To Jan - Jan I loved your story as an 8 year old taking your first poop outdoors - it reminds me so much of me at the same age. I liked the part where the grass tickled your butt. I loved the feel of cool air and you know, I think the best part of the experience is that none of these sensations are expected - they are all a surprise and they all feel so different and so good. And yes I was nervous and embarrassed as well and I kept looking and listening, horrified at the thought of being discovered. But just like you I really enjoyed it and of course - the relief after it has all come out. Lots of love - please keep posting - Melissa. To Teenaged Girl - Oh you poor thing - almost a major double accident. I liked the idea of using the towels, that's quick thinking. It's a real pity you couldn't get your shorts off in the car, but I guess maybe you were parked in a public place and in any case it sounds like you had already run out of time. I know that pain, I've had it on occasion and it hurts - but the relief when you let go is unreal. The great thing is you didn't poo in your pants, thank goodness there were some bushes around to give you some privacy. I have felt exactly the same as you. If I need to pee outdoors it's no real big thing. Yes I will always look for somewhere private because am shy and I really do not want strangers seeing me with my panties down. But if I have to do a #2 I get very nervous. I think it's because when you pee, it's all over fairly quickly and the chances of getting caught are much less. Even if you are caught you probably feel you can either hurry it up or even stop it or at least comfort yourself with the thought that there will be some quick way out. Even if you end up peeing yourself it's little more than water - so what's the big deal. On the other hand whenever I do a #2 outdoors, I know that once I'm committed, which usually means my ring is starting to open, there is no turning back. Now you are completely helpless and you just have to wait terribly exposed and vulnerable while your poo comes out. There is no way you can pull up your panties in a hurry, there is no way you can move, there is no way you can just stop going, so basically you are stuck. And what's more you are probably stuck for several minutes. I think that's the practical side of things, but I can't help believing that there is more to it than that. I can't quite put my finger on it - maybe it's a social conditioning thing. Pee is just water and nobody really cares, but poo is much more substantial, much more physical and society doesn't talk about it. But even beyond this, a poo is a very very personal thing, after all no two poos are ever the same. Somewhere in there is a social attitude issue which I think also contributes to the nervous tension in an outdoors poop. All my love - Melissa

I was interested in Mark B's post about kids having accidents in school. It brought back very distant memories of kids, almost always boys, in the infants'school (4 to 6 years old) shitting their pants. It was regarded as no big deal by the children ("so-and-so's shat himself..."), but the big event after seeing a poor lad with a trail of soft shit all down his legs and sometimes on to his shoes was the arrival of the caretaker with his box of sawdust. This box was also used when kids puked in school, which happened even more often than shitting themselves. A few handfuls of sawdust would be carefully strewn over the pile of turds or puddle of puke, to stiffen it and absorb the moisture before it was cleared away. That one of my most vivd recollections of that age at school (it was during WW2)....

Yesterday I was at work having my lunchtime poo and heard someone come into the ladies room. I heard the "click-clack" of high heels coming towards the stalls and this woman went into the stall next to mine. I heard the usual rustling of clothing then the woman sat on the toilet. The gaps under the partitions in the ladies room are unusually high - well over a foot - so you can't help seeing the feet and legs of the person in the other stall. I saw red shoes with very high heels and she had on black panty hose. This is unusual office wear and I couldn't think who this woman was. Anyway, as soon as she sat down she let out a booming fart and sighed. Then she started to poo - "ker-splash". Then more farting and more "ker-splashes". She was pooing many logs - I figured 6 or 7. The final poos must have been smaller as the sounds became plops. I heard her wipe, adjust her clothing and flush. Then I heard the "click-clack" of the shoes as the woman went to the sink to wash her hands, then she left. I had finished pooing quite a while before, but I stayed in the stall until this other woman finished her poo. I went into the stall where she'd been and it smelled OK. I looked in the bowl and there was a large lump (not log) of dark brown poo. Later that day I went to the xerox machine and saw a small, pretty Hispanic woman in her mid-30's using the machine. She was one of the new secretaries. Then I looked at her feet - red shoes with high heels and black panty hose! I couldn't help thinking how someone so petite could make all those farts and poos!

I enjoyed reading your story Jan. Please post another story if you have anymore.

