Hello, my name is Kim. I walked inon my best bud Cammy when he was on this site writing stuff. At first, I was pissed because I couldn't believe he likes talking about this stuff! But he says there's nothing sexual about this and that he's "been to hell (scat sites) and back (here)". Anyway, I guess it can't be that bad. I suppose I can tell you this story of last Ney Year's. I was home from university and hadn't seen Cammy for four months. Anyway the night before my sister and I made manicotti for dinner and a few days before New Year's Eve my sister, my dad and I were sick to our stomachs. Cammy had called to get together but of course I was sick. He came over anyweay, but at that time, I was still sleeping (sorta -- I had big time cramps), but my sister was in the upstairs can with the runs. The guy then talked with her outside thwe bathroom, keeping her company, getting her some magazines and talking to her. That was so sweet. I mean, who likes going through that alone, right? Anyway, I came upstairs to give him a big hug but then my stomach churned. I went downstairs and sat down on the can and this huge soft turd came out of my butt, and it almost felt like the runs (hurts like the runs). I was stunned of course, bu still had more, and it was hard to get out. Cammy got ME some mags and sliped them under the door. We then talked and I shared some of the funny anecdotes in the magazine (Reader's Digest for those interested). I know it wasn't exactly what everyone has done here, but I'm glad he was there because I hate going through that alone. Has anyone else had someone sweet like that do this before?

Hi everybody! Well I'm new here and I just wanted to tell you that I thought something is wrong with me ever since I got interested in toilets habits. You see, in the last years I like to hear the voice of girls peeing, unzip theyr pants etc. One day in the university I passed through the hall and I heard a huge fart from the ladies room. I was so interested of what is happening inside, so I checked out there is nobody out there and quickly oppened the door and took a peak under the stall and saw her sitting there and then the usual sounds begun. I ran away because I didn't want anyone to see me. I was amazed by it and ever since I have been thinking about it. I thought something is wrong with me till I found this great site. Please tell me I'm o.k. Love you all.

I think someone asked if we prefer those toilet seats at public rr, meaning the long elongated kind with the front cut out. Or if we prefered the kind at home, the round ones with no front end cut out. I prefer the public rr ones. Anybody know why the front is cut-out? When I was a little kid, I thought it was for our dicks to have "some room", but I guess that's not why, as women have the same kind. Anybody know why? Also, anybody have a preference to the color of the toilet seat? I prefer black colored ones, I dump better on those!

The Doctor
Boy, is this Web site an incredible find for a guy like me. It's nice to know that there are other people out there who also believe that going to the bathroom is not a filthy, disgusting activity. Indeed, it is perfectly natural and can even be beautiful. I've always had an interest in female urination, perhaps because it was something that has typically been so hidden due to societal taboos and perhaps because women pee sitting down while guys do their "business" standing up. How nice to find a forum where I can write in a tasteful way about this subject without being condemned as a pervert. One of the most memorable occasions I ever witnessed a woman urinate was one time when I was staying overnight at the house of a couple who were and still are good friends of mine. I was in college at the time and the wife, who was a drop dead gorgeous Korean woman in her late twenties was studying with me for a test we would both take the next day. It was quite late at night and her husband was asleep. Mind you, although the woman is beautiful, she is also married and our relationship has always been platonic. That night, at about 2 a.m., we both decided we needed to get some some sleep, so we ended our studying. I had drank a lot of Korean tea, so before retiring to bed, I made a quick dash to the bathroom, shut the door, pulled out my penis, and let loose a flood of pee. Once I was done I said good night to the woman and went into the extra bedroom to prepare to go to bed where I stayed on overnight visits. As fate would have it, however, I left my room to go back to the kitchen and pick up some papers I had left there. As I walked out into the hall, I immediately noticed the bathroom door was left completely open and, to my utter surprise, my gorgeous friend had pulled down her pants and was sitting down on the toilet and urinating. She was looking straight ahead. Since my view of her was of her right side she seemed not to notice my presence. As my friend sat there I could hear her urine softly dribble into the toilet, sounding so different from the harder sound of male urination. It took her less than a minute to pee. At one point the drops of urine stopped for a second or two, but quickly resumed until she was finally finished peeing. When she was done, she turned to the right and saw me standing there watching her. I'll never forget that moment because all she did was smile sweetly at me as though to say what I had just seen was perfectly natural and beautiful. She then took some toilet paper from the roll next to her right side and wiped her crotch with it before pulling up her panties and her pants before flushing the toilet. She said goodnight to me again as she retired to her bedroom and I went back to mine. Over the course of the next few years to this very day, we have never spoken of that incident again. It has always remained our little secret, but I'm glad I have now found a receptive audience with whom I can share this story in the dignified manner it deserves. I'll welcome your comments and will write again soon.

