Christine(at 16) I have discovered a great way to stop myself being heard in public toilets, and why your bottom lips pout when you squat. I can usually hold on till I get home, and go down the shower drain while I'm having a shower, and if I really really have to go at school, like what happened to me. I went into the toilets, got a cubical at the end, then got down on the floor and looked under all the others to make sure no one else was in there. At our school we have to wear thick black stockings, and it's a real chore to get them down. So what I normally do is take off my shoes, then take off my stockings and pants completely and put them on the floor. That way I can spread my legs, and so keep my crack separated completely. I then hold my cheeks open while I'm pooping so I don't make a mess. And yes I wipe while I'm sitting down, so I don't smudge. Then I heard another girl come into the room and walk up to my cubicle, then walk back to the end one, which is about 6 down! Even though the room was so quiet, I had to go, it was really starting to hurt. This called for drastic measures, so I get a handful of toilet paper, rolled it into a tube and leant behind and held it lengthwise down my crack, tightly over my hole. When I let go of the backed up poops, some small muffled farts, but I found that I could control the rate, and when I felt a big one coming, I pressed the paper against my lips like a shutter valve and that way I could control it. The poops came thick and fast, but I knew there was a big fart and dump coming up, so I dropped the paper in the bowl and reached up and put my finger on the flush button, ready. As the fart came I flushed! It was great, the sound of the water disguised the sound altogether, and I noticed the other girl let go at the same time. What a discovery! I thought of this while I was pooping down the shower drain. Then I realized why my lips pout, or hang out, when I squat to poop. It's because we were meant to squat. As the lips pout, you can wipe them around and inside and so make yourself clean, then when they go back there is no residue on the outside because you're clean a half-an-inch inside as well, and you don't need to change your panties as much. Brilliant! Sometimes when I have to go on the regular toilet at home, when someone else is in the shower, I still like to wash myself. So I get a towel, align it along the edge of the sink, turn the water tap on until the water is warm and then sit on the edge of the wash basin with the water running down my crack, and my thighs are on the towel with my bottom hanging into the basin. And with a hand covered in liquid soap, wash my self. I love the feeling of warm to hot water running over my lips, and sometimes I just sit there with the water running down my crack, and lean behind myself and turn the water a bit hotter, and gently put my finger in myself a little bit and clean myself even more. I realized a long time ago, the importance of not having long fingernails either, I always have them trimmed really short, and even get a fine piece of fine sandpaper to make sure there are no sharp edges, because I don't want to cut myself, because the nerve endings are so close to the surface of the skin. When I'm dry, I usually put a bit of (non-scented) moisturizer on my ring, otherwise they are too dry and don't go back as readily. When I'm finished I slide off the towel and onto the floor, and in this way, dry most of my bottom and my crack, I then dry my crack with another towel and I'm ready for the day. Does anyone else do this or am I the only one? Own up! The forest experience is still coming.

To Steph - Hi Steph, and thanks for the thought. I think Melanie is doing just fine. I have told her about several of my experiences and we even had a great laugh about the time she shouted out for the whole neighborhood to hear "Melissa's doing a poo poo and it's only half way out". I posted the story about this one late in June. I think the fact that we talk about all of these things lets her know that this is really nothing to get hung up about and the most important thing is to get her movements to her liking. As for Ceesha, well you can see how close to the wire I still drive things. I guess it's like Russian Roulette, one of these days there will be another accident. Ceesha sure saved this one! Love you Steph - Melissa.

To Nicola - I liked your story about the trip home from school - sounds like one of my experiences. And I know well the frustrations of being almost home and knowing you are not going to make it. Like you said those last hundred yards might as well be a hundred miles. At least your brother understood and he deserves a big pat on the back for his support. Also you were lucky you did a firm poop and could just wash your knickers in the sink. When I had my accident it was firm but so large it made enough mess that I just trashed my panties and bought new ones. I just wondered, was there nowhere along the road where you could have taken a poo outside? I guess it was all built up. Just out of interest, if you could have found a convenient bush or tree to hide behind, would you have gone outside?. You are exactly right about finding what suits and I have decided I need to get back to much firmer motion. Actually the toilet provisions at the store are not really that inadequate because there are never more than three of us there at the same time. More often than not there are only two or even just one on the floor. This was all just a combination of the "facts of retail life", and the coincidence that Ceesha and I should both need to go at the same time. But probably most important of all, and you pointed this out, it was me holding out to the bitter end. I just have the habit of holding it in until the last minute and of course that leads to emergencies. Always love your posts Nicola - lots of love - Melissa.

To Torie - Torie, I hope you are recovering from your operation - just hang in there and it will get better. I'm not surprised that you felt you had some left in you if all you did in four or five days were a couple of rabbit size poops followed by two 3 to 4 inch poops. Torie - I think you are in for the s**t of your life, promise you will let us know how it turns out. On the suppositories, I'm sure the wait time must vary tremendously from person to person so I wouldn't worry about waiting one hour, after all it did work in the end. I do have a question though, do you feel any irritation from the suppositories? The labels warn of possible burning irritation, after all that is how they work, by irritating the rectum into action. Melanie tells me that there was a slight "Warm feeling" as she called it. I just wondered if you felt much discomfort. Don't forget to tell us how your "backed-up" situation turns out. Take care - love you - hugs and kisses - Melissa.