Last weekend i was at the beach with my wife debbie and her sister Lorie and as we were getting ready to leave the girls went off to the bathromm and when they returned they were both laughing and my sister-in law told by wife shutup and they continued to chuckle about something.Later when we were alone i asked Debbie what was so funny and here it is. They both went to pee and when they walked into the bathroom it was very crowded with other women getting dressed and on the toilets that had no doors on the stalls,my wife knows that Lorie is very shy about stuff like that and said can you hold it, but she said it's ok i'll be quick so they went into stalls and pee'd and when my wife finished Lorie was still on the bowl sort of bent over with her one piece suit around her knees and she said to Debbie,i don't belive it but when i finished peeing i just started to shit and it's about half out and stuck,this is so embaressing just stand here while i finish,people keep stairing at me.And knowing how self concious ahe is about her almost totaly flat chest she did just that and about five miutes later with a grunt and then a long fart she finished up,and then she did something totaly out of character for her as she got up she kicked off her suit the rest of the way off and walked over to the communal showers in her birthday suit an! d along with my wife and quite a few other women showerd up and got dressed,something that my wife did all the time but Lorie never did and when Debbie asked her why she said F??k it everybody in here's seen it all anyway,i mean whats more humiliating then takeing a shit naked infront of a room full of people. By the way both Lorie and Debbie are in their mid twentys and good looking and slim build.

Hey Adam from Canada I'm from the United States but I have a friend who's been to Canada's Wonderland. She was there on a holiday weekend and said the lineups for the women's bathrooms especially were always super long. It was a hot day too so alot of people were drinking tons of fluids. Do they usually have long bathroom lineups on holiday weekends? I say places should finally build more women's bathrooms!! What does everybody think?

