Hi Everyone!!! I just read todays post(wed.) and I read 4 days worth of post cause i was out of town for 4 days. I liked all the posts. I wanna tell you about my bathroom habits while away. I was at the beach, a resort town in my state. I pooped several times while away and i noticed that it was a little hard. The first night i layed down to go to sleep and i felt like i had to poop, so i did. The next day i had to poop again and i wanted to do it down stairs in the hotel lobby as my family was in the hotel room. Any one ever go away and if it's during the day they like to go poop in the lobby so your family isn't aroud or vice versa? So I proceded to head downstairs to the lobby(the elevator stops on G L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) My room was on the 2nd floor. I couldn't walk down the stairs cause they were for fires etc. only. I waited 5 min for the elevator and man I had to go bad!! It was a biggie. Then i went again in the lobby one other time. How many teens especialy boys on here don't like to poop in public? I like pooping In public. I saw one kid my age in a restaurant pooping. I even saw some of his shit cause i went in the stall to pee when he was done cause i couldn't pee in the urinal cause other people were coming in and the sink was next to the bathroom. Then I got back yesterday and i pooped 2 times at home. I had the urge to poop on the way home but was able to hold it. After I get home i go out to dinner and this man brings her daughter who is 4 in the mens room at this restaurant. He says "Don't touch any thing". The said some other things but could not remember them. I was peeing and was about to crack up cause of that. To Little Nick: This Is not an adult site, feel free to post and i would love to hear your storys. Well i got to go now I'll post more later. bry.

Tiny Girl
Traveler, Well, you didn't ask me about this, but I'll tell you anyway.:-) I generally do not have very large poops. I can honestly say that I have never clogged any toilet with them. So I guess it's safe to say that my poops are just as petite as I am.:-)

Are you eating any low Fat products that contain olestra? That Fat Subsitute? Reports suggest this can cause some similar types of problems.

Good day everyone! Melissa, it's not always easy for me to do it. I have a bit of a cold and that "easy" dump was a result of it, almost like the one in my first post. I usually don't even go that quickly. I usually just sit there with gas and all that unpleasentness until it finally makes its appearance. OK, sometimes, I have to push it out but who hasn't, right?:o) I mean, this morning wasn't too bad. I got out of the shower and sat down on the toilet. A few minutes later, it came out slowly. I had a few more peeking behind which had to be pushed out (damn, I hate that; especially when the first one kinda hurts to begin with.) I do eat healthy, but it doesn't always help me out. Bye for now!!

Tiny Girl>> Sorry I haven't posted much of late, but I really haven't much spectacular in way of bowel movements over the past couple of weeks to report to everyone here... Kelly>> To answer your question about passing large logs, I get the most pleasure and relief from logs that are about 2 inches in diameter, as most anything larger can be painful for me to pass. 2 inches is what I consider the satisfaction level as my anal sphincter dialates to accommodate passage, as it is a good stretch for it, plus I try not to push while it is that far open, as I have noticed that I don't have problems with hemmorhoids if I don't force the log out, but let it pass of its own accord. I have read on another site, and I don't remember where it was at, but the person there had kept a log of movements and how pleasurable/painful/difficult they were, and they basically said the same, that the 2 inch range was in the most satisfying area along with lengths of 8 to 12 inches for total size...I had to agree with the person 100%...

To those such as Toilet Man who have sweaty bum holes and worry about making stains in the seat of their panties I suggest that the use of moist toilet wipes as many who post here use may aleviate the problem as these allow better cleaning after a motion, especially if a softer sticky stool has been passed. Also wearing cotton rather than nylon underwear. Another point to consider is the type of underpants worn. The modern "slip" brief type that most European men wear these days which have a proper gusset and elasticated leg openings and are just like womens panties sit snug against the butt and dont ride up into the crack like boxer shorts which I believe are still the favoured style with US males, (correct me if Im wrong). Obviously therefore boxers will get dirtier if the anus hasnt been cleaned or is sweaty. Use of a panty liner would help. If you are too shy to ask your wife or girlfriend or just take one from her supply, then these are not difficult to buy in a superm! arket or self serve store. The check out girl will think they are for your female partner especially if you buy them with a load of ordinary shopping. Of course if the problem is not mearly sweat and perhaps a little mucus and adherent feces but is genuine leakage of stool through the sphincter even after a motiomn has been passed then you may have a problem with your sphincter which you should see your doctor about. There are incontinence pads and special underpants available for such conditions, but hopefully these will not be needed.