I have a question for all the married couples out there- Is it embarassing when you have to do a poo infront of your spouse? How about the first time? I am getting married soon and I am very concious about this and was wondering how to handle it. Please respond. Luv, Catherine.

Catherine~ I have been married to my husband for a year now and we use the bathroom together. At first it was embarrassing but we're both used to it now. What IS embarrassing though is vomiting. My husband and I were at home one night and I just feeling slightly ill then a couple minutes later ran to the washroom to vomit. He followed me and stayed with me but I found that to be TRULY embarrassing. Has anyone else had a vomiting experience infront of a signifigant other? How did they feel/react? I'm looking for guys opinions mostly on this one. Thanks.

To PINWORM-Yup,there is nothing like taking a nice wicked dump!Especially when it is semi-firm and long.Sometimes,i really look foward to sitting down with my rectum filled to it's limit and letting it go!Good story.TO ANDRE-Nice story about your wife pooing like a champ.I too,found that a lot of small,petite women really poo like crazy.I 've found too that slight,thin guys also poo a lot.I had a fat friend in the boy scouts years ago that we saw poo and all he did was these little balls and we made fun of him,and then we had some skinny guy who would do these 2 foot sausages and we would be amazed!I am 5'10" and about 165 and i exercise and bike a lot and i sometimes do these huge poos that are truly amazing and i eat lots of fruit to cause this effect,but back to the small women.This nurse friend that iused to watch poo,she was about 5'4" but boy could she poo!It was great!She did poos like your wife in your story quite a few times! Someone asked about wiping sitting ! down or standing up.Well i wipe sitting down and leaning foward.I could never get myself clean wiping standing up!I also found that when i go to sit down to poo,I spread my buttocks slightly apart so that my anus can open up and push out and i rarely get poop on my buttocks that way and when i'm done,as i'm wiping i push out my anus to clean it.Hey whatever floats your boat!BYE

Adam from Canada
I had a strange poop this afternoon. I sat down on the can and it came out right away. It was very noisy and it appeared in small chunks. The smeel was the thing that made it a big deal. It smelt like Salami. I did not have any to eat and I haven't eaten meat in 2 weeks. I have never had a poop like that before. I have been eating lots of fiber and fruits/vegatables. I also noticed that my poops are in big quantities. I think it is the fiber that is doing it?? =========== I work at this theme park in Toronto and I have to use the change rooms quite frequntly to change into my uniform. I always notice that the cans are seeing lots of traffic in the mornings and at night no one uses them. Another thing is that alot of employees have the same odor of poop. It usually smells like rotten eggs and the ventolation system is poor. One time I could smell it from employee services room which is 100 feet away. I sometimes use the can to poop, but I am afraid that someone from my stand will see come out and it would embarass me.

To Melissa: I think getting away with things is what it is all about. I am a female sales representative in the male world of computer technology. Some years ago I was walking back to my hotel after a cocktail party. I was wearing a skirt. I rarely wear trousers. While walking I got more and more desperate to pee, I even already had leaked a little. I knew there was no restroom in the lobby of the small hotel and soon I decided peeing through my panties in the street was a better deal than having to cross my legs and even leak more while waiting for my room key at the reception. I walked into the porch of a store and, while pretending to watch something, slightly spread my legs and peed through my panties. I have learned a number of things from that experience: - Surprisingly enough it doesn't feel bad at all!
- Pantyhoses dry very fast.
- You do get away with it, i.e. nobody in the hotel lobby noticed anything.
Since then I always have my 'emergency kit', consisting of a pair of panties, a pantyhose and refreshing tissues (I don't want to smell), with me. And believe me, I have used it a number of times already. Actually I prefer to find place to pee through my panties (and such a place is in general not that hard to find) above having people watch me because I am squirming desperately trying to hold it. Once, just once, I decided to wet myself when somebody was with me. I may describe what happened then sometime later.

Hi everyone! This is a question for Moira and George. How did you two first feel when you took a poo infront of each other? How did you know that the other one was turned on by this? Could you please describe today's poo between the two of you? Thanks. Keep posting you two are great!

You all are so wonderful for sharing your poop poop stories.......THANK YOU!! :)

Hello...I'm new to this site...after reading the posts...I must share with you my experience today. I was in Wallmart with my Cousin when she said I need the bathroom now.........we both ran back to the bathroom and the 3 stalls were all full and there was a line of people waiting. My Cousin said..."I'll never make it...lets use the men's room." To Our surprise it was closed for renovations. My Cousin let out this yelp and said oh no!!!...I looked and saw a stream of pee flowing down her legs. Her shorts were all wet and there was a yellow puddle on the floor where she was standing. Luckily no one was around at that moment. I told her let's get out of here.......we both ran out of the store and to my car. I had a blanket in my trunk and put it on the seat for her to sit on and drove her home. What a Day!!!! I'll Post again soon.

Hi everyone, I just visited this site today and have enjoyed reading many of the older post. I am curious exactly how many women do poop in the shower. I find this extremely exciting for some reason, maybe it's the "nice girls don't do" image i have of women. Please post more about going to the bathroom in places besides the bathroom...

