Christine (this is the censored version!)
Christine. For "First Time Poster". and "Moonbeam." I'm now 18, but I have kept this experience inside my head since I was 16 and a half, not telling another soul or even writing any of the details down, So here goes. When I was in my second last year at school, we, all the girls that is, went on a spring camp and stayed in a village that was deep in the middle of a forest that stretched across the top of our state. It was actually a pine plantation that had been planted 50 years ago and the entire forest was enormous, probably about 40 miles by 50 miles, with a village smack-bang in the center. It's a quant little timber village that the Forest Authority stayed in, but is now deserted, and turned into an exclusive holiday camp. Anyway, our class stayed there for one week over the spring holidays. They make us wear our school uniform all the time too. The place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, the pine needles form a brown mattress on the ground and when you walk between the thick trees your feet sink down, it's like walking on a mattress. One day I and 10 other girls and two teachers, went for a walk in the morning at about 8am. It was supposed to be a nature walk, and took us along some grassy tracks amongst the trees for about 10 miles. Before we left, I thought I wanted to go to the toilet and do a poop, but everyone was rushing around so much, I didn't want to hold them up, so I ignored it. I shouldn't have, or maybe I should.... After about half and hour into the walk, the feeling came back and I felt that I couldn't hold on anymore, but there was nowhere to go, I sat down on a log and put my backpack on the ground, and told the other girls to go on, but they just wanted to stay and talk about boys. I was starting to feel cramps in the stomach. I sat for as long as I could, and pretended that nothing was wrong, but eventually I couldn't stand it any more so I told the girls that I was going up ahead and would catch up with the others - hoping that they wouldn't follow. And to my relief they didn't, so I walked down the track where the others had been, and then when I was out of sight I quickly headed into the thicker part of the forest. Our school uniform is black and dark green, so, I thought at least would be camouflaged amongst the trees. I ran across the pine needles for as far as I could, every step made me want to go even more. It was almost unbearable, I thought, I was going to poop in my pants. I was even holding my cheeks together to try and stop it. I had a panicky feeling that I wouldn't make it, because the pain was almost unbearable. I had to stop, but I was sure I wasn't far enough away yet, and the backpack was making me really tired. Then something strange happened. The pain stopped, and it was replaced with just a very full feeling inside my back passage, I stopped running to catch my breath. It had been like a wave of pain, but I knew that it would return and stronger! I put the backpack on the ground next to a small oasis of white sand, put a glove on, and quickly dug a shallow hole in the sand. A ray of light shone onto the sand from above. I quickly hitched my skirt up. But it kept falling down, so I thought I'm going to have to take it off completely. So I stood up, unzipped my skirt and put it neatly next to the bag, then I thought I'm not going to be able to squat with thick stocking around my knees, although I had to be quick, because the full feeling was starting to become another wave of pain. So I quickly took my shoes, stockings and pants off, and neatly stacked them - good private school style. I tucked my shirt up under my jumper so it wouldn't hang down, and squatted, and positioned myself over the hole, wrapping my arms around my legs to keep my balance. Just then the second wave struck and I let go and relaxed my ring completely. At first I thought nothing was happening, BUT THEN THEY CAME, landing in the sand one by one, a little farting like a phut, phut, it was like it was going on forever, crackle, pop, I could feel the poops sliding down my pack passage and out of my hole, it was so distinct and so wonderful to feel my white bottom exposed to the air after the stuffy school, bare feet on the cool sand - bogging like an animal, I got goose bumps all over my skin. And relief from the pain! I looked between my legs into the hole in the sand and noticed the poops where about six or seven inches long and thicker than I ever thought was possible, must have been one and a half inches. And they were light brown, then I remembered all the porridge that we had been eating on the camp. But it was such an exhilarating and cleansing feeling squatting like that, I was holding nothing back, poops and farts and all! Completely and utterly emptying myself - like it was meant to be. I had a leak as well, altogether, it was great. I shuffled in the sand and spread my legs a bit more because I didn't want to smudge the poops and then let go one of the most breathtaking fart that I have ever done in my life. It was like there was a balloon inside me that had burst, if was so cleansing-pure air. I was sure the others would be able to hear it. Then the poops started again. I must have backed up for the entire week, then it stopped. My ring was so hot, after, no not really hot-warm. As I squatted on the sand I suddenly thought about the others, and quickly looked up and through the trees but no one was there, it was so exciting and scarey and naughty all at once. I just stayed there for about five minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet, the perfect weather as I opened and closed my ring, hoping for more poops, but nothing else came. I had emptied myself completely. It was only then that I thought, what I was going to wipe myself with? Then I remembered the little box of tissues in my bag, so I leant over without moving my feet, pulled the bag over, took out the tissues, made a wad of paper, leant behind and wiped my hole, but what a shock! My lips were swollen and protruding so much, that I thought there was something wrong with me. So I wiped them right around and even inside. I got more tissues and utterly cleaned myself before I got up. I stood up and found my legs were a bit sore from the squatting. I stood on the pine needle blanket and took a deep breath, it was so exhilarating standing between the trees on a beautiful warmish spring morning, naked from the waist down, and OUT of the stuffy school and OUT of the school uniform, it was so arousing too. I stood on the ground and stretched my arms in the air, took a deep breath and let it out, I felt so vulnerable, relaxed and naughty at the same time. Then I thought, if ever I'm going to be seen, it was now. Although I'm only 5'1" I've got white redhead skin but with no freckles - thank goodness, so I would have stood out like a beacon in the dark forest, with a ray of sunlight shining on me from above. I stood there for about five minutes just closing my eyes and breathing in the forest scents. Then I put on the glove, covered the hole, and put all my clothes back on - back in the straightjacket! I straightened all my clothes, so no one could guess what I have done, put my backpack over my shoulders and walked off to join the others. Next day I got up early and went off by myself into the forest. I felt guilty that whole week at the village, thinking that someone had seen me but weren't saying, but by the end of the holiday I realized they hadn't. But that day is something I will never forget.

