I just saw a promo for the HBO series Sex in the City where some of the women are discussing going #2 at a boyfriends house. The jist of the talk is that this is a pretty big deal, and not something you do until the relationship reaches a certain point. What do you think? (anybody out there). Do you women just hold it in if you think its not appropriate yet? What about overnight stays? Do you or can you hold it overnight? When do you discuss it with your boyfriend (or girlfirend)? Or don't you talk about it. I want to share a personal experience I had a long time ago. I was on a first date with a girl, and after dinner we went back to her place and started to get comfortable. I suddenly had to poop real bad, and knew that I couldn't do much of anything until I went. I excused myself to her bathroom and was in there for a few minutes. This was a monster dump that smelled pretty bad. When I came out, the whole atmosphere changed. Nothing happened between us and the evening came to an early end. I think that because I had to use her bathroom and poop, that she saw this as some sort of weakness. I never saw her again. As I think back now, this is probablly not the kind of woman I would have gotten very far with anyway. Someone who is that judgemental about someone needing a poop. Comments please......

Hi, everybody! I just finished watching "Psycho" on TV. It was really cool. Unfortunately, I had missed the beginning, but made it just in time for the infamous shower scene. Made my night. It was scary, of course, but I dealt with it. Well, my cold is going away, so no easy dump tonight. I went in after dinner and read a bit as my poop came out after a bit. Luckily, it didn't hurt this time, although the gas was still a little bad. No smaller hunks were hiding either, which is good; I feel much better and refreshed now. All my love to everyonew! Till next time!

Tiny Girl
I am not exaggerating, but my poops are not stinky at all. At least not to others. When I am pooping, I can smell it just a little, but whenever I leave the bathroom, no one knows that I had just pooped. I have no idea why, but even my sis can back up my statement that they don't smell at all. The only time they do is when it is a runny poop.

How many people here have had a terrifying experience and literally 'shit themselves'? I was talking to a client a couple of days ago who had just started a sky diving course. He was about to go back for his second solo jump but was a bit nervous as he had a fright the first time. He told me that when he jumped he got into a freefall spin and was going so fast he couldn't move his arm down to pull the rip cord. He finally managed to get to it but it was almost too late. I commented that he must have had to change his underpants afterwards and he replied that yes, he had to. He added that the smell and mess were very unpleasant and that he wasn't aware of it happening until he landed. Has anyone heard of this happening in other situations?

Sandra, your story about doing a poo straight onto the deck as you weren't wearing any panties echoed an old post by George when he described a girl at his school assembly being taken short and doing a solid motion which fell straight onto the floor and it turned out that she obviously wasnt wearing any knickers (panties) under her skirt. I always wear panties whatever the weather.

The only problems I can see for you are if you get diarrhea or the motion you do turns out to be looser than you thought it would be. Even with a pleated loose fitting skirt I can see that you could get into a really bad mess with it all over the inside of your skirt, legs, shoes etc. Also, it must be a bit antisocial to your fellow workers if you do it in your panties and thus smell of poo. I would also worry about your getting into trouble if you do it onto the pavement (sidewalk). Here in the UK we have laws making it an offence to let your DOG defecate on the public paths etc and you have to remove the offending turds with plastic bags, gloves etc. So if you dropped a HUMAN turd on the pavement here I imagine you would be prosecuted. By the way, if you go to Singapore and do that you will probably go to jail for a year! They have very strict laws about cleanliness and even leaving a toilet pan unflushed can get you a heavy fine or jail. I would be in trouble if I did a big panbuster jobbie which stuck if I ever went there! I have had to do motion in my knickers in the past but not out of choice, luckily it has always been a solid jobbie and by good luck on the way home from school or work not going there.

