I just read micheals great post and it reminded me of the time i was at the beach with my best friend Dawn we also used the big group shower before going home and once i had to take a leak like really really bad and just stood over the drain and turned my back towards all the other women,reached around front like i was washing down there but i was really spreading my lips a little and by bending my knees just slightly was able to pee straight into the big drain and no one but Dawn was any the wiser,and she thought it was real funny anyway.I was wondering if anyone else has done the same.Oh almost forgot i once walked right into some girls real rank sbd in the same shower.

Hi sorry I haven't posted I've been very busy doing other things. Steph, you must have felt much better after taking that s***. Which brings me to my most recent one of note. My friend Stacey and me were down at the town court playing basketball. I posted about Stacey and me "buddy dumping" during my first post which was about our school camping trip. I felt like going number one and two a little bit but I really had to go bad after about half an hour. I told Stacey I really had to go to the bathroom and we should go back to one of our houses. She said she had to go too and why don't we go across the street to the town pool. I said good idea I hope there's toilet paper because I really have to go poop. Without thinking I blurted out "what do you have to do, Stacey?" She said "I have to pee and 'kinda' go poop" We got to the bathroom which is behind the locker room. There are three stalls all were empty. Stacey and I sat next to each other and to tell you the truth, I had the runs. I know a lot of people reading this don't like reading about diarrhea and I prefer firm poopies myself but I had diarrhea, I couldn't help it. I peed and pooped as soon as I sat down on the toilet. Out of curiosity I was listening to what Stacey was doing. She peed and then was silent. We didn't talk at all while we were in there. About a couple of minutes later, we were both sitting there I was trying to get anything that might still be in me out when Stacey began to "crackle" some poop out of her butt. Steph I know what you mean about crackling poop I do it myself once in a while. This time it was more like fireworks :-) Anyway, Stacey let out a couple of poopies and then began pulling some paper off the roller. Although my poop stank I could also smelled Stacey's poop. We buddy dumped at camp and I've been in the bathroom with her (separate stalls) or after her before, so her poopie smell was familiar. I didn't have to go anymore so I started to wipe myself. I said "I feel so much better now" seeing if Stacey would respond. "Yuh me too," she said. I had to wipe only four times (one for my vagina and three for my a**), I think Stacey pulled the same number of pieces off her roll. We flushed and came out almost at the same time. As we washed our hands, Stacey said "I'm glad you and me came down here I didn't think I had to go as bad as I did." I told her I had to go worse and I'm sure she heard me. She laughed and said I went as soon as I sat down (which I did). We went back across the street to shoot some more hoops and then hung out for a while more. Stacey and me are close friends and we love each other. Melissa, it's great to read that you and Melanie are going normally. Love, Torie

When i saw mike's posting about the beach it made me think of when i took my 14 year old niece claudia to the beach last month,i am 30 years old. We have always gotten along very well and are very comfortable with each other,and at the end of a very nice day we were packing our belongings up and walking towards the parking lot when claudia said i think i better go to the bathroom before we leave,and i think i want to get this suit off it's starting to make me it itch,so we went into the locker room/bathroom area and much to my surprise my cute little niece walked right down the long line of doorless stalls where we saw women and girls all in various states of undress doing their business some of which was very obviously #2 from the odor,when she got to the first empty one she stripped off her yellow one piece and hung it on the petition between the stalls and when she turned back saw the surprised look on my face (i had never seen her nude before,just in her undies)she said i'm gonna take a shower anyway when i finish,aren't you aunt rosa ,which caught me off guard and i stamerd i guess so honey,i don't know if it was t! he thought of being nude infront of my obviously very grown up both mentaly and physicly niece or that the situation had caught me off guard but i could feel that warm feeling you get when your face is turning red and i went into the next stall to pee as i heard claudia start to fart and then 2 plops into the bowl and she said i think it might be a few minutes and i said it's ok take your time i'm trying to do the same and i actually was able to make a small bm after i did a pee.A few seconds later my niece said sorry about the smell but i realy had to go bad,and by now i thought it over and said to myself what the hell and took off my clothes since i decided to shower and when i heard claudia start to pull tp off the roll and flush i walked out with just just the towel i had in my beach bag draped over my shoulder and when the girl saw me their was no reaction at all..none,maybe it's that kids are alot older for their age nowadays or maybe i was just being silly and self conc! ious due to haveing a little ???? and my 40dd's are starting to sag a little along with my big butt,but when i told my sister (her mother) she said yeah i know she's not shy at all i'm allways walking by the bathroom and their she is sitting on the toilet door wide open like it's nothing. All i know is that someone saw me doing that when i was 14 i would have died.