Sunday, July 25, 1999

Hi everyone. I was at work the other day and I needed a poop, but you see I only get 25 minutes lunch break. Anyway I walked to the toilet that we have got at work. Pulled down my trousers then my pants and sat comfortably on the toilet. I strained and grunted, but nothing came out. I couldn't believe it!!! 10 minutes had past and there I was still sitting there on the toilet farting a couple of times but not pooping. I was hungry, so I decided to eat my lunch while trying to relive myself. Anyway after 25 minutes, my lunch break was over. So I thought another 5 minutes won't hurt. Anyway finally after 3 minutes I felt the urge, so I strained and grunted 3 or 4 times and out came my business. 3 big brown logs of poop, they were at least 6 inches each. Anyway after relieving myself, I got back to work. After about 10 minutes my boss wanted a word with me in his office, so I went in only to the shock that he had sacked me, for going overtime on my lunch break. I couldn't believe! it, but to make it a really bad day I was dumped by my girlfriend. So beat that for a bad day.

Need to know about going pee
I have a question about you men. Please explain what you do to your legs if you have to go pee really, really bad and there is no bathroom? A friend of mine told me that he was with a friend who was in a traffic jam because of an accident on the way home from work and he had to pee bad. After about two hours sitting in traffic my friend noticed his friend putting his hand between his legs then putting his legs together then asked him if he was okay. His friend said no, he feels he needs to go to the bathroom then about 30 mins. later he crosses his legs and starts to move them side to side and let out a little whimper. My friend asks what he had to drink and the guy said he had three cups of coffee and a 20 oz. bottle of pepsi. There was no bushes or trees on the side of the road and he didn't want to pee out in the open. The guy who needed to pee asked my friend if he could drive which my friend told him he can so they switched seats, the guy slid over, my friend got out and went to the other side. Another half hour the guy started to get a little figety because of the pain of holding his urine for so long then 30 minutes later the traffic started to roll and finally my friend got on a street where there was a fast food place and asked if the guy wanted to go there but he said no because he was embarrassed. Finally when my friend parked the car in his friend's driveway, they both get to the door while the guy is literally peeing his pants as he swishes side to side then when the door is open the guy finishes his buisness but he had already gone in his pants!!!! Sorry for being so long. What can you do in situations like that, a big car/truck accident, a hostage on the freeway and you have to pee or poop like right now?

Sandra: Great story! I wish I could have heard you in that ladies room. Great Aim: That must have been awesome, dude. Say, I know you only heard one woman poo, but did you at least hear any of them fart?

Hello fellow poopers!To MARK B-Yes, i can open and close my anus at will,but i agree that it does fell better when you still gotta poo and i leave my anus destended and relaxed as i wait for the next wave of poo to fill up my rectum and besides,it feels great to do that!As for the mirror;it is a small one about 3-4 inches and it is on a swivel connected to a thin metal handle.When i use it,i lift up the toilet seat and put the mirror in the front of the seat and put the seat down with the metal handle under the seat.Then i can swivel the mirror into position as i sit down and spread my legs wide apart and i get a GREAT view of my asshole.You can get these mirrors at any vanity store and they come in all sizes.I take a bigger one to the beach with me ,oh yes and you can turn the mirror around and there's a mirror on the reverse side that is a magnifying mirror,and thats cool to use too( you can really get a great close up of my opening asshole!TO MILISSA-YES,honey, i was! h it all the time.Sometime, when the poo gets soft or loose,it splashes back( i hate when that happens!)but i have it down now where that rarely happens.Milissa, I'm glad you enjoy my posts,because i was wondering if anyone was bothering to read them or maybe i was just grossing people out.I figured the i love reading similar stories from other people,i would tell a few of my own and now that it seems like you are enjoying them, i will keep them coming even if you are the only one reading them.That's why i dedicated my last post to you .I loved the thing you said aboutme being a Picasso of sorts (HMMMM the picasso of poop) has a weird,funny ring LOL!! I too like DAZZ would love to poo along side of you ( along with my trusty mirror!)but for now,i would love hearing more stories from you. Try the morror thing,I'm sure you will enjoy and of course,tell us about it!!I have to go now cause i gotta poo and Milissa,This poo's for you!BYE

Mark B. Let me clarify the sexy bit. I don't see poop somewhere and get turned on. But I do understand the sex link to this, and what I find to be a turn-on is the intimacy involved in many of these stories. The sharing of this moment and knowing that the pooper feels so much better is the sexy/sensuous part.

