The Doctor
In response to the discussion about films and TV programs that show either urination or defecation, I have some information that will be of interest to this audience. I have yet to see "Eyes Wide Shut" and was not aware of the scene where Nicole Kidman sits down and pees, but I do know of quite a few other mainstream (not porno!!!) films with similar scenes. Interestingly, the man behind "Eyes Wide Shut," director Stanley Kubrick, featured a bathroom scene in each of his films going all the way back to "Spartacus" (a Roman bath) and including the zero gravity toilet in "2001." Excluding the Kidman scene in "Eyes Wide Shut," Kubrick's most explicit urination scene was in "A Clockwork Orange," where Malcolm McDowell is filmed from behind as he stands and urinates in a toilet. Another scene of male urination that was quite clearly not faked was in "Mrs. Doubtfire," where Robin Williams, dressed as a woman, is filmed from behind as he stands in front of a toilet and pees like the man he is. There was also a considerable amount of explicit male urination in a very strange European art film of the 1970s called "Sweet Movie." That one, among other things, included a scene of a guy holding his penis with one hand as he peed into an Amsterdam canal while waving with the other hand to a boatload of girls who were floating down the canal. (Oh, those Dutch with their libertated attitudes!!) As for female urination in mainstream films, there's been a lot more of this through the years than you might think. Check out "Leaving Las Vegas" where, in one scene, Elizabeth Shue sits down and pees while having a conversation with Nicholas Cage. (Unfortunately, Ms. Shue is only shown from the waist up as she pees, but you can clearly hear the sounds of her pee on the soundtrack.) In the Vietnamese movie, "Cyclo," there is one scene where a prostitute is paid by a client to stand over a large pot and pee into it while he watches. Although the scene shows nothing above her upper legs, you do see the pee flowing down between the girl's legs and it does not look fake. One movie that features a girl who pees three times over the course of the film is "A Boy Named Hate." The girl is one of a pair of lovers who are on the run from the law and she pees first squatting in a water aqueduct, next sitting on a toilet in a gas station, and finally squatting in the bushes on top of a mountain. (Sorry, each of these scenes is mostly waist up.) The running joke in this film is that each time this girl pees, the cops show up. In the Spanish film, "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!," you will see two scenes with two different women urinating. In the first scene, Victoria Abril, lifts up her nightgown, pulls down her panties, and sits down on the toilet to pee, but finds she can't do it while Antonio Banderas is watching her. She curses him, he leaves the room, and you hear the sound of her pee through the open bathroom door. Later in the film, Lola Loles (I think that's the actress's name.) suddenly exclaims, "I'm wetting my pants!" and quickly goes into a bathroom where she is shown lifting up her skirt, pulling down her panties, and sitting down on the toilet and urinating. While she's peeing she takes a piece of toilet paper from the roll beside her and uses it to wipe her genital area before getting up and pulling up her panties. Note: this film is very matter-of-fact about these ladies' bodily needs and does not chicken out by just showing them from the waist up as they pee. One big disappointment for me was the Australian film "The Year My Voice Broke," which features a scene where a very attractive blonde walks out into a wheatfield and supposedly pulls down her pants, squats down, and pees. If you look closely at the scene, however, you will clearly notice that it is completely fake: the girl never pulls down her pants. There was also a Brazilian film I saw some years back, the name of which escapes me, which showed a twentysomething girl get up in the morning and immediately lift up her nightgown, pull down her panties, and pee by squatting over a chamberpot. Another film with a pee scene that sticks in my mind is the British film "Letter to Brezhnev," where two Liverpudlian girls (One is the actress Alexandra Pigg. The other's name I can't remember perhaps because it is not so awful as her co-star's.) pee together in a stall in a nightclub ladies' room. The camera is above the stall and you get a good view of them lifting their skirts, sitting down, and peeing. In the Clint Eastwood film, "Honktonk Man," there is one scene where a girl squats out in some bushes to pee, but there's no way to tell if this is real or fake. Perhaps the most outrageous urination scene ever seen in a mainstream movie was in the Japanese film "Eijanaika," where a dozen girls involved in a protest that is about to be crushed by force, go before a line of soldiers, turn around, lift up their kimonos, stick out their butts in a semi-squatting position and pee en masse in full view of the soldiers and of the movie viewer from the side. Also, let us not forget "Last Tango in Paris." Near the very beginning of that film, Maria Schneider walks into an empty apartment and, at one point, sits down on a toilet and pees although she is wearing such a heavy coat over her dress you can't see any nudity. I have also heard, though I've never seen the film, that the movie "Fun With Dick and Jane" features a scene wnere Jane Fonda sits down and urinates. (In an interview, she actually admitted that she really did "turn on the water" in that scene.) As for TV, I do remember an episode of the short lived series "Brooklyn South" that featured one scene where a hooker under police custody sat down an peed in her cell toilet while she was being interrogated by a female cop, but, as you'd expect on TV, it was all very much from the waist up. In regard to defecation on film and TV, I! haven't seen much of that although I do recall seeing a Spanish film some years back where a guy was shown taking a dump in a toilet. I do not, however, remember the name of the film, but I think the title was a Spanish word meaning "pals." Also, I have heard, though I've never seen it, that John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's feature length video, "Imagine" (Not the biographical documentary of Lennon made after his death, but a 1971 film to promote his album, "Imagine.") featured a scene of Beatle John proving to all the world that even rock stars occasionally need to take a dump while his ballad "Jealous Guy" provides the soundtrack. Anyhow, these tidbits should give you all plenty of titles to hunt down the next time you make a trip down to the video store. More later....