Linda-- What's happened to you,we haven't heard from you since Wedesday when you hadn't pooped it 5 days. Were you able to finally go poop? How did you finally get it out?-- JW

I have been reading part of a book, a true story, (Sunday Times Review), in which a mother of twin Daughters tells about the facts of Anorexia of which both of her girls tragically suffered. There is an account of when mother and the surviving daughter, Samantha, were on an overseas holiday in New York from their home England. At an apartment store selling past jewellery, Samantha then a young woman of about 26, was caught shoplifting after a necklace dropped out of her sleeve. On declaring everything that had been stolen they were made to pay for all the goods to prevent the police from being called. However, during the proceedings, owing to the large doses of laxatives Samantha had been taking, (part of the symptoms of the illness), the young woman shits herself. Only when leaving the store she is able to tell her mother what she has done. The mother’s actual account of this reads; "To make matters worse she was on large doses of laxatives. When we got out of the store! she was shaking like a leave …. She’d had an accident. She said, ‘Oh Mum, I’ve bobbied myself’ - that was the word we always used." Now I have never come across that term before and wonder if anyone else has and may know the relevance of the word or connection with someone who has had the misfortune to mess themselves. I wonder, however if the term might have been misquoted and should have been; ‘Oh Mum, I’ve blobbied myself "? I have never heard that term used in this connection either, although I’ve come across many. But the word blob does seem to me more appropriate than Bob, - although he has done it a few times I bet!!. Can anyone enlighten me?

I got quite excited to read Ian's story about the chronic constipation that led him to escape to a wayside stop on the road and then the monstrous dump that resulted on show for the world to admire. I Live near a nude beach here (maslin's) and there is a carpark on the cliff above the beach with a lot of shrubs and trees. There is a toilet but you have to negotiate a very steep set of steps to get there (it nearly kills you to get back) - so most people just let go in and around the carpark. Whenever i get there i always scout around to see what suprises have been left for me to admire!! The other night i couldnt beleive my eyes - smack bang in the carpark - not even behind a bush - someone just stepped out of their car and dropped a load!! And what a load it was!! Still fresh this turd was maybe 3 foot long and thick - it must have just kept coming out and swirled around and around until the pile was about a foot high. I couldnt beleive it - there were no breaks in it - just ! one continuous turd. If you had been able to strecth it out - it would have been huge. I always get excited wondering just who had left this behind and i try to imagine the person repsonsible. Ian loved the story - if you have more - let us know

I was roller-blading through my neighborhood and I had to pee. So, I stopped in a playground when a girl about 12 y/o took the only toilet. There was no door. She told me she how she had a stomachache and had to make doo-doo. I told her no problem. She let down her blue loose-leg flannel shorts to her ankles and white panties to her knees and splayed her legs. Quietly, she squeezed out 2 tapered brownish gray 6 inch pieces of doo-doo. She contorted her face in pain through this whole ordeal, clutching her ????. I knew how she felt. Her mother was calling her to come out. She said she could not. I had to pee. So, I unhitched my denim skirt and my pink briefs to my knees and squatted over a utility drain in the floor and peed for almost 60 seconds. The 12 y/o felt sorry for me and gave me paper to wipe. She strained to lean out of the stall. She then got up to wipe herself and I dropped my paper in her toilet. She said her mother would not let her finish. There was more inside ! her stomach.