Incidentally I had small accident in my knickers yesterday at home. I had been for my usual large motion at lunchtime passing some hard balls then a big knobbly firm fat 12 incher. I felt there was still a lump up my back passage but although I sat on the pan for a few more minutes it didnt come down. I wiped my bum and came out of the toilet. The feeling of needing more went away. Later I decided to have a workout on my home gym, (we have changed one of our bedrooms into a gym)and was doing some squat lifts when I felt something moving down below and a small fat hard jobbie was squeezed out of my back passage into the seat of my white Sloggi Maxi briefs making a bulge. My husband was present and saw this saying "Nicky love, you've just loaded your knickers" He found this amusing but I simply went to the toilet next door and slipped off my panties. A hard lump the size of a goose egg lay unsquashed in the seat of my panties so I dropped it into the pan, sat down to ensure I didnt have anything else to pass, (I didnt) then wiped my bum and put on clean panties and continued my workout without further incident. As they say "Shit happens". I dont that often have accidents in my panties thankfully, but if I do I dont make a big issue of it. Various people have had it happen to them, even the Queen (of England), Margaret Thatcher, Suzy Quattro, various sports men and women, performers etc, have filled their underpants according to folklore.

Yeah you're right about Diggtrio Julian. So how have you been? Better I hope. Can I ask you something? If you had the chance, would you poop in your pants again? I couldn''s seems that if I tried on purpose..I couldn't but if I was holding it cause either I didn't wnat to or couldn't get to a WOULD come out. Trust me I have come close and mostly it's cause I can't poop at school so I have to hold it till I get home..and they make us wear pantyhose as part of our uniform. ACK!! And it's always hard to get out of them when it's an emergency. Anyway I haven't pooped in 4 days..and I think my aunt knows...I'm trying not to let on..but geez..I get bad ???? cramps every now and again. Anyway I just know she'll get involved if nothing happens soon. I have tried..I sit down and nothing. My cousin came into the bathroom yesterday as I was sitting there to brush his teeth cause he was going to the movies..he asked any luck? I just looked up at him and said..No. Then he s! aid to give up for a while and then took me to the movies. The problem is School starts for me tomorrow...and I just know that that's when the poop is going to strike..HARD CORE!!!! XOXO Linda P.S. Oh has anyone seen Detroit City Rock? That was the movie that i said in the preveiws it looks like it shows some boys peeking at a girl in the bathroom. I haven't seen it but I was wondering if anyone had and if they do show anything?

Hi Sandra..I thought it was funny when you pooped in public..while reading a was just like if you were on the potty. I've been in times like that but I would never have the guts to do something like that..not to mention wear pampies. Oh well good luck next time

Hi girls, I will start with my upset stomach experience. One thursday last month I was in my English lesson writing an essay, then suddenly I had some painful cramps in my stomach, then the shit started to trikkle out slowly. I asked the teacher If I could go to the toilet, but he said "NO". So I sat down as started to fart. The worst thing was I was shitting in my pants and I couldn't do anything about it. So I had to wait 15mins before I could go to the toilet when I shit my pants fully. Nobody suspected me of farting so I carried on trying to hold in the shit when break came after that long space of torture. I quickly ran down to the first floor, went in the cubicle and exploded in the toilet bowl. The bowl was slimy brown after I finished with it. My pants were soggy and stinky. I had to line my pants with some toilet paper. That made a small difference in how comfortable I was. Then I has to wait another 55mins until it was lunch time. When lunch came I rushed home with a! bad stomach havong shit coming out of my arse. Hope this small story excites you lot. By the way do any of you girls enjoy shitting because I do. It is something I look towards because It feels so good to come out never the less if it stinks, if anything it makes it better. If any of you read this you can contact me at

Melissa-- You mentioned in a recent post that you once hurt yourself while pushing. Can you tell us about that, I am really curious-- JW

Carlos it was great seeing your post. I will be looking forward to your story about the suppositories. I have done a buddy dump with a couple of friends over the phone. It is kind of fun and it is a good way to use the time as it takes me forever to take a dump even with a suppository. Wish I had an understanding friend who could help out.

Cancer Child Julian: How old was your cousin who did the monster 2 hour dump. I have spent a lot of time in the bathroom in order to take a dump but I have never stayed for 2 hours. Did he make any further remarks on the experience? Again thanks to all who post.

I just couldn't be bothered to get out of bed last Thursday morning so I called work and said I had diarrhoea. Saturday morning what do I get? Major, chained-to-the-toilet-all-day bout of you-know-what! Is this some kind of ironic punishment from on high?

