Was biking yesterday and i was walking my bike thru a wooded path and i came upon a female jogger seeming pulling up her shorts coming out of a clearing.She was very nice looking and smiled sheepishly as she brushed by me.Then,i thought,i wonder where she came from?So i went back to where she came from and i looked back at her walking away from me and she kept looking back,so i was curious and went into the clearing where she was and lo and behold i saw a fresh BIG load of poo with some pink tissue along side of the pile.It was this long sausage (8-10 in long) and this mushy,loose poo on top.It was so fresh that no flies were anywhere near it.This excited me in a way and i wanted to poo on top of her pile,but i didn't have to go,but i figure i'll try anyway.So i pulled off my shorts and squatted over her poo and just started pushing.It was cool,i had really never pooed on top of someones poo when i didn't know who it was.I guess this forum gave me the idea!Anyway,i'm squatting! there pushing out my anus to try to poo and suddenly i let out this long fart and all of a sudden i started to shit.It was loose and mushy and it came out slow and it was falling right on top of her poo.I was in a weird way really getting off on this.Then,i wondered,if i was being watched,so i turned around ,but ther was no one there( i was kind of hoping the jogger came back to watch,but ony in my crazy mind!Anyway,i did a pretty good load for not really having to poo,but i think in the summer,i could almost poo at will.Doe's anyone else out there that can poop any time thay want to? tell me about it.So i pushed my anus out some more and got off in a great way and wiped and was on my way,and i looked back at the pile of poo and it was a good pile.I didn;t go as much as she did,but it was cool to look at both our poos.Maybe she'll double back and see what i added to her poo!I enjoyed thatBYE

I was in wallmart and the urge hit me. I ran to the restroom took the middle stall pulled my pants and panties down sat down and it was huge waves of diarrhea and it smelled bad it stoped so I wiped 4 times and it started comming out again then 3 young ladys about my age walked in and there was only 3 stalls the yongest lady knocked on my stall and asked if I was done i said just a min. but a nother flood of diarrhea hit when I finly got done I saw the young setting on the sink with diarrhea like me .

Tawana: I am happy to use the toilet at work. I go a lot when I'm not at home. I go to a rough public school and I am scared to explode my bowels, so I manipulate my stomach muscles and let it out easy. I do not want to be embarrassed. Sometimes the security guard (female) is listening by the door. Plus the guards are in on the criminal acvtivity with the other kids. And the bathroom is the place where they deal. We have to sign in and out. It sucks and I will be glad to graduate next year. I confided this to Althea and she told me to find a bathroom on a lightly used floor. One day there was no paper in the school. The girls were taking their pisses, only. I had to wait until I got home to take a crap. The pain was hard against my rectum. I have a younger brother, 13 y/o who I love dearly. He had to pee, but he waited. He came home from school and found me with my blue jeans and white FOL panties at my ankles. I had dropped a nine inch log and was rolling off paper and wiping myself! standing up. When I flushed, most went out the tubes. Only three pieces were swimming still.

Hi folks, I just got back from week long trip to Hotlanta, USA. A little business, a little pleasure and fun, the ladies are so friendly down there. Anyhow, I had a somewhat unusual pooping experience the morning before I checked out of my hotel suite and I do mean suite! I had waken up at 7:00 that morning and I went to sit on the toilet. I had not taken a BM in about 4 days, even though I had eaten a lot over that time. I sat there for 5 min. and nothing happened, so I got up and went down to the cafe to eat a hearty breakfast before my 10:00 a.m. checkout. I got back to my room at about 8:00 and halfway through my packing rutine, I got the twitch in my but. I sat on the toilet and within a second, a large turd shot out of my rear end. There was no sound and not much smell either. I got up and just flushed the solid firm 10 incher down the shoot. As I finished packing about 20 minutes later, the urge hit again. As I was sitting, my ass breifly exploded and a somewhat loose 10 inch log roared out the gate. This one had some punch behind it and it took a lot of paper and flushes, oh yes, skidmarks also. I even used some of the hotel towels to clean my rear end up because of my sensativity to cleanliness. Afterwords, I put the dirty used towels in a spare plastic clothes bag and put a note on it to warn the maid to be carefull. I was amazed afterwords that I passed two big one's back -to- back. I did not think a persons colon was big enough to hold two of them at a time. Wow! has any one else experienced this?

