I was with my neighbor Debbie visiting a mutual friend who is in the hospital,and on the way out debbie said she had to pee so we walked into the aldies room in the hall and it was one of those one person types that you could fit a wheelchair into,Debbie quickly pulled her sweat pants and undies down and squated over the bowl and did quite a good long piss dabbed her vagina with some T.P. and just as quickly pulled her pants back up then I also squated over the bowl undid by dungerees pulled down my panties and started to squirt away and also let out a fart that was louder then i thought it would be and debbie who was standing by the sink says,i hope your not gonna poop i really don't wanna see that! I said no,just some gas,sorry.

The Doctor
To Martin: By all means share those childhood pee memories. I found your post quite interesting and eventually plan to share with this forum some of my own bathroom memories from around the same age, which are probably similar to some of yours.

Peeing on Film Department: One addition to the list of elimination scenes on film I've been compiling on this forum is Peter Greenaway's "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover." This extremely controversial film features a great deal of male urination, but also includes a scene where an enraged husband barges into a ladies' room in search of his wife and bangs open one of the stall doors. Once the door flies open you see a woman with her skirt up and pantyhose down just in the process of getting up from the toilet. Unfortunately, however, there is no indication of exactly what she had been doing on the toilet before she was so rudely interrupted and exposed. Another film that may deserve some mention is a Spanish flick called "Half of Heaven." I have never seen this film, but I have heard it includes one scene where a woman is shown urinating in a ditch by the side of a road.

Personal Experience Department: My wife is a very cute, very petite, and very gentle thirty-two year old Japanese woman. The first time I ever saw her piss was a few years back when we were in college and still an unmarried couple. It happened on the morning of the first night I ever spent at her apartment. That morning, while she was still asleep, I got up, went into the bathroom, pulled up the toilet seat, stood by the bowl, pointed my dick at the water, and emptied my bladder with a quick, strong, yellow flood. I then walked over to the shower, turned it on, and began adjusting the temperature. Just before I was about to walk into the shower, my wife-to-be opened the door and walked into the bathroom. Neither of us ever sleep with clothing, so she was completely nude. She looked at me a little sheepishly and said "Sorry" as she pulled down the toilet seat, sat down on it, and began to pee. It was a quick pee, lasting much less than a minute. As her piss dribbled into the toilet it made a gentle, tinkly sound. (No wonder many women refer to pissing as "tinkling.") While she sat there peeing only the toes of her feet touched the floor and she was bent slightly forward. (I've also seen her hold her feet completely off the ground on many occasions when I've watched her sit down and pee.) When she was finished pissing, she didn't bother to wipe her pussy because she immediately got in the shower with me and was going to get her vagina all wet anyway. A few days later I admitted to her that I enjoyed watching her pee and she was definitely pleased. In turn, she admitted to me that she liked watching me run water through my spout. Somehow, however, even though she apologized the first time she peed in front of me I think she knew I'd enjoy the show. When it comes to understanding me she's almost telepathic. That morning when I first saw her piss set the pattern of our morning routine to this very day. Nearly every morning we get up at the same time and watch each other piss before showering together. More times than I can count I've seen her start her day by sitting down nude on the toilet and peeing a gentle sprinkle, nearly always very quickly. Even after all the times I've seen her do this I never get tired of it. For me, her morning pisses are as beautiful and sweetly feminine as you can get. It's a great way to start the day. Best of all, I know the only reason she pees in front of me is because she feels so close and comfortable with me. Indeed, I know there's not another man in the world she'd be willing to do that with. I feel very priviledged.

Hi guys! Melissa, I also underestimated the time it takes to get from my town to Misquamicut. It is about 2 hours for a "good run" [and my right foot does have a tendency to make the car "run," if you know what I mean :) ], but of course with the heavy traffic and incessant construction on 95, it can take a lot longer. As for pooping outside, I never thought much about it. I always carry toilet paper, handi wipes, and "feminine hygiene" with me when I go hiking (for the benefit of everyone in the party, not just myself) in case the bathrooms don't have any. If I ever tried to do it outside, I'd like to make sure it's a "hard" one so I can wipe once I get back to a bathroom. I will, of course, keep you posted on if and when I ever decide to do so. As for letting Eric watch me go, that's due to a friendship which transcends gender boundaries; I would not allow, or at least not appreciate, most females or males seeing me in the "buff." Love, Steph xoxo

