To Rachel - How does the paper get into a pencil shape? Good question! Perhaps it was not a good description. I think what happens is that if the pad is too moist and I rub too hard, the sheet in the pad next to my tush just breaks away from the main pad and rolls up as I keep rubbing - and kinda ends up looking like a pencil shape. You are absolutely right about making the pad bigger and not getting it too wet. BTW - I was really glad to hear the water doesn't go inside you. You had me (and I think Nicola aswell) worried for a while there. One thing I forgot to mention about my shower is that the spray is adjustable and I can get anything from a "Rain Shower" to a fairly strong jet. I do like the idea of a hose though - that's the best answer of all. Lots of love - Melissa.

To Buzzy - Actually we live in Georgia now but we did live up in Connecticut for a while. Anyway - I'm not so sure about the diet thing, I've probably overdone itů..

A few posts back I mentioned I was thinking of cutting back on my fruit and fiber rich diet because it had been a little too effective in making my motions softer. Well, last week was also the last straw on this issue and I can tell you there will be a lot less fruit in our refrigerator and a lot fewer boxes of bran cereals in our kitchen closet from now on. It was around 7 p.m. and, almost certainly because of a special sales event, business at the boutique had been very heavy all that evening. There were three of us working that night, Karen, Ceesha and myself. I had already felt the faint need to go to the bathroom several times throughout the afternoon and evening but feeling that I didn't have time to sit on the toilet had simply held it in and shrugged it off each time. Ceesha, a very pretty black girl with an often delightfully naughty, even indiscreet turn of phrase brushed past me with an armful of clothes rescued from the changing room whispering, "Will this ever let up? I'm dying for a s**t". I laughed and continued picking up clothing from the floor that had become casualties of customer rummaging. Karen, the hustler among the three of us, had been non-stop with customers all evening and was now noticeably tired and irritable. I noticed Karen was busy with yet another customer when a soft "Excuse me" startled me. I turned, "Do you have any short double slit skirts?", a lady I would guess about the same age as me - maybe a year or two older, smiled. "Yes, this way", I dropped the clothing I was holding to the floor and headed across the store looking back to make sure she was still with me. I found several skirts on the rack and took one to show her. "Oooh yes", she hesitated examining the garment carefully, "do you have anything a little shorter, maybe like you're wearing?" It so happened that my skirt was from the very same rack and I soon found her size. "This one is 16 inches long, it's got front and back darts and a double slit at the front and it comes in a stretch twill."

Even as I was handing her the skirt I felt the urge to use the bathroom build in my rear and I instinctively squeezed my hole shut to wait for the pressure to die away. She liked the style and we found the color (Khaki) she was looking for, and it was the last one in stock, but now she wanted to look at twin sets that were two racks over. I wasn't too happy because I was still squeezing and I didn't feel altogether confident about walking even that short distance with my poo being so insistent about coming out. I tried to walk as naturally as possible, convinced that she would notice my thighs rubbing together and my rather short steps as I fought to squeeze and walk at the same time. I was beginning to get distinctly worried in case I really had to leave her for the bathroom before she had found all she needed. We reached the twin sets without incident. I leaned on the rack and crossed my legs trying to look as innocuous as possible while I fought to regain control of ! things. Once more the pressure eased off just enough to let me know it wasn't coming out this time. She quickly picked out a wine colored set and to my surprised relief said,"Oh this is gorgeous, and you've got plenty here". Then looking anxiously at her watch she continued "I'm in a hurry right now so why don't I take the skirt and I'll come back for the other stuff tomorrow". I readily agreed, and with a haste that must have been obvious, took her to the check out.

