I was at a dinner party last night and I realized I needed to poo. The apartment is a studio - one large room with a table close to the kitchen. The bathroom was by the kitchen. When I went into the bathroom and sat down I felt self-conscious about the close proximity of the guests and that they would hear me poo. Even if the poo dropped silently, they would easily hear me fart - I'd be so embarrassed. So I started pooing and came to the realization that I always fart before the first poo comes out. Sometimes it's a little squeak, sometimes it's a rip-roaring boomer, but I always fart. So here I am starting to poo knowing I'm going to fart. So I put my fingers into my bottom and spread the hole so the gas would come out more like a hiss. This didn't work too well as the fart was audible but not too loud. Then the poo started coming out. I hoped this would be a large one and not a small one which would plop into the water. Happily it was large and made crackling sounds, but as it was dropping I unexpectedly farted and it was loud! After the first poo dropped I could feel more poo coming out. these are usually smaller poos which make a splash so I moved my bottom around so they would fall onto the side of the bowl before hitting the water. It worked for the second poo, but the third fell and made a ker-splash noise. I knew the guests could hear by now, so I just carried on pooing and farting. A lot of poos came out and I must have been pooing for 15 minutes which also gave the game away. When I finished I looked into the bowl (I always do this) and saw one poo about 11 inches long, 2 inches wide curled up in a crescent shape. Then there were 2 or 3 6 inchers and 4 or 5 poos of varying lengths, small and bitty ones. I came out of the bathroom and one of the guests (male) said "that sounded like quite a dump" followed by "thought you'd movede in there" and I went bright red. By the way, how many of you always fart before the first poo comes out?

Greetings to you all. I havent posted for a while but have been observing this page. It is interesting that many others enjoy doing a motion out of doors as I have done this since I was a kid. I suppose its the oneness with nature in a way. Aninals drop their dung in the woods or the fields and it is recycled by nature so I like to add mine back to the ecology. I was interested by the remarks about someone seeing a dog eat the turd they had passed. Some animals are coprophagic, (that is the eat shit), for example a female dog eating its pups stools. I wonder if that explains an event which was a bit of a mystery to me? A while ago I did a really big turd when camping with Lauren. This was proper rough camping not wishy washy cissy camping at a campsite with toilets etc, so one had to do the toilet in the woods nearby. I had found a good spot which Lauren and I used and one day, while she had gone into the village nearby to shop for food I had done a nice big jobbie there. It was a long fat log of about 14 inches long. When Lauren came back I took her to see it but it had gone, only the toilet paper I had used was there but the big jobbie had vanished. At the time I couldn't explain it, had someone else stolen it for some strange reason. I didnt think there were large enough dung beetles about to have rolled it up and it was sure a big lump. I now think that a fox or some other animal may have eaten it. Sparky, I also get a bit constipated at period time and pass a load of big fat balls the size of goose eggs making lots of "Kersplonk!" sounds, and Mike I too like to keep my panties as high as is safely posible when I am doing either type of toilet function either outdoors or on a toilet pan, pulling them down just to the top of my legs. Round the ankles must be an American practice. You certainly would not want to do this if having a motion outdoors as you dont know what could crawl into your panties and bite your bum.

Hi, Mary. Welcome. Please keep us posted on sharing your new apartment and its bathroom with Jackie. This could turn into a new ongoing serial here. Thanks!

