The most intriguing bowel movement situation I can recall happened when I was in college. My friend Beth and I were at a frat party where they had live goldfish in a pool. Occasionally someone would go over and fish one out and swallow it with beer while everyone would cheer - sort of like a movie frat party! Anyway, Beth decided to try and she swallowed a live fish with some beer. She thought it was so funny, she proceded to swallow a total of 19 live goldfishes. The next day we were at a cocktail party and she started to get a bit tipsy. She asked me to escort her to the ladies room (a small 1 person bathroom). I helped her in because she was pretty drunk. She proceded to pull up her skirt and pulled down her panties (which were purple) and sit on the toilet and take a huge dump. There was nothing sexual about this, although Beth was extremely good looking with a perfect body, but we were friends. When she was done she wiped, got up and walked out. She forgot to flush and I just had to peer into the toilet. In side was the hugest mountain of crap I had ever seen. This was probably the remains of the 9 chicken fingers she had for lunch the day before and the two double quarter pounders she had for dinner. (She had a mamoth appetite for a petite girl) When I looked further, I saw, embedded in the crap, little fish skeletons - tails, fins, heads. I know this is gross, but I was intrigued. I also couldn't help thinking about the fate of those 19 fishes (not top mention all the chicken and beef) - what a way to go! Anyway, Beth went back to the cocktail party where she proceded to eat 27 jumbo shrimps, 18 cocktail meatballs, and 13 chicken wings. Coupled with the 3 hot dogs she ate at the football game earlier, I can only immagine what her next day's crap looked like!!

I failed 10th grade math and had to repeat it in summer school. I had to attend a local high school not my own. My very first day I had rest my bowels, so I waited till I got school. I had to persuade the dumb ghetto rent a cop to let me in the building early. I found the girls room. It had 10 stalls with low short doors. I dropped my girl scout back pack, took of my raincoat, unbuttoned my white sleevless skirt and pulled my Carters panties to my shins. We had no Calvins, Hanes or Jockey. I put my behind on this thick black seat and let loose a load of thick muddy logs. I felt funny sitting on this type of seat. All my school toilet seats were white and thin. This school was 50 years old and had the original fixtures. After a few days my bowel movemnts firmed up and I was making 18 inches broken in three, with gas and cramps. I made friends with a girl Shiela in the class. We met by chance in the bathroom the second day. She and I would wait for each other to finish using stall or we would use adjoining stall and talk to each other with the doors opened while we evacuated. Shiela was shy. She would pull down her pants just far enough so her pussy and behind would not be seen. She made no noise but she would leave 2 or 3 of the longest pieces of brown doo-doo. Where I work the toilet seats are white contoured with the institutional front opening. If you open your legs, everyone will hear what your body is doing.

Hi I wonder if anyone else does this after they've done a poop. I hate being dirty around my backside, or anywhere really if there's a risk I might smell, so when I've done a poop I like to wash myself. If I'm in a public toilet I will give myself a few wipes with dry paper then when I've got rid of the worst of it I will tear off a bunch more paper. I then flush the toilet and wet the paper from the water flowing into the toilet at the front. You can do it so you only get clean water quite easily I've found. I then squat right down so my butt is only inches from the floor and my backside is really stretched, and wipe with the wet paper. First round about and then work my way inwards to my ring. Another bunch of dry paper finishes me off. I sometimes use that dry bunch to mop up any drips of water I've made on the floor. Another flush of the toilet and wash of my hands and I'm done and feeling so clean. If I'm at home or in a hotel there's a much better and nicer way! I do need a shower that unhooks from the wall for this. I skip the wiping altogether and get in the shower and spray up between my legs onto my backside. If I couldn't quite get rid of the last lump of poop or if more is lingering above the ring but won't descend, I find that I can encourage it out with the water spray. This works best by opening and closing my ring and it feels lovely. You'd be amazed at how much extra you can get rid of. You might think it unhygenic to shit in the shower but I am a very clean person and I just wouldn't do it if I thought that it was unhygenic. All the poop gets well washed away and I have never had any smells from it. Again I feel great afterwards. I only discovered this a couple of years ago. Am I the only person who does this? Does anyone want to give it a try? Let me know - I'd love to hear. Rachel.