Jeff A.
Melissa: I agree with what you said about the outdoor poo thing. Actually, that's one of those times in life when men and women are absolutely equal. We both have to drop our drawers and squat, and we're both in the open. It's an interesting point of view on your part, one that I think we're all aware of, but never addressed before. There's a certain vulnerability in it, as there are specific rooms designed for us humans for that very purpose. I would rather go outside than use a public restroom. As for myself, I've been caught in the poo act outdoors on a several occassions by strangers, simply because I don't like camp restrooms. Therefore, I opt for the wooded areas where it's more open.

Sandra: I really enjoyed your story of the ladies room thing, (actually, I love all your stories!), and finally identifying the pair of red shoes and black pantyhose. Also, unless I've missed it, can you describe yourself? You sound like a fun person to know.

A forum that would be fun for the moderators to add would be a movie review forum, where people give their opinions and critiques of films past and present. I'd be a regular customer!

Observer: I had an experience similar to yours, but not where the woman messed herself. Once I worked in this old building that had bad plumbing, and there was this really cute girl that worked in the warehouse. She was only 19, and had a figure that wouldn't quit! We were on a break one day, and she came in from the warehouse and sat around with us. Anyway, she picked up a newspaper and headed off for the bathroom. She had been in there for about 15 minutes and when she finally came out, our break was over, and everybody was getting up to leave. I headed for the bathroom and she said "You don't wanna go in there. The toilet won't flush." I went in anyway out of curiousity, and there was the biggest pile of turds that I'd ever seen at that time. They were huge, like big thick sausages. They piled halfway up the bowl. There was very little water in the bowl, and I knew it would be bad mess to clean up. When I came out She was back at her work station, and she gr! inned at me as I walked by and said "Howd'ja like my masterpiece in there?" She was very cute, but not modest at all. Another time, she went in, and it was in the morning after everyone was still arriving, and apparently her friend wanted to borrow a cigarette. All of a sudden the door opened from the inside, there she was sitting on the toilet with her pants up around her knees. She tossed a pack of cigarettes to her friend and shut the door again. It was a quick little flash, but I never forgot it. She was one of those who would fart out in the open, or tell us when she needed to "do a big dump". She was something else. but I liked her.

To Ian: I liked your story. The other day i had this strange shitting habit. This was Friday, before Friday I hadn't pooped in 3 or 4 days. I was here on the computer and i started to feel an urge to go. I go upstairs and to get ready to shower and i pooped in my pants on purpose. Any one ever do this? Then the tip of it was hard. The middle was soft. It was so thick, about 5 inches thick. Then that night I go to bed and wake up at 3am with cramps and diahrea.