I had an interesting experience today. After being bunged up for 4 days, something I ate must not have agreed with my systems, and softened the stool more than I could've hoped for, and I was sitting in my basement playing a video game when I just immediately got an urge to go so strong that I was literally paralyzed with fear that I wouldn't be able to hold it, and I was right. As soon as I stood up and started to walk towards the stairs, the load just started making it's way into my briefs, and it was a huge load! It took up so much space that I thought it was gonna rip my briefs right open! Happy motions to all! Dave-NY P.S.- I wanna hear more stories of girls pooping, because there are some great ones going on lately.

CancerChild (Kyle *female*)
I would like to desribe a poop in the woods when i was 4. My cousins Julian, Jasmine, and Olga were with me who were at least 2 years older. We were playing when i grabbed my vagina and had to go to the bathroom. So Jasmine and olga wernt with me. I pulled down my pants and my green underwear and took them completely off. Then i stood up and peed. Then i started to feel like i didn't need to go poo. So i did a very hard grunt. Nothing. So i bent over and tryed my best and only half would come out then it would go back up my butthole. Then i grunted again and my butthole opened wide. This poop was so hard, pointy, and rough i started to cry. (Most of my poops since then are like it). So my cusin Olga (was 15 at the time) told me to put on my pants and we would go home because i would have chemo soon. So when we got home i immediatly turned on curtoons. Well then i felt the urge to go poop. So i ran into my room and grabbed my poop/pee cup. Ever since i was pooty trained i used it and i still do. Well it is shaped to go all around my vagine and to cover my butthole. So i sat on it and started to go and i sat on it 2 hours through horrible pain

Today I went to a major league baseball game(i don't want to give the team name cause it leads to too much info about where i live) and i peed there 3 or 4 times and once during the game i had to take a crap. The last time i peed at the game was right after the ball game was over. Man there was a line in the mens room. I had to pee(my urge wasn't too strong.....but i knew it would be stronger cause i drank alot of coke and i didn't want to hold off cause it was an hour to hour and half ride home. Any guys/men ever experience lines in the mens room at a baseball game or any where else? The i was in line like 5-8 minutes. There were lines to the urinals and stalls. I've noticed that the last 2 times i've had to crap my shit has been about 5-7inches and it's been in the shape of carots and not too hard and not too soft.

A question for you wonderful ladies: At a public restroom, do you use seat covers? Where I work, when women go to the restroom, sometimes I can hear the seat covers being ripped out, but most of the time I don't hear anything (only the stall doors slamming shut). Since part of my duties are to "stock" the restrooms with toilet paper and seat covers, I can tell you that the women's restroom seat covers seem like they are not used very much, where as the men's are almost restocked every day. I know us guys HAVE to use seat covers, as we don't want to sit on pee. You women do not have to worry about sitting on a wet seat from pee, as we unfortunate men have to sometimes.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

does anyonenotice who the most popular person on this site is?? I think it is Melissa...everyone just LOVES Melissa!

Eric M.
Hi Melissa. I have peed outside more times than I can count, but there was only one time that I had to poop outside. I was 7 or 8 (I'm now 18, soon to be 19) and we were on a class trip. I really had to go and was nearly jumping from the pain. I rushed off into the woods and pulled down my pants and let out one long, hard poop. Remember this was a decade ago so I don't remember all the details. My BM's have become softer over the years and I wouldn't want to have to poop outdoors now, though. I am so happy to read that you were able to go not just once, but twice in one day. You're a great friend and I love talking to you! :-) Eric M.

To George: The reason why men pee up against a wall or a tree scarcely needs explaining. It's so that they don't display their tool to anyone around. Many men are obsessive about not letting people see their penis. Arse, yes, but tool most definitely not...That is why you only get the open trough type of urinal in pubs, bars and the rougher type of public convenience, though they often have them in schools. Some men are neurotic about the guy standing next to them taking a peek at their male organ! Hence there is a strong consumer preference for individual urinals. One of the things that I notice frequently when I do my business in a public toilet is the speed that the occupants of adjacent stalls manage to complete their business. After years of experience, I know that the minimum amount of time I need to take a shit is 10 min, and I usually take 15 min. On some occasions, it can take 25. For that reason, I prefer to have something to read when I go for my dump. But I hear men come into adjacent stalls, there is a quick plop, plop, a rustle of TP, and they are out in 3 minutes. I can't even clean up my arse-hole in that time! If I try to shorten my visit to the toilet, I know that I will need to go again later in the day. Maybe these 3 minute shitters go three or more times a day?