Sunday, August 15, 1999

Sandra, please tell me more about your public pooping. I find it really sexy at the idea of a women pooping standing up. It seems so unlady like i guess, if that makes any sense. i have always had a mental picture of women being so proper and prissy compared to us males. I guess its the contrast i find so exciting.

To Scooter - Hi Scooter, Just for you, I'm 18 years old, 5'5' tall and I weigh about 112 lb. I have dark brown, short wavy (natural) hair, and light brown eyes. Thanks for the compliments on my posts - I'm glad you like them., it's always great to receive encouragement like yours. As you have noticed I like to do long firm poops but things got just a "little" out of control recently with "adventures in diet", shall we say. Anyway I'm getting back on track - lots of love, Melissa. To Traveler - Letting it come out on it's own is "simply the best" isn't it. But you know the part I like most is when it just starts to open my ring and the nose peeps out. On the fiber thing, my favorite fruit is pineapple, which I started eating in a big way a month or so ago. There is no doubt that it affected my toilet habits and you are right , the secret is to get the right balance. Many thanks for the sentiments - love Melissa.

Managed to do a public poo yesterday - one of my sly, standing up ones. It was my lunch break and instead of having my regular lunchtime poo, I went shopping. I needed cash so I went to the nearest ATM (cash machine for non-Americans). The line was huge - only one machine was working. After 5 minutes I felt the strong urge of a poo coming on. The line was hardly moving. A few minutes later I could feel the pressure of poo coming out and when that happens there's nothing I can do. I wasn't wearing panties (never in summer) so pooing in my panties was not an option, which I normally would do in a situation like this. Neither was trying to get back to the office as I could feel the poo slowly coming out. So I stood on the line nonchalantly reading my magazine and pooed right there...standing up! It felt great, actually and such a relief. I could feel the warm poo slide out (it seemed to take forever) and then the big moment - the poo dropped out of my bottom onto the sidewalk. It didn't make a splat sound and there wasn't anyone behind me so I wasn't too nervous, but there were plenty of people around. As we inched towards the cash machine I farted then pooed again - the second poo came out faster than the first. Nobody on this line had any idea what I was doing! I finally got my money and as I walked back I looked at the 2 spots where I pooed. The first poo was quite a large sausage but the second one which was softer had become a lump as it hit the ground. When I returned to work I went to the ladies room, did another small poo (I guess I hadn't finished) and wiped my bottom. I've done this trick many times and sometimes it goes wrong. You don't want to spread your legs too much as it draws attention to what your doing and one time the poo brushed my leg on the way down. You also have to wear a loose dress or skirt. I wear pleated skirts whch are fine but once I wore a tighter skirt and the poo hit the inside and I smelled a bit. I think I've got it! mastered now!

About the sweaty butt thing, yup, it has at time, happed to me also.I too use a bit of toilet tissue(about 2 squares)and that seems to work nicely.That's really the only way to deal with it without taking 10 showers a day!Also don't eat stuff with any type of oil in it,cause that leaks out too.But for me ,it only happens in the summer in the hot weather,just like a lot of times in the hot weather.i got a lot of loose BMs.Any time the temp gets above 90,i do 2-3 loose movements a day,which sometimes can be a real drag.I also stay WAY clear of olantra,which for me causes all the problems above,especially leaky butt!Also-the best part of pooing to me is a nice long fart as i relax my anus as the poo slides down and opens up my asshole,and the long ,smooth poos feel the best coming out.The longer it is ,the better it feels to me.There are times where i really look foward to taking a great dump and there are times where i really don't want to be bothered by it.That's why i like to ! do it in the a.m. and start the day nice and clean both inside and out !BYE

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
Linda-- My brother is only 4 weeks old there's no way he would know what's going on. And yeah i have noticed Diglett looks like one big poop. and you know DugTrio/ diglett's evolved stage? That looks like 3 poops!