Hello everybody! I have posted here in the past under the name Phillip, but I thought this name sounded cooler. So there. Like I said before, I don't have that many stories pertaining to the subject of this forum, but I have a couple. So I guess I might as well tell you a story I have about myself that happened about twelve years ago. I was about three I guess and I was getting potty trained. My mom would usually let me take showers with her and stuff. Well, one day we were taking a shower and I really needed to pee! But I didn't have a diaper on because I was naked in the shower. I didn't want to pee on my mom, so I stuck my little willy out of a hole that was in the curtain and peed in the toilet. My mom was so excited, I think she herself would've peed all ove the place if she haden't had just went. I know, that was a short story but I don't feel much like elaborating right now. Sorry. Linda: I usually sit on the toilet like your mom did when I really need to poop but can't get it out. It kinda makes it easier to push out. It's kind of weird feeling at first, but I do it a lot now. You should try it considering you seem to have trouble with that sometimes. See you later:)

"Need to know about going pee" - I am a girl and I know you asked about guys needing to pee bad but I'll tell you what I do when I need to pee but there is no toilet... when I first get the urge, it takes a couple of hours to get urgent. Then, as it gets a little bit on the urgent side, I will start to figit and not be able to concentrate very well. When I am getting desperate I, like your male friend move side to side and also jump up and down. Also, crossing my legs and bending over helps. If I have to wait for a long time when I am desperate I relax and let a squirt out for about one second. This usually does not show on my pants and I get a little bit of relief for a couple of minutes. However, once I do this first squirt, I need to get to a toilet and FAST! I often have to use these techniques because I dont like the toilets at school, and it takes an hour and a half to get home.

I agree with George and Steph about the terribly unfair way you were sacked. Did you explain to your boss why you were late? I would have said that I was taken sick and had to spend a long time on the toilet, (he would probably assumed you had the runs as ironically its an easier excuse to have believed than saying you were constipated). Have you a history of being late or overstaying your lunch break? If the answer is no and you were a good employee then I would suggest you see an industrial tribunal, although you would probably have had to have worked there for at least a year, its just changed from two years, to qualify. I have to also ask, is there a hidden agenda, as if your ex boss is guilty of some type of sexual harrasment or sexual discrimination you may automatically be covered by the unfair dismissal rules. In any event, in most decently run places some form of disciplinary procedure is needed, verbal warning, written warning then the sack. Anyway, check it out as ! you may get some compensation and the bastard shouldn't get away with it! Dazz, I CANNOT STAND splashback! Luckily it seldom happens to me unless I pass a fat ball or short lump as well as my usual big long fat jobbie. Like most people here I love the "kersploonk!" sound effects but being hit on the bum by a splash of water out of the toilet pan, especially if it hits the target and gets me right on the ring is, to me, GROSS and the PITS! I suppose the posture I sit in and the type of toilet pans I use do not cuase the splashback effect. If you like it, however, you are welcome. Andre, I loved the poem, it sounded just like me doing a motion a few weeks ago in some woods when I had gone for a ride on my motorbike and needed a poo and did do a big fat curved 12 incher on the ground. It didn't have foul stench, at least not to my nose, but they always say your own shit doesn't smell. For the constipation fans I was really bunged up yesterday, (Im on my period and this happens at that time). My husband came in and rubbed my ???? as, with a lot of "NNNs and EHs!" I passed what can best be described as a bag of potatoes, fat brown balls all knobbly, " OO! PLOONK! AH! PLONK! EH! KAPLUNK! NN! NN! SPLOONK! UH! KAPLONK! OH! SPLUNK!" He found this highly amusing, I had a red face and a sore arse! Looking down the pan afterwards I estimate that I passed the same amount of stool as I usually do in a nice big log but this time in hard chunks. Im glad to say however that this morning I did a nice big fat easy curved 12 inch sausage which went "sloomp" into the pan with no great deal of strain. Mike I have no strong views on toilet seats though I prefer wooden ones to plastic. The seats with the cut outs in front are to stop urine wetting the seat and in my experience were more common in the Boys toilets in schools than the Girls for obvious reasons though you say you have found these in public toilets for both genders. I dont like the type of seat where the hole is too narrow and your cheeks are compressed. This makes it more difficult to pass a large turd if you have a ???? butt as I have so I usually lift the seat in such cases and sit directly on the rim of the toilet pan itself. This allows my buttcoks to spread more and makes it easier to pass the jobbie, indeed I'd recommend this to people.