Hi guys! Melissa, I'm 5'7" with shoulder-length dark brown ("naturally curly," as one of Charlie Brown's friends is apt to say) hair and medium brown eyes. We could be sisters! I'm happy to read that you and your sister are pooping normally; you are wise to cut back on the pineapples. Yesterday, I took one of the most satisfying dumps for a while. Alex, Eric and I went to New York [about a 1 hour train ride away] for a day trip. By the time we got back to Grand Central, I felt a mild urge to go, but I didn't had to go badly enough to use one of the bathrooms there. The urge increased as we got closer to our stop. I finally got home and by then I really needed to go! Alex and Eric were still with me and they came in to hang out. The first couple of logs made a "crackling" sound as they came out and then the next three or four [as I said, I really needed to take a s**t] quietly slivered out. I was finished and got up and the three of us marveled at what I just released. There were eight poopies (as Torie calls them) of various sizes; a couple of them were only three inches long but the longest was nearly a foot. I flushed the toilet and then, after wiping my vagina [I also had to pee pretty badly, as well; it was surprisingly clear], I wiped my butt! six times. Flushed again and then vigorously washed my hands. Peace and love to everyone, Steph

Mark B
Reading other people’s posts, I have been wondering why I find the idea of other guys doing it in their pants (slightly) more exciting than wanting to watch them do it on the toilet, or outside. Perhaps it’s to do with childhood, although I am not really bothered about ‘explanations’. I have an early memory from primary school (that’s a long time ago – I must have been about 5 or 6) of another boy having a major ‘poo event’ in his shorts and on the floor. I was fascinated , or amazed, or horrified, or turned on… I don’t know which of these feelings it was, but it stuck in my mind. The teacher took him to the school nurse to clean up and a few minutes later the nurse came into the classroom and opened a chest. It turned out that it contained spare second-hand trousers for kids who had pooed themselves. After that whenever the nurse came into the classroom and rummaged in this trunk I knew what had happened, and I used to look out on the way home for boys who were wearing old t! rousers because they had pooed their pants. So I was obviously already fascinated by this subject at that age. At about age 7, one day I did a big poo in the toilet at home and it wouldn’t flush. For some reason I lifted it out the toilet with the brush and left it hidden in a corner of the bathroom. I don’t know whether I was being ‘exhibitionist’ or, like a lot of kids, just being naughty in order to annoy my parents. They were very annoyed and my father thrashed me on the back of the legs with a cane. He very, very, rarely punished me in this way, and it was painful and traumatic, so I always remembered that incident. Not long after that when I left things a bit late and had more than skidmarks in my underpants, I washed them with soap in the hand basin and put them on again wet, so that my parents would never find out, because I was afraid of being thrashed again. However I would argue with anyone who said that this beating represented an over-restrictive attitude to poo by my parents, which than gave me a fetish, because I am sure my fascination with poo arose really early in lif! e, certainly before these incidents. I think it’s fairly natural and commonplace. I think that being beaten was an result of my fascination, rather than a cause. And this is interesting because some of the posts on this site discuss parents’ attitudes to their children’s toilet habits, and how restrictive parents should be, or not. (I don’t, by the way, condone violent punishments against children. When I was a young child evidently parents could still get away with smacking and beating children. Nowadays it is frowned upon). Mark B (UK)