To Teenaged Girl: My sister has a problem like that. I should probably first explain that we live in a very rural farm area and traveling to the nearest mall is a 2 hour ride on back roads with nothing but corn fields and woods. Being my sister Lara who's 13 and myself who's 16 travel on these roads at least once a week, we always find ourselves in bathroom predicaments. We both ususally try to hold it but if it gets too bad, no big deal. Just pull over and squat in a field or the woods. My sister by far does not have a strong bladder so we make outdoor pee stops at least 4 times in a trip. When she has to pee, it's no big deal. I pull the car over, she finds a tree or whatever, pulls down her pants and goes. No problem. But whenever the urge strikes her to make a movement, she gets so nervous she shakes and starts to cry. If I have to make a movement and it has to be outdoors, it's no problem for me. I squat in a field and go. Sure it takes a few minutes but no problem. Whenever she feels the need to poo, she gets very fidgity and starts to get nervous. This is how I know what's wrong. She will squeeze so hard until it's almost too late and by then she's shaking and crying. By the time she says for me to pull over, she is nearly ready to go in her pants. What I don't understand is when she has to poo, she doesn't find a tree or field. She leaves the car door open and goes right there. If she's so afraid of people seeing her, I think she'd have more privacy behind a tree. Her fear of pooing outdoors as lead to several accidents. Now if you ask me, I'd rather poo outdoors then go home and face our mom in dirty pants. She's gotten punished several times. My mom has been trying to get her over this fear by putting her in situations where she has no choice but to go outside. We live on a farm so whenever my mom and my sister and I are out doing stuff about the farm and are a distance from the house and my sister starts that fidigiting, my mom makes her go behind a bush. Whenever my mom accompanies us on our trips to town, if Lara has to poo, my mom will take her into a field and make sure she goes. My mom and I have even gone as far as having her watch us when we have had outdoor poos to show her there's no problem with it. Just squat and let go. But she still shakes and gets nervous when she has to poo outdoors. Someone once suggested to me that it might have something to do with a bad past experience with an outdoors movement. That could be very true. I have a very strict mother and I can remember as a child her taking me to relieve myself behind trees and if I didn't go or couldn't go, I got spanked. I think maybe what happened was when my sister was a kid, she was having an outdoors poo in private and maybe my mom caught her and spanked her for not going indoors. Who knows with my mom. Does anyone else have this problem or know someone who has this problem? But to Teenaged Girl, I think in your case, it might have just been that you were already shaken up from having an accident. After all it was that nervous feeling you had after your 2nd accident that gave you the urge to poo in the first place. I'm sure if it were a different situation like camping or something like that, you would have been fine. Like you said, you can pee outdoors without a problem. Just my opinion. Sorry my first post was so long! I think I'll start posting regularly. I have a lot of past experiences to share. Hope you're feeling better Teenaged Girl.

Teenaged Girl
To Melissa: Thank you. You're a really sweet girl for taking time to help me understand this. I have avoided leaving the house after consuming lots of water for obvious reasons! No accidents since then but did my first "buddy pee" (if that counts!) today. My friends and I go swimming at a very quaint lake behind my best friends' house. My friend and I were both pretty desparate to pee and since we were the only ones around, we just found some cover and both squatted and peed. It was no big deal really. She's been my best friend for 11 years and we've shared everything. This was just something else to share! Melissa I did want to ask you, what was your most embarassing accident? I think mine would have to be the one that just happened. Even though there was no one around, I was pretty embarassed of myself. Thanks again.

Tonight I was at the shopping center. I really needed to poo. I got beside this van and dropped my shorts. It felt so good releasing it. I was in the midst of my motion when this car came driving by---I couldn't do anything but stay squatted. I didn't expect a car to come from behind the buildings. Just wanted to tell about my experience.

Well, Observer, you sure got your money's worth didn't you! I for one find your story a bit off as while we have all had accidents in our knickers or underpants and have seen others do so you seem to have taken a positive delight in this girl having done a jobbie in her pants. I realise that some people, usually men, are turned on by women shitting their knickers, fair enough, its not my turn on. I prefer to see a nice big jobbie done properly either into the toilet pan or outside on the ground, not in the girl's knickers.

Personally, I would have helped the girl find some way of relieving herself, which would have put her in debt of gratitude and perhaps have cured her of her snooty attitude towards her fellow workers. As other staff were inconvenienced by the toilets being locked, I am surprised that nobody forced the lock. This would have been a legally permissable act in the circumstances as employers have to provide sufficient and appropriate toilet facilities for staff. Again I assume you have only one staff toilet as otherwise she could have used the Men's toilet. Even in such an emergency she could have done her motion in a bucket, wastepaper bin or even a cardboard box in some secluded part of the premises or gone outside and done it on the ground behind a wall, all rather than shit her panties. Still, that would not have made such a good story. Myself, I feel very sorry for Claire and hope that other staff dont give her a bad time over this, it can happen to any of us.