I scanned the bar code tag but before I even folded the garment to put it in the bag I felt the pressure build again. I could feel my poo making its way down, filling the space behind my ring. My lower ???? started to push and I felt the strain driving the pressure on my ring close to bursting point. Hoping the counter would provide some concealment I gladly crossed my legs as tightly as I could and stood there squeezing with all my might. Another straining spasm gripped me and yet more poo came down relentlessly pushing so hard on the inside of my ring I could tell that I was absolutely full and I knew I couldn't hold it back for much longer. I suddenly realized I had finished folding the skirt and became acutely aware that my face was betraying the battle I was fighting against my poo. I forced my expression to relax and thankfully as I did the strain eased off and I felt the pain inside my ring dull slowly to a mere ache. I sensed my poo reluctantly retreat deeper inside and with it went the desperate sense of dire urgency which had consumed me just seconds before. I still didn't feel sure enough that I could uncross my legs, but at least I could ease off the tremendous effort I had been making to hold my ring closed. So in a very ungainly way I kept my legs crossed and leaned over awkwardly to retrieve a bag from one of the shelves under the counter. Putting her purchase in the bag, I took her credit card, swiped it and waited for the authorization to start printing the receipt. I looked up and noticed the store was empty except for two customers who were being looked after by Karen. Ceesha was nowhere to be seen.

The checkout printer clattered into life and spat out its offering which I tore off and handed to the customer. I hadn't even uncrossed my legs, I was still rooted to the same spot and once more my ???? went into a spasm. I felt my rectum fill so fast I thought it would explode as I fought to hold my poo back. Each time the pressure had returned it had been more and more insistent and even though my ring had not opened, it had yielded just a little more each time. This time there was no hiding the expression on my face and as my customer handed me back the sighed receipt she said "I won't mind if you have to go out back, someone else can finish off" I tried to smile "I'm O.K., I can wait". I wasn't at all sure that I could wait, but I knew I was almost through. "No really, I've been in exactly the same position, it's awful, I work at ********* Jewelers at the far end on the ground level, believe me I know how bad it can get". She signed her receipt hurriedly, separated the two copies for me, and with a look of compassion whispered, "Go, before you do it in your panties" and at that she smiled once more, turned and made for the door. I was still squeezing for all my might when I felt a sharper pain in my ring and in spite of all my conscious effort I just couldn't hold it completely shut. With helplessness I felt a small soft lump squirm its way out before my hole was able to clamp shut again. The store was empty now, the last two customers had left and I shouted across to Karen, "I'm going to the bathroom, I might be a while". The spasm was beginning to ease off and very carefully I walked slowly to the bathroom all the time feeling the small lump of poo just on the outside of my ring as it was squashed in my crack. I made it to the bathroom door and with expectation and relief pushed it wide open.

My heart sank, there was Ceesha with her little skirt hoisted high above her waist and her blue panties around her knees leaning over and grunting with exertion. "Oh No!", I exclaimed in horror, "Ceesha, I'm going in my panties, how long are you going to be?" She groaned again, let out a sigh and looked up at me. "Melissa, I'm taking a s**t!" "Ceesha!" I cried, "hurry up". "You're always going in your panties, use the ladies room at the end" she replied skeptically. If there was one thing I was sure of it was that I would never be able to make it to the public toilet at the end of the mall. The tension was too much and even as Ceesha's brow began to furrow as another strain gripped her body I felt my own poo begin to move again. I crossed my legs and braced for the contest I knew was about to follow. The first wave hit me and I closed my eyes groaning loudly as I put all my effort into keeping my hole closed. The pain backed off but I knew it would be back, more insistent than ever. But in the brief respite Ceesha looked up again and a loud cry and a noisy splash made it obvious that she had at last managed to rid herself of a major portion of her discomfort. "Oh, that's better" she sighed, "Come on, quickly!" She stood up from the toilet and grabbing my arm almost pulled me around to stand in front of the waiting bowl. I hesitated, completely taken by surprise and looked at Ceesha blankly. "Come on get your panties down before I need to do some more", she commanded. I put my hands up my skirt and pulled down my panty hose and panties together, waiting in horror to see how dirty they were. To my surprise there was not a mark in them and lifting my skirt I sat down on the toilet seat still warm from Ceesha's rear. The strain hit me almost immediately and as my butt filled I leaned forward, relaxed my ring and surrendered myself to the building pressure. I started to pee furiously and I felt my ring start to open but the pressure was now turning into pain and nothing, not even the tip, had started to make its way out. The strain built and I cried out "Ohhhh! in agony as at last I felt my poo emerge from my hole. Once it started, the tremendous pressure kept it coming, rubbing against my tortured ring as it came out. It was all over in 5 or 6 seconds but each second seemed like an eternity as my hole was forced to stay open almost beyond endurance and somewhere in the middle of this my pee dwindled to a last few drops.