I just stumbled upon this site today and found it quite refreshing! I have an experience to share that happened recently. A few weeks ago I took my 8 year-old son to a "dad/cub" weekend at cub scout camp. We arrived a little late, and I was annoyed to see that the "best" campsites had already been taken. It didn't take long for me to realize that, due to the proximity of the primitive outhouse and the high heat and humidity, the "best" sites stunk horribly. That made me happy to be in the back, clear of the stench. True to camp tradition, the food at dinner was ungodly. Fortunately I remembered I had a jug of wine stashed in the back of the station wagon. I filled a plastic water bottle (the rules stated no alcohol, but this was an emergency) and enjoyed sipping the wine as we sat around the group campfire. Later on that night, I suddenly awoke from a sound sleep and realized I had to take a shit and that it couldn't wait. Silently I crept from the tent, noticing that the bright moonlight made it unnecessary for me to take a flashlight. I stumbled to the outhouse and opened the door slowly to avoid having the hinges creak. I slipped inside and closed the door. Uh oh- total darkness! I hadn't thought of that. As I felt around for the stool I knew I had to let go, so I dropped my jean shorts and pointed my butt in what I thought was the direction of the hole. My backside exploded with a tremendous roar- at that point I figured I had caught some sort of bug from my wife, who had spent the last couple of days shitting her brains out. I finally found the seat, finished the dump, wiped, and made my way back to the tent, feeling satisfied that I had pulled this off in private. The next morning as I crawled out of my sleeping bag my son said, "Dad, your shorts are brown!" Sure enough, my jean shorts were massively stained all down the backside. I realized my aim hadn't been as good as I thought. To make things worse, when I went to the outhouse to take a piss, I noticed that the stool on the right (it was a double-holer, thank god) was thickly coated all over with dried shit, with dirty toilet paper all over the floor. I hoped everyone would think one of the kids had done it. The cleaning crew eventually took care of the mess, but they left a bucket and scrub brush in the outhouse as a hint to "clean up after yourself" next time! Ha Ha! Thanks for reading this- I've got a few others for later. Dad

Uh uh - time I learnt to read. My last post (about the female body) should have read "and the bits I can work out are most definately NOT for discussion here". Sorry about that. Of course, bowels/bladders/periods are still for discussion, and I have almost worked them out. Nicola (England) - thanks for your reply. My Girlfriend is also called Nicky (Anyone who calls her Nicola to her face has a very short life expectancy!), so I did not want to use her name and confuse the issue. Come to think of it, I would probably have confused myself. (like I think I just have.) Gotta dash, work to be done (unfortunately).

To Meagan - That is what a Whopper will do to ya! I know what all goes in it since I work at one. =)

Hey, have we finally done it? (I.e., crashed our ISP server?) Ominously, Thursday's posts have not appeared. But I'll proceed under the assumption that all will not be lost in the ether! Some of you might not be aware that "Usenet" also has many ongoing discussions and postings which would be right at home on our site. It's worth browsing them from time to time. The following item is spot on target, and well worth sharing. It was found at Deja, in the forum "aus.general" (indicating an Australian origin), under the discussion thread "School Toilets"...presumably Australian school toilets! Here's the relay (very slightly abridged):

[QUOTE] I was just thinking the other day about experiences in high school...I remember so many unusual incidents about the use of toilets within a school environment...but it differed from the way teenagers, and indeed adults relieve themselves. Schoolboys just busting to wee, but unable to, because the teacher wouldn't let them go...none ever had accidents, but they came close. Boys playing funny wee games...pissing high up the wall, turning toward each other and showing each other their dicks as they pissed...crossing streams as they pissed. Two or three girls going into the one cubicle and pissing together. Boys going off to piss in the bush at a train station, while they were waiting for a train to go home. Girls disappearing into the bush to piss when they were bursting. My first memory of fully seeing a boy pissing was in high school. I had often seen one standing there with the piss stream, but this was the first time I had seen the dick pissing as well. It was at my school's swimming carnival, so as you can imagine, everyone was not wearing that much. Anyway I was in the changing room, and as I walked out saw this 13 year old boy who was in one of my classes, standing at the urinal, pissing an absolutely enormous stream, but he was not pissing it straight on...he was sort of at an angle because one of his friends was standing beside (not on) the urinal, talking to him as he pissed. His teenage dick was pouring it out, and I took a big look before I walked out. I'm very interested in hearing about the school experiences of others. [END QUOTE]

School memories? How could I resist the invitation...I have such vivid ones! Here's a copy of my own posting in response to this message from Australia:

[QUOTE] Nice post! Here's my contribution to your research. As recently as the 1960s, I've heard that at some all-male high schools, especially those run by Christian Brothers, the main school corridors often had a row of urinals on the wall, so that boys in need could stop for a convenient pee between classes, while the traffic bustled around them. I don't know if it was just a "Catholic school" thing, or what. I've also heard it was done to prevent boys in distress from peeing on radiators, or in stairwells, especially in large urban all-boys' schools...something which evidently DID happen!