Hi. Melissa, I'm glad you and your sister are pooping normally without too much trouble. Yes, I am back to normal going number two once or twice daily but much smaller than that midnight s*** I took. Traveler, I'm happy you like my stories. I like going poo and telling people on here about it. Steph, please have Alex tell me about her trouble if she had any in pooping after taking the pain killers. Love, Torie

Oh, the joys of a great buddy dump! A couple of months ago at a convention (I'm not going to reveal the type of convention so as not to tell too much about myself), I got acquainted with a guy a year younger than me (I'm 19). We talked a lot about women and school and shit like that. Anyway, our "meetings" that kept us about an hour each had a lot of free time in between. At the place where we were meeting, there is one bathroom with two shitters, and one of them has a door and one doesn't. During this convention, this damn bathroom was busy as hell! Guys were shitting in there non-stop. Anyway, one day after lunch, this friend and I were walking around and I said I needed to find a bathroom. I really did need to shit, but the main reason I mentioned it around him was that I wanted a buddy dump to come out of it. Anyway, he said okay and we walked around and found the only bathroom in the building. I went in and went to the stall and started pulling my pants down. As I was standing there, I could see him because the wall of the stall was not very tall. Anyway, I could see him looking my way and looking at the stall next to mine. After he saw it had no door on it, I could tell he was disappointed. Anyway, he just stood there and talked to me while I shit. But I could tell that he wanted to go, too, but didn't want to be seen by anyone. So I thought I would try it again the next day. The next day we were in a different building that had 3 stalls all with doors. As we were walking to that building, I said I needed to find a bathroom again--it was right after breakfast, a prime time. Anyway, he said okay and followed me to the bathroom. He never said anything about having to go, but he came with me anyway. I thought to myself--jackpot! Anyway, I went in and sat down and could see his feet entering the stall next to mine. I asked him if he had to go, too, and he said not until I mentioned it to him a few minutes ago and that he had to now. So I said join me in on the fun. We sat there for about ten minutes shitting slowly, having a really good time, and talking about stuff. We both grunted quite a bit. I never did hear any turds come out of him, but I still enjoyed it. We repeated this two or three more times during the convention on different days after that, thoroughly enjoying it. The second time we did it, I went into the stall and he went into his and sat down, and I told him that he must have to go as well, just like the first time, and he said, yeah, the eggs were a little runny at breakfast. As soon as he sat down, I could hear shit explode from his asshole, like a rocket or something. It was cool! Best buddy dumps I've ever had.

Tiny Girl
Hey, I am still waiting on comments (of clogging toilets) from the buddy dumpers here! I've yet to get any! And as for the person who mentioned that this forum needs a new picture, I definitely agree. HOWEVER, I think that it is highly necessary for a male picture this time. I've seen about 3 pictures since I've known about this forum and I have yet to see any males on the toilet. I think it's only fair...since we do have males here as well as females.

Thanks to all who answered me. I'm glad you have sweet boyfriends/girlfriends who help you with this. George from Scotland - you have a good idea there - I may have to try that.

Melissa - Cammy and I are both glad that things are going well with you and your sister now. I know it's been said, but there is no need for you or your sister to have to go through that from your mother. I'm very proud of both of you for standing up for your mother, but just remember that loves you both and in her own twisted way was only trying to help, I think. Oh, and don't worry is your story is too emotionally painful to tell. We're not here to see people get emotionally hurt.

Well, I haven't buddy dumped (clever name!!) since Christmas, but I did have a neat solo one this morning. It came out almost immediately and was long and thick. It seems I can do this without pushing, although sometimes more is there and it takes some work to get it out (it somehow hides behind the softer one and really hurts me to get it out). Can anyone help me with this? Cammy says laxatives are bad (he showed me Nicola's post about their history and all I can say is "wow"). Anywa, I've got to go. My love to everyone.

