Tawana: I am Althea's friend at work. Her guys and girls have been good to me. The toilets at the job are a far cry from where I go to school. At least, I am not under the watch of a dumb school security guard. But they are comfortable. I like the thick white contoured seats, that cup my behind. Friday, I had to take a shit after lunch. It was about two o'clock. Althea's friend and mine Norma took the stall next to me. I was taking off my black skirt as Althea taught me. Norma lowered her pants and white Hanes Her Way panties. I could hear a 10 second crackle then a "kersplonk". Then a sharp unexpected splash. She cried, "Ohhhhh!". I was naked in my blouse and green panties. It was too hot for panty hose and a bra for that matter. I sat with blouse open and legs splayed. My stomach exploded an evacuation. Then a river of loose shit followed with a tail end fart. Norma asked what the hell was that. I told her I was enjoying this shit and she should quit all those bagels and rolls for b! reakfast. For the weeks, I've been on that job, Norma strains in pain to evacuate her stomach.

This is my first post, but like many other people here, I want to say how thrilled I am to find this forum! I've been lurking here for months now, reading posts on a regular basis. I have to admit, I've always had a strange fascination with watching or listening to people go to the bathroom. Especially guys (I'm currently single, but in my last long-term relationship, I really enjoyed the few times I got to see my boyfriend pooping, and when he saw me). Even in the ladies' room, I will stay and linger a bit longer if I hear someone in the midst of a noisy poop!
Anyway, I had quite a bathroom experience of my own today. I had been constipated for three days (very unusual for me, since I usually go every morning). My sister and I met for lunch today, and went to a health-food restaurant. I ordered the "steamed vegetable platter", because I thought it might help my constipation, with all the fiber. It's this massive plate of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, etc. Normally I don't think I would have finished it, but I was especially hungry today and ate the whole thing. I also had a tall glass of freshly squeezed juice (orange, pineapple, and strawberries) on the side because I thought that might help too. About an hour later, on the way home, my sister and I had a cup of coffee.
Well, all this fiber at once, topped off with the strong coffee, apparently didn't sit too well in my stomach. All afternoon, I had felt sort of full and my stomach kept rumbling. And much to my embarrassment, I was passing the worst smelling gas. Finally, my ???? gave this major rumble and a cramp gripped me. I was very lucky I was home, because the need to get to a bathroom right away was strong. I hurried to the toilet and sat down. Usually I pee first, and then poop at a sort of leisurely pace. This time, however, the minute my bottom hit the seat, I exploded with a large, loose bowel movement. It wasn't exactly diarrhea, but rather a huge gush of small, mushy chunks. And the smell was much worse than normal-- it was heavy and rotten, almost overpowering. I couldn't believe how much came out of me, all in one rush. I stayed there another minute or two, but all that came out was a wet fart. So I got up, and wiped about six times before flushing.
My stomach still didn't feel quite right-- I was still a little bit crampy, like I was on the verge of needing to go. Well, not even half an hour later, the urge came back, not as strongly as before, but it was still important to get to a toilet quickly. I ran back again and had *another* fairly large, semi-loose bowel movement. I didn't realize how much must have built up inside me over these three days! This time I stayed a while, to make sure I was all done. I sat on the toilet for about 10 more minutes, flipping through a magazine, occasionally pooping a little more. Since then, I've felt fine, and feel really light and cleaned out.
I'm not a big believer in laxatives, but apparently I don't really need them. It seems like lots of ve????s, fruit juice (and maybe coffee to jump-start things) is all you really need to "get you going"! :)

Friday, August 06, 1999

Diarrhea omelette
It just occurred to me that when I wipe, I always drop the used t.p. into the pot with the poopie side down, even though I flush it so nobody will ever see it anyway. Anyone else do this???