Wednesday, August 04, 1999

CancerChild (Julian *female*)

Hi guys! Melissa, I'm so sorry that I stopped reading after the paragraph addressed to me about how you used to live in Hartford County and therefore didn't read about Melanie. I think it's awesome how you were able to help her choose a suppository and to give her the love and moral support she needs. Both of you have become closer due to your "shared suffering." Okay, enough of that psycho-babble :) As for finding a "happy medium" in your diet, I think that's a good idea. Radically changing your diet to include lots of fiber has definitely "shocked" your system and it's good that you plan to cut down. Please let me know how you make out. Great story about you and Ceesha; it's great that she let you use the toilet, otherwise, who knows what would have happened? Love to you and Melanie from your friend, Steph. Nyad, love to you and to your "wookie." I've never been to a nude beach but I'm like you that, although I'm not an exhibitionist, I am free spirited about the human body and this [of course :)] includes one's "duties." I liked reading your limerick. Keep up your swimming workouts and please let me know how you are making out. Peace and love, Steph

Mad Squatter
Hi gang.lOVE your postings. This page is cool and I found it by accident.The steel mill story continues. My friend Bob pestered me until I admitted to packing a hard hat with grunnies. Bob vowed to out do me in the do-do department. Late one friday night Bob found his opputunity. The cleaner left the door to the office open.He crept to the plant managers desk lugging a butt full of stinky ammo. He opened the top drawer, boarded the desk he then pull down his pants and with the exact precision of a World Warll bombadeer fired a direct hit. He closed the desk drawer and departed on what was to be his first and last mission. Come Monday afternoon when the 2nd shift came to work the office staff stood at the employees entrance with somber looks on their faces. The boss pulled out a pee splattered desk blodder on it was an oily imprint of a mans size 7 shoe. Bob steel working days where numbered.We have found memories of that job.

Do most people sit or stand when they wipe?

For the last 3 or 4 years, shitting has been a rather unpleasant experience for me. I have a non-acute case of collitis, so most of the time shitting is painful or at least not very satisfying. Over the last little while I have learned to control my diet. This has recently led to the best shit I have had in YEARS. I have begun to eat vegetables because vegetable fiber seems to help. While at work I felt the urge to take a crap...not a crampy urge, but the urge I remembered from childhood when you feel only pressure and a little motility. This was a feeling I had not had in such a long time that I was taken aback by was a real "Proustian Moment". I went to the toilet and birthed not only the best shit in years, but possibly the best shit I have EVER had. It came out by itself, with no effort on my part. I barely even felt it. All I felt afterwards was that old feeling of being emptied and was so intense it was pleasurable. You really should have seen it! It was must have been a foot and a half long. It was so long it had to coil when it hit the bottom of the bowl. It was a nice darkish brown....solid but not dense, loosish but not mushy. And it stank because of the vegetables. If I had a camera I would have taken a photo because a shit like this is more rare than an eclipse. that you? I wondered where you got to after Bianca closed the Dump! The film you are thinking of by Wim Wenders is "In Der Lauf Der Zeit".....the English version is called "Kings of the Road". Yeah, that scene is a favorite of mine. He goes to a sand dune and squats out a footlong grogan. I think it was an ad-lib, which makes it even better. After all, how many takes can a film shoot make of crapping? Did anyone notice the scene in "Something About Mary" where the three guys go into an apartment? There is a shit on the floor by the door.

To "yourmother", yes I read magazines etc sitting on the toilet, I thought most people did this? JW. I assume your video is NOT commercially available but a privately recorded tape. Now usually it doesnt take that long for me to pass a motion, even if its a bit on the hard side but I have had times when I have been constipated and I have sat there trying hard going "NNN! and EH! and OO!" with a big hard ball coming out with a loud "KERSPLOONK!" sound then straining again "AH! OH!" to pass another one "KUPLONK!" and the whole motion has taken about 15 minutes to complete, that is until I felt that I had passed as much as I was going to. Normally when I start a motion I stay seated for the entire performance unless I have only passed a little hard lump and know I will be able to get to a toilet when I need. This is because I once had a big accident in my panties when I was about 16 because I abandoned a performance.

It was at the end of the school day and I felt the need to do a motion and went to the Girls Toilet. I was constipated, (it was period time), and after five minutes I had only done a couple of hard balls the size of hen's eggs. I knew there was a lot more up there but as it wouldn't come down I finished and went home. On the bus I felt the need to do a motion again and a large fecal mass slide down into my back passage. The bus stopped at the end of the long road were I lived and as I walked I knew that I wouldn't make it home and felt a spasm in my ???? and the big turd start to slide out of my arse into the seat of my knickers pushing them down and away from my buttocks. I also released a gush of wee wee soaking the gusset of my knickers. The jobbie was a big one but very firm so it didnt squash up too much and make a mess but I was annoyed that I could actually see my house and the safe haven of the toilet but it may as well have been a hundred miles away not a hundred yards. As various writers, including myself, have explained the school knickers I was wearing were the type with elastic threaded through the leg bands and this kept all the poo inside them. When I got in I went straight to the bathroom to get clean up and have a shower and get changed. My young brother, then 14 was present but he was actually very decent about it, probably because he had recently had an accident in his underpants himself and I hadn't laughed at him. He got me a clean pair of knickers as I stepped out of my skirt, (which wasnt soiled in any way) and saw the lumpy bulge in the seat of my white cotton briefs. I stepped out of them observing that the turd had curled round in the seat of the knickers into a big lumpy egg shape and emptied this into the toilet, washing the knickers out in the handbasin. Since then if I start a motion I always try to finish what I have started.