My ring closed and the pain reduced to a residual feeling of soreness and a dull ache just inside. I was just beginning to sit up when Karen appeared at the door. Neither Ceesha nor I had even realized the bathroom door was still open. "What are you doing?" Karen almost shouted. But before she could say any more her speech was interrupted by her own astonishment at the scene before her. Ceesha was standing with her skirt still hiked above her waist and her panties still around her knees. I was sitting on the toilet with my skirt up and my panties also around my knees. Karen glanced from Ceesha, whom she regarded from head to toe and back again, to me and continued her speech. "Anyone in the store could hear you, and if you have to go to the bathroom together you might close the door!", she continued with just a slight hint of contempt in her voice. Karen looked Ceesha up and down once more and left, slamming the door behind her. Neither Ceesha nor I said a single word.

I reached for the toilet paper and tore off a strip, folding it onto a thick pad. I knew I was messy so leaning forward and reaching behind I gently rubbed around my hole until I felt a small flattened lump still sticking to my cheek. It came away quite easily in the pad and I dropped the tissue into the toilet. I tore off another pad and handed it to Ceesha. "Can you make it damp under the faucet?", I asked. She did as I requested and handed me the moistened pad. The coolness felt good around my ring, which still harbored a vague ache, but the damp pad did its work well and cleaned up most of the mess in my rear. Again I didn't look at the pad but tore off another and once more Ceesha moistened it for me. I wiped again and this time looked to see just how much mess remained. The pad was almost clean and one more did the trick. I took one last dry tissue and wiped between my legs and stood up. "My turn", said Ceesha and she took my place at the toilet. As I pulled up my panties, Ceesha took a handful of tissue and bending over wiped her behind and dropped the tissue into the bowl. I pulled up my panty hose and looked at Ceesha as she pulled her panties up and adjusted her skirt. We both laughed and looked into the bowl. Of course there wasn't much to see except lots and lots of tissue but I knew by the sound of Ceesha's poop splashing into the pan followed by the huge lump that had put my little hole through so much agony that the bowl must have been absolutely full. I flushed the toilet and luckily in one gurgling rush it all disappeared.

Ceesha and I looked at each other and laughed loudly again as we opened the bathroom door and made our way back on to the sales floor. Karen turned and glared at us from across the store but said nothing. Ceesha turned her back to Karen and whispered to me "Little Miss Snooty Nose probably thinks her s**t doesn't stink" and at that strolled over to check the changing rooms for clothing.

It's clear to me that my new diet is working, maybe even working too well. The problem is that everything is softer now and I seem to have less control. So I've decided to back off and hopefully find a happy medium between the very firm long poops I used to have which took forever to come out, and the new soft poops which seem all to quick to come out - even when I don't want them to.

Linda, please tell us about your pee accident!!!!

Hi Jennifer, I also wear diapers sometimes for bedwetting, and also when I have runs (I use to wake up just too late). Its also convenient when driving or shopping.

Hi, I just found this site, and i love it. I'm 17 and have had problems with my bowels since i was a child. I have what is call "megacolon" . This makes it impossible for me to have a bowel movement on a regular basis. When i was a small child my mother would give me twice weekly enemas. At first they were with the bulb syringe, but as i got older i needed more water to force my movements. At about 11 or 12 i started receiving 2 qt. warm soapy enemas, two times a week.. I've seem where some of you can have BM whenever you wish, I just wanted you to know that there are some of us out here, that must rely on laxatives or enemas in order to have any type of bowel movement. To. Mellissa, i think you are correct, have your sister begin giving herself enemas. They work better that laxatives, and they work when you need them too. There are not as many "accidents" with enemas, as there are with laxatives either, as you can take one when you have the time to do it. and it works immediatly. I now give myself the enemas, and can , twice a week , have a fairly normal bowel movement..Would love to hear more about this from others, and anyone who might also have "megacolon". Thanks all.. Emily.