XXOO, Kimmy My turn first!! Mel, I'm glad you didn't take it as coming on too strong. I have a "problem" which I like to call chronic hugging which is not too serious, although I do like to do it alot, especially if a girl has a problem. I have since moved on to easier methods, such as talking (of course!), getting Kleenex, etc.

Anyways, enough about that. I did get in trouble for coming here at my "workstation". I'm supposed to be working on Mavis Beacon all morning, NOT on the Net, partially because of another habit (not this or scat, but something called emulation which I will explain some other time). Anyways, the (excuse the term) fat bitch (I really don't care about looks as long as the attitude's OK, otherwise you make my hit-list) reads the page, gets REALLY p.o.ed, then, as punishment, takes me to the can with her as punishment!! No, I'm not REALLY happy about it, as she stank up the joint. First, she pulled me into the ladies' room, sat me down on the floor, sat herself down on the can and proceeded to take a dump. It stank so bad, I think my eyes started to water. When she was finished, she asked me how sexual I thought it really was. Now I find nothing sexual about dumping, although it has interested me for awhile. The interest has NOT dissipated from me, although I wouldn't mind ! doing this with someone nice and NOT a bitch. I'm glad certain people hee enjoy buddy dumping, although I'm not sure I could try it myself. Kimmy and I sorta did it back at Christmas, although I was outside both doors keeping her and her sister (who had company. That was exhilerating and cool. Well, I'm done; it's Kimmy's turn.

I had a bad experience yesterday, but in the end, I think it sort of helped me and my co-worker be more open around each other. My co-worker Andrew and I share a large office (instead of having two small cubicles). Although there's no sexual attraction between us, we've become pretty good friends, and often go out to get lunch together. Yesterday we got some Chinese food from a buffet; it tasted fine, but something must have been wrong with it.

All afternoon, after lunch, I had been experiencing these ominous gurglings in my stomach, and cramps. I had a feeling what was coming. I also had a feeling that Andrew was heading down the same path, because there was a smell in our shared office that suggested he had some bad gas! (Andrew is a perfect gentleman, and sort of shy, so he would never just "let one rip" at work, intentionally). Finally the gurglings turned into that urgent sensation when you know you're going to have diarrhea, and I hurried to the bathroom. I ended up having horrible watery diarrhea, and stayed in there about 10 minutes because it kept coming in "waves".

When I got back Andrew looked at me and said "everything ok?". I just said that I had a stomachache. The room continued to smell, and Andrew looked uncomfortable. I still wasn't feeling right myself. All of a sudden, I heard this loud wet fart from Andrew, and he got up with this horrified look on his face, and ran to the bathroom saying "Oh my God, I'm sorry". Like I said before, he's kind of a reserved, uptight person, and this was so unlike him! I felt terrible for him-- he must have had cramps and probably came close to an accident. Anyway, he was gone almost 20 minutes, and when he came back, he kept mumbling how he was embarrassed. I wanted to put him at ease, so I said "It's ok, Andrew. I have an upset stomach too. I think I might be heading back to the ladies' room myself". He seemed to relax a little then, and confided to me "you know, I barely made it". I ended up having to go twice more during the afternoon, and Andrew made 2 or 3 trips too. By the end of the day, we were actually sort of joking about it.

I think that sharing an experience like this shows us that there's a certain *humanity* that we all share, when you strip down all of our pretenses and attempts at glamour and sophistication. Deep down we're all just human beings, with the same functions and needs. Now I feel a little closer to Andrew, because we both broke down our reserved exteriors yesterday.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

13 Boy - Yes - I wet the toilet paper before I wipe. It really does make it easier, faster, and much cleaner. Actually, I wet the toilet paper, put a little liquid handsoap on it, and then I wipe really good. I complete the job by wetting the toilet paper with water and rinsing. At work, or elsewhere when I have to go, I wet a handful of paper towels (only when no one is in the restroom) and take those into the stall with me. I told a friend about this and now he does it too.