The posting from the bloke who filled his pants at school rung a bell with me. When I was a kid it wasn't the state of the school toilets that bothered me. Indeed, these were great places to listen to some other boys doing their motions and seeing big turds left in the toilet pans. My problem was that one of the teachers I had wouldn't let pupils go to the toilet. It is difficult to imagine any teacher doing this or being allowed to these days but this was in Scotland in 1961 when kids had no rights and schools were stricter than now. I needed a number two but although I put up my hand this female teacher refused to let me go saying "Anthony, you should have gone at playtime" . The fact that I didnt need at playtime was of no concern to her. Anyway, although I was able to hold it in with discomfort until the next break, when I got to the Boys toilets both cubicles were already occupied and I couldnt wait any longer and lost control and did a jobbie in my underpants. Luckily it was a solid one but it still made a mess. This was a humiliating experience. When I went home my mum was actually very decent about it saying it wasn't my fault and that accidents could happen to anyone, (it did a few times to her as I have posted in the past). She was however very angry with the teacher and visited the school and saw the headmistress who issued and order to all teachers that kids be allowed to use the toilet during lessons . This solved my problem but some kids still wet or soiled their underwear as they were too shy to ask out during lessons and thought they could hold it in . As I understand things nowadays, kids can go to the toilet as and when they need during lessons and rightly so.

His description of his cyclist mate doing one in his pants reminds me also of a similar experience I had. I had stayed on at a friends and had missed the last bus home. It was a mild night and I walked home but felt the need of a motion as I walked. I tried to hold it in, there were no public toilets nearby and no walls, hedges, bushes etc to go behind to do it. I realised that I wasn't going to make it so stopped walking and did it in my underpants. These being of the modern type of men's underpants, briefs with elastic through the legs like women's panties, all was safely contained. It was strange sensation feeling the jobbie come out then the resistance of the underpants as they stretched then the turd buckling up in the seat. I walked home with the warm mass bulging in the seat of my briefs and trousers. When I got home I went straight to the toilet, took off my trousers seeing the big bulge in the seat of my underpants. As the motion I had passed had been firm and solid i! t had also moulded into a large lumpy ball in the seat of my underpants and made very little mess or staining. While I dont like having accidents in my pants and wouldn't do it on purpose as some people like to do, it wasn't as nasty an experience as I would have dreaded although if the motion had been soft or loose I imagine it would have been a lot worse as it would had it been at work or in company.

Nicola I loved your description of passing a very constipated motion. I envy your lucky husband being in there with you. Did you let him see you doing the big easy one you passed the following morning? Also Melissa, your saga of doing a big whopper in the woods, I felt I was doing it myself and could virtually feel it slowly sliding out, meeting the resistance of the ground then coming out onto the grass. I have from time to time done a motion outdoors and it can be quite a pleasent experience.