Come to think of it, I DO remember the scent of pee in my own Catholic boys' elementary school corridors, from time to time...though I never caught a boy in the act! Except for the boy in second grade (named, believe it or not, Henry Ford!), who simply got up, walked over and pissed into the wastebasket in front of his classmates, and then casually returned to his seat, after "Uber-Nun" denied him permission to leave the room and use the regular boys' room urinals. Hmmmmm...come to think of it some more...there WAS another kid who used to delight in pissing in rain puddles in the school yard...and sometimes on the floor of the boys' room...just for sport! There was also the way that most of the boys would mischievously line up to "piss into the flood" of the one full-length urinal (out of a row of about fifteen adjacent urinals) which was plugged up at the toe-level floor drain and spilling its amber contents into the room. Often they'd cluster around it and "go" together in a! huddle, three or four at a time. And then there was the way boys would "double-deck" or "tandem" when all the urinals were in use...with one boy standing BEHIND a boy who was already at the urinal, and deftly pissing through the "v-shaped" opening made by the front boy's "legs-apart" stance! Talk about intimate "buddy-sharing" doesn't get much "buddier" than that! I never DID see the predictable accident, in which the front boy turned suddenly to leave...and walked smack ainto the still-flowing stream of the boy in the rear who was pissing through his legs. But it must have happened occasionally. Ah, yes...the angelic days of our masculine youth! Boys will be boys...God love 'em.

Anyway (returning to my original comment), at least at all-boys' schools with an all-male staff, the philosophy behind the casual urinals in the corridor would seem to have been: "This is an exclusively male environment anyway, so what's the big deal about it?" One thing I HAVE seen with my own eyes (in public schools) is a very similar placement of casual urinals in the corridors of the boys' designated locker rooms. Once again, guys can grab a quick pee right there at the lockers, while everyone else is retrieving their books, etc. I believe practical experience involving some boys' mischievous tendency to pee in sheltering corners, in low-slung water fountains, or into the vent holes of another boy's locker (!!), may have provoked this concession to both practical necessity AND male vanity. (I know for certain that all of these "tricks" have happened. I've been there.)

No matter how "corridor urinals" came to be installed, I've always felt that their welcoming and relaxed social permission, indicating that it's "officially" OK for guys to pee casually, without inhibition, at least in same-sex company, is WAY COOL! It makes a refreshing statement against the absurd prudery and uptightness of our far-too-repressed society. But it presumes a level of natural physical and emotional openness which is becoming increasingly rare, as social paranoia in the schools reaches new heights of armed violence. I understand that boys in the "official" bathrooms now actively worry about being knifed from behind while they're standing at a urinal. What a tragic commentary about the end of childhood innocence. [END QUOTE]

I trust you enjoyed that exchange. By the way, I'd also love to hear school memories...ESPECIALLY from someone who actually DID attend a boys' school (Catholic or otherwise) which had "corridor urinals". I know of them only by repeated rumor.

Beyond that, you might wish to pray for the continued health of our ISP server. I hope this posting arrives safely! Cheers, Aster.

Aster, Nothing is overloaded. Its the site you mentioned. That site is 1.)a commercial adult site, 2.)try searching for their name/products on usenet...