I work as a clerk at a railway station. Mine is a pretty boring job so I am always on the look out for some excitement, but although lots of others seem to witness things where I work, somehow I always seem to miss out and only hear about it afterwards. However, last week the customers toilets were out of use because of necessary improvement works. Actually, some of the work was essential as the Male toilets are just a joke. I am told that lots of male customers seem to do things anywhere and everywhere but not in the actual toilet and the place is usually in a bit of a mess. This does not worry us because we have our own staff toilet, the door of which is usually kept locked. Anyway it seems that some bloke and his wife were creating merry hell because their young daughter had been taken short on the platform and finding the toilets out of use she apparently was unable to wait any longer and had messed her pants. I had just started on duty when I was told about this and thought, "lovely where are they so I can go and see". But the duty manager, Sheila had given the couple the key to the staff facilities so that the mother could help the daughter clean up or change her knickers before getting a taxi home. So yours truly had missed out yet again. Anyhow about half an hour later I heard young Claire, one of the Booking Clerks, ask Sheila where the staff toilet key was as this was missing from the hook in the hall corridor. Sheila answered that the customers whose daughter had mucked herself probably left the key in the lock as this had not been returned or, she added jokingly, "I hope so otherwise they will have taken it with them". Claire replied quite seriously, "I hope not I am in urgent need of the lavatory and not just for a wee either". My office is right next to Sheila's and I can hear more than they realise as I keep my door open. So off went Claire with a fast clickety clack of her high heels to relieve herself. I suddenly thought, it would be nice to see the young attractive Claire do the job in her knickers, That would make my day and make up for all the other things I have missed. But don't even think about it!! Claire is 29 medium height, slim with a good figure. She has really long shapely legs that seem to go on for ever. Her hair although very long at the back, is in a single plait with a blue ribbon tied in a little bow at the end. Claire, who is married and has a 3 year old little boy, is quite the most attractive person at our place. She is always smartly dressed in her uniform of dark grey pleated skirt, not too short, coming just below the knee, sheer tights and high heeled black shoes and a scarlet coloured tailored jacket. Claire is a nice enough girl but a bit of a snob and not lightly to stand any nonsense if you overstepped the mark with her. Actually though I new a little secret that afternoon because earlier I noticed her getting some time table amendments from a lower bookshelf in the general office. She was crouched down with her skirt trailing on the floor at the back of her shoes. More to the point the front of her skirt had ridden above her knees and with this in mind I positioned my self just to the side so that as she swivelled round I could see right between her quite parted legs. Do you blame me - I'm only looking? Clare was wearing a little pair of pastel blue panties and that is also how I knew she was wearing tights. Just after I got a really good view Claire look up and when she saw me she quickly shut her legs together tight and pulled her skirt back over her knees. I can imagine her thinking, those men cannot help themselves except looking at what they shouldn't. Back to the story, she had not gone long when she returned to inform Sheila the toilet was locked and the key missing. Claire had a bit of panic showing in her voice by then. She said to Sheila "I'm really desperate I have to go soon and if I can't use that toilet I will have to phone Phil, (her husband), to come and collect me". She added "I am not sure if I can make it home though" Suddenly she walked out back towards the toilet and I thought this may be it, but I bet they will find the key or Phil will be there to the rescue and even if she does do it on the way home, your truly will not even know. I wondered though if the customers had taken the key because of what had happened and as a sort of get-your -own-back attitude. I thought if anything might happen I am not going to miss this one so I crept round to where Claire had gone and found her standing just round the corner in an exterior passage near the toilet door. She could not see me but was looking longingly at the locked door very uncomfortably and was shifting from foot to foot with her legs slightly open. I thought is this my day, its now or never. Suddenly Claire exclaimed "Oh no" clutched the back of her skirt and looked down between her legs at the floor. I heard the unmistakable muffled sound of sticky messy brown stuff going into clothing material. It went on for some time - she really had done it and this was a big one. I must say I felt a bit sorry for her and ashamed at my inquisitiveness but I kept up observations. She then said to herself "My god I've really done it now" she looked in complete shock and was standing quite still as if afraid to move. She then just explored under her skirt at the back, tenderly touching what was there with her hand. When she withdrew it and examined she could see something dirty on her fingers and the worst was confirmed. She then very carefully waddled back to Sheila's place, walking now with her knees pressed tightly together and with little baby steps, one hand holding the back of her skirt, the other at the front almost between her legs, I suppose trying to protect her valuable Virginia. When she arrived she said to Sheila "It's too late. "I've just done it in my panties, it's gone up my back, dirtied my skirt, its spread into my tights and some is just down the back of one leg, I'm in a hell of a mess." "I don't want to go back into the Booking Hall with the men in there so I will need to call Phil from here to come and fetch me." She was still shocked but by now quite angry and was half crying. Sheila seemed very sympathetic as one women who has had an embarrassing happening to another and said; " You telephone in private I will go outside and dissuade anyone from coming in here", and added, "we don't want the men to know what you have just done." Anyway I secretly listened to the call. Claire first said to Phil, "you will have to come and collect me I have had an accident in my knickers" ... .. . then "no a toilet accident you have to take me home now I have filled my panties" ... .. . then "Oh for Christ sake how can I spell it out? I have just shit myself big time, I am terribly embarrassed you must take me home now!!!" So Claire waited just standing up straight looking proud but downcast and from time to time at the floor between her legs at the front and reaching round to look at the back behind her. Now Sheila for a manager cannot keep anything to herself, and soon the buzz around the station among the men was, that attractive piece from the booking hall, Claire had been taken short and pooped herself in her clothes quite royally. There is a stationery room right at the end of Sheila's office and it was amazing how much extra stationery was collected during that period. I went passed Claire about six times and thought of those little blue knickers and would have liked to tell her I knew about them and had been almost next to her when she shit herself. I must say you could not tell by looking at her but boy was she starting to stink. When Phil arrived they put some papers on the front passenger seat of the car and I heard Claire say "I can't sit in it". Anyway I saw her gingerly getting in the car to kneel on the seat facing backwards to hold on to the back of the seat. Well I did not miss that one!