The long posting from the un-named bloke who had an accident in his underpants when he was a kid at school once again illustrates the wisdom, to me at any rate, of men using a cubicle (stall) and sitting to pee as I do. Although men have the physical advantage of being able to pee either standing or sitting, and I will pee standing in an emergency, I have never really understood the male obsession with peeing from a standing position and why it has to be against a wall, tree, or whatever vertical surface. It almost an atavistic throwback to scent marking one's territory as some animals do. Perhaps some psychologist can explain. Anyway, he even says that "it never entered his head to use a cubicle to do both", and he paid the price in his underpants and had a "follow through" accident. Again in the later part of his post he illustrates why Boxer Shorts are such a useless style of underwear as the loose flappy legs allowed the poo to slide out down his legs. A decent pair of tight briefs or knickers as I wear would contain it inside, but Im glad that he has learned this lesson. Regarding "most kids hated school toilets" he can speak for himself! To me as a kid the school toilet was a place of wonder. The horrid urinals, (see old posts for my opinions on these), made a nasty pissy smell but one could hear the "kersplonks" as the other lads did their jobbies and often saw what they had done as they would leave the toilet unflushed. Ours was an old school built in Victorian Times and long since demolished. The toilets were in brick buildings at the far side of the playground. These had the Girls and Boys toilets back to back and, as I found on the occasions I asked out of class to use the toilet during lessons, it was possible to hear a girl doing a motion in the adjoining Girls Toilet. The toilet pans were scaled down versions of those at home so often a turd would stick in these pans, to the delight of the person doing it, which would have flushed away first time in the larger toilet pan at home. My two girl cousins confirmed that, apart from their be! ing no urinals of course, and 3 more cubicles to compensate, the Girls Toilets were similar to the Boys and on one occasion I sneaked into the Girls Toilet when I was about 10 or 11 to have a good look and a secret dump. By the way the seats in the Boys Toilets had cut outs at the front but in the Girls they were the normal type all the way round as at home or elsewhere. Like Traveller I like a toilet pan which is elongated and has a pointed front rather like the bows on a ship and a long deep water filled sump. This gives marvelous sound effects "kursploonkability" as one poster refered to this. The pan we had at home when I was growing up was like this and Moira and I found one similar in a builders merchants and installed it at home to our great delight. We also prefer plain white toilet pans, fancy colours leave us cold, and black or brown wooden seats with a nice wide opening, as Nicola remarked narrow openings can compress the buttocks and once when I used such a toilet! with the seat down I could feel the jobbie touching the inside of my cheeks as it came out and I had a lot more wiping to do afterwards. I also remember the hard Izal toilet paper which was useless for the purpose and thankfully my aunt used soft tissue, Andrex, at home and always ensured that Debbie, Nicky and I took some with us to wipe ourselves if we had to use the school toilets or public toilets. To the Doctor, another film with a female urination scene is Rob Roy where his wife is shown with her tartan skirt hitched up doing a wee wee on the pebbles at the side of a loch (lake). As one can see the urine running onto the stones I reckon this is real. I can also recal a "kitchen sink" Play for Today on British televison in the 1970s showing a single mother on the breadline with her kids and her elderly mother all in a rather nasty flat. In one scene the old woman is shown coming out of the toilet and the flush can be heard in the background. The young woman swears at her "mum were the f*** have you been I need you to watch the kids while I go the the chip shop" The older woman replies, "I was in the bog (toilet) having a poo and I was terribly constipated. Cant I even have a crap in peace?" Needless to say the Mary Whitehouse moralistic brigade complained about this very human scene.

Hi all - Nicola (England) - I get the impression that you were none too pleased at your husband finding your predicament amusing. My girlfriend has the same problem, ie she gets plugged during her period. Can I ask if your flow affects you? eg heavier flow = more constipated, as my girlfrind does. Also, her sister (older by 2 years) gets diarrhea every time she has her period, also heavier flow = looser bowels. I really cant fathom the female body, and the bits I have worked out are most definatly for discussion here!!

Kyle (Cancer Child) - I am thinking of you and hope you eventually recover/go into remmission. My mum also has cancer, which is expected to be terminal. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of cancer do you have eg bowel cancer, leukemia (sp?) I know the treatment can really bind things up, and getting things moving can be a real bind, but stick with it. To the person who was sacked for going over lunch - what kind of boss have you got - someone from the dark ages?! Get yourself a good solicitor and sue the pants of the guy. Also, depending on the structure of the company, complain to your bosses boss, if that makes sense. If I had a boss like that, suffice to say I would land up in jail for what I would do to him. (I would kick the s*** out of him) (Sorry if thats a bit strong for the moderator) Mellisa, going back to old subjects, I hope Melanie recovers from her ordeal, and tell your mum I hope I never meet her - see above.