Matt, thanks for telling us why your wife dropped her panties after her motion outdoors. I have always taken some toilet paper with me when I go for a walk in case I have to do a motion outdoors or even use a public toilet as many of these have no toilet paper, I wouldn't want to waste a pair of panties by using them to wipe my bum.

Kelly, I like the feeling as the big fat jobbie starts to come out and I feel it passing through my ring, then the "Kur-sploonk!" as it falls into the toilet and of course the moment of delight when I lok down the pan and see the nice big fat long turd lying in the pan. Ever since I was a kid I have always enjoyed these sensations and the idea of looking at my jobbie and thinking with pride "I did that".

Rose, I dont usually put the lid down when I flush the toilet. If its too big to flush away, :) if its at home or in a friend's (who is NOT into defecation) toilet I will flush the toilet again, but if in a public toilet I will just leave it for others to see in the hope that it will be someone like the posters to this site and get a buzz from it.

Someone mentioned buddy dumping as sitting in one cubicle (stall) with a mate in the one next to you and both doing a motion at the same time. I dont consider this true buddy dumping which to me is either (1) DIRECT BUDDY DUMPING both parties going into the same toilet, the first one does their motion then the other does theirs on top of the first. This is the most enjoyable buddy dump, the type my friends George and Moira do and which I have from time to time been privileged to do with them. (2) INDIRECT BUDDY DUMPING doing your motion on top of one already in the toilet when you know who did the first one.(but not woth the other party present). This is the sort of buddy dump I used to do with my mum as a kid, when I would do my motion on top of one of her big jobbies when they didnt flush away. She certainly wouldn't ever have let me accompany her into the toilet!

On the subject of mothers who talk about defecation, as Jason mentioned. Mine certainly did although to me this wasn't a problem but a pleasure. Although this was the 1950s and 60s just before more "progressive" attitudes and she was a Roman Catholic so sexual matters were taboo in our home, she was very frank about toilet matters. As I have said she would never have allowed me or anyone else to be present when she did a motion (or a wee wee for that matter), this was strictly a solo and behind closed doors activity, but she would often comment about what she had done and I think she got a buzz from it. Over the years, as I have mentioned in old posts, I have come to the conclusion that she also was aware that I was turned on by defecation and that I listened to her doing her motions but was prepared to tolerate that. Certainly she was not prudish and would say to me openly "Im just going to the toilet for a motion" and afterwards would sometimes comment graphically about what she had done for example "That's better, I had a good motion, two hard balls then a big fat jobbie". I would probably have heard her doing it anyway. Sometimes Im sure she deliberately forgot to pull the flush so I would see what she had done, and as I have said above, indirectly buddy dump my own motion on top of hers. Until I left home at 19 she would also ask me "did you have a motion today" from time to time and seemed to like me to give a graphic description, which I did, for example "I did a nice big motion in the boys toilet at school, two nice big fat logs" From reading this website I now know that women are as turned on by defecation as men and I assume this was the case with my mum. I particularly remember when I was about 12 we went on holiday to a house a relative let us use, Dad was working so it was just mum and me. The change in water and routine made her a bit constipated so she didn't have a motion for 3 days, a matter she quite freely mentioned to me. After breakfast on the forth day she felt the need and said, "Im off to the toilet for a motion at last I hope its a good one!" I listened of course outside the door and heard her straining then the "PLONK! KAPLUNK! KERSPLONK!" as she did some hard lumps then, after further grunting and "NNS and OO!S" there was the crackling sound and two "FLOOMP! FLUMP!" sounds as she passed two big jobbies. When she came out she had a look of joy and pride on her face and quite openly patted her ???? saying "Oh that's a relief, I had a really good motion at last, some hard constipated lumps then two nice big easy jobbies" adding "the toilet's free if you want it now". I of course went in and looked at what she had done as she hadnt pulled the flush,(she said to save water but I now know she wanted me to see what she had done) 3 hard balls and two long fat panbusters, the larger about 12 inches long shaped like a log the smaller 8 inches like a curved sausage and both 2 inches thick. So J! ason, your mom may have a similar fixation. Does anyone else have a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, who is into defecation in this way?