Great story Christine, i wish i could have been in the bushes secretly watching something as great as your experiance. Have you pooped outside since then? It sounds like the experiance turned you on, do you think about it when you please yourself? I would love to hear more memories from other women who have pooped or peed outside..

what is the bathroom scene from the movie American Pie? I keep hearing reference to it here. Can anyone please describe it?

Hi all, great to hear all those school stories. I have a couple, too. When I first went to college I didn't take a dump for two weeks- I guess my body was having difficulty adjusting to dorm food. I got pretty concerned about it, and ended up going to the drug store and purchasing some Ex-lax. The directions said to take it at night, and your bowels would move the next morning. Well, morning came, but no poop. So, I scarfed down a double-dose of the Ex-lax and went to class. At lunchtime I returned to the dorm and started up the stairs to the cafeteria. All of a sudden, I realized that if I took ONE MORE STEP, my bowels would let go uncontrollably. Frantically, I bolted down the stairs and around the corner to the mens' room. I barely had my pants down when my butt literally exploded, and two weeks of pent-up shit sprayed into the toilet. The entire area from the water line to the rim was brown. It was amazing- never again have I had such a bowel movement (of course I have nev! er eaten a box of Ex-lax again, either!). When I was in first or second grade I went into the boys' room to pee. The rest room had a row of the type of urinals that reach all the way to the floor. I did my business, then zipped up my pants- oops! I zipped my penis instead! My unit was hopelessly caught in the zipper, and the only way I was going to get it out was to unzip my fly. Despite the pain, I yanked on the zipper and got myself free. Ow! I still cringe when I think about that experience. Thanks to all the posters, your stories are quite interesting! Dad

Melissa- don't feel too bad. I know people have different concepts of pain, but it does feel really good to evecuate it. I've done this plenty of times as a kid. But I agree - it's a lot better to let it out on its own. Wish it worked that way for me. Oh well. Linda- be a little gentle at first, then GRADUALLY push harder. Little push, little bigger push, and so on. Hope things eventually worked out for you. Saw "Psycho" with Kim the other night. It was pretty cool. Well, take care, everyone!

Mr. J: Your are right. Having to take a monster dump at her house on a first date was probably the best thing that could have happended to you. I am sure it saved you a lot of future heartache. I would not give it another thought.

Do any girls have any stories about using a public bathroom that didn't have doors on the stalls?Let me know,ok?? Peace..Mikey

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Wow I'm popular again..last time I was this popular was last year..anyway okay then off to's more like 5 days today. I felt the urge today when i woke up and rushed to the potty almost knocking down my cousin who was brushing his teeth. I sat down as soon as mu pampies were down enough for my tushie to be exposed.I peed nicely with my head in my hands then I tried to poop. OW!!!! All i felt was my poop hole sting and hurt bad. I yelped and with that whatever came out went back in. I was scared so i fought it till the feeling went away. My ???? cramped to get back at me. Sigh So I'm home from school today trying to poop. Hopfully I can before my aunt gets home. Sigh anyway can i ask a question Althea? You wear paies under your bloomers? I thought that maybe you girls just wore them as you undies. Okay again for the millionth time..I must say this every few posts but I'm a sweet girl so I'll say it again. No pampies are what i call panties. Ever since I was small and wore them..I couldn't say them right so what i said sounded like was so cute it stuck. Yes I know about the pampies you're talking about Droozer believe me sometimes I DO wish i had pampers on. My cousin's girlfriend asked me the same thing. Sigh. Guys help me guys know what i mean when i say Pampies right? Or should I just say undies form now on. Anywa poor Melissa.. one time you don't hold it back and it gets you. I'm really sorry. Toledo..that's a good question..I asked my cousin who is the resident pokemon master (He's dying to get his hands on Pokemon gold and silver which is where Togepi comes out] He said he checked his pics. books and toys and togepi had no tail sticking out of his how it poops is beyond him or me. He did kid that maybe it has a trap door int he back and when nature calls it sneaks off to find a bush. Hee hee. Scooter..when pop comes a knocking which is strange cause I do say eeek the poops knocking at the door wh! en I have to go bad, I hold it in. But if it starts BREAKING down the door then I run as best i can to my throne room. Hee hee. yeah i consider myself a princess but then again show me a little girl that doesn't. Reya wow cool you must be an expert even wear them under your pants?! Barve girl. Yeah some girls do do that..start undressing before they even get to the bathroom door since the hall is pretty deerted but I wouldn't dare I mean i usually see these girls do this and see they papies or worse. Anyway. thnaks.Tawana you are 9 1/2 years older that me. Glad to see you make it with no sometimes I have to hold it in. in my kinder classes I got used to holding it cause our bathroom was a closet like room IN THE CLASSROOM!!! So everyone heard everything. If you guys read the old posts starting from around I guess 110 to the restent you'll find my poor stories. Anyway Althea can you tell me about a time when you had to go hardcore and actaully did lift yo! u skirt in the hall? Tawana can you tell me of a time when you had to poop? I thnak you girls for trying to help me out..maybe I can learn from you girls. Well thanks everyone I'm off to sit on the potty and try again. Wish me luck. I did sneak a stool softener pill from my cosins medicine cabinate..hope it works. XOXO Linda