To Tony(Scotland-UK): You had asked this question {Does anyone else have a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, who is into defecation in this way?} I just wanted to say that my grandmother was like this. This was only when we were away together that she would ask that because I don't live with her. She would ask If I've had a BM While on vacation? I would usally say no (when i really did have one) i'd say no cause i didn't want her to know i had a BM In the mens room in the hotel lobby. I did this cause family was always in the hotel room. I don't like going in hotel rooms when family is around, as mentioned on my last post. So any way after my grandmother would ask me If I had a BM, She would tell me to eat fruit or greens(v***s.) I had a dream last night that I was at school and i went to the bathroom to go pee. I went to the urinal to pee. All the stalls had no doors on them. I noticed that there was a teen(someone whom i didn't know)taking a shit in a doorless stall. Then I realized i had to shit too. So I sat down and all the doorless stalls filled up with teens shitting. When I picked the doorless stall i wanted i noticed that there was a bathroom attendant who was either a teacher i have had before or my boss. So Im sitting down starting to shit and in the next stall someone goes in and it was a little girl(whom was no older than 7) and she stood up and looked at me. Then this other teen came over (whom i don't know but have seen at my school before)and says "Man How long will I have to wait"? He said that cause all the stalls had no vacancy. Then at the same time he was looking in at me. I was wondering if he had to shit too? Usally he will pee in a urinal(i've seen him pee in a urinal) This is the first time i had a dream where a bunch of teen guys are shitting in public in doorless stalls. I had always hoped for a dream like this. I think the reason i had this dream last night was because before bed i did an experiment. I took a long rectangular bin used to hold shampoo, soap etc. for the shower. I took this bin and held it up to the mirror and pooped into it so i could see my shit slide out of my butt(i haven't really done that before)I couldn't do it near the toilet cause i didn't have a big enough mirror,so i did it near the sinks. It was a little hard(the shit) and there was gum in my poop(yes i swallowed gum the other day). Any one ever see gum in there poop? Then I dumped it out into the toilet and flushed and cleaned this bin out and i wiped my butt too. You guys should try this out. I had fun watching it slide out of my butt crack. I've been pooping alot every day or every other day. I mean I haven't been constipated in a while(thats good :) ). I was wondering If any one sits down to poop and when the get up to wipe their crack inspect there shit by playing with it and putting there fingers in it to see what they have eaten recently? I have done this before. This also counts if some one has swallowed a forigen object and gone to look for it. Has any one swallowed something they shouldn't have and they've had to dig through their shit to find it and or to make sure it passed ok?? Well I got to go now, sorry for the unusally long post today. bye bry.

Just watching Rosie O'Donnell TV show rerun, a guest, David Blaine, young street magician, had spent a week staying in a coffin. One of the first things Rosie asked him about was "peeing and pooping". He said he fasted for some time before so he wouldn't have to go "number two," but used a "trucker's hose" to release his pee out of the coffin.

Thanks, TINY GIRL, for volunteering to tell me the size of your poops even though I didn't ask. I'm not disappointed. It seems right, I guess, that you would have petite ones. All right, then, let me ask you this (and anyone else here who wants to comment) - Are they often very stinky? Mine usually aren't, only that "normal" odor of a healthy motion that gets talked about here at times. To ALL - I'll be reading posts here this weekend but then gone for a week at the sea shore. Maybe I'll have a dune dumping story to report when I'm back. Until then, happy, healthy motions!

Just after getting out of the shower when I was doing some work at homesitting at my desk---I gassed but it was loose tiny pieces of feces. I've never really had this happen when I couldn't feel it approaching. I went in and sat done and pushed out some more and thought I had cleaned myself. Then I looked down and seen some on both of my legs. So I got a second shower. I enjoy reading about women who are observed defecating outdoors. I'm not sure what type of reaction I would have buddy dumping with a female. I bet it sounds a whole lot better on paper then in person.