Mel, I'm not worried now; thanks for clearing it up. Well, the shared toilet experience was not for any of our pleasure; it was just to "teach me that using the bathroom is NOT a sexual thing". Duh, I already knew that! I find it interesting, but not sexually interesting. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Believe me, though, that colored lady is PERFECT compared to my supervisor. Speaking of her, she watched me play on Mavis Beacon ALL MORNING! She was very bitchy too, making me redo every lesson because of "less than par" scores (20-30 WPM is good enough for me!!). Also, the entire Internet was uninstalled, which is bad because it's a business that uses it semi-regularly. We all had Cammy to thank for this (BTW if anyone's interested, Cammy is short for Cameron, my real name -- Kim calls me Cammy). Oh, well. What are you gonna do? It'll be all over soon. Cheers to everyone here! Till next time!!

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
I just wanna tell one quick thing. Today my cousin took a huge dump. He was in the bathroom for 2 hours and i am not kidding. There were huge grunts and his face was red when he came out. He must have pooped out a monster. Then he slept for 3 hours. He must have been tired from pooping. He complained of butt pains too. And another thing, all the toliet paper was gone after he was in there.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

My wife and I had Sunday dinner at a Mexican restaurant with her parents, then visited at their place. I was reading the paper in their living room as this went on: Our son who lives nearby called and my father-in-law answered on the speaker phone. My wife went to talk to our son who said the speaker phone sounded like she was in the bathroom. My wife said she wasn't, but laughed and said "but I just took a dump a few minutes ago." Our son said he didn't really need to know that. Then my mother-in-law, a very conservative, religious-type lady, suddenly volunteered that she wished she "could go," then added that she "hadn't gone in four days." Our son told his grandmother that he didn't really need to know that either! I don't know if the Mexican food had anything to do with it, but I had to poop three times that day myself.

Sweaty Bum
to the toilet man: yes, I get that feeling when your bum hole feels like it is leaking but it is sweat. But it;s strange coz sometimes its more like mucous too. I cant really explain that... but I too have to go and clean myself up sometimes when out for a while... I dont think a maxi pad would even work for me because its not my panties being wet which worries me, its the gresay feeling between my butt cheeks

My wife and I were away from home at the weekend. We went to a party to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday, and had arranged to stay at my son's house, who lives nearby. There was a lot to drink at the party. I had 4 glasses of champagne, one of white wine, two of red wine, one of orange juice (my wife was driving) and two cups of coffee. In the course of the evening I only peed twice. We got back to our son's, sat up talking and went to bed about 1 am. After two hours sleep, I awoke feeling awful. After lying there in great discomfort for a few minutes, I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and sat there for several minutes farting away furiously. Eventually the gas inside me started to push out shit, rather soft shit, and rather a lot of it. Eventually I finished and went back to bed, but had to get out another FOUR times to pee between 3 am and 9-30 am when I got up. I hate shitting in the middle of the night.

Someone asked why my ex-wife left her panties outside after she pooped. She had to poop totally unexpected and needed them to wipe off. So she just used her panties and threw them down by her load on the ground. I would love to hear accounts of other women pooping outside...

Mark B, thanks for the interesting information about France. I can't imagine standing in a line, telling a lady what you have to do, and then paying her for it! That kind of nonsense would never fly in the US. I remember pay toilets when I was growing up- people would either crawl under the door or else just rip the door off its hinges. Pay a dime to take a shit? No way! Today toilets are free, part of the cost of doing business... but some restaurants won't let you use the shitter unless you are eating there. Hey, any good stories about porta-johns out there? Dad

Nick Little
Is this an adult site? I'm only 13!!! Am I not supposed to be here?