does anyone else here wear diapers? I wear them for bedwetting. im just curious. thanks Jennifer

WTF?? Kimmy!! What was all that talk about this being a disgusting topic? You just described your motion in your post and you call ME disgusting?? Anyway, I've read worse on here. Oh well, now that THAT'S cleared up... Glenda: sorry about you getting in trouble. One thing I've learned here is that no one can never tell what their body is up to with regards to wanting to release big turds and then bailing. That's hard to explain. Well, bye all! Till next time!!

Eric M.
Hi. Nick, I'm a male who will turn 19 in September. To Melissa, Bill, and everybody, I was so happy when Steph showed me how she pees outside. She is such a cool person and I love her to death!!! :-) Melissa, I love reading your posts. You remind me a lot of Stephanie, very strong and intelligent yet caring and sensitive at the same time. As for Jodi's question about Alex and me going in front of each other, I don't know about that. Although we're very close to each other, we grew up (and still live, when we're not in school) in a household where male-female boundaries were strictly set. I've never seen her in anything less than a nightgown, so I don't know if that will change. We did talk about it but it seemed very awkward. So, the answer is, we don't think so. Later everyone, Eric M.

Filled Pants. I only once pooed my pants in public; it was in my first year at infant school (1973). As a small child I was never very willing to part with my poos and would hold on for several days at a time. Prior to school this did result in a number of major accidents, but my mother very quietly and gently trained me to go before it was too late.

On this occasion, which was near the end of the school year so I would have been just about 6, I had held on for I don't know how long - several days certainly. I realised mid-morning that I desperately needed a pee and so asked permission to leave the room. As I was walking across the school yard to the toilet block I felt two or three pea-sized balls of poo leave by bum and land in my pants. I thought nothing of this as it was something that often happened and I frequently used to cross that yard pulling open the leg of my underpants and letting tiny poos fall out on the ground.

Inside the toilet, despite my being desperate for a poo as well as a pee, it never entered my head to go to a cubicle and sit down to do both (I hated school toilets - as I think most kids did / do), so I headed for the urinals and stood there with my willy out. Well, the instant I started to wee there was the most almighty explosion from my back-side and in a split second I had unloaded probably about a week's worth of poo into the back of my little white y-fronts; I had never considered that being so desperate I wouldn't be able to do one without the other!

I finished my wee - there was no way I could stop that either - and then waddled up to the cubicles. There was so much poo in my pants that two huge lumps of it fell out of my underpants leg and onto the floor on the way. Once in a cubicle I emptied the rest out of my pants, wiped them and my bum a little, using that horrid Izal Medicated toilet paper that schools used to use - the stuff that's like greaseproof paper - then pulled up my cold, sticky, brown pants and shorts. I headed back to the classroom, thinking that I wouldn't be found out. How wrong could I be?!

Almost as soon as I got in the door my class-mates started to comment "something pongs round here" and such like. Then the teacher asked me to take my work to her desk. Whilst I was standing by her she asked me to turn around and she pulled open the back of my pants. I can still remember now exactly what she said: "I thought so". "Sally, please go and tell the matron that this young man needs a clean pair of pants". And with that she despatched me, with my little class-mate, to matron's room.

I was so humiliated, but not so much by the fact I had shit myself; more by the fact that the whole class knew and worse, I was given a pair of little girl's knickers to put on. I was then sent home.

I have never shit myself by accident since then; I have had a couple of near misses though. The first was about 15 years ago. I desperately needed a pee again, and hadn't really noticed the urge for a poo at all. The only public loo nearby was a filthy hole with no cubicle doors and no water in the cisterns. I would rather have shit my pants than used that. I went to the urinal again and was half way through my pee when I realised that I had to stop or else a poo was going to follow on. I re-lived the moment in the infant school in my mind and clamped down on my pee instantly. With great care I managed to let go a few more squirts; enough to feel "finished" even though I wasn't, and gingerly put my dick back in my pants: fearful that any second the stream would start again and I'd piss myself. I was lucky: nothing did happen and the poo was not so desperate that I couldn't control it. I managed to get home without mishap and there relieved myself with a great feeling of comfor! t.