Well I just saw the new movie "Eyes Wide Shut"! The first two minutes were very interesting...Nicole Kidman is seen sitting on the toilet. She finishes peeing, stands up and reaching under her long dress, wipes herself, tosses the toilet paper, pulls her panties up doing a little hip wiggle, then pulls her long dress down. I was quite surprised and thought to myself "this is going to be an interesting movie". Boy was that an understatement!

As regards films and plays were defecation is portrayed, its a pity Sandra cant recall the name of the play as its bound to be repeated and I'd video it. Of course the Ally Mc Beal series makes a lot of use of their unisex toilet (Id just love to work in a business like that being able to listen to attractive women doing their motions in the cubicle next to mine and being able perhaps to see what they have done if its too big to flush away). I dont think that they have gone so far as to show anyone doing a number two or even give the sound effects (please correct me if Im wrong).

There was a film called "THE BODY" back in the 1970s which was very advanced for that period. Being produced as a medical documentary it got round the otherwise strict censorship. Sexual intercourse was show, man on woman, genitalia of both genders freely visible, even an erect penis. The internal workings of the body were shown by the then new endoscopic photography. The best bit however for me showed a volunteer sitting on the toilet straining slightly then a magnificent "KUR-SPLOONK!" as they do a good solid motion. Unfortunately they dont then zoom in on the pan to show us the turd. Eurotrash, a program on UK Channel 4, has sometimes shown subjects related to defecation even a museum in Amsterdam which is dedicated to shit. Various types of toilet are on exhibition, there are even exhibits of the different types of stools passed by various creatures , including of course humans. These I assume are models not the real thing. There are toilet pans of the German platform type for visitors to leave their own exhibit if they wish. I also rememeber an Attenborough animal program in which an African Elephant is shown passing some really huge round balls. There have been a few plays in which one of the characters doing the toilet has been assumed with scenes such as the sound of a flush then someone coming out of a toilet but with no other sound effects it could be either type of excretory function.

The play that Sandra mentions reminds me of a true event. . During a door to door survey a kid of about 7 or so came to one door. Being asked if their mum or dad was in the lad replied, "Dad's down the pub and mum's sitting on the toilet doing a big jobbie!" .

Ferris, as countless posters to this page have often said the "normal" variation of defecation frequency in healthy humans is anything from 3 times a day to once a week. It all depends on diet, habit, lifestyle, etc. I dont have a motion every day, I usually do about 4 or 5 motions in a 7 day week. Your'e correct, if it doesnt cause pain and discomfort there is no problem although the health food freaks and the laxative manufacturers would have you think otherwise. As many others have said, myself included, the once a day myth was a money spinner for the companies who made laxatives and lots of imaginary illnesses were blamed on the dreaded "curse" of constipation. Of course the habitual taking of laxatives means that the bowels become dependent on these so more and stronger medicines have to be taken. Many people in their 60s and 70s and older ARE now genuinely suffering from chronic constipation owing to earlier laxative abuse in the quest for "inner cleanliness". Luckily I! was never subjected to this, but I know of kids when I was young where all the family including the parents, took a dose of strong laxative on a Friday evening to have a good clean out and one lad couldn't come out to play with us for fear of shitting his underpants. How absolutely barbaric and Im glad that this nasty custom is virtually extinct!