I had been visiting my mother to help her handle some business as son is often is expected to do. She lives a little over 200 miles from me and I had been there for ten days. I had not had a BM since before I had left home. For some reason or another, I always get constipated when I am away from home at someone else's home. I had began to feel constipated about the fourth day I was at my mother's. I managed to push out a peanut sized chunk and that was it. I tried to ignoe the fullness I felt in my bowels. I continued to eat like the horse I am (6'3", 220#) right up to the time I left. When I left my mother's house I stopped at the first rest area off the interstate determined to relieve myself. I went in the men's room and sat down certain my arse-hole would explode instantly. I felt so bunged up and sat there not even able to squeeze out the smallest turd. Only stinky, rancid farts cut the air. I could hear a couple of other guys dumping substantial deposits in their toilet-! stalls. I grunted and strained to no avail. I knew that I would have to wait until I got home and have a serious enema. I pulled my trousers up and left. As I drove, I felt like I had cement in my gut. I felt terrible. I saw a drugstore in a shopping center just off of the interstate. I headed for ramp and went in the drugstore and bought a twin pack of Fleet enemas and left. I got back on the interstate and stopped at the next rest area which was about an hour and a half from the first one. I went in the men's room and headed for the handicapped accessible stall. I needed room for such a nasty task. I gave myself the first enema slowly, the the second. It was early morning and some kind traveler had left a newspaper. I picked it up and started to read. I decided it would be better if I went outside and walked around to help the enemas work better. I pulled my pants and went outside and walked for about thirty minutes. No serious urge to evacuate had hit me yet. I went back in! the men's room and sat on the toilet and grunted and pushed again. Nothing came out. Not even a fart. I fished the enema bottles from the trash can, it was left undisturbed where I stuffed it back into its original box so it was clean, I filled one with hot water from the tap and went in the stall and squeezed up into my rectum. I tried to shit it out and still nothing. I went back from the stall out to the sink to use the enema bottle some more. I refilled and squirted the bottle's contents into me five times and still only a little brown water came out my ass after trying for thirty more minutes on the pot. I grunted, strained, I even prayed, but no relief came. I gave up, left the rest area and decided I would probably end up with a mess when the enema decided to work. I drove until I was about two hours from home. I stopped at the last rest area I would come to before the final stretch of about 60 miles of my trip before the exit ramp home. I still could not even fart. I ! got back in the car and bout 30 minutes later, I started having cramps. Severe cramps. Gotta-go-now cramps! I knew it was coming. I looked for a place that would have a restroom. There was none to be found on the old country stretch of interstate. I passewd a sign that said PARKING AREA 2 MILES AHEAD. NO FACILITIES. NEXT REST AREA 48 MILES. I cringed knowing I was going to have a mess all over me and my car. I came to the parking area with no facilties and decided to use nature's facilities and pulled off. I jumped from my car after parking it at the woodside, grabbed a wad of kleenex and headed into the woods. I went as as far as I could run. I was out of of site of anyone driving down the highway. I threw down my pants and the feeling my bum-hole opening sent chills over me in ninety degree summer heat. I felt as if my entire guts were falling from it. First six logs about a foot long each and about three inches in circumference fell to the ground with a thud. It took about! ten minutes for the logs to be birthed. I was panting. I still had cramps and stayed squatted over the pile expecting more. Yellow chunks, at least 100 exploded to the ground, then a gallon or more of greenish-yellow shit-fluid poured out followed by three yellow chunks and a couple more squirts of fluid. The smell was the worst I have ever produced. My knees ached from the squatting. A trucker or two had squatted in the woods to my distant right and dumped his load. One called out to me to ask if I was ok and was kind enough to bring over a roll of tp. He marvelled at my pile looking quite excited about what he saw and left me to wipe. It was quite a pile. I was grateful for the tp because the keenex would not have done the job. I honestly needed a shower. I was shaking from the toil of my effort. I had been so nervous, scared would explode my bowels in my pants. I looked at the pile I had done and vowed to never let myself get into such a fix ever again. I left the woods fe! eling so much better. I saw the trucker checking the tires of his rig and returned the roll of White Cloud to him. I thanked him and explained my ordeal. He told me he stopped at that spot regularly to relieve himself stating he enjoyed shitting under the blue sky in the midst of nature. I can only say it was quite an experience like no other I have had in my life. The trucker went back into the woods. I wondered if he was going to look at the pile I had left behind. Who knows? Has anyone ever had anything like this happen? I have just discovered this forum and will share more stories later.