The other time was only about a year ago. I had been out walking and was within ten minutes of home when I suddenly developed a very urgent need for a shit. I really did think that I was going to do a massive crap in my pants and had to stand still three or four times with my bum clamped hard shut to keep it in. I did eventually manage to get home, but there my luck ended and, as I was closing the front door behind me, I turned to run up the stairs to the loo. That was my error: my first step took in the first two stairs and was too ambitious; as I lifted my leading leg I did the lot in my pants. I was so glad I'd got home because for the first, and last, time in my life I was wearing boxer briefs and as I walked up the rest of the stairs most of the poo worked it's way down the legs of them. I never have worn them again.

I've wet myself twice. he first time was, again, in infant school and was through fear. It was a cardinal sin to climb onto the ledge that ran around the school kitchen at about knee height. I only ever once climbing onto it and was caught immediately, The headmistress saw me and shouted to me to get down. I was so scared of what might happen that I pissed my pants on the spot. The only other time was on the way home from an event with some friends,. We were all in a transit van and just before leaving the venue I had had to go. As soon as I hid behind a bush to pee one of my friends appeared saying he had to go too. He pissed a good strong stream, zipped up and went back to the van. Meanwhile, I found that because he was there I couldn't do anything at all. Not wanting to keep everyone waiting back at the van I put my dick away and went back. Less than halfway home I was unable to hold it anymore and let go a stream of hot piss in my tight underpants. I was not alone though; our driver had needed a poo and shit himself on the way home. No one said anything and I don't think anyone saw what I'd done as it was dark. We all smelled his poo but everyone seemed to ignore it.

I find accidents, and even the thought of them, humiliating in the extreme; but I really get off on other guys having accidents of both kinds; I quite like to wet my underpants on purpose, but only my underpants - I hate the thought of doing it in my jeans, etc.

I think unhygienic public loos are probably responsible for a lot of accidents: I had a lodger once who worked for an engineering firm. I never saw his place of work, but one day he arrived home on his bicycle and from the window I saw him ride slightly past the gate, open it, back-pedal a little and then manoeuvre the bike in. He then rode up to the front door and rang the bell. I wondered what on earth was going on so I went and opened the door. He asked me to unlock the side gate so he could ride his bike on to the back yard. Well, I just did as he asked, realising that there must be a reason. He rode onto the yard and sat there for a few moments whilst I locked the gate and then he said that he couldn’t get up. I must have looked puzzled as he went on to say that he had needed a poo when he left home that morning but had not had time. At work the toilets were so filthy that he refused to use them. When he sat on his bike to ride home it was the first time he’d sat down all day. It wasn’t until he reached a slight hill and tried to stand up to pedal better that he realised that if he did stand up he’d shit his pants, as it was only the saddle of the bike that was holding the poo in. So he rode home sitting down all the way and now he couldn’t get up. Well, I said he’d have to get off eventually so did he really think the urge would lessen so he could get to the toilet. He said he didn’t think so, so I said he may as well get it over with. With that he raised his leg to dismount and filled his pants big time. I felt so sorry for him as he was wearing really tight cycle shorts and bikini style underpants underneath and as he got up I heard this really loud squelching sound and saw the seat of his shorts bulge out incredibly. He wasn’t gay but we were very close so he didn’t think anything of undressing in front of me as soon as he got in the house. The poo was quite solid and had curled up in his briefs to form a huge ball, but when he lowered them, it came away from his bum quite cleanly and he was able to empty his pants out into the toilet and leave very little in the way of a stain.

