging. A friend was visiting at my house and he came to the bathroom door and asked if I was ok. I was so engrossed in trying to to dump the boulder in my ass that I did not hear him. He opened the door and came in asked me what was wrong. I sat on the can, looked at him as if he was crazy, and told him my perdicament. He looked concrned and said that his son once had the same problem and told me stand up. I did so and the next thing I know he had a dollop of hand lotion and was going toward my asshole. I guess I looked scared and told me to relax and take a deep breath. I did and he inserted a finger into my rectum and began to massage my insides. Then he put a second finger inside. I could feel what he was doing and it felt better than the pain I felt when I! tried to push the log out. He told me to relax and breathe deeply. He said I had a tree sized log stuck and he was going to pull it out. He did just that and a load of soft yellowish-brown stinky turd fell out all over his hand and the floor after he pulled out a thick log-plug. I sat down on the toilet and expelled the remaining contents of my colon. I felt so relieved. My good friend was washing his hands muttering about how I should eat more fiber. I thanked him for coming to my rescue and described his son's problem as a child-called it mega colon. He said I should eat salads and roughage and this would keep the stool soft and easily passed. I washed my bum hole with soap and water and rubbed Preparation-H on it. I am so lucky to have a caring friend. How many people would do this for you? Please share any similar stories.

To Robin - Robin , it looks like your Grandma had one very effective remedy for constipation. I would think that prune juice on its own or mineral oil on its own would be enough, but to mix the two - Wow! The term "Explosive Mix" comes readily to mind and it seems to me that you were lucky you didn't explode in your undies. But the great thing is that it did clear you out. I know this is easy for me to say since I usually go three or even four days between poops, but I wouldn't worry too much about being stopped up for only two days. I'm a great believer in letting constipation deal with itself. The only exception is if you find that it gets so firm and large, that it becomes really painful when you finally poop. If that occasionally happens I would just try one or maybe two glasses of prune juice just to give it a little prior encouragement without literally purging yourself. BTW I'm 18 and I just finished my senior year. Glad you're better now - lots of love - Melissa.

To Helga - Helga you are just like me and you hold it in until the last minute. I've lost count of the number of times I have got dressed in spite of needing to sit on the toilet. It's like - I want to get dressed and that's what I am going to do - poo can wait. I was really interested to see you had a burning sensation in your rear when you had finished. Occasionally when I have had slight ???? upsets, exactly the same has happened to me, even down to the long drawn out very soft poop which just seems to keep coming out forever. The burning seems to be right inside but it passes away fairly quickly. I have no idea what causes it and I can't relate it to any particular food, so it remains a mystery to me. I have to ask - did you have crushed red peppers on your pizza? I have also had an itching sensation right in my ring after pooping. In fact the itch has been so intense that I have taken a thick pad of toilet tissue over my fingertip and literally pushed my finger ! into my hole to rub it better. Let me know if you have ever had an itch. All my love - Melissa.

To Mark B - I agree with your comment about "Leaving turds around the place" and yes this should be discouraged. But isn't that what ordinary potty training is all about? I'm no expert on potty training but I believe the heart of it centers around encouraging a child to use first a potty and then graduate to a toilet for the purposes of passing body waste. The strategy is usually to make the whole experience fun so that the child will enjoy it. Allowing for the fact that accidents always happen, I would have thought that a mild rebuke would be all the reinforcement of training that a child would need to continue the learned habit. No need for "Severe Punishment" as you put it. If accidents persist or some other behavior is noted which is believed to be out-of-the-ordinary then the obvious recourse is to seek professional help - again no need for punishment. Sorry to get on this soap box, I guess having seen my sister and I both get very mixed up over this kind of thing! it just brings out my emotions a little. Anyway - on the subject of URLs. I probably qualify as an Internet junkie and yes I have stumbled into some of the sites you mention in exactly the same way. All of a sudden there are many browser windows opening up to display linked sites with similar content and those infernal "Messages from our Sponsors". The quickest way I have found to deal with these is close the offending window(s) by clicking on the "X" icon in the top right of the display. Just make sure you don't close the original instantiation or your browser will exit completely. Or you can simply minimize them (click on the "Minus" sign) and let them sit in the task bar. I still use Netscape and one useful guide is that the back window icon is not necessarily active on many of the linked windows. Finally you are not the first one to ask about type A personalities - I will write a short description in a future post - Mark please take care, and please forgive if I soun! d a little pushy - I'm still hurting a little - all the best - love - Melissa.