Hi. Thank you Moira for the advice about pain killers. Melissa, I don't know about the "s**t of my life, but I just took a BIG one. It is now the middle of the night and I got up about a half-hour ago with a strong feeling. I went into the bathroom. I am wearing a t-shirt that goes down to my hips, a pair of blue gym shorts, and beige underpants. I pulled down my shorts and panties and, before sitting on the toilet, pulled up my t-shirt to about my belly button. I sat down and let out some pee. The poopies felt like they were at the tip of my butt hole, so I didn't have a lot of trouble going number two. It was with a slight push that I let out the first poo. I again pushed, this time with a slight grr, and let out a second one. The bathroom really stank by then. I felt some more but I didn't want to force it out. About three minutes later I felt like I was ready so I went grrrrrr and pushed out another one. The first two were very soft (and smelly) but this one was harder and made a slight plop noise as it hit the water. I felt like I was done and since it's the middle of the night I didn't feel like reading, I decided to get up and wipe. I would say the total length of all three poopies was about 1 1/2 feet (and I'm only 5'4). After wiping around my vagina, I wiped three times before flushing the toilet. I wiped my butt another four times before flushing a second time. I didn't want to risk clogging up the toilet. I got some poo on my hands, so I had to wash my hands really good to get them clean. To yourmother, I'm not a woman only a 14 year girl but I usually read a book or rest a magazine on my lap while I'm going to the bathroom, the last time (like I wrote above) being an exception. Nyad, keep up those swimming practices and show that coach you can do it. Love, Torie

Melissa, re:- the accident I had in my knickers when I was 16. I couldn't have gone somewhere outside, I would have happily done so if a suitable bush or wall or hedge had been available, and have done so on a number of occasions but as you guessed this was a residential area and the neighbours would not have been impressed to see me squat behind their hedges and do a poo in their garden. I did think of asking one of the neighbours nearer the bus stop if I could use their toilet, but the urgency of the matter prevented that. As I have said the turd was solid and formed but I had been struggling to hold it in from halfway through the slow bus journey home from school and when I got up from my seat on the bus and got off and started to walk I could feel it pushing down in my rectum. I also needed to do a wee wee and was stuggling to hold this back too. In the end, in sight of my house, so near and yet so far, it happened. I started to dribble wee wee into the gusset of my knickers and as I tried to hold this back the big fat turd pushed its way out of my arsehole into the seat of my knickers. I could do nothing to stop it or the gush of urine which spurted into the gusset of my panties and I just stood with my legs apart and felt the jobbie push the seat of my panties down and away from my bum then start to fold over. It seemed to go on for ages but probably only took a few seconds. Like your accident Melissa, the jobbie I did in my knickers was a big one, but solid, and it didn't squash up too much and make a lot of mess no doubt as I didnt have to walk all that far till I got home and changed. If I had needed to walk a few miles with this load in the seat of my knickers, I imagine it would have squashed up and made more of a mess. Also the knickers I had on while briefs were not the tight bum hugging variety but the fuller slightly baggy cotton interlock "Montfort" briefs that British schoolgirls often wear as part of their school uniform, so there was a bit of slack in the seat. In any event, my mum would have been very annoyed if I had thrown away a good pair of school knickers as these arent cheap. She wasn't at all anoyed about my having an accident, just said, "these things can happen to any of us". as you also say, my young brother was very helpful and decent about it too.