Melissa, I agree that you should cut down on the fruit and fibre until you find a level to suit yourself. Ask "what is an ideal bowel movement " and you will get all sorts of answers from soft mushy stools to good big solid logs, I support the latter although I would catagorise my motions as usually being in the firm to easy catagory, formed and solid but smooth after the first few inches then sliding out with a steady pressure. The type you like to do Melissa. In the end its a question of "what is right for YOU!". Taking a lot of exercise and eating a balanced diet, including some fruit and fibre but NOT an excessive amount, I find my bowel movements are usually just right for me, solid and formed and large but not painful or difficult to pass, except when Im constipated just before the start of my period. So find out what suits YOU Melissa and stick with it. Normally the human digestive system works rather well if left to itself and not abused or tampered with. Heath food nutters and laxative manufacturers please note. Emily with megacolon is an example of one of the few people who actually HAS to use laxatives and enemas on medical direction for a definite physical condition. By the way Melissa, I found your saga about your latest toilet emergency quiet a tale. Seems to me that the toilet provision at your store is inadeqate as is the staffing cover. Im sure your customer would have understood had you told her earlier that you needed to go to the "restroom" instead of suffering as you did and risking another embarassing accident in your panties. If I am running a session at the Sports Centre and needed the toilet I would either call a quick break or get one of the other staff to take over, I certainly wouldn't do it in my knickers. Luckily I havent had this problem as I usually do a nice big one in the Women's Toilets there after lunch and take the opportunity to have a wee wee whenever there is a break between sessions. So in a nutshell Melissa, as soon as you need a motion at work or wherever go and do it, Im sure someone else would have served the customer and she would have probably been quite happy to look through the clothes while you went to the toilet if you had explained to her. Otherwise, if you can, get a different job where the pressures are less.

Hello. Yes Moira I am still here! I do try to read the messages here although I don't always have the time to write. Actually I haven't long been back from holidays, and I have had to catch up on this forum as well as a load of mail. We have been travelling around in Italy and France, and it was very hot. I could have got away with packing just t-shirt, shorts and bikini - that's about all I wore the whole time. I got to use some unfamiliar loos, including the type where the waste all exits from the front of the bowl, and there is a shallow slope at the rear. I found this type to be rather smelly as a lot of poo seems to accumulate out of the water, and it always leaves skidmarks when you flush. One hotel room we were in had this type, and it was very poor at dealing with my poos. I am a very regular person, but the Italian diet (I suppose it's the olive oil) had an effect on me. For the first couple of days my dumps were softer than usual, and then I found that, rather than going twice a day, which is usual, I was only going once - but it was a huge load each time. I must confess to a love of pasta, and I ate loads of it - lunchtime and evenings most days! I did get to use the loo on an Italian train as well. My first visit was just for a pee, and I noticed that when I flushed, I could see the track underneath. Later on, I went back for a (very big) poo session, and I was able to flush it out as we passed quite slowly through a crowded station. The loo window had a top section that opened, so I could see quite clearly where we were - and I suppose some of the people on the platform could see me!

The English title of the Wim Wenders "mystery film" is Kings of the Road. This film is very hard to find, though. I haven't seen a copy for rent for years.

To Moira (Scotland) - It's strange you should ask if slim people do big motions. For the longest time I had very long firm motions which certainly stretched my hole but they were not painful. Indeed the time it took to come out and the gentle stretching heightened the pleasure considerably. Then I decided to change my diet and for the first time this morning I actually blocked the toilet in my bathroom. Thank goodness it's my bathroom and I do the cleaning, I would be really embarrassed to tell my dad I had clogged it up. Ever since I took to the high fiber and fruit diet my poos have been a lot shorter in length and very very thick. They are soft enough to squish down a little as they come out but they are still thick enough to hurt and obviously big enough to block the toilet. The other thing I have noticed is that once I feel the urge to go, I can't hold it back anything like as long as I could before my change of diet, and on top of that, once I start going, it's all o! ver within seconds. And how much of an Amazon am I? A slim 5' 5" and 112 lbs.

To Emily - Well as perhaps you might have gathered if you read my posts we eventually decided to use suppositories for Melanie's constipation. We certainly considered enemas but we were both a little concerned that we might make a mess. Suppositories just seemed a little easier. The thing was that neither of them are chemical laxatives and they both work very quickly. I really appreciate your concern - thanks and lots of love from Melissa.

To JW - Yes I certainly have told Melanie about pushing. The thing is that I personally have never liked pushing, perhaps because I hurt myself once, so I just don't emphasize it. What I have done is make sure Melanie knows how to sit on the toilet so that her poo will come out more easily. For me, leaning forward with my chest on my lap and breathing in very deeply works well to help it on its way. I found that if I push very gently at the same time it helps even more. Melanie now uses this technique and she is convinced that it helps considerably. As for pushing very hard for 10 minutes like the lady you described in the movie: No I wouldn't do that. Before my diet my poo could easily take 10 or even 20 minutes to come out but that was probably because I would only push very very gently if at all. My rule was, if the tip of my poo hadn't peeped out within 5 minutes then I would give up. I always knew that eventually I would sit on the toilet and it would start to c! ome out with no help from me.