Finally, to the transexual who wanted to use a woman's toilet at work to match their prefered gender but was made to use the male one. Im no expert on American Laws which vary from state to state and can be very old fashioned and harsh, but in the UK I know of such people who get a card signed by the physician in charge of their gender reassignment program which states that they are a pre operation transexual (Obviously this problem doesnt arise for a post operative who is to all external appearances a woman anyway). Such a card usually satisfies the Police or any other official who may be called but unfortunately you cannot legislate toleration and broadmindedness into people and there are too many bigots around who will react in a nasty manner to such a person and alas some women can be even more vicious than men in this regard. A lot also depends on how feminine the transexual appears, the more like a born woman in looks, deportment, behaviour and clothing the easier I wo! uld imagine it would be, whereas someone who was obviously a "man in drag" would cause adverse reactions. In a nutshell a "Ru Paul" or "Dana International" would have a lot less problems than a "Dame Edna Everage" or a "Lilly Savage" In any event I wish this person well. If you have the courage to suffer very painful surgery and the loss of friends and even family then you truely deserve to be considered a woman even if the fossilised legal system in the UK at any rate refuses to alter your birth certificate to come into line with your physical gender. Of course, if we had unisex toilets, with no doubt an attendant to maintain order, for safety etc, then this specific lavatorial problem and all the hang ups associated with it would fade away in time.

To Nick: I'm 23. Not sure how many others our age, but quite a few!

I forget who mentioned their dog eating it's own waste, but it reminds me of a post I had made here several months ago about a dog that we had when I was in my mid teens back in the late 70's. During one summer, we had some neighbors that were on vacation, and while they were gone, I had to take care of the lawn and garden. One day, while I was over at their place weeding the garden, I felt I needed to take a dump, and rather than not walk home, as it was about a quarter mile back to the house, I decided to dig a hole in the garden and drop my load there. I did so, and a few minutes later, after I had finished dropping an 8 inch turd in the hole I had dug, and then filled the hole up, our dog must have smelled it from the house, as she came over to the neighbor's where I was at, and heads straight for the garden, digs up the log I had just dropped and buried and then EATS it, dirt and all!!! ICK!!! She had brown teeth for a couple of days afterwards, but fortunately my parents never did figure out what had happened, because I know I would have really been in trouble for having done so...

CancerChild (Kyle *female)
Linda-- It may not be bad for regular kids not to poo in 24 hours or 48 hours but it is for me because with cancer you gotta keep those bowel movements moving. I finally went poop. But it was a horrible way to poop. My aunt gave me an enema. Then i had to sit on the toliet for 2 hours because she said i had to. But now i have a fever of 101 so i have to go to the E.R. (When you have cancer theres a certain limit to your fever: if it's 101 and higher you have to go to the E.R.) I've throw up all day and i haven't eaten anything since yesterday at lunch. I have to go now my aunt is taking me to the E.R. Bye *hugs for all*

Me and my friend Sammy are both 18 year old girls and was in the woods having a picnic when sudenly we both had the urge to go but there was no bathroom for at least a mile. So we saw a near by river . It wasnt but 4 inches deep. we took our pants off and bearly got our panties off our butt and poop started flowing fast we sat our butts and pussys over the river at last we spreded our legs out and were relaxed

I am Sammy and I was in a hotel elevator and had the urge to poop and pee then the elevator stoped and I relly had the urge so I went .I pulled my panties out from my skirt and squated down and let the load go .I must have the runs because it was like my pee.The smell was not that bad it took about 20 mins so I got my panties half way up and I pulled them right back down and squated down and keped on pooping liqued for 20 mins.and reped this 3 more times my butt was very sore and I needed to wipe bad then the elevator started the door opened and smell from pee came out the hotel did not make me pay .

I was on my way to work with my friend Sara and we stoped at Burger King for a burger. We decided to share one. We went thru the drive-thru. We was about half way to work when we both had to poop so we pulled over by a wooded area not knowing it was a park. We ran to the woods and squated down and let the load lose it was runny with big wet farts I was whering a one peice siute. So I was butt naked and then I saw a women staring at us. We was imbarsed but still keped on pooping and farting .The lady asked us if she could join we said sure.