Hi, this is both a toilet and an inter-racial story, so I have cross posted to both groups. I am a 29 year old white male and this story happened back in 1985 when I was a freshman in high school. We just finished a Social Studies class about the Civil Rights era and made comparisons with the Apartheid government in South Africa which was still going strong at that time. Mention was made of separate bathrooms, water fountains, and other facilities for white and black people. I remember, to this day, vividly something that happened after that class. My close friend Sascha, who is black, and I went down to the boys' room. We both had to move our bowels, so we occupied the two stalls in that room. As were sitting there taking care of business, Sascha said "can you believe what's happening in South Africa?" I told him it was sick that everything was broken down by race. "Yeah, if we lived in South Africa, we'd never have met and we wouldn't be best friends," he said. I almost had tears in my eyes thinking about that. I then told him that we're both boys and I couldn't understand the reasoning on Apartheid. "Yeah, it's not like boys and girls sharing the same bathroom." I went to wipe my bum and noticed there was no paper. "Ohh, I hope you have toilet paper in there, Sascha." "Sure, I'll slide some over." He slid some TP under the partition between our two stalls and I wiped myself. "Do you need more, Justin?," he asked. I said "yes, please" and he gave me some more. We were both wiping our butts at the same time and boy did the bathroom stink after that. As we washed our hands by the sink, he said "even if we lived in Alabama 20 years ago [this happened back in '85, remember], we wouldn't be standing here right now." That resonated closely because although we live in a northern US state, his parents are originally from Alabama. Overall, the most memorable, and touching, "buddy dump" of my life. Hope you liked it. Justin

Nicola (England) - Do you mind if I ask how old you are (I know your not meant to ask a woman her age). You sound like your in your late 20's. Andre - your wife sounds like she ate something which disagreed with her a bit, especially if she was plooping at high speed with a gurgly ????.

Mellisa - surely you could have excused yourself before you served the woman from the jewllers. What ever would have happened if your workmate hadn't been so accomadating (thats a retorical (sp?) question, I know you would have loaded your underwear - again). I can sympathise with the difficulties of using the loo when you need to, I used to work in retail as well.

Going back to the subject of "constipotatoes" as Moira put it, my girlfriend had this problem a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks (we live about 80 miles apart), so after I'd been to her work to collect her, we were "getting friendly" ;-) She's a lifeguard in a hotel which a relative of mine used to be the manager of, so I was standing poolside talking to her. Her bum was letting out a lot of gas, and I mean a lot. The final straw came when we were in the pool after her shift finished and a steady stream of bubbles rose from the back of her costume, for at least 5 seconds. (they were big bubbles, It sounded like a kettle boiling). We were in the shower afterwards and I grabbed her round the waist and squeezed. Her belly was rock hard and she started venting again, but this time it went on for about 30 seconds, on and off.
Back at her house she annnounced "Im going to the toilet, are you coming with me?" Did I need asked twice?! After she parked ont he loo, she let loose a pee that sounded like it was going to drill a hole in the loo. Then she wiped, and looked at her knickers. next thing, she asked me to "bring me my handbag" I knew this translated into "I need a tampon" so I got her one. At this point she went a bit red.
I left the room while she dealt with it, then she called me back again. She asked me to rub her ???? while she strainned really hard, with lots of "Ohh" and "Nnnng"s. After about 10 minutes, nothing happened, so I started pumping her abdomen. Sudennly, I felt something move. "PUSH", I told her, and push she did. A poo the size of a coke can, and rock hard, shot out of her and almost smashed the bowl. More pumping let out another coke can, then she started dropping poos the size of a thumb. She went on like this for ages, then stopped. "Theres still loads in there" she told me. More pumping, rubbing and pushing let out more coke cans (about 4), then a massive, damp fart and a load of softer logs (about 6 inches long) fel out of her with a "plop, splash, splat, plopp, ploop, slop, splat, brrrrrrrrp, splat, prrrtt, squelch" (That took about 15 seconds). I asked if she was finished, but another splash answered the question. Continued straining let out tons more, mostly potato siz! ed, and quite hard.
A gurgle revealed trouble ahead, and a massive explosion of soft waste revealed a lot of gas and soft waste was escaping. The stench was dreadful.
When we came out of the bathroom (We had to flush the loo 4 times!!) a look at the clock revealed we'd been in the toilet for over an hour!! She then revealed that she hadn't done a dump for 5 days!! Sorry if that was too long - More later

