I was lying in bed at night and I felt the urge to poop but I knew I would be able to hold it so I decided I would go in the morning. I was wearing a thong which wasn't helping much but I fell asleep pretty soon. In the morning when I woke up I just stayed in bed for a few minutes but then I felt this big movement inside and then I could feel the poo starting to come out. I squeezed my cheeks together and went to the bathroom and pulling down my panties and the longest piece of crap I had ever taken in my life just fell out. It felt so good to get it out and when I looked in between my legs to see it, it had to have been almost a foot long. I took a pee after, wiped, and flushed twice.

RACHEL, you asked about bidets. I've lived in two places where people seem to have them as standard equipment in the home, but there are some countries where you commnonly find them in hotels, as you did. Actually, you sit on them facing the wall, not forward, as you would on a toilet. ("Bidet" comes from the French for a "little horse," because you straddle the device.) They're meant for cleaning any and all of one's bottom - anus, crotch, vaginal area. You can either fill them up and splash or use the water jet. Yes, the jet does feel nice splashing against one's ring. But be careful! If too much pressure gets the water inside the rectum and colon, the mixture of air and water can be very unpleasant, even harmful. Ditto for the vagina. Lastly, Rachel, I'll have to be delicate about this because I've never strayed off topic at this forum and don't intend to do so, but this can't be left unsaid on the topic of bidets. For female users, don't forget to clean around the urethral meatus, the place where pee comes out. And after that, the next time you use a bidet, adjust yourself and the water pressure to let the jet spray for a while on the area just above the meatus. As a guy, I wouldn't know, but some women friends tell me that the results can be most satisfying, if you get my drift ;-}) Enjoy your holiday!

13 boy
When ever i poop I usually wet the toilet paper beacause it makes it easier to wipe my butt does anyone else do this?

Christine To Rachel I read all your experiences and they were great, mine is on page 210. Why don't you do the whole lot down the shower drain hole like I do, I recommend it? Just dont miss!

CAROLINE, no, your concern about colored toilet paper isn't silly. I have also heard that the dye in some brands can irritate the skin. Sorry if that spoils your bathroom decor. How about using paper with a muted pattern in it as a compromise? CANCER CHILD (JULIAN), that's great to hear about the new hair on your head! I think all of us here are rooting for you, hoping you'll someday have a full head of hair again and nice, regular poohs. SANDRA, my guess is that Miss Rawlins was interested in seeing and being seen, although I wouldn't totally rule out her sympathy for your situation. TINY GIRL, I've often wondered the same thing as you when I read buddy dumping posts here - how can so much poo not get clogged? BTW, now that Melissa has told us her height, just how "tiny" are you, Tiny Girl?? Like you, MELISSA, I prefer long, firm motions, so I hope you are finding a happy medium with your new diet. I had just such a motion this morning. I deliberately did not push, just let the reflex move my colon and waste. As a result, it took a long time to come out and sent a wonderful, tingling sensation through my arms - of all places! Thanks for revealing your stature of 5'5". Seems your productions don't take a back seat to anyone else's. TORIE, glad you and your dumps are getting back to normal. This place wouldn't be the same without your delightfully descriptive p***s. Lastly, RACHEL, I think my comment to you should go in another post. Take care, all.