Moonbeam, of course I pee in the shower, Id be a bloody idiot to get out all wet and soapy! As you say, it all goes the same way and from a disease free person urine is clear of bacteria. Its no big deal for a girl to pee in a shower as if you do spray your legs the shower will wash it off.

First time poster, what gender are you?If you are female then you will be squatting whatever you are doing,wee wee or motion, if male then squat and do it. Make sure your trousers and underpants are clear so you dont pee or drop your poo into them. As you havent done a poo outside before I suggest you find a bush or the likes both to give you some privacy if that's what you want, and something to hold onto as you do your motion so you dont lose your balance and fall into the shit. Also dont forget to take some toilet paper to wipe yourself. If you do a nice big solid turd be a sport and leave it for others to admire. By the way, dont defecate near sources of drinking water or anywhere it could be a nuisance to others by the smell or by attracting flies, be a considerate crapper!

Althea. I assume youve learned your lesson about Dulcolax. as I have said before, so called "gentle" laxatives are anything but! A school friend of mine when I was about 16 once took some laxatives when she was constipated against my advice telling me that the packet said "A gentle relief" I think she expected to pass a slightly softer motion the following morning, and indeed the first stool she passed after breakfast was soft but formed. What she didnt expect was the repeated action of the laxatives and the fact that the next motion was a lot of watery diarrhea and she very heavily soiled her knickers when she farted but followed thru. Unless it is a medical necessity I always say give laxatives a miss. If need be use Glycerine, NOT DULCOLAX, suppositories of you have a very hard stool and cant pass it, otherwise Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil) is a good lubricant, and leaves the motions nice and solid and formed, just makes them slide out easier. Its the only one I ever use if! Im really bunged up. It does however have the tendency to leak through the anal sphincter and can thus soil the panties with a brown stain like a wet fart. If I ever take Liquid Parafin I wear dark knickers that day and a pleated skirt not jeans or trousers.

This ties in with the query from Scooter. While I CAN hold it in if need be, I tend to do a motion as soon as practical when I feel the need. When there is a big log over a foot long pressing down its not that easy to hold it in for too long. Besides, I take part in a lot of sports and as a Coach at a Sport and Leisure Centre I am often indulging in the type of activities when require bending, stretching etc, and that's not the best of times to have a big fat 12 inch jobbie wanting to get out of your back passage. Im sure my customers would be impressed to see a big bulge forming in the seat of my knickers! I have had a few accidents while playing sports as I have posted and one recently when I was working out in my home gym. By the way, if you are constipated and use Liquid Parafin, dont try to hold it in when you feel it come down as it might slide out of your bum. This happened to me as a teenager when I was bunged up and took some. Next day coming home from school I felt the need but put off going then as I was walking home. I felt this lump start to push out of my arse into the seat of my knickers. I passed 3 big balls in my underpants. Luckily my Mum was very decent about it, just told me to go and get showered and changed and put my knicks in the washing machine after I had emptied them into the pan and the solid lumps hadn't made too much mess although the Liquid Parafin did make some stains and as bad luck had it I was wearing a pair of white cotton briefs that day.

By the way, although I have had the odd accident in my panties from time to time, it only happens once in a blue moon, I dont make a habit of shitting my knickers, I prefer to do it the normal way as described by Kelly, passing a nice big fat jobbie into the toilet pan with a good loud "KUR-SPLOONK!". I only mention accidents because some readers seem to be into this aspect and to make those who do have them less ashamed as these things can happen to the best of us.