P. Loggy Logg
I have often talked about ladies room etiquette with my wife and I am amazed at how prissy some women still are. She claims that it is absolutely taboo to make noise while on the can in a ladies room. She has even gone so far as to put t.p. up against her anus to muffle the sound of an uncontrollable poot. That's just weird to me -- one of the great pleasures of the restroom is being able to make all kinds of disgusting sounds and smells while protected within the stall. Some of my most memorable crapping experiences have involved listening to other guys fart and discuss it. For instance, I was working a summer job when the operations manager and one of his employees came into the men's room. The employee sat down and immediately let out an echoing fart - PPFFFTTTHHH!! and said "Oh yeah!" as it came out. We all had a good chuckle. So Christine, why is it that girls are so reluctant to let go with a good buzz bomb? Are you afraid someone will recognize you from your shoes or something? I encourage you to fart freely and be a pioneer in loosening up women's standards in the restroom. On another topic, up until a few years ago, on every electric hand drier in public men's rooms, some joker would always deface the instructions like this:

AS WRITTEN                 AS DEFACED

1. Push button             1. Push butt

2. Rub hands under warm    2. under arm hair

3. Dryer stops             3. Dryer stops automatically 

                           4. Wipe hands on pants
Did anyone else notice that? Recently (within the last 5 years or so), they have started replacing the verbal isntructions with pictographs, I guess because they got sick of seeing them defaced. They just have a little drawing of a finger pushing a round button now. Some creative geniuses have taken to drawing a boob around the button, so it looks like the finger is fondling a boob.

To Catherine: My wife and I have been married for 16 years. Since before we were married my wife knew I enjoyed her bathroom activities. I have always respected her privacy, when she wants it, but seeing and hearing her pee and poop adds intimacy to our marraige. Only recently, I found out that she, too likes to see me doing my duties. I find that exciting as well, that she enjoys me that way. If you are nervous about it, just watch your husband or fiancee, is he excited when you leave the toilet? try leaving the door unlatched, and see if he approaches, or is listening. These are all signs he might want to share your experience. Good luck to you both.

To Sara- you wanted to know about vomiting in front of your spouse. When my wife was pregnant with our first child she vomited everywhere. Every morning, like clockwork, she'd be in the bathroom wretching. This didn't bother me, but I admit I was grossed out one day when she came into the kitchen and proceeded to upchuck into the waste can as I sat there eating my breakfast. She would stop at a light, open her car door and let go on the pavement. I'd have to clean up the remaining spew when she heaved out the car window. She puked on airplanes, in the dentist office, you name it. As a spouse, I guess you adjust to it. I still bring her a bucket when she's sick and dutifully clean it out, though it's way down on my list of fun things to do. Good luck! Dad

I pull up my skirt and my panties down in front of a man and let him see everything i peed and BM

To julian ..nice new name kyle by the way. I am 8 1/2. And I live with my cousin, aunt and uncle. But mostly my cousins takes care of you I hardly ever saw my mom and since they moved away I stayed with them. Anyway I feel bad for what happened to you at the mall. Can I ask you something? How did you go in your pants. I mean it wouldn't come out in the potty no matter HOW hard you pushed and strained (I feel you pain trust least i used to bu it still happens) and then you did it in your pants..was it hard..did you have to try as hard? Can you tell me what happened when you pooped in your pants. I have to say you're a brave girl..I could never do that..I did try once when I was younger..but my poop hole said NO WAY and just wouldn't matter how hard i tried to push. the funny thing was that up until i was 5 or 4 I would always poop in a daiper and never in a potty. I didn't wnat to and so i always did and well my aunt made my cousin put an end to it..and ! well i fought and well I consider myself lucky..cause I know my cousin was easier on me then my auntie most parents you've heard of on this sight..she's very enema my pal JW's mom was. Anyway some how I just can't go back..good thing too..I don't think clothes were made to hold such be poops. Anyway thanks for asking and as to the person who asked is poeple stand or stay sitting to wipe..i stand..and bend over like I'm touching my toes to wipe. yeah i know it sounds funny but I don't have any problems doing it that way..I'm just glad no on sees me wipe..well except for my cousin but recently if he's there he turns around or leaves when I start getting paper. Well i'm off...and um julian don't feel bad.... from time to time I have to care for my baby sisters..and what's worse is that they are TWINS!! I mean even with both me and my cousin..they are a handful..i saw that cause for some reason..when one has to does the other....and man in his great wi! sdom only makes ONE toilet in the bathroom. XOXO Linda