Hi to Aster and Steph and thanks for your "words of encouragement." No, I'm afraid I haven't seen Sascha in about 7 years. He moved "back home" to Alabama after college but we do exchange cards at Christmas time. Although this really isn't germane to the toilet site, we had some candid, but always respectful, talks about race and other issues. He was born in Germany, where his parents were stationed (in the US military) at the time of his birth, hence his parents giving him a German name. Discussions of the Holocaust hit home, since although he wasn't really "German," he did live there until he was 4 and he told me that some of his first words were in German. Steph, we never watched each other go to the bathroom (going poop, that is), but we have seen each other in the nude. Aster, what you wrote was beautiful. As I wrote to Steph, we never watched each other seated on the toilet, but not only did we pee beside each other at urinals more times than I can count, we have also peed in the woods together and other stuff. We also shared clothes and had no hesitation about changing in front of each other, down to the point of seeing everything. Although neither of us are gay, we did go through puberty together as the closest of friends and were very open about our bodies in front of each other. I loved your stories and hope to read more. Justin P.S., I have always thought it "weird" to use colored paper or kleenex, since it's going to be used for clearly non-decorative reasons, and I've never bought any. To each his or her own, I guess.

Andrea (San Diego)
There are two bathroom stories that are true, one of them was recent and other I can share with you that happened years ago. Several years ago I was visiting my sister, brother -in- law, and two nephews in North Carolina. They have a small house with one bathroom. My two nephews were taking a bath together (they were about the ages of 7-10), I was in the room adjacent to the bathroom playing on the computer, my sister was in her room folding clothes, my brother -in- law was outside feeding the dogs. I looked out the window and saw the dogs put up and my inlaw was walking in the house, then about couple of minutes later I wanted to check up on my nephews. The door to the bathroom was not shut, it was ajar so I opened it and saw my in-law peeing in the toilet while talking to his sons then I closed, not shut the door then turned and saw my sister looking at me like, 'hey'. She didn't say anything else but I hope she saw that I opened the door because it was ajar, I don't know if she saw that but I never said anything and don't want to. To this day I don't think my brother-in-law knew about that or my ! nephews. Anyone have those kinds of incidents where the person you walked in on doesn't know about what happened? On July 31 a Saturday me, my mom, two of her friends and two of their friends went to dinner then to a concert (Okay, it was Neil Diamond) before we left dinner, me my mom, her friend and another friend of hers went to the bathroom then we went to the concert. I drank some soda, my mom and her friends like everyone else drank beer then after the concert the lines to the bathroom were long, so we left the arena for the parking lot the decided to go to a place to use the bathroom and drink sodas but it was moved somewhere else, we went to a place that would ask for I.D. and you would have to pay with your credit card to get in, one of my mom's friends asked about that but didn't ask about paying to use the bathroom. I noticed that my mom's male friend had to go bad because he was moving around then my mom said, 'I gotta go.' Then we saw a Holiday INN and went to look for a lobby then ran into one of the janitors and asked where the lobby is then I thought about going to the resturant. While we were in the parking lot to the resturant my mom's male friend had said, 'maybe we should knock on someone's door and ask can we use your bathroom' then laughed. We found the bathrooms and went. After my mom was finished I decided to go, I didn't have to go bad but figured it will take awhile to get home. The stall had a door but no lock so I asked my mom if she could hold the door from the top so other people will know that someone is in there, my mom held it but I was already done. I'll be back with more within a few days.

I'll tell you a few stories later. I just want to ask these questions which are for guys who play baseball or know. When you go pee, do you take out your cup that protects your penis while you play? I've always been wondering but pretty embarrased to ask. You know when I see Vice-President Gore outdoors on tv, I always wondered what would happen if a Secret Service agent had to use the bathroom? Another thing, last night I was watching a Disney movie of, 'A boy in King Arthur's Court'. There is this earthquake and the boy is sucked in the hole then two men with Armor takes the boy into the castle he asks, 'Can you take me to the boys' room, I've been holding it since the 3rd inning.' But he isn't taken to the boys room, he is taken to the king but doesn't ask to use the bathroom. After he is taken to his room, the king's daughter asks him if he has any questions, he said no. After she leaves the room, he asks where is the bathroom to himself then leaves the room then is fright! ened by Lord Belasco then runs back to his room. Strange thing is he never mentioned it again, he never paniced when he had to go and I kind of imagined that he had to go bad to look around the castle and not ask. Has anyone ever noticed that, when a character needs to use the bathroom, he/she says something but we never see if he/she did by seeing that person walk out of the bathroom closing the door? [If you want to take this part off, that is fine with me.] I know this is not a political board but I wish Gore was in that Oval Office right now, I've been feeling this way since Clinton waved that finger saying he didn't do it. I think that Bush will become the next President and Gore doesn't have a fair shot. I do like Tipper Gore more than Hillary Clinton but I do wonder how Chelsea is handling this scandal. This is how I feel.