I was in the woods with my friend Kelly and nature called . I had to go so I hapened to spot a bush to go behind .I get my pantys down and squat down Kelly noticed me in destrice so she puts her hands on my but to help me go I let it all out. I keped farting and pooping "boy it felt good'. I had got the runs it took 10 mins. I peed for 5 it was a mess poop all over .The smell was very bad.

hey JW thanks for the story. Um you can call me just Linda.. I gave up the cute part..well if you saw me you'd just know..anyway. poor thing..that sounded awful but I've been there so my heart goes out to you..yeah when ever I'm on the toilet and have to really push them out..I grab on to the seat and pull up on it that helps but my cousin has added stuff to my diet so that doesn't always happen. I mean yeah I sometimes don't go for days but well it's not so hard to push but then again it's not that easy..heh you know what i mean. Anyway well what feaked me out about my mom was well what i saw and how i saw her. Hmmmm well it was like this.... this was oh I don't even know how long ago but anyway I had heard my mommy say that she hadn't gone in about 4 days. That's nothing to me but to a person regular like her (She goes like 2 times a day sometimes)that's like forever. Anyway... time passed and well i was watching TV when the need to poop snuck up on me..and well I wasn't about to give up without a fight. So after holding back for a few hours, I could have held on longer, I decided okay you win this time and waddled to the bathroom with my hands on my bottom holding it closed. Thank god no one was there but me and my mommy. Anyway..the bathroom at my old house was big. I mean you could use the potty and about 15 people could wait in line there in the bathroom.Well not really I'm just guessing. Anyway the door was closed but unlocked..which means no one's in there cause well around my old house locked means someones in there except for my older sisters who go with the door open..especially if my cousins around..they love to torture him..poor baby. Anyway i open the dorr and locked and closed it and then I got shocked. I saw my mommy slipping off her pampies.. completely off. I saw her pants hanging on the towel rack..and she put her pampies on top of then and sat on the potty the backwards way. She was facing it and her tushie was to me. Anyway, she put her hands against the wall and took a deep breath then pushed. I mean really grunted..hee hee she made us proud JW but seeing my mommy like this freaked me out. I never saw anyone poop like this. It freaked me out so much that the urge to poop went away. Anyway i was so freaked I froze right where i was ever afraid to breath cause my mommy is the kind that doesn't like to be seen while she poops. And now i now why? Anyway after many pushes..I heard the famous crackling but slow and lud and then i saw a huge poop coming out of her tushie. Then I saw her was red and man she was not comfy. She would yelp and breath hard as it slowly came out of her opening her tushie wide. Then when it came out I think about half way. She stopped and catched her breath..she was breathing hard and sweating..I felt really bad for her. She swalowed realy hard then took another deep breath and started again..after what seemed like forever.. PLOP!!! And she gave out a huge sigh of relief as her shoulders sank and she leaned her head against the wall. Then she pooped again but these were smooth and didn't even take much pushing. She was reading a magazine while she finished up..she had it laying on the tank of water behind the potty. While she did that I tried to sneak out. Out of the coner of my eye she was geting some paper when the door sqeaked and she turned around. I froze and turned red as did my mommy I said sorry in a almost about to cry voice. She just turned redder and said Mommy will be right out, please close and lock the door for me. I did and then leaned up against the door outside and breathed a sigh of relief. Then the urge to poop came back BAD. So I waddled upstairs and almost ran over my cousin. i mean i ran my head into his ????. Poor baby..I said I was sorry and I had a bad poop emergency.. i mean my ???? must have felt I was really nervous and threw everything into hyperdrive every step I took the popp poked out more so my cousin carried me the rest of the way. and the minute he placed me down near the potty I had already undid my overalls so i let them afal and pulled down my Hello Kitty pamies and sat as I let out some gas loud and the poop started to rips its way out of me. My cousin was in shock as I went Ooo EEE AAAA UGGH as the ppo came out without me into the toilet with a huge KAPLUNK!!! I rested my head in my hands and looked at my worried cousin. And with tears in my eyes I told him what had happened. He then smiled and patted me on the head and said you too huh? He told me that when he was younger he walked in on mommy too and she was sitting the same way. She didn't get mad cause it was anaccident but she did take him aside and begged him and made him promise not to tell anyone. Sure enough later as i got out of the potty fixing my overall my mother called me into her room and almost like she was about to cry begged me not to tell anyone. I told her no of coarse not...... but it would be nice if she would leave me alone while I use the potty. She agreed and hugged me. I wnated to ask her why she sat like that but I didn't wnat to embarasss her more. Do you think you might know JW? Even my cousin didn't know..hmm now if I could only get my auntie to stay out of my potty bussiness I'd be a happier girl. Thanks for listening. XOXO Linda

Hey, now! And still the site grows like "Audrey Junior"...our ISP is gonna kick us off for being "server-sinkers" if this keeps up! Today's ruminations: Regarding "pan busters" and other seemingly superhuman (if not semi-equine!) oddities: The apparent explanation is that human buttholes and sigmoid colons (where the "stuff" collects at the rear gate prior to final dispatch) come in hugely variable sizes. And the "stuff" molds itself to the contour of the available spaces. I would find some of these postings hard to credit, except that in rural outhouses, and occasionally in a university hopper which someone has not bothered to flush, I've actually seen "productions" that approach the "three-inch" diameter! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it. But I now accept it as a human fact. Seeing is believing!