Friday, July 31, 1999

Mark B. Im surprised that the old fashioned hard toilet paper, Izal and Bronco were the names I remember from childhood,is being sold in Sainsburys, a supermarket who usually deals only in quality products. Maybe they had a load of old stock to clear. Even local authority public toilets in the UK use soft toilet paper these days, as do school toilets, those in factories etc and the only people I know who STILL use the old hard shiny stuff are very elderly people who are set in their ways. I have never known a product LESS suited to its designed purpose, it would be like selling fire extinguishers filled with petrol (gasoline), it was so utterly useless. It was hard and non absorbent and shiny and totally unfit to remove feces from the anal region after defecation and likewise hopeless for drying the vulva or the end of the penis after urination. Now wonder some people were a bit smelly in my childhood. Even pieces of newspaper were better than this paper. Luckily, soft, absorbent paper such as Delsey and Andrex brands became popular when I was about 7 or so and my mum bought this and my brother and I always took some in our pockets when going to school as hard paper was still used there . The only uses the hard paper had was as tracing paper or if put against a comb it could be used to play a tune, (like a kazoo). I had hoped it had gone for good and certainly cannot see it ever making a comeback now that people are used to soft paper, indeed moist tissues, which George and I and many of our friends use, seem to be making a greater impact on the market as these are very effective indeed for cleaning after toilet functions and especially good for people with haemorroids, (piles), anal fissure or such painful conditions and to women during their periods.

I can echo Nicola's observations as I too get a bit constipated with my stools coming out as hard lumpy balls just before my period starts. Nicola compared doing such a motion to passing a bag of potatoes. My young brother and I used to call such motions "constipotatoes" when we were kids, and the name has stuck with me, and now with George.

???? people like myself and George are used to doing large jobbies but recently I saw that sometimes small skinny people do panbusters too. I was interviewing a client recently in one of my firm's sub offices and during a break in our conference she used the one toilet we have there, (its a converted shop on a council estate and normally there are only two staff there, a secretary and a junior solicitor, both female). I had just come out of it before her, having only done a wee wee. The woman was rather a skinny person of about 8 stone, (112 pounds)and about 5 foot 4 inches tall. As she was in the toilet for about 10 minutes I assumed she had been doing a motion. When she came back she was a bit red faced. We concluded our meeting and as she went out she said that she hadn't been able to get the toilet to flush properly. After she left I went in to the toilet and sure enough there was a big long fat jobbie stuck in the pan. I knew I hadn't done it and the secretary had been ! in the interview with me taking the notes, and the other solicitor was in Court, hence my being at that office. I was amused that such a slim woman had passed such a big turd, perhaps she ate a lot or hadn't been for a few days. Has anyone else experiences of seeing a really big jobbie done by a small or thin person or indeed are you slim but do really big whoppers yourself?

Finally, where is Jill these days? I miss her tales about doing big panbusters in the train toilets or in the backstage loos at her theatrical and dance performances, and what happened to Preggy?I hope she had her baby safely and I am curious as to what gender it was?

To: Andrea from Germany. Hi Andrea, hi all! ".... BTW, are there any Germans on this board?" Yes, at least me "Ferris" . Thanx for your exciting story ! Are you still in contact with with your "A-a"-girlfriend over the long years ? ;) Bye, Ferris.

Christine from page 210 to all on page 212 to Steph and Dazz, I'm sorry about not posting my experience in the forest sooner, but I only have limited time on the family computer and it's in a open space where everyone can look over my shoulder. I've never written this experience down, ever, I mean ever, it's always remained vividly inside my head.. And I would absolutely die! If anyone in my family knew I was writing these things, so I have to wait until everyone is out, or I have to get up extra early in the morning! Good public school upbringing I suppose, so please be patient. ToBuzzy The poo was soft as it came out my butt in the shower, probably because I eat a whole bowl of porridge in the morning. Although one day when I had a small disaster and my poops missed the plug hole, I noticed that the first three inches or so where much harder and more like a hard plug, probably because I tend to hold it in till I get in the shower, and with two older sisters who hog the shower all the time, this can be awhile. I can't believe I'm actually writing this, hope no one guesses my password in this computer! This is a fantastic forum, I've held all these experiences in my head all this time. Anyway when I look between my legs, I notice that my poops are short but fat and soft at the same time. I love the feeling of it sliding out, and the wonderful feeling of being clean and empty after. The good thing about it is that I can wash my lips all around and inside as well with soap because they protrude out so much - I call it "pouting", so I can wear a pair of panties for that extra two days and not worry. There I've said it!!