Hi, everyone. Sorry, I don't have too many new stories to post other than that one back at Christmas. But I do have a question. Has anyone has anybody sweet enough to be with them for comforting and all that while they were having a terrible time going #2? Cammy was a little peeved that I wrote my story up here but things are OK now. He says to say a big hello to Melissa and Melanie, and he's sorry if he came on a little too strong. He was caught coming here by his bitch of an Internet supervisor (things have to be "educational"). Oh well, maybe some other time. Anyways, gotta go. All my love to everyone, Kimmy

Catherine, I suppose I guessed quite soon that George and I had a common interest in and were turned by defecation and both of us had been since childhood. He used to leave the toilet door ajar when he did a motion and was always quite graphic in his descriptions of what he had done, and likewise used to ask me in detail about my motions. Being a big lad he often passed turds which stuck in the toilet pan as of course being ???? myself I also did to his delight. I soon picked up that he hung about outside the toilet when I was doing a jobbie so I asked him outright to come in and watch if he wanted to telling him that not only did I not mind but actually would like him to do so, which he did with great pleasure. You want a description of us having a shared poo, here goes. I will describe what we did at the weekend as yesterday I had to do my motion in the Ladies Toilets at the local Court. We had our meal on Sunday afternoon and then settled down together on the couch to have a romantic cuddle,(we are a very touchy feely couple), drink some white wine and listen to some music. As it was just the two of us and it is quite warm we stripped down to just wearing our panties. After about half an hour of so I felt the familiar movement inside my ???? and farted as a big load slid into my back passage. George asked, "Do you need a motion love?" By way of an answer I farted again and the smell of a good solid motion wafted through my briefs. We went together to the toilet, George gently pulled my panties down and I sat on the pan. I did a wee wee , a "piss with a hiss" , then as he rubbed my ???? I felt the turd pushing against my ring. I held back for a few moments the let my sphincter ! stretch as the fat jobbie slowly emerged. George gave a gentle push on my ???? as it grew in size with my going "OH! AH! NN!" to urge it on its way as he encouraged me to "do a nice big jobbie" for him. The crackling sound was quite distinct as it came out and the smell of a healthy motion filled the air. I felt it start to taper and it slid into the water of the pan beneath me with a "FLOOMP!". Once I had got my breath back I got up off the pan and we both looked at the long fat toffee brown jobbie shaped like a big brown sausage with a slight curve. It was lumpy at the start but smooth towards the finish with the tapered end sticking up out of the water. Although I sit to wipe my bum when alone, George likes to wipe for me when we have a shared dump and took a moist wipe and cleaned me. I pulled my panties back up but when I pulled the flush the paper disappeared but the big jobbie stayed in the pan as it usually does. About an hour later George needed a motion himself so our roles were reversed. I pulled his panties down and he did his own big log on top of mine as I rubbed his ???? and encouraged him. It didnt make any sound as it fell on top of mine. His was a straight more carrot shaped turd the same length and fatness as mine but a bit lumpier and darker brown in colour. Unlike myself he couldn't do his wee wee until he had passed the motion, quite a common occurance for men. I wiped him as he had done for me. It took five flushes to get our combined load to go away. I will leave to your imagination what we enjoyed doing together afterwards! Some censorious and prudish types would criticise us no doubt but as far as we are concerned what a couple of adults, (especially man and wife), do together in private is their concern if no one else is affected. We enjoyed the meal togther, we certainly enjoy sex together so why not enjoy this most intimate, natural function together. Matt, I have done a motion in the shower in the past. Sometimes when standing with the warm water running over your belly the urge to defecate will come on. Most people pee in the shower, its unavoidable and quite safe as the flow of water soon dilutes and flushes away the urine which is awayway quite bacteriologically harmless when freshly passed by a healthy person. Now I have had a few occasions when, as I have peed I have felt a turd slide down into my rectum and rather than get out of the shower dripping wet to sit on the toilet pan I have stood and let it slide out and drop onto the shower tray. Since my turds are solid there is no mess so I just pick it up and drop it into the toilet pan and wash my hands. One of my friends, Zoe, was staying with us and had too much to drink and both vomited and had a bad attack of diarrhea while in the shower the next morning. She was very embarrased about this but I made light of the matter as it was probably the best place she could have gone as the shower washed away both the vomit and the liquid shit and with my assistance she was able to get totally washed down. The shower also seemed to help her get over her hangover. I was far happier that she had lost control from both ends in the shower where the mess was easily washed away than all over the toilet floor or even worse in the bedroom on the sheets or carpets!