To Tony - I guess our posts crossed on the net. You are dead right I am certainly going to adjust my diet and you are also right when you say its all a matter of personal preference. I love to have a nice long firm poop, it just feels so good. The secret is probably as you implied and that is to cut back only to the point where the results are satisfactory. If I stopped completely I'm sure I would end up with the most wicked constipation, and that I can do without. Incidentally I suspect we may end up facing the same issue with my sister Melanie, so you make an excellent point. Thanks Tony - love - Melissa.

To Marleen - You know most of us who have accidents here tend to agree we don't like them very much but we take it as part of life. But your story of being physically ill is very poignant. I have had stomach upsets accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea but luckily I have always been at home when this has happened. To be vomiting and have diarrhea all at the same time on the side of the road - Well my heart goes out to you. That truly is distressing and traumatic and shouldn't happen to anyone. I still like your attitude "I thought I could easily get away with it". In my book that's still "Attitude!" All my love and best wishes - Melissa.

To Rachel - That's a relief, glad you didn't actually insert the hose. Sorry my method didn't work too well, but it sounds like you have a much better system anyway with the hose in any case. It's interesting that you say you relax and tighten your ring. I do exactly the same to help my poo start to come out when I'm sitting on the toilet and it really does help. Love - Melissa

Hey,hey all.TO JACOB B-Welcome to the party pal,bring on your stories.I think it's like a way of therapy for all of us on this forum,it's a nice place to visit and know that you are not alone!TO KELLY-Nice story about you and you girl pooing together.Check out one of my old posts about me and my nurse friend pooing together in the woods.I think that's one of the coolest things to do is to poo together with a beautiful woman(especially at the same time!try that sometime)BYE

Freddie D
Regarding movies with pissing scenes there is an obscure European movie that maybe should be included : 'The Sexual Life of The Belgians' , about 1995. The narrator's aunt who eventually commits suicide is shown pissing in one scene but it is treated so casually you'd miss it if you were not paying attention. The ( unusual ? ) aspect was that she was fully clothed ( except presumably for underwear ) and standing up fully ( or squatting was minimal anyway ). She goes on talking about something or other as she pisses away , as if nothing was happening. The camera shows her from behind. I watched the movie on the BBC about a year ago specially for that scene but it was cut out.

I'd just finished finished ten laps,my breathing is regular but my timing is twenty seconds off and Lin.the coach is angry because of the example I'm suppose to set,when I walked in the showers she didn't say aword but gave me looks and as I let w/ my towell and wet suit and headed for a stall she parked herself in the one next to mine and scolded me as I was trying to have relieve myself while peeing,i didn't want to get upset,the truth is she can intimadiate me,she said she was tempted to post my present timing on the board next to my best!That i was wasting my talent,i was feeling badly anyway and I'm ashamed that i started crying though i didn't feel like the urge,though i started gasping farting and shitting uncontrollable until finally my tears were all gone and I could wipe myself clean,my ass still felt dirty,i ran back to the showers and just stood under it until i felt better and rewashed myself clean.I should have had been keeping up my practice swims,I havn't exerc! ise much and I am going to cut my hours at the restaurant and talk to wookie about my needs to be a better althete.Sorry to lay this on you guys. Moira there a kid here whose like that,she's so slight and makes the most god awlful noises when she's on the pot and comments aloud "oh this is a really big one",she leaves turdmarks in even our bowls when she's done,and the toilets flushers are really pressurized so her poops must be of the huge size.Well I guess I'm regular again,mine seem to be getting larger and more firm too.hi steph,alex love to everyone.

Jason from Texas
To Emily- I wanted to say that i too have a megacolon and have recently undergone major surgery to correct the problem. Plagued by infrequent bowel movements and bouts of constipation it would impossible for me to go. I would then have to have procedures done on me to correct the problem. When i finally learned of the true nature of the problem and found out that there was a surgery available to correct the problem longterm i was finally forced to go ahead with it and now i can say that i'm glad that i have chosen to do so. My life is better knowing that i won't have to worry about this for the rest of my life. Love to hear back from u emily and u take care.