Cheers to all! Been busy with other projects, sites 'n' stuff, but always glad to return here. A pot-pourri (so to speak!) of greetings: TIM: Way to go, young one! Thanks for sharing, and especially for being so wonderfully open and down-home with your friend...and welcome to one of the most fun (and funniest!) sites on the web! I wanted to tell you that I'm dear friends with several families who had young kids during the grown into teen-agers. When two of these boys, who were very close buddies, were about five years old, the dad of one of them came into the bathroom to find one boy pooping on the toilet...and the other boy peeing directly into the space between the sitting boy's legs...and both of them giggling like fiends! (Do great young minds think alike?!) As I said, they were very close buddies. No real problem about it, 'cause dad was (and is) a very cool guy. In fact, when the "sitting" boy would sleep over at the "standing" boy's house, before putting them both to bed the "standing" boy's dad would say to them: "OK, you guys...go to the bathroom and take one last-minute pee before I tuck y! ou in!" And what they'd do is run into the bathroom, stand together facing each other (one on each side of the bowl), and pee into it at the same time, crossing their streams like laser swords! I'm really glad you feel so completely open and relaxed with your friend. May you always have such beautiful friendships in your life. God bless you...and please keep posting! DOUG: What a fantastic idea! Why don't you e-mail the set-up scenario and suggestion to WBBM? I'll bet they'd love it...unless they're TOTAL prudes, prigs and stuffed-shirts. At the very least, it would make for a hysterical "in-house" promo to circulate as a gag among the station staff...and don't bet that some wag wouldn't actually do it. We receive WBBM from Chicago all the way out here on the East Coast. They're a powerhouse station. JUSTIN: Your sharing with Sascha is simply one of the most wonderful and beautiful and touching stories I've ever read, at this or ANY BBS site. It shows us all what a truly intimate human connection is about. It is such a gift when it happens. And what you wrote to us is a complete justification for this site to exist...if any such justification were the face of those who think this whole enterprise is "weird". You totally "get" what it's about. You're clearly a very mature and beautiful (and perhaps even an angelic) soul in a young body. I'm so happy you told us the tale of your extraordinary bathroom bonding with Sascha...and how it brought the outrageous evil and absurdity of racial apartheid home to both of you. I assume that as close friends, you guys had peed with each other at the boys' room urinals before. But this "sitting together" was clearly something extraordinary, because of the classroom lesson that preceded it. I can feel my eyes growing moist as I! write this. PLEASE...stay in touch. I trust I can speak for the entire contributing membership when I say that WE LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!

To TAWANA & AMANDA-Hey, You're my kind of girls! Great stories!Nice healthy poos are the best,aren't they?Keppthose stories coming!TO SANDRA- Boy, i wish i had a nice looking scholl teacher poo in front of me to help me out.Boy,i would have no problem with that!Was she attractive?(MS.rawlins)Great story! I was biking to the store this a.m. and on the way back,i had to poo.I rushed home and went in and sat on the bowl.I usually get totally undressed in the summer when i go cause it's sometimes hot in the bathroom.A long hissing fart announced the start of the BM.I was sitting there with my legs apart slightly and i looked down and saw this long turd curling foward towards the front of the bowl.I wasn't pushing very much and then when i noticed this,i spread my legs apart to get a better view.This turd kept coming out and it was wrapping around the front of the bowl as it was still coming out my anus.It was weird to see it coming foward like that.It all came out in one lo! ng---turd.It must have been a 1 and half footer.At one point,i just let it stop and hang there partially in the bowl and partially out my asshole.It was all in the front of the bowl.It was wild! them i farted and some mush came out and i was done.That was a first.Anyone else have this happen to them?BYE

To Rachel: I don't see how you could take your panties of in the middle of town. However, when you manage to pee through your panties a little away from people such that the stream doesn't get noticed you can just walk away from it. Here is how I do it:
- I slightly spread my legs (my legs are thin), the stream needs place to pass.
- I start very slowly until the pee has found its way out throught the lowest point in the crotch.
- From then on I just let go.
- When wearing a silk or nylon pantyhose I rub the visible part once with my hand, this immediately removes the wet look. The combination of being desparate, relieving and doing something naughty feels good. I don't enjoy leaking though.
One evening I was together with a customer walking back to the hotel where we were both staying (in San Diego). After a couple of blocks I had to pee so bad. I really had to concentrate completely on holding it. My customer noticed something was wrong and asked whether I was OK. I said everything was OK. At a red trafic light I had to cross my legs to hold it. So now he knew what my problem was and when he asked me if I was OK again I told him I was desparate to pee. My problem was getting worse by the minute and when he asked for the third time if I was I was OK, I answerred (I thought by myself he realizes anyway my panties were wet already, which they were): "Jeff, I hate to do this but I so desparate I have to pee right here." He said: "You cannot take your panties off, right here in the middle of town." While spreading my legs and starting to pee, I softly said: "I will not take them off, I am peeing right through them. Please, just don't look." He didn't really look as such, but of course, you could hear the stream and a large puddle appeared on the pavewalk. I could see he was actually more embarrassed than I was because you could notice it, somehow, turned him on. Afterwards, we just continued to our hotel. This is the only time I ever wet myself when somebody was with me and I have to say, in a way, it was great. I felt like if I did something that takes a lot of courage to do (of course, I realize I actually just wet myself).