To Nicola - Loved your suggestion on the moist toilet towels - Like you, and for the same reason, I carry a small pack with me if I have my purse or pocket book. Trouble is, like many teenage women I find pocket books and purses a mixed blessing. If dress code for the occasion calls for blue jeans then very often the car keys go in one pocket and my drivers license, credit card and some cash go in another - and that's it. So, like Rachel I've had to be creative on occasions. You also made an excellent point about the shower. I wasn't quite sure how Rachel opened and closed her ring but I assumed she wasn't inserting the shower into her rectum. Love - Melissa

To Rachel - Nicola made an excellent point - Please! Please! Please! don't use the shower as an enema syringe I really think you could get hurt. You control the force and quantity of a normal enema with your hand pressure. The shower has far too much force and can pump far too much water to be safe. A nice strong jet on the outside of your ring is a great feeling though, and perfectly safe. Please take care - all my love - Melissa.

To Dazz - Well, I hope I didn't embarrass you - but that was how you came across so vividly - I thought it was a delightful answer. Now, about splashback. You know I hadn't even considered it until you pointedly asked. I really can't remember the last time it happened. Until recently just about all of my motions were very long and firm and tended to just slip into the water rather than drop from a great height with a splash. Even recently with my new diet and softer more broken up poops I haven't felt any splashes. Maybe it's the way I sit on the toilet. I still sit to the front of the seat and lean well forward to help my poo come out. Also if I pee and finish before my poo starts to come out I will wipe and of course the paper will stop any splashes. Sorry I can't give you a better answer - perhaps I'm missing one of the joys of life?. All my love to you Dazz - Melissa

To Eric M. - I have to tell you, I'm beginning to wonder about this diet. I'm sure it's working - twice in one day with soft poo, this is totally foreign to me. Also with softer poo I find I get messier which I am not too keen on. You see, I still have the habit of holding it in and with really firm poop that's a relatively safe thing to do, because quite frankly, it doesn't leak so easily. With soft poo, I can squeeze my hardest to hold it in but quite often a tiny piece will escape and get stuck between my cheeks just outside my ring. Then I have to quickly find a bathroom before I get really dirty. Looking back, I did enjoy my long firm poops and the feeling of my ring being stretched as it comes out so very very slowly. So I'm thinking of cutting back on the fruit and fiber and letting things firm up again. Love you Eric - all the best - Melissa.

Films: No-one has mentioned a German film, directed by Wim Wenders about a truck driver in Germany (can't remember the title). He goes behind his truck, parked at the side of the road, squats down and shits. All you see in the film is the shadow of a turd as it emerges from his arse-hole, getting longer and longer. I always thought that it was faked until I read the stories of 18-inch turds and longer that appear on this page from time to time. So now I'm not so sure...

Hi,allGood post, everyone!TO DOCTOR-I have one for you,A 1973 all in the family,where they show meathaed and archie in the bathroom shaving and Gloria(sally struthers)runs in the bathroom saying she has to go.She doesn't elaborate but it seems like she has to poo.archie and mike continue talking and gloria is talking to them and she graps her ???? and says"OHHH-OHHHH everybody out!i really gotta go!" and shoves everyone out and just as the camera is cutting away,you see her pull down her pants to sit on the bowl to probably poo a good one.Good scene,check it outTo CLAIRE-Yes,i had something like that happen to me about 20 years ago when i took a girl out on a date to eat,just like you.I'm sitting there eating and i got these cramps and i knew i had to poo and i'm cursing my body all the way to the men's room!I figure it would be over in a flash,but as soon as i sat down,i let out this long fart followed by all this mushy poop,and them i thought i was done,but as i'm starting ! to wipe i had to poo more,and this went on and on for about 20 mins.I was dying,but i went out and said that i had a problem with my ???? and she was coll about it and she started to tell me how sometime this happened to her,well,it seemed to break the ice and we were laughing about it,so i would say,claire,this guy you were with,was a jerk and you are better off without a person like that.Hey, we all do it and sometimes accidents happen.just roll with it.I went out with this girl for 3 years after that 1st date and we had a terrific relationship!TO MILISSA-glad to hear about you pooping 2 times in one day,isn't it great.I think that the hot summer here in the N.E.probably has something to do with it too(You live in connecticut,well,i live in L.I new york) so we get the same weather.I go 2 times almost every day.I hpe you are enjoyingyour new poo habits,keep telling us about them,I love 'em! Went in the woods the other day> i was biking and got some cramps and went into the woods and dug a hole and took off my clothes and squatted down and did a real long soft poo that looked like a huge hillshire farm sausage wrapped oround the hole i dug.Then i did this mush on top of it all and let out this long fart and some more mush and mucus,It was quite a load!I bring these thing called "wash and dry' they are these moist towelets and they really clean you up nicely.You guys should try these,they really work great,you really feel clean after you use these.Poop on,all!BYE