Hi there at the toilet! Moira - I have to agree with you that some small, slender women can put out amazing quantities. My wife does it all the time, although she is only 6 ft. 6 in. and weighs but slightly over 100 lbs.; however, she is not skinny, only very trim and neverthelesse more endowed with female attributes than some heavier but equally tall women. She gets a lot of exercise at work (in a hospital), eats well, and seems to have a slightly accelerated metabolism. Let me tell you a true story about her. She came home from working a full day plus an extra night and early shift around noon one saturday, found me sitting at the lunch table and said, „Pour me a cup of coffee please, I’ll be right there." With this, she went into the bathroom. I have to add at this point that she nearly always does her motions very quickly. She left the door open, as we both usually do, and I heard a rustle of clothes, two short loud farts, then a forceful twenty seconds’ piss rattling against the porcelain. When her stream started to dribble, four deep, hard splashes were heard: SPLUNK! --- SPLUNK, DUNK! --- SPLOTCH! - like bricks falling into a deep well. After that, she immediately wiped (twice), got up, flushed (once), washed her hands and within a minute she was sitting at the table sipping her coffee. „That was exactly what I needed," she said, „I couldn’t go all yesterday - I simply had no time!" After lunch she lay down and slept for three hours, which she always does after these occasional night shifts. I was doing some work around the house when she came downstairs looking sleepy, with only her undies on, and headed for the toilet. „Why do you get up?" I asked her, „I’m sure some more sleep would do for you." „I have to go again," she answered with a yawn, „my bowels won’t let me rest." „But you dropped a good load at noon!" I replied. „Not good enough, it seems," I heard her mumble, already from inside the bathroom. This time, she tinkled feebly for only a few seconds, then gave vent to a long, melodious fart, at the end of which, sure enough, came deep splashes: SPLUNK! --- PLUPP! --- PLOPP! --- SPLOTCH! --- PLUPP, PLUPP! Then a sigh, and ten seconds of silence. Then a slight grunt, and another mighty SPLUNK! Wiping, flushing, briefs up, washing hands, out and upstairs. „Another forty winks will do," I heard her vanishing voice. „Finished this time?" I asked, and ! she replied, „...don’t know." in a voice which indicated she was already dozing off again. Later, she farted under the blanket, half a dozen long ones which I could hear downstairs. She didn’t go when she came down again some two hours later. We had tea and pastry sitting in deck chairs on the balcony, just the two of us. We were enjoying the warm weather, wondering what our daughter might be up to at granny’s, and trying to decide what to do in the evening. Suddenly I heard a low rumble from her belly, and turned around only to see her on her way to the bathroom again, making haste and without a comment. I heard accelerated steps, rustling, and immediately a wave of PLOPS, PLUNKS, DUNKS, PLUPPS and SPLASHES - she seemed to have reached the softer part of the game. A five second break, the another wave of PLOPS which became muffled SPLATS as the tip of the iceberg was obviously rising above sea level. Last came a very wet sounding fart. A minute later she was out on the balcony again. „Were you playing a tape in the bathroom or was that the third godalmighty load for today you just dropped?" I asked her unbelievingly. „I don’t know what it is, but I love it!" was her playful reply, „No tape, anyway. Piece of good advice, you should avoid going in there now!" She pinched her nose to illustrate what she meant to say. I was too lazy to check, so I kept my seat. We went out that evening (I don’t remember where, probably on a minor pub crawl), and when we returned we headed for the bedroom via the bathroom. I peed while she brushed her teeth. After I had washed my hands it was my turn to tackle the brush and toothpaste, while she undressed and took her seat „Upon the Great White Stone". I listened to her piss shooting out for thirty seconds, hard as if she wanted to drill a hole into the porcelain, along with a hissing fart, and was expecting her to grab for the paper, when I heard an unmistakeable heavy FLOOMP! and a low sigh. I shook my head and said, „Tell me this isn’t true!" She rose from the seat to wipe (standing up, from behind), saying, „Convince yourself." - and sure enough, a fat, smooth ten incher circled the waves. „I don’t believe this!" I said, probably looking somewhat sheepish. „Now that I come to think of it," she said, „I haven’t gone for... let’s see... three days or so. That’s how long I’ve been saving it up!" „Three days - well, for most persons what you put out today would be a good week’s work!" I exclaimed. And she didn’t object. I hope I didn’t bore you with this lengthy yarn; somehow I needed to communicate something about my wife, who can be quite an outstanding performer as regards the topic of this forum. You may find our bathroom habits rather relaxed and cool. You’re right - but see, I’ve got this one problem: To me, the sights and sounds (and even smells) of my wife’s pees and poos (and women’s in general) are a sexual turn-on. To her, it’s just natural, but nothing specifically kinky. She knows about my hangup, but she doesn’t reproach me, and she continues being very open-minded, but she will not consent to making it a love game. Anyone at the T. got a similar problem? Good pees and poos to you all, Andre.

In 1980 I was working for a catering company at a large international airport in the midwestern US. One day a group of us were lounging about the tarmac, awaiting the arrival of the inaugural flight of Sabena Belgian World Airways. This was a big deal- a reviewing stand had been set up and was crawling with local dignitaries, airline executives, reporters and the like. Finally the big 747 touched down and proceeded to taxi over to the ramp. All eyes were on the shiny aircraft when a shit truck, or "honey dipper" pulled up to empty the lavatory holding tanks. I imagine the tanks were quite full, since the flight had originated in Europe and had not been serviced along the way. A worker climbed up on top of the truck, grabbed a large hose and began to unlock the waste hatch on the underbelly of the plane. Before he could attach the hose, the hatch popped open and the entire contents of the aft holding tank spilled out on top of the poor bastard's head. All he could do was grin sheepishly as the flood of urine, turds and toilet paper bounced off his soggy noggin. The crowd on the reviewing stand gaped at the spectacle in stunned silence- not us, we were laughing our fool heads off. As a rule I do not find humor in another fellow's misfortune, but I made an exception in this case. The guy should have received a round of applause- or at least a towel! Dad

Hi. Sorry I haven't written in over a week. I had a wisdom tooth removed and I've been on pain killers. I'm feeling better now, but the medicine has hardened my bowels. I had the operation on Thursday and every day from then until yesterday (Monday), every time I tried to go number two, all I let out were some small rabbit pellet sized poopees. I did take a s**t this morning which was longer than before, a couple of 3-4 inch poops, but I still feel like I have a lot to let out. I'll see if being off the medicine helps soften my poopies if not I'll have to stick a suppository up my butt. Melissa, that was so cool of you to help Melanie with the suppository. It only took her 20 minutes to go? I waited for about an hour until I couldn't hold it anymore. I hope your poopies become harder after you cut down on the fruit. I love you Melissa. Nyad, I wondered what happened to you. You are feeling better which is good. Are you riding the bike again? You did say that you will be working out in the university pool, I was just wondering about the bicycle. I love you Nyad. Torie