Hi all, had a pretty good weekend despite the hot temperatures we're having here in St.Louis. Saturday and Sunday got up two 102 degrees. I went fishing on Saturday at the same area I went the week before. Again, the first thing I did after grabbing the gear and making it up to the water, was take my shorts off. I walked up close to the bank of water and with my penis hanging down below, I let loose a long need pee from the ride. I had a lot of coffee that morning and I couldn't weight to get here after the half hour drive. It was a good long 20 second pee and I let out a couple of short spurts when it ended. I unfolded the chair and bated the hook before I through the line in the water, I wanted to see if the turd I buddy dumped on the week before was still there. I was curious to see what it looked like decomposing all this time. When I got to the spot I was surprised to see gone. There wasn't a sign of it anywhere. I could still see the bits o stained crinkled up tissues laying stuck too the grass. I guess some hungry animal must of made a meal of it. (HOW GROSS) I went back and casted my line in the water and sat down and reached for some sandwiches I made up for the day. I grabbed for a beer sat watching the line in the water. After my second beer I felt the urge to pee again. One reason I like to fish like this, is I can scoot my butt down in the chair and let my thing dangle over the edge and just let my pee fly off into the grass. So here I sat sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other and peeing over the chair. I remembered one time shortly after getting here, I held my pee until I couldn't hold it any longer and sitting in the chair I held my penis straight out and let it rip to see of far I could get it to stream. The stream was a quarter inch thick and shot out what looked like four and a have feet almost hitting the water before it slowly died down. The day was getting hotter and after four hours of fishing I decided to give up. Before I was to leaved I told myself I was going to take a dump in the very same place I went the week before. I went over to the spot and grunted and pushed for all it was worth, but all I did was let a loud fart to emplane to you readers out there. Sorry guys. I did manage to have a good be though before the ride down. It was silver clear in color like it always gets when I drink a lot. It sparkled in towards the end of the suns light hit he stream. I got dressed and was soon back on the road again. I stopped at a Mc Donald before I hit the highway and grabbed a burger, fries, and a soda for the ride back. I was soon home and had the strong urge for a poop now so I headed straight for the bathroom. I pulled down my shorts sat and I felt the thing push against my sphincter and make its way out. I reached down grabbing my jewels to tuck them up and poked my head down between my legs to get a look at it. You guys are right when you right poop crackles. I listened to it crackling as it slid out. I guess I never really paid any attention to it until I found this site. It was a good firm inch and a half wide log sliding out of my butthole and I watched as the head of it hit the water and was still sliding out I kept watching it and it took a perfect quiet dive into the water. I grabbed in some air and pushed another shorter one out that hit the water with a splash. I followed the whole job of with a long loud fart. It took two wipes to get my hole clean and I stood their to admire my dump. The first turd was about fourteen inches long and it curled up in the water like the shape of a Hill Shire Farm sausage like you see shrink wrapped in the stores here in the states. I flushed it down and headed for the computer where I sit now to tell you the details. Sunday morning I woke up with a bad case of the beer poop blues. I did my morning pee and then began squeezing out my poop. It wasn't diarrea, but it poured from my butthole in a half inch thick runny thick brown goo. It took about three wipes after I got finished and saw the hundreds of little curly turd floaters the covered the whole top of the water in the bowl. I sat on the edge of the tub staring at it and began making out the designs they made, like some people do making figures out of the clouds. I sat there some minute are two and thought what the hell am I doing here and I flushed the mess down the toilet and then to the computer. Well guys, that was the highlights of my weekend I hope you all had a good one ass well. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please give me some kind of feed back I feel alone sometimes on the site. Have a great week. Rob:

I have an odd question. When ever I take a dump, my cat always folows me into the bathroom. If I shut the door completely, she paws at the other side wanting in. Once in she sits ans watches me poop, sometimes going herself (litterbox is also in the bathroom). Anyone else experience this, or is my cat just weird? By the way, she earned the title of poopsniff from my roomate due to her bathroom activities and my unbelievable stench. She also tries to visit him in the bathroom, but he never lets her in...

Adam from Canada
Can I get a front cut out seat at a store like Home Depot or Home Base? Tell me...

To Torie - Oh, I remember the beaches at Westerly and Misquamicutt - they were great - even if the water was cold. We lived in Connecticut at the time. You know I never did get to go outside in R.I. Believe it or not I am a very private person as well except with a very close group of friends that I feel I can trust. All my love, - Melissa.

To Steph - Oh Steph I could just picture it! I don't think there is any way in the world I could squat down with my panties around my ankles and my knees apart while a man watched me pee. I envy you for being so liberated. But good for you - you kept your promise and I'm glad Eric enjoyed it. By the way when you said you pulled your panties down to the ground it prompted me to post this story from my past. Lots of love - Melissa.