Paul, re: "having the shit scared out of you", that hasn't happened to me but I did wet myself after being hit by a car. Fortunately I made a full recovery.

LINE (the ignored)
Since none of you like me or even acknowledge my existence I am leaving The Toilet. Au revoir! -LINE :(

Some Guy
Althea- 4 days is nothing, one time (at camp) I held it in for a week! (You should have seen the toilets!) But I don't think I can do that anymore. Moonbeam- I go in the shower, but aim down, so the pee is washed away.

CancerChild (julian *female*)
UPDATE ON MY CANCER: No chemo until November. Constipation problems will be treated. My hair will be allowed to grow back until November. I'll be back in CancerCamp next summer. Doctor's appt. next friday. Medication cuntinues.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Althea: When I was a high school sophomore, a boy named Mitchell befriended me. He was a year older junior. We were close because I had no brothers and sisters and he the only boy in a house of girls from elementary school to adult age. We went through a lot together, the failed math classes, summer school and mischief. We used to study at each other's house or in the library. We knew the ins and outs of the school. We had keys to every room in the place. One afternoon, I had to rest my bowels. I would have done so at school, only there was citywide shortage of toilet paper in the school system. I would use the toilet at Mitchell's house. His sisters were not home. Mitchell showed me the bathroom. I let him in the bathroom with me. We were daring kids. He would always let me in the bathroom in an unused boys or girls school bathroom while he had a bowel movement. Sometimes, I would use an boys toilet in the unused portion of the school. It was strange to sit on the toilet without a! door. I lifted my red plaid dress, turquoise slip and slipped down my Bestform turquoise nylon bikini panties to my knees. This bowel movement felt good. 40 inches broke in 8 pieces of 5 inches. Dark brown. No farts or piss. The plops were loud and juicy. I felt like a princess with my legs spread and I was looking at my young unbroken pussy. I felt a tingling sensation but, did not know what it was. But, I was developing. There was a thin amount of pubic hairs on my pussy When I looked for paper, there was none. Mitchell looked in the linen closet. There was none in the house. But, he found a note from his biggest sis. She went to the store buy some. I had to reach in my book bag and take out facial tissue. Since then, I always keep bunches or a roll in my bag at all times. When I wiped and stood up to adjust my clothes, Mitchell saw my doo-doo in the toilet and was amazed how easy I made.

First Time Poster
My friend is a frequent visitor to this site and she just got me into it. I am 15 years old and getting ready to go on my first camping trip with some friends. I have never had to relieve myself outdoors. Can anybody give me some tips or share an experience so I know what to do? I don't know if I squat or what I'm supposed to do. Please help! Thanks!!

I have a question. For the whole world.When you are in the shower and all latherd up do you get out of the shower when you have to pee? Since it all goes to the same place anyway? Also some women have learned to pee standing using this method. How many women here can do that? And really like it?

Linda: 4 days withoout a bowel movement is murder and sickening. When I was in college, I was constipated for 2 days. I felt sick over it. I went to the doctor and he gave me Dulcolax tablets. Those little suckers are powerful. It was September, only few days into class. I took them expecting a normal motion. It did not happen that way. On the bus, I felt severe cramps. I asked the driver to let me off telling him I was sick. I ducked into a nearby high school and blended in with the kids and into the girls bathroom. I dropped my books, then my blue jeans and yellow panties. My stomach exploded six firm brown logs and brown muddy water. They weere 8 inches long, 2 inches wide. What a smell. I did not care. The cramps and the water kept coming. My legs quivered as my pants and briefs were at my ankles. A teacher came into ask if I was OK. I told her yes. When my episode subsided, I beat it out of there. First, I wiped. But, I did not flush. When I got to college class late, I s! topped at the P.E. department. I told the cheerleader coach what was happening. When she saw the Dulcolax pills she almost died. She said, "These will do the trick, all right." I then had to go again. Susan let me use her private toilet. More heavy doo-doo logs and water evacuated, with liquid farts. Susan told me to stay in her office and sit on the bowl. There was plenty of toilet paper. I sat on the bowl, letting all run out. I had not experienced anything like this since my elementary school stomach virus days or an enema. Later that afternoon, there was a meet. So I put on my uniform. Susan told me to sit it out. I did not want to. During one of my moves, I must have jarred something and I had to ditch the line-up. I found a bathroom down the hall. I pulled up my blue jumper and lowered the same yellow briefs under my panty hose and royal blue nylon cheerleader briefs. To my relief, a river of brown water cascaded from my rectum. I breathed heavily and sit limp and bent o! ver. I just wanted it out of me. One of the girls came in and told me Susan sent her. She said Susan filled her in on my problem. I have not used that stuff in years. I was glad to get home and not mess myself. That medicine lasts for days. But, I'll tell you. I appreciated my bowel movements for days to come.