I might also point out that, like the butthole, the human urinary meatus (peehole) in BOTH genders is also hugely variable in size...from a quarter of an inch (about average), up to a possible full inch in hugely hung men, and nearly two inches in some women. This produces "normal" streams of vastly differing contours and proportions.

Among men, there is the additional factor of "circumcised versus uncircumcised" status. Uncircumcised men who pee through the "rosebud" tip of a natural foreskin (without retracting to expose their meatus) will generally produce a much thicker, broader, more rippling stream than circumcised men with the same meatal dimension. In fact, I can always identify an "uncircumcised pee" when it's being produced (from a standing position) in a closed stall, just by the characteristic diffuse ripple of the way it strikes the water...which is very different from the sound produced by a circumcised guy.

The most interesting "stream extremes" I've ever observed among men were in college. One buddy of mine had a smallish weenie, but with a well-sculpted foreskin whose natural "mouth" was both very round and very wide. The area between the meatus and the mouth provided a small chamber in which his pee would both collect and "dissipate pressure" before it exited to the outside world. Plus, he didn't retract his foreskin to expose his meatus when he peed. As a result, he peed a perfectly round stream, which was easily an inch in diameter...but which "landed" a mere two or three inches from the point of exit! He was fine standing at a urinal...although his stream couldn't even hit the back wall of it! But he told me he couldn't pee outdoors without wetting his shoes. I was sweet enough with him to ask why he didn't just retract. He said he liked the sensual feeling of the way the water poured out in a cascading ripple. I gather that A LOT of uncircumcised men enjoy this "cascading ripple" effect...which IS beautiful to watch, and which feels very warm and sexy and sensual. This is the main reason why they don't retract when they pee. Others do retract, of course...and produce a much more "circumcised-appearing" stream. It's totally a matter of personal aesthetic preference.

My other "stream extreme" involved a boy who only came to the urinals once while I happened to be there. This was in an old dorm, with those 1940s-vintage full sized urinals having their drains at toe-level. He came in saying (to no one in particular), "Oh, man, I've been holding my piss since this morning!" He stood next to me, pulled out an ample circumcised weenie, and immediately produced a horizontal stream (against the urinal wall) which was both as flat as a pancake...and close to AN INCH AND A HALF in its vertical axis! The only thing I can figure is that his urinary meatus (pee slit) must have been HUGE, extending from the very top to the very bottom of his glans. Since I didn't know him, I could hardly remark abou his dramatic urinary performance without seeming invasive (or worse). And since we weren't lovers, seeking an "eyeball inspection" of his peehole was even further out of the question! I never met him again. The mystery remains.

Actually, I've seen women produce identical streams (flat as a pancake...almost two inches vertical) while squatting in the woods during outdoor concerts. This is easy to explain in women. Labial friction causes extreme vertical compression and displacement of an already large (inch-plus) female meatal opening. It's sometimes accompanied by that much-remarked "hissing" sound, which is also caused by labial pressure, but more particularly by the natural aerodynamics of a very broad and flat stream as it "knifes" through the air. This was verified by the boy with the vertical stream in the above example, who also "hissed" slightly as he pissed...very forcefully and copiously, I must add. But the physical production of that sort of stream is much harder to explain in a circumcised male. Any other folks want to check in with "unusual stream size" observations from either gender perspective?

You know, one of the really nice things about this site is that all humans are normally and naturally curious about the basic activities human beings perform every day; and yet we're "allowed" to know so very little about the different ways in which other people do these same normal and natural things. Our "social sightings" of how other people poop and pee, and how their ways and their equipment differ from ours, are almost always accidental, and often tinged with awkwardness. The strapped-down and still Puritanical English-speaking world does not "allow" or provide for open access to simple information about such things. In that sense, our dialogue in these pages is a very liberating, mutually empowering, "share what you know" rebellion against absurd social taboos. We're accessing "forbidden knowledge" about our fellow human beings which in any sane civilization would NOT be forbidden! We ARE naturally curious critters. And it IS fun to discover these things. Let's keep the! conversation rolling, and let's publicize its existence. A lot of other hip and free-thinking folks are obviously curious about this absurdly "forbidden" knowledge too. "Forbidden" by whom? On whose authority? Cheers, all!