I noticed several recent posts talking about techniques that make outdoors toilet experiences a little less problematic, which all reminds me of a lesson or two I learned about eight years back when I had to do an outdoors poop. In fact this was the first outdoors poop that I did, shall we say, under control. All the previous outdoors poops were "Accidents". It was still the usual Melissa situation though - I had been holding it in all day during school and now half way home I needed to go with a vengeance. At that time I used to walk home and my path took me through part of our development which was still under construction. This meant that one side of the road was still bordered by trees and fairly thick underbrush and the few houses on the other side of the road were not yet occupied. About half way home I could tell I probably wouldn't make it, my hole was already starting to stretch and pout and the pressure in my behind told me my poo might start coming out at any ! time. I reluctantly decided I had no choice but to find a spot in the woods and let my poop out there. I looked nervously over to where the new houses were being built hoping that none of the men working there would see me. I spotted a gap in the bushes and plunged into the woods going deeper and deeper until I was sure I was well out of sight. I searched for a secure looking spot and found what seemed ideal with bushes behind and on both sides and a patch of bare ground which meant I didn't have to worry about any creepy crawlies which might be hiding in the grass. I dropped my school bag and looked around once more to make sure I was alone. Seeing nothing I listened intently, searching for the slightest hint of sound which might betray the presence of someone else unseen nearby. All was quiet except for the gentle rustle of the breeze and some birdsong. I decided it was safe and I could do my poo. I must confess I felt very nervous and apprehensive, after all I was not in the habit of lifting up my skirt and pulling my panties down outside, much less being for all intents and purposes naked for as long as it takes to go to the bathroom. But by now my poo was becoming really insistent so I nestled my self securely between the bushes and pulled my panties down. I looked around and listened yet again. Sensing nothing amiss I lifted my skirt up at the back so that it was up to my waist and pulled it tight in front, holding it there so that the back wouldn't fall down over my butt as I was pooping and risk getting dirty. I squatted down with my feet as far apart as my panties would allow and my behind almost touching the ground. Again I held my breath and looked and listened one last time, still worried that one of the men from the building site had seen me and followed. All was quiet, it was O.K., I could "Go".

With grateful relief I stopped squeezing and let my poopie hole and indeed my whole body relax. The pressure in my butt seemed to ease a little to be replaced by the playful sensations of my warm pee stream as it rushed past my lips to splash noisily on the ground. No sooner had I started to pee I felt my poop ever so slowly start to push on the inside of my hole and get ready to come out. Out of curiosity I looked down between my legs to watch my pee splashing on the ground. As it kept coming I saw with mounting apprehension that a growing puddle was making its way forwards towards my feet and the thought of wet shoes and even wet panties grabbed my attention. I watched the puddle as it got bigger and bigger and all the while the building pressure in my rear was beginning to open my ring letting the very tip of my poop just barely peek out into the sunlight. As the puddle grew I wondered if I would have to move but by this time with my hole beginning to open I was paralyzed. Luckily my stream was dying to a trickle and even as the last few drops were falling I could see with relief that the puddle was making its way between my feet and I wouldn't suffer the indignity of getting my shoes wet with my own pee. I squeezed the last few drops and felt the coolness of the breeze brush against my lips, the sensation heightened by the wetness between my legs. I settled down again and relaxed to enjoy the sensations as the emerging tip of my poo slowly expanded my ring wider and wider as its pointed nose came out further and further.

It was while I was completely immersed in the enjoyment of relief as more of my poop left my behind that a new and strange sensation made itself felt. It seemed as if something was pushing back on my poo. At first it seemed such a weird sensation that I wondered for a split second if something was wrong with me - what would I do out here in the woods alone if something was really wrong? But the pressure was relentless and my poop was determined to come out. I shuffled my feet uncomfortably and as I moved, a whole new wave of sensations hit my ring and I realized what was happening. I had squatted down with my tush so low that as I moved, the hard tip of my poop had rubbed against the ground sending all kinds of wonderful vibrations into my ring. My poo was so long it had reached the ground and was too hard to squish up and so it was stuck and just couldn't come out any more. I knew I would just have to stand and poo even though instinct told me this was not a good position and that my butt would likely get in a terrible mess if I did. I soon found that there was a half way position, slightly bent at the knees and waist with my arms resting on my legs just above my knees. My panties had fallen all the way down to my ankles and I pulled them up above my knees for a more comfortable position, where they stayed on their own stretched tight around my legs. My skirt had also slipped down and I pulled it back up high above my waist. This new position wasn't perfect but it was comfortable enough that I could relax and let my poop come out as fast or slow as it wanted without me getting too tired. I settled into my new position and savored the feelings in my ring, still stretched wide open by the poo hanging out of my hole. Now with nothing stopping it my poop once more started to ease its way out. As it passed my ring I could feel the hardness of its knobby form teasing the sides of my hole which gave me an ever-changing sensation of movement to heighten my pleasure. Finally with a crackling sound it came out faster and faster as its softer moister back end slid more easily out of my tush. I stared at the ground in front of me and allowed myself to become completely absorbed in the feelings in my whole rear end as more and more poo emerged from my hole. It was one continuous sensation of pleasure until finally it let go and fell to the ground with only a slight rustle as the carpet of dead leaves and twigs broke its fall. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, enjoying for a while the light empty feeling inside my butt and the dying sensations in my ring as it closed back to its normal size. I straightened up and once more looked and listened but still sensed no sign of any presence. I let my dress fall back into place and with my panties still just above my knees, I took the two or three steps to my school bag and rummaged for the pack of Kleenex I always kept there. Pulling a few sheets from the pack I bent over as far as I could to spread my cheeks, pulled my dress back up over my waist and wiped my butt, looking at the used tissue to see if I was clean. I threw the stained sheets into the bushes to one side and grabbed a few more from the box and wiped again. Satisfied with the result I threw these into the bushes as well. Two more sheets made sure I was dry between my legs and those were also disposed of in the bushes. I pulled up my panties, straightened my dress and looked around to see what my poop looked like. I was just 10 years old and absolutely amazed by what I had done. One very large very long straight poop nestled in the leaves on the ground. I must have stared at it in fascination for at least a minute, bending over to get a really close look. After all I had never really had a chance to see my poop up close before since it was always either covered by water and bathroom tissue in the toilet or occasionally sitting in my panties in a mess. Finally I pulled myself together, grabbed my school bag, and made my way back to the road hoping once more that the men on the building site would not see me and guess what I had been doing.