This page seems to be getting increasingly popular. I usually only have time to visit twice per week, which usually means that I have a whole page of posts to read (sometimes more). One of the snags about having been a regular visitor here for some years, is that the topics tend to repeat themselves, but fortunately toilet activities are so interesting that new insights are always deveolping, even on the same old topics!

To:George (Scotland). hi george, hi all !! your comment "..... peeing from a standing position and why it has to be against a wall, tree, or whatever vertical surface". Simple answer - your pee will flow down on the surface and you don´t slash on your shoes ! peeing direct onto a hard ground from this high position would splash VERY bad. my girl told me that it even splashes when she pees squatting onto a hard ground ! bye, ferris.

To Andre - Thanks for the compliment, kind thoughts like yours always encourage me to carry on. As for poetry, yes I can put poetry together but it's a little more difficult than narrative prose for me. I have to be in the mood and it takes a while to compose a piece I'm happy with. I promise I will think about it. - Love - Melissa.

To Steph - It's an amazingly small world - we used to live in Hartford County. Actually I wasn't quite right when I said in an earlier post we were two hours from Hampton Beach, my dad says it was about two and a half on a "Good run" as he calls it. Steph - I can't believe you have never pooped outside. Believe me, peeing is one thing, but pooping can be an experience. A pee, for me at least, can be crammed into a thirty-second event if I'm worried about being discovered. A poop on the other hand can take forever and the risk is much higher. You absolutely have to let me know if you do take a poop outside - promise now? All my love - Melissa

To Rachel - Yes I have done exactly the same in public restrooms. With my history of accidents I do get a little messy at times and like you I really hate it. The problem I have found is that if you get the toilet tissue too wet it breaks up or rolls up to look like a pencil and doesn't work too well. If it breaks up you can get a little poopy at the fingertips. On the other hand if it's not moist enough it's just frustrating - Oh well, that's life I guess. I just love the shower thing. I have my own shower at home but it is the usual high mounted fixture and it doesn't have a hose accessory. It sounds like a wonderful douche you are getting from your shower - I envy you. When I need to shower my rear I turn my back to the shower, bend over, hold my cheeks apart and just savor that warm water hitting my lower back and tush and running down between my cheeks. I know this might sound a little off, but if I'm really dirty I hold my cheeks apart to rinse and then I press them together and rub them against each other which helps to get any stubborn residue away without having to scrub with my hand. Love - Melissa.

To Tony (UK) - Thanks for your appreciation, you helped start my day on a high note. I have to be honest - I really hadn't thought about going to the bathroom outdoors as requiring anything other than the need to go and a convenient bush to hide behind. But reading other peoples posts made me think about my experiences and I began to realize that you need an education to do it with enjoyment. Think about it, if like me you were raised to use a potty or a toilet, would you for one moment think that just squatting right down wouldn't work if you needed to release a long firm motion as I did? Take care - Melissa

To Sparky - Thanks for your concern - I really appreciate it and I have put a note about Melanie below. Now to all my friends, who have supported Melanie and I, here is a quick update on how things are going. The two of us worked out a fruit and fiber rich diet that Melanie could handle and she has religiously been following it for almost two weeks now - she actually likes it. Even so she is still suffering from constipation and as I mentioned the last time she had a very difficult and very painful first motion after her accident. To gain her confidence I sat down with her and told her most of my history with mom and the effect it has had on me. I particularly told her of the accident I had only a few weeks ago in the middle of the parking lot at the mall and how I believe all that was related to the way our mom interfered with my bowel habits. I didn't tell her about my friends and how we poop together and I certainly didn't tell her about my problems with Angela - those are my problems and I'm not sure it would add anything to the discussion. The great thing is that as a result of sharing my experiences with her we have become very very close and she trusts me implicitly. So much so in fact that we worked out a plan together that if she went more than four days without a poop we would try and get her some gentle relief with either a water enema or a glycerin suppository - absolutely no tablets! Last Thursday the four days were up and as I was home from work at the mall by 3:30 we had the house to ourselves. I drove us round to the drug store and we decided on a suppository since we figured there was less chance of making a mess. We chose one that specifically claimed to be "Stool Softening" and carefully followed the directions. After about twenty minutes it began to work and Melanie managed a long if not altogether comfortable motion. But the biggest kick I get out of this is the trust she has in me advising her on her toilet problems after the mess our mom caused. The irony of course is that my mom's mistreatment of me has given me the very skills and experience I need to help Melanie. So once again let me say a great big thanks to all my friends out there for your concern and support. Also I really do appreciate you all not asking for the details out of respect for Melanie - all our love from Melanie and Melissa