Monday, August 02, 1999

Andrea from Germany
Hi all, especially Ferris. Glad to see this board is still alive: I feared it would be down yesterday. To Ferris: Nice to see other Germans here. Regarding my friend: I haven't seen her for a long time. We were both caught shoplifting ( well, it had to happen...), and my parents forbid me to see her afterwards (they thought she would be bad influence on me). Very traumatic experience to me! (It would fit on this board - you get the picture - but I am not willing to describe details!). A few months later she moved away. Some years ago I found out she had died in a car crash when she was 19. Sad ending, isn't it? Well ... To all: Movies containing poop reference: I remember a children's series of Swedish origin (Astrid Lindgrem most probably): Madita. I haven't seen it for a very long time, but I remember a scene: A pilot comes to the village and invites some VIPs to fly in his airplane (what was a new invention then and a sensation in mid-Sweden of that time). Anyway, the village's mayor takes a fly very reluctantly, including an artistic looping, and afterwards demands to be taken to the bathhouse. Madita's father comments something like "He has done what only small children were allowed to do". Well, he crapped his pants!

JW Linda- You asked why your Mom might sit on the toilet backwards. I might actually know. By any chance did she ever have a homebirth? That is, give birth to one of her babies at home? From what I've read a common way for Mothers to labor at home is to sit backward on the toilet. Your Mom may have found its a good way to help her push. It allows you to squeeze your legs together against something while you strain. It also gives you the opportunity to have something to pull UP on, both of these actions would probably help if your struggling to move your bowels. You really ought to give it a try yourself sometime. I found pulling on the seat was fine when I was small but as I grew there was less and less room to grab onto.

Melissa- I'm really glad you helped you sister with the suppository. I know you don't want to share all the gory details but I hope you also told her all the suggestions you've learned on here about pushing. I've had a few suppositories myself...pooping that way is not always easy. What the suppository is designed to do is to irritate your colon, that will surely give you the "urge" to go but if the poop is big and hard it can still require a fair amount of straining and pushing to get it out. Teach your sister how best to push....she can most likely use all the help you can give her. You're a good and loving sister...wish I'd been so lucky!-- JW.

I had the BEST poop last week. It was one of those huge logs that take a lot of effort to get started, and then feel SO good as it comes out!

TO SANDRA-Sounds like a nice poo you did at your dinner party.Isn't it a shame that you couldn't enjoy that kind of poop by yourself!In regards to your question,Yes about 98% of the time i fart just as i sit down to poo and it always feels great because right after i fart,i feel the poo moving down my rectum and pushing out my anus.Also,that's one of the best part of watching some of the women i've seen poop.I love to haer a woman do a nice long fart before she grunts and poops a good one.I also like to haer it when i'm in the men's room from the next stall,it's relaxes me and makes me want to do the same,and in a way,it excites me,i don't know why( i'm heterosexual) But it's cool in a way.So sandra fart on,I'll bet you one of the people there dug it!!Anybody else feel this way? BYE

I went to a Roman Catholic Primary (Grade) school (Im now an agnostic) but it was co-educational. My cousin Michael went to a college run by the Jesuits which was boys only but it certainly didnt have urinals in open view in the corridors. The whole idea sounds positively disgusting! Melissa, if your motions are becoming too soft for your liking as sounds the case then cut down on the fibre, fruit etc until they are solid enough but not too hard and painful to pass. Its a matter of finding the right level to suit your own digestion and your personal preference. I personally like my jobbies to be on the firm solid side, even slightly constipated and knobbly, but like all such things its a matter of what YOU like and what suits your body. If it feels good just do it! In hot weather, you may find you sweat more and thus there is less fluid to be excreted via the bladder and bowels so stools get harder. Sandra, I wish I had been at that dinner party, you sure put on a great performance and what you describe sounds like you had a big easy motion. I wonder if any of the men there were turned on by listening to you doing it as I certainly would have been. I know its hard to overcome societal conditioning but whay be embarrased. We all shit so just do it and enjoy it and dont worry about the sound effects. Linda, what are "pampies"? are these some American brand of panties or are they like "pampers" a sort of disposable training panty for kids? I have heard of many brands of women's panties such as Sloggis and Cherish, Cherub and Montfort, and have even worn some types myself but havent seen "pampies" in the UK.