I went to a massive company picnic thrown by our boss. I pal-ed out with Althea and the girls. We ate ourselves to death on soul food. We did not want anything else, just greens and ribs. I spent the night with Norma at her house. When we came home about seven we did not want to see food. We turned in after watching America's Most Wanted when Norma went in to the bathroom and closed the door. Though the bathroom door was closed, I could hear the initial explosion and then crackles and three loud plops. She remained in their for almost an hour. She called out to me that soul food gives her the best bowel movements. After that, I heard the loudest and longest fart,

LOve this site. I once had a weird experience. Went to a reggae concert in Florida and the ladies room was backed up.They turned the mens room into a unisex bathroom. While trying to pee, all these girls young and old were standing behind us, waiting for stalls to free up. Well needless to say I got excited and couldn't pee. After trying and trying especially to hide myself, I peed all along the top of the urinal. How embarassing yet stimulating... Do any of you females get turned on watching guys pee????

Brent C. It was good to see a post from you. Interested in what you have found out about your constipation problem. Keep us posted. , like you ,miss some of the guys who used to post here. Gary it was good to hear from you again. How did the conversation concerning constipation come up between you and Spaulding? Does he still use suppositories or enemas? Carlos, Craig and Fernando where are you. Alway glad to hear from Drew (any thing new with Nick?),Chris B, Arron, Nicky too. Daniel K I have enjoyed your posts as well. Have been busy this summer. Lots of business related travel which has not helped my constipation problem. I generally rely on glycerine suppositories to help me out. On one trip I had run out of them and while I stopped to get gasoline I went into the convenience store to see if they had any in their drug section. It was just me and the young guy at the register. They had a lot of stuff but I could not find suppositories. He saw me looking and asked if I needed any help. I figured what the hell and said I was looking for suppositories and did they sell them here. His english was not the best and he did not understand suppository. I finally told him that I was constipated and needed to buy a laxative. He understood laxative and pointed to the exlax and said here use this, this is what I use. It was interesting to meet a fellow constipation sufferer but I declined the exlax. Not my favorite remedy. I stopped at one of the national parks and followed a father (about 40) and son( about 13) into the restroom. We all took a stall and it soon became apparent that they were both suffering from travellers constipation. Lots of straining and grunting. They talked and kidded each other about not being able to go. The father finally started going first, lots of little pellets. His son said good for you Dad. The son passed a lot of almost silent gas and then finally released two big ones both making loud splashes. I, in the mean time, had been grunting and straining on my own but was not able to go. It probably took about 20 minutes. It was early in the morning and the restroom was not busy so it was comfortable taking all of the time needed. The father finished first, went out and washed his hands and then waited for his son to finish. The kid continued to grunt and strain for another five minutes and then said that was enough. He came out of the stall, washed his hands and they left. I wanted to say something to them. Would have been a great opportunity for a buddy dump talk but I was kind of interested in their talk and interaction so I didn't say anything. When I was growing up I would never share a bathroom with my father nor he with me. It was a very private thing at home when I was growing up. I am not travelling now for awhile and that is good. Resorted to the old enema earlier this afternoon and feel much better. I have really been watching my diet like others here. Know the value of fruit and fiber but it still is difficult for me to go. One more thing. No one has mentioned the bathroom scene in American Pie ( or am I the only one to admit seeing American Pie?) One of the male leads in the story is too shy to take a dump at school and always has to run home to do it. One of the rivals in the film spikes his thermos of coffee with a laxative and there is a scene of him being forced to use the school bathroom. There is no frontal nudity but it does show him on the toilet from a sideview and there are sound effects. Finally, Thanks to everyone who posts here. There are some stories I like and can identify with more than others but they are all great stories. Take Care Thom

Some Guy
Anyone going to see that movie Brokedown Palace? At first, I thought it was going to be a copy of Return to Paradise (with Vince Vaughn) with women, but I saw this First Look or Making Of the movie and they talked about how all the women in the jail have to use this one toilet. They showed a clip of Claire Danes squatting while giving a passing guard the middle finger( or the Bronx Cheer as they sometimes call it in the US). Well, I might have to see that movie now! I'm sure she's just peeing because Hollywood hasn't gotten to the point where women can poop yet, but I can always fantasize...