Tony, my hubby didnt come into the toilet with me when I did the big easy jobbie the day after being constipated only because he was working early shift that day and had gone by the time I got up and did it. He did see it though as it had stuck in the pan and commented that I as back to producing my usual big logs. Sparky, yes I was a little bit annoyed that he was standing there laughing while I tried hard and went "plonk!" and "sploonk!" etc. I told him to stop giggling and rub my ????, which to be fair he did. He commented that it was as if I was laying eggs and in fits of laughter said "a dozen large brown Nicky". Anyway, although I was cross with him at the time we soon made it up. He is welcome to watch me doing a motion anytime, its one of our little intimacies, the only time I'd probably refuse would be if I had the runs but thankfully I dont often suffer from diarrhea, and he wouldn't want to witness that anyway!

Also Sparky, I do have quite heavy periods and experience a bit of fluid retention and bloating for a couple of days before I come on with the usual effects, panties and jeans feel a bit tight. I suppose the fluid being retained in the tissues and therefore not excreted via the urine and feces makes the stools a bit harder hence the constipation. I know that some women would take laxatives at this time but I prefer, as readers know, NOT to use such medicines but to leave my system to its own devices. I only get constipated for a day or two before my period then its back to nice big fat long firm but easy logs.

Mike, I have always put my panties either at the top of my thighs or at my knees when either doing a wee wee or a motion whether Im wearing a skirt or jeans or tracksuit bottoms. I have never liked taking my knickers down to my ankles for a number or reasons. Firstly, many toilets in schools, changing rooms, public toilets can be wet on the floor and I wouldn't want my clothing soiled by this. Secondly, if someone does walk in on you uninvited either by accident or design it covers the genitals from view. My husband and my brother both keep their underwear at the tops of their thighs and their trousers (pants in the USA), at their knees when they do a motion and many other blokes I know do the same. Likewise most of my female friends that I have ever seen using the toilet have their panties either at thigh tops or at their knees, I dont actually know anyone who has them round their ankles when sitting on the pan. Maybe this is another difference between British and US toilet practice?

Regarding toilet pans, I like the older style tall types not the lower level pans although I agree that the squatting position is better for efficient defecation. My mum used to have a small footstool in our toilet when I was a kid and put it in front of the toilet pan and her feet up on this if she was a bit constipated as she said made the jobbie come out easier. I imagine it altered the angle of her rectum to be more like the squatting position. I have tried this myself and although it is an uncomfortable posture it does seem to help.

Rachel, I use moist tissues to wipe after a motion as these very effectively and quickly remove any residual poo and allow one to get right into the ring and properly clean it, thus preventing any smell, or skid marks in the seat of my panties. These wipes have become very popular in the UK in recent years the main brand being Hakle Moists but there are others. One can get a smaller plastic container for the handbag (US Purse) or case (it will even fit in the pocket) for use in works, school or public toilets and of course a larger family size pack for home use. These are mildly scented with a smell suitable for either gender. I think you will find these a lot easier to use and less time consuming than your current procedure with wetting the paper and multiple flushing of the toilet. Using the shower as an enema to help you pass any retained stool after passing the bulk of your motion is effective but I would urge caution that the water is neither too hot nor too powerful a flow. Certainly it is a first class way to ensure proper cleanliness in the anal and vaginal area, (anal and scrotal in men). Working as I now do in a local authority sports centre as a coach, and having actively participated in many sports since I was a kid, I find that, although personal hygiene has improved over the years there are still many dirty people who seem to shun baths and showers and although they wear smart track suits and other sports clothing they pong when one gets close. We have first class showers in our centre but I am amazed at some users, thankfully a minority, who go straight from a workout or playing a sport and get dressed in their outdoor clothing again without first having a shower. Recently I had to politely ask a customer to leave as their body Odor of stale sweat was sickening to me and other patrons. Nowadays, most people have access to a washbasin at the very least and can have a dailt strip wash if nothing else although I do agree that there should be more public washing and laundry facilities for unfortunate people sleeping rough.