Sparky, Im in my mid twenties. Redneck, although its trying to make inroads in the UK Im glad to say that Politicial Correctness isnt as bad here as in the USA. Its really what George Orwell warned us about in "1984" a perversion of the language into "newspeak". Now I agree that some expressions are automatically wrong, the "N" word for black people or "cripple" for the disabled, or "poof" for a homosexual. All of these should no longer be used by decent people. I object to some of the silliness however that is used, "chalkboard" instead of blackboard being an example, and totally reject positive discrimination and other tokenism. Now as regards privacy in the toilet, that is up to the individual. I dont allow the world and his wife to watch me doing either a wee wee or a motion but there are some I am quite happy to let accompany me. I was brought up not to be inhibited about my natural functions such as urination, defecation, menstruation, but respect those who's customs, upbringing, culture or religion ! are different to mine, as long as THEY dont try to ram their mores down my throat and do not try to interfere with my way of life. Redneck, your neighbour has her rules, in her house respect them, but she has absolutely no right to try to impose them on you in your own domain. A lot of people these days forget the old rule of "Live and let live"!!! Tiny Girl. Some of us like to duddy dump, some dont. I have done so since I was a kid. To be permitted to accompany a friend of either gender to witness such a personal and intimate action as defecation is a privilege and pleasure as is to let them watch. I agree that dropping one big jobbie on top of another can block the toilet but in UK toilets a couple of flushes usually moves the combined load on its way. You either like to buddy dump,or you dont. I have always liked doing so with other girls who have been friends, with my young brother and some boy cousins and other boys as I was growing up and of course with my husband. If you dont like it, dont do it. Caroline, I suppose the dye in coloured toilet paper could irritate the sensitive tissues of the anus. I usually buy white TP for my home but havent found any difficulty with coloured tissue. Poop Loggy Log. I agree with George. British people dont seem to worry all that much about the sound effects of doing the toilet. I have used a lot of school, public and changing room toilets and the girls and women who use them dont seem to be bothered that their farting, the tinkling of their wee wees, the kerplonks of their jobbies dropping into the pan etc can be heard. Lets face it, that's what a toilet is for. I suppose some really twee and shy people might be concerned but luckily the type of people I mix with, athletes and sport playing types dont have such hang ups. Lets face it, if you are in a netball, or field hockey team with a load of other girls and women and have to get changed right down to your underwear and have a communal shower afterwards with them you cant really be shy and coy about such matters. What is ironic however is that the doorless toilet stalls (cubicles) that seem to be common in some parts of the USA are not generally seen in the UK and woul! d not be popular here. Brits dont mind you listening but prefer to do their wee wees and poos behind closed doors. I have also dropped a turd in the shower from time to time at home and just picked it up and dropped it down the pan. No big deal. Likewise, I usually fart a few times before I do a motion, doesnt everyone???? Love to all from Nicola.

I was at the beach in Florida on vacation a couple of days ago. I was out in the water when I realized that I need to poop. I was a long way from the bathrooms and there was no places to dump on the beach as people and hotels fronted the beach. So, I slipped my trunks down and pushed. It was quick and clean. I observed floating on the water my streams of poo. Since I was like 75 yards out, I'm sure nothing made it to the shore. I decided to walk and look and it didn't. I was hesitant to poo in the water but I really don't think I could have made the mile walk to the public restoooms.