Tiny Girl
To Traveler, I am 5'2" and I weigh 105 lbs. So I'm very petite.:-)

Hi everyone! sorry for not writting for so much time. It is exams time in the univ. Well I have a nice story (I hope). It happened a month ago. I'm sure all of you have heard about the Irish band "Garbage". Well, last month they gave a great show here in Israel. But the best show was 2 hours earlier... I live in Jerusalem and I had to pick a friend of mine from the middle of the road. I told him to wait for me in a parking area. I was the first to arrive , so I stopped my car and waited. Near the parking area there is a small kiosk. While I was waiting I saw a 20 y.a girl with t.p in her hands. I saw she started clymbing on the next short hill. I was very interested in was is going to happen. I was sure she will take a short pee and come back, so I did not think about seeing her doing her things... I went out of my car - she didn't see me and I saw her unzipping her sorts , and then she disappeared. I waited about 2 min. and when she didn't reappear I decided to take a look what is going on there. I climbed very quietly on the hill from the opposite site she climbed.after 20 seconds I was about 4 meters behind her. She sat there with her back towards me. I was emased. It was my 1st time seeing a girl in the middle of her motion. I saw her bare arse and her hands was on her knees. I was very quite and she didn't notice me. I could see clearly her panties and arse. I went back took a breath and decided to climb again and this is exactly what I did. And then I saw a huge piece of shit comming from her anus to the ground. That was too much for me - I was very scared she will see me, so I went down, when I thought - hey, this is not a private area, I will go infront of her and appologize. I did it, believe me or not!! she felt so uncomfotable, she said "hey,what are you doing here" - she put her hands on her vagina , but I still could see her pubic hair. I said I was sorry and went back. 5 min. later she went down to the kiosk. that was the time to climb again and watch the stuff she left her. There was 2 huge, but real H U G E pieces of brown shit. The t.p was just next to in, and then I noticed I was standing in a small pool of her pee. My friend came and we drove to the show. When I think about it I still feel very excited. I hope you feel like this too. Another thing this is really a great site and I really enjoy reading your posts. Cancer child - I pray for you. My dad had cancer 2 years ago and now he is just fine. Please be strong. Last thing.I have a question for the ladies: while you are on your period and have to pee, what the hell do you do with the tampon's string so it won't get wey????? Take care.

Have any of you ever seen the movie called House? There is a really funny and weird scene in there in which the lead star (William Katt) flushes the hand of a female monster down his toilet. It actually went down too! And it was quite funny.

Greast post Steph. It so great to read such personal facts about other people. One time my ex-wife and i were taking a nature hike when she grabbed her ???? and told me she had to poop really bad. She was very open minded and knew i loved to watch her pee so she asked me if i wanted to watch. I had never watched her poop before and jumped at the chance to watch. She took off her shorts and panties and spread her legs and squatted really low to the ground with me just a few feet away. Her turd was probaly at least 1 foot lond and continuous, much bigger than mine. When she was finished she grabbed her panties and wiped off and left her panties at the spot. To this day i still look back and find the moment very erotic. I hope to someday find a female who likes nature and is not ashamed to do what comes natural in front of me....keep the great stories coming...