Of course I've had to poop outdoors quite a few times since to avoid accidents but I learned a lot on that day. Most importantly is the need to choose a spot where your pee will run away behind you and not run towards your feet - unless of course you really want wet shoes. Sand is great because it won't let puddles form, while concrete is terrible because your pee runs everywhere and it splashes over everything. Also it's best not to squat right down either for a pee or a poop, specially in the woods, if you are not sure whether there is poison ivy or maybe creepy crawlies around. And as I found out, if you squat right down to poop, you might find yourself sitting in your own poo poo. I have to ask - have any of you guys out there found that going to the bathroom outdoors is as complicated as this? Please let me know. My love to you all - Melissa

Hi people, I've not got long to write this account because I'm waiting for my girlfriends company. I'm 15 and my family have gone out for the day, I had been needing a shit since I got up and eventually just after everyone had gone out I could hold it no longer. I was sitting at the computer playing a game on it and I just could not be bothered to get up to the toilet, so, i just went in my pants. It kept flowing and flowing and soon my pants were full and it was dripping down my legs, It was not too solid but not too soft , soon i was in ectasy and I must have sat like this for 15 minutes until i started to clear up all of the mess that I made, anyway gotta go, BYE. P.S. Did anyone else read that Geri Halliwell (ex Spice Girl) admittted that she often shits herself, and once did on stage.

Nick: Hi I'm 19, How old are you?

Hi,and much love to everyone,Wow I've been reading the letters to catch up on the news,the poetry is really cool,and lyrical.I personnally am so thrilled to hear from someone facing a real crisis and being so strong and a hero.Please Kyle keep writing.great stories from the usually guys great people,is it me or does it seem we are getting good at sharing?you know i really enjoy hearing those adventures in the woods(Step,Jodi)doing it in Nature with your bottom hanging out,now thats airing your pubes! Wookiee"s boat capitan told him it was probably a jellyfish sting i had and the hospital people were quote romanticzing. On the boat before it happen I wore,get this a throng bikini for tanning of course and i think he liked it,there were five of us and potty pooping on a boat,well is tight confines and it smells up faster,you should have seen Wok in tight trunks,???,I'm very attractive but the othergirl,a med student was beautiful(throng too)I wasn't jealous at all because wookiee was spending a lot of time showing me seemanship things,hey i can make a turks-head knot now.I not pooping as before,my turds are all blond and soft, my system is slowly coming back now i'm a shore.Bye the bye buzzy and traveler are truly good guys and cracked.Love Nyad

This is a correction on names Step and Alex. Bye

Hi guys. Tomboy, please know that you are NOT alone in liking this stuff and that there is nothing "wrong" with you. Torie, I guess I am not alone in finding it a lot easier to hold in poop than pee. Nyad, welcome back and glad you're feeling better. I hope you can resume your swimming routine, if you haven't already done so. There's nothing new on my end; so long for now. Love always, Alex :)

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Mr. Brown
Hello, all: It's been a long long time. I want to add my opinions again regarding a woman's accidents. If it happened to someone I cared about, I'd slowly clean her up and lovingly treat her like a queen. It's not the worst thing in the world to let it out in your pants/panties. Compassion and understanding is EVERYTHING. Also I still think that a lady on the toilet, with her skirt or dress up, pannties and pantyhose rolled halfway down her thighs, wearing high heels is a most attractive sight. IT'S SO REAL!! Especially if she's comfortable talking and a dialogue is in play. Let"s have the feminine viewpoint.

Dazz come you don't like the splashback? I find that to be one of the best bits about pooing. It's great to do a really big long slow poo and then get a splash on the bum as the poo goes "PLOP" in the toilet. I love it even better when the water splashes right up my anus, it really turns me on!!!! Does anyone else here like the splashback? If not, why not?