I have a very interesting story for you all. My family and I had traveled to Chicago a few weeks ago to visit some of my relatives. I am very close to two of my cousins (two girls, ages 10 and 7)and I was over at their house one day because their mother (one of my other cousins) and father were out having a night alone. I enjoy spending time with them, so I didn't mind being over there. I guess most of you would consider me a kid still anyway. (I'm only 16) But anyway the older one, "Katie" was outside talking with one of her friends. And I was inside getting ready to use the toilet. Then all of a sudden, the youngest, "Lydia" burst in and said that she needed to poop really bad. So I told her to go ahead. She didn't even wait for me to get out of the room as she started. I didn't stick around, but I saw enough to tell that she was pooping while standing. I've never thought to do this and I was wondering if this is very common or what. Thanks.

Saunday, August 06, 1999

I have a may sound silly but at home I prefer to use different color toilet paper: blue, pink, or yellow. A Friend of mine told me the dye can irritate your bum or cause hemorroids. Is this true? I hope not :o(

heelo this is my first post and i want to say that all of you give me the encougement to poop and i really enjoy what mellissa does for melanie ill write back to you guys still

CancerChild (Julian *female*)
Linda: Well i felt the poop again and when i feel a poop i HAVE to go right away or i lose it. I was out of the mall and i was walking throught the parking lot and i felt it. So i kept walking and strained and breathed hard. Then i felt half of it out so i yelped, screamed and out it came. It was really hard and my butthole hurt really bed. Then i started to pee. I was glad i had worn old jeans. My underwear held all my poop. It was a pretty big load too. I knew my aunt would be mad. I rode my skateboard home (pushing the baby's carrige at the same time. Then when i got home ii ran to my room and locked the door and i changed into new jeans, a blue sweatshirt and my new cap. And guess what! When i was looking in the mirror i noticed i am growing some new hair! See When you have cancer the give you chemotherapy and you lose your hair. But i still have to wear my cap. When my aunt saw me later she had no clue i had pooped my pants.

Rachel, I take it that Moira's recent posting answers your question about how she feels when we have a shared dump. I will simply add that I enjoyed watching my two girl cousins when I was growing up with them and even occasionally seeing my aunt doing a big motion if I was having a shower or a bath when she came in to use the toilet. Thus watching Moira was something I wanted to do very much and I was delighted that she was happy to let me and vice versa. The smell doesn't bother either of us all that much. A healthy solid formed motion doesnt have that nasty a smell, its the softer stools which stink badly although sometimes what we have eaten gives a strong scent to our jobbies. As you will have derived from Moira's post we dont mind wiping each other's bum afterwards. Now human feces DO carry germs which can be harmful if they contaminate food or get into a cut for example, but we simply wash our hands afterwards as one should always do after either type of toilet function. I feel that some of our American friends who post here have an obsession about the dirtyness of our natural functions, for example the use of "ass gaskets" in toilets, virtually unknown in the UK outside very posh hotels and resturants. Likewise as Moira said when she did a number two in the shower she simply picked it up (it being a solid turd as usual), dropped it into the toilet pan, washed her hands and rinsed off the bottom of the shower tray with the power shower. As simple as that. Even when her friend Zoe went from both ends in the shower after having had too much to drink, all Moira did, after helping her friend to get fully cleaned up, was to wash the mess away with the shower and give it a quick clean as much to get rid of the nasty smells than for any other reason as the powerful water jet,and the hot water and soap had removed all trace of the vomit and liquid feces from Zoe's involuntary clearout.
Kim, we rub each others ????s and give verbal encouragement when the one doing the motion is having difficulties such as being constipated. Sparky, Moira has sometimes passed the coke cans too when she has been bunged up, the sound effects are fantastic, like a load of depth charges being dropped!
Toilet Man. I sit to pee and have done so since I was a kid. If you look back at old posts you will see how I hate urinals and will only stand to pee at one in an absolute emergency if all the cubicles (stalls) are occupied and I am in danger of pissing myself. Unlike you I take my panties down too exactly as if I was doing a number two. I cannot help think that your method must be a bit uncomfortable and could have the risk of wetting your underwear in some circumstances. Besides, I wear women's knickers , having worn these since I was a kid, (I prefer them to men's), and these dont have a fly so I have to pull my panties down to pee anyway. I agree with you that one can pee a lot better sitting like a woman does. The bladder seems to empty more completely and there is no risk of dribbling on ones clothing. I also dry the end of my cock after a pee with toilet paper as I hate the feel of a wet cock inside my panties and this also reduces stains and nasty pissy smells, although I also change my underwear every day, again a habit I have had since I was a kid. Peeing sitting down, as long as you take your underpants down properly as well of course, also saves you from having a "follow through accident" as can often happen to a man standing to pee if he finds that he needs a motion at the same time as it is difficult to hold it in while peeing. On that point I would warn you that your method of keeping your underpants pulled up and taking your cock out of the front to pee while sitting on the toilet pan puts you at great risk of shitting in your underwear if a BM comes down as you sit as your bum is in the firing position as it were. In my opinion it would make a lot more sense to pull your underpants down properly and be safe and ready for either type of toilet function to occur.
Poop Loggy Logg. Moira and I laughed at your description of the prudish and twee "Toilet Etiquette" of some of the women your wife emcounters. This must again be an American habit and I bet a WASP one too. Over here in the UK, while we do have some prissy and prudish types of women, Moira tells me, (and I knew from my cousins) that such self conscious attitudes are not common amongst Scots women and they will happily allow all the grunting, farting, and kerplonking sounds to emanate from the cubicle as they do their motions, as indeed do most blokes over here. Even in some posh hotels and resturants people are not restrained in Britain about the sounds of their toilet functions and long may this be the case!