To Moira (and related to Catherine's question)- how do you feel when George is there while you do a BM (and vice-versa)? Doesn't smelling each other's poop put you off? And what about wiping with the chance of seeing their poop on the tissue. And the sound and smell of farts. On the other hand, peeing is nice and I enjoy my boyfriend being present indoors or out. The difference for me I guess is that I find poop dirty and smelly whereas pee is "clean", fascinating and fun. Tell me what it is that you enjoy about sharing a BM and is it the same with a pee.
To Christine - it's good to learn that you like to shower off your poop as well - did you read my posts over the last week or 2? It sounds like you do the whole poop in the shower (I just finish off in there). Does your shower plug-hole have a filter (or whatever it's called - metal pieces across that are designed to stop anything too solid going down)? I guess not or you'd never get rid of it without a lot of poking. ____________________________
To Marleen - I'm fascinated by the way you manage to pee outside un-noticed by casual observers. Quite a trick and sounds like a bit of female equality with men who always seem to have an unfair advantage when it comes to these things. Obviously it would be cleaner to pee without your panties or pantyhose on but taking them off would just attract the attention you're trying to avoid. I've never tried either method myself but if I get caught out maybe I'll give it a try. However I do leak sometimes and I have to wipe my panties as soon as I can (although it actually feels quite nice but I don't want to smell). Do please tell us about your experience of peeing when someone was with you.
To all - I stayed in a hotel last night where they had a bidet. Tell me how you use them please. Obviously I can fill it, sit on and splash the water onto my pussy to wash there and that's OK. Are they intended to be for washing buttocks as well? Some also have a jet of water that I've not found any real vaginal use for, only for spraying onto my ring which as you can imagine I rather enjoy. Also, do you sit facing away from the wall like on a toilet or facing it? So many questions ... any answers???
I'm on holiday soon for 3 weeks so you probably won't hear anything more from me until I return, but I'll look forward to reading your replies.
Love, Rachel

TO: Catherine, Yes at first it was quite embarresing for me to go infront of my husband,especialy #2.It took me around six months or so to feel relaxed enough to just let it out like normal. I think it has alot to do with how you are brought up,in my case my two sisters and i saw each other all the time and it was just the way it was and seemed quite normal,but my brother and i never saw each other go even just to pee.And i never let any of my boyfriends see me on the bowl either so for myself going in front of my husband felt strange for quite some time.The first time he was in the shower and i just couldn't hold it any longer,so i sat on the bowl and hoped it wouldn't be a real smelly one (but of course it was what i call my rotten egg special haha)and i made enough noise to embarres by self,but my other half didn't make any coments to make me feel uncomfortable and i could see that he was a little excited over it(if you know what i mean)and now i have no problem with doing it infront of him,i even take my time and read,and he poops in front of me with no problem and i think he looks kind of cute sitting on the bowl with his boxers around his ankels anyway. ! Kathy

Christine please tell us more about your method of going in the shower drain. I have never thought much about trying this, although the idea does intrique me very much. I have to try this now, but want to hear the method others use first. This site is great....