To Teenaged Girl - Congratulations on your first "Buddy Pee" I'm glad you enjoyed it and had fun - that's by far the most important thing. You asked me what my most embarrassing accident. Actually I have to think about that because they were all embarrassing but I promise I will let you know very soon. Lots of love and kisses - Melissa.

Hi everyone,this is my first time posting.I think this is an amazing room that has some what enlightened me.I never in a million years would have thought that outher people have the same interest in pooping as I do.I have always had an interest in women having bowel movemens,but never spoke a word of it especially to any girl freinds I have had in the past.I always asumed that I had some sort of strange fetish,but have always been turned off by the "scat"fetish stuff.I think that these are great stories even though some of them might be a bit exagerated or flat out made-up.For those of you who are not in the U.S, society here in this country tends to be real uptight about certain things like nudity for example so of course talking about pooping is a real no go zone ouside of dumb jokes or medical issues.There have been some wonderful points made here that I have read on the issue.I am totaly thrilled that sites such as this exist and other people are willing to admit their in! terests,and as long as there are concenting adults peole should feel comfortable with watching eachouther poop or do whatever their fatasies desire.Thank you for reading and I will be posting my own tales soon.

Robin, you should ditch the prune juice completely, three cups is an excessive dose anyway and JUST STICK TO THE MINERAL OIL ALONE, taken in normal doses, no more than two tablespoons, (I'd say one was sufficient) then you should have a nice big normal solid motion like the one you did when you got up that morning without the subsequent attacks of diarrhea. Lots of people dont realise the repeated action of most laxatives (better called by the older term of purgatives as that's what they do PURGE out the contents of the bowels). As a result they go to the toilet after taking such medicines, the first motion passed is nice and solid, maybe a little bit softer so they think, "that's great, not as unpleasent as I thought" but then the sneaky laxative still left in the guts hits again after a few hours and disaster, either very nasty repeat attacks of diarrhea yeuch :( or even worse being taken short with a messy accident in your underpants. Still, you will know better the next t! ime.

Paul (UK) Everyone has differences in their digestion, some can eat almost anything, others get the runs very easily.

1. I dont deliberately eat foods which make me poo a lot but I have found that high fibre foods such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta etc make my motions of larger quantity and bulk, but softer and more likely to break up when passed. Its a question of getting the balance right as Melissa has been finding out. I prefer to pass one or two large turds that are more solid rather than a load of soft poos.

2 I dont take laxatives, except very occasionally Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil) which is really just a lubricant and doesn't alter the solidity of the stools. Many foods can have a laxative effect. Fruit, green vegetables, especially the brassica family such as cabbage, sprouts etc. Also fruit such as prunes, (as with the prune juice Robin took), apricots etc. Spicy foods, curries, chillies, etc can have this effect on many people who are not used to them. Likewise a change of water can do this. Beers, particularly English Bitter (Real Ale) often causes the runs the next day, owing to the large amount of liquid consumed in a small time, more than required simply to aleviate thirst, and the presence of yeasts, sugars, hops etc. Red wine unlike white can also cause loose stools.

3 I have done a motion both in the shower and the bath. In the shower on a couple of occasions I have been standing there when I have felt it coming down and just let the jobbie come out and drop onto the shower tray. I then just picked it up and dropped it into the toilet pan. The only time I did one in the bath was as a teenager. Our toilet and bathroom were separate and next to each other. I had gone for a bath and as I sat in the warm water I felt the movement in my ????. I farted making some bubbles then I felt the jobbie start to push its way out so I squatted and let it slide into the water. It was a nice big solid turd. I picked it up out of the bath but how was I going to dispose of it? Luckily the mop and bucket were in the bathroom so I put it in the bucket and when I had finished my bath (I changed the water first), I took the bucket into the toilet and dropped the jobbie into the pan and flushed it away. Doing a motion in the bath is not that uncommon as the war! m water round the abdomen often causes the muscles to relax, indeed its a good cure for constipation. If your toilet and bath are in the same bathroom, no problem, just get out of the bath onto the pan if you feel it coming down, otherwise have a bucket in the bathroom for emergencies and sit on this.