The Doctor
Now that I've had a chance to think about it a little more and jog my memory a bit, I'm going to add a few more listings to my posting of July 26, which was a guide to films and TV shows that feature urination and defecation scenes. One episode of TV's "NYPD Blue" featured a scene where a stripper, under interrogation by two female cops, begins pulling down her bikini bottom to sit down and pee, but she is never shown actually urinating. I think at that very moment she was going to sit down and pee the show cut to another scene. Here's some good news for Melanie Griffith fans: in the movie, "Something Wild," there is one scene where you can see her sitting down on the toilet and urinating before she wipes her genital area and gets up again as she arranges her skirt. Meg Ryan fans take note: in the movie, "DOA," there is a scene where she squats behind a trash dumpster supposedly to pee, but it all looked pretty fake to me. One scene that was definitely not fake was in a Japanese TV show I saw where an elaborate and extremely sadistic practical joke is played on an unsuspecting man who walks into a public outhouse on a snowy hillside. Once he is inside, sitting on the toilet and moving his bowels, the walls of the outhouse fall to the ground, exposing him to the TV cameras. Then the floor literally is pulled away and slides down the hill with the poor man still sitting on the toilet, hanging on for dear life as his commode turns into a snowboard. I also remember seeing another Japanese TV show that featured urination. This was a game show where the contestants, all young men, went through an incredible physical ordeal to compete for the prize. Among their tortures was one segment where they had to drink a tremendous amount of liquid. Not surprisingly, by the end of the show, these guys were all urinating streams of pee right in front of the camera. The Japanese film, "Shall We Dance?" also features some scenes of men standing at urinals, but there's no evidence that anything is really going on. In the prison flick, "Brubaker," one scene features a male prisoner sitting nude on a cell toilet, but this is in long shot and you can't tell if he's really defecating. As I recall, Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven" featured a scene where one guy gets shot to death while sitting on an outhouse toilet, but there's no reason to believe he was doing anything more than just sitting there. I seem to remember that in the Spanish film, "Cria," there is a scene where the young actress Ana Torrent is seen arranging her skirt as she gets up from a toilet and flushes it, but there is no clue as to what she was doing on that toilet and no nudity either. Roman Polanski's films have instances of urination and defecation although I doubt all of them are real. In "The Tenant," Polanski stands at a urinal in one scene, but you can't see or hear anything actually going on, which probably means there wasn't anything going on. In another scene, however, Melvyn Douglas is seen pulling down his pants and sitting down on a toilet. Hard to tell if its real, however, since it's seen through a window in long shot and there are no acccompanying defecation sounds. Another Polanski movie, "Pirates" featured a scene where Walter Matthau appears to be urinating, but the color of the urine stream looked orange to me. This makes me doubt it was authentic pee since the only way it would have been that color would have been if Matthau had been suffering from hepatitis. Of course, had Matthau been that sick I doubt he would have been acting in front of the camera. In contrast, the very controversial film, "Kids," features a scene where one of the male characters pees on the street that will be obviously not fake to anyone who sees it. The gangster flick, "Once Upon a Time in America" features an interesting scene where one of the characters walks into the common bathroom of his Brooklyn tenement, leaves the door unlocked, pulls down his pants and sits on a toilet, waiting for a neighbor girl to show up. When she does show up, she pretends to be shocked at his nudity, but then tells him she has to poop and proceeds to lift up her dress and sit down on the other commode, but the scene is cut at this point and there is no actual defecation. Another scene in the same film shows a man urinating into a toilet that is almost certainly not fake. Ingmar Bergman, up in Sweden, also got into the act with his film "Fanny and Alexander," which shows, in one scene, a boy peeing in a chamberpot. It may well have been the real thing. For those who really want to get back into their childhood pee pee memories, I recall a scene in "Terms of Endearment," where the boy who plays Debra Winger's son and Shirley MacLaine's grandson, is briefly seen making water into a toilet in a scene that does not look fake. "Where the Buffalo Roam" features a bizarre scene where a Richard Nixon look alike is standing at a urinal trying to pee and finding it impossible to get out anymore than a few drops, but, honestly, I found this to be about as fake as all those scenes on "NYPD Blue" where Dennis Franz's character is pretending to urinate, often with a lot of trouble. If you ever wanted to see Maximillian Schell pee, take a look at the film "The Man in the Glass Booth." This movie features a scene where Schell is talking with his female lawyer in his jail cell and suddenly gets up turns around to face the toilet and pee. It looks and sounds very real. The Dutch director Paul Verhoeven featured defecation scenes in more than one of his films. In Verhoeven's World War II film, "Soldier of Orange," one male character squats in an army latrine and gets blown to bits before he can even move his bowels. There are also scenes in Verhoeven's "Robocop" in a men's bathroom where characters are sitting on toilets, but there are no sounds or other evidence that it was the real thing. Interestingly, cartoons have even gotten into opening up the acts of going to the bathroom to the light of day. Check out "King of the Hill," which once aired an episode that centered around the main character, Hank Hill's constipation problems. On that same show, Hank Hill frequently meets with his boss, a crude, LBJ-like Texan who has sales meetings in the company men's room while he defecates with the stall door open. Finally, one of the most lengthy defecation scenes in the history of film was in "Dumb and Dumber," where Jim Carrey slips the unknowing Jeff Daniels a laxative as a practical joke. The poor Daniels character is shown pulling down his pants, sitting down on the toilet, and going through absolute agony in the noisiest, most violent attack of diarrhea ever portrayed on film. It sure looks and sounds real, but I don't believe it for a moment. Do you really believe an actor like Jeff Daniels would actually put himself through such agony? I doubt it.