A very interesting website. Nice to know that other people like the same kind of thing that I do. Only just found this site in August 1999, and have not had the time to look at all that many of the experiences that other people have written about. I shall certainly revisit this site often to find out more! Will write more at a later date. 'Bye for now, Dave

CancerChild (kyle *female*)
Where the heck is my freaking post?? Anyway i am changing my name. This isn't no ordinary name it's my real name. I am changing it to Julian. My mother told me the suggestion. Oh and guess what my mom had a new baby. It lives with us now and his name is Anakin. I named him. He is mine. I never see my mom. She told ME to take care of him like my own. So his full name is Anakin Blake and no i cannot tell you my/his last name. So say hello to the first 11 year old, cancer sick child, mom. I saw him take a dump and boy he had to strain for a while. Takes after his ol' sis *poor baby*. A lot of tests are being taken with him because thay don't think he'll walk. They wonder if he has cancer. I just took him out shopping with my aunt's credit card, (don't worry i didn't steal it she lended it to me). Got him really cute clothes. I just took a dump 2 hours ago i'll tell ya about it: I was walking around the mall. I went into a shop for pokemon. Then i felt a strong urge for a dump. I mean a STRONG urge to take a dump. I sucked up my butt cheeks and thought about where the bathroom was. Well Anakin was sucking a bottle the whole time. So i ran out and i went into the nearest elevator. I pressed the number 2 button and ran out. Then i immediatly saw a bathroom and went in. I was glad i had bought a pokemon comic. So i went into the handicap stall and brought the baby. I sat down and got comfy. I looked for the bars. I grabbed on and strained my hardest. I didn't feel anything. So i grabbed on tight and strained. The lady from the stall next to me asked if i needed help i said yes. So she said Strain your hardest and bear down. It didn't work so when she was gone i grabbed one of those goodnight diaper things i wear at night and decided i'll go shop and i'll poop in it. Well i did as sonn as i walked out i went into the elevator and saw the same lady i saw i n the restroom. She asked if she had helped. I politely said no and she said. Shouldn't you be in there? I said i had put on a goodnight diaper. She said well try now. I said no. When i was outside i decided to go take off my goodnight diaper and poop in my pants since many people talked about it on here. So i did that and i LOVED it!!!

Okay well since someone asked..I'm telling about my pee accident. I was in mass when I got the urge to go pee really really bad. Well that will teach me..we went to eat at a resturant before we went to church and well i drank 2 iced tea and their ice teas are huge even the small is what you'd call large. Anyway it was awful...I sat there squirming and trying to hold it..finally I crossed my legs and squeezed so tight I my legs were going to sleep. Them mas was over and I though oh good potty time..but oh man..the line to the bathroom was long....eek. So into the car i go crossing anf uncrossing my legs as we drove home..I even had my hand clamped onto my front to help keep it was a nightmare. When we pulled into the drive I felt a few drops come out. I froze..I mena I didn't even breath!!! I squeezed tight and waited till the door was open. then I waddled out of the car as fast as i could into my cousin's room and into his bathroom..before I even reached the restroom door i had my hands under my dress trying to rip them off. I was already my my cousin's room so no one saw whew..anyway i hate pantyhose cause they never let go when you need them too. I was in front of the potty trying to get them down...bouncing up and down..I even had tears in my eyes..I finally got them all most to my knees with one big tug..but it was too big a tug I think cause I squirted into my pampies..that was all it took it started coming out. My eyes opened wide and I quickly picked up my dress from the back and sat on the potty with my pmapies still on. I Flodded my poor purple felt good..not in a naughty was just nice to get the pressure off and ahhhhhhhhhhh. My cousin came in and asked what was wrong. He heard me yelp when the pee started coming out. I held up my dress form the front and we both saw a dark patch of wetness groowing on my pmapies. I felt like crying but he just comforted me and said it was okay..then he took off my pmapie hose and threw them away. I sat there for like 2 minutes as i flooded my front and my tushie were soaked. but I felt soooooooooo much better. I slumped back in the potty and sighed long and loud. My cousin closed the door and left me some clean clothes so i could take a bath. But before he left i took off and handed him my soaked pampies (man they smelled) and he left them in the sink saoking in soapy water. Afte that i got undressed and and goty ready to take a bath,,heh since them my cousin talked my auntie into allowing me NOT to wear pantyhose. Thank god. Anywya there it is. Okay now. JW I think you maybe right. I thought that maybe it was a way for her to brace herself as a huge poop came out of her. I tried it once..and I got caught in midpoop by my cousin..I was so embarassed but he was cool about it.Yeah I know..I would pull on the seat too till one time at my grandmothers house they had a woddenone and well it was old and I kinda must have pulled too hard cause..I broke it. Hmmm well JW me I woudl try for 10 minutes..especially if I have time..and well REALLY wnat it out..if it didn't come out..I'd sit there and relax till it decided or finally made up it's mind..but I hate grunting.. my cousins changed my deit and now he gives me watermelon and other stuff to eat as snacks. They kinda work... my poops are still BIG and are firm..but at least they are not hard and dry..and they slid out a bit I don't push but it's HARD!! I don't know how Meliisa does it..I sit there and let it come out on it's own and man.. i'm there dying. So i sit and read something while it does..anything so i can concenrate on that instead of this HUGE poop cmoing out but even hands and body shake. I even tried tlaking to my cousin to keep my mind off of it..i was stuttering like crazy. I don't know what to do. Sandra.. I do let out gas big time at first..then the poop comes.. I never understood it..but it let's me know it's on the way. ! To yourmother..yeah i read magazines on the potty even when I pee..hey it's a RESTroom and that's what i'm doing hee hee. Oh another thing on the movies we talked about. There's a movie coming out this next's about these boys that go to see a KISS concert in the 70's. I don't know the name but in the previews they show a girl go int a stall and go potty as the 3 boys look over from another stall and watch her. It's funny cuase the potty they stand on breaks and they fall knocking down all the stalls with them so the poor girl is seen there sitting on the potty in the middle of all that mess. Hee hee. Well that's all for now. hey JW got anymore stories of you pooping when you were small if so..let me hear it. XOXO Linda