To Torie - I liked your story of midnight relief. After four days or so without a poop I know just how big things can get - believe me. I don't know about you, but I get a little teed off if I'm woken up in the middle of the night to take a poo. I can just picture you trudging to the bathroom half asleep with that urgent feeling just behind your ring. Looks like you did a really nice long one, eighteen inches, I'm jealous. At least it wasn't so fat that it hurt, and I guess that's the main thing. Just a few gentle pushes and out it came. I guess you also answered one of the recent questions that asked if smaller people do big poops. I forgot your are four years younger and an inch shorter than me and you managed a whole 18 inches. Torie - that's a lot - my goodness! You must have felt the world was slipping out of your butt. I'm 5'5 and about 110 to 112 lbs and although I have never really tried to figure out how long my poops are, I would guess that before my dieary experiment they must have been between 12 and 15 inches. In fact I think some maybe even longer, and they almost always came out in one piece. Torie - I loved your story, I'm glad it all worked out O.K. if you will pardon the pun Thanks for telling me about it, love Melissa.

To Nicola - What a story - it sounds just like Melanie's accident except she had bad diarrhea. Her friends told her to just do it in the street or ask a neighbor. And just as with Melanie, you found it too embarrassing and things got very urgent. Believe me I know about those situations! Of course I've learned a lot from talking to Melanie and I know just how both of you must have felt. In the street you're in full view of anyone who happens to pass by, you have your panties down and you are nothing more than an exhibition, so about the only option left is to let it come right out in your pants and pray. Well at least you didn't have to trash your underwear like me. My panties were as you call them the "Tight bum hugging variety" and I think that's why they got so messed up so much. On top of that I had on a really short skirt that day so I was wearing panty hose instead of my usual thigh highs or stockings, and that made things even tighter. The other interesting thing is that your mom wasn't annoyed, I think that's absolutely wonderful. Can you imagine at the age of 16 pooping in your pants and then have mom scold you for it. I remember when I had accidents as a little girl my mom also just brushed it off. It's a real shame she had a control attitude with the rest of my sister's and my bowel habits. I really loved your story and it's great to know I'm not alone in having full-blown accidents in my pants. I love you Nicola - please keep posting - Hugs, Melissa.

To Sparky - Yes I probably could have excused myself, after all I was picking up clothing from the floor which could have waited. In many ways though I am my own worst enemy because I simply have the habit of holding my poo in until the very last minute. That's what I had been doing all afternoon and by coincidence my customer turned up at about the same time that I really should have gone to the bathroom. I'm not sure why I hold my poo but I suspect that it started as a rebellion against my mom who until I was about 14 exercised overbearing control of my bowel habits by dosing me with laxatives. The thing is that I now enjoy the sensation of holding it in and what's more it has a hidden benefit for me. One of my problems used to be that as soon as I felt the urge, I would go straightaway and sit on the toilet and wait for my poo to come out. The trouble was that very often when I sat on the toilet and relaxed, the urge would disappear and I would be left frustrated and ! disappointed. What I discovered was that if I held it in until the last minute I could be almost guaranteed a nice long full poop. And yes you are right, if Ceesha hadn't given up the seat for me I would have loaded my underwear, of that I have no doubt.

To Kim - Please say Hi to Cammy for me and he shouldn't worry about coming on strong. I didn't take it that way at all. We so rarely get to hear from you so please keep posting. If you go back and look at some of my posts you will find one around June 17th or 18th or so, sorry I don't know the page number off hand, describing how my friend Angela helped me in the public restroom at the mall. She has also helped me at other times and one of them has led to some emotional difficulties. I keep promising I will tell the story and indeed I will - it's just a little difficult to put into words, please be patient and I will post it soon. All my love - Melissa.

To Moira - Seems like we enjoy exactly the same sensations. It's these sensations I'm trying to get back and you are right, the secret is to adjust my diet so that I get the most satisfying poop. The one thing I am being careful not to do is simply go right back to my original diet. Can you imagine e what that would do to me?. Love to you and George - Melissa.

To Marleen - My goodness you seem to be so well organized and so well prepared. I really love it. To tell you the truth I have never deliberately peed through my panties. I have had accidents where I have peed myself and I don't mean just a squirt, I really do mean a full pee. But every time that has happened it has just run down my legs, I think because of my panties. I remember as a little girl my aunt took me to a country fair where we had a picnic on the grass. There were quite a number of other folks about and I was so desperate to pee that my aunt decided that pulling my panties down and squatting with my dress hitched up in public was probably inappropriate. So what she did was to quickly pull my panties down and told me to step out of them. Then she told me to stand there with my legs spread quite far apart and just pee. Oh I remember the feeling of relief come over me as more and more of my pee came out. It was wonderful, I remember it came out in a stream! and I didn't get a single spot on my legs. What's more I had nice dry panties to put back on afterwards. Tell me your secret Marleen, how do you pee through your panties without it going down your legs? All my love - Melissa.