CancerChild (Kyle *female*)
I am finally out of the hospital! But life sucks now. All i do is sleep, poop, and throw up. i have to lay on a bedpan. All day. And my poops take 15 mintues to get started. I have learned i have Chronic Constipation.

The Doctor
Thanks George, Mike, and Andre for your responses and clarifications to the "Encyclopaedia of Peeing and Pooping in the Movies and on TV" I've been trying to compile in this forum.

To Mike: I'm going to have to see "Psycho III" for myself after reading your description of that terrific pee scene. (I've only seen the Hitchcock's original "Psycho.") I suppose the subtext of why the girl who pees gets stabbed is to warn other girls that it is bad to do such things in public view. How hypocritical society really is! I can see how a kid of about twelve would have been profoundly affected by that pee scene in "Psycho III." I know for a fact that it would have loved seeing something like that at that age, but I'll have a lot more to say about my childhood in future posts.

To George: I saw a badly butchered version of "Rob Roy" on TV that actually cut the scene of Jessica Lange taking a piss. Oddly, I recall that a scene in the same film of Tim Roth holding his dick (which is never actually seen) and peeing into a chamberpot upon waking in the morning made it through the censor's scissors intact. Another example of the hypocritical school of thought that it's okay for boys to pee in public view, but it's bad when girls do it.

To Andre: Thanks for the clarification about "Sweet Movie." I knew that Makevejev was the director, but my post was so long I wasn't sure if I wanted to add more information to what I had already put in there about "Sweet Movie." Nevertheless, thanks for giving Makevejev, a director whose every film, even including his relatively commercial "The Coca Cola Kid," shows he is not a prude and is very comfortable showing the human body as natural and beautiful. the publicity and credit I had stupidly denied him for purposes of conserving space. As for Bunuel, I will definitely have to dig into his work and see what I can find that would be of interest to this forum.

Frankly, I'm starting to burn out a bit on digging up memories of films with pee and poop scenes and am planning on focusing my next few posts on personal experiences of interest to this forum. Nevertheless, I should mention two films by Federico Fellini that have scenes of this nature. One is "Satyricon," where we see a man hike up his toga and sit down in a Roman public toilet in long shot. Another is "Amarcord," where, eary in the film, the town floozie, lifts up her skirt and squats on the beach, presumably to pee, but once she has squatted, the camera only views her from the waist up and there is no pee sound so I doubt this scene was the real thing. Also in "Amarcord" is a scene where a man wets his pants. In addition, this film features a scene of an elaborate practical joke where a teenage boy pisses in class through a long tube that spills the urine all over the floor in the front of the classroom. By the time the teacher turns around and realizes there's a ri! ver of piss on the floor, the tube has been disassembled and the culprit, as I remember, is never caught.

One more pee scene, this one in "Starlight Hotel," a charming film from New Zealand. At the very end of the film, during the credits, the male star of the film can be clearly seen taking a piss into a ditch on the side of a road.

Rachel have you ever had the runs if you did can you tell me about them.