Kelly Just curious, what is everyone's favorite part of doing a huge BM? Mine is the first few seconds as it starts to come out...thats the best!! Especially when they are very wide. To Tiny Girl I'll send you a personal shot of me if you want...but you'll have to return the favor!!

Tiny Girl
Hmmm.... Dazz and Harry have disappeared again.:-) Where are you guys? I miss your detailed stories!

Do any of you ever flush the toilet with the lid down? And also, after taking a huge poop, (after flushing the load down) do you flush again to clear the drain? I was just wondering if that actually works or is that just wasting water...

To Tony - Tony, thanks for your concern and we will just have to wait and see whether Melanie manages to keep pooping without any help. We both fully expect the odd relapse and we are prepared for it. And I agree with you that Nicola's mom was very understanding. This is the part I just can't get. How can a mom like mine be so controlling in one way, by giving us laxatives, yet be so understanding in another, by completely brushing off full blown accidents such as Melanie and I have both had? "Parents!" Take care Tony and thanks again - love -Melissa.

To Rick - So, you were in Atlanta? - Welcome to the hot south - heat index at 105 - phew!. Two 10 inch poops doesn't seem too excessive to me. Before I started playing with my own bowl habits I used to poop every three or four days regularly, it could even stretch to five days on occasion. I almost always did a single long firm motion and I would guess that they were probably at least 12 inches long and maybe as much as 14 inches, or even more on occasion. So I for one am not surprised if you did 20 inches after 4 days. Besides being very firm, mine are (were) thick enough to stretch my ring enough for me to know it is absolutely wide open. If your motions were perhaps a little thinner, they say men's often are, and maybe a little softer, I would say we probably poop about the same amount. One thing I'm sure of - you felt so much better afterwards - didn't you? Four days is a long wait and I find the relief almost exquisite. Stay cool Rick - love Melissa.

To Torie - Hi Torie, glad to see you have recovered O.K. Hope the pain has gone away completely. I'm happy to see you are back to sitting on the toilet once or twice a day. I always make a point of reading your posts, they really are fun, and please keep them coming. Love you Torie - All the best - Melissa.

To Tiny Girl - I guess the heat here in Georgia is getting to my head. You know I recounted the story of Ceesha and my self just a few days ago and it never dawned on me to view this as a "buddy dump". I guess that's probably because it really didn't start out with that intent. Anyway - our toilet in the store is more like the public rest room type, it just has a handle sticking out of the side of the pipe. It's really powerful and it had no problem dealing with Ceesha's large poop and my large offering all combined with a mountain of toilet tissue. I can just imagine what Karen would have said if we had blocked up the toilet. Actually, Karen is quite nice, if a little conservative, and like Ceesha and myself was a "Little stressed out" that day. Sorry I can't give you a story of mounting tension as the bowl fills to capacity and comes within a hairs breadth of spilling its contents all over the floor. All my love - Melissa.

To Kim - Again, I can't say how much I appreciate all of your understanding and concern - I really do appreciate your sensitivity. Yes we know mom was only doing what she thought was right. Both our parents are wonderful people and of course we love them both dearly. The really nice thing is that Melanie's relationship with mom seems to be as if nothing had happened and she and I are closer than ever. I was interested to see that you can go without pushing and your motions can be long and thick. Isn't it just great to relax completely and just let it ease out gently all on its own. The really great thing about doing it that way is that you can experience and enjoy all the great sensations a long, slow, firm, thick motion can excite in your rear which would otherwise be masked out by the effort of pushing. Great to hear from you Kim - All the best - Melissa.

Cammy - Hi Cammy. Please don't worry about it. It's just so nice to her from you again. Seems like your supervisor has the feeling that shared toilet experiences are a punishment rather than a pleasure. Sort of the opposite philosophy to the spirit of this site. I just have to wonder - did she get pleasure from having you as an audience? If she needs an audience why don't you ask her if she would like to be the replacement banner for this site - or do you think the site might loose its following - just kidding. All my love - Melissa

To Amanda - Hi Amanda, that was a wonderful post and as you say shows the real humanity hidden behind the hypocrisy and bigotry of some of today's so called values and mores. And look at what it did for you both. You are communicating more openly and freely which should improve your communications even more. Of course if your communications improve you should be able to work together more effectively and everything about your environment starts to turn positive. All because of a shared pooping experience.