The term "bobbie" for a mumber two is not as common as "jobbie", which was the term used when I was a kid in Glasgow in the 1950s and 60s, and was orginally a Scots term but is now used by people all over as can be seen from this web site. I suppose a "bobbie" came about from the way that a solid turd will often bob up and down in the water of the toilet pan after it drops into the pan with a "plop!". One girl in my class at school used to say "Ive done a big bobbie!" when she did the toilet. I havent heard "blobby" used in this context but agree that this would be more appropriate for a loose stool or an accident in the underpants.

Jeff A . I once worked at a small factory were one of the office girls, Susan, used to do big whoppers and was very frank about it. She would say, "Im just off to the toilet for a motion" and afterwards quite openly say, "Ive just done a big jobbie and it wont flush away". If she hadn't been married I might have tried to chat her up, but often saw the big jobbies she did when they stuck in the pan. I often think she knew I was turned on by such matters as she would mention her toilet activites in my hearing.

Mark B. Im not gay but I too tried doing a motion in my underpants deliberately. It has always been something I have done everything to avoid since I was a kid, and can recall having such an accident when I was about 7 or 8 when I wasn't allowed out by the teacher and had to hold it in but when I got to the boys toilet at the break the few cubicles (stalls) were in use and I could't hold it any longer and it all came out in my pants. As these, (in 1961) were the old fashioned undershorts boys then wore it all leaked down my legs. I certainly DIDNT enjoy that experience. Anyway, after reading a post from a woman who had done a solid poo in her knickers on this website one day I was needing a motion and I thought, "let's try it for myself". I now wear men's modern slip type briefs which are identical to women's panties in design, with elastic through the leg openings, no fly and a double gusset. I was wearing a cream coloured pair at the time. I took off my trousers and tee sh! irt and stood around waiting. Its a very difficult thing to deliberately do a jobbie in your underpants when you have spent most of the last 40 odd years trying not to do so, but eventually I felt it pushing to get out so went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I took a deep breath and bore down. It was strange sensation as I felt the turd slide out between my buttocks and saw the seat of my panties start to bulge at the same time experiencing the increased resistance as the turd encountered the underpants. As it was a solid jobbie it didnt squash too much, though had I been wearing my jeans as well the extra resistance would have made it do so. It seemed to go one for ages but really was over in a minute or so. I stood looking at the drooping bulge in the seat of my knickers, then went to the toilet, stepped carefully out of my briefs and had a look. The turd had been a large solid one and had folded over and moulded into the shape of a big egg out of whi! ch the last 4 inches or so stuck up unsquashed. I emptied the brown mass into the pan , had a shower and got changed into clean underpants. It was an interesting experience but rather contrived compared to a real "taken short" accident when fully clothed and I personally prefer to do my jobbies into the toilet pan in the normal way. It did however enable me to understand better what it feels like for the others who have written here about filling their panties.

To Orville: I can understand your point of view, but school employees do what they do for a reason. We have a school board making sure every move we make is legal. For example, we cannot allow students to walk on wet floors. If they slip and fall and get hurt, the district WILL get sued because we allowed them to walk on the wet floor. Likewise, if the restrooms are dirty or without towels or toilet paper, we will hear about it. ALL doors must be locked and a walk-through done by a certain time. Then the gates enclosing the school are locked and the alarm is set. People can exit but no one can enter. Teachers, principals and security guards walk into the restrooms at random times to check for inappropriate behavior, and to thwart vandalism, smoking, and drug usage. Restrooms are a hot spot for these types of things on any campus. In this day and age, tight security and supervision are needed. We have supervisors supervising the supervisors. Many other schools have! police on campus for 10 hours a day, and negative activity is often prevented just by listening to what students have to say. This may sound like a high crime, inner city district, but it is not and I am not exaggerating anything. We are a middle class suburb. We have never had an assault in our schools in forty years, and vandalism is low. In another district, one boy walked into a restroom after an altercation with a teacher and smashed all the sinks and toilets with a rock. $10,000 damage in five minutes! During the school day! He was caught and suspended but the taxpayers ended up paying the tab. So, 50% of the custodian's job is security. As far as letting a student use the "wrong" restroom, I'm darned if I do, darned if I don't. I would probably be fired for letting them walk on a wet floor, however, if I don't let them go to the bathroom, that is wrong also. The principal would get a complaint the next day: "Donny wouldn't let us go to the bathroom!" I cannot interrupt my work and plug my ears just because they MIGHT want ABSOLUTE privacy and run out of the restroom, if I did I would never finish - my work load is too heavy. So, we do what we gotta do.