Andrea from Germany
I discovered this site a few weeks ago. Great! I have been lurking since, but I decided to share an event that happened long time ago (I believe I was 9, 10, or 11 then, I can’t remember exactly, while now I am 25, but I remember this very vividly). I had a girlfriend with whom I hung around all the time. We shared some strange habits, making competitions all the time with all sort of things, like shoplifting, finding coins in call boxes, flashing panties in the mall, or plain eating hamburgers at McDonald’s. (We even had a short period of finding out who of us dared to wet her pants, and who got the biggest pee patch on her pants won. Strange but true! We abandoned it after a couple of times though). At one particular time, our competition was to find most different bettles (well, insects ..) in the suburban street we both lived in. I was searching the hedges most eager, finding bug after bug and storing them in a glass jar. When I decided that I had found enough to be the winner I looked around the first time for minutes, I saw my friend standing there with her knees pressed together and her head hanging down. I approached her and asked what’s wrong, and the looked at me with frightful expression, biting on her lower lips. She slowly came near and whispered into my ear: „I pooped.“ (Her words in German were: „Ich habe A-a gemacht.“ These words _still_ sound very embarrassing to me) Then the obvious odor hit my nose. I asked: „What do we do now?“ She said: „Into the wood!“ (Although her home was in the same street, but as she later explained she was too embarrassed to confess her accident to her mother) Then we stormed into the nearby forest, and we stopped behind a huge and dense bush. I asked „What now?“, and she said „Don’t know.“ I suggested to take off her poopy panties, of course. We looked around and found it safe for her to clean up. Then she pulled down her pants, showing her white panties of terry cloth with a wet spot of about 10 cm in diameter, she had also peed a little. She wes grinning very sheepishly when I looked at her at this point. She then carefully pulled down her panties to her knees, revealing a solid sausage that obviously got flattened when pushed out and got caught within the underpants, and also it got squished around a little when she ran. She bent forward and pushed the log out of her panties, leaving some dark brwon spots on it. I handed her some kleenex but she used only one to wipe herself only once. Then to my surprise she pulled up her soiled panties again, as well as her jeans. „Why do you put these back on?“, I asked, and she answered: „For not soiling my pants.“ Well, that was logical. Needless to say, I won the beetle competition easily. I got an ice cream bar, and we decided never to talk about that again. She wore the dingy panties the whole afternoon, and I never found out what her parents said (if they ever knew...). Well, that’s my story. I enjoyed writing this down finally, I hope you enjoyed reading it. BTW, are there any Germans on this board? Bye, Andrea (This was cut and paste, I hope it fits...)

Hi guys. Sorry, I forgot to respond to a couple of recent posts, although I intended to. Poop Loggy Logg, thank you for your "input" (hee-hee) on computer history. It seems that technology is always getting smaller, more advanced, and less expensive (for what one gets). Melissa, you may have noticed that I posted two almost identical posts; the first did not have blurbs about our family's first computer, but the second one did. I pressed "submit" before I realized my error and then reposted with all the info. I noticed that you did read the second post, though. I was going to ask you if you've been pooping OK, but you already posted about that. Twice in one day, that's great! My brother has told me personally (we talk about this site and sometimes even post at the same time) that he loves you and thinks you're "so cool." Steph has mentioned that we also live in CT (though I assume you no longer live here; you posted something about now living in the southeastern US). As for Eric and I "buddy dumping" together, I don't think so. Although we love each other extremely and do talk about our "habits" to each other (now that's something in and of itself), I don't think we can cross that barrier. I hope everyone understands. Luv, Alex :)

Sorry, I must have mistaken you...are you Alex's friend? I seem to remember a Jodi who was LI on this site once who was Asian, but I could be wrong. If I am, sorry!

To Melissa.....I was totally blown away by your last reply, it even brought a tear to my eye. You certainly do have a heart of gold and I consider you a friend :-) Just a quick question for you here, how do you feel about splashbacks when you poo? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you just for being here and being yourself, you are the best!!! Lots of love, Dazz To Mike.....I prefer tall toilets myself, I'm a bit long legged so tall is best for me. I like it best when I can sit on a toilet, feet flat on the floor with my thighs and shins forming a perfect right angle and my torso upright. That position feels really good to me and increases the enjoyment I get out of pooing. I rarely get constipated, so have little need to lean forward. I have to say I do like those old style thick black seats better than the thin white variety, I also find I dump better on them and they do give a bit of extra height to the toilet too. I'd love to get my hands on one of those seats so I can put it on my home toilet. It would help to give me that upright sitting position I love so much and also increase the distance between anus and water, giving me bigger splashbacks which I really get off on!!!