Does anyone else have a mom who embarrasses them by always mentioning it when you take a dump? My mom and I have lived in the same tiny apartmet since I was a kid (I'm 19) and whenever I poop Mom can always smell it from anywhere in the apartment (and vice versa of course, but I don't really like talking about it like she does!) I always hear, "Wow, Jay, you really stunk it up in there!" or some other comment relating to the smell of my BMs. She's really fixated, it seems. A few times as I kid I got punished for having a smelly butt; she told me I wasn't keeping clean enough, wiped my butt for me and spanked me. Anyone else have a mom who talks way too much about poop?

Ever had the flu? We all have, and I will tell you when I had a somewhat bad flu, or I should say, stomach flu. When I was about 15, I came down with a bad cough, cold, etc. They say you should drink lots of liquids, so I did. I had an appt. with my doctor later that day, so before then, I drank lots of orange juice, about three-four full glasses or so. I arrive at the doctor, and while waiting to be called in, I feel like I have to go use the restroom. Out I go down the hallway and arrive only to find it is locked. Because this is in a medical building, I have to go back and ask for a key. By now, I feel like I have to fart and try to release one when........damn, this does not feel like a fart, I know what it is that wants to come out. I ask the pretty lady for the key and I rush back out and head for it. I head to the last of the three stalls, pull down a seat cover and sit. No farts, no chunks, just nothing but water, I mean dark-brown water, pure water. I have never had this type of diarahhea, and it did not smell that much. Lots of it is coming out, downpours of it. Must have been that o.j. I had earlier. I don't push too hard, as I don't want to splatter, so gently let it out and I thought to myself that it actually feels pretty good letting it out, it feels good. I think there are two types of diarrhea, the first being the one with chunks and water, and the other being nothing but absolute liquid, which I had. I finish and head back to the doctor. After a day I am better than ever. I think it is good to have diarreah once in a while, as it cleans you out real good.

The Toilet Man
It is I the toilet man again. Even when I sit all day at the office, my butt leaks. I can assure you that I always shower daily in the mornings and clean my butt thouroughly. After awhile at work, I can feel wetness down there, and sometimes I can smell something a bit. The only thing is is that it stains my underwear and those stains are hard to remove. About the maxi-pad, I am too embarassed to ask my wife to let me borrow one. Instead, I use the internet to find out stuff about you females needs. I discovered a "pantyliner" and I think I should try that. I will first try the thinnest one I can find (I don't know how I will do this, I'll see if my wife has one stashed somewhere in her purse or closet!). If I place that in my underwear, then that can get stained and wallah, my problem is solved. I will give it a shot soon, and I will let you know what happens, but meanwhile, please give any other better suggestions first. Thanks!!!

To Donnie: i saw that commercial too! Also, has anyoen seen the commercial for Smart Beep where there's a couple that is going out on a blind date, and when teh lady gets into teh car she farts really loud and laughs to ehrself, only to discover that there are two people on teh back seat?