Have you ever wondered how you got to be turned on by pee or poop? I believe we are all a sum of our experiences. Here's my story: When I was a young boy of about 5 or 6, my friends had this game of "Showing Butts" where we would take turns dropping our pants, bending over, and showing our rears. One of the group always pooped in his pants, Richie. He always did thick, firm poops that seemed quite big. If you were nice to him, he would let you feel it through his pants. I liked to squish it and enjoyed how it felt. He never went outside and I never saw his poop, but it felt good and smelled good too. My family then moved away to a new place. I was supprised one day when one of my new friends told me he had pooped outside. I wanted to see it, so he told me where. It was in a field and was a huge fat brown log. He was a skinny kid, so I was amazed at the size of his poop. I had never thought about going outside, so I held my poop for 3 days and then pooped in the field myself. I enjoyed looking at my poop and smelling it. It was differnt to see it 'for real' and not under water. I was about 8 when I started this and have done it many times over the years. Being a young boy, I got a few of my friends to poop outside and one even let me watch it come out. I was feeling my first turn ons from this. We moved again and by this time, I was turning my attentions to girls. It was quite some time before I saw a girls poop, I was afraid to ask for fear that they would be discusted and then tell everyone about it. You know how things can be when you're in highschool and then college. I always loved to pay attention to a girls anus when we had sex, but I had to be careful, again due to fear. Finally, I met a girl who let me see her poop. She aggreed not to flush one day. I was really turned on by this. She let me see her poop many times, but we then broke up. Shortly after this, I found groups on the internet like this one and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE FOUND THAT I WAS NOT ALONE!!!! I had always thought that I was the only guy who was turned on by a girls poop. What a relief! I only whish I had a friend or two - male or female - who shared these feelings. It would be cool to discuss things like "Wonder what her last poop looked like?" and so forth. Well, anyway, that's basicly my evolution to my current state. I am a normal guy with a good job and a degree, but when I see a cute girl at the beach, I am wondering "What does her anus look like and when did she poop last?" "Wonder if she enjoyed it?" I never know, but it looks like quite a few of us enjoy it quite a bit! That's my story, let's hear some of your stories now! Cheers and have a great weekend! :>)

To Teenaged Girl : I think you felt so afraid this time because you felt you had lost, and there was no choice...In the past, you might have had control...or at least some choice as to where you would pee...this time you had little or no control... You had to poo as well, so this triggered your brains even more of just started feeling a little helpless, and you began to blame yourself...triggered yourself...tunnel vision... it all adds to your emotions of course... Off the record : this event will stick in your mind, I'm's all a matter of having or lacking control...

Friday, August 20, 1999

(I tried to post this the other day, but I lost my connection just as I clicked on submit, so maybe it did not make it) Thom - You mentioned buddy dumping over the phone. That reminded me of something similar I experienced several years ago. I shared an office with a guy. Every morning, around 9:00 a.m., he would grab his newspaper and go to the restroom. About 30 minutes later, he would return and announce, "successful," or "unsuccessful." Usually, it was "unsuccessful." Anyway, he would then proceed to describe, in detail, the grunts he heard from the guys in the other stalls, who they were (he could tell by their shoes), wiping habits, smells, etc. Being very shy, especially about my fascination with such things, I pretended to be disinterested. My friend was very perceptive and figured out that I actually enjoyed listening to his stories. Over the year we worked together, this continued (a lot of interesting stories, but I'll save those for other posts). Eventually, I received a promotion and moved out of that building. I did not see my friend much more after that. However, once! in while, I would come home to find a message on my answering machine of nothing but several minutes of grunting, huffing and puffing, farting, and flushing sounds. I could tell by the sound of the grunting that it was my friend. I think some of it was overacting, but most of it appeared to be the real thing. He never said a word - he would just flush and hang up. I wish I had kept those tapes, but I reset the answering machine and taped over them. I really enjoy this forum and look forward to reading the new posts each day. Thanks everyone!

hey does anyone remember what page has the post by some guy telling a story about one of his female friends who was in boot camp and had to poop in a stall-less bathroom in front of a buch of other people?