On the aspect of accidents at school I can agree with Coprologist. I went started school in 1958 but the conditions he mentions were similar. Boys and Girls seemed to have accidents equally but Girls were luckier as their knickers (briefs) had elastic through the leg openings and this kept all the mess inside their underpants unless they had suffered an attack of watery diarrhea or had been sitting down when they did it. In those days many boys still wore old fashioned undershorts with loose flappy legs so any accident would indeed leak out down their legs. Also boys wore trousers which gave more resistance than a loose pleated skirt and would of course be more likely to get soiled. When one girl in my class did a big solid jobbie in her knickers in the playground she just went into the girls toilet and stepped carefully out of her soiled underpants, cleaned her bum, and went on for the rest of the day with no knickers under her skirt, (she dumped them in a bin). Her skirt had! escaped any soiling, but when a similar accident happend to one boy his trousers, legs, even the tail of his shirt got messed and the teacher had to clean him up and give him spare school clothes to wear. The caretaker did come with the sawdust as Coprologist describes, to dry up the mess of squashed poo which had dropped onto the classroom floor. I was lucky when I had an accident at Primary (Grade ) School. Living as I did with my aunt and two older girl cousins I wore girls knickers rather than boys underpants (I still wear womens panties, but that's outside the scope of this webpage). I did a jobbie in my pants on the way home from school but although it squashed up the elastic in the legs of the girls briefs I was wearing get it all in and as it was a solid formed motion my trousers didnt get messy. My Aunt Helen didnt make a big fuss, just told me to go to the toilet and clean off in the shower and gave me a clean pair of knickers and trousers to wear. Neither did my c! ousins Nicola or Debbie make a lot of this, they too had accidents in their knickers as had my Aunt Helen. (see old posts for details). So I have always felt sorry for anyone shitting themselves, not turned on by it, but each to their own thing.

Moira and I went for a country walk yesterday, and of course we both needed a motion after a good pub lunch when we had been walking again for about 20 minutes. finding a convenient place Moira went first with me watching and although I have seen it may times before there is still a great thrill for me as I watch the big fat brown jobbie slowly emerge between her ???? buttocks. It was a nice big fat carrot shaped turd of about 14 inches long, 2 1/2 thick at its fattest and well formed and nobbly. I did mine next to hers, about the same length but smoother and curved like a big sausage. A nice outdoor buddy dump between husband and wife. Do any other couples do this?

I've posted before a few times, using different names - I usually have the name correspond with the subject (this post is no exception). This post is about a dream I just had. I'll put my real life editorial comment in braces []. I was in a restaurant or cooking area of a cafeteria. Although I didn't work there (perhaps I worked there in the past), I knew where everything was and felt I was authorized enough to cook myself a burger. [Something that sometimes happens in dreams (you might call it a standard dream device) is a sudden jump in time -] I jump ahead in time (the burger is not only already cooked, but mostly eaten). Although I had previously taken a dump, I felt that I had to go, so obviously I didn't get it all out the first time. I head for the bathrooms - so does someone else who a kinda know. We both go in. Something strange is going on in the farthest stall, so I head for the first stall. We both are essentially side by side, and we kinda have one of those "Oh, I didn't know you needed to take a dump (go into the stall)" moments - we both go into the stall (it was a BIG stall). I say something like "You might as well stay in, I'll be done quickly". He goes towards the stall door to close it (but in some subliminal sense, dares me to leave it open). I then say, "Don't bother. Leave it open". So he leans against the side wall (in the stall) and waits for me to finish. [Another standard dream device happens - ] The outside the stall area is suddenly a hallway (not a bathroom anymore). Girls pass by and glance into the open stall and see me. After a few girls pass by [The same standard dream device as before happens -], the other side wall of the stall suddenly turns into the bottom of a stairway, and those girls who passed by are now coming down the stairway. By the way, one of those girls was Sandra Bullock [I know why she was in my dream - before going to bed, I watched a show called TV.COM (computer/internet show) - one of the segments had a guy that (sick of seeing porn sites associated with famous people's names) registers actors names (ex: ) (paying the registration fee) and gives the domainname (freely) to the particular actor. Sandra Bullock was one of the celebs whose name when put into a search engine, etc. was associated with porn sites.] One of the girls while passing says "why don't you try to cover up a little?" I say "I don't mind - I used to take dumps in the doorless stalls in high school and I didn't bother covering anything up [which is true], besides why bother trying to get some privacy when it's like Grand Central Station in here?" As it turns out I'm having a harder time getting it out than I thought, so the guy whose in the stall with me is still waiting. Girls continue to pass by the open stall door and moments later walk down stairway into the stall and walk out the open stall door. [If that isn't like an Escher mobius strip like thing, I don't know what is :-)]. Unfortunately, then I wake up. Well, that's my dream of bathroom exhibitionism. I sure wish I could make it come true :-)