Hello everyone! I've been reading this group for a while now, and I just want to say how cool it is. I've been really interested in peeing all my life, and I've been wondering if this is the reason why. When I was 7 or 8 or so, I was messing around with my younger (female) cousin. When I needed to pee, she was immediately very interested, and I remember her closing the bathroom door at this point. I opened my fly and held my little penis with my right hand. She stood sideways on to me right against my right side, and touched my wrist with her hand. I was very shy and embarrassed, but for some reason, didn't seem to think of complaining. I felt so self-conscious as I emptied my bladder right in front of her. For some reason, it's a feeling I'm always dreaming about experiencing again! Later on, she wanted to pee. However, in a very un-sportsman like fashion, she told me that it was "rude for boys to watch girls" and made me stand in the bath with my back facing her. I began to turn around while her pee was in progress, but she started shouting, and I didn't want our parents to find us, so had to abort my sneaky peek! Did anyone else have any experiences like this? Could it be a reason for fascination with bathroom activities? I had a couple more experiences like this if anyone's interested. Take care! Martin (UK)

Hi folks. In response to Rachel's post: I am very Hygenic minded and I always keep 1 roll of paper towels under my sink in the 1 of 4 bathrooms in my house. I only use my master bath so the other baths, including the guest bath are always clean. Anyhow, After I poop, no mater what type in is, I always use those towels to wip up with. You see, I first put 2 pieces of paper towel together, and wet them. I then take some nice dermotology soap specially made for sensative skin, and I cover the paper towel. Then, standing with my legs spread apart, I proceed to wipe my rear end from the front to the back using both sides of the towel all the while folding it inhalf. After all that, I put the used paper in a special hazardus waste receptical under the sink. You see, these new houses here in the states all have these wimpy low flush toilets, so if you put paper towels down there, it will stop up as I found out when I first moved in last fall. If it is a really messy dump, I might have to repeat the above steps again. Would you believe, I even wipe when I piss as well. P.S., no sweat, you can buy a huge 6 pack of those towels here for $3.50, so keep wipin' on!

Hi...I was wondering if any one has ever seen any t.v. commercials that deal with poop/pee etc.? I've seen these commercials. I saw this one just last week for Arizonia Jean Company(avaible at JC Pennys) and these high school kids are learning about the digestive system. The teacher says "large intestine, colon" etc. Then the priciple(administrator) comes on the intercom and asks for this one kid....he says "jason(Im not sure of his name)" your doctors appointment has been cancled.your balet lesson has been moved from 3 to 4pm and your diahreha medicine is in the office. thats all" I thought this was so funny. Any one see this one? Any one know of any commercials like this?

I was away from home at my siblings house overnight and this was monday night and i felt an urge to poop so i waited till every one went to i pooped a lot it was big...then it got looser almost like diareha. I woke up at 3am with diareha. Before this i had not pooped in like 4 days. well bye bryian

Q. What do you get when you smash a roll of Tums with a hammer?
A. Rectums!!!

I have just moved into an apartment, which I am to share with a girl I work with named Jackie, this being to keep the costs down. The following day I went into the bathroom to use the toilet, thinking it was empty I found Jackie sitting on the toilet with her trousers down and reading a magazine. I said I was sorry and turned around to leave when she asked me if I could get a toilet roll from the kitchen. When I returned with it, she started chatting to me so I stood there talking back to her. I could see here face going red as she was talking then heard here relieve herself several times into the toilet. She then put her magazine on the floor in front of her and tore of some paper to wipe herself. We have both found this site and are both interested in this subject.

Mark B
Lots of good posts recently! To Rob of St Louis - loved you post. To Melissa - really loved your description of going in the woods when you were younger. To Tomboy - you are totally and utterly normal. Enjoy it! To the (unnamed) bloke who wrote about filling his pants at school that was a cool story too. Oh, that horrible hard toilet paper: I saw a huge amount of it recently in Sainsburys (a British supermarket chain) so I wonder if it is trying to make a come back. It's like scraping your bum with sandpaper, really ghastly stuff. For sad people who are guilty about their natural functions and want to add pain on the guilt. Another unnamed poster asked how men hold it in if they need to uriante and can't (such as when stuck in a big traffic jam on a motorway). Well, it's painful and difficult, but if I really really have to I squeeze my legs together, often with my hands placed firmly on my crotch and if things are really bad, lean forward. It works, (unless you've drunk masses of beer or water) but is not a happy situation to be in. In British tabloid newspaper you see these extraordinary adverts for 'car urinals', with both male and female attachments. I have never seen one of these things, but I am sure someone who reads this site has. What are they like? Can you really use them in a car? I have also written a poem, but I am still thinking about posting it, as it seems to me to read a bit tacky. Perhaps I'll post it next time. This week as I'm on holiday from work and I have tried pooing in my shorts just for the fun of it. I don't usually do this, but since I found this site and read other people's experiences it has got me interested. It's nice feeling that warm poo pressing against your bum being held in by the underpants - and it seems to slip out the arse and into the pants really, really quickly, perhaps because I have to push hard to do it in these less-usual circumstances. I've also discoverd that if you wear loose shorts it can fall out onto the ground really easily. Mark B