TOMBOY, your story about the outdoor poo reminded me of the Peruvian highlands. Puno, like other places there, had (still has?) a number of favorite outdoor spots where men and women of all ages relieve themselves without being self-conscious about it. Some of these places were flat, open fields, while others had small dirt hills, like the place you describe. Israel's people and customs come from all over the world, so I'm not surprised that there are such places there, too. In Peru, there was an unwritten rule of "social distance." If you got too close to a stranger doing his or her business, they might get upset. As long as you stayed at least 8 m. (25 ft.) or so away, things were fine. Friends often came and went together, so to speak, but that was a different story. Maybe you violated that young woman's space. She chose to go in the open, so she has to accept being seen, but it sounds like you scared her by getting too close. Still, I think it was nice of you to apologize. It's oftain discussed here that peeing and doing a motion are "private" acts for most people, even outdoors. BUZZY, your jogger story also made reminded me of Peru. This time, I was in a unisex toilet at a market. There were tiled urinal troughs on two walls and a large number of stalls with short doors, about 1.5 m. (4'10") tall. The doors went all the way down to the floor, so you really couldn't see anyone's feet under them. It was noisy, too, so you couldn't hear the users. I was next in line and needed a motion big time. Other stalls had opened and closed, but there was nothing happening in the one closest to me. I thought it was vacant, so I decided to look over the door. Wrong! - It was occupied by a woman in her 20's, leaning forward, looking down, doing a motion, her jeans just above her knees. She must have been in there quite a while. She didn't see me, and I stepped back quickly. These toilets didn't have flush mechanisms. Instead, a guy came around and poured a bucket of water into the bowl after each use. The woman finally stood up, dressed, and left. I thought I'd wait for the bucket guy, but he was busy, so I went in. In the bowl, I found a long jobbie, really long. Well, I saw that one and raised it with one or two of my own. It was the first time (and last, I think) that I'd ever "buddy" dumped indoors. TINY GIRL, I didn;t stick around to see how much trouble the bucket guy had getting all that to go down! Yes, you are petite. I asked your size because I once read a comment (here? but not from you, I think) to the effect that "We tiny girls can stink it up just as bad as anyone else and can pass some really big jobbies, too." I have a petite neighbor, about your size, and I must admit that I often wonder about her abilities.

Hmm... goofed up. Interesting. Nothing new to report, just clearing up the strange error in our message.

Hey Torie, glad you're feeling better. I had my wisdom tooth removed a couple of years ago. I was given some Vicodan, a narcotic pain-killer, to help with the mouth pain after the operation. I had very little to eat after the operation, so I didn't need to poop for two days, but once I started eating again, I began pooping "normally." I do know what you mean by "rabbit pellet" poop. I have let those out and usually know that I have more "real" poop to let out, it usually just takes time. Hugs and kisses, Alex :)

I saw Spaulding again today! chowing down on BBQ chicken;..... Later on; we took a walk down the beach; and as I suspected; he brought up the subject of his bowels he did last week. We talked like we'd known each other for years....closer than brothers. He's had a bunch of problems with constipation since he was about 8 or so. He's had enemas and suppositories administered by his Mom; but for the past few years he's kind of taken things into his own hands and assumed responsibility for his bowels. Nevertheless; he worries about it a lot and often feels uncomfortable and naseaus because he is rather severely constipated most of the time. We've really sort of bonded. He's such a kewl kid who shares many of my interests and I'm the only adult who has ever really talked to him man to man about his bowels. I'm completely open with him about all my troubles when I was it felt to be constipated, how I felt to know that others knew I was constipated, and down and dirty talk about what I (and he) do to relieve the problem. He told me that until we talked; he believed that he was the only kid to ever dig out his crap with his fingers....he was too embarrassed to ever tell anyone that. And; he resisted doing it until one day he realized that there was just no other way to get the job done. I admired his candor and openness when I asked him how long it had been since he'd last gone.... he told me that just this morning he managed to push out a couple of "golf-ball sized" lumps. I asked him how his week had gone though...and there were several days with no movement at all; preceded by days when he could only pass a "peanut" or two at a sitting. Today and yesterday were the first hint that things were starting to loosen up; mainly as a result of his "fingers doing the walking". I really feel for him...and he knows just how similar I was when I was his age. Like many constipated guys; his appetite seems to peak after having a movement of any significance. I would sure like to see him get relief; it would give me an opportunity to get him started on a better diet. Here's another thing that we can both "relate" to..... During those times when he is able to pass normal movements....he describes in great detail just how pleasurable they are to him....kind of a special treat which is off limits to him except for "special occassions". Do I like this kid or what???