Saturday, July 24, 1999

Poop Loggy Logg
My wife, who is a physician, had a patient the other day who couldn't bend over without crapping his pants. He broke his back a few years ago, so she suspects some kind of nerve damage.

Mike: Those floor-level toilets are the norm in Japan. Men stand and pee into them, while women have to squat. Men have to squat too if they need to drop some chunks. WHen you flush, a strong jet of water comes from the front and rinses the poop into the drain, on the other end. When I used to visit Japan on business, we called them "the bombing range". If you go there, usually there is a Western style toilet in the farthest stall from the door.

Hugh G.: Dogs eat poop because of the remaining protein in it. If a dog is really into eating crap, he might have a protein deficiency, i.e. not enough meat.

Alex: This has jack diddly to do with pooping, but I'm old enough to remember when home computers used cassette tapes instead of floppy disks! And when the first floppies came out, they were 8 inches across! Almost the size of an LP record. The damn disk drives took up half the room.

Kathy: That was a great story! Sounds like you and Irene are pretty open people, especially Irene. Do you remember any other times when she's farted in your company?

Hi. Cinquain, when I'm sitting on the toilet pooping, I probably spend 1-3 minutes actually pushing out poop but 10-20 minutes in the bathroom. I like to read while I'm sitting on the toilet, and do sometimes let out more pee while I'm sitting there. We seem to have a lot in common! Alex, yes I did have to pee very badly and I agree with you that it's easier to hold poopies than pee. Melissa, I live in Southern Massachusetts, near Rhode Island and Cape Cod, not too far from a lot of awesome beaches. I've never had a big accident I've let pee and poo droppings onto my panties a couple of times. Maybe I would go outside if I really had to. Although I like talking about my bathroom habits I'm really a private person. The only time I've gone in front of others was when my mom trained me (around 12 years ago) and this past spring when I went at camp. I wrote about that the first time I posted. I normally take only 10-20 seconds to pee but like I wrote I drank a lot so it had to go somewhere :-) Love, Torie

hi all! Iīm wondering. Many people here (most girls) say "I havenīt done a poo for xx hours ... or 2 days ... or 3 days", I see itīs a problem when it hurts BUT when not - then is everything normal between once a DAY and once a WEEK -> ASK YOUR DOCTORs!! bye, ferris.

Melissa.......I was real stoked to read what you said about me!! (I am a guy by the way) I have to admit, I'm not sure how I would go about letting you (or any other girl for that matter) know that I wanted to poo with you. I may come across as straight forward and honest here but in real life I'm really quite shy!!! I've never pooed with a woman before so I really don't know what I would talk about or how to broach the subject. My ex girlfriend knew that I wanted to watch her poo and that is part of why she is my ex, she thought the very idea was quite sick and wouldn't have a bar of it. She did let me watch her pee a few times though. As for the location where I'd like to poo with you, outdoors would be great....beach, forest whatever. I also like the idea of those two holer outhouses that a few people have been posting about lately, except of course for the awful smell those setups tend to have!!!! I'd probably want to have my video camera set up behind us too, to record it! for posterity (or is that posterior??? *lol*). Anyway, I have to go now, can feel a poo making it's presence felt and wanting to be let out!!!! Keep those posts coming and don't try cutting them down, I love the rambling way you write and of course all those details that help paint a picture in my mind!!! Lotsa love, Dazz :o)

To Buzzy - You're just wild - I mean WILD! If I need a cerebral jump-start to wake me up in the morning - I know my friend Buzzy can give it to me. What can I say? You are one of the few who can leave me speechless. Most of us have to be satisfied with toilet cameos that resemble gentle bucolic scenes drawn in pencil with a few shades of gray for variety. Your toilet life is like a Picasso rendition of a riot presented in glaring acrylics. But I'm really curious and I do have to ask - How often to you have to wash your mirror? Where do you put it? Buzzy - You know I really love you, and I'm honored to have a whole post sent out to me - Hugs and kisses - please look after yourself for me - Melissa.