To Melissa - it's good to hear I'm not alone in "washing" myself in restrooms by using water flushing into the toilet. It seemed a little weird at first but it really works. You might want to try getting more of a wad of TP to avoid the problem you describe. Not quite sure how it gets into a pencil shape but volume of paper should help, and by not holding in the water flow too long! Poop on fingertips is NOT NICE. It's a shame you don't have a hose on your shower because it's really nice. Try it sometime when you're in a friend's house or hotel or whatever. I do it even if I'm not having a full shower - I just take off my shoes and panties and hitch up my skirt/blouse and do the lower half. Mind you, your method sounds like fun - I've never had much luck or satisfaction with a fixed shower head but I'll try separating my cheeks and rubbing like you describe. Love, Rachel
To Nicola - Hi, I live in England as well, in Milton Keynes. The moist tissues idea is a good one and I have used them but am rarely organised enough to have them with me all the time. I've never thought of my showering as an enema as the water doesn't actually go up inside me, even when I open my ring. Hot water is definitely out and in fact I prefer cold because it has a dual role of minimising irritation and the desire to scratch which I sometimes get when my backside is hot and sweaty. Why don't you try it - it's really nice and better than a tissue any day ! Love, Rachel
To The Doctor - sure I have the runs in the sense of being very liquid sometimes but I'm pretty lucky that I rarely get a constant need to run to the toilet. When I am liquid it seems to be before I go to work because that's when I normally do my BM's, and the showering is a wonderful way to clean myself up. Forget TP for that ! By the way, the film Full Monty has several women peeing standing at a urinal during a hen night, but staged I'm sure. Love, Rachel
To Rick - yes you certainly are hygenic ! Love, Rachel

Hello all. I don't have much to report about at work with the restrooms. No supper four inch turd stopper from my lady depositor yet. I did have a disgusting Tuesday however. One of our mail employees must have shit himself big time. I received a call from my boss, who told me that the shitter was a smelly mess and someone shit all over it. I grabbed my cleaning supplies and headed back up to the main lobby and to the restroom. When I looked into the stall, I saw diaria all over the wall, on the seat, and the stand pipe from the flush valve. Man someone had a bad night I thought. From looking at the seat, I could tell he had to be going in his pants as he pulled them down to shit. The imprint of his butt cheeks were imbedded on the toilet seat. This guy had a severe case of the shits. I quickly cleaned up the mess and was pissed that the guy didn't clean it up himself but figured he wanted to get out of there quick. When I left out of the restroom I heard one of the girls ask! ing for "Mr B" and the other replied that he had to leave unexpectedly and would be back soon. I remembered "Mr B" coming into work just behind me and felt it unusual him leaving in the day. I saw him later in the day passing in the hall and he greeted me high. I didn't notice really what kind of slacks he had on when he came to work the first time, so I really couldn't tell if he changed out of them or not. "Bs" a cool guy and I wouldn't have said anything to him anyway. We do have some jerks in our office though that I would have made comment to.