Adam from Canada wanted to know where to get open front toilet seats. Yes, home depot & home base have a couple different open fronts. Like everything they sell, they are the cheapest possible ones. I do a lot of plumbing repairs and like all plumbers I buy my parts from a plumbing supply wholesaler geared towards the professional. The major toilet seat manufacturers are: Bemis, Sperzel, Centoco, Beneke and Olsonite. Some foreign brands are made by Porcher (Danish), and a few others. They have catalogs of every seat they make and you can look at them at the professional stores. Most are probably available in Canada but each store usually sells only one or two brands. So you may have to visit several. My preference in seats runs toward the heavy duty open front commercial seats made by Bemis that hug your butt. Nicely contoured. Cost is about 35 bucks. I like the color white or as a close second, blue. A blue seat on a white toilet looks good like in the kids bath! rooms in the schools where I work. Kids love em. Kohler makes a neat seat called "The French Curve." Heavy plastic, smaller, contoured opening, with a closed front. I have one of these at home on my elongated toilet. Cost is about 60 bucks.

Hi Everybody! I just got back from a few days vacation, so I took a while to get caught up on all the posts since I was gone! What a prolific bunch of writers! Steph and Eric: WOW congratulations! It was a brave thing to do showing Eric how you pee outdoors. Have you ever tried the standing up method? I'm told it takes a little practice to avoid dribbles. You guys are Awesome! As for the Eric and Alex thing, that's probably not a good idea, except if it were to occur in a very informal sort of way. I would like to know how Alex Feel about her brother watching Steph though. For Melissa: I saw where you said you used to live in Connnecticut. That's cool, I live in Connecticut, and so do, I believe, some of the other regular contributors. Too bad there is no way we could arrange a local forum of some sort. Have a great day everyone!

To Eric - Thanks a bunch for the compliments and I'm really glad you enjoy reading my posts. Glad you enjoyed Steph's demonstration - she really must be something - what a friend to have. All my love, - Melissa.

To Buzzy - I guess that besides being the "Picasso of Poop" you are the "Connoisseur of Mirrors. Everything I always wanted to know about mirrors but was afraid to ask. You really are a riot! By the way Buzzy - I think you have done something to me. Yesterday morning just as I was about to leave for work that full feeling came into my rear. I could have held it until I got to work but something inside me said "Don't even think about it". So, off to the bathroom, up with my skirt and down with my panties and no sooner had my tush touched the seat than my ring just opened wide and a long soft poop slid out effortlessly and silently into the water. It was all over in seconds and I had no chance to enjoy it! Then as if that wasn't bad enough, right in the middle of the afternoon while serving a customer at the boutique I felt the urge come on again. Luckily I didn't have to hold it in too long before I was able to reach the sanctuary of the toilet in the back of the shop.! I sat down but the pressure almost went away (shades of the old Melissa). I could still feel it weakly pushing at my closed ring so it was "Head between knees" time and that worked. Three large soft lumps came out and splashed into the toilet and then, to my surprise, I started to strain - even though there was nothing left to come out. Twice in one day Buzzy - that's unheard of! Thought you would like to know. All my love - keep looking in the mirror - Melissa

To Dazz - When you and Buzzy exchange posts you are both in a world of your own. One is a crowd, two is a conspiracy, is the thought that comes to mind. That's how you two come across, you are both so very funny and completely wrapped up in yourselves. But your post back to me showed another part of you. I saw another Dazz who is very honest and I think a little shy. You had the courage to try and answer my question and you admitted you didn't quite know how to do that. That takes trust and openness and what's more you managed to retain a tasteful sense of humor. Those are all the qualities I look for in a friend. Dazz - I really enjoyed your reply - thanks and all my love - Melissa.

In the movie 'Independance Day' there is a scene where Will Smith is shown taking his morning leak while standing at the toilet in front of the window. In 'eyes wide shut' can you hear the peeing in the scene at the beginning of the movie?