Okay after having Linda have the wits scared out of her by staying up with me to watch a scare movie on Starz..she made me come on and tell you that in the movie Campfire Stories which we watched last night..there is a scene where two girls go off and say they have to pee and the scene cuts off there..for the gals here..they first show the guys peeing..then they go to the girls. One of them is alread behind the tree and the other is sort of dancing around. Finally she pulls down her pants and squats near the tree saying"I hope I don't get poison ivy" A few seconds later they're jerk boyfriends come by and sacre the hell out of them as the run pulling their pants up. Oh and to Buzzy..I was young at the time but I DO think i rember the scene you talked about in All in the Family. But then again..toilet humor was part of the series..I mean geez, how many time did we hear Archie coming out of the toilet? Heh well I'm maybe Linda can let me off the hook for "making " her watch the movie.

Mad Squatter
I worked in a old run down steel mill that had only three thrones for eighty men. The floor was caked with oil and dirt and was barely warm enough to get comfy. Tiolet paper was rare and one checked before dumping at least the smart ones did.One night the bombays where loaded with poopers, I had a few beers at lunch along with chille the gas was seeping. I came to the realization that the stalls would be occupied for some time. Out of shear panick I grabbed a mans hard hat that rested on top of the lockers. DESENDING to a quiet corner I quickly dropped my trousers and squatted above the hard hat. Holding the hard hat steady while being splashed by tinkle a log dropped into the yellow urine filled port-a-pot. As fast as this stealth squat occured the hat was returned to it former resting place and I departed with an unwiped butt which I planned to wipe later. To my surprize one of the men that was dumping emerged with a head full of my dirty work. This poor fella was covered he! ad to toe. Till this day they have not caught the mad squatter. The very next day each man drilled holes in the top of their hard hats so that urine and poo would not collect. Many men there after pooped wearing their hats. As far as I know the victim never did poop on company time.

To Melissa: Yes, I pooped in my panties just like if I was sitting on a toilet. However, as I explained, I was desperate, already had some poo between my cheeks and, most important of all, thought I could easily get away with it. As I explained too, this is the only time I have ever done this. Me too now, I fight it until the bitter end. The only time I have really pooped myself ever since was heaving cought some virus or so: I was on my way home from a business meeting having cramps. I felt I had to go to the toilet badly and was squeezing my cheeks together already to make it to the next rest area. My stomac felt strange too. Five minutes later or so I had to make an emergency stop because I felt I was going to vomit. While throwing up next to the highway, I totally lost control and the liquid diarrhea exploded into my panties, running down my legs and totally soaking the rear of my dress. I was lucky to have a large plastic back (packing material from a computer monitor) in my trunck which I used to protect the car seat. Before making it home, being to dirty to enter somewhere, I had to let go one more time into my panties. It was terrible.

Hi All, I have a question for the ladies on this forum. I will not violate the rules by saying were, but I got hold of a video of a woman taking a dump this weekend. In one scene the woman sat in full profile before the camera and proceeded to poop. The entire poop took ten minutes, most of time the woman spent straining. She's take a breath hold it and bear down, there was no faking this you could tell she was working as hard as she could. After hold her brath for a time she'd pant for a while as if out breath. Then she'd begin another push. Toward the end she became VERY vocal and her pushes would end in noisy grunts. My question to you ladies is would you strain this much for TEN MINUTES, or would you give it up and try again later?-- JW

To Coprologist, Rachel, and Linda: Thanks for your contributions to our growing list of pooping and peeing on screen. I'm sure it would be great fun to go to the movies with any of you. As for Sally Struthers' bathroom scene in "All in the Family," I'm really going to have to check that one out. I would imagine that I've probably seen about ninety percent of the "All in the Family" episodes, but I doubt very much that I ever saw that one since I'm sure I would have remembered it otherwise. Unfortunately, I'm sure, however, that it must have been staged since that show was entirely taped, on a Hollywood soundstage before a live audience. Real plumbing fixtures unfortunately never would have been included on such a stage set. Nevertheless, it still sounds like a must see scene. I'm also going to have to hunt down "Doc Hollywood," "The Full Monty" (I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who hasn't seen that one.), "Jimmy Hollywood," "Matters of Degrees," "Risas en Vacasones," and that mystery Wim Wenders flick with the shitting truck driver. (Maybe some of the Germans in our forum will know about that one.) My, our list of films is really growing!