i am sixteen years old and in high school.I don't know why people think it's bad when you go to the bathroom with your friends (of the same sex i mean)i have seen almost all my girl friends going since junior high both number one and two we have a good time talking and laughing and say sh** that we wouldn't say since we know there are no boys around to hear it.I think that girls who go to the bathroom or who pass gas in front of boys are nasty,it is a private thing and i don't think any boy should see that until you are married.In my school that is very old the stalls had doors but were removed because they were all vandalized and the one's in the girls locker room are all messed up too,sometimes i take a shower in the big shower room and when i finish walk to the toilet in the nude to do a pee or bm,some of my friends are to shy to do that and go get dressed first which doesn't make sense to me since we all just saw each others goodies anyway in the shower or when getting undressed,some girls put their arms across their brests and some just one hand down to cover between their legs and keep the towel around their hair.i have done some good #2's in that bathroom while siting next to a friend who was doing the same and we both made the place smell bad,but thats just natural and i don't think it's nasty like i have been told,do other girls feel the same way i've always wonderd. thank you

On the way to the mall the other day, I had to pee so bad I was in pain. I parked and ran into Sears, which has a restroom at the end of a hall near the entrance. A young lady and two small children were standing at the end of the hall obviously waiting on someone. As soon as I walked into the restroom, I heard a loud grunt coming from the one occupied stall. I went to the urinal and tried to pee. However, the grunting got very loud - so loud that I couldn't concentrate on peeing. The poor guy must have really been constipated. He would take a deep breath and hold it. I kept thinking "breathe mister." He would then let his breath out, and I would hear a small "plop." He was making grunting noises with his voice, so they were very audible. Although I was not "aroused." I just could not pee due to listening to all this. Then, a bunch of people came in. I zipped up my pants, washed my hands, and walked very quickly to the mall restroom. I wanted to stay around to se! e what the guy looked like, but I really had to pee.

Helga, Did the poop go down after flushing 3 times? Also, to EVERYONE, I am curious about something that I have never heard anyone mention in their posts. First, do any of you flush the toilet (when pooping) while you are still seated on the toilet? And secondly, after flushing, has your toilet ever clogged while you were on it...and perhaps, the water rose higher and higher while you were still sitting there? That has never happened to me, but I often imagine how nervous that would make me. So, I hope you all answer! Thanks...:-)

Hi guys. Torie, great story about you and Stacey; you two sound like really good friends. Melissa, I'm happy to read that you and Melanie are pooping "normally." In response to the recent threads about peeing/pooping in the shower, I usually try to poop (and pee) before showering in the morning; that way, I can scrub my butt with a washcloth to get it extra clean. So no, I don't deliberately relieve myself in the shower. I'm sure I've written about this before, but peanut butter gives me very strong and intense gas. Yesterday, I had a couple of peanut butter sandwiches on wheat bread and started farting about an hour afterward. When I had to take a pee, about 4 hours after eating those sandwiches, I farted into the toilet so strongly that my ears popped!!! No, I did not have to poop at that point, but there was an odor in the bathroom after I went. I took a poop this morning and my poops were a little lighter (in color) than usual, but my gas seems to have subsided since then. Please keep those posts coming, everyone. Love always, Alex :)

To 'Question' - yes, the term 'bobbied' is correct. Here in the East Midlands (U.K) the use of the word 'bob' or 'bobby' is a common slang phrase for 'poo' or 'poop'. Phrases such as 'She's bobbed her pants' or 'He's dying for a bob' were very common, at least in my schooldays! However, I've never seen any other reference to the term, so I guess it must be unique to this area.