Saturday, August 14, 1999

BrentC and Gary BrentC: I am glad to hear you got ot the bottom of your problem(no pun intended). Your megacolon explains why all of the fiber supplements only make matters worse. They increase the bulk and the gas, but do little to help the situation. I may have a similar problem because when I take Metamucil I am still constipated, but instead of farting a lot, I fart continuously, but still cannot shit easily. I remember one time after taking Metimucil I sat on the pot and passed a fart that lasted for ten seconds which was followed by one cannonball - the end. Anyway, I personally would think long and hard before I let anyone do surgery if you can manage the problem. It sounds like your suppositories are working just fine. Why don't you let you massage therapist "help you out." It sounds like a lot more fun, less invasive, and less expensive than going under the knife, which could leave you with more problems than before. You could schedule twice a week sessions and find some relaxation in the process. I have been considering doing the same with a therapist in the Dallas area. I know it is none of my business, but I hate to see you get cut on. The colon is a sensitive organ which does not like to be disrupted or sliced up. Sometimes scar tissues develop or the rhythm gets screwed up and never is the same. Have you ever tried my navel stimulation technique? Gary: your friend sounds like a wonderful companion in this world of buddy dumping. Have you suggested buddy dumping. Or have you suggested that manual extraction works better if you have a helping hand? This could be interesting. Especially if he sits backward on the commode. Remember, it all starts with a back rub - at least it did for me several years ago. I had a buddy who I was good friends with and he knew of my constipation problems. One night he was over and asked me about my problem. I told him it was really bad. He started rubbing my shoulders and told me to relax. This was followed by a back massage. He worked his way down to my buns and worked them over. He gently pounded them with his fists near my asshole to stimulate my colon. When I felt a slight urge, we went to the toilet and I sat and started to push and fart. He reached behind me and massaged my buns and pulled them apart and upward to help me out. He tickled my hole and I farted with his finger over in my ass. He said it felt pretty neat on his finger. I dropped quite a few cannon balls and felt some relief. After it was over, I gave him a handshake, then a brotherly embrace and told him how much I appreciated his gentle help and concern. He gave my an all-American gee-whiz smile and said "that's what friends are for, man." You might talk to your friend to see how open he is. If you are reluctant to test it, can you phone him? I have taken a buddy dump with a friend on the phone several times and it can be pretty cool. Usually, people feel less inhibited over the phone. BrentC: Please tell me about you buddy dump with your constipated friend at work and I will tell you about my experience with suppositories this summer. Please be careful about the surgery. Some of us just have to work it out with a little more effort. I wish you would try massaging your gut, or your buns, or your navel, or rocking ... now there's an idea... rocking and grunting sometimes helps loosen things up. Carlos

TO SWEATY BUM: I know the feeling.

Mel, I'm not worried now; thanks for clearing it up. Well, the shared toilet experience was not for any of our pleasure; it was just to "teach me that using the bathroom is NOT a sexual thing". Duh, I already knew that! I find it interesting, but not sexually interesting. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Believe me, though, that colored lady is PERFECT compared to my supervisor. Speaking of her, she watched me play on Mavis Beacon ALL MORNING! She was very bitchy too, making me redo every lesson because of "less than par" scores (20-30 WPM is good enough for me!!). Also, the entire Internet was uninstalled, which is bad because it's a business that uses it semi-regularly. We all had Cammy to thank for this (BTW if anyone's interested, Cammy is short for Cameron, my real name -- Kim calls me Cammy). Oh, well. What are you gonna do? It'll be all over soon. Cheers to everyone here! Till next time!!

To sweaty bum and tiolet man. I too have had that problem of leaky butt. There is a simple way to solve it, use 2 sqaures of toilet paper and fold them over a couple times. Stick it between your butt cheeks. It may not be perfect but it works if you are in a hurry or really desperate. Cept if you sweat too much it can leave tiolet paper flecks on your ass. Side effects i guess you coudl say hehe.