More Memories: Back in my bachelor days I lived in an apartment on the edge of a fraternity row district just off the campus of a major university. From the balcony of my upstairs apartment I had a bird's eye view of numerous scenes of drunkeness, rowdiness, and even alcohol inspired violence. Often, it was quite entertaining to watch. Most entertaining of all was the night a very attractive blonde sorority babe in her early twenties stumbled out of one of the frat house parties and unsteadily walked down the opposite side of my very well lit street, giving me an excellent view of her every move from my balcony. Someone up in the sky must have liked me that night because just as soon as she was opposite my apartment building she turned and walked between two parked cars where she must have thought she'd have more privacy. She then lifted her short skirt, slid down her panties almost to her knees, squatted over the pavement and began to pee out all that beer, wine, and hard liquor she had consumed at the party. Her pee lasted more than a minute, but less than two minutes. A flood of urine splashed on the pavement as she squatted, flowing like a rampaging, yellow river into a curb and down a nearby storm sewer. When she was finished peeing, she pulled off a leaf from a bush near the curb where she was squatting and wiped her pussy with it, just like it was done in the days before toilet paper. Shen then got up, pulled up her panties, pulled her skirt back down, and continued her unsteady walk down my street, never knowing she had made a public spectacle of herself. I suppose she could have been arrested for indecent exposure, but you can be sure I'd never complain to the police about that girl.

David W.
Heard this joke today. A man had a wife who was all the time concerned about her figure. Always nagging him for his opinion about whether or not she was too fat and so on and so forth. He was getting tired of it when she stated that she thought that her breasts were too small and that she would need implants. Not wanting to spend money on the implants he told her that if she wanted bigger breasts all she had to do was take some toilet paper and rub it all over her breasts at least once a day. Over a period of time this would make her breasts grow bigger. WHAT KIND OF SCREWED UP LOGIC IS THAT?!! she screamed. Hey, it works for your ass!

I love the posts woman have one question though for all the woman do you ever read magizines or the newspaper while taking a dump

Hi Guys, I'm Kelly, a 36 male from Florida. I just found this page recently and its great to see other people with my interests. I wanted to share something with you,although some of you may have already tried this. My girlfriend and I always poop together in the morning before we leave for work. When I first asked her to let me watch her go, or course she was very shy about it and usually had trouble getting started. Especially since she had been used to going around 10 AM instead of 7:30 or 8:00. I'm not sure how we discovered this, but one morning she had to go but couldnt get started so we got into the shower instead. I took a small chip of soap, about the size of half your smallest fingernail, and stuck it up her anus. Well, about the time she had finished drying off after the shower she started to have to go VERY bad. She sat down and it started coming out right away, and I could tell by her face that it was feeling very good. Well the next morning she wanted another chip and I decided to have one with her. It was great. The need to go was about ten times as intense and it felt even better. That was about two years ago and we still have a soap chip together a couple of time a week, and we still watch each other go every morning. I would love to hear if anyone eeelse has done anything similar. Kelly

This site is wonderful. I discovered it by accident about a week ago. Until then, I really thought I was the only one in the world fascinated with toilet experiences. I have had these fantasies and thoughts as far back as I can remember, (about age three). I used to think I would outgrow it, but I never did. In fact, it become more interesting to me as time progressed, especially during college. I have just started reading the posts on this site. I started on the most recent and now, I am on page 106 working down to page 1. After knowing that other people have the same interests, I don't feel so guilty about my feelings - for the first time in my life. I have some great stories to post later. First, I want to continue reading. Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, August 01, 1999

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