In response to Orville's post referring to Donnie the custodian's post about going into the girls bathroom to clean. You have to keep in mind that a bathroom in a crowded school, office building, or other public facility gets constant heavy usage, so it is allways in need of cleaning. So I have a question for all the ladies out there. Would you rather use a crappy, filthy bathroom that has not been cleaned all day or would you rather use a nice clean one even if the cleaning guy is in there every now and then? This gets back to an earlier post of mine in which I pointed out some of the creative ways that many landlords are cleaning the bathrooms in the office buildings where I work. In summary, you are seeing more and more women janitors cleaning both the men's and women's bathrooms. They figure there is less chance of a man filing a complaint against a women for walking into the men's room than visa-versa. Why just last week I went into the bathroom at work because I felt like I had to take a crap. I sat down for a while and nothing came out but just a little pee. As I was finishing up, and opened the door to the stall a little hispanic lady with a red vest on and a mop and bucket came walking through the door. She smiled at be but spoke no english. I thaught to my self, it's a good thing I was in the stall rather than standing at the urinal, otherwise, she would have seen all my stuff hangin' down. Now in the past, the cleaning ladies knocked before coming in, but I heard no knock this time. If she did knock, it must have been very faint. I tell ya what, It's just a matter of time before on of those cleaning ladies walks into the men's room and some joker who's had too much to drink at the office party will expose himself. She will be so offended that she will be the one to file the harassment lawsuit and then we'll be right back to square one. Oh well.

Paul(UK), in response to your question "What foods make you poop a lot", basically any fruits and vegetables will do the trick, if you eat enough of them. But I think there are certain foods that help things along a little more than usual. For example, the other night I went to a German restuarant and ordered bratwurst, which came with a generous side dish of sauerkraut. Usually, just having a little bit of sauerkraut on a hot dog will ensure that I have a good poop the next day, and this was a whole bowl of it! The next day I had to go to the bathroom three times throughout the morning. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was very soft and came out quickly.

Also, I found that eating a big breakfast (especially if you're not used to it!) makes you go to the bathroom a lot. I recently returned from a vacation with some friends. I got really constipated on the trip, and didn't poop for the first three days. On the fourth day, I happened to have a big breakfast. Instead of my usual toast or small bowl of cereal, I had scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a biscuit. Well, maybe ten minutes after finishing the meal, I realized that I had to go... NOW!! I hurried back to the hotel and parked myself on the toilet with a magazine. I stayed in there almost 15 minutes, cleaning out after the past 3 days. The two other girls who I was on vacation with were joking around with me, saying I was stinking up the whole hotel room!

Like Paul, I am also very curious about what foods act as a laxative for the other people in this forum. I'm sure you all have interesting stories about what happened after eating certain things... please share! :)

Banana up my butt
Hi, Here's some food for thought. How many of you have gotten a bad haircut, and wondered if the reason behind it, was that the barber/stylist really had to take a crap, and for whatever reason, tried to nonchalanty play it off, and, meanwhile, made your hair look like a freshly mowed-lawn? Think about it. It makes sense, doesn't it? Later Banana up my butt

Great stories ladies, I love reading about such intimate acts performed by women. There are not many places you can be so honest and tell us men stuff like this. I especailly liked the post about peeing in the shower and drain, there is just something exciting about a female peeing somewhere besides the toilet...thanks for sharing with everyone...

I sorta agree with Orville. Donny, in some states you could end up in jail. Or at least looking for another job. Cool it, please.

Adam from Canada
I had a good poop this evening. I had the farts all evening and then I had the urge to go poop. I sat on the can and let out a "trumpet" like fart and then the poop came out really fast and it felt greasy. It smelt like coffee beans and was darkish brown/black color. I pooped out a 7 inch long, 3 inch wide log with 3 inch chunks. I think it is the fiber and coffee that are making it appear like this. I have increased my fiber and f/v intake in last few days.

Monday, August 23, 1999

Hi all. I woke up yesterday evening with big diarrhea, and I didn't make it to the bathroom in time. So I cleaned myself, pu on a diaper and went to bed again. I woke up two more times, each time with wet and dirty diaper. I tried to make it, but before I get to the bathroom and put down the diaper, it was over. But at least I could sleep well, and my bed remained clean. Does anyone else wore diaper when having diarhea? I do - it is much more comfortable to have a diaper when sleeping or shopping (I tend to lost it too often).

Attn: Donnie the Custodian...

I love this site, I visit it often, however, if your stories are in fact true, I find them borderline child abuse. Our discussions are adult orientated. YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN THE RESTROOMS WHEN LITTLE GIRLS ARE IN THERE !!! There. I said my piece, sorry if I offended anybody. But thats how i feel. Orville

Hi evrybody, hows the toilet life? As for me fine. I have a few questions for everybody.

1. What food do you eat in order to poop a lot?
2. What food reacts the same as a laxitive?
3. Has anyone ever pooped while having a bath or shower?

Because I'm a new user of this site I am 15 and male and i agree totally with everybodies view of shitting freely. Paul (London, UK)

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