CancerChild (julian *female*)
Thom- My cousin who took the monster dump is 18. He did say that he wasn't feeling good and he even said he wants an enema.

TO Mr. J. in response to how women view taking a number 2 at a man's house or her's. I have had many dates with ladies over the past years where we went back to my place or hers. Most of the time it was my place because I think women feel more comfortable away from their place until they get to know you. I have taken women on the first date to my 1 bed 1 bath condo as well as my new 4 bed, 4 bath house. Usually, a lady will go and check out the facilities within the first half an hr. of arriving at a guy's place. She is not only relieving her self, but she also seeing what type of a man you are, slob or neat, by the appearance of your bathroom. Because I am a very hygenic and detailed, I always keep my place and bathroom clean. Most of the time, the ladies felt quite comfortable using my bathroom but because most of my dates were in the evening, seldom did they have to poop. Maybe the majority of ladies poop in the morning. One woman I was seeing serious for a few years would ! sleep over a lot and I would sleep at her place. She felt quite comfortable leaving the door wide open, even when she pooped. Some mornings, I could hear her in there straining, she would get constipated a lot. I would sometimes come in and rub her ???? and talk calmly to her, telling her that she has to take time out and eat a proper diet. She was always on the run, eating all that fast food you know. I could always tell if something was bothering her because she would close the bathroom door when she went in there. One time she came out, and I said, please talk to me baby. Sure enough, something was really wrong, she told me that her car got stolen. Back to the subject. When I was living in the 1 bath condo, I was very suprised at how relaxed the ladies were and they did not seem at all embarased about doing whatever in my bathroom. some even left the door open! Only once I can remember one lady I brought back to watch the NCAA playoffs, 2 back-to-back games of 4 hrs., and she did not visit the bathroom once! When I moved into my big house, the ladies seem to prefer the large master bedroom bath. I think women like large everything including bathrooms. Again, this is their chance to check out my bedroom, so what, go ahead, I love to show off my interior decorating talents. Because of a recent loss of a loved one, I have not seen to many ladies since I moved into the house. Anyhow dudes, The way to get a honey to want to spend all night at your pad and use your bathroom is to pull out the mop, bucket, bleach, and scrub that bad boy clean! Oh, and don't. forget the flowers and nice dinner.

hey my cousin went to the movies while I was at school and went to go see Detroit Rack City and told me about the toilet scene in the movie. Some boys are hiding from the security office in school in the girl's bathroom. Anyway a cheerleader comes in and they hide. You see her go into the stall and under the dor you see her pull her bloomers to her ankels. At first the peek and see her and you first see her from the side..then you see her from above. My cousin said that too bad for you guys her skirt covers abything. Anyway my cousins said it takes her a while to pee and then..get hear her fart twice and really loud!! My cousins said the boys laughed as did the people wathcing the moive..I wonder if she was doing more than just peeing. Well that's all for the urge to poop came in school today but I fought and won..and hasn't come back. Sigh. I know I'm going to lose this one XOXO Linda

Kelly Hi Guys! I had a GREAT BM just a little while ago. I couldnt go for two days and got so excited when I started to get that warm feeling you get when you can tell you are going to have to go really bad and that it's going to be a good one. I went in and sat down and just relaxed and waited, didnt want to push because it was feeling so good I wanted it to come out slow. The first part was very wide and felt just wonderful...came out very slow and then dropped with a loud plop, and splashed me. After about one more minute the second part started, a very long log, about 12 or 14 inches and about 2 inches wide. Just a little bit softer than the first log, but still pretty firm. It was one of those poops that feel so good you can still feel it an hour later!