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Mark B
Last week I went for a trip to Lille (a city in northern France). I went into the toilet in the international railway station. To get in, men and women had to queue up together at an electronic till where a very smart (this is France, remember) young woman was taking money. For men, 2 francs if you stand up, 3 if you sit down. (Women, as usual in these toilet charging regimes, always have to pay the higher rate). Of course due to my British reservedness I just put the 2 franc piece on the counter and hoped she would know what I wanted, but no, she looked at me expectantly, while people queued behind me in the line, so I had to say "urinoir, s'il vous plait" before she would take my money and let me in. While I stood at the urinal, peeing, I wondered what would happen if I changed my mind and needed to go into the cubicle to do a poo. (It can happen that while you are peeing you realise that you need to do more). Would I be expected to go back and pay another franc? And if I went straight into the cubicle, would she come and open the door on me while I was sitting there, and say : "le caca? ca c'est encore un franc, m'sieur". (rough translation: a poo-poo? That will be another franc, sir)... Dream on... (Yes I did visualise it in French, by the way, which is why I wrote that). Mark B

Tomboy, great story, but how big were the two huge pieces of brown shit that the girl did? How long and how fat if you can remember and were they smooth or lumpy? Matt, why did your ex wife leave her panties behind after doing the big turd. Had she nearly done it in her panties and left a mark "touching cloth" as they say. John from the mid west area. Good to have you here and let's hope you post more. Like you I like the big fat knobbly turds that women do. Over the years since I was a kid, that's about 40 years or so, I have seen many turds and have also noticed that girls and women do fatter and more knobbly turds than boys and men. I wasnt too surprised at this fact when I saw the big turds that adult women did, after all they were grown ups and this was to be expected but when I was about 8 a girl cousin of the same age came to stay for a week with us. She was the same height and build as me and of course ate the same food that week. Now she wasnt constipated and indeed had a motion every day just after lunch as I did myself. I saw her turds owing to the fact that our toilet cistern took a knack to flush properly and didnt always clear the pan first time when it did flush. Her jobbies were the same length as mine but a bit fatter and more compacted and knobbly although she was then the same! build as me. Over the years I have noticed this and I consider that it is partly due to the female rectum being a different shape to the male, being wider. I also wonder if there is a hormonal reason, perhaps causing the female bowel to absorb more water making their stools harder than mens. As an example I have often seen the motions done by my friends George and Moira. Both are quite tall and ???? people and do big "panbusters" but Moira's jobbies are a little bit fatter than George's and more lumpy where his are smoother, yet both eat and drink the same. John if you, (or anyone else) have any observations on this I would be interested. Melissa, I too found Nicola's tale about her accident interesting. To get within site of your house and toilet but not make it must have been a "bummer" in both senses of that word. At least it was a solid motion and her knickers kept it all in and were big enough to accomodate what she passed without too much mess. Again she was lucky that her brother didnt mock her about it and her mum was a decent type. It goes to show that if you are brought up without prudish hang ups about natural functions the problems you and your sister have had dont occur. Although my upbringing in the 1950s and 60s wasnt "progressive", (a Scottish Catholic home), it was quite easy going for that time and culture and such matters as defecation etc while not performed in front of other family members, (the toilet door was always closed when someone was using it for either function),were not subjected to the taboos that were common about such matters at the time. As I have also said I wasn't subjected ! to the weekly dose of laxative whether I needed it or not that lots of the other kids still suffered, although by then this nasty custom was dying out. I cannot recall laxatives in my home as a kid or anyone ever taking them apart from "liquid Parafin" (Mineral Oil in the USA) which in the normal dosage is just a lubricant. Im glad you and Melanie have taken back control of your natural functions and that you are able to fine tune the amount of fruit and fibre in your diet to get the type of large solid but not too difficult to pass motion that you and I both enjoy doing.

The Toilet Man
I have an unusual question to ask. Whenever it is hot, I sometimes feel that my butt is "leaking". It is always sweat, but it feels so uncomfortable. Especially when I am outdoors for a long time, such as a theme park. I can remember one day when I went to a theme park and it was hotter than hell, I swear, my butthole was sweating like crazy. I would have to go to a toilet, sit and "clean" myself every hour or so. And my underwear always gets stained. I hate that, any suggestions? Does this happen to women also? You women have so many things you can use to feel "refreshed," we men don't have any! What if I were to use a maxi-pad?!!!!!!!!! Women, don't laugh at that, but that is the only thing I can think of!! I have not tried it yet, but I think I should!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women please help me answer that!!!

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