To Alex - Thanks for the support for Melanie. As I said, I will let you know how things are going but I don't think I will be putting together the kind of detailed posts I use to describe my own experiences. I know you understand my feelings and Melanie's privacy and I love you for that. By the way, both my parents are PhDs and both are intimately involved with computer based "Hi-Tech". My mom has no excuse! You are right however, there are many people who are intelligent and highly educated but are either technically illiterate or have "Technophobia". Incidentally, just to give you a small insight into my personality my dad calls me "The rebel with a brain" He thinks I'm "Dangerous" - whatever that means. I love you Alex - your one of my special friends - all the best - Melissa.

To Kara - Good for you, keep being proud of being a woman and I'm happy for you and the pleasure you get from going outside. What does it prove? - It proves you can make your own decisions and you will take the actions necessary to satisfy your own desires and pleasures. As for folks who must have a bathroom - well I'm quite happy to go in front of most of my female friends. In fact I really enjoy going with some of them. What's more I don't care whether it's indoors or outdoors. But if I am in male company (including a boyfriend) I do need my privacy - which usually means I look for a bathroom or failing that I take a hike just like you. That's just me and where I am right now. So different people have different needs and I'm sure it can be largely related to upbringing, social conditioning and life's experiences. Kara, at 14 you sound well adjusted and nicely balanced with just the right amount of drive - sounds like you're doing just fine - keep it up. You know you! always have my love and support - Melissa.

To Marleen - I agree with you, a healthy adult should be able to hold it for quite a while. I can easily manage a whole day and I often do. I admit this is overdoing it and if you look back at many of my previous posts you will discover all the reasons and details - including the accidents I have experienced from holding on too long. But what impressed me about your situation was that you simply made a calculated conscious decision to allow it come right out in your panties just as if you were sitting on the toilet. That takes cool courage. Every time I have "Filled my panties" to paraphrase your sister, I have fought to the bitter end and often lost the battle. I have never even come close to coolly and objectively assessing a situation and making a logical decision to simply stand there and poop in my panties as the best solution. You are also right about women simply stepping out of soiled panties and carrying on as if nothing had happened. No way! My poo is normally very very firm but even so the last accident I had left me with a big clean up around my butt and between my legs which I just about managed with a huge amount of bathroom tissue and paper towels. I also threw away my panties and pantyhose and had to buy new underwear on the spot. I have also had loose accidents which I have never described in this forum and as you imply - unless you have experienced it you can have no concept of how much mess it creates. When this has happened to me the only solution that has worked is a long hard shower. As you said it gets in your hair and there is no way to clean that up outside a shower. I enjoyed your post Marleen - you can only describe it if you have experienced it. Please, please post again - Melissa.

To Dazz - Hey Dazz, do you still want to poop with me? - Big big hug and a kiss from Melissa.

Hi guys!!! I am new, and I just want to know if there are any guys between 18 and 23.

I have another story. I was at a day camp two days ago. It was at my church and there was a parent helper there who i already knew and have done some things with her and her family before. Anyway it was afternoon 2:00 maybe and most of us were tired and had a headache. She was sitting on the couch head tilted back napping while the campers watched a video. She had rested a while when she somewhat suddenly got up and went outside. I thought nothing until after a minute or so later i decided to go out and see if she needed help carrying stuff in from her car or something. I went outside and looked over to her van which was at the far corner of the parking lot not seeing her standing there i decided to go back inside as i walked down the stairs i became eye-level with the ground and what i saw amazed me. I had a plain veiw under the van of her bottom and her peeing onto the grass.i was shocked! What i saw lasted about 7-10 seconds but i don't know if i saw it all. I being myself stayed to see if there would be anymore to come. There wasn't so i quickly headed back inside before she could come around the van and see me there. When she came back inside i was there sitting just as she had left me. The rest of the day she kept giving me these smiles all i could do was smile back and think to myself you aren't the only one who has a little secret. I wonder why she did this? there are perfectly good bathrooms inside and as far as i could see there was no one in there and besides it's not like she went over and checked first. Oh well i often do things like that. Sometimes it's because the bathrooms are crowded or i just like having a 'little secret'. Although she doesn't seem like that kind of person but maybe she is. I was amazed to say the least. Kara

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