To JW - Yes, I hurt myself pushing when I was quite a bit younger. I can't remember how old I was - I think I must have been about 10 or so. Anyway at that time we had a large wooded lot up in New England which was ideal for all kinds of fun. One weekend several of my friends came over and we decided to play hide and seek. About half way through the game I felt the urge to sit on the toilet and went back inside to the bathroom. Being Melissa, and not wanting to be left out of any of the fun I determined that this was going to be a really fast poop with no time wasted. I sat on the toilet and immediately began to push with all my might to try and get my poop out. Unfortunately I must have been constipated and my poop was very wide and very hard and before I knew what was happening I felt a searing pain in my ring as it was stretched way beyond it's normal opening. The pain was so intense it brought tears to my eyes and I remember crying out in pain. Of course I sto! pped pushing but it was too late, my hole was open so wide that although the stabbing pain had gone, it was now replaced by an awful sharp ache. I could do absolutely nothing except wait for my poo to finish coming out while the pain continued. At last it fell away and my ring was able to close again, but even then it hurt so badly that I couldn't move from the toilet for a minute or so. I just sat there with my jeans and panties around my ankles and tears streaming down my face. I think what made it even worse was the surprise of the pain and an actual fear that I had really hurt myself in a big way. In any case after a few minutes the pain and anguish died away and with red watery eyes I ran back out to my friends to continue our game. The point is that ever since that horrible experience I much prefer to let my poop come out all on its own with no help from me. At least if it's going to hurt, which is not very often, I will get a warning and I can deal with it. Occasio! nally I will give just the gentlest of pushes if it stops coming out, which it sometimes does just after the tip has peeked out. Hope that answers your question JW - Love Melissa. Oh, BTW did anyone see Critters II on the SciFi channel this weekend. Melanie had taped it and we both watched it yesterday (Sunday). There is one scene early one where a sweet and sprightly old lady is looking after a class of 5 or 6 year olds in the local day care center. Her grandson peers through the window and hears the teacher say "Now we all know how good fiber is for our diet don't we?". "Lots of fiber makes for a healthy body and a good BM". The children all started laughing. I couldn't believe it. All for now - Melissa.

To Thom: I thought I had posted about American Pie, the bathroom sceene. Im not sure if i had posted about it, If i didn't I was thinking about posting and did'nt do it. I did see American Pie. Today(Sunday) my family goes out to breakfast as usal and I eat(I had a munster cheese omelet) and feel stomach discomfort(The feeling you've got loose stools). So we leave and i go shopping next to the Restaurant and It was so bad i could not hold it so i went back to use the restroom. There are too restrooms in the back and one near carry out/deli. They both have 1 toilet in them with no urinal. I had to go so bad. There were food particals in there(unchewed food). I think it was from the food.

To Sandra...... Your story about doing IT in public while in the ATM line was great !! It was the first time I got really turned on by a "#2" story !!!!! Please continue to wear those loose pleated dresses and tell us your adventures! Wow! BTW....have you ever gotten caught doing that? Thanks!

Linda, do you wear pampies to school? If so, what's it like wearing diapers in school?

Mr J. the attitudes that some Americans seem to have to defecation amazes me and George! On the one hand in some states you have doorless WC Cubicles (stalls) yet I have read both of people risking messing their underpants rather than doing a motion in the toilet at a party and now you talk of some girls not wanting to do a motion in their boyfriends toilet and vice versa. Before I met George I had no problems either way, if I needed a jobbie at a friends I used their toilet and did it. If it was too big to flush away, as often happened, and they were the sort to be displeased at this I would push it over the hiden bend with my hand. Likewsie I was only too pleased if a boyfriend did a nice big solid jobbie in my toilet. Although we Brits prefer to have a door and thus the choice who if any can watch when we do either excretory function, we are not so bothered about non family people using our toilets. Even those not into coprophilia like George and myself thought nothing of neighbours, tradesmen, visitors doing either type of toilet function in their Wc if visiting. Certainly, I would not risk doing it in my knickers because I had to use a strangers toilet.

Question for Linda and Julian *f*: Ever wondered how Togepi (in the egg) would do a poop htrough that eggshell? =o)