Richie from long beach ny
Why are women such foney's I knew they were just like us men pretending to be so proper.Oh! mother!please excuse me I have to go to the bathrom.I am glad there are some real women on this earth and not all the phoney's I have seen phoney or foney who cares!I am glad to see women who admit yes they fart and take a big crap to.Even though smelling like a rose is better we all still take crap's,fart,wipe are boogers when we don't have tissue,spit,cry,yell,have sex,masturbate,get wet,whatever you do don't be a foney and it will be easier to face your embarresment.Frankly if you gotta go you gotta go.noone gave me a pamphlet when I was born that said,If you think you are gonna take or need to take wait to be proper .I say just take it ,do it or leave it.and when I have gas I let it out.Thank you momma looka boo boo day.

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
linda- how old is your cousin? he sounds like a really nice gup! my 18 year old cousin is like your cousin.

Mark B
To Melissa, Thanks for your comments. (What's a type A personality by the way?) I guess that if my dad hadn't punished me so severly, I might have got into a habit of leaving turds around the place or doing other poo-related things just for the hell of it. Of course now I'm grown up I see the the other way round. Although I don't have any children I have lots of friends who do. If you are a parent and a child keeps pooing their pants just for fun or to be naughty (rather than because of muscle weakness or stomach bug or other medical reason)should you try to stop them and should you make a big deal of it? Should you just let them be? Does it matter? I suppose the ideal answer is to teach kids that there is nothing wrong with going to the toilet in itself. We all have to do it all the time. Just in certain situations it can be very inconvenient, impracticable or embarass other people (by causing a smell, mess on the floor etc) if you do it in your pants. I never got into a habit of deliberately doing it in my pants when I was a kid. I've tried it out once or twice recently since reading this website re-kindled a semi-forgotten interest in me. So I'm having a 2nd childhood and doing now what I never experienced then. Scooter mentioned the anus and sex. One of the advantages I find in being a gay man is that the arsehole is usually quite an important feature in sex between males, so it is like a double turn-on. (Although I'm not into 'scat' sex). As for accidentally zipping up your willie in the fly of your trousers, I should think every man has done that at sometime or another. I certainly have. it's a ghastly experience which you try not to repeat. Finally, I've been having a look at lots of supposedly toilet-related websites recently. The search engines just come up with a load of absolute rubbish. The same list of "shit jokes" must have been put on the internet countless times by different people. Don't they realise it's already there a hundred times over? And very boring. And those sleazy and exploitative 'adult' porno sites really annoy me, because they hide behind keywords and titles which mean you don't always realise they are porno sites (and can therefore avoid them) until you click on the URL, and then you can't get out of them again because they ensnare you in a loop when you click on the 'back' icon on your browser. (Does anyone know a quick way of getting out of those loops if you stray into one of those sites by accident and then can't get back to the search engine?) I expect there are newsgroups chat rooms etc. about doing poos. But that's a part of the internet I've never explored. (No,I'm not surreptitiously asking for their locations BTW. I think that's against the rules of this site anyway.) I really like this site, which is well-run, and intelligent conversations go on. I have to go now, but not because I need to 'go', I did that already this morning, having saved it up for 2 days. You can guess where I did it. Wild! Mark