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Old posts 216 and 217 are the same for some reason and yes, we are getting to last week's survey results and this weeks, sometime this week

The Doctor: You mentioned art movies as a source of poo and pee scenes ("Sweet Movie" btw was only set in the Dutch scene, whereas its director, Dusan Makaveev, was a yugoslavian avant gardist). Art movies have been taboo breakers over the ages, so there should be more "toilet stuff" in them, weird as some of them may be. Has anyone ever seen the scene in Luis Bunuel's "The Golden Age" which George Orwell (this most sympathetic but also quite puritan spirit) wrote it was "some pretty close shots of a young woman defecating", and which he found disgusting (of course...)? They don't show these old Bunuel movies (like the "Andalusian Dog") from the forties too often nowadays, but I'd like to know if anyone has seen the scene and what it's like. Nicola (England): Thanks for liking my sonnet; I admit that it was inspired by posts on "going outdoors" from all you ladies in the "panbuster division"! Melissa: You are quite a talent with language - do you write only narrative prose, or can you do poems, too? If so, why not treat us to a sample! Goos poos and pees to you all, Andre

Hi guys! Melissa, I live in CT [Fairfield County, about 10 mi from the NY state line] and have been to Misquamicut, about a 90 minute drive from where I live. I love reading all of your stories, especially the ones about pooping outside. I have never taken a dump outside; now THAT sounds "liberated." :) Nyad, "airing the pubes" is a different feeling, especially since I'm used to being inside and sitting on a toilet. I hope your dumping habits get back to normal. I assume all the medication/anti-biotics have done a job on your system. Peace and love to everyone, Steph

Great site and you can relate things you wouldn't even to a closer friend. I don't have accidents as a rule, however, my body does misbehave sometimes and cause me problems and sometimes embarrassment. Recently on a date with a new partner, I wanted to impress, we went to a very nice restaurant - cloth napkins and elegant surroundings. I had taken special care to present a good image and aura. What happens once we have ordered? The message comes through BM now. You all know what I mean, there's no ignoring it and trying to hold on. So I excuse myself and into the Ladies, which is all pink marble and dark wooden doors, very classy. Quickly into the stall, I am expecting to clear this as soon as possible. I am sitting there and sure enough water, gas and solids flow ( I did get called miss Ploppy on a school journey once) and with this delivery I lived up to my name. I don't examine sizes and volumes but this was a moderate amount, coming fast. That fitted my intention to return to the table without too much delay. Not to be. My body decided this was to be a major event. After the initial output, abdomen cramps began which couldn't be ignored. They wouldn't hurry just worked through me until after a couple of further emmissions it was over. Took 15 mins, what would date think, was I having second thoughts? I literally sweated as I was sitting there with my best silk panties round my knees and the discomfort of the delivery dominating my body. The smell was pretty awful too. Fortunatly the extractor system was effective so that was taken away. I had to repair my makeup from the ravages of perspiration, before returning and trying to explain my absence. The new partner didn't worl out, not due to that, I don't think. Has any other poor soul suffered any similar situation, where your body decides now, and not later, and you won't be finished till I say so?

Hi Andrew. I am an American of European ancestry and so is my cousin. I have read that a majority of Asians are lactose intolerant. I think they do have cows "over there." In fact, most Indians (Hindus) consider cows "sacred" so they don't eat beef; I don't know if they refuse to drink cow's milk, though. Thanks for the advice. Sorry I don't have a lot of time to type, just a "hi" to all my friends. Love, Jodi

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