Carlos and Thom -- Great to hear from you guys. Carlos, I have owed you the office buddy dumping story for a long time. It happened a little less than a year ago. I went into the mens room on the floor of the office where I work. I wasn't really expecting to be able to go, but my doctor has stressed the importance of sitting regularly to try. I also had a couple of legal briefs I wanted to read without being interrupted. At the same time I walked in and headed to a stall, this young computer programmer we just hired out of college walks in. There are only two stalls, so he headed to the other. He had a couple of computer trade magazines with him. We sort of smiled at each other and mumbled our good mornings. We took seats in the two adjacent stalls. I started reading the briefs and could hear him turning the pages of his magazine. He peed a couple of times but did not have a bowel movement. After about ten munutes, I started trying to push and strain something out. I was tryin! g to be quiet, but he could still hear everything. I wasn't having any luck, so I rested for a while. About 15 minutes into our buddy dump, I heard low moans coming from the other stall, followed by soft, urgent grunting. Finally I heard him grunt forcefully, followed by the sound of a short staccato fart and a small cannonball being forcefully ejected into the water. From the sound of it, it was quite small. He let out a big sigh of relief and resumed turning the pages of the magazine. After a few minutes, I tried to poop again and started grunting and pushing. I tried for a couple of minutes, but could not go. While I was resting, he started the low moaning again. After a few minutes of this, he was able to grunt out another small cannonball. The poor guy was badly constipated. After another 10 minutes of page turning, he forced out one more cannonball in a repeat performance. He took a long piss and then started to wipe. He had been on the toilet for about 40 minutes, but h! ad very little to show for it. Before he left the stall, I asked him how it was going. To my surprise, he said, "Fine." I told him that I was having a hard time going, to which he replied, "That's what it sounded like." I then point blank asked him if he was constipated. He answered, "No, this is the way I always am. It's normal for me." I suggested that a mild laxative might make things easier for him. He told me that he had tried them in college and hated using them. He preferred, like you Carlos, to just grunt and strain it out. I told him about the dulcolax suppositories that I use on occasion. He seemed interested and told me that he might buy a package and try them out. I've never asked him about it again and we have never buddy dumped again since he works in a different part of the building now. Carlos, I am not taking the surgery idea lightly. I am not planning on having it done now. It is a remote possibility in the future if I get to the point where nothing else works. For now, I will sit and strain and push the dulcolax suppositories up me. I am curious about how you talked your friend into massaging your buns. I wish I had someone I was that close to who could help me through my constipated times on the toilet. I wish there was some way we could meet, or at least talk. Any ideas? Is there another site where we could post? Thom, what kind of enema did you use yesterday? How long did it take to work? Take care all and keep those great posts coming.

Hey everyone, just had some time to drop by and share some thoughts. Melissa, thanks for the reply to my questions. For sure your description leads me to believe you are a very attractive woman indeed! I would love to see you doing one of your 14" poops - I can't imagine it all coming out of you! I have always been turned on by watching women poop and seeing their poop. I guess it is the fact that it comes from inside their bodies. It's funny to think that the cute girl you just hugged may have a 12" poop inside of her just waiting to get out! I've been lucky enough to see several women doing their thing, but the details are a bit beyond the scope of this group. Always looking for new opportunities. As for myself, most of my poops are firm. Just did one that I held for 2 days that was about 12" long and 2 1/2" thick. Light brown, firm, but not overly nuggety. Felt sooo good coming out! I love to push when I have one ready to go, but then stop and hold it, just enjoying the 'urgent' feeling. Anyone else do this? Another question for the group. Whenever I go too long without pooping, I tend to get a sore feeling in my knees. This is when I really feel it wanting to come out, but I can't do it at that time for some reason. I can get feeling rather off all over, but it clears up soon after I deliver my load. Anyone else here know what I mean? One final thing, as far as holding my poop, I have no problem doing so and can go 3 days or so without pooping. My girl, on the other hand, must poop when she feels it knocking. She cannot hold it, which keeps me from seeing her go often because our timming is often bad. Girls, can you hold your poop when you "Feel it knocking" or must you go right away? Let me know and I welcome anyone to email me for more private discussions, if desired. Thanks and have a great day! :>)

Linda: I am required to wear pantyhose. But, this rule is largely ignored. During the winter, we wear them to keep our legs warm. I get them down quick if I have to. Sometimes, I will lift my skirt as I walk the deserted corridor and hit the bathroom door. That is if I am hardcore. If I am, watch out.

Linda: How old are you? I am 18 in 12th grade. I wear panty hose at school. But, that is no problem. I wear them under my skirt, dress or pants. If I feel the urge, I go I don't wait until the last minute. I rarely make #2 at school for the simple reason, I can hold it unless it is an emergency. Plus, I don't want to draw attention to myself with the criminal kids and the criminal security guards in the bathroom.

I have extreme problems with pooping. Ever since i was born i have had extreme trouble. Growing up my mother would take her hand and dig it out. When i turned 7 i could dig it out on my own. But i would have back rubs and a straining/grunting hour where that's all i'd do. It's a real joy to go on my own. But i take laxatives since i was born and every day a back rub, straining/grunting hour and then i dig it out.

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