STATION IDENTIFICATION A Chicago radio station is WBBM. I think it would be great if the station identified itself with a recording of an initial bm blast (the warning fart followed by splashingand a little groan by a radio announcer)followed by the chorus WBBM!!! All of the announcers would participate. One recording than at another time another. I wonder what the public reaction would be?

greg (from Kansas)
Well Saundra, since I regulary drop by this sight just to read your post, I'll answer your question about farting before taking a dump. If I've just digested something rather spicey, or even dropped by the area "taco bell", yes I will break a fair amount of wind before my load comes out! If I have real bad gas, the kind that gives me cramps. the fart will actually relieve some of the discomfort. I have one question, you said durring warm weather you forgoe the panties. After you've had a good poo how do you combat the odor of what you've wiped away with the benefit of panties to hold in the obvious! In the summer time when I'm not working I'll just wear jogging shorts without underwear but everytime I have to poo, as you say, I will wash my anus with warm soap and water, just so I won't smell! Just curious though. I must admit I started reading this sight because I like to read the post about the women peeing, but you've my dear may have given me something else to think about!

I haven't posted in a while. I got home from work tonite and I stopped by and chatted with one of my neighbors. She has a daughter who is about 5 or 6 who started Kindergarten today. Her daughter and one of the neighborhood boys her age came over and the daughter mentioned she hd to go to the bathroom. We were chatting and the topic of going to the bathroom came up. I mentioned about when I was a kid, we use to watch each other go to the bathroom (late 1970's/early 1980's) but the neighbor mentioned that you have to be very careful these days. She mentioned that she has a rule that the bathroom is a very private place and is off limits to anyone else except the user.

Being in this age of political correctness, we are raising kids to be repressed. I enjoy farting out in the open but I am discreet around women except my wife but unfortunately, she gets very disgusted and in the 3 years we have been married, I heard her fart once or twice. I am looking to divorce her which is another story which is not pertinent here.

Doorless bathrooms and things it like are going to become very rare as we get more repressed in society (USA). Some of our kids will never experience seeing their friends on the throne and doing buddy dumps like 20 years ago. When I was in scouts 20 years ago, the summer camp I attended had one flushable john that the kids had access to which was in the troop showers by the trading post and mess hall. There was no doors to the toilet. You walk in and there is this tiny little room. A flushabe john and a trough which was the urinal. I remember walking in there to take a dump and having to wait until someone else finished doing their business. Most kids were open about it and we talked. There was one or two kids that were pretty private.