Me again. Okay to Tony from the UK. Um no they are panties. it's just my name for them. You see when i was small and just learning to go potty I could never say the name right... and well that's how it would come out whenever i tried to say it. And well it was such a cute way of saying kinda stuck. Funny thing is though that my sisters and my mother call them that too.

Mark B
To Moira (Scotland) Yes, its Izal in Sainsbury’s. Perhaps it will soon be featured in the colour supplements as being healthier and will become very trendy. I hope not. Thinking of hard toilet paper, I remember when I first started working in a government department in the 1980s, they used rolls of hard paper and every sheet was stamped ‘Government Property’ in small letters just below the perforation! Because staff hated this hard paper the trade union asked for soft paper to be supplied. They were told that someone in the central supplies department had accidentally added a zero to the order, and had ordered 100,000 rolls instead of 10,000 rolls. So as not to waste money (this being in the penny-pinching era of Mrs Thatcher) it had to be used up. Eventually it was, but it took a long time.

To Daniel (UK) I went to Studland last Friday. It’s a long way from where I live in South London, but I fancied a day on the beach as the weather was so hot, and really good-quality naturist beaches are rare (in Britain). As it happens, I didn’t feel the need to empty my bowel in the heather at the back of the beach, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing that anyway because the part of it nearest the naturist section seems to be a gay cruising ground and I might feel a bit conspicuous. But there is a very nice wood further back, which looks like a secluded and tranquil place to poo. Your post reminded me of a time when I was on holiday in France and in the far distance saw a young guy standing up with his trousers around his ankles – he’d obviously just done a poo, and he knew that I was looking at him. I felt excited and after he had gone I had a real compulsion to to go and see what he had done (but didn’t, because I was with a friend). Not long after that the young guy came back on his bike, as if to check whether I has gone to look at his dump. I often thought of that afterwards – perhaps he was into poo as well, and really wanted someone to go and look at what he had produced. Mark B (UK)

Tuesday, August 03, 1999

I went to Studland Beach again this weekend. If you didn't read my last post or two, this is a clothing-optional remote beach in Dorset, England. Anyway there are absolutely no toilet facilities, so people have to improvise. About 2:00 in the afternoon, I saw two boys about 12 or so (wearing swimming trunks) go up behind the dunes and walk about. I was about 100 feet away and they didn't see me. They looked around and I could just see the tops of their heads. Then they squatted down and disappeared for about 2 minutes. First one's head reappeared, then the other. It was obvious they'd done a buddy dump, so after they went away, I went over and, sure enough, their smelly loads were on the sand near a clump of heather. One was a pile of fairly loose shit, the other a big, fat, dark brown log about 8 inches long. There wasn't really anything around suitable for bum-wiping, so I guess they just went on their way with dirty arses. What a great place. Nicky, I wonder where you are. ! Miss your posts. I'll be back online in early September and looking forward to great reading and more descriptions. Dumping outside with a friend is the best thing there is. 'Bye for now. Daniel

I have always been infatuated with my wife using the bathroom. I don't understand this and for as long as I have been reading the posts on this site, I hesitated to write anything because I felt weird about it. I remember one time my wife and I lived in a house with only one bathroom. I was already occupied doing my #2, when she came in with a real worried look on her face. I knew what she had to do and I said I was almost finished. That wasn't fast enough so she pulled down her jeans and panties and headed for the tub! I thought she just had to pee but then I heard a "slapping noise" in the bottom of the tub. She just said "when you got to go, you got to go! Since then we've made provisions for this with an optional "potty chair".

To Nicola and Melissa - just to reassure you I do not insert the shower tube into my hole when showering poop off me! I just spray onto it. When I said I was opening and closing my ring, I really meant that I was relaxing it as if I were doing a poop and then tightening it up. That does the job nicely. Let me know if you try it. Melissa - I tried your method with a fixed head shower of spraying between my cheeks and then rubbing them together but it didn't work for me at all. My butt is obviously the wrong shape! Love Rachel

Coprologist - the Wim Wenders movie is called "Im Lauf der Zeit" which must be "In the course of time" or something like that (I went to see it almost 20 years ago in Germany). Good pees and poos to y'all, Andre

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