Now - To all my friends just to let you know how Melanie is doing. It seems that the fruit and fiber is working for her just like it did for me. This Saturday evening I was in my bedroom when Melanie came in all smiles. She obviously had something to tell me - "Guess What" she said, "I went to the bathroom today without any help". She said it took a long time to come out but she only pushed very very gently when she felt it might be stopping. But it didn't hurt at all - in fact, to quote Melanie, "It felt really good". Again my thanks to all of you who have supported Melanie and myself through all of this - love, Melissa

I rread the Sitting on the Toilet survey, and I saw that up to 6% of women in some age categories shit more than 5 timea day. I myself shit twice a day, and I can't imagine someone going more than 3 times unless they're sick. Do any of the women here go more than twice a day on average?

Hi eveyone I have been busy looking at the previous posts. I will hope to be publishing a story soon. keep posting!

I just thought that I should tell the forum guys that it is time to change the picture, I think the lady is finished now, she has been up there for quite some time, maybe too long, anyways, change her ok? Well I only have a second, I have to go to work but I just wanted to tell you that I had a really cool group dump today. My best friend and I, and her sisters, all three of them, and my other friend, the six of us all had a group dump in the girls room today, at the same time, it was a six seater, we really pooped it up too, it seemed like the six of us hadn't gone in like four days because we all sat there pooping and pooping for like 20mins. non-stop. There was this other lady that came in the door and went into the bathroom, checked under the doors, she said "damn" and just sat there waiting for a while, she must have heard me shift and went over to my doorless stall. I told her I was about finished, she just pulled her pants and panties down and came in and said it was an emergency, she had to poop really bad. She was a heavy set dark complected woman, her butt was really big. I quickly moved and said for her to poo there, she sat down and busted with a big wave of diareea, I had to lean over her to get my purse out from back there, I waited for my friend to finish and soon she emerged with her panties down to her ankles asking if I had any paper, she checked at the sink and found a roll. I could see her dirty poopy crack as she waddled back to her stall, pretty bad huh? Well, all for now I have to go to work.

The other day I was driving home from a club and I really had to go but there was really no where to pull over and go so I went to a gas station. The guys bathroom was locked so I went into the cashier and he said that they were having problems with it so I could just go in the womens. I went in and found a stall and took it out to piss. Just as I was going this group of like 4 or 5 women came in and there were only 3 stalls and the one was occupied. They had to have known I was a guy if they saw my shoes cause I was standing up and then they had to have heard me cause I piss loud. I went on for a really long time and then decided I might as well shit too. I got the pleasure of listening to 2 of the girls piss and then one of the other ones asked if I was almost done. I told her that I would be about another 25 minutes if she wanted to wait. I sat down and intentionally made my grunting and pushing sounds louder than usual. They all laughed when they heard this shit drop into the toilet. To make it even better, it just kept coming and then I just ripped this huge fart and if I had tried I think I could've gotten all their phone #s.

Mad Poo Man
Does anyone else leak a little poo out after they have done their business? I can take a dump and wipe till I think i'm totally clean but then an hour later I feel dirty and sure enough when I check it it's like I left it a mess.

To Marleen: I live in San Diego! I have never psoted before, but i decided to so I could tell you!