Doesn't the cee in the emblem of the Cincinati Reds remind you of a toilet seat? Especially if you turned the red background black.

The first time I had an accident in my panties was when I was sixteen. I was new in the group and just too shy to say that I had to go poop. We were driving around with a bunch of guys that I didn't know and I was so preoccupied with my need to shit that I really wasn't good company anyway. We stopped at this park in the midddle of town. As I got out of the back seat I could feel this huge turd pushing me open. I tried to stop it but it was no use the poop started slowing comming of me and into my panties. I was wearing a loose grey pleated skirt and tights and my poop felt really hard, it ussually is, so I wasn't worried about it falling out of my panties. I was was scared however that my friends might smell it or notice a bulge because my skirt was really short. But nobody even knew what I was doing. It was pretty late and everything was closed so I said I had to go home. I started walking still trying to hold back my poo even though it was mostly in my panties now. As soon as I was far enough away from them I stopped and pushed the rest of it out. It was huge but solid and hardly even smelled. I had to pee too so just peed my panties right there in the alley where I was. When I got home my mom questioned me about where I was and stuff like that but had no idea what I had done in my panties. I dumped the turd out of panties into the toilet and it hardly even stained them. It was about six inches long and thick, solid and really hard. I probably could have stayed in the park and my friends wouldn't have noticed that I had pooped myself.

Christine TO P.Loggy Logg Yes I am afraid someone will recognize me from under the cubicle, especially when I go to a exclusive girl's school, and everyone knows everyone's business and I mean everything. TO Rachel I haven't read your posts over the last week or 2, but I will now! Luckily my shower plug-hole does have a filter, but it's easy to pull out because it's loose, in the house we lived in before I had to get a screw driver and pull it out. Trouble is, we're moving house again and the first thing I'll be looking at is the plughole in the shower. TO Matt My shower experience is on page 210. But I recommend it, if you can hold on long enough. You come out completely clean, inside and out, if your aim is good, that is. I've got thick red hair, so when I shampoo, there is a lot of soap when I rinse so it helps all the poops go down.

I remember the first time I pooed outdoors - it was the first time I saw someone else poo as well. I was 9 or 10 years old and was with my class in the country on a field trip. During the afternoon I needed to poo so I shyly told my teacher Miss Rawlins. She explained that in the country it's OK to go behind a hedge. She took me away from the other kids and we found a secluded spot. Miss Rawlins told me to poo there. I pullled my skirt up and pulled down my panties and squatted. I was very shy and had never not pooed in a toilet before. Even with Miss Rawlins having her back turned, I just couldn't go. She seemed very understanding and said "would it help if I did a little poo as well?" So without asking me to turn my back she also pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and squatted. I felt very embarrassed looking at her. I'd never seen pubic hair before, not even my mother's! She farted, then I noticed some poo coming out of her bottom - it was coming out slowly. Her poo was much fatter than mine always was and a much lighter color. Finally the poo fell to the ground. Miss Rawlins then showed me how to wipe a bottom with leaves. She asked me to have another go. I did feel less shy now and I tried again. I felt the poo coming out and it was such a relief. I even peed. I remember squatting there forever doing 4 or 5 big poos which smelled. Miss Rawlins' poo was lying next to me with flies on it and was smelling badly so I hurried up. I wiped with the leaves and adjusted my clothing. Miss Rawlins and I rejoined the kids. My taste for public pooing had now begun and in my adult years I wonder if Miss Rawlins actually tried to help me with my outdoor poo phobia or if she really wanted to poo in front of me.