Andrea (San Diego)
Hello, I have been reading these posts, sure took awhile for me to get to the last post. I thought I was werid or strange for me to like reading stories of people needing to use the bathroom, especially men. I like the peeing stories, I don't really believe every single pooping stories, like farting when you do poop or squeaking noises. When I do poop I don't notice the squeaking noises but every so often I fart thinking I need to poop but I don't go and it drives me crazy. I do have a few stories, I will tell later on. I just wanted to say hello. For those of you who are constipated, I have that problem as well. I would just drink lots of water, eat apples, metamucil and if you feel you really need it then prune juice the drink water. Not all at the same time, just one metamucil drink or cracker with water one day then the next day an apple or an apple everyday. The main thing is drinking lots of water. Bye.

Hi All. Geez....seems like mostly ladies here recently. No offense; but I enjoy stories from guys more. I just met a super-kewl 16 y/o this weekend. I would like to tell you his name....which is as unusual as his personality; but shouldn't, for privacy reasons. We hadn't known each other for more than 20 minutes...and he was telling me about the discomfort he was feeling in his abdomen from being constipated. He used the word "stuffed" to describe his intestines. I quizzed him about when his last movement was...and he told me "yesterday"...but added that it was only a peanut or two. I shared with him some of my experiences with constipation when I was his age (actually younger) and he talked to me openly as to his efforts in pushing...and manual extraction with his fingers. We both agreed that it was probably time to "get at it" with the fingers again....since it was clear that he hadn't had any significant movement in nearly a week. Still; his ???? was flat....he was a lean, fairly muscular boy....the picture of health. I'm going to call him tomorrow and see how he's doing. Gary

There's a hilarious TV commercial being shown on stations in the U.S. It's an ad for kitty litter: You see a cat walk into the BR and close the door, followed by the sound of a rather forceful pee. The flow stops, the toilet flushes, the door opens, and kitty exits. I forget how the narration went - I was too busy laughing - but it was something like "Unless your cat can do this, buy so-and-so..." This was seen during the 5 PM local news in the mid-Atlantic area. Of course, there was one guy who trained his cat to piss in the toilet. They were shown on the old "Real People" TV show.

I meet a friend once a week for dinner at our favorite restaurant. Instead of my usual "salad bar," I decided to try "Hawaiian Chicken," because the picture on the menu made it look so good. After dinner, I stopped by a park near my house to feed leftover bread to the ducks. Suddenly, I experienced the most painful cramping of my life. I realized I had to get to a toilet quickly. I was closer to my car than the park restroom, so I decided to drive the three miles home. I started to think I was not going to make it home. The pain was so intense - I can't describe it in words - that I thought I was going to pass out. Of course, I hit every red light. Then, I realized I must really exceed the speed limit or I was going to explode in the car. I kept praying over and over, "please don't let me poop in my car, please don't let me have a wreck, please don't let me get pulled for speeding." One of my great fears in life has always been having to get to a bathroom quickly, but getting in a wreck or pulled by the cops for speeding. I just made it to my bathroom in time - actually, I exploded on the toilet seat and tank some. I kept pooing for what seemed like five minutes. I actually looked down to make sure I was not expelling my guts. It was absolutely the best feeling in the world after it was all out of me. Any stories out there about speeding home to get to the toilet, and getting pulled by a cop for speeding, or most horrible of all, getting into a car accident? By the way, I will not be eating chicken anymore. I starting to get cramps again just writing about it. Have to go . . . Talk to you soon.