Hi guys! Glenda, I'm sorry to hear what happened, on both accounts. I don't know what type of job you had, but I think being "sacked" for being 10 minutes late (back) from lunch is a little excessive. Nyad, great to hear from you again. I wondered what happened to you. I'm glad to read you're feeling better; please post more about you and your "wookiee." We (meaning Alex, Eric, Jodi, and myself) went hiking earlier today. We went to a forest near the Appalachian Trail about a 1 hour drive from our town. As I wrote earlier, I promised Eric I'd show him how a girl pees in the woods. I drank some extra water on the way there to make sure I got "bottled up." We got into the woods; we've been there and know the area well. I really started to feel the urge, so I told them it was time. Jodi has never peed in the woods, nor has she seen anyone else, so it would be as much a learning experience for her as for Eric. Once we got into a secluded area, I pulled down my blue jeans and panties almost to the ground (something I rarely do when going on the toilet, usually just below the knees). I squatted slightly with my knees facing out and spread my legs apart. I started to pee and ahh, did it feel good. I didn't time it, but it must have been around 30 seconds. It came out in a nonstop rush. I shook myself slightly to get the droplets off you know where; I didn't want to wipe my vagina and then leave the paper on the ground (I don't want to be a litterbug) nor did I want to cart it back to the toilets near the park entrance. Eric was really happy that I proved to him that I can pee in the woods if I want to, and even Jodi (a female) was impressed by my feat. Eric returned the favor to me by peeing about an hour later. Jodi and Alex weren't sure if he wanted some privacy, so they started to excuse themselves. "I don't mind you hanging out," he said. What can I say? Just "point and shoot." During our walk, Jodi asked Alex and Eric (they are sister and brother, for those who don't know) if they ever considered going in front of each other. They both shrugged and said they never thought about it. I'll let them comment further on this matter.... Hi Melissa! As I wrote above, I finally showed Eric how I pee outside (and he showed me, too). I know what you mean about being a "rebel with a brain." I consider myself somewhat left-of-center, willing to challenge conventional norms, especially those that are hypocritical, but I do it using my head as much as I do my heart. Peace everyone. Love, Steph

Glenda, I assume you are a UK resident from the way you use trousers and pants (meaning underpants in the British sense). As regards your sacking for being over your lunch break using the toilet, I assume you do not have a Trade Union, although these are very weak in these Blairite New Tory days. However, I feel that you should go to an industrial tribunal and enquire about unfair dismissal, or seek legal advice. It is monstrous that, as we approach the year 2000, some employers can still treat their workers in this way. I run a business and employ 5 people but would NEVER treat someone like that! It might have been a better ploy to have reported sick as soon as you got out of the toilet and asked to go home ill, but its too late now. Its terrible that decent employees have to lie to protect their jobs. As for your unfair boss I hope he suffers massive uncontrolable diarrhea and heavily and visibly soils his best trousers, with liquid shit running down his legs all over the floor at some very important social function or before some large customer, a fitting humiliation and punishment for such ! a bastard! Sorry also that your girlfriend dumped you. Aster, both myself and Moira found your posting of great interest, especially the explanation as to why a woman makes a hissing sound as she pees, (Moira certainly does). You are also right about the repressive attitudes towards defecation and urination in English speaking cultures. Neither Moira nor I are religious although we both have a strict code of ethics towards our fellow beings. My opinion of most religions is "If its fun its a sin". We ignore them and hope they will go away.

Meagan - Did you and your friend have diarrhea, or was it just soft? Sara - you say you had the runs and pooed for 10 mins and peed for 5. Surely NO-ONE can pee for 5 minutes!! Also, was it the runs as in pure liquid, and did you have it agin later? What caused it? Hi everyone else.

Hi there at the toilet! I've been enjoying the poems lately, especially those who ironically try to combine the "profane" subject with old-fashioned stylistics and poetic form. Here's an attempt of my own. SONNET: A POOP IDYL

She squatted, bare butt, legs just slightly spread, amidst the bramble bushes and I heard a long and squealing fart, then watched her turd, between soft buttocks show its knobbly head. It crackled, stretched her anus, dark and round, and inch by inch a gnarled brown trunk did grow, wrist-thick, foot-long, then, curling, fell below her ample white behind on mossy ground. This I beheld from where I hid unseen, heart throbbing in my chest and in my throat, and waves of fire raging down between my legs.- And after she had dropped her load, from out the grass among the bushes green a foul stench wafted through the woods remote.

Hope you like it!?- Poop poets, keep on posting! Good pees and poops to you all, Andre.

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