Teenaged Girl
Up until about 2 weeks ago, I hadn't had an accident since I was a kid. I have now had 3 in two weeks. (the first is on a most recent post page) Today I was at the mall and felt the need to pee but for some reason ignored it. By the time I was done shopping and got back to my car, I had to go bad. (All the water I had drank to keep healthy during this hot weather might not have helped either). I was determined to make it home but after about 5 minutes of the 30 minute ride I knew I wouldn't. I began to look for a place but couldn't find anything and I wasn't comfortable with stopping to go by a tree on the side of the rode in pure day light. I came to a shopping center that only had a florist and a dry cleaner and surely I couldn't ask to use their bathroom. By now I knew it was too late so I reached in the back seat and pulled up some towels which had been back there from a trip to the lake a few days before. I put about 5 towels on my seat and just then I got that pain that ! you have to pee so bad you want to cry. So I took a deep breath and let go. It felt so good to let it out. After I was done, I started driving again, I was still shaken up from having just peed myself. After about another 5 minutes, I had to go again. And a few minutes later I was very desparate. I came to a park and started frantically looking for a bathroom. When I pulled in front of one, I ran out and grabbed the door but the damn thing was locked. I figured I was already soaked, more pee wouldn't matter so I spread my legs and let my pee flood the concrete beneath me. Thank goodness no one was around. When I got back in my car, I got nervous when I thought of having to go home and face my mom looking like this. I thought I would get in so much trouble for being 17 and having wet my pants. The thought of my mom grounding me or something worse made my stomach hurt from nerves and now I felt the urgent need to go #2. It all hit so fast I didn't know what to do and I started c! rying. I could never go home if I did #2 in my pants but I didn't know what I was going to do because the bathroom was locked. I got out of my car and headed for some bushes. I had no other choice. I could not go home with poo in my pants. So I made sure no one was around and pulled down my soaking wet shorts and underwear and squatted and pooed right there. That was my first outdoor poo. I was shaking from crying and being so nervous. It wasn't a big poo but after one log came out I still felt more and when I pushed it out more pee splashed out too. I wiped with some leaves and pulled my shorts back up and went back to my car. And when I got home, my mom actually felt sympathy for me not making it to a toilet in time. She wasn't mad at all. What I find really strange is when I pooed behind the bushes, I was so nervous I was shaking. I was really afraid someone would catch me. I have peed outdoors in many situations and have never been that frightened. I have peed outdoors wit! h no cover whatsoever and still wasn't afraid. Anyone think they know why I was like that? I'm so glad I found this site. I have some people to share these embarassing situations with and you all understand. Thanks.

To Steph. Steph, Hi, it's nice to hear from you again. Looks to me like "I really need to take a s**t" was something of an understatement. Three of your poops added up to 18 inches, so even if the other five were only 2 inches each, that gives you almost 30 inches. Steph - you must have been building up for days and days. Oh my goodness! can you just imaging if you hadn't been able to get to a bathroom. And again thanks for the sentiment on Melanie. Yes, she has managed to go to the bathroom a few times now with no need for suppositories so she seems to be getting better. I have cut back on the fruit and fiber and my poops have returned to a much more satisfying long and firm. Even so the diet thing was quite an adventure, but you know what really made it worthwhile? - I was able to pass it right along to Melanie and for her it is still working wonders. Love you Steph (Sis) - Melissa.

To Mark B. Mark, you have obviously given some though t to the affect your parent's corporal punishment may have had on your fetish and you make the excellent point that parents should not be blamed for every fetish a child may develop. If I really dig into the psychology, I'm sure I could conclude that my type A personality is the root cause of my attitudes and behavior regarding the toilet. However, be that as it may I still believe my mother's overbearing behavior was the other part of the mix which resulted in the physical and psychological conditioning of both my sister and me. So parental attitude is still a real problem for many of us and in many cases parents must take responsibility. I'm also glad you do not condone parental violence. Love Melissa.

To Cammy. Yes I know everyone takes pain differently, I'm sure some even enjoy it. My experience certainly taught me a lesson because it was excruciating and reduced me to tears. That was excellent advice you gave Linda and I would second that. Push very very gently, then relax then push just a little harder and relax again, and so on and so on until it comes out. If I need to push, that is how I do it. Great to hear from you again - all my love Melissa

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been away in North Carolina visiting my grandparents. I had to catch up on reading posts. You have been talking about moist wipes. Well my grandparents use them (brand called Wet Ones I think). When I went in to use their bathroom the trash can was sitting right next to the toilet. It was filled completely with used wipes. I could see the skidmarks on them but the smell was pretty nasty.