Thanks for those who answered about the toilet seat kinds and colors. One other thing, what about the "height" of the toilet? Do you prefer those "tall" ones, like those for handicapped, or do you prefer the "low" kind, those closer to ground level. I prefer the low kind, as I think my dumps come out better if I am squatted lower. Case in point, I can remember going to take a dump at a public rr, and these toilets were low, so low, that I had a feeling other guys could see sitting and my dick just by peeking SLIGHTLY under the stall door. Because of this, I had to pull my underwear and pants up to knee level to "cover" my dick. In all cases when I take a dump, my underwear and pants always go down to ankle level so I can "spread" out. (You women don't do this, right? Women usually only pull down to knee level and don't "spread" out, correct me if I am wrong. Thanks).

To the Doctor: About the films showing peeing, there was one that I remember seeing as a little kid (10-12 years old or so). This was "Psycho III", the horror film. There is a girl who is at the "Bates Motel" and its late at night and she finds a toilet. She unzips her shorts, and is just about to sit when she realizes the toilet seat is not down. She places it down and then sits, and you can clearly hear the pee coming out and splashing on the water (when I saw that at my age, it was truly something for me!!). Sadly, she gets stabbed..........

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Tomboy ...You are perfectly normal in fact I've been fascinated by bathroom habits since I was in Kindergarden and my friends and I would buddy dump. I thought I was strange until I found this site a few months ago :o) I just had the most incredible experience a few years ago. My friends and I rented a cabin in the woods and the only drawback was one bathroom for 6 people!!!!! Around 4-5 in the evening (this was July) a thunderstorm came through. I really had to do a movement bad when my friend yelled out...I'm pooing and will be about 15minutes. I knew I'd never make it so...I put on my raincoat and sandals and decided to brave the great outdoors. I found a nice cluster of trees which were adjacent to a stream. The rain was really coming down and the lightning show was incredible!!! I know I'm not supposed to be under trees during a storm but nature was calling me and I was about to do it in my pants if I didn't go now. So I went by the stream...pulled down my shorts and panties and let er' rip. I had a nice soft turd and a few bursts of gas. Boy did it feel great!!! The rain against my bottom was sooo soothing that I decided to spread my butt cheeks and let the rain be my toilet paper. I was soaked by the time I got back to the cabin but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything!!!! Anyone here every go outside during a storm to do a movement?

Mike - Public restrooms seats are cut out in front for sanitary reasons, so I've read. Sometimes people dribble urine on the front of the seat when they get up. The cutout area is supposed to prevent that. Of course, the urine just lands on the rim or the floor, which is why I usually wipe off both seat and rim when using a busy public rr. On seat color, I'm with you, Mike: give me a black seat any day, especially the older, thicker kind. They say, "Good Dump!" in a way those thin, white ones just can't. (One exception: I think those modern, contoured, white public seats with the raised leg areas and sloped "butt cradle" in the back are cute.) In general, I like toilets with an elongated seat and bowl (or pan), whether in a public rr or a home. I find that it's easier for me to relax on them than on the round type. This has been discussed here before and some are partial to round. Buzzy - no splashback for me, either, thanks. In my case, I often pee before doing a motion, and I'm just not thrilled about splashing my bottom with urine. Hmmm... I sincerely hope I haven't offended any of the wonderful femmes here. I'm not talking about urine when just excreted, but after splashing back up. To all - I just stopped in a convenience store and Oprah Winfrey was on TV. The show was about interior decorating and I happened to catch part of the segment on bathrooms. Someone from the Kohler company demonstrated their latest offering, a vacuum toilet odor eliminator. The demo used a black home toilet with dry ice in the bowl to simulate "the strong fumes." (The woman who demo'ed it would be in good company here, and Oprah was having great fun with her. Alas, there was a lot of embarrassed laughter from the audience, but I digress.) This suction ventilator device sells for US $149 and can be installed in any tank. When a user sits on the can, it simply pulls the air from the bowl through the openings around the rim until the toilet is flushed. At least the dry ice vapor, which had been floating up and out of the bowl, disappeared completely the minute she activited it. Oprah commented, "This could change life completely." I don't think I'm alone here in saying I'd miss the stink.

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