Hi every one, I'm posting under a new name, I used to be known as Me2u1time, but wanted to use a 'real' nickname here. Melissa, I sure know what you mean about how hot it's been in Atlanta - I'm about 2hrs away and feel the heat. I have a problem frquently where the heat will give me the runs. Anyone else get this? Melissa, I love to see long, firm poops from a woman. Yours sound very nice. Unless I've missed it somewhere, I would love a desciption (ht, wt age) of yourself. Love your posts! All the rest of you, keep the posts coming! Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days and get to see a strange girl doing her thing. It's funny that I am more turned on by this than seeing someone I know. Anyone else feel this way? Time to go, cheers and a great weekend to everyone! Scooter :>)

Hi. I have posted a few articles some 150 "old posts" pages ago, and now I'm back to the forum. I live in Germany and went to southern Germany to see the sun eclipse this week. We went to a hill which was surrounded by wood. There were about 300 people here. As we still had some time, I decided to take a small walk down the hill. After some minutes, I felt the urge to take a dump. You have to know, I did this trip with a couple of friends. And I found that when I'm around other people (except for my family, of course), I'm always some kind of constipated. But when I'm on my own for a while, this tension seems to decrease. Does anyone agree with that? Anyway, I reached the forest at the bottom of the hill, I went into it. There were some bushes right to the left. I went there, took a last look around me, pulled down my jeans and squatted. I pushed out some mid-size, soft logs. Then I got up, took some tissues and wiped. When I was finished, I pulled up my jeans and left the forest. But that was not all. As I headed back for the hill, I saw a person with a blond hair at the top of the hill walkin towards me. Halfway down the hill, he (or she? I can't tell, but I will assume that the person was male from now on) stopped. There was a small bush at that place, but he was standing in front of it, so I could see everything (aside from the fact that I was some 400 ft away from him). He turned his back to the hill, pulled down his pants and squatted. I was curious whether he was pooping or whether it was just a woman peeing (as I said, I couldn't tell the sex of that person from the distance). So I walked a bit slower to see what might happen. He remaiend squatting for about a minute, then got up, wiped his ass, pulled up his pants and left. So he had really taken a dump there. I was still curious, so I decided to walk up the hill, passing the place where I had seen that person. And in fact, I was right. There were two used tissues and a "puddle" of diarrhea. Later, I tried to figure! out which of the 300 people might have been the unknown guy (or girl), but I saw noone who matched the person I had seen. Thinking about what I have seen, I wonder if I had the courage to take a shit at a place where other people can see me. To be more exact, I would like to try it out (but without embarrassing anyone, of course). I would like to go to a place where people relieve themselves in public, and do so as well. For instance, I might use on of those public restrooms with low partition walls or without doors, but these are not common here (that is, I haven't seen a single one). So where else could I go? Any suggestions? I'd love to talk with you about this matter, and maybe about what I think is the reason for my above mentioned thoughts. But I'm short of time at the moment, so I await your comments and write more later.

I am also small like Tiny Girl (5'1, 93 lbs.) but I do not poop very much. I only poop about every other day, and there is never very much. And to Little Nick, this is not an adult site. I'm also 13, by the way. -LINE

When I was about 10 my family was out in a rural area in Arizona. We had just had dinner at a small hick resteraunt and were about to make the 45 minute drive back to our hotel. As I got into the car and buckled my seat belt I farted, and I assumed that I had to pee for some reason, which I found odd at the time because I had peed only minutes before. I figured that I could hol dthe "pee" until we got back to out hotel. Well, about 20 minutes into the drive I got a really bad cramp and farted again. This time it was a wet fart and I got some poop in my panties. I asked my parents when we would be back at the hotel and they said not for a while. I told them that I had to pee, and they said there was nowhere to pee, but finally pulled over to the shoulder of the road. I pulled a pad of paper and a bottle of water out of teh car, and my father asked what i was planning to do with them. I put the water back, embarrassed. I crpet up to a rock behind a buch and pulled down! my pants and started to poop. I got a lot of diarrhea in my shorts and under wear. I finally felt that i was done and I wiped my bum with the paper. I got back in the car and about ten minutes later my stomach started to hurt again. I pooped a lot in my pants. When we got to teh hotel our key wouldn't work and I had to run to the lobby bathroom. I really stank it up and I was very embarassed. has naything like this ever happened to anyone here?

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
I just wanna tell one quick thing. Today my cousin took a huge dump. He was in the bathroom for 2 hours and i am not kidding. There were huge grunts and his face was red when he came out. He must have pooped out a monster. Then he slept for 3 hours. He must have been tired from pooping. He complained of butt pains too. And another thing, all the toliet paper was gone after he was in there.