Also while there my mother, sister, and I were pretty open about going to the bathroom. Many times one of us would be on the toilet doing either and the others would be fixing hair, brushing teeth etc. Only once did my mother tell my sister to get out. We were getting ready to go down to the beach. I was brushing my teeth and mom was on the toilet ploping away. My sister came in and was talking insessently about unimportant things and my mom told her to get out. Eventually she did.

We made a trip to South Carolina/Georgia to see my Mom's relatives. My great aunt was in the Hospital in Augusta. She had, had surgery and did not poo for 7 days and during that time her ureters were blocked and she didn't pee for 3 days. To top that off she has liver trouble with fluid build-up all together making her look about 7 months pregnant. I think she's getting better now.

Question- Is it just me or does it seem that a lot older women take a really, really, long time to go to the bathroom? Even just to pee? Cause my grandma goes into the bathroom at a restaurant my sister and i had to wait a minute to get a stall. I went in. I came out. My sister went in. She came out. My mother went in and came out and we still have to wait for my grandma she was not doing a poo believe me i would have heard and she takes a real long time every time like that. One other time at a restaurant my sister and I went to the bathroom thinking for a quick pee before we left. There was one group of people in there an old lady a middle aged one and a girl younger than me. We waited and waited while the two older people were in there it took like 5 to 7 minutes for them ot come out. There were no signs of either of them pooing. I don't; mean to be offensive if you are an old person who takes a long time but why? Sorry for the long post! Kara

I was visiting a seior girls school recently and had cause to use the pupils toilet. On the wall of the cubicle I was in, someone had written the old poem "Here I sit broken hearted, paid a penny and only farted." Someone else had added "but yesterday I took a chance, saved my penny but shit may pants." I wonder if she did!

A British newspaper yesterday published some of the things that English school students wrote in exam questions. Some of them were quite toilet-oriented, albeit accidentally: History: Luther created a sensation when he pinned his 95 feces on the church door in Wittenberg. English: Wordsworth's poetry reflects the call of Nature. Science: Trees afford good protection to buildings. A single tree can break wind for 200 yards....

Adam from Canada
I took a poop a work yesterday. I got off early and I was walking back to the change rooms. I work at a theme park in Toronto (Paramount Canada's Wonderland). Has anyone heard of it? On with my story.....As I got towards the change rooms, I had this urge to take a poop. I got back to find that the restrooms had a strong poop smell. I also noticed that there was lots of traffic going in and out. I got to the restrooms and as someone was coming out of the stall, I went into the one they just came out of. I sat down and the seat of the can had a warm sensation. I guess that person was on for a long time. I started to push and my poop came out in a hard 5 inch log. I have been eating lots of fiber and don't understand why it was so hard. As I was pooping, another guy went into the next stall and started to poop. He let out 3 ploops and that was it. This will be an experiance that I won't forget. I don't poop often at work, but there is always something going on in the cans.

Dad>> Yes, I too, have done that, but only once--zipped my jeans up only to catch the head of my penis in the zipper!!! OUCH!!! Shortly after that experience, I started wearing Levi 501's since a guy can't do that with a button fly...As for the Ex-Lax story, it reminds me of some friends of the family who had some young children. One night they had been invited over to some other friends house, and while there, the kids disappeared into the bathroom. Things got quiet, so their mother went to see what they were doing. When she got to the bathroom, she found an open box of chocolate Ex-Lax that was empty. She asked the kids who ate it, none of them told her they had, so she reminded them what they learned in Sunday School, a Bible verse that said, "...Be sure your sin will find you out!". The next day, all 3 of the children came down with the "runs"...


I've been reading these posts for quite some time now, and I really enjoy them. I finally decided that I might be able to add a unique perspective to the peeing and pooping stories, so I'm going to start posting.

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 19 year old female from Oklahoma who has always been interested in bathroom activities, but mainly pooping. I grew up on a farm, and went to school in a small community. I am now going to school at a community college about three hours away from my home town, and I live in a dorm. My room mate and I discovered this website last semester, and we both got a big kick out of it. She knows that I'm posting, and all she said was "go ahead, but please, just don't use my name in any of your stories." I assured her that I wouldn't.