big d
first submission. watched my girlfriend dump. she was 22 at the time. we were fooling around and she decided she needed to take a dump before continuing. sneaky me offered to read to her while she sat. she was kind of embarrassed but permitted it. totally nude, she perched on the toilet, legs together. she was 5 feet 5 inches, about 135 lbs. she held her feet close to the bowl, and went up on her tiptoes for a better angle i presume. i watched her abdominal muscles tense up as she strained, and her facial muscles tensed up as well, but she tried not to show too much of a rictus. she was constipated, as i could clearly hear the little hard plops dropping into the bowl. i asked her if she got splashed back on her anus and she said yes. when she finished she wiped from the front, but didnt use much paper as the hard dry turds left little mess. this was in 1985. i still daydream about this incident.

hello everyone.It has been a while since I have been here.I am reading the post by melissa and I think that she has made some really great points about the way society in general thinks about poop and pee.I totaly agree with the point that pee is more of a casual bodily activity than a bowel movement.I guess this is part of why i have a real obsession with pooping because it is a very personal and shut door topic.Any way this morning when I got out of the shower I felt the urge,but waited [as I have posted before] until I really had to go.As I was putting on my clothes I started to fart.The night before I had pizza at an itallian restaurant,which is a food I very rarely eat,so I knew that it was going to be a seriouse one.The shake I drink in the morning usually sets me off too.I felt a little cramping and I started to hold the gas for fear of an unpleasant accident.After I finished dressing I was really ready to poop.I went to the toilet,pulled my skirt down,and sat down on t! he toilet.Soft poop began to shoot out of me in a burst of gas.I didnt have diarrhea but the poop was real soft and kept on comming out of me in a pooring mannor.I had alot of the pizza the night before so it was a quite lengthy bowel movement.I would sit there for a minute thinking I was finished and more cramps would hit and I would continue.By the time I was finally done my anus burned real bad.I wiped and wiped and wiped to get clean.I flushed the toilet three times because of the amount of poop and toilet paper.What a window opener! thanks for reading.

robin, hey guys I think this site is kinda neat! I'm new to it but I have a recent story to post. I had been stopped up (constipated) for 2 days last week and I thought that something was really abnormal. I am a high school senior and had never been in this situation before. I did remember my grandmother say as a young girl that if you were "stopped up from the bottum", to sip(not drink) 3 cups of prune juice and 2 tablespoons of mineral oil together it would do the trick. I realized the implications of what might result if I proceeded with this particular remedy, but I thought it was O'k and sipped the juice and mineral oil before bed. The next morning I woke up, and it felt like grandmas recipe was in the right direction. I had a really great "Toilet Session" dropping what had built for the last 3 days. I felt so relieved that everything let go in a "solid" matter. I went to school knowing that my constipation was over. Unfortunatly, I was wrong. I was in economics! class about 9:45 that morning when I felt the need to do another morning #2. I made my way (quickly) to the womens room and occupied the closest stall. I dropped my shorts and undies for another big #2. Unfortunantly, this one was kinda loose. It didn't take long and I soon back to class. My friends and I had lunch in the cafeteria and I felt a little reserved to eat much given my current situation. About 1:45 my ???? started to rumble. I thought things were allright since my 2 near misses earlier in the morning. This time it was another story. I hurried to the ladies room because I knew it was going to be diahhrea big time. I found a stall and this time all hell broke loose from my rear end! My stomach cramped as I sat waiting for more loose, watery diarrhea. After about 20 minutes my bowels deciced they were done- temporarily. I got home and basically had to set up shop on the toilet. I have never had such an ongoing case of diarrhea like last week. I guess gran! dmas constipation recipe really works- but I dont recommend it unless you have a lot of spare time and a lot of toilet paper.

Sunday, August 22, 1999

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