To The Toilet Man- when I have the time (which is mostly at home) I prefer to sit down to pee. It's good to take a load off my feet and also it gives my balls a break from being stuffed into my Y-fronts (I learned that term from my favorite show, "Are You Being Served?"). Plus, I like to read for a minute even when I am not taking a dump. At work I just pee into the urinal. Hey, speaking of AYBS, I guess I shoulda called myself "Captain Pee-cock"... ha ha! Have a good weekend, all! Oh, one more thing, I had a nasty blast of loose shit today from all that Burgundy last night... Dad

Tiny Girl
Diarrhea omelette, First of all, I love your name! :-) But second of all, I do tend to drop my poop infested TP into the toilet with the poop side down. However, I kind of figure that everyone does that. Dropping it any other way would possibly cause the poop to get on your hands...and that would be pretty gross! Now for another comment I must make...I really don't quite understand why anyone would want to buddy dump when there is always the risk of majorly clogging the toilet. I mean, some of you say that you have to flush 5 and 6 times to get it all down. That would frustrate the Hell out of me.:-P I suppose that if you have a really strong toilet, it's no problem, but I can't imagine doing that with the low flush toilets...especially the ones with the gurgle at the end (because sometimes, I have found that these toilets make louder gurgling noises than it actually does sucking the poop away). WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK OF THIS? I hope everyone answers. Especially those of you who make a habit of buddy dumping with someone.

Hey! You know, this has nothing to do with pooping, but the other day, I was so frustrated because alot of crickets have been making it inside of my house. And for some reason, they soon die once they get inside. Anyway, after seeing about 5 dead ones on my floor, I hastily grabbed loads of towel paper, picked them up, and dropped them in the toilet. I felt guilty for a split second, since these are God's creatures, but I flushed the toilet and watched them swirl around and around and around until they were sucked down the exit hole. I wondered if they were still alive...what that would have felt like to them. Have any of you ever flushed insects down the toilet?

Teenaged Girl
I have been a frequent visitor to this site but this is my first post. Today, I had my first accident as a teenager. I was home alone running around like a loonatic to have the house spotless by the time our guests came over this evening. I was doing laundry in the laundry room when I felt the need to go #2 but ignored it as I was too busy to run to the bathroom. After vacuuming and more cleaning I went back upstairs to the laundry room. By then I was desparate and decided to stop at the toilet after folding my laundry. As I was taking clothes out of the dryer, I realized it was too late. I felt it sliding down into my pants. When I squeezed to get the rest out, a large puddle of pee flooded the floor. I didn't even have to pee that bad. It wasn't too bad of a mess to clean up but I have never been more ashamed of myself. It's a good thing I was home alone. From now on, I go when I have to go! I have noticed alot of people enjoy describing incidents where they have had to relieve themselves outside. That's happened to me several times. I was on my way home from work at 11 at night and I should have peed before I left but didn't. I got every red light (of course). Finally, I turned onto a dark road and I knew I was another 15 minutes from my house and I would never make it. I had to go so bad I swear I was seeing yellow. I didn't want to go in my pants cause my car was brand new then and I didn't want to ruin the apholstry. I pulled into a deserted parking lot, threw open the car door, did a quick look for by standers, slid down my jeans and underwear and squated. The second I squated, I lost control and it flooded out of me. I must have peed for a minute straight. I was so releaved to go that I wouldn't have cared if there was someone there watching. Have any of you had an "off road" experience like that? This site has made me realized it's nothing to be embarassed about when you need to go outdoors. Maybe I'll post another story sometime.

Hey Everyone!!!! My friends and I were at the mall today when we needed to pee. We took 3 stalls next to each other and had a peeing contest to see who would finish first. My friend Amanda came in first and I was last since I really had to go. After the contest we sat awhile and talked. Amanda and I were done and flushed but Amiee had to poop so we stood by the sinks and talked to her while she strained and grunted. She had been constipated for 2 days and really wanted to after about 5 minutes she strained again and farted. Ahhh UHHH PLOP.....then smaller ones came out plop plop plop. When Amiee was done and flushed, she told us her turd was 7 inches long surrounded by lots of small marble-sized ones. What a Day!!!!!

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