Let me start by saying that growing up on a farm is usually a bit different from growing up in the city when it comes to bathroom stuff. Of course we had indoor plumbing, but when you spend as much time outside as we did, you're inevitably going to have to relieve yourself a la natural once in a while. My two older brothers and I never had a problem peeing outside, but we never watched each other. (You've got to remember, this is the Bible Belt, and seeing someone else exposed was considered immoral.) As it was, whenever we needed to pee, we'd just find a tree or a building and go behind it to do our thing. We all prefered to do number 2 indoors, but alas, on a a few occasions we just had to improvise.

I clearly remember the first time that I pooped outdoors. I was about 8 years old, and I had finally convinced my dad to let me go fishing with him and my brothers. We had an old stock pit in one of our pastures, but it was about two miles from home, and we had to take the pickup to get there. As luck would have it, after being there only about 15 minutes, I suddenly needed to take a dump. At first I thought I might be able to hold it till we got back to the house, but after about another 15 minutes, I knew there wouldn't be any way.

My dad was fishing on the opposite side of the pond from me and my brothers, and I was glad, because I didn't want my brothers to know what was going on. I put down my fishing pole and walked around to the other side.
"Daddy," I said quietly, "I have to go to the bathroom." I had thought about asking him if he could take me back to the house, but since my brothers hadn't been too keen on the idea of their little sister coming along in the first place, I knew they'd make a big deal of it if he had to take me back.
"Can you just go behind those willow trees over there?" he asked me.
"I need some toilet paper," I said, looking down at the ground rather embarrassed.
"Do you have to do a BM, sweetie?"
I just nodded.
"Just use some of the dry grass," he said. "It works pretty good."

"Okay," I said, and started walking over to where the willows were the thickest. When I got there, I undid the snaps on my bright yellow overalls, and pulled them and my panties down just far enough to get the job done. When I squatted, the dry grass tickled my butt, and I thought to myself that this really wasn't all too bad.

Since I had to go so bad, there was no need for farting or straining, and the poop just slid out in one big long piece. I was really nervous and embarrassed, and I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that no one was coming my way. After the pooping was done, I peed a little bit, and by this time I could detect the faint, earthy smell of my elimination mingling with the pungent aromas of the native grasses and wild flowers. I took my dad's advice and pulled up a handful of some dry little bluestem grass, and I must admit, it worked pretty well.

When I was done, I quickly pulled up my clothing and fastened the snaps. As I was walking back to my rod and reel, I remember distinctly hoping that neither of my brothers decided to go to that area where they might accidentally find my pile. At the time, they were 12 and 13, and they would have teased me mercilessly. They never did, though, and to this day, I don't think they know exactly what happened.

Well, I'll write more later. Take care, y'all.

"Dad": Another great story from you - thanks! I also found your previous posting of the ground service mishap of the airplane toilet holding tanks amusing. :-) To everyone: Please share any interesting or unusual pee/poop experiences you have had using toilets in boats, airplanes, cruise ships, coach buses, etc. Thanks! Greg. [I'll try to share some I have too!]

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Well another school year has begun. I was cleaning the girls restroom after school when two girls entered to go to the toilet. The floor was wet so I asked if they could use the boys restroom. They smiled and said 'yeah' and went into the boys. I locked the girls room and went with them to the boys. They went up to the urinals just to look at them and said: "They never flush!" They proceeded to flush the urinals, watching the water run and rinse out the urine at the bottom. They they went into stalls and sat down. I listened to them tinkle and chat and to my surprise they started to move their bowels. They never mind that I'm in there cleaning and aren't shy at all. I was wiping the urinals while they crapped. They started to talk to me as they sat on the toilets. "Do you like cleaning bathrooms?" one of them asked. I said that most people don't like to, but I like to take care of them for the kids. "Well, thanks for taking care of our bathrooms" she replied. Th! ey were in school for some kind of activity and had plenty of time before leaving. I do take care good care of their bathrooms and going to the bathroom is an important part of their school day. We are lucky we don't have a lot of vandalism or bad behavior in the bathrooms. The girls finished wiping themselves and came out to wash their hands. They even like the smell of the soap. They smiled and said "See ya!" and ran out giggling.

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