Hi, I find it strange that people are so secret about going to the bathroom. When ever I stay at my friends house and we have to go, we go. There is no worry if the other is present or not. Just the other night i was going to take a piss and my friend was sitting their taking a poo, so i just went pee between his legs.

one time, i was chewing this kind of gum that changes the color of your mouth cause it has so much color in it. the one i had was blue. and i swallowed it, i forgot why, i just did. and a few hours later, i had a BLUE POOP. it was so cool, it turned the water in the toilet blue too. i was very proud of that turd.

The toilet man
I just discovered this site, and it is interesting. I thought I was crazy when I was fascinated about peeing, dumping, etc. I love talking about bathrooms/toilets, etc., and have had many wonderful experiences to share. To begin with, I am a normal man. When it comes to peeing, I find that more comes out if I sit on the toilet. I love to pee sitting down at public restrooms. I just unzip my pants, but I actually sit with my underwear on, all I do is move the front part out of the way for my dick to be pointed down. Does any other man feel you pee better if you sit?

Thursday, August 05, 1999

ref. my yesterday post: My wife is only 5 ft. 6 in. - sorry for "stretching" her to 6'6''! I'm almost 6 ft. 4 in., and it would be a new experience to me to have to look up to her! Good poos and pees, Andre.

to Mellissa, Thanks for the reply. I understand your concern. Your sister does have a problem, and im sure that glycerine suppositories will assist her with the problem. I have just become acustomed to take enemas for my problem, and i even seem to derive pleasre from them at times. >blushing< I never make a mess, however, and expell the long thick poops in the toilet. Jason: Its kewl to hear from you. Yes, i have been examined and it is felt that i need to wait a while before i consider surgery..I'm just 17 now. Do you still rely on enemas at times or do you have normal function. My poopies are so large at times and long that i can't flush them down the toilet even after they are softened by the warm soapy . water. Thank you for your concern as you know this can be a big problem.

Melissa , Steph has the handle on it, as has our friend Tony, Nicola and others. Adjust the fibre and fruit till you achieve the solidity of stool you find most satisfactory and comfortable. I with many here like to pass a nice fat solid jobbie and that is what I usually do. Like you I like the feeling as the turd slides into my rectum and presses against my sphincter. I will hold it in for a short while then go top the toilet, sit on the pan with my panties at the top of my thighs and do a wee wee with a hiss and tinkle then enjoy the feeling as my ring slowly stretches to allow the fat jobbie to slide out with me bearing down and going "OO! AH! NN!" etc. The feeling as it comes out of my back passage growing in length is just wonderful then drops into the pan, usually given the length of mine, with a "floomp!". I have always looked at what I have passed. Nowadays of course George will come in with me is we are at home together when I need. Andre, maybe your wife will accomod! ate you if you dont force her hand on this.

Mark B. I can remember the Government Property hard toilet roll. It was common in toilets in Police Stations , Courts etc. I wondered if the turd one had just dropped also became Government property. Thatcher would have been welcome to one of mine, its what I think of her politics. Like Thatcher the hard paper has gone thankfully.

Jill, glad you are back. I did a whopper in the toilet on a train last week. It was the old style of toilet and the jobbie stuck, half of it was sticking up out of the water. I thought about you at the time.

Torie. Your stools will come back to normal when you finish the pain killers. Many such medicines contain codeine and this does sometimes constipate. Kaolin and morphine, an old fashioned but effective antidiarrheal works on this principle, the morphine is an intestinal sedative slowing down peristalsis, the kaolin thickens the bowel content and binds it making the liquid feces more solid.

Finally, to the person who asks, I usually remain seated when I wipe my arse. I have a big fat bum and lift up my right buttock and wipe myself with my right hand. Since my motions are usually nice and solid and I use moist wipes one or two sheets are usually sufficient, though I always use a clean sheet to wipe my vulva as well before I pull up my panties.

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