Hi all. It's been quite a while since I last posted. Hope all my constipated buddies like Carlos, Mod Joe, Thom and the rest will consider posting. Carlos, I did submit a post about my buddy dump with my constipated office co-worker, but for some reason it never made it to the board. I will get to that when I have more time. Gary, what did you find out about your 16 year old friend? Did he finally poop? I can really sympathize, since I was also constantly constipated as a teenager. Emily and Jason from Texas -- I found out about two months ago that my lifelong constipation problems are a result of having megacolon. I finally found a doctor who is a professor at a major medical school in California that made the diagnosis. So you guys are not alone. You may know from my earlier posts that I use dulcolax suppositories twice a week to have a bowel movement. The poops are huge and uncomfortable, but at least I can go and there isn't too much straining. Also with the suppositories I choose the time I want to poop. I really hate oral laxatives, because with megacolon, you never know if or when they are going to work. I did have an embarrasing accident one time when I was in college when I took a laxative. Emily, have you tried the dulcolax-type suppositories? I find them more convenient than an enema and less messy. I have had to resort to enemas a couple of times. They do work great but I am afraid to use them too often as Carlos has warned several times about his becoming dependent on them in high school. Emily, are you worried about becoming dependent? Jason from Texas-- I am from Texas, too. Tell me more about your surgery. The doctor in California recommended surgery for me, but I am very reluctant to have it done. Did they remove all of your colon or just part? Was it painful? Did it cure your constipation problem or do you still have to take things to help you poop? I would really appreciate any advice you have about the surgery. Also, what were you taking before the surgery to make you poop and why did it stop working? I am worried that the dulcolax suppositories and even enemas may stop working one day. Is that what happened? Do you have any recommendations about what works for us guys with megacolon, short of surgery? Also, where did you have your surgery done? Was it in Texas? I would like to consult with those people. Also, how old are you? I have so many questions. It would be great to talk in person.

Monday, August 09, 1999

Midwest are. I like poop stories ahope to make good friends here. I like the fat, knobby big ones especially when a woman does it. More soon. John

Hi guys! Caroline, I personally always use white toilet paper, and not the "recycled" kind; I find that it's too hard on my butt/vagina. My friend Jodi usually has colored paper at her house; I don't recall ever taking a dump there (though we have "buddy dumped" at my house). I have peed and wiped my vagina with colored paper and no, I don't think it would cause any undue irritation. Interesting question, though.... Justin, I LOVED your story about you and Sascha. A couple of questions. Are you two still in touch and have you two actually "buddy dumped," meaning watched each other go? You said that that experience was a rewarding "buddy dump," but I'm afraid sitting next to each other separated by stalls does not qualify as one... Redneck, interesting points about our society becoming more "repressed." I am, paradoxically, free spirited about the human body and am very aware of the need for people (male and female) to have their "space," or privacy when engaging in intimate matters. That woman was probably right in forbidding anyone else into the bathroom other than the actual "user." Especially considering that her kid is young and who knows how the other parent(s) would feel if they found out that their kid was "buddy dumping" with somebody else. As you know, I do go with a couple of friends, male and female, but we vary in age from 18-21, so there is a little more discretion involved. BTW, none of our parents have a clue that we're interested in this stuff! Nyad, your coach sounds like a really unsympathetic, "win at all costs" a-hole. I assume she is aware that you were involved in that accident and your skills are hence a little "rustier" than before. The best thing I can tell you is to keep practicing and prove to that jerk that you can swim as well as you used to. Torie, I'm glad you're pooping normally again. Alex (my friend) had her wisdom teeth taken out a couple of years back. I'm sure she'd be glad to tell you about her ability (or lack of) to "go" after the operation. Peace and love to everyone, you're the best! Steph

My boyfriend had spent the night at my place for the first time in our relationship. Before we got to my apartment we had done a little partying and he had a little too much beer. On the cab ride home we had to tell the driver to pull over about 5 blocks too early so my bf could go pee. He was so drunk I not only had to help him over to an alley but I had to help him go. This actually kind of turned me on so it wasn't all that bad. When we got to my place and I finally got him up to my floor he had to go again but he said he was find by himself. He went into my bathroom and closed the door. By this time I really had to go myself so I knocked and told him I need to go. He said he'd be out in a minute so I waited a minute and then opened the door. He was sitting on the toilet with his legs spread taking the biggest shit I had ever seen. I think he was embarrassed to see me but I was even more embarrassed when I told him he would have to move for a second. He said he couldn't and I just couldn't hold it anymore so I took of my pants and panties, got in the shower, spread my legs and peed for the longest time I could remember.

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