Latter that day, after I was all cleaned up and forgetting about the mess, the boss splurged for lunch of deli sandwiches and drinks for the whole office. It was his secretaries birthday and we were all to celebrate it with her. The sandwiches were loaded with jalapeno peppers, the real strong ones. My mouth and throat were burning after I ate it. I love hot food some times but not all the time. After I got home after work I was watching the news on TV when I felt my lunch wanting out. Along with the sandwich, the peppers were inside with it saying "Excuse me measter, can we come out in the water?" My bowels were starting to heat up and I shot to the bathroom and dropped my drawers quick. I felt my butthole stretch and I could feel the head of the turd push out past my hole. It burned my butthole all the way as the thing slithered out my system. My a** was burning, and "To Dazz:" I would have really given anything for a splashback with this one but it just didn't happen. I wip! ed my butt after I finished VERY gently. I looked in the bowl and saw the firm turd had bits of the undigested seeds imbedded throughout. It was one hot one I can tell you. I went back to the computer, where as I am now typing this to you readers out there half standing up at first from the stinging of my ring, "Melissa, I like the way you phrase it!" yet finishing it now "Ass it" still subsides. Latter..... From Rob:

Hmmm okay i decided to give a few movies I'v seen with people going to the bathroom since other poeple are too. Well Me and my cousins watch lots of movies and well I sonetimes have to ask him for the names. Okay well one is Jimmy Hollywood where you see a girl running to the potty to pee..she picks up her skirt as she runs and you can see her blue see her sit and even almost wipe.A movie called a Matter of degrees shows a girl walk in on a guy cause in the tub because she couldn't hold the pee anymore. You seeher pull down her pampies under her dress and sit and enjoy the music playing..but that's all.3 for the road has the beginning like that as we see a girl ask where the bathroom is and pull her pampies down and sits on the potty in front of a guy. We don't see her get up..but you do see her sit down with her head resting on her hand. My cousin says she looked cute sitting like that.My cousins loves to watch horror movies and well I asked him for some more and he told me that in the last friday the 13th movie they show two girls go behind a bush and pee about 5 minutes apart. The last one you see her pull her pampies down and pee and you can kinda hear it. Oh also in Doc Hollywood you see a girl and a guy pee all over the place cause they say it will keep the deer away. Okay well we live near Mexico so we get to see their movies too. In one called Risas En Vacasones ,please ecxuse me awful spanish..I can speak it but I'm awful at spelling it.This movie is sort of a hidden camera movie..anyway in the last one they play tricks on somepeople by having the toilet stals the y used turn around and face a huge crowd of people who laghed at them. mean but funn, poor girl just picked up her pants and pampies and ran cousin said it was staged..or else they'd get sued..i really don't know. Okay I have a question now..a few years back..they would show kids on the potty fortoilet training pants mexico they still do..but why is it that they would never show grown ups in a comercial for toilet paper..I mean they don't have to show them wiping. I have seen them show one girl one time in a mexican comercial. It's funny let me tell you how it goes.You first see a girl sitting on the toilet..(yes you see her , even her pampies and jeans around her ankles) she's reading a magazine..and then the phone rings..she then remembers that she is expecting a call from so boy she likes and she reaches over to get paper but..there is none..she freaks and looks around for something to use as the phone rings and rings..then she looks at the magazine then looks at the cuts away to the paper they are selling telling how it's bigger and will run out slower than the other brand..anyway you see her finally dressed and answer the phone only to have the other person hang up just then. It was funny. Well I best go now..oh I had my first ever really pee accident yesterday. If you guys ask..I'll tell. XOXO Linda P.S. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad Kyle..I'll pray for you.

Hi Alex,Steph,thanks loads for the sentimate,yes the incident gave me a scare but I refuse to let it keepme from the water,you must have been mind reading,I just made arrangements to resume workouts in the universities pool.Oh the pubes thing ha,I was thinking about being in the woods and imagining to have a wonder poop and it raining and running naked w/wok.I know how this must sound but I always wanted to go to a nude beach and walk around,just to see what its like.I'm not a exhibihist but I am free spirited about the human body.As long as its not dangerous to life or limb,Hey heres a limerick? There once was a lady,from Madras,who had a big magnificent ass,not pretty a pink as you might lewdly think but was gray,had long ears and ate grass.I'm eating meals with more fiber,and its starting to show in my bm's getting firm and bumpy.oh i almost forgot wok's asking alot about my bm's too,being clinical he says. So bye and love to everyone.

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