MELISSA, you said it all for me in your response to Kim about the joys of just relaxing and letting the motion take its own good time. It isn't always possible to do that, of course, but when it happens - wow! I've done two motions like that now in as many days, firm (but not hard) and longer than usual, too. Ewww, that good tingle! I guess I've chanced on just the right amount of fiber in my diet lately. I was on a hiking path near home yesterday evening when some girl called 'hello' to me. I turned around to find two teenage girls, maybe 14 or 15, sitting up in a crabapple tree. It was their "hideout." They were munching on the apples and asked if I wanted one. I accepted, so they pitched one down. "They have a lot more fiber than regular apples," said one girl. Looks like health education is getting more widespread in the schools. I took a bite and commented on the extra fiber. "Have you been eating a lot of these?" I asked them. "Yeah, every day," they replie! d. True to our cause, I told them, "That's good. Fiber is good for you. You know what happens when you eat a lot of fiber, don't you? It really cleans you out!" They cracked up laughing. Sometimes too much, as you well know. Let me add my best wishes for Melissa to the others here. When you teach, many students open up to you about lots of personal things, including their problems with constipation and hemorrhoids. When I question them, it's usually because of poor diet. I've helped many of them get back on the road to normal motions, so I'm glad for Melissa. Hope you both stay that way. Easy on the fiber!

Poop Loggy Logg
To the people with leaky butts: Eating snacks made with Olestra (the fat substitute) can cause "anal leakage" according to the packaging. I've never heard of anything else causing butt leaks.

Hi guys. To Mark B (UK), I lived and studied in France last fall (I'm an American) and remember paying 4 FF (that's about 65 cents US) to use a couple of pay toilets in Grenoble. I only had to pee during the couple of times I used those toilets, but since I'm a female I payed the "full rate" because I sit whether it's for a pee or both. Jason, although pooping is a completely natural function your mother shouldn't be embarrassing you about it. If you're that concerned about it, ask her to stop reminding you about your "stinky" dumps, something which is beyond your (or indeed, anyone else, myself included) control. You can also try buying some aerosol spray or a scented candle, but some people find those to be as offensive, if not more so, than the smell of poop. I'd check with Mom first. Nick Little, no, there isn't an age limit. I think there are some posters as young as 7 years old. We all have to go to the bathroom, so feel free to post. The moderators do a good job in censoring any extremely "kinky" posts except if they are directly related to the act of peeing/pooping, if that's what you're worried about. Melissa, I'm so happy to hear that you and Melanie are "regular." Your buddy dump with Ceesha wasn't intentional, but she was a saint for allowing you to go even though she was in the middle of going herself. I know what you mean about the "public" style toilets as opposed to private ones. Steph and I usually buddy dump in her toilet, which is not only in a private residence, but her bathroom is located semi-underground, so there isn't a lot of "room" for stuff to go down, so the toilet is flushed before the next person goes, sometimes even twice, depending on how much TP was used. Better safe than sorry. Luv, Alex :)

To Julian..thanks for telling me the details about you going in your pants. Trust me I know about the whole breathing hard and yelpign and screaming part. Sigh. I know it too well. But gee your little brother must have freaked hearing you yelp and scream like that let alone anyone nearby. Glad to hear you're getting your hair back..yeah i know all about it my cousins explained things to me. Anyway hey juian..have you ever noticed how the pokemon Digglet kinda looks like a poop with eyes and a big red nose? Hee hee. I freaked out today...I heard moaning and stuff and I thought someone was hurt or something..I went into the bathroom and it was my baby sister using the potty..fighting with a big poop and losing.. and her twin..was also having a fight of her own..trying to keep her poop in too till she could sit down. Anyone ever have to baby sit twins or know a pair of twins? Man it's not easy espacially when they have ????s and bladders set to the same time...time like that make me wish there were bathrooms with 2 pottys. Well that's all for now.. I tell later about anyhting that may come up XOXO Linda

Nick Little, This is not an Adult site. I'm 17 and I've even seen 10 year-olds in here so you're welcome to stay, read, and/or post.

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